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The Romanian Language.

Definite and Indefinite Articles An unusual feature of Romanian is that the definite article – ‘the’ – is not a separate word. It appears as a suffix attached to the end of the noun, and it changes in keeping with the gender and number of its noun. The definite article is also used in situations where nglish does not distinguish between definite and indefinite. !or example, in possessi"e phrases the possessed ‘item’ is put in the definite form, as in# Aceasta este soţia mea $ This is m% wife $ &Conversation. Introductions' soţia being the definite form of soţie &wife'. The lists of nouns in Linguata use the definite form. EXAMPLES Indefinite to definite in the Singular # (asculine

A son

the son

un fiu


An American

the American

un american


A metre

the metre

un metru


A fish

the fish

un peşte


A dog !eminine

the dog

un câine


An nglishwoman

the nglishwoman

o englezoaică


A girl)daughter

the girl)daughter

o fată


A beer

the beer

o bere


A pharmac%

the pharmac%

o farmacie



(asculine .ons the sons fii fiii Americans the Americans americani americanii (etres the metres metri metrii !ishes !eminine the fishes peşti peştii nglishwomen the nglishwomen englezoiace englezoaicele -aughters the daughters fete fetele .eers the beers beri berile 2 . (ost masculine nouns ha"e a plural ending in –i+ feminine nouns in –le –e or –i+ neuter nouns. take feminine endings in the plural. noun endings depend on gender and whether or not the noun is in the definite or indefinite form. which ha"e masculine endings in the singular.A coffee *euter the coffee o cafea cafeaua An hotel the hotel un hotel hotelul A ticket the ticket un bilet biletul A taxi the taxi un taxi taxiul Indefinite to Definite in the Plural In the plural.

$UL or –LE' to the end of their indefinite singular forms. 3 .' coffees cafele cafelele *euter 1otels the hotels hoteluri hotelurile Tickets the tickets bilete biletele Taxis the taxis taxiuri taxiurile Suggestion # 2ne wa% of thinking about the relationship between indefinite and definite articles. singulars and plurals is that masculine and neuter definite singulars are formed b% adding an ‘L’ sound &as –L. while feminine definite singulars need an ‘A’ sound at the end+ feminine and neuter definite plurals are formed b% adding an ‘L’ sound to their indefinite plural forms &as –LE'./harmacies the pharmacies farmacii farmaciile 0offees the &cups of c. while masculine definite lurals add a short ‘i’ sound.