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• Embedded Controller Module o Dual High Speed Microprocessors o Industrially Isolated RS-422 Communications o Diagnostic RS-232 Communications Embedded UHF Receiver Modules o Dual UHF Receiver Modules (Double Shielded) o Integrated Zone-0 Barriers (AusEx 3402X) o Up to 32 programmable channels o Microprocessor Controlled Operates -10°C to +85°C o All industrial components Heavy Duty Enclosure o Electros Nickel Plated o Rugged Construction

Industrial Dual Receiver Module Type L0LH06

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The L0LH6 Industrial Dual Receiver Module is of the Obelix genus which can dynamically support either simultaneous remote control via two separate controllers or provide diversity reception for one remote control.

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Type L0LH06 Page 2 of 4 .Typical Applications • • • • • • • • Continuous Bolter/Miners Continuous Haulage Long Wall Shearers Mobile Bolters Mobile Roof Supports Remote Control Scoops Remote Control Loaders Any industrial communications application Ordering Information Part Number L0LH0601 L0LH0602 L0LH0603 H0LH0201 Description Industrial Dual Receiver Module (DBT Shearer Composite) Industrial Dual Receiver Module (DBT Shearer Standalone) Industrial Dual Receiver Module (Generic) Connector Assembly A50 (2. Wiring Assignments Connector A50 Burndy Female 8 Way Description Supply Supply RS-422 RS-422 RS-422 RS-422 RS-232 RS-232 Input Input RXD Positive RXD Negative TXD Positive TXD Negative TXD1 RXD PIN A50-A A50-B A50-C A50-D A50-E A50-F A50-G A50-H Signal 24VDC Supply Input 0VDC Supply Input Communications Communications Communications Communications Communications Communications 1 A50-B (0VDC) is common.2 metres) Interface Description The Type L0LH06 Dual Receiver Module utilizes industrial connectors that are unique when configured for use with the Obelix Control System via type. gender or keying physically preventing improper installation.

12. Type L0LH06 Page 3 of 4 .000 hours 2 L0LH0603 protocol is generic.B.200Kbs Message Oriented2 Copper Environmental Operating Temperature Humidity MTBF Minus 10°C to +85°C T.Electrical Characteristics Supply Voltage Wattage 24VDC 6W Communications Interface Throughput Protocol(s) Medium RS-422 Isolated Up to 115.A.

• Facia is stainless steel. Fasteners • M5 x 10mm x 4 • M4 x 10mm x 8 • M3 x 10mm x 10 Mass • 2. • Mounting brackets are stainless steel.5kg (5.5lb) Type L0LH06 Page 4 of 4 . Material • Enclosure is Electroless nickel plated mild steel.Mechanical Characteristics Dimension A B C D Measurement 50 25 250 175 Description Width Mounting Centre Width Height Depth Notes • All dimensions are in millimetres.