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Tom Hopkins believes that success is "the continuous journey towards the achievement of pre-determined worthwhile goals

." In THE OFFICIAL GUIDE TO SUCCESS, Tom will teach you proven motivational and inspirational techniques to help you achieve your goals. With Tom's personal, practical success formulas, you can be one of life's winners. THE OFFICIAL GUIDE TO SUCCESS will show you how to take control with positive attitude and motivation skills which will help you reach every goal you want to achieve!

HOW TO increase self-image and self-esteem HOW TO break out of the chains of the past HOW TO function creatively without the need for the approval of others HOW TO change behavior patterns and create new success-oriented habits HOW TO unleash untapped mental and physical energies HOW TO set priorities and use self-discipline for quality time management HOW TO overcome worry and use stress and anxiety as catapults to higher achievements HOW TO get happy and stay happy!

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Then Talk to the Top Green Grassers and Mountain Climbers How to Guarantee That You'll Never Meet Your Quota The Art of Making Enemies Stop Thinking "If only" and You Won't Need To . Why Self-Instructions Work Use Your Self-Instructions to Get Control Over Situations in Your Life Self-Instruct Yourself to Be Healthy Make the Most Powerful Word in the Language Work for You 1X X1 1 6 11 13 14 15 17 18 19 19 20 21 22 23 24 28 29 30 .CONTENTS Foreword Introduction by Dr. Spend a Few Minutes Defining It Work Smarter. . Not Harder No One Can Give You What They Don't Have Grasp the Essence of Leadership Fix on a Great Aim Beyond the Major Goal You're Seeking Now Make Your Great Aims Realistic Before You Admit to Them Create a Sensation. Norman Vincent Peale 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 How to Flip Your Switch from Lose to Win The Golden Dozen Before You Spend Several Years Hunting for Success. Here is the Greatest Treasure You Can Ever Own . .

.R. .S.E. Then Thrive Though Life Planning Put More Months in Each of Your Years Why Cry About the Cards You're Dealt? P. Winners Fly How to Dispose of Your Anger Before It Flushes You Down the Drain Use Anger as a Tool Use All Your Systems Right How to Master the Art of Getting Great Ideas Don't Raise Frogs Unless You Can Hear the Croaking Stop Working Find Yourself.P. Where You'll Learn How to Accept Other People's Anger Turn Grim Contracts into Happy Agreements Don't Break the Law of Unexpected Consequences . How to Get Rich in Five Minutes Understanding the Nut Get Your Go-to-Town Money Here How to Make Confidence Create Success Anxiety Anchors Your Action How to Avoid Depression Inoculate Yourself with Optimism You're Entitled to Have Some Fun with the Pessimists Keep Your Boat Afloat Begin Every Day Right Making Goals Real Go for the Largest Returns 34 35 36 38 40 42 43 45 47 48 51 52 52 56 57 58 60 61 63 64 65 66 68 71 73 75 81 83 84 86 90 92 .E.PI.19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 Losers Fight. Don't Fail Don't Work for a Down Boss Train Your Subconscious Mind for Heavy Problem Solving Achievement's First Demand Feather Knowledge Burn the Self-Image of Success into Your Brain . .

I love my life. tough fighter—and I win." "I read something positive every night and listen to something helpful every morning. All my organs are working perfectly. Nothing can get to me so much that I can't hold it in until I have a chance to sweat my anger away. And I stay out of the way of fast moving objects. I don't tense up and grit my teeth. I operate on the theory that there's always time to be cool and clever. I exercise regularly and wisely. I know that I have a wonderful future. resourceful. I'm a smart." "I always welcome positive new ideas. I'm going to do about the problem." "I can do that. if anything. But when my vital interests really are at stake. I control my emotions by using . When someone tries to dump some negative thinking on me." "I never carelessly spend my time with negative people. After that I decide what. I refuse to accept it." "My emotions don't control me." "I avoid negative people and negative input from the media." "I update my self-instructions once a month and review them three times a day." "I respect myself and my future too much to waste energy proving things that don't matter. I control them." "I'm always cool. I'm always discovering fascinating new things to do. I don't put anything except good stuff in my mind and body. I don't need to.The Official Guide to Success 177 "I'm wonderfully healthy." "It's amazing how often I meet interesting new people who have an enthusiastic outlook. I'm healthy for seven reasons: I'm happy.

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making his first million at age 27.95 . body. and opportunities of the uncertain times we live in today. disappointments. It's not sales training—it's training in the art of success. Suggested Retail $19.THE OFFICIAL GUIDE TO SUCCESS BY TOM HOPKINS WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY DR. NORMAN VINCENT PEALE What qualifies Tom Hopkins to write The Official Guide to Success? His own personal success. What would naturally come next? Analyzing his life to pinpoint the formulas and methods that compelled him to the outstanding achievements that highlight his career. at being well off in the mind. Things like winning the Los Angeles Sales and Marketing Institute's Sammy Award at age 21. challenges. writing the sensational. at coping with the dangers. At being a happy human being. becoming the nation's leading real estate trainer at age 30. and achieving international recognition at age 37 as the world's leading general sales trainer. How to Master the Art of Selling at age 35 and seeing it become a perennial best seller. and bank account. The result of that analysis is this book: Tom Hopkins' personal success program.


51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 The Art of Regular Feasting Managing the Basic Resource Why Time Planning is Worth More of Your Time . How to Multiply Time What's Productive? The Simple Method Learning the Knack of Giving Other People Power . . Blueprint Your Life Success is the Product of Energy Putting Your Brainpower in High Gear Teaching Humor Learn and Use the Techs that Win They're Already Obsolete Create Your Own Intelligence Apparatus When to Jump Ship Know the Best Time to Sell Out Challenges and What to Do About Them How to Release Trapped Tension Tear Off Your Labels Why Some Do and Some Don't Energy-Draining Factors The Three Basic Steps to Wealth The Painfully Obvious Answer Goal-Setting Guidelines Writing Your Goals Makes Them Glow Goal-Timing All the Goals You Need The Two Money Approaches to Goals Cut Your Chains to Yesterday The Name of the Game of Success Another Look at the Big SD How Many Can You Handle 93 94 96 100 103 104 109 110 116 121 126 127 128 129 131 132 134 135 139 143 145 147 149 151 154 155 159 162 166 169 171 173 176 186 All the Self-Instructions in this Book Recommended Reading (and Listening) .

But the worst part is how much crud they were putting in my body. I know I'm looking at a dumb jerk. and I'm no idiot. I've got more energy.176 The Official Guide to Success ALL THE SELF-INSTRUCTIONS IN THIS BOOK "Today I'll meet the right people in the right place at the right time for the betterment of all. and I feel more alive. I am a contributor." . I was actually paying for stuff that was constricting my capillaries and wearing my heart out by making it work harder. that's it—I quit. more wind. I was running a terrible risk of throat and lung cancer. I just threw the damn things away and stopped. My well-being is in the best hands it could possibly be in: my own. Hurray for me I've quit smoking!" "It was easy. When I decide to quit something. Every time I see somebody light up a killer weed. No stupid habit like that is ever going to control me. End of habit." "I take full responsibility for my actions. and I was wheezing and coughing all the time. I am an achiever. They stink. There's no way I'd ever touch one of those rotten things again. Who knows all the ways that cigarettes were killing me? Only an idiot would smoke. It's great to know that I'm not offending people by blowing smoke and cigarette breath at them anymore. Tobacco makes your mouth taste like a highway toilet. I'm proud of myself for quitting. Not only that. Can you believe it. I hate cigarettes." "No one but an (choose your own expletive) would smoke. I believe in me." "I'm done with paying out good money for something that was digging my grave. and for my life." "I am a winner. and I sure feel great since I did.

and the greater things I'm going to do tomorrow. days. and start making good things happen by using every minute of the day productively." "I use all my resources right. Then I wake up feeling great. I exercise it away. Things I can't control never pull my attitude down because I'm always thinking about the great things I'm doing today. jump out of bed. I get a lot of great ideas because I know exactly what I want." "My life plan is never finished because I'm always finding new ways to make my life better and new things to learn and enjoy." "I don't work—but I do get paid a lot of money because I'm terrific at what I love doing." "I always get where I want to go because I preplan my hours. and I keep my subconscious mind loaded with material that allows it to generate them." "I accept the cards that life deals me and then go out and win the biggest pots possible with them." "I prepare thoroughly for every important activity. I psyche my mind up for important activities.178 The Official Guide to Success my body and mind as one. Instead of trying to bottle anger and stress up for long periods of time. and get all the sleep I need in only hours. months. and my entire life." "I respect myself because I'm effective and because I persevere against rejections and obstacles that stop lesser people." "I am an idea person. I steer clear of overdosing and under-exercising." "I want success in order to (insert your own purpose for wanting success). years. I warm my body up for challenges." ." "I always sleep efficiently and soundly.

I look at the good that can come out of every situation. If anybody can't handle my success. I'll find new friends who can. I work smart and hard for what I get." "I emphasize the positive in everything I do. that's tough." "I find my best solutions while I sleep. I'm strong enough to accept higher risks because I'm aiming higher." "I'm a preppie. Knowing that I'm a winner lets me risk rejections in situations that are impossible to completely prepare for. I do this by defining my problems on paper and then letting my subconscious mind take over. I concentrate on the good aspects of every place and thing. I talk about the best qualities of every person I meet. I choose positive words to describe everything I'm in favor of so that I will constantly be building my resistance to pessimism." "I handle lots of losses and defeats without losing confidence because I know I'm a winner." "I have enough go-to-town money to hold my own in tough negotiations and keep my thinking straight on important decisions. It always works because I have the patience and confidence to relax and let it work." "I have this tremendous booster for my confidence and performance because I never spend a nickel that I don't absolutely have to spend unless my savings account has $ in it. so I deserve it all." "I love success. and preppies are winners." "In both thought and speech." "I win a lot because I overwhelm my challenges with preparation." "Nobody makes me feel guilty about being successful." .The Official Guide to Success 179 "I have a high degree of personal integrity that leads me to put out extra effort.

Nobody fritters it away." "I feel good about myself because I always do the best thing possible with my opportunity time. But I'm loose about my replenishment time. I'm always ready for them." "I'm always on the lookout for better ways to invest my time." "I understand that life comes down to how I spend my seconds." "I'm tough about my opportunity time. And I don't fritter my own opportunity time away doing busy work or engaging in unnecessary activities. I invest it carefully and intelligently." "I'm organized because I plan my days and follow my plans.180 The Official Guide to Success "I say positive because success is positive and that's the side I always want to be on. I'm a planner." "I use time planning to enhance the quality of my personal life." "I do it right the first time. I really kick back and relax when I'm off." "I maintain a strong defense against time-wasting people. I'm always measuring my performance and eliminating unnecessary timewasters." "I'm self-disciplined—I never let the boob tube rule my life." . I look ahead. When my tomorrows come." "I don't squander my time." "I never get so busy with today's business that I forget about tomorrow." "I'm responsible for who I am." "I make time to look ahead and see what's coming at me. And I always spend less than I make.

and fresh inspirations to attack it with." "I take great care of my body. It's flexible. I feel sorry for those people because they don't know what they're missing. It's inventive. Then I'm the most persistent individual who ever pounded a sidewalk. different directions to come at it from." "I always eat and drink sensibly." "I'm the persistent type. and to prolong my life." "I prize my exercise time because it lets me relax and get rid of the day's tension. When I lock onto something worthwhile." "I have specific exercise goals." "I never let a negative thought enter my head. I find new ideas to bring to the problem." "I love working out." "I'm driving hard for achievement and accomplishment. I exercise to build energy. help me sleep better. But I don't beat my head against brick walls—my persistence is the smart kind. improve my health. persistence is the game I win at. not just for money.The Official Guide to Success 181 "I'm on a consistent exercise program (give your exact program) and I feel great." "I'm working toward increasing my physical energy with regularity and good sense. I'm not out to stiffen myself up or tear myself down." "I always have clearly defined goals. So I move the pace up when I can. but I never do that faster than my body tells me it can handle. other people to work through and give me help." . A lot of people think it's boring. Nobody but me can tell me no when I know I'm right.

" "I know that laughter ranks next to sleep and food as a restorative." "I'm good at timing because I pay close attention to it. I practice it. they're so important that I wouldn't think of injuring my ability to move them forward by shutting off the healing powers of humor.182 The Official Guide to Success "I'm terrific at remembering names. In fact. I repeat it several times during my first conversation with them. I get a new person's name right in the beginning." "I look on every problem as an opportunity to use my talent and initiative. I love it when the joke is on me." "I see an opportunity in every challenge. so I'm always on the lookout for an opportunity to laugh a little. and I know a lot about it." "I always take a moment to sniff the roses." "I have a great sense of humor." . and it's getting better all the time. to glory in the sunset." "I always look on the bright side of things—it's just the way I am." "I'm a good speller because I understand how important using the language correctly is to my drive for success." "I'm amazingly good at (whatever you want to do well) because I've made the effort to be good at it." "I work hard. and I make notes that I review occasionally to intensify my memory of that person. so I've earned the right to laugh at myself and the world. and to see the funny side of life." "I'm great at math because I like it. My activities are very important to me.

" "I never overindulge to get rid of stress because I know that only makes things worse the next day. Good things are always happening to me." ." "I don't do stupid things like letting drugs control my mind. not at what I did wrong." "I always get busy when I have problems and work my way out of them." "When I fail I look at what I did right." "Success is worth far more than its price. and think ahead. Because I'm such a driver. but I have faith in my own opinions and make up my own mind. I love to go at it all out." "I love action." "My nature is what I want it to be." "I respect and listen to other people's opinions. I'm a driver in this world." "I keep myself in top shape." " doesn't bother me anymore. and wealth. not a passenger—I'm a shaker and doer." "I know where I'm going because I've taken the time and trouble to make that decision. and successfully." "I never have accidents because I'm alert.The Official Guide to Success 183 "I move very fast when fast action is called for—but I'm also capable of calmly doing nothing when that's my best move." "I'm lucky. power. I'm growing rapidly in knowledge. influence. I love doing things. I love achieving— and I do all three constantly. use intelligent safeguards." "I'm not afraid to fail because that's how I learn. joyfully.

I'm wealthy because I think about the value that money has as a lifetime investment when I'm tempted to break out of my budget." "I live in the present.)" "I am ready for the next step in my climb upward." "I use habit to speed routine." "I have plenty of self-discipline. you must set your saving goal much higher." ." "I'm glad that I'm dependent on my family for love and a sense of belonging. and if you're aiming high." "I live on percent of my income." "I have complete faith that I will achieve all my goals." "I vividly imagine possessing all my goals three times a day." "I understand that I really am self-employed even though I have a job at ." "I never forget that accumulating capital for investment opportunities is the key that opens the door to success. not to block out reality. so I always meet my goal of saving percent of my income for investment.184 The Official Guide to Success "I am wealthy. I look for the good in everyone." (Ten percent is the lowest savings figure that makes any sense at all." "Without being careless of my own interests." "I always look for the good in the people close to me." "I ardently desire my goals because they're so exciting that they're never out of my mind for long." "I take goal-setting seriously.

The Official Guide to Success 185 "I have many fond memories. I keep them. I look at the world not as the person I am. my body. revising old ones and intensifying my emotional involvement with them." "I'm proud of my record. hard-driving." "I control events in my life." "I know that success depends on how I use my time." . breaker. and highly successful kind of person who responds well to positive self-instruction. I feel myself doing the things I want to do. but I also remember that the past had its share of daily frustrations and problems too. and my actions. When I make commitments to myself or to others." "When I feel my self-instructions. proud of the fact that I'm a shaker." "I control my thoughts." "I review my self-instructions every morning and night and at least once more during the day." "Every week I spend half an hour adding new self-instructions. but as who I want to be." "I do all this because I am the effective. so I always use it exceedingly well." "I control my mind. and for those vital instants I am who I want to be." "I don't let negative ideas enter my mind. proud of my willingness to do what I know must be done. I look out of my eyes as the person I'm becoming. I take a few seconds with each self-instruction to feel its emotions intensely. and doer." "I'm self-disciplined.