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K.Siva Ram Prasad “Architecture is a best tool which a About me o human can use to beautify the World” K.Siva Ram. Portfolio @ Contact uo Portfolio K.Siva Ram Prasad ABOUT ME Lam K Siva Ram Prasad, currently | completed my B.Arch. My Interests and work le mostly in Designing, mud modelling, travel and free hand sketching, am passionate about using contemporary designs to intervene into existing systems to create a positive change. This compilation consists of works which i have done in my practical training during my final semester in INTACH Pondicherry and some of my Academic works. Educational Background Barch (2004-2009) SAR. College of Architecture,Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh, INDIA Higher school (2001-2003) Pratibha Jr college, Visakhapatnam ‘Andhra Pradesh,INDIA School (49992000) Ushodaya Public School, Visakhapatnam ‘Andhra Pradesh,INDIA Practical Training Worked under INTACH Pondicherry and made a 3d view of Danes borg fort, Tranquebar, Tamil Nadu. Re Digitalised some drawings of St.louis Fort Pondicherry and made it in to 34. Academic Projects and year Design of Hostel block 3rd Year Design of Engineering College ath Year urban Design sth Year ‘Thesis (Ecstatic Art Gallery) Skills Canwork with software like Auto Cad, Photoshop, Sketch up,3Ds Max @& Home an drawrillustrate and work with inks and pen mostly can make a model usind mud. Portfolio K.Siva Ram Prasad 3D Views Danes Borg fort, Tranquebar. St.Louis Fort, Pondicherry. Auto Cad Drawings St.Louis Fort, Pondicherry. Other Mud Model Birla White Competetion €&{ Home