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The 38 Blessings of the MahaMangala Sutta

i. The Thirty-eight Blessings (mangalas) (italic=Pali language) Stanza I The Buddha was asked: What are the highest Blessings in life? The Blessed One replied: The Supreme Blessings are: Stanza II 1. Asevanaa ca baalaana.m: Not associating with fools. 2. Pan.ditaana~n ca seyanaa: ssociating with the wise. !. Puujaa ca puujaniiyaana.m: "e#erencing those worth$ of respect. Stanza III %. Patiruupadesavaaso: "esidence in a suita&le localit$. '. Pubbe ca katapu~n~nataa: (a#ing made merit in the past. ). Attasammaapa.nidhi: One*s mind properl$ directed. Stanza IV +. Bahusacca~n: ,rofound learning. -. Bahusippa~n: ,roficienc$ in one*s work. .. Vinayo ca susikkhito: Well/learned moral discipline 10. Subhaasitaa ca yaa vaacaa: 1racious kindl$ speech. Stanza V 11. Maataapitu upa.t.thaana.m: 1i#ing support to parents. 12. Puttadaarassa sa"n aho: 2herishing wife and children. 1!. Anaakulaa ca kammantaa: Business pursuits3 peaceful and free from conflicts. Stanza VI 1%. !aana: cts of gi#ing.

2'.m: :nsight into the No&le Truths. Santu. 1). Sama.m: Timel$ hearing of the 4hamma Stanza IX 2+. Stanza X !1. !2.m: 6eeting 7seeing8 monks. Stanza VIII 22. 2%.1'. "aatakaana~n ca sa"n aho: (elping one*s relati#es. %apo: 9nergetic self/restraint. !%. 2!. 20. $aalena dhammasaakacchaa: 4iscussing the 4hamma at the proper time. 1. $hantii: . 2).atience 2-. "ivaato: (umilit$. Appamaado ca dhammesu: 4iligence in practice of what is 4hamma. "ibbaana sacchikiriyaa: "eali. 21. Stanza VII 1-.thi: 2ontentment.. !!. #aaravo: "e#erence. $ata~n~nutaa: 1ratefulness. $aalena dhammasavana. Ariyasaccaana dassana. AArati paapaa: shunning e#il. !hammacariyaa: 2onduct according to 4hamma. Anavajjaani kammaani: Blameless actions. Majjapaanaa ca sa~n~namo: "efraining from into5icants. Brahmacariyaa: (ol$ and chaste life. !0.ation of Ni&&aana. 2.t. Sovacassataa: 6eekness when corrected. .naana~n ca dassana. Virati paapaa: &staining from e#il. 1+..

!-. This is the classification we will &e using here: Sila: 21 man alas: 1.6. 2.m yassa na kampati: of life. The . 2. 610 The foundation of the domestic order: 6 11 612 61! Social welfare: 61% 61' 61) 61+ 4iligence ? protection against unwholesomeness: 6 1.m: <reedom from sorrow. <oundational: 61 62 6! 6% 6' 6) 9ssential training of &od$3 speech ? mind: 6 + 6. The Spiritual =ife: ne5t three stan. 620 621 Samadhi: .as. Viraja.62.ra>na: .m: .man alas 6!1 6!2 6!! 6!% 6!' 6!) 6!+ 6!- .erfect securit$. The sutra is a practice manual/ helping us to de#elop the three practices of sila3 samadhi3 pra>na. mind unshaken &$ the ups and downs The &lessings 7mangalas8 not arranged in random order/ the$ are logical and progressi#e 1.61.thassa lokadhammehi citta. !+.t. $hema. The (ighest 1oal: last stan. !. Wa$faring in the World: ne5t four stan. !).as. man alas: 622 62! 62% 62' 62) 62+ 62.m acchanti: Those who ha#e acted in this wa$ cannot &e defeated and alwa$s li#e in safet$.as. !.a.Stanza XI !'. 6!0 . %. Phu.m: <reedom from defilements of passion. Stanza XII &taadisaani katvaana sabbattham'aparaajitaa sabbattha sotthi. %.reparation: first three stan. '. Asoka.