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Quinton Smith! Journalism 201!

Where the Stories Are! 1. Ole Miss School of Accountancy jumps up to fourth best program in nation!

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Under the leadership of W. Mark Wilder, the Patterson School of Accountancy has raised to a top 5 program in the country, and number one in the SEC. According to Dale L. Flesher the school’s success lies in the incoming students, and the support from the alumni. From what I’ve heard from students is that the accounting classes are no easy A either. Nearly half of the enrolled students in Accountancy 201 have a D or F according to The Daily Mississippian writer AJ Dicandia.!

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Newsworthiness Criteria ! Timeliness-this was just announced! Impact-holds the school in high regard, makes Ole Miss look good! Expert! Dr. W. Mark Wilder, Dean! (662) 915-5756!! Dr. Dale L. Flesher, Associate Dean and Professor! (662) 915-7623!!

! 2. Malco to build a new bowling center with miniature golf and a laser maze in Oxford! !

As I was at the theater this week, I saw that Malco was to set up a new Family Entertainment Center in Oxford. The center is slated to be opened this spring. This will be the second Family Entertainment Center Malco has opened with the last being in Gonzales, Louisiana. The building will have a miniature golf course, a laser maze, 26-lane bowling alley, bumper cars and more.The new center will certainly impact Oxford families by providing new entertainment possibilities. It will also add over 100 jobs to the Oxford area.!

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Newsworthiness Criteria! Timeliness-this should be opened within a few months! Impact-provides Oxford families new entertainment options, about 100 new jobs! Expert! Corporate Offices! 5851 Ridgeway Center Parkway! Memphis, TN 38120! (901) 761-3480!

! 3. Cold, Ice cause 200 crashes Tuesday! !

Mississippi State Troopers had to respond to over 200 car accidents due to ice from yesterday’s freeze. The Mississippi Department of Transportation had major issues dealing with the ice.

They laid down salt to try to fight the icy conditions but still had issues. The freezing weather is supposed to continue through Thursday, so MDOT is suggesting to stay home unless absolutely necessary.!

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Newsworthiness Criteria! Audience-a lot of people in Mississippi are shocked by the temperatures and are interested in ice stories! Impact-the ice is impacting Mississippians! Expert! Mississippi Department of Transportation! Lisa Hancock! (601) 359-7001!