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Proposal What type of photography are you going to produce?

For my work I will be using the Architectural application which involves shooting photographs of man-made structures, including buildings, infrastructure like roads and bridges, and scenery, such as fountains or sculptures. I will be using several techniques and styles in my photography, which will produce a set of similar yet very different images of classically style architecture. What contexts could this type of photography be used in? Architectural photography is an application widely used in architecture and surveying, used by engineers to review and study the structural integrity of buildings and other projects to work out if they are safe, and if similar projects can be built in the same fashion. Architectural photography is also used in the advertising industry, where real estate agents can use photographs of homes to sell to potential buyers letters. It is also found on many construction company websites, where clients can review past work by the company in question by looking through their portfolio of images. Who are your influences for this project? For this project I will be drawing influence from the early architectural photographer Albert !evy, who published "# albums of such work. $ommon themes of his shooting included very professional and up-front work, focusing on documenting the building%s appearance rather than making it aesthetically pleasing. Another inspiration for my work will be the maternal side of my family%s own architectural surveying company, who produce many images for surveying and engineering work. As well as for the professional technical aspect these photographs are also very stylish, allowing for a more artistic approach with this project. What will you subjects be for this project? For this project I will be focusing on several different locations to collect images. &he first of which is 'unnington (all, which will be visited on a class trip, but I am also planning several visits into )ork and several other areas that are similar to 'unnington, such as $astle (oward. *pecifically, I will b focusing on man-made structures in my photographs. &his includes the buildings themselves, but also other structures such as sculptures, fountains and bridges, for which many can be found around stately homes such as 'unnington. )ork is also notable for it%s amount of classically styled buildings, which gives me a lot to work with. What techniques will you use? I am planning to use several techniques common in architectural photography in my project, with the major one being control of the depth of field. 'ormally in architectural images there is a very deep depth of field so that both the background and foreground is in focus, and I will likely incorporate this in several images. (owever, for close up shots on scenery such as sculptures, I will alter the depth of field to blur the background so that only the foreground remains in focus, keeping the attention on the subject.