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Vikram P.

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Senior evel !""ignment"
~ Design Engineering / Project Management / Client Relationship Management ~
E ec!ti"e #!mmar$ Electrical Engineer #it$ o"er %& $ears of e%ten"ive e%perience pro&ect management and de"ign engineering. 're"entl( de"ignated #it$ PR'( )n*!stries +t*., P!ne a" Manager Electrical. )eft at *"ing field inve"tigation+ doc*mentation of e%i"ting "("tem", #riting detail pro&ect report"+ making recommendation". !n effective comm*nicator #it$ "trong anal(tical, pro-lem "olving . organi/ational a-ilitie". -ighlights across Career Path  0eading t$e electrical de"ign dept. in '1!2 3nd*"trie" from 2005.  4anaging 6 electrical engineer" #it$ "trong individ*al contri-*tion in different pro&ect" acro"" t$e glo-e.  4anaging entire "cope of electrical pro&ect life c(cle incl*ding contri-*tion to propo"al", co"ting, kick-off meeting #it$ dome"tic . international client", de"ign, commi""ioning and live "*pport.  S*cce""f*ll( completed t#o pro&ect monitoring "ervice 5reenfield pro&ect" 6 involving 347 t*r-ine, -oiler, 8ack *p )5 "et" of 2 % 1000 k9! + 1 % :50 k9!, a fir"t in 'ra& $i"tor(.  'roficientl( implemented energ( monitoring "("tem at corporate office, 1.) centre leading to red*ction of contract demand -( 200 k9!.  Standardi/ed co"ting template for dome"tic . international pro&ect".  ;ommi""ioned !4<+ load dependent "tart "top+ a*to load "$aring "("tem for 380, 250 . 200 k9! )5 "et" at ;orporate =ffice.  ;oordinated energ( a*dit and "$o#ed ann*al "aving of 1".19 ak$" for inve"tment of 1". 5.45 ak$".  >fficientl( cond*cted detail engineering and "*-"tantial "aving in "electing and making all e?*ipment a" per 5>' for 4atri%@ 1.) ;entre.  3mplemented motion detector" and lig$t "en"or to red*ce electricit( con"*mption.  4a&or contri-*tion in propo"al" covering entire "cope of electrical de"ign.  ;ontri-*tion to non-conventional area" like "afet( norm implementation, energ( "aving, green pro&ect" etc  !#arded time to time for contri-*tion into m*ltiple area" -( '1!2 top management.  ;ertified internal a*ditor for 3S=14001 . =0S!S18001.  ;alc*lating ;=2 footprint . 9A red*ction for '1!2 e"ta-li"$ment". 'reas o. E pos!re Design Engineering: !nal("ing . creating t$e tec$nical re?*irement". 1ecommending de"ign concept"+ modification" -a"ed on client re?*irement". ;oordinating #it$ client or "ite coordination to re"olve engineering pro-lem". >val*ating and developing application" of ne# proce""e" and met$od" into prod*ct". 7orking #it$in a development team to implement engineering c$ange Botice. Project Management: 4onitoring, controlling and coordinating t$e pro&ect for de"ign proce"". )efining "*ita-le met$odolog( to *ndertake t$e pro&ect #it$ t$e availa-le inp*t" for t$e re?*i"ite o*tp*t. 3nteracting #it$ 3ndian . over"ea" client" for *nder"tanding t$e tec$nical re?*irement of t$e pro&ect. ;ond*cting t$e anal("i" of t$e vario*" inp*t" availa-le #it$ t$e client. S*pervi"ing t$e pro&ect e%ec*tion activitie". Client Relationship Management: Begotiating and finali/ing of tec$nical de"ign . "cope #it$ director+general manager" of different companie" like 1adico- C$aitan gro*p, 4ad$vani gro*p DEgandaF, S*dane"e S*gar corporation DS*danF.

-reaker". one in 3ndia and t#o in !frica.ogeneration.'pr304 2ith (. o eader of (ear in 2009 o eader for t$e ?*arter. 'repared detailed tec$nical "pecification of ma&or electrical e?*ipment like t*r-o-alternator".547 alternator $aving lo#er "$ort circ*it ratio t$ere-( red*cing ri"k of "("tem in"ta-ilit( in ca"e of fa*lt. "ite "*pervi"ion.) centre. Sa"#dmali D1. of Carnataka State. fa*lt level calc*lation" and "ite a""i"tance. +t*. 1ed*ced ca-ling .. -re#erie". 4 maintenance and 2 electrician".complete green field pro&ect" incl*ding -oiler. P!ne as Electrical Engineer 'cco!ntabilities  'reparing "pecification" for vario*" electrical e?*ipment. fa*lt level calc*lation". tran"former". 8agged t$e foll#ing a#ard"G o .ogeneration+ 110 k9 "#itc$(ard. E8 gro*p (!l304 5 '!g301 2ith 6h*e )n*ia +t*. 1e&ection of 1. 'ro&ect involved "c$ematic approval from . 18 47 . indoor+o*tdoor lig$ting. M!kherji 7 'ssociates P"t. "aving of erection time d*e to remote 3=" field. )ra#ing $a/ardo*" area la(o*t .$airmanH" a#ard in 2009 for green concept". ca-le "c$ed*le. Ietra pack green field dair(. eart$ing de"ign. 4aking t$e propo"al. 'ro&ect involved direct tec$nical interaction for approval #it$ 'rincipal 'lanning >ngineer from >nerg( 4ini"tr( of 5ovt.. "electing "#itc$gear and protection". -ighlights 3ntelligent 4.     Projects 6n*ertaken  Cakira S*gar 7ork"@ Eganda. -a"ic and detailed engineering.-a"ic engineering. 8=4.P.. energ( monitoring "("tem at corporate office . 2oinvolved "*gar ind*"tr( pro&ect" and -aga""e -a"ed cogeneration pro&ect".2008 t#ice           Major projects  1adico C$aitan. motor". dra#ing S ). 'reparing -id doc*ment for cogeneration pro&ect along #it$ detail tec$nical "pecification" of e?*ipment . 'rivilege ind*"trie". -ack-*p )5 "et"  S*nil $i-tec$ D247F.Career Conto!r #ince #ep/001 2ith PR'( )n*!stries +t*. eart$ing de"ign. co"ting. dra#ing S ). Standardi/ing t$e electrical engineering for di"tillerie" .547F  8$*tan 8re#erie". P!ne as Manager Electrical 'cco!ntabilities 4anaging t$e team of 6 electrical de"ign engineer". S!8 miller. . -id doc*ment". -ighlights >fficientl( completed 3 . "#itc$gear. of Eganda. 16 47 . Safco 39 and 41' >%pan"ion. (!n300. 11 k9 cane cr*"$er motor in S*dan #$ic$ #a" "o*rced from p*mp application. 1. ca-le "c$ed*le. "electing "#itc$gear and rela(". B9 )i"tillerie".$ief >lectrical >ngineer of 5ovt. "election of electrical e?*ipment for $a/ardo*" area 3mplementing remote 3+=".ogeneration pro&ect". 'reparing "pecification for vario*" electrical e?*ipment.  !""al(a S*gar <actor(@ S*dan. 13 47 cogeneration pro&ect involved interaction #it$ international -idder". >fficientl( commi""ioned 1200k7.. "*pplier" from >*rope.. P!ne as #enior Engineer Electrical 'cco!ntabilities  4anaging t$e <inole% >%pan"ion. indoor+o*tdoor lig$ting. t*r-ine .  Bandi SSC@ 3ndia.

D>lectricalF from Eniver"it( of '*ne. 'o"t grad*ate diploma in ind*"trial "afet( from 408I>.$arged '< penalt( d*e to contractorH" error "ame #a" ded*cted from $i" acco*nt. '*ne >lectrical >ngineer >ngineer 'ro&ect" Irainee >ngineer 4arketing >ngineer P!blications  're"ented Seminar on KSelection of )5 Set" for 3nd*"trial !pplicationJ at all 3ndia Seminar on )5 Set" at 3n"tit*te of >ngineer" '*ne in (ear 2000.2*nJ98 2*lJ94. !*ranga-ad S#arna 'o#ertec$nik. 0affkine '*ne "ite Projects 6n*ertaken  0affkine 8iop$armace*tical" td. >art$ing )e"ign. Pre"io!s 'ssignments 4odi 4irrlee" 8lack"tone td.: 47 'iel"tick 0<= )5 Set". 'o"t 3mplementation Saving" d*ring !pril 2009.1.*"ro# 7adia 3n"tit*te of Iec$nolog(. !5+401.oncept". .  Cirlo"kar S("tem" td.alc*lation" and Site S*pervi"ion. )iploma electrical from . commi""ioning of 4icroproce""or -a"ed S1 489 5> 4*ltilin 1ela(. 3ndoor+=*tdoor ig$ting. '*ne-411021 825:1366 D9alid tillG 05+09+2010F 9alid 81 vi"a )ecJ96. -ighlights  .$artered >ngineer from 3n"tit*te of >ngineer"@ Colkata 'o"t grad*ate diploma in <ire protection engineering from 43I Sc$ool of )i"tance earning.>nerg( !*dit . 'ca*emic Cre*entials 2010 2009 2008 200: 199: 1990 'o"t grad*ate diploma in L>nvironment 4anagementL from Eniver"it( of '*ne #it$ o!tstan*ing grade . 8avd$an. 2 % 1. <a*lt level . #it$ follo#ing "cope of preparing S ). "electing "#itc$gear and 'rotection".=ctJ96 )ecJ9362*nJ94 )ecJ906=ctJ93 .a-le Sc$ed*le.. '*ne !*to Soft.  7on L eader of t$e N*arterL t#ice in a (ear 2008. . 4*m-ai. 8. '*ne #it$ <0. 'ccola*es  . =+0 8*"tr*nking a(o*t.*"ro# 7adia 3n"tit*te of Iec$nolog(.: VisaG 28t$ !pril 19:2 !dit(a S$ag*n. =irth: '**ress: Passport >o. 9 8*"d*ct.  8a&a& >lectrical" td.(!l%&&8.  )ra#ing S ). 43I. Bational Safet( =rgani/ation.>. '*ne #it$ 1<.  7on L eader of t$e MearL d*ring 4arc$ 2009. '*ne #it$ :0.  )ep*ted at Cirlo"kar "("tem"@ 8angalore . '*ne #it$ :4.$airmanH" a#ard for 5reen . P!ne as Electrical Engineer 'cco!ntabilities  'erforming -a"ic . >art$ing )e"ign. Personal Dossier Date o. >nterpri"e". '*ne S. detailed engineering along #it$ preparing "pecification" for vario*" electrical e?*ipment.(!n/000 2ith 9irloskar Cons!ltants +t*..

766 11.192 42566 1+02+ "542+ 95065 11.Sr. su)erannua ion 10( )a /o al re iral 0en&i s 1B2 3nnual C/C4 35B Salary as on 1july10 29560 11824 2000 2000 1000 2000 44"4 5000 ""948 91.01.96. -ra ia. Basic Hra Conveyance Lunch Educa ion !edical La #ride allo$ance %uali y o& li&e Monthly salary Annual gross (A) #' 12( )a *ra ui y 4.8( )a E.257 .