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All Abbreviations: Hotel Management & Tourism


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All Abbreviations

Hotel Management & Tourism
Abbreviations related to Hotel Management & Tourism

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10/11/2013 All Abbreviations: Hotel Management & Tourism DNS DOT DP DSS ECO EDP EP EPABX FERA FF&E FFIT FHRAI FIT GDS GIT GOI GRA GRE H&RA HAI HOTEL HOTERMAI HRAWI HSMA IAAI IAC IATA IATO ICAO IDD IDP IH&RA IHA ILO IMF IR ISD IUOTO IYHF JAL JTP -Did Not Stay -Department Of Tourism -Data Processing -Decision Support System -Express Check Out -Electronic Data Processing -European Plan -Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange -Foreign Exchange Regulation Act Fixture & Equipment -Foreign Free Independent Traveller -Federation of Hotel & Restaurant Association of India -Free Independent Traveler -Global Distribution System -Group Inclusive Tour -Government Of India -Guest Room Attendant -Guest Relation Executive -Hotel & Restaurant Association -Hotel Association of India -Home Office Tourism Entertainment Lastday -Hotel & Restaurant Equipment Manufacturers Association of India -Hotel & Restaurant Association of Western India -Hotel Sales Management Association -International Airports Authority of India -Indian Airlines Corporation -International Air Transport Association / International Association of Tour Operation -International Association of Tour Operation -International Civil Aviation Organization -International Direct Dialing -Integrated Data Processing -International Hotel & Restaurant Association -International Hotel Association -International Labour Organization -International Monetary Fund -Instant Reservation -International Subscriber Dialing -International Union of Official Travel Organization -International Youth Hostel Federation -Japan Air Lines -Joint Tourism Promotion 2/9 allabbreviations.html .blogspot.

in/p/hotel-management-tourism.html . Convention/Conference & Exhibitions -Manager of Information System -Management Information System -Minimum Length of Stay -Ministry Of Commerce & industries -Manager On Duty -National Airport Authorities -National Cash Register -Not To be Allotted -Out Of Order -Private Automatic Branch/Box Exchange -Pacific Asia Travel Association -Number of Persons -Private Branch/Box Exchange -Paid In Advance -Pakistan International Airlines -Private Manual Branch/Box Exchange -Point Of Sales -Per Person Per Night -Per Room Per Night -Passengers Service Order -Room Not Assigned -Royal Nepal Airlines Corporation -Return On Investment -Respondez Sil Vons Plait (Reply if you please) -Scandinavian Airlines System -South Asia Travel Commission -Special Interest Tours -Standard Operating Procedures -Special Attention Guest -State Tourism Board -Standard Trunk Dialing -Strength Weakness Opportunities & Threats -Travel Agents Association of India 3/9 allabbreviations. Incentives.10/11/2013 All Abbreviations: Hotel Management & Tourism KLM LPM MAP MAS MCO MICE MIS MIS MLS MOCI MOD NAA NCR NTA OOO PABX PATA PAX PBX PIA PIA PMBX POS PPPN PRPN PSO RNA RNAC ROI RSPV SAS SATC SITS SOP SPATT STB STD SWOT TAAI -Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij nv (Royal Dutch Airlines) -Lines Per Minute -Modified American Plan -Malayasian Airlines System -Miscellaneous Charge Order -Meeting.blogspot.

Automobile Association . Scientific & Cultural Organization -United Nations International Childrens’ Emergency Fund -Unique Sales Proposition -Visual Display Unit -Very Important Person -Visitors Paid Out -Value Payable Post -World Association of Travel Agents -Wide Area Telephone Services -World Health Organization -What Is In It For Me -World Tourism Organization -World Travel & Tourism Council -Youth Hostel Association of India -Youth Men’s Christian Association -Young Women Christians Association -American Automobile Association .html 4/9 .in/p/hotel-management-tourism.blogspot.10/11/2013 All Abbreviations: Hotel Management & Tourism TIPS TQM TWA UFTAA UNESCO UNICEF USP VDU VIP VPO VPP WATA WATS WHO WIFMC WTO WTTC YHAI YMCA YWCA Tourism AAA AA AAA AAR ABTA AGTE AGTOA AIT AITO ANIA -To Ensure Prompt Service -Total Quality Management -Trans World Airlines -Universal Federation of Travel Agent Association -United Nations Educational.Australian Automobile Association -Association of American rail roads -Association of British Travel Agents -Association of Group Travel Executives -Air Charter Tour Operators of America -Acedemic International du Tourism -Association of Incentive Travel Operators -Australian national Travel Association allabbreviations.

N. -Enté Nazionale Italiano per il Tourismo -European Travel Commission -Foreign Individual Traveler -Foreign Free Individual Traveler -Federation of Hotel and Restaurant Association of India allabbreviations.html 5/9 .in/p/hotel-management-tourism. -Domestic Escorted Tour -Director General of Civil Aviation -Development of Tourism [DoT] -Economic Commission for Asia and For East -East Coast Railway -Economic and Social Council of U.10/11/2013 All Abbreviations: Hotel Management & Tourism ARTA ASI ASTA ATA -Association of Retail Travel Agents -Archeological Survey of India -American Society of Travel Agents -Air Transportation Association BIT BNR CAB CBD CEDOK CTOA DET DGCA DOT ECAFE ECoR ECSOC ENIT ETC FIT FFIT FHRAI -Bulk Inclusive Tour -Bengal Nagpur Railway -Carribbean Travel Association -Convention on Biological Diversity -Czechoslovakian Travel Bureau -Creative Tour Operators Association Inc.blogspot.

blogspot.html . Gay Bisexual. Transgender -Leave Tour Concession -Motels Association of America -Miscellaneous Charges Order 6/9 allabbreviations.10/11/2013 All Abbreviations: Hotel Management & Tourism FIT IAAI IATA IATA ICAO ICAO ICTA IHA IHC IIT ILO IRCTC ITC ITC ITDC IUNTOP IUOTO IYHF LGBT LTC MAA MCO -Free Individual Traveler -International Airport Association of India -International Air Transport Association -International Air Transport Authority -International Civil Aviation Organization -International Civil Aviation Organization -Institute of Certified Travel Agents -International Hotel Association -Indian Hotel Company -Inclusive Independent Tour -International Labour Organization -Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation -Inclusive Tour Charter -Indian Tobacco Company -Indian Tourism Development Corporation -International Union of Tourist Propaganda Organization -International Union of Official Tourist Organization -International Youth Hostel Federation

html 7/9 .10/11/2013 All Abbreviations: Hotel Management & Tourism MPI NACA NATA NDC NIFI NRI NTA NTB NTB PATA PATA PIA PLC RTAC RTO S&R SARTC SARTC SATH SATI STDC -Meeting Planners International -National Air Carrier Association -National Air Transport Association -National Development Corporation -National Institute of Food Service Industries -Non Resident of India -National Tour Association -National Tourism Board -National Tourism Board -Pacific Area Travel Agents -Pacific Area Travel Association -Pakistan International Airlines -Product Life Cycle -Regional Tourist Advisory Committee -Regional Tourist Office -Sell & Report -South Asia Regional Tourist Council -South Asia Regional Tourist Council -Society for Advancement of Travel for Handicapped -Society for Incentive Travel Expertise -State Tourism Development Corporation

in/p/hotel-management-tourism.blogspot.10/11/2013 All Abbreviations: Hotel Management & Tourism TAAI TAPSC TDC TDRE TIAA UFTAA USTAA USTOA VISA WATA WATO WTO XO -Travel Agents Association of India -Trans Pacific Passengers Conference -Tourism Development Corporation -Tourist Baggage Re Export -Travel Industry Association of America -Universal Federation of Travel Agent Association -United States Travel & Tourism Administration -United States Tour Operators Association -Visitors Intended to Stay Abroad -World Association of Travel Agents -World Touring Automobile Organization -World Tourism Organization -Exchange Order Recommend this on Google Home Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) Simple template.html 8/9 . Powered by Blogger. allabbreviations.

html 9/9 .10/11/2013 All Abbreviations: Hotel Management & Tourism