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Long John Silver & The Big Zip
The ideal team buildng exercise for moderately fit participants Mentally and physically challenging. Great fun from start to finish.

7 Nelson Road Sunlawns AH Olifantsfontein Gauteng

R160 per participant

Blackbeard & Big Zip
The ideal team buildng exercise for active, fit participants Definitely challenging and not for the faint hearted!

R180 per participant

1 Any restrictions on who can participate?
Acrobranch's cables can accommodate up to 120kg. Please make sure all your team members weigh less than 120kg or they will not be allowed to participate.

2 Do we need to book in advance?
Booking is essential and time slots are to be strictly adhered to!

3 Why do we have to be there 30 minutes before our booking?
Participants to be on site 30 minutes prior to booked time to sign indemnity documents and for safety brief. No participant will be allowed on the course without both the documentation and safety brief being completed.

4 What if one of our participant's is a no show?
Team building events are to be paid in full and in advance. No refunds for no shows.

5 What not to wear?
NO dresses, sandles, flip flops, strappy tops or jewellery! You are going to get dirty, so don't wear your brand new white Guesse tshirt. Short's, tshirts and takkies that participants can move in comfortably.

6 Can we bring our own refreshments?
No self catering is allowed. The Big Red Barn has a fully functional restaurant with a wide variety of food and beverages. 7 Anything else we need to keep in mind? Acrobranch is a physical activity, so make sure your participants have access to beverages throughout the course. Bucket's of beverages can be placed at strategic points where participants descend onto the ground before climbing up to the next part of the course. Participants complete the course over a period of approximately 90 minutes. Have refreshments on hand.

Build a Toastie

7 Nelson Road Sunlawns AH Olifantsfontein Gauteng

R 45

Mediterranean Wrap R 50 Vegetarian Wrap Traditional Fish & Chips Pizza slice medley

R 45 R 55 R 70 R 30 R 70 R 65 R 65 R 70 R 65 R 130 R 158 R 20 R 40 R 35 R 25 R 12 R 16 R 15

Boerwors Roll Build a Burger Beef lasagne Chicken lasagne Beef curry Chicken curry Barn Braai Barn BBQ

White bread with sweet & savoury fillings toasted over the coals. Sweet fillings: Nutella, Marshmallow's, Chopped nuts, Sliced seasonal fruit, Cinnamon sugar. Savoury fillings: Grated Mozarella, Grated Cheddar, Sliced onions, Sliced tomato, Salami, Jalepeno's. Sliced Salami with Grated Mozzarella, Cherry Tomatoes and Cottage Cheese - Garnished with Fresh Rocket, Olive Oil and Cracked Blacked Pepper. Brie Cheese with Cherry Tomatoes and Basil Pesto - Garnished with Fresh Rocket, Olive Oil and Cracked Black Pepper Battered Fillet of Hake, served with Chips and our Authentic Home made Tartar Sauce - Garnished with Fresh Rocket Quartet of classic pizza slices served on platters. Margharita (Tomato & Mozzarella), Regina (Ham & Mushroom)/Hawaiian (Ham & Pineapple), Vegetarian (Mushroom, Sweet Peppers, Onion & Olives) & Four seasons (Salami, Artichoke, Sweet Peppers & Capers) 20cm Boerewors in a Freshly Baked Roll, topped with our Home Made Chakalaka Beef patties braaied over the coals, White rolls, Sliced tomato,caramalised onion, lettuce, Cheddar cheese served with potato salad & coleslaw salad. Crumbed chicken pattie also available. Beef lasagne, mixed green salad & garlic rolls (Min 10 pax) Chicken & spinach lasagne, mixed green salad & garlic rolls (Min 10 pax) Mild beef curry served with rice, poppadoms and Trio of Sambals (Min 10 pax) Mild creamy chicken curry served with rice, poppadoms and Trio of Sambals (Min 10 pax) 150g Chicken Quarter leg, 200g Lamb loin chop & 120g Boerewors, Potato salad, Green salad & bread rolls 250g Rump steak, 300g Pork Belly Ribs & 120g Chicken sosatie, Potato salad, Green salad & bread rolls Pap & Sheba/Mild Chakalaka 8 slice Garlic & Oregano foccacia from our wood burning pizza oven Malva pudding & custard/Fresh seasonal fruit salad with Vanilla ice cream Spiced apple crumble served with Custard/Milk Tart
Fresh Garden Salad with Herbed Croutons Potato Salad with Chives Beetroot Salad/Fruity Coleslaw Salad/ Three Bean Salad

Add on

PLATTERS (Serves up to 10)
Fruit Wrap Sandwich Meaty 1 Meaty 2 Variety 1 Variety 2 Muffin Scone Cheese Mini Pita R 280 R 390 R 280 R 550 R 550 R 490 R 490 R 280 R 220 R 550 R 390
Selection of seasonal fruit garnished with mint

7 Nelson Road Sunlawns AH Olifantsfontein Gauteng

Freshly made Tortilla Wraps filled with Crumbed Chicken, Mozzarella & Sweet Chilli; Cheddar Cheese, Red Onion & Mayonnaise; Beef Stir Fry & Veggie Stir Fry Chicken Roll, Lettuce & Mayo; Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce & Tomato; Tuna Mayo; Cheddar & Red Onion; Roast Beef, Onion & Mustard Cocktail Cheese Grillers, Chicken Rissoles, Beef & Sweet Pepper Kebabs,BBQ style Chicken Drumsticks, Mini Meatballs, Chicken pies & Assorted Dips Marinated Chicken Wings, Mini Meatballs, Pepper Steak Pies,Honey Mustard Chicken Kebabs, Chicken Cheese Bites, Chicken Nuggets & Assorted Dips BBQ style Chicken Drumsticks, Assorted Quiches, Chicken Nuggets, Assorted Chicken Bites, Assorted Rissoles, Assorted mini Pita's & Assorted Dips BBQ style Chicken Wings, Beef Samoosas, Assorted Pies,Thai style Fish Bites, Assorted Rissoles, Wraps with assorted fillings & Assorted Dips Freshly baked assortment of Chocolate Chip, Blueberry, Cappuccino, Bran & Caramel Muffins Freshly baked scones served with Strawberry Jam & Cream, Apricot Jam & Cheddar Cheese

PLATTERS (Serves up to 15)
A variety of Local & Imported Cheeses with Savoury Crackers, Fruit Chutney & Pickled Gherkins Tuna Mayonnaise; Vegetable Stir Fry; Cheddar Cheese, Red Onion & Mayo; Crumbed Chicken, Mozzarella & Sweet Chilli

Roasted Veggie Skewers, Mini Pitas filled with Veggie Stir Fry, Veggie Spring Rolls, Assorted Quiches, Spinach & Feta Rissoles, Cherry tomato, Mozzarella & fresh Basil Skewers Each platter is prepared individually and in advance using the freshest available ingredients. Should an item not be available or up to standard a suitable substitution will be made without consultation or additional cost Platters are served chilled

Vegetarian R 440

Side plates, serviettes & condiments included. White ceramic platters can also be rented at an additional R20 per platter ( Replacement value R200)

BBQ Style Drumsticks (200g) Chicken Quarter Leg (150g) Chicken Sosaties (120g) R 23 R 23 R 29 R 52 R 52 R 40 R 16 R 15 R 12 R 14 R 16 R 2.50 R 3.50 R 3.50 R 3.50 R 4.50 R 5.50 R 12 R 22 R 14

7 Nelson Road Sunlawns AH Olifantsfontein Gauteng

Pork Belly Ribs (300g) Pork Loin Ribs (300g) Pork Loin Chops (200g) R 46 R 48 R 40 R 23 R 52 R 48 R 13 R 13 R 17 R 16 R 16 R 16 R 20 R 21 R 16 R 17

Sirloin Steak (250g) Rump Steak (250g) Beef Sosaties (120g) Traditional Greek Salad Potato Salad with Chives Garden Salad with Herbed Croutons Fruity Coleslaw Salad Pasta & Egg Salad

Boerewors (120g) Lamb Loin Chops (200g) Apricot & Garlic Glazed Snoek (250g) Seasonal Salad with Mixed Peppers Beetroot Salad Smoked Chicken Salad Butternut & Avocado Salad (s) Three Bean Salad


Plain Rolls Seeded Rolls Garlic Rolls Herbed Rolls Cheese Rolls Garlic & Cheese Rolls

Roast Potatoes with Cherry Tomatoes Creamy Potato & Mushroom Bake Roasted Baby Potatoes with Bacon & Red onion Oven Roasted Potatoes with Garlic & Rosemary Parsley Baby Potatoes

Pap Savoury Couscous Corn on the Cob

Sheba Sauce/Mild Chakalaka/Tomato & Onion Gravy Garlic & Black Pepper Sauce Mushroom Sauce R8 R 10 R 14

Malva Pudding served with Custard Spiced Apple Crumble served with Custard Saucy Chocolate Pudding served with Vanilla Ice Cream R 31 R 25 R 31

Fresh Fruit Salad & Vanilla Ice Cream Chocolate Mousse Milk Tart R 25 R 30 R 25

Cold Beverages
Appletizer 330ml Red Grapetizer 330ml Coke 330ml Coke Light 330ml Coke Zero 330ml Cream Soda 330ml Dry Lemon 330ml Energade 500ml
Naartjie, Blueberry, Tropical, Orange

7 Nelson Road Sunlawns AH Olifantsfontein Gauteng

Hot Beverages
R 15 R 15 R 12 R 12 R 12 R 12 R 12 R 15 R 12 R 12 R 15 R 12 R 12 R 12 R 10 R 10 R 15 Bean There Filter Coffee Bean There Cappuccino
Double shot espresso with foamed milk

R 15 R 20 R 15 R 20 R 25 R 15 R 15 R5 R 20 R5

Bean There Americano
Single shot espresso topped with hot water

Bean There Cafe Latte
Single shot espresso with foamed milk

Bean There Cafe Mocha
Double shot espresso with foamed milk & chocolate

Fanta Orange 330ml Fanta Grape 330ml Ice Tea 330ml
Peach, Lemon , Raspberry

Five Roses English Tea Five Roses Rooibos Tea Add fresh mint & organic honey Hot Chocolate
Add whipped cream and marshmallows J

Sprite 330ml Stoney 330ml Tab 330ml Valpre Still 500ml Valpre Sparkling 500ml 100% Fruit Juice 350ml
Orange, Fruit Cocktail, Mango