Aesthetics - II

All objects may be found containing aesthetic qualities but

without focused attention on
these qualities these may be of little relevance aesthetically

Stimulation of senses will eventually
lead to

focused attention

Perceivable features of the

structural composition
of the object

or environment

Formal qualities









It represents emotions. ..evoke emotions in the appreciator Expressive qualities ? It may be inherent in the form or learned responses It may be due to .

excite the brain…thus high intensity colors may be perceived as exciting due to their associated physical response to the body Intense colors like red .

Red as the foreground attracts the viewer… Red as the background detracts the viewer .It is also important to notice… in what context an image is seen.

The overlap between the two circles expresses tension because of the tension between the two spheres of force .

.The color yellow expresses the feeling of warmth because of the physical warmth felt when exposed to sun.

dot (bindi) & sindoor symbolized the .In the Indian culture red marital status of women.


Expression of patriotism… .


.Certain formal qualities may express or evoke emotions because of learned association shared by a group.

The same happens with orange.Red. white & blue may express loyalty & express or evoke the feeling of Americans as these are the colors of the US flag. . white & green that expresses the emotions of the Indians as a group. These three colors may have less effect on other groups.

Symbols are signs that represent something. Symbolic qualities? Symbolic qualities are again individuals Personal interpretation about anything . They communicate an idea about the world.

Symbolic qualities Realistic representation (Accurate depiction of the visual qualities) Non realistic representation (It captures the qualities/content of the object Are real images Stylized & abstract images .

Real representation Abstract representation Stylized representation .

.….the bottom-line is that The perception or understanding of very personal but it is often aesthetics is directed by an individual’s socio-cultural environment .

non-utilititarian qualities which leads to pleasure & satisfaction .One can look at aesthetics from instrumental or non instrumental perspective as well… Instrumental qualities are the utilitarian qualities which led an individual to Non-instrumental qualities are the achieve a goal or purpose other that the aesthetic qualities.

.Red …stop Yellow…ready Green ….Go .

Aesthetic experience affects three aspects of the individual the body the Stimulating the senses of the body mind the Activating the thought process soul Arousing or expressing the feeling of the soul .

it r r B e i es s o th cod nize tes de cog ina re crim dis body brain Consists of physical & electrical connections Stimulation of the sensory receptors of the body Recognition & discrimination of those sensations by the brain . rs sk in object Pleasure can result - es v i e ec r & ain nfo . es. cep inf ea to o rs..Se lik nso rec e ey ry re v.

related The pleasure & satisfaction from activating the mind results from more advanced mental processes of understanding & creating content or symbolic meaning. .The mind consists of the cognitive or the thought process The mind and the brain are inter.

The soul refers to the non-physical physically sensed entity which cannot be Pleasure can come from Expressing feelings Arousing emotions .

The music lacks soul !!! The eyes are windows to the soul!!! Smells like teen spirit !!! Touches the soul!!! .

arousing emotions & expressing feelings are also factors in aesthetic experience .Other factors that contribute to aesthetic experience while stimulating the senses is one way of creating aesthetic experience.

Emotional & cognitive experience .

Pleasure .Arousal .• The essence of emotional experience is captured using dimensions like .

painting. listening to music.Pleasure is a positive experience One finds it pleasurable to spend time with friends. .meditating etc. .

Multi sensory aspect of a product also affects the level of arousal or energy Bright colors are more energetic than dull colors Patriotic songs are more energetic that any other song than can arouse your emotions. .



Reality .Entertainment .Fantasy .The essence of cognitive experience is captured using dimensions like .

It is existence of anything as an object or a fact Reality is again a subjective matter. .

books are valued for their stimulation of the imagery . CDs. Halloween costume. For eg. Haute couture which help the viewer to visualize a different world altogether Products such as movies.Aesthetic experience is also communicated through fantasy.

Entertainment involves enjoying creative aspect of a product or environment .


Aesthetic & instrumental value .

• Aesthetic Value Aesthetic or non instrumental values are • Instrumental value Instrumental (utilitarian benefit) result from the rewarding and pleasurable in themselves. achievement of some goal or purpose other than aesthetic experience .

.Both aesthetic and instrumental values are derived from the formal. expressive & symbolic qualities of a product or environment.

Formal quality Aesthetic & instrumental value .

physical comfort .Quality .Attractiveness to opposite sex .Efficiency .beauty • Instrumental value .sensual pleasure .• Aesthetic value .physical protection & safety .

.ride of a motorbike FORMAL QUALITIES .Sensual pleasure contributing to aesthetic value Formal qualities of a product may provide aesthetic satisfaction due to pleasure of senses.musical melody .smell of coffee .silky texture of ice cream .satin against skin .

.sensual pleasure .Harley Davidsos….

Beauty contributing to aesthetic value Humans around the world have a desire to beautify the body. Undergoing liposuction. bleaching one’s skin. wearing figure enhancing apparel contribute in enhancing the beauty of human body. FORMAL QUALITIES .

physical protection & safety .Efficiency .Instrumental value .Attractiveness to opposite sex FORMAL QUALITIES .physical comfort .Quality .

sports shoes. However a product may offer both comfort & pleasurable sensations. For eg a store environment. automobiles etc FORMAL QUALITIES .Physical comfort It is separate from aesthetics. because it does not address enhanced pleasurable sensation.

FORMAL QUALITIES .Running shoes may be purchased to reach the goal/marathon within the desired time.

The shape of a pointed shoe pinches the toe and limits the wearers ability to walk FORMAL QUALITIES .

Physical protection & safety • • Apparel protects the wearer from physical harm. Bitter/sour taste of food indicates you that the food has gone bad or poisonous FORMAL QUALITIES .

pattern determines the quality of product during purchase.Quality • • (superiority or excellence) • Quality helps assure that a consumer made a wise decision while making the purchase. Consumers also depend on attributes like price. Mattress. tyre. For eg. Durability of product during the use also determines the quality. or level of advertising to make a final decision. color. seams. cushions. brand name. FORMAL QUALITIES . Formal attributes of apparel such as fabric.

Efficiency It is the ratio of output to input. It includes money. Directions given through carpet on the floors of stores FORMAL QUALITIES . effort and still gives a good output. eg Formal aspect of microwave helps in saving time. Arrangement of coordinated ensembles at a store. time & effort.

.Attractiveness to opposite sex • Like any other species. human beings use their physical appearance to attract the opposite sex.

Expressive qualities Aesthetics & instrumental vale .

• Aesthetic value - aroused emotion - creative expression

• Instrumental value - reflected emotion - elevated emotion - spiritual emotion

Expressive qualities & aesthetic value
• Aroused emotion The vivid and bold patterns of pro – wrestling costumes arouse excitement among the spectators. • Creative emotion Artists such as actors, musicians may feel emotionally drained after a performance.

Expressive qualities & instrumental value
• Reflected emotions: products & apparel are used to reflect emotions. Eg. Red outfit during wedding reflects the mod of marriage or celebration. • Elevated emotion: The expressive qualities of a product may help one get through a rough day. Eg. Music with quick tempo, smell of a coffee. • Spiritual emotions: Products and environment also contributes to spiritual pleasure. eg. Temple, cathedral etc.

Symbolic qualities Aesthetic value & instrumental value .

Alternative existence • Instrumental value .Self acceptance .• Aesthetic value .Spiritual protection .Identity .Status Social acceptance or affiliation .

• Identity : Aesthetic products can communicate identity. .

football jerseys supports an alternative existence. .• Alternative existence: Apparel products like wedding gowns.

. A consumer may like the overcoat but the fact that the material used for making the overcoat is derived from an animal skin can lead to decision of disliking Due to ethical reasons. Self esteem of self acceptance is affected by evaluating one’s personal character.Symbolic qualities & instrumental value • Self acceptance: The symbolic qualities of a product may affect self acceptance.

• Status: the acquisition of a product also symbolized the status of a person. .

. Indian started wearing cotton to be accepted or be a part of the Indian movement for freedom led by Gandhiji. Employees may dress similarly in business situation to be accepted within the organization.• • • • Social acceptance or affiliation: Affiliation is generally accomplished by showing similarity to others within a social group. Wearing current fashion or identifying symbols of a social group may lead to social acceptance or affiliation.

• Spiritual expression : we tend to tie garlic. lemon on our door…to ward off evil spirits. chilies. • These things may prove a sense of psychological comfort .

and taste provides a holistic environment and leads to an aesthetic experience. touch. kinesthetic. smell. • This is referred to as a multi sensory experience.• Stimulation of senses like sight. . hearing. body & mind. This can be fostered by interaction between apparel.

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