Following steps were followed to get BMD and SFD using ANSYS. Step 1: Enter Keypoints in Ansys by path, Preprocessor-Modeling-CreateKeypoints-In Active CS

Keypoint X 1 ! ! " " ! # $ ! Step ": Create line thro%gh &eypoints by path Preprocessor-Modeling-Create'ines-'ines-In Active Coord( )ollo*ing *indo* *ill appear(

Define the Type of Element Select: Element Type .Add(((.he -ollo*ing *indo* *ill then appear: Clic& on the .+se c%rsor to create line 1 bet*een &eypoint 1 and " and line " bet*een &eypoint " and #( Step #:.Add Edit Delete( .he -ollo*ing *indo* *ill appear: . b%tton( .

- . Default option is *e!tangular se!tion. Step /:. %n ANSYS there are some predefined se!tions we !an use. %n this pro$lem sin!e se!tion in not gi&en we are assuming re!tangular se!tion of $ and h "in!h. Follow path 'repro!essor(Se!tions()ommon se!tion..Select BEAM188 element and close the window. Define the &alues as shown $elow and !li!+ .Define the Se!tion For Beam "## we need to define the se!tion of the $eam.

Preprocessor. 0en% select Material 'rops ( Material Models .Step /: Element Material 'roperties o% then need to speci-y 0aterial properties: o In the .

his is poisson. Set these properties and clic& on .P5X *ill be set to !(!.( .3K.s ratio and is not re6%ired -or this ele0ent type( .steel( Enter the -ollo*ing -ield: EX 2e8 Pa.( 4ote: o% 0ay obtain the note .inear ( Elasti! ( %sotropi! 2e are going to give the properties o.1o%ble clic& on Stru!tural ( .

*ays to do this b%t *e *ill =%st deal *ith one 0ethod -or no*( In the Preprocessor 0en% select Meshing ( Si/e )ntrls ( ManualSi/e ( .3K.ines . on the *indo* to contin%e( Close the 71e-ine Material Model 8ehavior7 by clic&ing on the .: Mesh Si/e .he last step be-ore 0eshing is to tell A4S S *hat si<e the ele0ents sho%ld be( .X.here are a variety o.ines ( All .Clic& . bo9 in the %pper right hand corner( Step $: Defining the Mesh attri$utes :o to Meshing-Mesh Attrib%tes-Pic&ed lines and select all the lines and -ollo*ing *indo* *ill appear( Select the above options and clic& 3(K Step .

ines and clic& .Preprocessor.he -iner division helps %s to get s0ooth 8M1 and S)1( Step >: Mesh 4o* the 8EAM can be 0eshed( In the .Pic& All.1e-ine ele0ent edge length o. 0en% select Meshing ( Mesh ( .!(!!$ and clic& 3(K( . 2indo* o%r 0odel sho%ld no* appear as sho*n in the -ollo*ing *indo* . in the .Mesh 'ines.

yo% 0a&e so0e 0ista&es later on. on the 0tility Menu select File ( Sa&e as.( Select the na0e and location *here yo% *ant to save yo%r -ile( Step @1 Define Analysis Type )irst yo% 0%st tell A4S S ho* yo% *ant it to solve this proble0: o )ro0 the Solution Men%.Step ?: Saving yo%r *or& Save the 0odel at this ti0e. so i.. select Analysis Type ( New Analysis( .o do this. yo% *ill at least be able to co0e bac& to this point( ..

n -eypoints . pinned and roller-type connections In the Solution 0en%. these constraints *ill typically be -i9ed.3K. is selectedA Clic& . select Define .oads ( Apply ( Stru!tural ( Displa!ement ( .Static.( Step 1!: Apply )onstraints It is necessary to apply constraints to the 0odel other*ise the 0odel is not tied down or grounded and a sing%lar sol%tion *ill res%lt( In 0echanical str%ct%res.o o Ens%re that .

oads Since *e have -iner 0esh it is di--ic%lt to select ele0ents to apply load( .n Beams +se the bo9 option as sho*n belo* and select all the ele0ents bet*een &eypoint 1 and " and clic& 3(K( o% 0ay *ant to <oo0 in %sing vie* toolbar in A4S S to select ele0ents close to &eypoint "( .oads ( Apply ( Stru!tural ( 'ressure(.%rn on Keypoint n%0ber -ro0 0en% bar by Plotctrls-4%0bering and select &eypoint n%0ber and select 3(K 4o* select Plot-M%ltiplot -ro0 0en% to get n%0bers on screen( Select Define .Select the &eypoint 1 and constrain it in All 13)( Step 11 1 Apply .

this de-ines the direction o.load depending on bea0 orientation( )or the present proble0 enter " and press%re load as sho*n belo*( .A-ter selecting all the ele0ents clic& 3(K )ollo*ing *indo* *ill appear( Bere yo% need to pay attention to 'oad &ey 3ption.

oads ( Apply ( Stru!tural ( For!e Moment option o%r proble0 sho%ld loo& li&e this no*( .Si0ilary select ele0ents bet*een &eypoints " and # and apply press%re o."!!!!4 on &eypoint " and -$!!!!4 on &eypoint # in y direction %sing Define .-"$!!!4C0 Apply load o.

S( .Sol%tion.Step 1": Sol&ing the System 2e no* tell A4S S to -ind the sol%tion: In the .his indicates that *e desire the sol%tion %nder the c%rrent 'oad Step D'SE( . 0en% select Sol&e ( )urrent .

bea0s. 1@G )ro0 the 2eneral 'ostpro!essor 0en% select Element Ta$le ( Define Ta$le Clic& on . *e need to loo& at the help -ile -or 8EAM1?? D. *e can see that 8M1 can be obtained thro%gh the E. 1.3nce the sol%tion is done the -ollo*ing *indo* *ill pop %p( Clic& . and -or =th node %sing FSMISC..Add(((.A.A8'E by de-ining val%e -or ith node. and pipesE yo% *ill o-ten need to %se the Element Ta$le to gain access to derived data Die stresses. %sing the ite0 . and -or =th node %sing FSMISC.+S Co00and 2indo*(( Step 1#: 5es%lt.he Ele0ent .ype help BEAM188 into the Inp%t 'ineE( )ro0 3%tp%t . spars.G( Si0ilarly S)1 is obtained %sing options .able in the Belp -ile.Bending moment and Shear Force Diagram )or 8ea0 ele0ents Die lin&s.able is di--erent -or each ele0ent.Close.SMISC. . .SMISC. strainsE( . #. and close the CS. there-ore.

1. 432 *e got o%tp%t -or 8M1( Si0ilarly get val%es -or S)1 and yo%r ele0ent table sho%ld loo& li&e this( .Si0ilary get o%tp%t -or =th node %sing SMISC.

.o plot the 8M1 -ollo* the path :eneral PostprocHPlot res%ltsHconto%r plotH'ine Ele0 5es and select -ollo*ing options and clic& 3K( .he 8M1 is sho*n belo*( .

2e can see that 0a9 val%e is $!K40 and it is e6%al to theoretical val%e( Si0ilary select -ollo*ing options -or S)1 and clic& 3(K .

2e get the S)1 and it is sho*n belo*( .