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, I Years Time : Three hours

ENGLISH SECTION A - ( 10 x 2 = 20)

Answer ALL the questions

Maximum :75 marks

1. Choose a suitable synonym for the following words: (a)cordial (i) Hostile (ii) kind (iii) Friendly (iv)Generous (b)Emancipate (i) Make a man of (ii) make free (iii) Participate (iv) Arrest Write antonyms for the following words iii)Ancient iv) Expensive 2. (a) Underline the mute letters in the following words i) Subtle ii) Lamb iii) Sandwich iv) Knob

( 4 x = 2)

(4 x = 1)

(b) Expand the following i) E.F.L.U 3. Answer as directed ii) C.A.T

( 2 x = 1)

( 8 x 2 = 16)

Fill in the blanks with present perfect or past tense form using the verbs given in the brackets. Rams parents.. (be) very much.(worry) about his studies. 4. Gopal is not taller than shankar.(Positive) 5. He said to him, Please wait here till I return. (Rewrite in reported speech) 6. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions The visiting professor will be staying .Chennai.a month. 7. Change the statement into a question Health is the most valuable thing. 8. Mala has been in Americafive years.then she has not returned to India. 9. Place the adverbs in the correct order. The picture was hung (on the wall, carefully) 10. Change the affirmative into a negative sentence without changing the meaning. Siva is a better orator than me.

Section B (5x5=25) 11. ( a ) Describe a Non- Resident Indians feelings in the US. Or (b) What keeps the newly married bride of an NRI from missing home? 12. (a) Bring out the miseries of the negroes as seen in the speech of Martin Luther King. or (b) What future does Martin Luther King visualize for America? 13. (a) Is the poet portraying satan as a hero or a fallen angel in this poem? Give reasons to support your answer. Or (b) How does satan compare Heaven and Hell? 14. (a) Who according to the poet is a happy man? Or ( b) Pope says man in the rural area enjoys good health. Do you agree with his view? 15. (a) Describe the meeting between Bob and Jimmy wells. or (b)What do feel after reading the story A Telephonic Conversation?

Section C Answer any Three of the following in 250 words each (3x10=30) 16. How does R.K Narayan portray a Non Resident Indian? 17. What is Martin Luther Kings dream for the Negroes? 18. Why does Pope long for a life of solitude? 19. Do you agree that satans speech is a persuasive poem . 20. Bring out the humour in A Telephonic Conversation.


VOORHEES COLLEGE, VELLORE, MODEL EXAMINATION -2013 B.A., Third Year AMERICAN LITERATURE II UEN 51 Time : Three hours Section A Answer all the questions (10x2=20) Maximum :75 marks

1. How does Stevenson equate poetry with performance. 2. What are the important functions of modern poetry? 3. E.E Cummings is known to be a poet of word play.Justify 4. How does the poet describe the balloon man? 5. How do the bankers treat the poor who are in need of loans from the bank? 6. Is the poem Lady Lazarus an autobiographical poem? 7. What is the important function of Literature? 8. What are reasons for Biffs failure? 9. How does the novel portray war? 10. What is the role of Ben? Section B Answer any five of the following 1. What is the struggle described by the poet?or How does the poet describe spring? 2. Write a paragraph about the theme of the poem lady lazarus.or Why do the banks discourage withdrawals? 3. Write about the scene in Franks chop House.or Explain the concept of patriotism 4. How does Allen Tate differenciate communication and communion?or Why does Ogden Nash appreciate the services of the bankers? 5. Discuss the significance of the requiem scene or Hemingways use of symbolism in Farewell to Arms. Answer any three of the following 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. (3x10=30) (5x5=25)

What are the roles and responsibilities of the Man of the Letters in the modern world? How according the stevenson is a modern poem composed? Discuss the ideas,oppression,agony and death in Sylvia Plaths Lady Lazarus How does Hemingway portray war and love in the novel? Write an essay about the use of symbols in the play Death of a Salesman. -----------------------