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Journalism 2012

Part - I 2. what are ethical issues associated with online journalism and also suggest ways to solve these ethical issues 3. Discuss the importance of ppl's participation in the process of development and subsequent role of mass media 4.Explain functions of Mass Communication with relevant examples 5. "Todays media has taken centre stage role in the daily life and society".Give your comments on this statement in the light of media system dependence theory Part - II 6.In the light of karl marx media theory: analyze the role of at least 3 tv channels with the special reference of flood disaster. what is national development? and how media can play role in national development 7.describe the factors that determine character of internal public in newspaper organization 8.explain the historical perspective of journalism in subcontinent 9.suppose u have developed a new diet drink, and are ready to market it..develop a research study for identifying the elements topics that should be stressed in your advertisement

2011 Section I Q2: Mass media's dominant educational function relates to informal education, comment and justify with the help of relevant examples. Q3: "FM radio channels have revolutionized the broadcast landscape in Pakistani and have become one of the preferred source of entertainment for youngsters", give your arguments for or against this statement. Q4: "Maulana Zafar Ali Khan's 'Zamindar' introduced many new trends in Urdu journalism".explain in detail. Q5: Discuss the role of private TV Channels in political and social mobilisation after their inception in and after 2002 in Pakistan. Section II Q6: Critically evaluate socio-economic impact of mobile package advertisements on Pakistani youth. Q7: Describe the major types of editorial perform for its readers?What function does an editorial perform for its readers?

Q8: "Public Relations is deliberate, planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain mutual understanding between an organization and its public", explain. Q9: Media laws in Pakistan are hindrance in the way of free media. Give your arguments for or against the comment keeping in view the current laws and ordinances relating to electronic media in Pakistan.

Journalism Paper 2010

Section - I Q2. Mass communication is considered important in modern age. Discuss the concept and process of communication. Q3. Considering that Media are given greater importance, describe the freedom of media. Q4. Describe news, "which is the real soul of journalism" with examples? Q5. Critically examine the rold of Muslim press during Pakistan Movement. Section - II Q6. What role does magazine journalism play in Pakistan and what are the functions and scope of magazines in our society. Q7. How does Advertising influence society? Discuss the latest trends and practices in society and the principles of successful advertising? Q8. In modern society what role does public relations and P.R.O play in any organization? Q9. In a globalized world, discuss and evaluate the concepts of "Free Press" and "Responsibility" in the developing and developed societies.

SECTION I Q2) Discuss the concept and barriers if communications. Are these barriers also existing in this modern information age? Q3) News have in depth influence in any society. Discuss the effects of different news on Pakistan Society Q4) Zimindar played very effective role against British imperialism. Discuss in detail. Q5) Evaluate critically the performance of private T.V channels in Pakistan Section II Q6) how Print Media is so important in Pakistan society after the development of electronic Media? Argue in detail

Q7) advertising is spinal cord of any media organization. Discuss all aspects. Q8) what is difference between Public Relation Officer and Personal Assistant? Mention the role and responsibilities of a good P.R.O Q9) Describe an ideal Press Code of Ethics for Pakistan Journalists.

SECTION-I Q.2. Discuss the concept and process of communication? What is the importance of Mass Communication in this modern age? (20) Q.3. News is the real soul of Journalism. What are the major functions and values of news? Discuss in detail. (20) Q.4. The present era is considered as the era of development of electronic media in Pakistan. Critically evaluate the role of present TV Channels in social development? (20) Q.5. Discuss the role played by the Muslim Press during Pakistan Movement? (20) SECTION-II

Q.6. Survey the status of Magazine Journalism in Pakistan? What are the functions and scope of magazines in our society? (20) Q.7. Define Advertising? What are the principles of successful advertising? Discuss the latest trends in advertising being practiced in our society? (20) Q.8. What is the purpose and scope of Public Relation in any organization? Describe the major responsibilities of a Public Relation Officer? (20) Q.9. Freedom of Press and Responsibility are two common issues in the fil ed of journalism. Discuss and evaluate the case of Pakistan regarding these concepts? (20)

2007 SECTION I Q.1 what are the essentials of effective communication? Support your answer with argukents? Q.2 give your evaluation of the role of print journalism in Pakistan?

Q.3 survey the development of electronic media in Pakistan? Q.4. the mass media in Pakistan are confronting many problems Please comment. SECTION --- II Q.5. differentiate news components from news values Q.6. describe the need and significance of editorial. Q.7. what is your opinion about the present status of Public Relations Practice in Pakistan Q8 Survey the development of Advertising in Pakistan

2006 SECTION-1 (2 questions to be attempted from this section) Q # 1... What do you know about Mass Communication? Describe its importance in the present age. Q # 2... Explain what is news, its functions and values may be explained in detail? Q # 3... Explain the role of journalists in socio-economic development of the country like Pakistan. Q # 4... Explain the difficulties faced by the Muslim Press during the movement of Pakistan. SECTION-2 (2 questions to be attempted from this section) Q # 5... "Public Relations is actually Image Building activity". Explain in detail. Q # 6... Define Public Relations and explain the role of PRO in any organization. the two questions, with minor adjustments, the same thing?) ( are not

Q # 7... What do you know about advertising. Explain its functions and importance in the modern age. Q # 8... Define the three of the following in detail: (a) Press Release (b) Press Note (c) Press Communiqu (d) Press conference (e) Hand Out