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Balay Silonganan On the day before the outreach program of ACEITS to Balay Silonganan, the officers had been

very busy in buying gift items. This includes foods and clothing which had been wrapped the night before. It was a beautiful day when ACEITS officers was on their way to give a Christmas gifts to the homeless children of Balay Silonganan. The cab was on set to transport the officers to Balay Silonganan. For those people who want to know what is Balay Silonganan. Balay Silonganan was built by the efforts of many concerned individuals who has the dedication in helping homeless children in the country, of which the primary sponsor is the Rotary Club International. After the completion of Balay Silonganan, there are lots of concerned citizens in the country who have helped sustaining and maintaining the Balay Silonganan. The compassion of people has been the primary reason why Balay Silonganan thrive towards helping unfortunate children. This includes Sis. Fatima of Missionary Sisters of Mary (MSM), to whom the most effort in helping abandoned children is credited. The help offered by Balay Silonganan have exceeded ones expectation, for taking into consideration the unrelenting effort of Sis. Fatima in soliciting donations up to the voluntary giving of in kind donations by other people. One might wonder how Balay Silonganan supported the children up to the time they can stand through their own feet, that is to say, supporting their education through college. Meanwhile, the officers of the ACEITS were amazed by the cleanliness of the surrounding at Balay Silonganan. Then the officers were warmly welcomed by Sis. S. The officers then conducted a program, this includes games, and the most awaited gift giving. The gifts were snacks, coffee, powdered milk, noodles, canned goods, clothing, and cleaning materials. Then lunch has started of which the officers had prepared Jollibee burger steak with mushroom. The officers had the opportunity to meet the children at Balay Silonganan. They talked to the children of which they were once lived in a miserable life and now have been blessed to become part of Balay Silonganan family. There is a child which is coming from other province, since the child is not able to talk, the police had told them that he was coming from Compostella Valley in Davao after the devastating Typhoon Pablo took place there. That child was named under Sis. Fatimas family name. The officers were glad to meet the children at Balay Silonganan, for they have noticed that children from Balay have had a strong faith and fear to God for what they have observed through their actions. They easily compare children from Balay Silonganan to some children who have a complete family yet seems to be different when talking about discipline and morale. The officers then ended the program with a prayer which is leaded by James Amante. Though infliction was once experienced, yet the goodness of the Lord extends, for brighter future has been prepared, in Balay Silonganan a home unfeigned. Author: Jessiedee Mark B. Gingo

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