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In general, input is the data and instruction that entered the computer.Input device is the hardware device that used to allow the data and instruction entering the computers memory. So, there are some example of input devices. Firstly,keyboard is the input device that consist of numerous of keys including the typing area ,numeric area and function keys for the users to enter the data by pressing on it. The usage of it can be cordless or built-in.Next, another input device is mouse. Mouse has many types of it , for example like mechanical rubber,optical mouse,trackball,pointing stick,touchpad,light pen ,touch screen and digital pen . Though, mouse has numbers type of it ,but it carry the same function to control the movement of pointer. Basically, optical mouse and light pen have the presence of light to detect the movement of the pointer.Optical mouse also , is more expensive and precise compared to mechanical mouse which only using the rubber or metal beneath it.Touch screen and and touch pad might have the common used, but actually touch screen is more directly as the user can use their fingers to touch on the screen,meanwhile touchpad is a rectangular area in a computer,which commonly used in minicomputer that sensitive to the pressure and motion to control the movement of the pointer. Furthermore,gaming and media player controllers is one of the input devices. There is type of game controllers such as gamepad,joystick,wheel,light gun,dance pad and motion-sensing game controller.The input device for the media player controller is touch sensitive-pad , that enables the users to scroll through any application in it as they wish like the usage of an iPod,product from the company of Apple.Others input device are voice and audio input.Voice device is the ability of the computer to recognise any voice or sound to distinguish the spoken word,by speaking into the microphone.Audio input is the digital musical device that can represent sound electronically such as MIDI. In simple word, the sound like speech,music and sound effects entered into the computer.Next, digital camera also an input device , where the picture captured by using the camera can immediately be viewed on that camera.Almost the same like video input , the captured full-motion images that can be stored on a computers storage medium,where digital video camera records as digital signal. Besides that, video conferencing is the input device that has separated people of two or more that used a network and internet to communicate with each other ,in another hand the used of it can also be as a input device to transmit audio and video data to the computer.The input device like scanner, can read any printed text and graphics by using light sensing to enter the information or data in the computer.Different to the turnaraound document, where it consist of printed with OCR character that contain information needed for document that return to the company that sent it. Looking for another input devices, are optical reader,RFID reader,magnetic stripe card reader and magnetic-ink character recognition(MICR) reader.Optical reader basically use light to read any character,marks and codes and later will be converted into the data to the computer,where it has three types which are Optical character recognition(OCR) that can read typewritten character,Optical mark recognition(OMR) that can read hand-drawn pencil marks and bar code reader which widely used in the supermarket.Next ,RFID reader which it can be read the information via radio waves.Magnetic stripe card reader that can read magnetic stripe on the back of a credit card or ATM card.Meanwhile,te magnetic-ink character reader(MICR) which can read text with magnetized ink.Lastly is biometrics. By, verifying personals character such as finger print,voice,signature and iris to authenticate persons identity.

Output is the data or information that through the process to transfer it into the useful form.Output device is the hardware that can transmit information or data to one or more people.First of all , display device is an output device that can show text , grapghics or video visually to the users such as screen monitor.There is few types of display devices, such as LCD monitor that used liquid crystal display, plasma monitor that used gas plasma technolog,and CRT monitor that contain cathode-ray tube(CRT).Next, printer is an output device that can convert the information to the text and graphics in a hardcopy.Printer also has several types which are nonimpact printer that spray tiny drops of liquid ink onto paper without striking paper,photo printer that produces photolab-quality pictures,laser printer that has very high-speed,high-quality and costly,thermal printer that basically used heat to generates images,mobile printer that is friendly-user especially for the mobile user to print while travelling,plotter that can produce high-quality drawings and impact printer that can form character by using the striking mechanism. Other output devices is audio output device,which is other part of computer component like speakers,earphones and earbuds that can produce sound ,music or speech to the user. Voice output is differ with the audio output , where users can have conversation through the internet telephony with other people by using internet.Next, facsimile machine which can transmit and receives any text or documents through telephone lines , where it can be enable to do so , with the fax modem that allow the process to occur.Multifunction peripheral is another output device that can work various task like printing , scanning and also as fax machine.Lastly,is the data projector that can project any text and image from the computer to become bigger than actual size as in the computer to the screen for the more viewers.