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The Inherently-Safe way to Remove Varnish

Varnish in turbines and compressors are well known to disrupt reliable operations. Deposits will adversely impact plant availability and increase maintenance costs. If plants dont proactively control deposits in turbine and compressor oil systems, varnish and sludge need to be removed during planned outages to restore system reliability. Chemical cleaning is one method of flushing out varnish. The cleaners typically used for chemical cleaning, however they contain detergents and dispersants. While effective at removing deposits, detergent/dispersant-based flushing chemicals can be hazardous if used incorrectly. Even tiny amounts of residual cleaner can cause compatibility problems, threatening the performance of your new turbine or compressor oil. Thats why Fluitec developed Boost VR (Varnish Removal). Its an inherently safe way of performing chemical cleaning that doesnt impact your lubricants water separability, hydrolytic stability or air release properties. The unique chemistry of Boost VR increases your oils solvency while re-solubilizing deposits.

Benefits of Using


Boost VR is a safer way of removing varnish and sludge from a system compared to other available detergent system cleaners. Unlike conventional cleaners, Boost VR can safely be used in steam and hydro-electric turbines as well as other applications where there is a high chance of water or steam ingression. Boost VR: Is compatible with your existing fluid, it does not require the use of a sacrificial rinsing fluid like detergent system cleaners. This saves considerable in flushing costs, man hours and downtime. Cleans the internals of your system while your equipment is operating. Increases the fluids solubility which re-solubilizes varnish, sludge and deposits. Does not adversely impact the in-service fluids physical and chemical performance. Does not harm demulsibility, air release or foam characteristics. Hydrolytically stable chemistry does not break down in the presence of moisture. Ensures adequate performance in turbine and compressor applications due to high thermal and oxidative stability. Is compatible with mineral oils and some synthetics such as PAOs. Excellent seal compatibility.

Physical Properties of


Boost VR is an API Group V Category Fluid. It offers improved hydrolytic, thermal and oxidative stability compared to other Group V fluids. By increasing the solubility of an in-service lubricant, it allows end-users to perform inherently safer and less expensive flushes compared to detergent system cleaners.

TEST Specific Gravity (15.6C) Color Appearance Viscosity @40C @100C Pour Point Flash Point (COC) Total Acid Number Hydrolytic Stability, TAN change Water Aniline Point

METHOD D4052 D1500 Clear & Bright D445

TYPICAL VALUE 0.908 <1.5 Visual

29.0 mm2/s 4.7 mm2/s D97, 5950 D92 D974 D2619 E1064 D611 -39C 222C <0.05 mg KOH/g 0.02 mg KOH/g <50ppm 32.0C

VR can lower your flushing Contact us today to find out how costs and leave your lubricating systems pristine!