Written by Morgan Foye

A keyring containing a picture of Fonzie from Happy Days catches the light. ABEL Where are your parents? SOPHIE They're over there…dad says he'll hear me if I scream. as she does the glass jar containing fish which she carries on a string swings back and forth. He takes out his wallet and keys and throws them to Sophie who makes no effort to catch them.DAY The rolls back and forth towards a distant horizon. SOPHIE. A pronounced figure. BEACH . ABEL But they're important. sits on the eddying grains of a dune. ABEL (CONT’D) Alone please. Sophie sits down. SOPHIE Are you here for the sea? ABEL Christ…not now. They land quietly in the sand. She stops and stands near but not too close to Abel. (CONT’D) .EXT. His eyes stay fixed to the water. She picks up the keys. Instead Sophie shifts closer to him in the sand. Abel looks to the sea. ABEL If I give you something can you look after them and go away. Pricks of colours from kites and boats briefly draw the eye. SOPHIE Are you here for the weather? The man does his best to ignore her. A young girl approaches him. He plucks at a piece of heather as his attention turns to the sun then to the sea. She moves confidently. ABEL. SOPHIE These are boring. SOPHIE You look alone already.

Abel sighs. Sophie looks at him blankly. SOPHIE OK…I should go Abel shifts a little to get up. ABEL Could you give them to a policeman or. or perhaps better.2. SOPHIE (CONT’D) You shouldn't kill yourself.not very original is it? She looks casually about the beach... SOPHIE To you… ABEL And some other people. My brother reads about it in the paper. SOPHIE My dad likes wallets. they come here from all over. SOPHIE (CONT’D) OK I'll go.. men of your age like doing it a lot I you know what a judge is? SOPHIE I'm not stupid…but I've never met a judge. ABEL (CONT’D) Well I'll be going into the sea. ABEL OK give it to your dad SOPHIE Where are you going ABEL There…(nods to the sea) France? SOPHIE ABEL No worse. .

3. SOPHIE If you were a girl what haircut would you have? A perm. SOPHIE I might find your body ABEL It will get washed out. SOPHIE My brother says the crazies always go to the river mouth where you get washed out with the turds. ABEL SOPHIE Why do you want go out to sea? ABEL Many reasons. ABEL (Turning to Sophie) I have to wait a while for the tide …I looked it up…I don't want to get caught on a sandbank…that would be very embarrassing. Sophie looks at him blankly. SOPHIE No the tide would bring it back ABEL How do you know that? . ABEL (CONT’D) You know. SOPHIE The English Channel is very dirty ABEL I thought it would be less fuss…and I was thinking of the people who would find the body. wouldn’t want to traumatise them. ABEL He sounds very understanding. The sea glints and curls as the clouds push silently forward.

Litter churns with algae and foam.. But they always find them without pants. ABEL You're giving me tips? SOPHIE Sometimes it takes their clothes off. The sea moves. SOPHIE (CONT’D) That's why they always go to the river mouth.4. ABEL Silence. ABEL SOPHIE ABEL (Interrupting) My wife left me. Details can be seen. .its better to do it fast than… SOPHIE I know. SOPHIE Why do you want to do it? ABEL It may as well happen some time…it's getting it over with…like pulling off a plaster…. Whose? ABEL SOPHIE The dead people. They both look to the sea. Oh right. SOPHIE My brother works for the Coast Guard. How? ABEL SOPHIE I don’t know. it stops it hurting as much Exactly So why.. Sand bloats and swells as the water briefly retreats.

SOPHIE ABEL Oh Yes. ABEL Well good for him. It's cold… ABEL (CONT’D) Sophie shrugs. Abel marches off. ABEL He must have been a very brave man. ABEL SOPHIE My uncle's wife ran off with a chef. Sophie watches with intrigue rather than concern. Silence. ABEL Do you have a heart? SOPHIE What are you waiting for? ABEL OK well…I guess I won't drown sitting up here will I. SOPHIE He got a tattoo then took a man on holiday (pause) Didn't drown himself in the English Channel though. You have my wallet? She points at the wallet still in the sand.5. he won't go in restaurants now. SOPHIE Was it for a chef? No. They both look to the horizon. . SOPHIE You’re hard to talk to. SOPHIE (CONT’D) We both better get going I guess.

She blows bubbles as she quietly sits. Sophie pauses and looks inland. She catches Abel’s silhouette through the jar as he returns shaking and wet. She holds her fish up to the light and watches them swim lazily around. blows then pops a bubble. SOPHIE ABEL Why are you still here? SOPHIE There's your wallet. Told you. As Abel moves into the distance Sophie pops some bubble gum in her mouth. ABEL I have no clothes. pulls out the notes and carefully places the wallet and keys on a stone. His lips are blue. ABEL is Shaking. SOPHIE (Handing him his wallet) I took the money out. The wind picks up. . Sophie gets up and dusts sand off her. ABEL But I…I'm stuck. Abel sits down in his underpants. She chews. SOPHIE (CONT’D) Right I'm going to go now. Sand drifts towards the skyline. SOPHIE How’d that go chief? ABEL It pulled my trousers off.6. ABEL Really…anything else? SOPHIE There wasn’t much else in there. then pulls out a pair of binoculars to watch Abel disappear. Sophie waits. Bored of watching she flicks through Abel's wallet.

7. SOPHIE Just tell the truth then. FADE OUT. ABEL I literally can't think of anything. SOPHIE OK but you’re gonna have to come up with a good excuse for my dad or he'll batter you. .