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Give the course 99 days, and it will give you a career in IT.

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Are you on a path determined by your marksheet. and Asia’s largest IT trainer. You’ve reached that all-important point. Call it your turning point. Express Diploma and Global Net Plus for IT professionals. and not your ambitions? By what your professor thinks of you? By other people’s opinions.niit. Leading IT magazine Dataquest has conferred upon NIIT. The point from where your path will take you towards bigger prospects. NIIT’s industry-endorsed programmes for students seeking careers in IT include GNIIT. exactly where you want it to. has been offering learning and knowledge solutions across 40 countries for the last 30 years. a leading Global Talent Development Corporation Congratulations. The point from where your life will . and not your own? Just as your career is beginning to take shape? Do you want all of this to change dramatically? NIIT. © NIIT Limited 2012 2 Visit www. promise you a better future and reward you with a pedestal worthy of you. at NIIT. Find it right here. Edgeineers. since the inception of this category. the ‘Top IT Training Company’ award successively for 18 years. Rated among India’s Business Superbrands 2008 and the second most trusted education brand in India according to the Brand Equity Survey 2011.

IT professionals perform a variety of duties that range from installing applications. As per NASSCOM survey. while the rest wait for their big break? Direct Employment (in 000’s) 2.540 601 562 FY2012 Employment Estimates 2. As per NASSCOM’s Strategic Review 2012. and the term is more recognisable than ever before. the IT/ITeS industry has created over 11. to designing complex applications.8 mn Total employment Source: NASSCOM IT-BPO Strategic Review 2012 © NIIT Limited 2012 3 Visit www. as well as designing and managing databases.300 525 774 826 876 1. the term Information Technology has ballooned to encompass many aspects of computing and technology. managing information. So why is it that only a few people strike gold. by 2020 almost 7. The Information Technology umbrella can be quite large.770 2.9 mn FY2010 IT Services exports FY2011 BPO exports FY2012E IT-BPO Domestic Direct= 2. Today. The industry is expected to increase direct employment by 9 per . managing computer networks. covering many fields.295 Indirect= ~8.9 million more people will be directly employed in ITeS sector.7 million direct and indirect employment opportunities for students coming from almost all streams of education.153 1.000 1.niit.Opportunities in IT The IT industry has become one of the most important growth drivers of the Indian economy.

com/graduate . at the supply end there is still a scarcity of skilled employable manpower. as per NASSCOM.Current Employment Scenario Over 8 lakh engineering students and 30 lakh non-engineering students graduate every year.niit. But the irony is that only 25% of engineering graduates and only 10% of non-engineering graduates are employable. © NIIT Limited 2012 4 Visit www. at NIIT. there are more and more opportunities that are available for the graduate community across all streams. Most wait for someone to guide them to a turning point. Though there is enough demand in the market. The smart few realise that their most decisive moment is right here. With the IT industry advancing. .© NIIT Limited 2012 5 Visit www.

COMMUNICATION SKILLS • Strong command in english communication • Interview handling skills RELEVANT IT SKILLS • Strong conceptual knowledge • Specialisation in at least one technology • Project orientation What the industry is looking for PROFESSIONAL SKILLS • Teamwork • Presentation skills • Result orientation • Crisis management RIGHT APTITUDE • Logical and analytical reasoning • Problem solving approach © NIIT Limited 2012 6 Visit www.What the industry is looking for in an IT .

and a life-changing move. soft skills and grooming. The curriculum ensures that students gain thorough grounding on all critical concepts of technology.niit. From students. Such training and global certifications are all that graduates need for an easy entry into the industry.NIIT Express Diploma NIIT offers graduates accelerated diploma programmes in I. In just 99 days. for the better. whom employers can bank on from Day One. It has been designed to suit the trends and expectations of the industry as well as the skills of the students.Final year of graduation/graduate of any stream • Registration will happen post the Diploma Front Office Test at NIIT centres © NIIT Limited 2012 7 Visit www. increases graduate employability Specially Designed ‘Employability Enhancement Programme‘ which makes a candidate ‘Interview Ready’ Fast-paced training delivery Cloud and Collaborative learning model Admission Criteria: • Eligibility: . Changing their lives . they will turn into professionals. PROGRAMME HIGHLIGHTS Short Duration programmes with Assured IT Career Complete power-packed programmes with a mix of Technology and Soft Skills.T.

com/graduate .Express Diploma’s Distinct Advantages 1.niit. The starting duration for these programmes is just 99 days. Hour One. Fast Track Programmes (99 days onwards) These are fast-track programmes designed to make you job-ready and productive from Day One. 2. Programme Architecture Exit Placement Eligibility Subjective Evaluation Preparation week Assessment week Programme content Assessment week Employability Enhancement Programme (EEP) Programme content Pre-Requisite: Final Year Graduate/Graduate Entry © NIIT Limited 2012 8 Visit www.

niit. © NIIT Limited 2012 9 Visit www. Programme tests will include objective type questions only. two free supplementary attempts shall be provided. • Each learning cycle (Class room-Class room-Machine room) is followed by a cycle test. Each machine room in the cycle is evaluated for completion of the exercises in the machine room. The purpose of this evaluation is to assess the student’s implementation skills of the concepts taught in the cycle. These aptitude tests will be conducted as per the defined milestone. Any attempts thereafter are to be charged. A series of aptitude tests shall be conducted throughout the programme. The student needs to clear each programme test individually with a minimum of 50% marks. Help in improving performance Tracking performance from enrollment to employment Regular feedback • • Continuous monitoring and evaluation Continuous Evaluation Mapping competencies with job profiles Summative Evaluation Each programme has an individual programme test. In case the student is not able to clear the programme test.3. the assessments are triggered by events such as start or completion of sessions/modules. The programme test covers all the concepts covered in the . The purpose of this test is to evaluate a student’s understanding of the concepts and application of concepts taught in the class. The student can attempt the test any number of times. Continuous Evaluation The continuous evaluation system is intricately woven into the programme framework to provide the desired result of constant and continuous evaluation. As the programme progresses. The continuous and periodic evaluation framework follows a detailed assessment milestone laid out for the entire programme.

Express Diploma Programme Covers Industry Recruitment Process Aptitude test Continuous aptitude building as a part of the programme Group discussion Soft skills module built in the programme to build communication and grooming skills Technical test 360 degree approach to create technology professionals Technical interview Continuous evaluation on technical concepts © NIIT Limited 2012 10 Visit www. These come in handy in every recruitment process and every life-transforming event in your professional life.4.niit. but will also ensure that you build a strong aptitude. The programme will not only transform you into a cutting-edge tech professional. learn good communication skills and acquire professional . End-to-End Mapped to Recruitment Process The programme has been designed to be your turning point by keeping in mind the current recruitment process and the skills broadly evaluated during the interview process.

This skill set includes certain aspects of personality development in addition to preparing you for aptitude tests. The programme focuses on four major areas that need attention for an interview. These areas are : • • Personality development Communication skills • Interview skills • Aptitude and speaking skills 6.5. After completing this programme. Employability Enhancement Programme The Employability Enhancement Programme is a course designed to increase your employability. Giving a job interview is a skill in itself. the students will be able to: • • • • • • • • • • • • • Understand the importance of overall personality development in order to be successful at job interviews Develop proficiency in creating lasting first impressions Communicate effectively for employability Demonstrate effective listening skills when appearing for interviews Speak independently on topics of their choice Improve verbal communication for successful job placements Use non-verbal communication as a tool to communicate effectively in an interview Practice speaking on the various topics without hesitation Solve aptitude questions Speak confidently on phone by learning telephone etiquette Become confident and effective communicators Face an interview with confidence Strike a conversation and participate in a group discussion © NIIT Limited 2012 11 Visit www. The competition in the IT industry is fierce but good jobs are limited in number. the student moves into the NIIT placement pool where he or she is eligible for placement assistance. To be considered eligible for the placement pool a student has to meet the following criteria: • • • Should have ≥ 85% attendance in the Employability Enhancement Programme Should have successfully completed all courses in the programme Should have an overall aptitude score in the Amber/Green category This programme is aimed at helping you master the art of giving an interview through a standard job screening process.niit. Placement Assistance After the successful completion of the Diploma .

Or rather the IT industry has benefitted from 1.6 Lakh 6. TCS Name of Student: Ranjeet Organisation Name: Nutek CTC: Rs. HCL Technologies 5.26. 4. Patni Computers Source: NIIT placement record FY’12 © NIIT Limited 2012 12 Visit www. Tech Mahindra No. Cognizant Technologies Ltd. HP India 10.6 Lakh 8.84 Lakh Name of Student: Nagendra D Organisation Name: Nous Infosystems CTC: Rs. IBM India 2.NIIT PLACEMENT TRACK RECORD With an extensive network that covers most of the Indian cities. 7. 3. over 1. In the last five years. Infosys 7.000 job openings every year. of students placed 1194 647 300 285 245 223 113 82 76 64 Name of Student: Shilpa Sugumar Organisation Name: Paypal CTC: Rs. This opens up a world of opportunities for Diploma and other NIIT career programme students across various industries.niit.660 students Total Placements in Dataquest Top 20 IT Companies: 3.8 Lakh 4.8 Lakh Top 10 organisations where NIITians have been placed in 2011-12: Organisations 1. our Industry Collaboration Division creates more than 38. 4.26. 9. Wipro 3. 3.000 NIITians have been placed in the IT . MphasiS Name of Student: Rakesh Kumar Singh Organisation Name: Volvo IT CTC: Rs.000 NIITians in the past five years Placement Record of FY 2012: Total Placements: 34.382 Top 5 salary packages: Name of Student: Sadiq Organisation Name: Intel CTC: Rs.

niit.STUDENT TESTIMONIALS Name Programme Company Role : : : : Amruta Gosavi Diploma in Java Technologies Infosys Process Executive Name Programme Company Role : : : : Priyanka Jadick Diploma in . Network Administrator My aim of joining NIIT was to get good technical knowledge and get placed in a reputed organisation.NET Technologies 3i Infotech Ltd. The serious efforts of the NIIT placement cell helped me kick-start my career with a handsome package. I am glad I accomplished it. I am proud to be an NIIT Student. My sincere thanks to NIIT.NET Technologies Initto Technologies Pvt. I was looking for a curriculum which deals with each topic in depth. Once again. Thanks NIIT. Our grooming sessions were quite interesting. © NIIT Limited 2012 13 Visit www. Ltd Software Developer I am overwhelmed for getting placed in a next generation IT company. I joined NIIT with a dream of building my career. Thanks to the good technical knowledge of the NIIT faculty. NIIT trainers not only trained me on technology but also helped me gain confidence through interview grooming sessions. NIIT’s curriculum cleared all my doubts in networking and the exceptional infrastructure enabled us to have thorough practice sessions. NIIT played a major role in making my dreams come true. NIIT has provided me with my dream job. thanks NIIT for providing such an amazing opportunity to me. The NIIT staff gave me individual attention and the grooming sessions were really helpful for the placement . I have done CCNA from NIIT. Name Programme Company Role : : : : Bishwajeet Kumar Diploma in Java Technologies Wipro Technologies Software Developer Name Programme Company Role : : : : Ashutosh Pratap Diploma in .

85.Over 5 Million Learners Every Year .30 Years in the IT industry .com .Presence in 40 Countries . Institutional Area. Sector 32.Corporate Headquarters NIIT House.000 Education Centres Around the Globe . Gurgaon-122001. India www.niit.Over 15.