SYMBOL: The Water Bearer COSMIC RULERS: Uranus, Saturn ELEMENT: Air BODY PART: Calves, ankles GEMSTONE

: Amethyst COLOR: Violet, indigo GOOD DAY: Funny Easygoing Original Open -­m inded BAD DAY: Anxious Unpredictable Rebellious Destructive LIKES: Freethinking ­ p eople who aren’t afraid to be themselves Group events: par ties, spor ts games, music festivals, and concer ts The latest gadgets, cameras, and tech toys Sci- ­ f i and futuristic topics The company of good friends Spontaneit y Sunshine and outdoor activit y: running, biking, and walking on the beach DISLIKES: Injustice and closed -­ mindedness Being alone for too long Sit ting still and being quiet Being “needed” or depended upon too heavily by others Rules and restrictions Cold, dark climates Sentimentalit y and dwelling on the past



Target Conception Dates for an Aquarius Child: April 25–May 15


Justin Timberlake, Christina Ricci, Mena Suvari, Rachel Crow, Emma Roberts, Tatyana Ali, Sara


Gilbert, Matthew Lawrence, Beverly Mitchell, Elijah Wood, Bobby Brown, Tiffani Thiessen, Molly Ringwald, Mary Lou Retton, Gary Coleman, Ariel Winter, Nick Carter, Lisa Marie Presley

Welcome, baby bohemian! There’s something about your little Aquarius that stands out from the


crowd. A lightness, a sparkle, a twinkle of something unique—­ you just sense that Aquarius is different. And to that end, this kid will rarely disappoint. Ruled by unpredictable Uranus, the planet of nonconformity, Aquarians can be some of the most unique individuals around. Although fresh-­ faced Aquarius might look like the girl or boy next door, make no mistake. As the sign of surprises, these kids can be shockingly avant-­ garde. Just when you think an Aquarius is totally cookie cutter, out comes a remark or an action so eccentric, you realize she’s from another universe. (Lewis Carroll, creator of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, was an Aquarius. Trip down a rabbit hole, anyone?) Aquarius is the sign of the future and doesn’t like to dwell on the past. Why bother looking back, when each new day holds so much potential? Little utopian citizens, these kids can be incredibly progressive and fair-­ minded. Many an activist has been born under this sign: Rosa Parks, Yoko Ono, Susan B. Anthony, and Oprah Winfrey, to name a few. (Just keep sci-­ fi-­ loving Aquarians away from conspiracy theories, as they can easily veer into on-­the-­fringe terrain.) As the sign of teamwork and friendship, Aquarians are forever putting everyone else’s needs first. They might save their favorite toys and outgrown outfits for a younger sibling. On the playground, Aquarius will offer a stranger her turn on the slide, even if she’s been waiting forever. These earnest kids want to rescue every abandoned animal, heal sick children, and stamp out injustice. Their hearts are always in the right place, even if their heads are, well, who knows where! Nomads by nature, Aquarians like to wander, finding friends in every port. This is the

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kid who can hang seamlessly with the popular crowd and with the freaks and geeks. One minute, he’s a free spirit marching to his own beat; the next, he’s migrating with the herds. An intellectual air sign, these kids see right through sloppy sentiment and nostalgia. Don’t be surprised when they reveal, for example, that they never really believed in Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy, anyway. Aquarians also have a mischievous streak and will go to great lengths for a laugh. With their hilarious observations, sarcastic zingers, and edgy pranks (think Aquarians Ashton Kutcher and Chris Rock), their comedic timing is stellar, though a tiny bit mean. However, Aquarians are usually “cruel to be kind” and never target the underdog. They love to skewer p ­ eople who’ve gotten too big for their britches, taking them down a notch. Altruistic Aquarius is here to remind everyone that we’re all human! At times, these kids’ equality-­minded stance makes them hesitant to claim the spotlight, which often beckons. Charismatic Aquarians can be gifted at sports, dance, acting—­ or just blessed with natural good looks. They might contend with jealousy from their peers, which is the last thing the zodiac’s BFF wants. Other Aquarians can make weirdness seem cool—­ even when they dye their hair teal, change their names in fourth grade, or keep a bearded dragon lizard as a pet. Aquarians manage to fit in and stand out all at once—­ not an easy feat! As self-­ assured as Aquarius might seem, this

sign can be insecure and anxious, too. Aquarius is the sign of emotional detachment, so these kids don’t always stay with their feelings long enough to process them. Uncomfortable with heavy sentiment, they’ll turn serious topics into a joke or give stiff, awkward hugs. Or they may burst into sudden tears at a slight provocation. Their nervous body language betrays their cool facades: restless tics, jerky movements, and darting eyes. Are they hiding something or trying to hold it together? For clues to their behavior, study the Aquarius symbol, the Water Bearer: a figure holding an urn of water (or emotion). Like their icon, Aquarius kids keep a fountain of feelings inside. They may smile and insist, “I’m fine,” while they hold it all in. Then the urn fills to the brim and everything spills over in tears, tantrums, and white-­ lightning rage. Aquarians’ outbursts may seem to come from left field, but their vessels are just at capacity. (Build yourself an ark, fast. Even placid water can do great damage when it all rushes forth at once.) Parents can help by encouraging Aquarians to share their feelings—­ or by giving them a few good emotional releases (yoga, outdoor activity, tear-­ jerking movies) if they get too bottled up. That way, they can “empty the vessel” and release suppressed emotions before they crescendo to an explosive state. Consider it “flood insurance” for their future—­ and yours. Then you can surf the waves that this fun, fascinating child brings up to shore.

The AQuarius Child 



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