Summary Narrative Alliance for Racial Justice and CERD Task Force 9/25/09 Over the last couple of weeks

there have been several discussions regarding the structures and process for moving forward on the CERD work. This process has been complicate by the existence of multiple groupings working within different formations with different agendas to move parts of the CERD process forward. Recently, proposals regarding a unified framework were put forth by Kali and Ramona and were circulated to the Blueprint group, remaining CERD Task force members and the racial justice working group. All stakeholders have agreed that a renewed CERD Task force is the best option to assist in coordinating these structures and that the common objective of the groups working in coordination would be to Implement a National Plan of Action on Racial Justice with CERD implementation and follow-up as the central organizing goal. (heNeed-for-a-Consolidated-Racial-Justice-and-Human-Rights-Campaign). To better integrate these formations and to increase knowledge of the project, the plan is to launch this project officially on March 21, 2010 (Int’ CERD Day); once the CERD TF is in place and initial action plan has been developed. Summary: To date the USHRN has convened several dialogue sessions related to the CERD task force, follow up and national action plan. Below find a summary of actions related to CERD follow-up.
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Washington D.C. convening with advocates and stakeholders Los Angeles covening with advocates and shadow report stakeholders USHRN Membership meeting CERD Follow up & National Action Plan workshop CERD Follow up Training Call USSF CERD Presentation WCAR Follow up and delegation to Geneva CERD One-Year Review and follow up Racial Justice Working Group Convening

Immediate Next Steps: Reconstitute the CERD Task Force, first with a small group of allies and representatives from the RJ working group and Blueprint group. Using the agreed guidelines for a task force from the D.C. meeting East-Coast-Strategy-Report we can make the call for an expanded task force with the assistance of this smaller group. Per conversation with Ajamu, we will ask the following individuals to be a part of the initial CERD Task Force:

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TB Iverson Eric Tars Ejim Dike Brenda Stokley Chandra Margaret Vernellia Randal Bill Quigly FYI: Lisa Crooms

Timeline: 9/28-10/3: Send out invite letter to list and coordinate an initial call and establish this group as a working group to have calls every two weeks See announcement and post to USHRN website CERD Stakeholder Convening 11/14-11/15 10/5: CERD Task Force Convening of Key Stakholders: Send out an invite to CERD stakeholders to participate in face-to-face (CERD November 14 & 15th) where we would discuss the RJ Alliance as a broad movement to develop a CERD Action Plan and ask them to help develop the CERD Task force and develop implementation plan for CERD Action Plan. o Flyer by 10/3 o How much assistance (logistics) o Agenda o CCR (+) , Kali will check-in 10/15: Internally launch the web portal for intra-group communication

Create Fact sheets related to re-launch of CERD Task force and the National Action Plan

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Face to face meeting Expand Task Force Develop working groups Develop meeting agenda and materials for Membership meeting in December


Continued outreach for CERD TF working groups

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Facilitate work within each working group Development of materials for action plan (tool kits for-“local resolutions”) Membership meeting and development of national action plan working groups, components.

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