BICg. & Records Administration P.O.Box 900 079 63-0900 New Jersey Mon'istorvn,
e: 973-285-6200 Telephon Fax: 973-285-6226 or g lv \Yw. molr i sprosecutoi. .us s.n-i tl on'i co. secr-itol-? Lrro


2AI3 November2.A,

PJMC Wubbenhorst, Honorable Andrew Municipal CouftDivision Morris nty Ccurthouse Cou P.O. Box910 Morristown, 07963-0910 NewJersey Mr.William Close Administrator Townof Dover Street 37 NorthSussex 07801 Dover, NewJersey Barria Sonia Administrator Count Re:Dover FileNo.: 2010X-004283 MCPO TicketNo.i L49495 Parking Dover FileNo.: 20ttX-993I77 MCPO Summonses Vehicle Motor Dover andJ[47BA0 J148351 Nos.: FileNo.:20I2X-000026 MCPO Dear Gentlemen: into a Officehas beenlooking CountyProsecutor's the Morris As you may be aware, backio 2010. somedating of Dover, Court the loint Municipal involving number of allegations of the following: werecomprised the aliegations Specifically, with her associaied services translation (a) conducted Barria Sonia 1. CourtAdministrator the fine (b) reduced workday; unilatei'ally normal during'lrer private enterprise business a Parking and (c) requested iummons(SP4-577786); to be paid on a motorvehicle issued (i409-l-111910) summons a parking dismiss to voluntarily Officer Enforcement (FileNo,2010X-00a283); Officer Police Borough to the wifeof a Whafton

Re:MCPO FileNos.: 2010X-004283 and20I2x-000026 , z0r1x-993177

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2' Someone may haveunlawfully parking altered ticketnumberJ74g4g5 (FileNo.2011X993t77), and; 3. Motorvehicle summonses (1409-J-148351 and 1409-J-147800) issued to a campaign workerassociated with Mayor James Doddwereimproperly (FileNo.2012Xdismissed 000026). Whileour investigations intothesematters failedto produce sufficient evidence to prove any criminal act beyond a reasonable doubt,we did horve'rer uncover factssuggesting that tickets are beingCismis:,.'d rnrithout notice to the issuing officer and/or the policJOepartment. In fact, we havelearned ihat the staff of the Municipal Courtmay be scheduling for matters dismissal in a non-exisient "Courtroom 2" in order to avoid notirying issling the officers. Apparently, the police d:partment is only noticed on thosematters scheduled for'"Courtroom I." If true,these actions aretroubling to saythe least. Although someof the dismissals at issue appear to havebeenmadewith the consent of the Municipal Prosecutors, we are uncertain if they havebeenconsu ted on the "Cou rtroom 2" dismissals. It is our position that the issuing officers andthe Munici:al Prosecutors should be advised of all potential dismissals. A moretranspai-eni system regarcing go a dismissals r,;ould longwayto reducing the mistrust behaleen ihe various stakeholdeis. Accordingly, we are referring theseissues to you for adrninistrative reviewand any actionyou deemappropriate. you haveany questions Should regarding you thesematters, maycontact Sergeant Steven Muzenski or myself,


Robert A. Weber, Esq. Supervising Assistant Prosecutor/SDAG RAW:eb Enclosures c: Honorable Gerard Smith, (w/o enclosures) CJMC prosecutor) Lisa Thompson, (Municipal Esq. (w/o enclosures) prosecutor) Douglas cabana, (Municipal Esq. (w/o enclosures) police) chiefHarold Valentine (chiefof (Vo enclosures)

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