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1. Open a Blank Project 2. Click Menu Tools 3. Select Change Working Time 4. For calendar: Select 24 hours 5.

Click the Create New Calendar ... Button (another Window will pop-up ... Create New Base Calendar window) 6. Under the new window just click OK button (This will create a copy of the 24 hours calendar) Underneath of the Change Working Time Window 7. Work Weeks Tab 8. Click Default ... then Click Details Button (another window will pop-up .. Details for [Default] window) 9. Then Select the days ... Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (by using <shift key> by selecting) * Make sure the Radio button is selected under the Set day(s) to these specific working times : 10. From ... to sheets, enter your office working hours time e.g. FROM 7:00 AM TO 3:00PM 11. then Click the OK button 12. Exceptions Tab 13. Click the first row under the Name column => Enter or input the word Weekends 14. on the same row under the Start column => Enter or input the date 01/01/2010 (Meaning the exception will start January 01 of 2010) 15. on the same row under the Finish column => Enter or input the date 12/31/2010 (Meaning the exception will finish December 31 of 2010) 16. Then Click Details Button (another window will pop-up .. Details for 'Weekend' window) 17. under the Recurrence pattern (far down below) Click Weekly radio Button 18. Window screen will display the days, then click the suggested weekends that you want. e.g. Friday and Saturday 19. Then click OK Button 20. Then click OK Button (Finally exit the Change Working Time window) *** Finally you configure your Working and Weekends BUT THE Screen did not change at all *** Your blank MS Project is basically divided into 2 major parts a. on the left is called Gantt Spreadsheet b. on the right it is called Gantt Chart 21. on the Gantt Chart (Suppose to be blank) right click your mouse 22. a pop-up menu will appear, contains detail menu below: Gridlines ... Bar Styles ... Layout ... Non-working time Progress Line.... 23. Select the Non-working time (Which I already highlighted above) 24. Timescale window will pop-up, it will show 4 Tabs ... Top Tier, Middle Tier, Bottom Tier and Non-working Time 25. Make sure that your selected Tab is on Non-Working Time 26. on the Formatting options, under Calendar combo box 27. Select the Calendar that you created ... as we went on the default name its Copy of 24 hours 28. Then Click the OK Button. There you have it you new customized Working and Non-working days.

My suggestion is to save this blank Project as your template, incase that you are in creating alot of MS project this will be handy by copy the file and not doing the whole process again.