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Key Criteria!

! Awareness of conventions for page layout ! ! Awareness of the need for variety in fonts and text size ! ! Accurate use of language and register! ! The appropriate use of ICT for the task set ! ! Appropriate integration of illustration and text ! ! Framing a shot, using a variety of shot distance as appropriate ! ! Manipulating photographs as appropriate, including cropping and resizing! ! Where a candidate has worked in a group, an excellent contribution to construction! ! ORIGINAL IMAGES MUST BE CREATED FOR EACH ANCILLARY TASK!!!! ! ! !

Poster Conventions!

! ! ! ! !

This is a social realism lm poster. The poster uses technical elements to connote many things. The characters costume of a grey hoody and short shirt underneath creates the representation of the working classes, and the character may be lab led as the media slang of a chav. The costume also has sexual connotations as the shirt shows her skin. This is added to by the micro elements of the make-up and hair as her lips are made to be red and her is blowing in the wind. The estate in the distance also adds to the macro representation of the working classes. However the character is shown to be much larger and greater than that area using proxemics, and the sky above her is blue where as the sky above the estate is a dull white/grey. Overall she is shown to be above the kind of place and that there is hope for her to escape that area. !

Image representing the lm. Could be of the main character. ! Tag line from the lm! Large Title of the lm ! Main lm Talent large, usually near the title. ! Smaller credits of more cast and crew and companies. Link phases smaller text (e.g. presents) and name of position on crew smaller as well (e.g. written by). A two word position, one word on top of the other. ! Reviews ! Awards! Quotes from critiques ! Production titles/logos! A lm by .. for Fish Tank this would be Andre Arnold!

! Tone ! !

In human communication roughly 70% of the message is though non-verbal communication, 23% is tone and a mere 7% is through words used.!

! Is the tone humorous, solemn, laddish, coy, sentimental or .! !

The Fish Tank poster has an urban atmosphere but the overall tone is ambiguous as the poster can be read in more than one way.!

! Register! ! This refers to the vocabulary, style and grammar used! ! Intertextual and inter medial References! ! Have many chains of signication in which media texts make references to one another.! ! Where one media refers to another it is called intertextual.! ! ! Target Audience! ! ! ! Representation! !

Inter medial describes a media form which relies on understanding and experience of another media (e.g. lm and music) to create meaning.!

Keeping in mind the ideas already mentioned here, who in particular do you think might be the intended audience for your media text. ! Your answer may refer to age, gender, socio-economic status, region and nationality, sub-culture or even personality type. !

Consider images/ portrayals of groups in society. Posters, by dint of limitations of space, time and the need to make an impact, tend to trade in simplications.!

! Be prepared to discuss representations of, age, gender, class, sexuality etc. ! ! !

Close cousins of this are the concepts ideology and values, which refer to ideas about the way the world is and ought to be. At their most effective, ideologies assume the stays of common sense, natural explanations of the world. Part of your job is to identify any social assumptions contained in the text you are analysing ! In the Fish Tank poster we can notice some social assumptions that might be made. People may assume that the hoodie indicates a violent person or someone who is a chav. The image of the estate may create the assumption that people that look like her live in places like that. Another that ma-y be seen as chavs are sexual objects with the sexualisation of the girl in the poster. !

! Effect and Effectiveness! !

The what extent does the poster achieve its purpose. Distributers will employe a battery of market research techniques to measure the audience and market response - from sales, gures, surveys and focus group gatherings. Film producers are likely to mount test screenings to gather information about the lm. !