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January 2014

A monthly guide to the

latest in self-publishing
What to expect in 2014
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A Look Ahead to Self-Publishing

By Alex Palmer

Self-publishing has been enjoying an exceptional run in

recent years, as new technologies and growing acceptance of
indie books have led to an explosion of new titles and industry growth. While this expansion shows few signs of slowing,
as we head into 2014 it is a good time for indie authors and
publishers to take a look at what the future may hold, what
new opportunities may be available in the new year, and what
challenges to watch out for.

s self-publishing
matures further, industry watchers expect that
authors are going to
have to raise the bar on
their own offerings, collaborating with
editors and designers while taking a
more entrepreneurial approach to their
work. At the same time, as technology
makes self-publishing ever easier, the
industry will hear new voices from
around the globe and from places that
have been underrepresented in the past,
giving readers a greater variety of indie
titles than ever before, but making it
more vital for authors to find a way to
stand out from the pack.
One thing industry experts all agree
on: 2014 is an exciting time to be in selfpublishing. Last fall, bibliographic information service provider Bowker revealed
that self-published titles had grown by
nearly 60% in 2012, and in 2013 it
showed no signs of slowing. And while
the industry continues to grow, 2014
may be the year of maturing.
Its almost been a giddy feeling about
all the new opportunities, but I think
weve reached a slightly more mature
period, says Beat Barblan, director of
identifier services for Bowker. We are

seeing more authors who

say they want to be an
author beyond just a
hobby, and recognize that
they have to be much
more entrepreneurial.
The phase of what Barblan calls the industrys
ecstatic growth, in
which many writers who
had never thought they Beat Barblan
would be able to publish
are taking advantage of
the newly available tools,
is likely to shift into a
steadier period, with
authors taking a more
long-term perspective on
their careers.
People are more aware Diane Mancher
now that they have to
market their work, and work with an editor, convert the e-book to the right formats, and this has been an aha moment
for a lot of authorsits not, Im handing over my document and Im done,
says Barblan.
Barblan expects 2014 to see a growing
acceptance from authors that writing the
book is only a portion of the publishing
process, as they learn from other authors

138 P U B L I S H E R S W E E K L Y J A N U A R Y 2 7 , 2 0 1 4

success stories and from their own experiences. Barblan has seen that in authors
who come to Bowker and set up their
ISBN number and metadata, but then
come back asking why their books arent
Talking to authors who attend the
[Self-Publishing Book] Expothey are
really working hard to educate themselves like never before, says Diane
Mancher, owner of One Potata Productions and co-creator of the Self-Publishing Book Expo, which will be held in the
fall of this year. People are more savvy,
and are treating it more as a
business than as an opportunity to get words on paper.
She grants that there are
still authors who have [only]
one book they want to get
out, but that, increasingly,
when writers get started
down the self-publishing
path, they approach it with a
greater level of seriousness
than had been seen a year or
two ago.
Mancher expects to see
maturation particularly in
evidence in how authors
approach their online presence.
Its going to become second nature for authors to
know they cant just throw
up a Web site and leave it at
thatthey have to add content to their
Facebook page, Twitter account, and
really keep those outlets active, says

Growing Collaboration

While authors are realizing they have to

wear more hats than just the writers, it
has also become clear that successful
books are created as part of a collaborative effort. To make a work succeed, one


in 2014

Growing market, improved technology

will help shape a maturing industry

has to utilize outside

ing to themselves, Let me
experts to help with the
set aside x amount of dollars
to hire a publicist or get a
There has never been a
good cover designer what
book published in tradican I do on my own and
tional publishing that has
where can I use the help?
not had an editor, copy edisays Mancher. They might
tor, and designer, says
say, I have a good handle on
Betty Sargent, founder and
social media, but I could use
CEO of self-publisher assohelp with someone writing
ciation BookWorks. So to Betty Kelly Sargent
a press release for me.
think one can do all that all
Helping to stoke this is
on ones own for a self-published book is
growth on the supply side, as editors,
designers, and other professionals from
She urges her members to seek out
traditional publishing companies have
these kinds of publishing partners in
offered up their services with growing
order to ensure their books have a high
level of quality, and expects in the comTheyre recognizing that self-pubing year to see more indie authors taking
lishing isnt what it used to be that
that approach.
theres no shame in editing or designing
Sally Dedecker, education director at
a self-published book, says Mancher.
BookExpo America (taking place May
As authors get more serious about
28May 31 this year) who oversees the
their publishing, author service compauPublishU self-publishing arm of the
nies that offer resources are going to
event, applauds the growth in author serbecome more important. Mancher points
vices that is making it easier for writers
to BiblioCrunch, the DIY
to get the assistance they need to
e-book production and disstrengthen their books. This can be techtribution platform, which
nical help, such as with converting to an
relaunched in June 2012,
ePub format, or more high-level points,
offering editorial, marketlike developmental editing and cover
ing, and design services to
authors. Or Bowker, which
If writing is your fulltime profession,
launched, in May 2013,
you have to consider how you are,
ing your timeyou have to dedicate
offering guidance and
yourself to writing your next book, or
resources tailored specifimarketing, says Dedecker. There are
cally to indie publishers. Sally Dedecker
only so many hours in the day.
Expect to see new services pop up in
With this rise in varied offerings,
2014 and for those already offering them
Mancher expects more authors will take
to expand their menus.
on more of a project manager role in their
books development. That means allocatA Bigger Tent
ing funds specifically for editorial and art
The rise of self-publishing and e-books,
assistance, rather than just paying for an
with their more simplified distribution,
all-in-one self-publishing package from
has made it possible for authors to find
CreateSpace or Lulu.
international audiences that would have
People are now sitting down and saybeen unreachable a few years ago. While

its hard to ship print books around the

world, the ease with which e-books can
be delivered, once foreign rights issues
are worked out, makes it simpler than
ever to get works throughout the world.
It also means more markets are opening up for would-be writers who have not
been as active in the publishing industry.
While Barblan says that the U.S. is
ahead of every other place in the world
as far as the volume of self-published
ISBNs, with Australia also boasting a
strong self-publishing community, he
sees interest growing globally.
We get calls from authors at different
parts of the worldEastern Europe,
Latin America asking, Any way to get
my book out? That has certainly
increased, says Barblan. And for every
person who calls, there are hundreds who
dont but are looking to do the same
Sargent says that her association is
working to offer more resources for the
expanding ranks of self-publishers, and
points to India and England
as two global markets to
watch for particularly
strong growth in the coming year.
At BookWorks, we are
working to provide a global
home base for all these writers who are trying to figure
out the changing self-publishing world, she says.
With the tent for new
indie authors growing, author services
will need to speak to a wider range of
concerns. For Dedecker, that will mean a
greater focus at this years uPublishU on
speaking not to one large audience, but
to several distinct audiences under the
self-publishing umbrella.
It will be more of a mixed crowd
folks dipping their toe in and those who
are on book six, seven, and eight, says

W W W . P U B L I S H E R S W E E K L Y . C O M 139

Dedecker. If they are
launching their first book,
they will have completely
different concerns than those who have
been publishing for a while.
This also means appealing to authors
publishing in a variety of genres and for
a range of ages and levels of interest. It
may be a fulltime business consultant publishing a book mainly as a
calling card for prospective clients, or a college
graduate looking to work
up to making a living as
an author.
But this exploding
democratization creates
challenges for authors
attempting to stand out
from the pack. This Dan Blank
means a growing importance placed on
search-and-discovery tools, i.e., SEO, to
help readers who know what they are
looking for find it.
This past year, Amazon introduced its
Kindle Countdown promotions, which
allow authors to offer books for free for as
long as they like, which has proven a
potent way for writers to get the attention of readers. Without disclosing
details, Jon Fine, Amazons director of
author and publisher relations, says
Amazon will continue to experiment
with these sorts of offerings to aid discoverability in the year ahead.
Free works well for people who have
a series of books, but not as much with
one shot, Fine says. We view Kindle
Select as a terrific playground to try new
things and see what works. I think youll
see a lot more of that this year.
One way in particular that Barblan has
seen this higher concern with discoverability is in a greater focus on metadata.
While it used to be seen by authors as a
techy burden that was superfluous to the
writing they would rather be doing,
increasingly, authors are embracing
metadata as a way to get the attention of
the right readers.
The better information you give, the
better the customer will understand your

work. Authors are understanding that

much more than they used to, says Barblan. There are all kinds of things to
make people know your book exists
blogging, Twitter, giveaways but one
thing you must do, if nothing else, is
provide good metadata for your content.
Similarly, in social media, a focus on
quality is likely to outpace quantity as well.
What I talk a lot to
writers about is: Dont
focus on the number of
your followersits a
flawed metric, says Dan
Blank, founder of author
consultancy WeGrowMedia. The way social
media is important is the
quality of those followers
and how engaged they
are in what you have to say.
For this reason, Blank
maintains that e-mail will
take on a greater role in
social media efforts in the
coming year. While it has
been seen as a somewhat
old-fashioned marketing
approach, with the glut of
new social media platforms,
it actually cuts through the
clutter more effectively.
People are engaging with Jon Fine
their in-box everyday, and more highly
than with other outlets, says Blank.


The year 2014 is also likely to see a rise

in hybridization, with authors straddling the worlds of traditional and indie
This hybrid approach has become
more attractive. Indeed, authors at traditional houses are being expected to take
on more of the marketing efforts for their
own books. With authors already
expected to cultivate a substantial platform, it is occurring to some to go it
alone, if only for one book.
Some traditionally published authors
are heading in this directionthe opportunities are there, says Dedecker.

140 P U B L I S H E R S W E E K L Y J A N U A R Y 2 7 , 2 0 1 4

Mancher gives the example of a volunteer at the Self-Publishing Book Expo

who had self-published her work for
years before signing a traditional book
deal with St. Martins Press, but continues to self-publish other work.
Publishers are also working to connect with self-published authors on
their own terms. Simon & Schusters
Archway Publishing, offering self-publishing services for authors in fiction,
nonfiction, business, and childrens
books, has been successfully up and
running since November 2012. Atria
recently launched an in-house program
aimed at cultivating their stable of
indie authors. A team of editors, marketing, and publicity people meet
weekly to go over how they are helping
to promote the authors, providing
materials for the author signings and
events, coordinating cover reveals,
building up social media
and more.
Atrias president and
publisher Judith Curr, who
was the keynote speaker at
Self-Publishing Book Expo
last year, points in particular to the speed with which
indie authors tend to churn
out their books, producing
two to three titles a year,
which requires a slightly
different approach to managing and marketing.
Fine gives the example of a successful,
traditionally published YA author he
spoke with recently who thought that a
great way to promote her latest book
would be with an app. She approached
her publisher who urged her to do it on
her own since they had limited expertise
in building apps.
So she became an app publishercollaborating with five or six people, says
Fine. Its interesting to hear the bells
going off in traditional authors heads
its incredibly empowering for them to
try self-publishing.

Alex Palmer is a freelance journalist and the

author of Weird-o-Pedia.


Indie Author Beware

What to watch out for
By Betty Kelly Sargent

Weve all heard the good news. Self-publishing is going through the roof. In fact, selfpublishing was up 59% in 2012. According
to a new study from Bowker, the ISBN
agency, 246,921 titles were self-published in
2011 compared with the 391,768 titles published in 2012. And, if you go back to 2007,
you will see a whopping 422% increase in the
number of independently published books.

owker also points out that e-books are gaining

on print books. In 2012, 40% of all ISBNs issued
were for e-books (156,837 for e-books versus
234,931 for print books) up from the 11% of all
ISBNs issued for e-books in 2011.
But what does this mean for you? It means that providing
services for self-publishers has become big business, and, as with
any new, unregulated industry, it can attract a lot of snake oil
salesmen, frauds, and scammers. It is important for the client,
thats you, to do a thorough check on any company that appeals
to you before signing on or sending them a nickel.
There are hundreds of choices out there, so try to find out:

How long the company has been in business. The longer the better

because this suggests stability, and decreases the chance of an

overnight vanishing act.
Check out the companys catalogue and look for recent successful
titles. You can look them up on Amazon and sort the results by
date.If you notice a major slow down in the current number of titles
published, be careful.
Compare prices with other subsidy publishers or service providers
to make sure you are getting what you need within your budget.

But how can you be even more thorough in checking out the
specific company or service provider you have chosen to help you
publish and distribute your indie book? There are several ways.
First, do a search on Google. Type in the name of the company
or the person you are considering, followed by the word scam or
complaints or problems. See what comes up. The indie publishing community is active online so you should be able to see what
your fellow self-publishers have experienced and quickly figure
out which companies live up to their promises and which ones
dont. Of course, dont believe everything you readthere is
almost always an angry post to be found. So, do your homework
and look for patterns.

If this search doesnt do the trick, then go to some of the

watchdog sites on the web. A few of the better ones are:
Preditors & Editors ( This resource site is
intended as a simple compendium for the serious writer, composer, game designer or artist to consult for information. If you
click on Book Publishers, you will find an alphabetical list of
hundreds of traditional publishers, self-publishing companies,
and vanity presses. If Preditors & Editors has received complaints about a company, this will be noted in red type after the
company listing.
Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America (www.sfwa.
org/). You dont have to be a genre writer to benefit from this
excellent site and its Writer Beware blog. Its mission is to
track, expose, and raise awareness of the prevalence of fraud and
other questionable activities in and around the publishing
industry. They say that they maintain an extensive database
of questionable literary agents, publishers, independent editors,
writers services, contests, publicity services, and others. If you
have a complaint about a company you have worked with or a
question you can email them at
Writers Weekly ( This site
is loaded with helpful information for writers. They describe
themselves as The highest-circulation freelance writing ezine
in the world. Go to the site, check out their forum, and then
click on Whispers and Warnings, where you will find everything from the latest on Tom Cruises $50 million magazine
lawsuit to a comparison of print-on-demand prices from some
of the major POD publishers.
Absolute Write ( This site has
what they call a sub-forum entitled Bewares, Recommendations, & Background Check. Here you can find lively discussions on such subjects as general tips about avoiding/dealing
with scammers, and agents charging fees.
One final word of caution. No matter whom you select, be
sure to read your contract carefully, especially the fine print, to
make sure you arent agreeing to anything that might work
against you or your rights to your own book in the future. At
BookWorks, we recommend that you stay away from any contract that (1) asks for exclusivity, (2) makes a claim on your
subsidiary rights, or (3) is not terminable at will.
Also, make sure you purchase your own ISBN. That way you
will be listed as the publisher, not the subsidy publishing company you decided to use.

Betty Kelly Sargent is the founder and CEO of

W W W . P U B L I S H E R S W E E K L Y . C O M 141

FA I R S & C O N F E R E N C E S

On the Road in 2014

Our listing of book fairs and writers conferences
coming to a city near you
Much like a comprehensive marketing strategy and an active social media
presence, book fairs and expos, writers conferences, and literary festivals can
be a valuable tool for indie authors looking to raise their profile and promote
their books. At conferences, writers can showcase their work, meet fellow
self-publishers, network, share skills, and a whole lot more. Below is our list
of just a few of the book fairs and conferences happening across the globe
from New York City and Chicago to Delhi and Londonin 2014. Some of
these events should be of particular interest to self-publishers, either because
of specific programming or the presence of relevant vendors. Those events
have been marked with an asterisk. That said, all of these shows offer indie
authors useful information and valuable connections.

*Digital Book World Conference &

45th International Cairo Book Fair

Where: Cairo, Egypt
When: Jan. 22Feb. 4
Web site:

Where: New York, N.Y.
When: Jan. 1315, 2014;
Jan. 1315, 2015
Web site:

Angoulme International Comics

Where: Angoulme, France
When: Jan. 30Feb. 2
Web site:


Wizard World Portland Comic-Con

Where: Portland, Ore.
When: Jan. 2426; 2015 dates TBD
Web site: http://www.wizardworld.

*ALA Midwinter Meeting

Where: Philadelphia, Pa.
When: Jan. 2428; 2015 dates TBD
Web site:

*Indie Author Conference & Pitchapalooza 2014
Where: Phoenix, Ariz.
When: Feb. 1
Web site:

142 P U B L I S H E R S W E E K L Y J A N U A R Y 2 7 , 2 0 1 4

Minsk International Book Trade

Where: Minsk, Belarus
When: Feb. 59
Web site:
Taipei International Book
Where: Taipei, Taiwan
When: Feb. 510
Web site:
Wizard World New Orleans Comic
Where: New Orleans, La.
When: Feb. 79
Web site:

FA I R S & C O N F E R E N C E S

*The Annual GENRE-LA Writers


Where: Van Nuys, Calif.
When: Feb. 89
Web site:

Where: Seattle, Wash.

When: Feb. 26Mar. 1
Web site:

Paris Book Fair (Salon

du Livre)
Where: Paris, France
When: Mar. 2124
Web site:

*SleauthFest 2014

*Unicorn Writers Conference

2014 San Miguel Writers

Where: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
When: Feb. 1217
Web site:

Where: Orlando, Fla.

When: Feb. 27Mar. 2
Web site:

Where: Portland, Conn.

When: Mar. 22
Web site:

*London Author Fair

Where: London, England
When: Feb. 28
Web site:

Bologna Childrens Book Fair

Where: Bologna, Italy
When: Mar. 2427
Web site: www.bookfair.bolognafiere.

*San Francisco Writers Conference

Where: San Francisco
When: Feb. 1316
Web site:
Feria Internacional del Libro La
Where: Havana, Cuba
When: Feb. 1323
Web site:
New Delhi World Book Fair
Where: New Delhi, India
When: Feb. 1523
Web site:

Dublin Book Festival
Where: Dublin, Ireland
When: Mar. 2014; dates TBD
Web site:
Wizard World Sacramento
Comic Con
Where: Sacramento, Calif.
When: Mar. 79
Web site:

Vilnius Book Fair

Where: Vilnius, Lithuania
When: Feb. 2023
Web site:

*South By Southwest

Brussels Book Fair

Where: Brussels, Belgium
When: Feb. 20-24
Web site:

*PLA (Public Library Association)

*Indie Girl Con

Where: Charleston, S.C.
When: Feb. 2122
Web site:

Where: Online
When: Feb. 2527
Web site:

Where: Austin, Texas

When: Mar. 716
Web site:

Bangkok International Book Fair

Where: Bangkok, Thailand
When: Mar. 28Apr. 8
Web site:

*The Self-Publishing Conference

Where: Leicester, England
When: Mar. 30
Web site:

*London Book Fair
Where: London, England
When: Apr. 810
Web site:

Where: Indianapolis, Ind.
When: Mar. 1115
Web site:

Qubec International Book Fair

Where: Qubec City, Canada
When: Apr. 913
Web site:



Where: San Antonio, Texas

When: Mar. 1315
Web site:

Where: Charleston, S.C.

When: Apr. 1618
Web site:

Leipzig Book Fair

Where: Leipzig, Germany
When: Mar. 1316
Web site:

Where: SeaTac, Wash.
When: Apr. 1720
Web site:
W W W . P U B L I S H E R S W E E K L Y . C O M 143

FA I R S & C O N F E R E N C E S

WonderCon Anaheim
Where: Anaheim, Calif.
When: Apr. 1820
Web site:
Budapest International Book
Where: Budapest, Hungary
When: Apr. 2427
Web site:
St. Petersburg International Book
Where: St. Petersburg, Russia
When: Apr. 2326
Web site:
Buenos Aires International
Book Fair
Where: Buenos Aires, Argentina
When: Apr. 24May 12
Web site:

*2014 Redwood Writers Conference

Where: Santa Rosa, Calif.
When: Apr. 26
Web site:
26th Geneva International Book,
Press, and Multimedia Fair
Where: Geneva, Switzerland
When: Apr. 30May 4
Web site:
Abu Dhabi International Book Fair
Where: Abu Dhabi, United Arab
When: Apr. 30May 5
Web site:
Bogota International Book Fair
Where: Bogota, Colombia
When: Apr. 30May 12
Web site:
Thessaloniki Book Fair
Where: Thessaloniki, Greece
When: Apr. 2014; dates TBD
Web site: www.thessalonikibookfair.

| MAY |
*Nonfiction Writers Conference
Where: Online
When: May 79
Web site: nonfictionwritersconference.
25th Turin International Book Fair
Where: Turin, Italy
When: May 812
Web site:
Prague International Book Fair and
Literary Festival Book World
Where: Prague, Czech Republic
When: May 1518
Web site:
Gourmand International Paris/
Beijing Cookbook Fair
Where: Beijing, China
When: Mar. 1922
Web site:

Cape Town Book Fair

Where: Cape Town, South Africa
When: June 1315
Web site:
Seoul International Book Fair
Where: Seoul, South Korea
When: June 1822
Web site:

*ALA Annual Conference

Where: Las Vegas, Nev.
When: June 26July 1
Web site:

*The Writers League of Texas 2013

Agents & Editors Conference
Where: Austin, Texas
When: June 2729
Web site:

| JULY |

Warsaw International Book Fair

Where: Warsaw, Poland
When: May 2225
Web site:

Tokyo International Book Fair

Where: Tokyo, Japan
When: July 25
Web site:

*BookExpo America (BEA)

*ThrillerFest IX

Where: New York, N.Y

When: May 28May 31
Web site:

Where: New York, N.Y.

When: July 812
Web site:

*uPublishU at BEA

Hong Kong Book Fair

Where: Hong Kong, China
When: July 1622
Web site:

Where: New York, N.Y

When: May 31
Web site:

| JUNE |
*The Santa Barbara Writers
Where: Santa Barbara, Calif.
When: June 712
Web site:

144 P U B L I S H E R S W E E K L Y J A N U A R Y 2 7 , 2 0 1 4

*Comic-Con International:
San Diego
Where: San Diego, Calif.
When: July 2427
Web site:

FA I R S & C O N F E R E N C E S

Travel Writers & Photographers
Where: Corte Madera, Calif.
When: Aug. 1417
Web site:
Beijing International Book Fair
Where: Beijing, China
When: Aug. 2731
Web site:
Where: Atlanta, Ga.
When: Aug. 29Sept. 1
Web site:

*Indie Romance Convention
Where: Lebanon, Tenn.
When: Sept. 1013
Web site:

*35th Annual Kentucky Women

Writers Conference
Where: Lexington, Ky.
When: Sept. 1213
Web site:
New Atlantic Independent Booksellers Association Fall Conference
Where: Arlington, Va.
When: Sept. 1921
Web site:
Moscow International Book Fair
Where: Moscow, Russia
When: Late September; dates unconfirmed
Web site:
Gteborg Book Fair
Where: Gteborg, Sweden
When: Sept. 2528
Web site:

*Chicago Writers Conference

Where: Chicago, Ill.
When: TBD (2013 dates: Sept. 2729)
Web site:

*Writers Digest Conference West

Where: TBD (2013 location: Los
Angeles, Calif.)
When: TBD (2013 dates: Sept. 2729)
Web site:

International Book Fair LIBER
Where: Barcelona, Spain
When: Oct. 13
Web site:
Alternative Press Expo
Where: San Francisco, Calif.
When: Oct. 45
Web site:

*Frankfurt Book Fair

Where: Frankfurt, Germany
When: Oct. 812
Web site:

*New York Comic-Con

Web site: www.beogradskisajamknjiga.


Sharjah World Book Fair
Where: Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
When: Nov. 515
Web site:

*Self-Publishing Book Expo

Where: TBD (2013 location: New
York, N.Y.)
When: TDB (2013 date: Nov. 9)
Web site:
Istanbul Book Fair
Where: Istanbul, Turkey
When: Nov. 1523
Web site:
Montreal Book Fair
Where: Montreal, Canada
When: Nov. 1924
Web site:

Where: New York, N.Y.

When: Oct. 912
Web site:

Moscow International Nonfiction

Book Fair
Where: Moscow, Russia
When: Nov. 2630
Web site:

Helsinki Book Fair

Where: Helsinki, Finland
When: Oct. 2326
Web site:

Guadalajara International Book Fair

Where: Guadalajara, Mexico
When: Nov. 29Dec. 7
Web site:

*Queen City IndieCon

Where: Cincinnati, Ohio
When: Oct. 2425
Web site:
International Belgrade Book Fair
Where: Belgrade, Serbia
When: Oct. 26Nov. 2

Basel Book Fair

Where: Basel, Switzerland
When: November; dates unconfirmed
Web site:

* These events are of special interest to

indie authors due to specific programming
and/or the presence of relevant vendors.

W W W . P U B L I S H E R S W E E K L Y . C O M 145


New Titles
from Self-Publishers
the 93 titles submitted for our 17th PW select

Booksellers, publishers, and agents are encouraged

to take a look at the following listings of self-published books from authors either
waiting to be discovered or with a track record and a following who are doing it on
their own.

Respecting My Elders: Age and the Creative Spirit
Ellen Wallenstein. MagCloud. $25 paper
(94p), ISBN 9780615740218; $5 e-book
A collection of color
portraits of creative
persons over the age of
80 who have affected
American culture,
photographed in their
homes and studios.

A Riffians Tune: An Autobiographical
Joseph M. Labaki. Clunett Press. $13.99
paper (448p), ISBN 9780992648404;
$9.99 e-book ISBN 9780992648428
The autobiographical novel of a Moroccan
boys solo climb from
the grip of poverty,
ignorance, tradition,
superstition, and religion; rich with culture,
h u m o r, a n d d e e p l y
moving stories.

Emily Dickinson, Virgin Recluse and

Rebel: 36 Poems, Their Backstories,
Her Life
Lea Bertani Vozar Newman. ShiresPress.
$22 paper (212p), ISBN 9780974638980;
$N.A. e-book ISBN 9780974638973
Juxtaposing 36 key
poems with the people
and events that shaped
the poets life, the book
illuminates the poetry for
both newcomers and experienced readers..
A Starfish at a Time: How Our Family
of 17 Grew Through Adoption
Dana Wynn Steele. Carpenters Son Publishing. $14.99 paper (167p), ISBN
9781940262055; $9.99 e-book ASIN
B00H4L2TI4; BN ID 2940148938392; Amazon;
Describing a nonaverage household with 16
children and 21 foster
children over the years,
the authors personal
story is about adopting special needs kids
through foster care.

146 P U B L I S H E R S W E E K L Y J A N U A R Y 2 7 , 2 0 1 4


Secrets Lost: Secrets Remembered
Marcia Breece. Teekalet Publishing. $16.95
paper (185p), ISBN 9781937454609;
$9.99 e-book ISBN 9781937454616
Amazon;;; Ingram
Wearing the mystical
spectacles she finds in an
heirloom trunk, Morgan
Hill begins to see a new
reality and leads readers
to find their own authentic lives.
Glossary of Hope
Christian E. Mgrelis. CreateSpace. $15.99
paper (374p), ISBN 9781482549492;
$5.35 e-book
This book is about the
art of living and has alphabetical entries about love,
the body, money, work,
and sport, among others,
and Christian teachings
about life.
The Celestial Proposal: Our Invitation
to Join the God Kind
Jane Catherine Rozek. Books of Life Publishing House. $14.95 paper (335p), ISBN
9780991991709; $9.99 e-book ISBN

A 21st-century expos
of an ancient proposed
alliance for humanitys
spiritual evolution to
join the ranks of cosmic
immortal gods.
Twelve Mindful Months: Cultivating
a Balanced & Fit Body, Mind & Spirit
Carol Tibbetts. True Nature Press. $26.95
hardcover (160p), ISBN 9780615687582
A simple approach to mindful living
that helps the reader
tap into the wisdom
of nature while cultivating a balanced
and fit body, mind,
and spirit.

The Condo Bible for Americans:
Everything You Must Know Before
and After Buying a Condo
Dan S. Barnabic. Neon
Publishing. $19.95
paper (200p), ISBN
This book encapsulates
the essence of communal
ownership arrangements and serves as an
informative, eye-opening guide to condominiums. It thoroughly examines the
benefits and pitfalls in reader-friendly language.
The Driven Organization: And What
We Need to Be Happy and Productive
at Work
Omar Garcia. Future Approved Works.
$27.95 hardcover (296p), ISBN
9780989609609; $9.99 e-book ISBN
com/book; Amazon
A fun-to-read book for
all who work and have felt
their jobs could be more
fun and engaging, and

generate more income, too.

The Enlightened Capitalism Manifesto:
A Blueprint for a Revitalized America
Henry B. Zimmer. Henry B. Zimmer. $15.95
paper (312p), ISBN 9780615904795;
$8.77 e-book ASIN B00GVI505A
The author believes Americas problems
can be solved by embracing enlightened
capitalism and the concept of social responsibility. His goal is to curtail
todays unbridled capitalism and create a level
playing field for all Americans.

I and You
Beverly Garside, illus. by Lucas Duimstra.
CreateSpace. $9.99 paper (212p), ISBN
9781492187424; $2.99 e-book ASIN
Sara Storm believes
in her republics objectivist ideology. But
Ayn Rands dreams are
not her own, and from
deep beneath the Earth,
changes are afoot.
Hamster S.A.M.: Odd-ventures
in Space!
Dave McDonald. Sweet Corn. $9.99 paper
(102p), ISBN 9780979844522
A fastidious classroom
hamster and a folksy field
mouse with a mullet
launch a mission to the
Hamsternational Space
Station in a portable
potty rocket. Includes
an interview with space
shuttle pilot Gregory H. Johnson.

Classics: Why We Should Encourage
Children to Read Them
Fiza Pathan. CreateSpace. $6.99 paper

(98p), ISBN 9781490506005;

$2.99 e-book ASIN B00DUVZ3GW
The author introduces
the reader to the various
classics that have influenced her, the different
skills one can develop by
reading good literature,
and how sometimes good
fiction makes reality a lot
more tolerable.

The Children Who Time Lost
Marvin Amazon. Corinthians Publishing. $14.99 paper (518p), ISBN
9780957624436; $2.99 e-book ISBN
Its 2043 and humans
cant procreate. Global
authorities, therefore,
offer a special lottery,
allowing winners to
travel 65 years into the
future to adopt children.
Abe Lincoln: Public Enemy No. 1
Brian Anthony and Bill Walker. Lowtide Books. $17.95 paper (350p), ISBN
9780989745710; $4.99 e-book ISBN
Through a cruel twist
of fate and a little voodoo, Abe Lincoln ends up
on the run in the 1930s,
robbing banks with John
Dying to Remember
Glen Apseloff. Glen Apseloff. $2.99 e-book
In this medical thriller,
a surgeon loses his shortterm memory and must
relearn daily that his wife
has been murdered and
that hes a suspect.

W W W . P U B L I S H E R S W E E K L Y . C O M 147

Inside the Tall, Thick Book
of Tales
A.C. Birdsong. Cape Buffalo Publishing.
$12 paper (307p), ISBN 9780615851051;
$8.49 e-book ISBN 9780615901213
Jacob, Last Caretaker
of Magic, enlists the help
of storybook characters, a
little girl, and a wizardly
bookworm to escape his
apprentices literary trap.
Scarlett Black. CreateSpace. $14.99
(352p), ISBN 9781494360528; $3.99
e-book ASIN B00GMXOUG4
Amazon;; Kobo;
Google Play
Sex sells. Love pays
the price. A young,
single mother trades
desperation for a life full
of lust and betrayal as a
high-class escort.
Surface Children: A Book of Short
Dean Blake. Dean Blake. $12.95 paper
(202p), ISBN 9780992369002; $5.99
e-book ASIN B00F8XM214
This collection of 23
stories introduces its
readers to a generation
consumed by vanity, selfindulgence, violence, and
a twisted understanding
of love and heartbreak.
The Hour of Parade
Alan Bray. CreateSpace. $15 paper (305p),
ISBN 9781490463223; $10.99 e-book
This intricately woven
tale of love, lust, and
murder finds a Russian
cavalry officer journeying to Munich in 1806 to
find the man who killed
his brother.

The Alignment
Kay Camden. Kay Camden. $13.99 paper
(576p), ISBN 9780991004409; $4.99
e-book ISBN 9780991004416
A blend of modern fantasy, action, and romance,
this novel tells of mountains, magic, an assembly
line of stealthy killers
and a century-old spell
that thrusts two people
into the heart of danger.
Cries in the Night: Denver After Dark,
Book 2
Kathy Clark. Nightwriter93. $11.99 paper
(251p), ISBN 9781492876670; $4.99
e-book ISBN 9780988343665
Julie Lawrence is a
victims advocate for the
Denver PD, helping people deal with their darkest
moments. But now someone is stalking her, watching... and waiting. Who
saves a hero?
Ten Stories
Paul Cumbo. One Lane Bridge Publications. $11.95 paper (164p), ISBN
9780988208629; $9.99 e-book ASIN
Set in varied landscapes, 10 short stories
tell of men, women, children, and families at different stages of lifes journey: beginnings, endings,
and stops along the way.
Crystal Blue
John H. Cunningham. Greene Street. $15.95
paper (286p), ISBN 9780985442248;
$3.99 e-book ISBN
Paid trip to the Caribbean sound good? Buck
Reilly thinks soflying
rock stars and celebrities

148 P U B L I S H E R S W E E K L Y J A N U A R Y 2 7 , 2 0 1 4

to a remote island for a charity concert

seems a breezeuntil all hell breaks loose
when the promoter disappears and one of
the A-list stars is kidnapped.
Rita DOrazio. Wasteland Press. $17.95
paper (440p), ISBN 9781600479229;
$7.99 e-book ASIN B00GCQTZ6Q; BN
ID 2940148890119
Katerina is headstrong and somewhat
impulsive. But just as she discovers a longconcealed secret, childhood crush Ryan
Fitzpatrick reenters her
life and she bumps into
the handsome Stefano,
sending her on an emotional roller coaster. But
for every answer she finds,
another deep, dark secret
looms ahead.
The Gift of Another Day
Bob Gause. Maine Authors Publishing. $15.95 paper (210p), ISBN
9781938883729; $2.99 e-book ASIN
Six diverse characters
are detailed before and
after organ transplantation from the same donor.
In the end, a common
bond is discovered.
Cold Winter Rain
Steven P. Gregory. Oak Mountain
Press. $14.95 paper (225p), ISBN
9780985992811; $2.99 e-book ASIN
Slate, a lawyer who lost his family to
an accident, lives on a sailboat, owns a
beach bar, and occasionally helps clients
recover things they have lostchildren,
for example. The daughter of a Birmingham lawyer has been missing for
two days when her father
engages Slate to try to
find her. Then a body
is found on the railroad

trackswith Slates business card in the
pocket of his business suit.
Playground for Misunderstanding
Ellen Hampton. Smashwords. $2.99
e-book ISBN 9781301163397
w w w. s m a s h w o r d s . c o m / b o o k s /
view/367961; Amazon;
Nick Layton finds a girl
lying dead in the courtyard of his Paris apartment, setting in motion
a police investigation
into skinhead violence at
the mosque, arson by real
estate, flashmobs in the
Luxembourg Gardens, and more.
The Savant of Chelsea
Suzanne Jenkins. Suzanne Jenkins. $10.99
paper (214p), ISBN 9781492386940;
99 e-book ASIN
In New York City, a
gifted but unbalanced
brain surgeon waits for
just the right time to
redeem her past.
Who Saw the Deep
Christine Klocek-Lim.
Evernight Publishing. $5.99 e-book ISBN
Is love worth the ultimate sacrifice? This
is the question Noah and Amelia must
answer as they race to save the world as we
know it.
StrangeHer Love: Book 1
Courtney Lane. CreateSpace. $9.99 (240p),
ISBN 9781494477271; $2.99 e-book
ISBN 9781483511955
Charis is a nonconformist with an eclectic
group of friends. As a
former child prodigy,
shes wise beyond her
years and jaded before

her time. What was to be a simple meeting enacts a chain of events that puts her
life in a tailspin.
Hunting Old Sammie
John Lauricella. Irving Place Editions.
$14 paper (296p), ISBN 9780615779904;
$6 e-book ASIN B00CL0QK88; BN ID
A dark comedy of
neighborly paranoia, this
novel shows small-stakes
terrorism tipping toward
violence and a confrontation only one man can win.
A Walk in the Sun
Lisa Dominique Machat. Vampire Vineyards Publishing. $21.99 hardcover
(189p), ISBN 9780615884752;;
Turned into a vampire
at 17, Nicholas Justine
uses his new powers for
good as he battles an evil
black magician over his
mortal love, Elena.
The Golden Apple
Faerl Marie. CreateSpace. $8.99 paper
(165p), ISBN 9781493660582; $2.99
e-book ASIN B00GDB0IHA
Poppy Parker, a young
widow, moves from her
Southern home to the
grimy glamour of New
York City, where life and
love await if shell choose
The Way They See
Evelyn Marshall. Piper Press. $15.95
paper (332p), ISBN 9780984899968;
$10.99 e-book ISBN
A young sensitive
couple in love fall into a
single misperception of
each other that catapults

them into alternative lives

from the one they would have
had together. The couple meets again after
25 years.
Enamored Dust
H u g o M a r t n e z - S e rros. CreateSpace. $15
paper (356p), ISBN
9781492790693; $9.99
e-book ASIN B00FDWXAK2
In 1914, the Mexican Revolution finally
reaches tiny Los Tecolotes, shattering its
tranquil way of life. Antagonisms suddenly
erupt, but hope survives in this literary
Murder in Mariposa Bay
Sue McGinty. CreateSpace. $14.95 (270p),
ISBN 9781452707830; $2.99 e-book
What connects a
stranger, an ex-mobster,
and a New Zealand librarian? Bella Kowalski, former nun turned sleuth,
seeks to solve the puzzle
as she becomes embroiled in a murder at
Mariposa Bay on Californias scenic Central
Wet Work
Donna Meredith. Wild Women Writers.
$15 paper (314p), ISBN 9780982901595;
$6.99 e-book ASIN
Summer Cassidy will
soon graduate as a hydrogeologistunless a corporation succeeds in suppressing her research into contaminants
in its Aquifer Storage and Recovery wells.
The Gondola Maker
Laura Morelli. Laura Morelli. $12.49 paper
(335p), ISBN 9780989367103; $5.49
e-book ISBN 9780989367110
Baker & Taylor / Ingram; Amazon
In 16th-century Venice, the heir to a
W W W . P U B L I S H E R S W E E K L Y . C O M 149

family boatyard rejects his
destiny but is drawn to restore
an old gondola with the dream of taking a
girl for a ride.
River of Dreams
T. Mullen. Roundwood
Press. $5.99 e-book
ISBN 9780984956531
In the wake of murder, three characters in
a young mans dreams
identify the culprit within Englands
beautiful and ancient university town of
Initiation Rites: A West African
Ray C. Noll III. Xlibris. $29.99 hardcover
(222p), ISBN 9781483674650; $3.99
e-book ISBN 9781483674667
An inquisitive American graduate students protracted adolescence abruptly ends
when his artist workshops deteriorate into a
gauntlet of survival during West Africas explosive 1977 summer.
High Rollers
Dean Parker. CreateSpace.
$14.99 paper (270p),
ISBN 9781480249776;
$2.99 e-book BN ID
2940016502168; Amazon
A New York heiress
and a Hollywood actor become targets of
a mafia assassin when they go up against a
vile drug lord.
Lesser Expectations: Charles Dickens
Son in North America
Vic Parsons. FriesenPress.
$19.99 paper (362p),
ISBN 9781460214367;
$7.99 e-book ISBN

This fact-based novel tells the life story

of Francis Dickens, son of Charles, who
served in India and then in the Canadian
Northwest in the 1870s1880s with the
original Mounties.
The Challengers Aero Club
Severo Perez. Script & Post Script. $18.95
paper (402p), ISBN
$8.95 e-book ASIN
Set in Depression-era
Chicago, the novel is
based on the lives and
exploits of three extraordinary pioneer aviators, Willa Brown, John Robinson, and
Cornelius Coffey.
Ripples of Silence
Anna Quadrada. Balboa Press. $15.99
paper (212p), ISBN
$3.99 e-book ISBN
What if, in the middle of this mediadriven society, a prominent newscaster suddenly decides to stop talking? Would you
understand his decision or would you think
he was crazy?
M i c h a e l D . R i l e y.
B o o k s o f D e s t i n y.
$9.95 paper (228p),
ISBN 9780963537843;
$7.12 e-book ISBN
This story of romantic reincarnation
spans two centuries as it follows one consciousness through three consecutive incarnations on earth.
Now You See It. . .
Teresa Roblin. 786029 Ontario Inc. $2.99
e-book ISBN 9780992101718
When her prying aunt casts a spell, every
time Sarah lets her guard down, an item

150 P U B L I S H E R S W E E K L Y J A N U A R Y 2 7 , 2 0 1 4

of clothing disappears.
Anthony wants a second
chance. Thanks to Aunt
Lillys spell and a weeklong European cruise,
stripping Sarah of her
defenses just got easier.
First Voices: 10th Anniversary
Walter Joseph Schenck
Jr. iUniverse. $44.95
hardcover (703p),
ISBN 9781462029853;
$9.99 e-book ISBN
A recasting of the book of Genesis as a
novel thats very different from the familiar narrative. The tale is told by a very old
Apostle John with dialogue and action
The Theory of Opposites
Allison Winn Scotch. Camellia Press. $13.95
paper (312p), ISBN 9780989499002;
$2.99 e-book ISBN
A heartfelt yet hilarious tale of one womans
trek to cast aside her
doubts and start owning
her choices.
The Paper Factory
Norrie Sinclair. CreateSpace. $15.95
paper (473p), ISBN
$3.99 e-book ASIN
Michael Berg tracks down a beguiling
sociopath who manipulates the global
financial crisis to enrich himself and
wreak revenge on an old foe, in the process
destroying everything and everyone around
him and rocking the U.S. presidency.
Stephen R. Stober. Stephen R. Stober Books.
$2.99 e-book ISBN 9780991956715

When Jeremy Roberts
discovers hes entangled
in an unsolved tragedy,
he must mount a highstakes investigation to
rescue someone he cant
Jason Tanamor. CreateSpace. $12.95 paper
(210p), ISBN 9781434838285; $1.99
e-book ASIN B008E71L36
To pass the time, three prisoners tell stories, always trying to oneup one another. Whether
the story is about stalking, pedophiles, or throat
chlamydia, each tale
plays some role in the
healing process.
Sex, Rain, and Cold Fusion
A.R. Taylor. Ridgecrest House. $12.68
paper (343p), ISBN 9780615818443;
$7.99 e-book ASIN B00G7680LM
A romp through science and sex in the Pacific
Northwest. David Oster
acts crazy to keep from
going crazy and just
keeps making things
Hexe: The Ordeals of Maria Holl
Linda Teasdale-Rose. (Presently, Rosedale
House, Miami). $Not established paper
(301p), ISBN 9780989269506; $ e-book
A history-rich story
of a 1500s woman who
withstood a year of
torture and imprisonment and forced her
town to stop further
witch trials.

Dragons of the Book of Mormon

Johnny Townsend. BookLocker. $15.95
paper (246p), ISBN 9781626466784;

$2.99 e-book ISBN

Stories that reveal the
inner turmoil of LDS
life deal with tithing,
gay weddings, Mormon
superheroes, terrorist
bombings, the Three Nephites, and the
zombie apocalypse in Salt Lake City.
The Never King
George Tyson. The Bedwyr Press. $14.95
paper (319p), ISBN 9780985865733;
$3.99 e-book ISBN 9780985865740
Modern England is on
the brink of revolution
until an unlikely hero
arises. A wizards prophecy, future weapons, and
ancient legendsand a
desperate chase begins.
No Accident
Dan Webb. Dan Webb.
$9.99 paper (336p),
ISBN 9780615899015;
$2.99 e-book ISBN
When investigator
Alex Fogarty suspects a corporate executive murdered five employees for insurance
money, he must overcome intrigue and
danger to uncover the dark truth.
Maiitso Rises: A Rex
Chase Adventure
Ti m W h e a t . E R C
Press. $29.95 hardcover (434p), ISBN
$9.99 e-book ISBN
A long-forgotten power is harnessed by
the worlds most diabolical villain. Only
one man can save all of humanity. That man
is Rex Chase.
Bobbie Lamont
Zelmer Wilson. CreateSpace. $ paper (304p),

ISBN 9781491000465; $
e-book ISBN
In this modern fairy tale, Bobbie
Lamont, a successful but
troubled woman, learns
that a boy that she dated
20 years ago has written
a novel. Reading it will
give her the courage to
take another chance at
Gridlock: A Scientific Thriller
Alvin Ziegler. Loma Vista Press. $12.85
paper (357p), ISBN 9780991086900;
$3.99 e-book ASIN B00FQPF0FY
This thriller explores
a real-world clash of cutting-edge medicine with
corporate dominance
forces that are quietly
battling with real consequences for us all.

Founding Zealots: How Evangelicals
Created Americas First Public Schools,
Thomas W. Hagedorn. Xulon Press. $19.49
paper (372p), ISBN 9781625098696;
$9.99 e-book ISBN 9781625098702; Amazon;
Hagedorn reveals
how evangelicals started
Americas first public
schools in the 19th century and why other historians have failed to tell
their dramatic story.
Molly Waldo! A Young Mans First
Voyage to the Grand Banks of Newfoundland, Adapted from the Stories
of Marblehead Fishermen of the 1800s
Priscilla L. Moulton and Bethe Lee
Moulton. The Glide Press. $19.95 hardcover (136p), ISBN 9780983636502;
$9.99 e-book ISBN 9780983636540
Folk art images by a man who went to
W W W . P U B L I S H E R S W E E K L Y . C O M 151

sea at 16 and fictionalized
archival voices carry readers
on a historical sea voyage with the self-reliant
fishermen who lived and
died in search of cod.
Foreword by the director of the Marblehead
Museum and Historical

The Transformation of Adam Higgins:
The Corin Chronicles, Vol. 2
Marvin Amazon. Corinthians Publishing. $14.99 paper (400p), ISBN
9780957298590; $2.99 e-book ISBN
On Corin, a princes
courageous quest has
released a ruthless
demigod who can bring
the disgraced planet
back to its former
gloryor destroy it.
On Earth, a young man
is ripped across a universe he didnt know
existed. And all the while, the immortal
Siroco pursues his own mysterious ends.
Ages 1218.
Desta and King Solomons Coin of
Magic and Fortune
Getty Ambau. Falcon Press International. $15.95 paper (454p), ISBN
9781884459016; $9.95 e-book ASIN
B004XD7SZA; BN ID 2940012421173
A family saga spanning three generations
and dealing with their
dark and mysterious
past, set in a magical
mountainous countryside in a world of monkeys, goats, and spirits.
Ages 711.
The Blueberry Bush: The Adventures
of Princess Victoria & Prince William
Stephen Butler, illus. by Valerie De
Grijs. Dewberry Ventures. $14.99 hard-

cover (32p), ISBN

$2.99 e-book ISBN
Princess Victoria
and Prince William discover the blueberry
bush and learn that too much of a good
thing isnt so good. Ages 36.

Daniel Boone and a young Captain George Washington. Through

Joshs eyes we experience General
Braddocks failed campaign to
retake Fort Duquesne. Although
he runs away from home an irresponsible youth, Josh returns a young
man seasoned by the atrocities of war.
Based on true accounts. Ages 1218.

The Riddle of Prague

Laura DeBruce. CreateSpace. $10.99 paper
(212p), ISBN 9781484884539; $4.99
When 18-year-old
Hana Silna travels to
Prague, she finds herself
on an unexpected and
dangerous adventure in
a city brimming with
ancient secrets. Ages

BION (Believe It or Not): CUL8R

Series, Book 3
Bob Kat. CreateSpace. $15.99 paper (436p),
ISBN 9781491241011; $3.99 e-book
ISBN 9780988343641
Four teens are able to
do two things no one else
on the planet can do
talk with dead people and
travel to the past. Ages

Heist School Freshmen

Alan Gallauresi. CreateSpace. $11.99
(306p), ISBN 9781494732042; $3.99
e-book ISBN 9780615924298
Angelo loathes high
school life until he
becomes involved in a
criminal heistbut can
he pull off the score and
still finish freshman year?
Ages 1218.

Michael Mullin. Gemiknight Studios. $12.99 hardcover (136p), ISBN
9780985188429; $2.99 e-book ASIN
B00BJT404I; BN ID 2940016344867
A collection of three
fairy tale retellings,
featuring Creepy, the
previously unknown
eighth dwarf, and a
teen princess who hires
a witch to get revenge.
Ages 812.

Seeds of Rebellion: The First French

and Indian War
Teresa Williams Irvin. HeartChild Publishing. $12.95 paper (141p), ISBN
9780979939549; $2.99 e-book ISBN
Josh Bedford, a 14-year-old Virginian, hides in a supply
wagon bound for Fort
Cumberland, where
colonists and British
redcoats are assembling
to fight the French.
There Josh meets legendary outdoorsman

Attrition: The First Act of Penance

S.G. Night. CreateSpace. $19.95 paper
(582p), ISBN 9781482712957; $4.98
e-book ASIN B00EVEAEH0
A hundred years ago, the Demonic
Dominion conquered
the nation of Io and
committed genocide
against the Majiski
race. Now the few that
still live must fight for
freedom from the shadows. Ages 1218.

152 P U B L I S H E R S W E E K L Y J A N U A R Y 2 7 , 2 0 1 4

Cant Hurry Love
Rena Roberts Shipp. Kingdom Publishing Group. $14.99 paper (240p), ISBN
Carly and Lissas oldschool grandmother
suddenly becomes
their mother when
their divorced mother,
Denice, leaves in a huff.
Carlys bold actions lead
to the storys suspenseful
and dramatic climax. Ages 812.
Geronimo the Frog
Matthew Stein, illus. by Taillefer Long.
CreateSpace. $15.99 paper (58p), ISBN
9781482535655; $8.75 e-book ASIN
Amazon; Ingram;
Baker & Taylor
Geronimo the
brave frog and
his animal friends
band together
to save their Florida swamp from a gang
trashing their home. Ages 37.
The Wig: New School & Other Stuff
(Book 2)
Renata Suerth. Renata Suerth. $9.99 paper
(152p), ISBN 9780988268517; $3.99
e-book ASIN B00CXH3ELU
S o f i e s n e w ( m i s )
adventures. She didnt
want those nasty pets,
fame, or a bigger family.
But no one ever asks the
fifth-grader for her opinion. Ages 711.
The Girl Who Saved Christmas
William Thomas Thach. Bowrider
Press. $24 hardcover (32p), ISBN
One Christmas all the
children in the world are
badexcept one. Molly
must save the holiday by

reminding Santa of the meaning of Christmas. Ages 37.

Daniels Pride
Jerome Walford. Forward Comix. $15.99
paper (430p), ISBN
$4.99 e-book ISBN
Series opener to Curse of the Griffin,
a coming-of-age saga about a boy who is
about to become a manor something
else. Ages 1218.
Gravely Inanimated: A Tale of Woe and
Esther Wheelmaker. Third Broom on
the Left Press. $8.99 paper (234p), ISBN
9780983449485; $3.99 e-book ISBN
Lucy is drawn to the
masked zombie hunter
and to the mysterious
Lord. With one concealing his identity and the
other hiding a ghastly
secret, she doesnt know which is less dangerous. Will she be able to be with the man
she chooses when she learns the truth? Ages
The Infinite Song: An Allegorical Tale
for Our Times
A n d r e a F r e e m a n . H a l c y o n Wi n d
Press. $19.95 paper (48p), ISBN 9780989089708
(415) 250-8095;
An allegorical
creation tale written in rhyming
verse, accompanied by hand-painted illustrations. Ages

With Malice Toward One
Mike Person. Cranston House. $16.99
paper (80p), ISBN 9780615791753

A graphic novel that tells
the story of the conspiracy against President Abraham Lincoln
and what happened the
night he was killed at
Fords Theatre. Ages

No Tears for My Father: A True Story
of Incest
Vi g a B o l a n d . Vi g a
Boland. $20 paper (291p),
ISBN 9780992049706;
$7.99 e-book ISBN
The authors true story
of incest at the hands of her biological
father from the ages of 11 to 23. Raw, candid, honest.
College Radio Days: 70 Years of Student
Broadcasting at Dartmouth College
Tim Brooks. Glenville Press. $24.95 paper
(390p), ISBN 9780615893204
A history of college
radio in the U.S. followed by an in-depth
study of the stations at
one representative institution, Dartmouth College.
No Time to Wander: The Financial
Compass for Young Americans
Paul Nourigat. FarBeyond Publishing. $14.29 paper (240p), ISBN
9781936872084; $9.29 e-book ISBN
A 20- and 30-somethings financial compass
for the next decade. Honest economic assessment
balanced with approachable and holistic steps to
long-term financial success.

W W W . P U B L I S H E R S W E E K L Y . C O M 153

A New Star
Bobbie M. Pell. Imaginary Lands. $12.99
paper (341p), ISBN 9781492767558;
$5.99 e-book ASIN B00F986ZPW
The authors healing journey blends her
expansion of spiritual
beliefs with metaphysical techniques, Celtic
folklore elements, and
psychological therapies.
The Illuminator: Access to Universal
Rajith Rajappan. Strategic Book Publishing. $10.95 paper (58p), ISBN
9781612044866; $9.99 e-book ASIN
B0072ZLVOA; BN ID 2940014066303
A mood-boosting
book that guides the
reader to think along the
right path and in the process puts the reader in a
better mood.
Inherited Secrets
Cynthia Readnower. Skinny Leopard
Media. $14.95 paper (187p), ISBN
9780989989312; $9.99 e-book ISBN
A chance Internet
search leads to the discovery of scandalous family
secrets that reach from
Hollywood to the White
House. Based on a true
Rise, with Healing in Our Wings:
Extraordinary Stories from the Life of
an Ordinary Mormon, with 20 Poems
P a u l H . S c h n e i t e r.
Outskirts Press. $9.95
paper (102p), ISBN
Thirty-three stories
and 20 poems based

on the authors challenges living life as a


Poetic Potpourri
Marc Mullo. Xlibris. $15.99 paper (28p),
ISBN 9781465397805; $3.99 e-book
ISBN 9781469173894
A collection of
favorites from the first
decade of the authors
career. Each piece offers
a personal perspective and an emotional
Seas to Mulberries: Poetry by Frank
Frank Watson. Plum White Press. $15.99
paper (292p), ISBN 9781939832023;
$7.99 e-book ISBN 9781939832078; Amazon;
In a journey across the landscapes of
time and place, between
the changes in life like
the evolution of sand
and sea, Watsons poetry
tells of the human heart
through tiny stories and
images that linger in the
mind as a meditation of
the soul.

The Gospel According to Yeshuas Cat
C.L. Francisco. C.L. Francisco. $11.98
paper (256p), ISBN 9781493539314;
$4.99 e-book ASIN
A biography of Jesus of
Nazareth from the viewpoint of a cat who travels
hidden in his robes.

The Structure of Humanity: Arranged
Marriage Systems Explain Human Evolution
A.K.H. Taylor. Paperatta. $28.95 paper
(420p), ISBN 9780987494511

154 P U B L I S H E R S W E E K L Y J A N U A R Y 2 7 , 2 0 1 4

An original evolutionary theory that argues
that arranged marriage
systems played the
major role in defining
human behavioral and
morphological traits.

The Hinge: The Importance of Mental
Dr. Rob Bell. DRB Press. $21.99 hardcover (120p), ISBN 9780989918480;
$7.99 e-book ISBN 9780989918497
Every door has a hinge. A door that
doesnt is a wall; it just
doesnt work. The Hinge
is that one moment,
event, or person that
makes all the difference.
This is the importance of
Mental Toughness.

Sport Optics
Alan R. Hale. Hale Optics. $24.95 paper
(186p), ISBN 9780989791601
A helpful guide for
purchasers of binoculars, rifle scopes, spotting scopes for use in
hunting, bird-watching,
astronomy, nature viewing, and other hobbies.

Slowspoke: A Unicyclists Guide to
Mark Schimmoeller. Synandra Press/Alice
Peck Editorial. $14.95 paper (311p), ISBN
Retail; Amazon;
A memoir comparing a perilous and
enchanting journey on
a unicycle with a life
lived close to the land,
next to an endangered


Jason Tanamor. Zoiks! Online Books, $12.95
paper (210p) ISBN 978-1-4348-3828-5

This novel from Tanamor is a winning

jumble of the gritty, the raw, and the
grotesque. Set in a prison, the book follows three inmatesUnknown (in for
Ambiguous (in
for murder),
and Stud (in for
reasons unknown)as
they communicate through
the buildings
plumbing system, sharing
stories and attempting to outdo each other with tales
both shocking and bizarre. While the
novel is slow going at first, readers who
stick around will find the author soon
hits his stride. Tanamor writes like a deformed love child of Chuck Palahniuk
and Charles Bukowski who has finally
discovered its own voiceand the result
is a rousing novel that will confuse just as
often as it entertains. This is a well-crafted piece of experimental, voyeuristic fiction from a promising writer with lots of

Anvil of God: Book One of the

Carolingian Chronicles

J. Boyce Gleason. iUniverse, $33.95 hardcover (440p) ISBN 978-1-4759-9020-1

Gleasons gripping historical novel

the first volume in his Carolingian
Chroniclesoffers readers a vivid mix of
bloody battles, intriguing characters, and
plenty of pagan sex rites. The year is 741,
and Charles
The Hammer
Martel, the
Frankish general and mayor of
the palace who
held off the
Saracens and
Christianity in
Europe, is on

his deathbed. In the palace at Quierzy (located in modern-day France), the politicking around succession is laden with
intrigue, which Gleason makes lively and
entertaining, while giving considerable
space and full character development to
the women who walk the corridors of
power. Trudi, Charless daughter, embraces paganism, while her brothers grapple
with the role of the church in a reconstituted kingdom. As the saga unfolds,
Trudi takes flight to avoid a forced marriage of political convenience, while her
brothers battle each other in the skillfully
described siege of the city of Laon. As
both stories move toward their exciting
conclusions, the mix of history, action,
drama, and vigorous doses of sex makes
this debut historical novel a page-turner.

Asperger Sunset
Carol Shay Hornung. CreateSpace, $14.95
paper (268p) ISBN 978-1-4827-3577-2

Russ Dante is a middle-school math

teacher who has always been a little bit
oddhe has trouble interacting with
people, finds it
difficult to recognize faces,
and prefers
sketching to
human contact.
But, his quiet
life is disrupted
when he witnesses a murder
in his local
parkand is
then chased by the knife-wielding killer.
Russ checks himself into a mental health
facility to protect himself from the killer,
and turns to sister Misty for help. Stress
doesnt help Russwho is eventually diagnosed with Aspergers syndrome
communicate with the police, and soon
he begins to suspect that the murder may
be part of a larger conspiracy. Hornungs
novel offers fascinating insight into
Aspergers, but as a murder mystery it
sometimes falls flat. Fans of the genre will
find that some of the plot details are tenuous at best. Still, readers will find Russ a
likable and fully realized character, and

the authors depiction

of a man with
Aspergers realistic and

The Chain
Robin Lamont. Grayling Press, $12.95 paper
(246p) ISBN 978-0-9858485-4-5

In the first volume of Lamonts

Kinship series, Jude Brannock is an animal-welfare investigator who travels to
the small town of Bragg Falls to investigate the supposed suicide of an informant
from the local
plant with
whom she was
working. When
she arrives, she
doesnt receive a
warm welcomethe livelihoods of most
of the townsfolk
depend on the
meat-processing facility. Jude is harassed
and threatened, and her dog is kidnapped. With few allies, Jude works to
find the truth about her informants
death and what is really going on at the
local plant. Lamont paints a vivid, realistic picture of slaughterhouses. However,
some of her characters are underdevelopedperhaps due to the authors heavyhanded efforts to depict the U.S. meatprocessing industrys treatment of animals as inhumane. While her message is
on point, the prose suffers for it. Still, her
novel presents an interesting mystery and
will appeal to readers familiar with issues
of animal cruelty.

Cold Winter Rain

Steven P. Gregory. Oak Mountain Press,
$14.95 paper (225p) ISBN 978-0-9859928-1-1

Attorney Gregory utilizes a legal background to create a complex and suspenseful slice of hard-boiled noir that honors
without imitating the stylistic and thematic influences of Dashiell Hammett.
Eschewing over-simplistic views of morality, the characters here wade through a
dark ambiguity mirrored by bleak atmoW W W . P U B L I S H E R S W E E K L Y . C O M 155

sphere, descending into homicide and emotional bankruptcy. In Birmingham,
Ala., Slate, the cynical but decent lawyerinvestigator struggling with the deaths of
his wife and son, agrees to locate attorney
Don Kramers daughter, Kristina, unwittingly accepting an invitation into conspiracy and
When a murdered man is
with Slates
business card,
police captain
Leon Grubbs
casts an eye on our hard-luck hero and a
routine missing persons case becomes a
race against the clock and possibly the
New Orleans mob. Slate is not a mere
parody of classic genre detectives. Rather,
his personality is convincing and complex, skillfully revealed without slowing
the action-driven plot. Clean and sharp
prose delivers maximum emotional effect,
and the dialogue rings true. Though he
doesnt bring anything particularly new
to the genre, Slate is nevertheless destined
to become a series character welcomed by
aficionados of John D. MacDonald and
Raymond Chandler.

Dragons of the Book of Mormon

Johnny Townsend. BookLocker, $15.95 paper
(246p) ISBN 978-1-62646-678-4

In this entertaining collection,

Townsendauthor of 16 books, including Morman Underwearcreates a kaleidoscope of Morman characters young
and old, male and female, gay and
straight, who find themselves at odds
with the demands of their
religion. In
Going Home,
a man no longer wants to
live. He maintains good appearances by
going to work
and loving his
family, but

worries that wanting to die is a sin. In

Temple Man, a reporter covers the
good deeds of an aspiring templeclothes-wearing superhero, while internally questioning the value of the heros
deeds. In The Venetian Blinds of
Heaven, an excommunicated Mormon
clings to his religion and agonizes over
whether he should continue to pay tithing or let his family endure financial
struggles. Although Townsends prose is
sharp, clear, and easy to read, and his
characters are well rendered, some of the
stories dont reveal the inner turmoil of
LDS life, as the author claims. At
times, readers will have trouble identifying with the charactersin many cases, the turmoil and chaos of their lives
feels far too muted.

Escape from Zulaire

Veronica Scott. Jean D. Walker, $8.99 paper
(238p) ISBN 978-0-9895903-2-7

In this sci-fi romance, Assistant

Planetary Agent for Loxton Galactic
Trading Andi Markriss is filling in as a
bridesmaid at a royal wedding on the
planet of
Zulaire when
she gets a nasty
shock from
hunky Captain
Tom Deverane
of Sectors
Special Forces.
Deverane informs her that
he has orders to
rescue her from
the civil war that is about to engulf the
planet. Andi is skeptical and reluctant to
abandon her wedding duties, thus delaying her departurea decision that leads
to encounters with rebel fighters, a dangerous journey through the wilderness, an
evil alien plot, and the possibly of romance. Scott (Dancer of the Nile) demonstrates a skillful hand with science fiction
plotting and a knack for the romance
genre. The author deftly draws readers
into this entertaining story and the lives
of its likable characters. And while the
authors worldbuilding could be stronger,
fans of the genre wont have many complaints.

156 P U B L I S H E R S W E E K L Y J A N U A R Y 2 7 , 2 0 1 4

Ghost of the Gods

Kevin Bohacz. Mazel & Sechel, $14.95 paper
(389p) ISBN 978-0-9791815-3-5

In this sequel to Bohaczs Immortality,

two years after the devastation of mass
human extinctions in kill zones, mankind is still grasping for survival. An oppressive union of government and big
business controls an exhausted America,
which is divided between walled-in
Protectorates and the unpoliced
Outlands. Against this chaotic backdrop,
paleobiologist and genetic researcher
Mark Freedman
and policewoman Sarah
Mayfair continue their evolution into transhumansnanotech hybrids
with a connection to the god
machine, the
artificial intelligence that caused the recent massacres,
in an effort to derail the destruction of
the Earths biosphere. Bohacz provides
mind-bending portrayals of factions vying for power and reflections on the essence and fragility of humanity. But
philosophical concerns never obtrude on
the fast-paced plot, as authorities investigate communes of hybrids, and
Freedman and Mayfair must choose between absorption into a collective mind
or fidelity to their remaining humanity.
The question of who can be trusted impels the reader to keep turning the pages
of this highly satisfying and dynamic

The Golden Apple

Faerl Marie. CreateSpace, $8.99 paper
(165p) ISBN 978-1-4936-6058-2

Poppy Parker has an idyllic life until

her husband, Josh, dies in a car accident.
Still reeling from his death almost a year
later, Poppy resolves to leave her home in
Alpharetta, Ga., and go to New York City
to spend time with friends and start life
anew. While in New York, Poppy reconnects with photographer Austin
Bandya man who has loved her for
yearsbut must try to heal the wounds
of the past and open her heart to the pos-

sibility of a new relationship. Maries novel about a womans profound grief will
fail to connect with readers because the
authors heroine
rarely struggles,
despite the death
of her husband.
Poppy is financially independent and thus
free to pursue her
passions with a
wonderful man
waiting in the
wings. And
while readers will identify with and understand Poppys efforts to reconcile her
feelings for Josh and Austin, they wont
become fully engaged with her story because the conflict driving the narrative
lacks potency.

The Gondola Maker

Laura Morelli. Laura Morelli, $12.49 paper
(335p) ISBN 978-0-9893671-0-3

Sixteenth-century Venice is the star of

Morellis well-crafted historical novel
about teenage Luca Vianello, the eldest
son and heir of the citys most renowned
gondola builder. After his beloved mother dies during childbirth at the age of
44, Luca argues with his father and
blames him for the tragedy. In a rage,
Luca accidently sets fire to his fathers
workshop and
leaves home.
Luca works a
succession of
menial jobs under an alias, until he becomes
the personal
gondolier of a
noted artist
named Trevisan
and finds himself smitten with a stunning young
woman whom Trevisan is painting.
While a wealth of period lore and beautifully rendered settingthe citys
unique sounds, smells, and heritage
dominate her novel, Morelli creates poignantly convincing characters in this
handsome coming-of-age novel about adoration, pain, and destiny.

Good to Her
Enid Harlow. Strategic Book Publishing and
Rights, $18.50 paper (310p) ISBN 978-162516-398-1

In 1945, successful, middle-aged businessman Nate Neumann meets his future

wife at Dinty Moores, an iconic New
York City restaurant on the corner of 46th
Street and Broadway. Aspiring actress
Sallie is two decades Nates junior, but he
falls for her immediately and they soon
marry. However, their union is far from
perfect. Over the course of two decades,
Sallie has affairs
with younger
men. And while
she always says
that Nate is
good to her, he
has some nagging doubts
about her love
and their relationship.
Harlow (A Better
Man) has a rich understanding of New
York history, and her decision to set her
novel around a legendary restaurant gives
the book depth and richness.
Unfortunately, the story is less engaging
when it focuses on people rather than
places. The trope of a wealthy older man
being entranced by a pretty younger
woman who cheats on him is nothing
new. That said, its easy to become deeply
immersed in Harlows New York City,
and consequently many readers maybe be
willing to forgive the familiar plotline.

A Prayer for the Devil

Dale Allan. Emerald Book Company, $23.95
hardcover (320p) ISBN 978-1-937110-34-5

When his twin brother, Aaron; a politician named Brad Thompson; and Muslim
reformist Ablaa
Raboud are
killed in a
bombing at a
political rally in
Boston, handsome and humane Father
Luke Miller decides to take
matters into his
own hands. The

police are unsure about the

intended target of the attack,
and Millers investigation
raises more questions than it answers. He
defies warnings about his own safety and
finds support from businessman and
mobster Sal Bruno, homeless men John
Daly and Blade, computer hacker Arnold,
and Rabouds sister. Allans taut thriller is
well plotted, and the explication of the
mystery and the many odd characters
with whom Father Luke becomes involved will keep readers engaged and
turning the pages. While the bombing
drives the mystery at the heart of Allans
book, it also serves as a vehicle for a somewhat surface exploration of the clash of
Islam with Christianity and the West.
Readers may find the characters lacking
in emotional depth and some plot points
far-fetched, but fans of the genre will enjoy this highly readable thriller with a final shocking revelation that seems to signal a sequel.

Saviors Day
Alan A. Winter. iUniverse, $18.95 paper
(318p) ISBN 978-1-4917-0567-4

This engaging thriller from Winter

(Someone Elses Son) centers on the Codex
of Aleppo, a missing book of the Bible
that contains every word spoken by God
to man. The Codex, which has appeared
and disappeared over the
ages, is now in
the custody of
the Israeli governmentbut
about a third of
its pages are
missing, and
political intrigue is preventing the
Mossad (Israels national intelligence
agency) from tracking them down.
Meanwhile, New York City police detective LeShana T. Thompkins is working a
murder case tied to the Codex that leads
to an investigation of Cardinal Arnold
Josiah Ford, and, ultimately, catastrophe
and religious epiphany. Despite the
books lively characters and many suspenseful twists and turns, readers will
find that some plot points strain creduliW W W . P U B L I S H E R S W E E K L Y . C O M 157

ty. The storys conclusion
which is overly foreshadowedand its aftermath
contrast the futility of hate with the rewards of devotion and self-sacrifice.
Winters implication that a divine hand
has been at work through the centuries
provides a note of hope that gives the title resonance.

Glenn Ogura. iUniverse, $25.95 paper (486p)
ISBN 978-1-4759-8855-0

On the verge of leaving Silicon Valleys

prestigious DisplayTechnik to start his
own company with new industry-changing video technology, idealistic young engineer Zack Penny is confronted by ruthless CEO Allen Henley, who questions his
loyalty. Before the Sun Tzuquoting chief
executive can
fire him, Zach
Allen vows revenge, and
Zachs associates at
are soon shown
the door as
well. To make
matters worse,
Zach has been dating Henleys daughter,
Mary Anne. As Mary Anne seesaws between loyalty to her father and her affection for Zach, Allen puts a plan to destroy
him into action. Although possessing all
the ingredients for a successful techno
thriller, Oguras debut suffers from improbable plot twists, underdeveloped
characters, and stilted dialogue. Readers
will have difficulty engaging with the
charactersand those who stick around
to the end will find the conclusion somewhat improbable.

S. Woffington. Red Summit, $11.69 paper
(364pp) ISBN 978-0-615-76924-0

Woffingtons novel follows 20-year-old

Sara AlKhutban, a contemporary Saudi
Arabian woman loyal to her family heritage but interested in pursuing an art career. When Sara removes her veil in public to allow her to see what shes sketching
more clearly, her horrified father,

Abdullah, has
her American art
teacher, Lulu
Castalia, deported and pressures
Sara to marry.
Sara responds by
escaping to
Americaa decision that only
compounds her
troubles. As Sara and Abdullah wrestle
with the results of their choices, Sara
comes to realize that her artistic leanings
and religious faith are not mutually exclusive. Although Woffington offers up
well-developed characters, her narrative
drags at times, while the novels resolution descends into melodrama.
Additionally, the somewhat saccharine
ending and superficial comparisons of
Western and Saudi cultures will not resonate with readers.

Dolly Vardon
Anton Holden. Boustrophedon Press, $19.95
paper (449p) ISBN 978-1-4904-5729-1

Holden (Prince Valium) spins a monumental truth-is-stranger-than-fiction tale

in this vivid biography of his orphaned
grandmotherwho went by the name
Dolly Vardon and was born into chaotic
poverty, bought for pleasure, and doomed
to a life of dysfunction. As a child beggar
on the cobbled streets of Victorian
London, Vardon met Harry Sydney
Nichols, a wealthy rare book dealer and
erotica publisher. Nicholss foot and shoe
fetish and insatiable sexual appetite sealed
Dollys fate. She
became Nicholss
wardand a toy
for societys
mightiest men.
Holdens account, which is
based on stories
his grandmother
and mother told him, is truly gripping,
bristling with rich, and often disturbing,
details. And while readers may be sur-

158 P U B L I S H E R S W E E K L Y J A N U A R Y 2 7 , 2 0 1 4

prised by the detachment with which

Holden describes brutal scenes of rape,
debauchery, and perversion involving his
own grandmother, they will surely find
this biography fascinating and well told.

Entertaining with Love: Inspired

Recipes for Everyday Entertaining
Mark J. Sievers. Mark-Ryan Group, $30 hardcover (240p) ISBN 978-0-615-86783-0

A mix of straightforward, traditional

recipes, such as Hello Neighbor
Blueberry Muffins and Brown Butter
Cake, and creative twists on classics, like
Apples & Sage Creamy Lasagna, make
food blogger
Sieverss cookbook perfect
for anyone
preparing to
host a dinner
party. The
recipes presented are
neither overly
indulgent nor
lightened for
everyday eating. A few of the starters
would make good cocktail party fare (a
small section of cocktails is also included),
but most dishes are designed for traditional sit-down meals. Entries are divided
into basic categoriesmain courses, desserts, etc.but the book is otherwise
themeless. Recipes themselves are sufficiently detailed and easy to use, and scattered personal stories depicting Sievers
(host of the Web series From My
Kitchen to Yours) and his husband,
Ryan, as a cozy, everyday couple add
warmth. Food photographs are adequately
composedthough some are blurry or
overexposed, and none are printed on
glossy pages. Readers will find this a useful, if somewhat disjointed volume, full of
solid favorites and useful tips and tricks
for entertaining.

Four Quadrant Living: Making

Healthy Living Your New Way of
Dina Colman. Four Quadrant Media, $15 paper (234p) ISBN 978-1-939288-22-6

In this useful guidebook, health coach

and nutritionist Colman encourages
health and happiness by holistically re-

dressing four lifestyle areas: mind, body,
interpersonal relationships, and environment. Watching her sister endure debilitating treatment for stage-three breast
cancer, Colman took stock of her own life,
downshifted from her corporate job, and
dedicated her time to both her own wellness and that of others. Here, the author
shares a bounty of knowledge, encouraging a whole-body approach to maintaining
health and stressing the importance of
having fun along the way. Presented
throughout are
time-tested techniques for calming the mind via
breathing and
meditation, as
well as tips
about the importance of quality
sleep, daily nutrition, and
supportive social networks and family interactions. Each chapter is prefaced with
anecdotes that connect Colmans message
to the real-life needs of readers. While the
authors wisdom doesnt introduce any
revolutionary approaches to achieving
overall physical and mental health, her
simple reminders about relaxation, consuming organic foods, surrounding oneself
with kind, uplifting people (and pets), and
treating each day as a gift will resonate
universally. Colmans galvanizing, fourpronged approach to maximal wellness
creates a simple reminder on how far a
flourishing mind and body can go.

Gilgamesh in the 21st Century:

A Personal Quest to Understand
Paul Bracken.CreateSpace, $13.40 paper
(288p) ISBN 978-1-4923-1090-7

In the ancient Sumerian epic Gilgamesh,

the eponymous fifth king of Uruk asks
the question that has haunted humanity
since its beginningsMust I die?and
then sets out to discover the secret of immortality. Of course, he never finds it,
and death comes to Gilgamesh as it does
to all. In this meandering meditation,
Bracken, a former regional coordinator for
space-exploration NGO the Planetary
Society, uses the epic poem to anchor re-

flections on science, religion,

artificial intelligence, and extraterrestrial
life. Lacking
clarity and focus, Brackens
often-exasperating study
asks what
might discover today if he used the tools
of science to answer his question.
Devoting little attention to the ancient
tale, Bracken sifts through scientific evidence and suggests that humans may
eventually be able to transfer the mind of
a human being into a newly constructed
brain, placing a persons identity beyond the reach of death. Since, according
to Bracken, such advances arent likely to
be feasible anytime soon, contemporary
readers must live with the uncertainty of
Gilgameshs question.

Imperfect Circles
Sarah A. Suzuki. Boot Stomp Press/
CreateSpace, $15.93 paper (460p) ISBN 9781-4922-8985-2

An awkward family reunion sets in motion a lengthy quest to understand racial

identity in this fast-moving memoir
penned by firsttime author and
Suzuki. Raised
in Chicago,
who, prior to
writing the
book, knew little about her
Japanese heritagecreatively reconstructs a convoluted family history that dates back to her
great-grandparents trip from Japan to
Seattle in the early 1920s. The author describes her efforts to convince reluctant
relatives to discuss the familys experience
in Japanese-American internment camps
during World War II, as well as their subsequent struggles to survive and succeed
in America. Suzuki opens with a brief history of the internment camps that were

established by President
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
after Japans attack on Pearl
Harbor in late 1941, and goes on to paint
a vivid portrait of her life and her familys
history through a series of engaging vignettes, including transcriptions of emails and telephone conversations, and
recollections of childhood memories.

Jackie: My Obsession
Ron Galella. Ron Galella, $400 hardcover
(400p) ISBN 978-0-9857519-0-6

Dubbed Paparazzo Extraordinaire by

Newsweek, Galella (Jacqueline, No Pictures)
offers up this
of his favorite photos of
his favorite
iconic former first
Despite legal battlesOnasis sued
Galella twice and the court issued him a
restraining orderthe photographer is
unabashed in describing his constant fascination with Onassis, whom he considered the most glamorous woman in the
world. While the quality of the photographs themselveswhich are all taken
on the street or in social settingsis inconsistent, many are entrancing in their
candid depictions of Onassiss everyday
life, as well as her social life. In a photo
snapped on her nieces wedding day in
1980, Onassis, surrounded by family, gazes directly into the camera, flashing a
characteristically mysterious smile that is
at once inviting and distancing. Another
shot, taken in Capri, Italy, in 1970, shows
the often tumultuous relationship between subject and photographer: Onassis
seems to be gesturing angrily at an outdoor cafe, and is alleged to have said,
Call the policearrest that man, in reference to Galella. More than a tale of personal obsession, however, the photographs
here are a testament to Americas complicated and voyeuristic relationship with

W W W . P U B L I S H E R S W E E K L Y . C O M 159

Moving with the
Seasons: Portrait of a
Mongolian Family
Liza F. Carter. Saltwind Press, $48 paper
(189p) ISBN 978-0-9890187-0-8

Environmental scientist and visual artist Carter presents the armchair traveler
with an amazing photographic account of
her four trips to Mongolia during a period
of three years. The authors aim here is to
limn the people and landscape she encounteredand her photographs of the
nomadic families (presented in a seasonal
approach that reflects everyday life and
close relationships to nature) are visually
stunning. As a Westerner, Carters reactions to cultural differences may seem obtrusive or naive at times, but the visual
delights she
offers up reinforce the attractions of the
way of life
one that, she
will likely
change radically in the
near future.
Equally interesting is her claim that, under centuries of Chinese and, later, Soviet
domination, Mongolians were kept ignorant of much of their own history, and
that many have only recently learned
about the most famous Mongolian in the
West: Genghis Khan. Carters affection
for the Mongolian people is evident in
these vivid, affecting photos.

The Religious Right Is Wrong: The

Ethics of Religion and the Gay
F. Lee Barham. Bridgeview/CreateSpace,
$18.99 paper (279pp) ISBN 978-1-4781-1693-6

In this energetic, rambling polemic,

Barham, a medical doctor, dissects the
Bible in search of evidence that conservative and religious groups hostile to homosexuality distort the very principles they
claim to uphold. To show that biblical admonitions of homosexuality are taken out
of context by todays religious leaders for
a host of political purposes, the author
who experienced firsthand the stigma
that fundamentalist Christianity imposed

on homosexuals while
growing up in
the South of
the 1940s
delves into religious history
and interpretations of
Biblical passages, providing what amounts to a scathing critique
of the hypocrisy of the religious right.
Though his intentions are good, many of
Barhams arguments are confusing and repetitive. While this work will likely appeal to left-leaning readers, it is unlikely
to win many converts, due to its partisan
tone and its lack of critical focus.

Stretch Marks
Liz Raptis Picco. L/M Press/CreateSpace,
$14 paper (257p) ISBN 978-0-615-71593-3

After a series of miscarriages, ectopic

pregnancies, and a failed adoption, Liz
Raptis Picco and her husband decide to
pursue adopting a child from Mexico.
They fall in love with a pair of young
brothers in Juarez, and enter the bureaucratic morass that is international adoption. To boost their chances of being allowed to adopt, Liz moves to crime-infested Juarez to stay with the boys until
the adoption is approved. However, this
takes several months, rather than a few
weeks, as she expected, and Liz is forced
to contend
with both
maddening bureaucracy and
the constant
threat of violence in the
city. Picco ably
describes the
struggles of international
adoption, and
readers will feel for her during every step
of the process. Although the narrative
drags at points, her depictions of the fear
she experiences in Juarez are engaging.
Even more engaging, however, are her
honest misgivings about parenting,
which are clearly presented in this memoir and will resonate with readers.

160 P U B L I S H E R S W E E K L Y J A N U A R Y 2 7 , 2 0 1 4

Vagrant Kings: David Stern, Kevin

Johnson and the NBAs Orphan
R.E. Graswich. R.E. Graswich, $24.95 paper
(256p) ISBN 978-0-9898209-3-6

Jounalist Graswich provides a fascinating exploration of the deal making and

legal wrangling that ultimately ensured a
professional basketball franchise would
remain in Sacramento, Calif. The NBAs
Sacramento Kings holds the dubious distinction of being the most transient team
in American professional sports. When
the team moved from Kansas City to
Sacramento in 1985, many people were
skeptical that the
Kings would stay,
or that the area
could support a
professional basketball team. But
when things
looked bleak for
the Kings in
Sacramento, NBA
David Stern made it his mission to keep
the team where it was. And, after much
legal maneuvering, Stern succeeded, a
deal was reached, and the Kings stayed
put. Graswich was employed in the office
of Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnsona
former NBA all-starwhen the city
worked with the league on an arena project for the Kings. His familiarity with the
teams saga in Sacramento and key players
involved makes this a detailed and engaging insiders account. And while the authors treatment of local politics can be a
bit dry, and he doesnt always vividly capture the personalities involved, fans of the
NBAespecially those with an appetite
for behind-the-scenes deal makingwill
find a lot to like here.

Picture Books
The Girl Who Saved Christmas
William Thomas Thach, illus. by Richard
Bernal. Bowrider Press (www.mollychristmas.

com), $24 (32p) ISBN 978-0-9825663-1-2

With a red velvet cover, diarylike

clasp, and ribbon bookmark, this handsome book offers a somewhat gloomy and
moralistic take on The Night Before
Christmas. Thachs verse introduces a
wistful and friendless girl named Molly,
who tells her pet mouse, Nobody likes
me. They all call me names./ They never
invite me to play in their games. At the
North Pole, Santa fumes as he discovers
that no child has been nice this year, and
he replaces the presents in his sleigh with
coal. Landing
at Mollys
house, Santa
rechecks his
list and finds
that Molly is
the one good
sweet little
girl in a world
that was rotten! She requests that he pardon the other children,
noting, This date marks the birth of a
glorious child who brought us a message by which we should live/ He
taught us its best if we learn to forgive!
Bernals luminous, glossy paintings have a
warm, traditional quality that pairs nicely
with the narrative. As Santa and Molly fly
off to retrieve the presents from the North
Pole, the story ends with the promise of a
sequel. Ages 26.

Countryside: The Book of the
J.T. Cope IV. Village Green Press (, $24.95 (282p) ISBN 9780-9858141-5-1

Cope delivers a fanciful adventure set

in a magical community, first in a
planned series. When 10-year-old Luke
Rayburns father rejoins the military and
is sent overseas for a year, Luke and the
rest of the family are sent to live with his
grandparents in a hidden place called
Countryside, where magic and mythical
creatures are commonplace. As Luke adjusts to the new surroundings, longdormant dryads emerge to speak to him,

while mysterious strangers

offer cryptic advice. It all leads
to a search for
the long-missing Book of the
Wise, a coveted
artifact that
contains a
prophecy related to the return of a great evil. As Luke
becomes embroiled in the struggle between light and dark, he must tap into
his own unknown potential. Cope conjures up an idyllic setting that feels a bit
like an Americanized take on J.K.
Rowlings wizarding world (albeit much
more modern in attitude); the leisurely
approach to the storytelling means the
plot can lack urgency. Still, Cope imbues
the novels familiar elements with atmosphere and charm, making for an engaging read. Ages 612.

The Riddle of Prague

Laura DeBruce. CreateSpace, $12.99 paper
(212p) ISBN 978-1-4848-8453-9

Drawing on time spent living in

Prague, DeBruce debuts with this thriller, first in a planned trilogy, set in 1991
following the fall of Communism.
Eighteen-year-old Hana Silna returns to
her exiled familys Prague home to reclaim it on behalf of her ailing mother,
and is immediately sucked into a bizarre
mystery involving multiple
murders. It
turns out that
different factions are seeking a flask that
holds the key to
lost centuries
ago, and Hana
has accidentally
discovered the only clues to its whereabouts. She must find the flask before it
falls into the wrong hands, but with immortal schemers around every corner, and
everyone out for themselves, shes not sure
who she can trustincluding Alex, a
dashing young American, and David,
who turns up when least expected.

DeBruce does a lovely job of

drawing on historical lore,
local atmosphere, and the
post-Soviet era (marvel at the brick-size
mobile telephone!), but the somewhat
convoluted plot and frequent twists can
make the narrative hard to follow. Some
characters come off as flat or inscrutable,
and the inconclusive ending lands abruptly. Ages 12up.

Hamster S.A.M.: Odd-ventures in
Dave McDonald. DM Creative/Sweet Corn
(, $9.99 paper ISBN

McDonald has clearly never met a pun

he couldnt put to good use, and he packs
the pages of this graphic novel with
them, along with plenty of pratfalls,
groaners, and gags. Illustrated in b&w in
a style that slots somewhere between
SquarePants and
Walt Kellys
Pogo comics,
the story introduces an overserious classroom hamster
named Sam
with a double
life as an agent
with the Secret
Adventure Patrol. After receiving a mission that will take him to the Hamsternational Space Station, Sam falls in with a
wisecracking, mullet-wearing mouse
named Fescue, and the two are on their
way into space (in an outhouse strapped
to a booster rocket). Potty humor and
slapstick are abundant (Sam winds up
covered with bird droppings, molten
cheese, and the contents of a clogged toilet at various points), and Sam and Fescue
gleefully mug for readers as they deliver
their punchlines (Now thats how you
blow a nose! cheers Sam after they take
out a nose-shaped enemy spaceship, the
Schnozzola-3000). A lighthearted interview with real-life astronaut Gregory H.
Johnson closes out this proudly goofy adventure. Ages 7up.

W W W . P U B L I S H E R S W E E K L Y . C O M 161

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