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Madeline Johnson Topic: Injury Induced Hand Dominance Transfer (I-IHDT)

January 9, 2014

During the course of the week I have continued to read the piece I found a few weeks ago written by a graduate student in 2010, Injury-Induced Hand Dominance Transfer. This article is really helpful because it relates exactly to what I am interested in. The section of the article I have recently been reading talks about how research shows that having evaluations of previous handwriting makes it easier to help patients in hand dominance transfer and assess the true difference in dexterity and other factors from left to right. The article also talks about graphonomics, the study of handwritten output and the factors of handwriting, such as speed and legibility. I have taken away from that that more accurate evaluations of writing creates better intervention to help those who face I-IHDT. The next section I have just begun to read talks about neuroplasticity and how it affects the difficulty for certain people to be able to have an easier hand dominance transfer than patients that are older. I have been really intrigued by this idea and wonder if there is any way to preserve ones neuroplasticity as they get older. Im finding this article really helpful in informing me and also in guiding me in a new and very interesting direction regarding my topic that I hadnt really thought that much about. This week I learned that reading is the most important task in this class for me. By continuing to read more and more of my current article, Im not only learning more but getting more inspiration and ideas for what I could do with my passion for this topic. I have really been enjoying this article and have learned that even just one article can stir up a lot of ideas and can connect to many different things. I have also learned that there are tons of people who actually are researching things related to my interests. At first I didnt think there were any scientists into this area of field, but after finding this article I have discovered that a whole works cited worth of scientists study this topic. This makes me a little less worried for finding a mentor because I now know there will be options of people that I can look up and contact. Article Read: Yancosek, Kathleen E. "Injury-Induced Hand Dominance Transfer." (2010): n. pag. Print. Search engines used: ScienceDirect Keywords used when doing searches: Human handedness, injury, dominance transfer A question that comes to mind is if the women who wrote this article is still researching in this field or if she has moved on to a different topic or research? Did she continue to research this topic after college? Are people currently trying to adapt the Handwriting for Heroes system to make it better and easier for the patients? Does age affect how easy a hand transfer is? A difficulty that I think I will come across is figuring out what I can do with my knowledge and passion for this topic and how I can find someone to contact as a mentor. I think that having a meeting next week will be helpful so Dr. Zung and I can discuss what I can do with my passion for this area and when I should really be starting my search for a mentor.