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Chemistry Lesson Plan

Elements of Chemistry: The Periodic Table1

Subject: Chemistry Grade level: 9-12 Author: Discovery ducation modi!ied by llen "och!ord Overview #ollo$in% this activity& students $ill be able to: 'denti!y ho$ to use a (eriodic table )(lain ho$ the table $as develo(ed )(lain $hy elements have s(eci!ic (ositions Standards Materials Describe the atomic structure o! an element *r%ani+e the !irst 1, elements o! the (eriodic table accordin% to their atomic mass& number o! electron shells& and valence electrons& then com(are their order $ithin the (eriodic table 'denti!y common (hysical (ro(erties and uses o! elements $ithin a !amily


-his !ul!ills 'ndiana State Standard SC'.C.2 2/1/ Atomic Structure and the Periodic -able !rom SC'.C.2.1 2/1/ throu%h SC'.C.2.0 2/1/. Elements of Chemistry: The Periodic Table video o '! not available& htt(:11$$$.youtube.com1$atch2 v3/""445Diom% Com(uter $ith 'nternet access Period table o Can use Periodic -able a((s 6e.%. 7uic8 Periodic -able o! lements9 'nde) cards o Pa(er can be used


1. Create a card !or each o! the !irst 1, elements includin% atomic number& element symbol& atomic name& and atomic mass. :ar8 co(ies to %ive a set to each %rou(. Cover u( all (eriodic tables in room. 2. "evie$ de!initions o! element and an atom. "evie$ structure o! atom& includin% the nucleus& (rotons& electrons& and neutrons. Choose an element 6Carbon9 and dram ;ohr<s model o! atom usin% atomic number and atomic mass. Point out electron shells includin% valence shell. =. Divide into %rou(s and based u(on !acts on card !ill in number o! (rotons& electrons& and neutrons> a model o! atom> number o! electron shells> and number o! valence electrons 5. ?ave each %rou( order cards !ollo$in% the rules as stated: Cards must be (laced in order o! atomic number

Ada(ted !rom htt(:11$$$.discoveryeducation.com1teachers1!ree-lesson(lans1elements-o!-chemistry-the-(eriodic-table.c!m

Atomic Structure @nit 1

Chemistry Lesson Plan

All cards in same column must have same number o! valence electrons All cards in same ro$ must have same number o! electron shells A. Bhen tas8 com(leted& reveal (eriodic table. 0. Point out that the (eriodic table is arran%ed by the same rules. )(lain that each ro$ is called a C(eriodD and each column is called a C%rou(D. lements in the same %rou( react similarly. E. )(lain the transition bloc8 o! metals. ,. Sho$ Fou-ube video e)(lainin% :endeleev<s develo(ment o! table& and ho$ he or%ani+ed it and (redicted elements. 9. Divide class into 5 %rou(s and assi%n each %rou( one o! the !ollo$in%: halo%ens& noble %ases& al8ali metals& and al8aline arth metals. 1/. Bithin each %rou( (artner u( and (ic8 one element that !alls into cate%ory and research (hysical (ro(erties includin%: density& boilin% (oint& meltin% (oint& and conductivity. 11. *nce each (artner %rou( done& revie$ research $ith lar%er %rou( and identi!y the common (hysical (ro(erties o! the cate%ory. 12. ?ave each lar%er %rou( share $hat $as learned. Assessment Assessment o! $hat electrons& (rotons& and neutrons are via short Gui+ at the be%innin% o! the second day $orth 1/ (oints. A (artici(ation (oints !or !illin% in inde) card $ith in!ormation !rom ste( = A (artici(ation (oints !or arran%in% the cards into the order o! the (eriodic table !ollo$in% directions %iven A (artici(ation (oints !or researchin% and sharin% in!ormation about the %rou(s $ithin the (eriod table 2A (oints (ossible

"etrived !rom htt(:11$$$.chemicool.com1 6accessed 112A1159


Atomic Structure @nit