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Nov, 2011


The technical information in this presentation has been prepared in accordance with the Canadian regulatory requirements set out in NI 43-101 and reviewed on behalf of the Company by Thomas A. Henricksen, PhD, a Qualified Person under NI 43-101.
Statements regarding the Company which are not historical facts are "forward-looking statements" that involve risks and uncertainties. Such information can generally be identified by the use of forwarding-looking wording such as "may", "expect", "estimate", "anticipate", "intend", "believe" and "continue" or the negative thereof or similar variations. Since forward-looking statements address future events and conditions, by their very nature, they involve inherent risks and uncertainties such as the risk that the closing may not occur for any reason. Actual results in each case could differ materially from those currently anticipated in such statements due to factors such as: (I) the inability of the parties to consummate the definitive letter agreement; (ii) fluctuation of mineral prices; (iii) a change in market conditions; (iv) the inability to produce the technical report for any reason whatsoever; and (v) the refusal of the Exchange to accept the proposed transaction for any reason whatsoever. Except as required by law, the Company does not intend to update any changes to such statements. Corizona: The tables, plans and sections herein are taken from previous work. Although this data is not 43-101 compliant it has been well prepared and appears to be consistent with data from known production records and check grab samples taken by the author. A re-sampling program is underway to verify this existing data. Although there was prior small scale production on the property the prospect is considered to be at an early exploration stage. Therefore the current sampling program will be carried out to be compliant with 43-101 standards, using the CIMM Best Practices procedures for exploration.

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(1) Sulliden Annual Report filed August 12, 1998, available on

Directors & Advisory Board

Edward Kelly, BBA, President & CEO / Director +20 years of management experience in sales, marketing and business development working in both private and public companies, +10 years working experience with Canadian public companies, Turn-around specialist who has rescued several private ventures, with corporate restructuring increasing sales by over 110% in 3 years, +3 years working in Peru. George Moen, B.Com. Chief Operating Officer Founder of Sandwich Tree & grew +100 locations across Canada, Former President of Blenz Coffee & grew the business to over 100 locations internationally, Co-Founder & serial entrepreneur of many successful businesses, including Rapid Time Networks, and High Output Business Networking.

Sharon Muzzin, CA, Chief Financial Officer Ms. Muzzin has been a Senior Consultant of Malaspina Consultants Inc. since September 2005. She has over 25 years of experience providing management services to both private and public entities including several public companies in the mining industry. She is a Chartered Accountant.
Thomas Henricksen, Ph.D, Director & Chief Geologist Peru 33 years of mineral exploration experience; former Chief Geologist for Norsemont Mining Inc., initiating and managing the exploration of the Constancia porphyry copper deposit.

Ren Wiliams, BA, MIB, VP Operations Peru President & CEO of Canadian Mining SA, based in Lima, Ren is Inca Ones Mining & Production Operator in Peru. Over 12 years experience in the mining industry specifically including; leading, managing and delivering on all aspects of a mines life cycle. 8 years experience working for international mining and exploration companies in Peru.
George Young, Chief Metallurgist Metallurgist and a mining lawyer, with significant experience in mining development In Latin America. +35 years of experience in the industry, serving previously as VP and Director of International Royalty Corp., President of MAG Silver Corp. Paul Matysek, M.Sc. P.Geo, Advisory Board Former President & CEO of Potash One where he successfully transacted the company for $454M to K+S Canada. Founder & CEO of Energy Metals Corp., where he helped grow from a market cap of $10M to its acquisition for $1.8B Executive capacity for several exploration & development companies including First Quantum Minerals, First Majestic, Energy Metals & Lithium One.

Other Directors

Gunther Roehling, Director Oliver Foeste, Director Phu Van Bui, B.Sc, Director Robert McMorran, Director James L. Harris, LLB, Corp Secretary

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Become the largest custom gold ore processor in Peru, through acquiring, upgrading, and increasing production at existing and newly-acquired milling facilities, providing attractive returns on capital and
tremendous share price growth.
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Share Structure

As of Nov 1, 2013

Issued & Outstanding

Warrants Options Fully Diluted Cash Market Cap 52 Week Range Ownership

43.5 M
10.2 M 4.1 M 57.8 M $400,000 $4.5 M $0.065 - $0.13 24%

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The Business Opportunity

Peru Formalization

Government of Peru was losing tax and royalty revenues from small mines exporting under the radar screen Recently instituted formalization process will require all mines to process ores through a recognized, permitted, mill facility. Inca One has identified mills to acquire whose owners cannot navigate the permitting process Many small miners have been identified and have applied for formalization, and will need to ship their ores to an approved mill, presenting an outstanding opportunity for Inca Ones shareholders.

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Strategic Locations for Mill Acquisitions

Top 6 Regions For Mines Applying for Formalization

Region 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Arequipa Ayacucho Puno Apurimac La Libertad Piura Number of Mines 13,709 7,969 6,130 5,846 5,203 2,128

**Internal Numbers Provided by Ministry of Energy and Mines of Peru**

Toll milling of the high grade ores is quite lucrative. Many sub-standard mills are in place that are in need of upgrading, a task usually best suited to expatriates, and which otherwise represent a low capital investment relative to the upside from the cash flow.


4 3

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A Window of Opportunity
New Mining Policy

Presents Opportunity

Increased Demand for Legally Compliant OreProcessing Increases Government Tax Revenues.
Reported $500 Million

New Government Formalizes & Regulates the Artisanal Mining Sector

New Mining Laws in Force Since April 2012

Environmental Protection

Improves Working Conditions

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Chala One Processing Plant

- Newly acquired gold ore processing plant

- Upgrades underway to improve ore processing efficiency - Currently operating at 25 TPD, ramping up to 50 TPD with proceeds of current
financing; can be permitted for up to 350 TPD

- 620km south of Lima, Peru in the mining intensive region of Chala - Provides capacity for immediate cash flow & growth, irrespective of gold prices.
45 acres of land for ample growth opportunities

At 50 TPD, Chala One would generate $4.3M in gross operating profit

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Chala One Mill Feed

- Local and regional small miners consistently produce ores grading
in excess of 1 ounce of gold per ton

- Processing terms give Inca One a minimum $250/ton operating

margin at the mill with ore grades over 0.8 ounces per ton

- Inca One intends to become the processor of choice by offering

superior service and conditions amenable to North American standards

- Reduce payment to ore providers from 20 days to 3 days with

professional ore testing practices

- Offer additional services such as technical (geology) and legal

(formalization process) in turn for off take contracts

- Help increase their production through modern mining methods

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Chala One Metallurgy

- Mill feed is easy and clean containing free gold - Simple crushing, coarse grinding, vat leaching and CIL
processing produces ~90-92% recovery and allows flexible scheduling options

- Any high grade tailings can be stored separately in the tailings

pond for later re-processing for Inca Ones account

At present, Inca One will be selling a loaded activated carbon. However, Inca One is currently reviewing the cost-benefit of selling Dore.
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Chala One Performance Model

Based on industry standard of:
$250 Gross Operating Profit (GOP) per tonne $770 Market Cap per tonne milled


Share Price

$2.25 $2.00

$1.50 $1.25


$0.60 $0.30
$13M MKT CAP $4.3M GOP
$26M MKT CAP $8.6M GOP

$0.75 $0.50 $0.25 $-

50 tpd
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100 tpd

200 tpd

350 tpd


Short Term Objectives

- Raise $2M in equity/debt financing to secure mill feed and upgrade Chala
One mill to 50 TPD
* Establish $4.3 million/year initial net cash flow rate at 50 TPD * Ramping up to 100 TPD in 2014 - Sign LOIs on two existing mills in strategic locations in Peru - Strengthen management team in Peru

- Solidify key relationships for ore supply with small scale mining
community leaders - List on Lima Stock Exchange

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Net Income Per Year

Net Income
(Million) Following Dynacors model at a Market Cap / ton milled of $574. $1.15/share

Market Cap

$35 $30 $25

$32.7 $28.9

$250 $200



$15 $10 $5 $0 Year 1
Average 81 TPD
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$Year 2
275 TPD

Year 3
475 TPD

Year 4
675 TPD

Year 5
888 TPD

Year 6
1,000 TPD


Long Term Objectives

- Raise $15M in equity/debt financing to increase capacity at Chala One and
Future Plants 2 & 3 to 100TPD, as well secure mill feed taking company wide operations to 300TPD.

- Continue the growth profile by acquiring & upgrading 5 producing toll

milling facilities within 5 years and increase production to over 1000 TPD
At 1000 TPD, generate $30 - $50 million in Net Income

- Eventually, with increasing milling capacity, become the small-scale miners

company of choice for legal, environmental, and technical guidance for partnerships and guaranteed ore supply

- Become the processor of choice by offering superior service and conditions

amenable to North American standards

- Become the investment of choice for Peruvian pension funds

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- 2nd largest producer of silver - 3rd largest producer of copper

and zinc

- 6th largest producer of gold - Mining provides 64% of the

nation's exports

Idealistic Framework
Mining companies may legally continue to work for up to 2 years, while they perform the necessary studies and paperwork to be granted a Small Miners Permits for up to 350 tons per day.

- US$53B investment expected

over the next decade

- Only country in South America

serious about formalizing small scale mining sector

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Head Office
1125 - 595 Howe Street Vancouver, British Columbia Canada, V6C 2T5 Tel: (604) 568-4877 Fax: (604) 569-1604

Peru Office
Dos de Mayo 516 Office 308 Miraflores, Lima 18 - Peru Tel: +51 1 221 9849

Investor Relations
kin communications Tel: (604) 684-6730 TF: 1-866-684-6730 E:

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