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ANDE - ANDE LUMUT ( From East Java ) Once upon a time, there were two kingdoms, Kediri and

Jenggala. Both kingdoms came from a kingdom called Kahuripan. The king grants the kingdom split into two to avoid a civil war. But before he died told the king grants that the two kingdoms should be put back together. So the two kings had agreed to reunite the two kingdoms by marrying crown prince Jenggala, Raden Panji Asmarabangun with daughter Kediri, Dewi Sekartaji. Sekartaji stepmother, Kediri royal concubine, does not want to marry Sekartaji Raden Panji because she wants her own biological daughter who later became queen Jenggala. So she locked up and hide Sekartaji and her mother. At the time of Raden Panji come to Kediri to marry Sekartaji, daughter disappeared. Raden Panji very disappointed. Sekartaji stepmother persuaded him to remain married to her daughter as a replacement Sekartaji, but Raden Panji refused. Raden Panji and then wander. He changed his name to Ande Ande Lumut. One day he arrived in the village Dadapan. He meets a divorce who was called Mbok Randa Dadapan. Mbok Randa raised as a child and since then he has lived in the house Mbok Randa. Ande Ande Lumut then asked her to adoptive him to announce that he is looking for potential wives. So come many girls from villages around Dadapan to apply Ande Ande Lumut. No one he received as his wife. Meanwhile, Sekartaji sekapan managed to extricate himself from his stepmother. He intends to find Raden Panji. He wandered until he reached the house of a divorce who has three girls, Klenting merah, Klenting hijau and the youngest Klenting biru. Divorced mother received heras a child and her named is Klenting kuning. Klenting kuning asked to complete daily work of cleaning the house, washing clothes and kitchen utensils. On a day of exhaustion Klenting kuning cry. Suddenly came a large crane. Klenting kuning almost running scared.

The crane : "Do not be afraid, I have come to help." Stork was then flicked its wings and clothing should be washed Klenting kuning turned into net. The kitchen appliances are also cleaned. After that storks fly back. Stork came back every day to help Klenting kuning. One day the stork tells Ande Ande Lumut to Klenting kuning and told him to go apply. Klenting kuning asked her adoptive mother for permission to go to Dadapan. Her mother let her go when the job is complete. She also accidentally told Klenting kuning wash clothes as much as possible so she cant go. Meanwhile the divorce took the three daughters to Dadapan to apply Ande Ande Lumut. On the way they came to a wide river. There is no bridge or boat across. They are confused. Then they saw a giant crab to them. Yuyu kangkang : "My name is Yuyu Kangkang. Do you want me to crossing you. Klenting hijau Yuyu kangkang : Of course we want ! :" Ok but you have to give in return."

Klentings mother : "Do you want money? How much? " Yuyu kangkang :" I dont want your money. I want your beautiful daughter . I want them to kiss me.

They were shocked to hear the answer Yuyu Kangkang. But they do not have any other choice. Finally they agreed. The giant crab take across them one by one and they give him a kiss in return. At home mbok Randa, they asked for a meeting with the Ande Ande Lumut. Mbok Randa knocked Ande Ande Lumut room.

Mbok Randa

: "My son, behold, these beautiful girls wanted to propose, choose one as your wife.

Ande Ande Lumut :" Mother tell them I dont want to take a lover Yuyu Kangkang as my wife." Mother and second daughter was surprised to hear the answer Ande ande Lumut. How did the young man know that they had met with the giant crab? (With them went home disappointed.) At home, Klenting kuning have completed all the tasks with the help of a magical stork. The stork gave him a stick. When her adoptive mother back, once again she asking for a permission to go to Ande Ande Lumut. Adoptive mother had allowed, but she accidentally put chicken shit into the back of the Klenting kuning. So Klenting kuning go, She came to a large river. The giant crab came to offer her across the river. Yuyu kangkang you? : " Hey pretty girl, do you want me to crossing

Klenting kuning : no thanks Yuyu Kangkang : "Come on, you do not have to pay, plenty a ki ... Ouch! " Klenting kuning whip Yuyu Kangkang with the stick stork delivery. The giant crab was running scared. Klenting kuning then approached the edge of the river and whip her stick again. Water river open, and she could walk to the other side of the river. Klenting kuning finally arrived Mbok Randas house. Mbok randa accept her with wrinkling her nose, because clothes Klething Kuning smell like chicken manure. She also invited the girl came in and she went to the room Ande Ande Lumut. Mbok randa : "Ande my son, there was a beautiful girl, but you do not need to see her. Her clothes smell, like

the smell of chicken manure. I told her to go home. " Ande ande lumut : "I will meet her, Mom," Mbok randa : "But ... she ..., " Ande ande lumut : "She was the only girl who cross without assistance Yuyu Kangkang, mother. Is the girl, I've been waiting for this. " Mbok Randa was silent. He followed the Ande Ande Lumut to see her. Klenting kuning surprised to see Ande Ande Lumut is her fiance, Raden Panji Asmarabangun. Ande - Ande lumut : "Sekartaji, finally we meet again," Raden Panji then bring Dewi Sekartaji and Mbok randa to Jenggala. Raden Panji and Dewi Sekartaji were married. Kingdom of Kediri and Jenggala were reunited.


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