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Work B.C.

Letter of intent for * Career training * Medical Devices Reprocessing Technician Course

I have a strong interest in pursuing a career in the medical field. Over a year ago I was enrolled in the Healthcare Assistant Course at Okanagan College. I had to withdraw from the course to care for my elderly widowed mother who had a serious life threating medical condition, requiring a full-time caregiver to sustain safety on a round the clock basis. When I withdrew from the course I

had to use the money that was given to me to take the course (as a gift by my mother) to live on, as I could not work while caring for her, I moved in with her so I could be there to help her. She appeared to be making some improvement and I returned to a part-time job. I was working 16 hours a week as a cashier at Extra- Foods across the street from her home. After about one month of employment, I was left no other choice but to leave my employment as she had a stroke and her mental capacity was affected to the point where she need so much help doing activities of daily living. The Neurologist diagnosed her with Early Alzheimers disease. Her condition was worsening rapidly and became very exhausting caring for her. She refused any outside help. I am the only family member living in Kelowna as other family members live out east in Ontario and New Brunswick. I came to the realization that I could not care for her anymore on my own, as I needed to return to the workforce. Looking into a care home I realized that there was a long wait to obtain a placement. Having no income, she could no longer afford to have me there and cover the cost of me being there or the cost of bringing care into the home as her funds where dwindling. I had signed up to the Work B.C. program to see what might be available for training. Many of my jobs in the past where part-time as it was difficult to find full-time work. My oldest daughter moved out, as she is now an adult. I always had to share accommodation with other people, as I could not afford a home on my own, as rents were too high. They informed me that there was training allowance for employment in high demand jobs with monetary security. Exactly what I need at this time. I was considering going back to the Healthcare Assistant Program I was enrolled in the previous year. I still had to figure out what to do for mom, as she could not be left alone. I attended a few of the Workshops when I was able to find someone to stay with her for a couple hours. There were many Hospital visits to the emergency department both necessary and some not- her excess worry about her health- she sometimes went there needlessly. We became well known to the Doctors and staff there. One of the Doctors informed me about a much-needed field of practice worth considering. He informed me that Medical Device reprocessor Technicians are in high demand and as the new Faculty of Medicine for UBC resides at KGH they are opening up MDR- departments there as well as in future they will need them in the new Heart and Surgical Centre- the first stage already in operation- the second stage opens in 2015 and it will be complete in 2017. He stated that fifteen operating theatres will be complete at this time and they predict that 600 open-heart surgeries will be performed yearly as well as many other coronary surgeries. They are currently hiring for these technicians and do not have enough. He explained to me what these technicians do and thought this would be a very good career choice. I continued my research in this field and discovered that this is in high demand throughout B.C. and all across Canada as well as worldwide. We have an epidemic of super bug problems particularly MRSA often contracted in Hospital settings due to lack of adequate sterilization and decontamination of surgical devices and proper asepsis in operating rooms- due to under staffing. I am a person whom values the proper care of people and I like to be a part of an important job in which I can make a vital difference in the lives of others. This really speaks strongly to my career interest.