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RAC Database Administration: Diagcollection.


Tuesday, April 02, 2013



RAC Database Administration

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GO is a script used to collect the diagnostic information from clusterware installation. The script provides you with additional information so that the Oracle Support can resolve problems. Invoking diagcollection script Step 1: Log in as Root Step 2: Set up the following environment variables # export ORACLE_BASE= /..../ # export ORACLE_HOME = /..../ # export ORA_CRS_HOME = /.../ Step 3: Run the script # cd $ORA_CRS_HOME/bin # ./ -collect


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Vinod's Blog on Oracle The script generates the following files in the local directory, basData_.tar.gz (contains logfiles from ORACLE_BASE/admin) crsData_.tar.gz (logs from $ORA_CRS_HOME/log/) ocrData_.tar.gz (results of ocrcheck, ocrdump and ocr backups) oraData_.tar.gz (logs from $ORACLE_HOME/log/) To collect only subset of log files , you can invoke as follows, # ./ -collect -crs (CRS log files) # ./ -collect -oh (ORACLE_HOME logfiles) # ./ -collect -ob (ORACLE_BASE logfiles) # ./ -collect -all (default) To clean out the files generated from the last run # ./ -clean To extract only the core files found in the generated files and store it in a text file, # ./ -coreanalyze

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RAC Database Administration:

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