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Volume 1 February 2014

Knowing What We Do!

Now in 3D: The Future of Brain Research >>> pg. 6 Theres an APP for That!>>> pg. 5 Brain Injury as !ignificant"y Affecte# $y %ife Four Ti&es >>>pg. '( B)) )a"en#ar >>> pg. '* + ', -#son .e/s >>> pg. 0 Tren#ing in Professiona" !ports: )oncussion %a/suits >>> pg. *' A#1ertise /ith us! >>> pg. 2 Ac3no/"e#ge&ents>>>pg. **
On January 14, 2014, the Honourable Anne McLellan, OC PC, former Deputy Prime Mini ter of Cana!a an! Director of the "#L$% #!monton Community &oar!, pre ente! a che'ue for (1),000 from "#L$% to &rain Care Centre at our #!monton office* "he che'ue !emon trate! "#L$%+ upport for &CC+ Assisti1e 4e1ice Training Progra&. &CC ,ill u e the -rant to e'uip our in tructional pro-ram ,ith the late t technolo-y uch a .Pa! , cell phone , oft,are, etc* "he -rant ,ill al o upport the trainin- of taff on the ne, e'uipment* All in all, it ,ill -reatly ai! &CC+ A i ti/e De/ice "rainin- Pro-ram an! help client achie/e a -reater 'uality of life an! fo ter in!epen!ence ,ith the u e of technolo-y* "he "#L$% upport ,a in

4r. 5arnet )u&&ings an# 4irector of Fun# 4e1e"op&ent6 !te1e Boy#6 accept the grant fro& The onoura7"e Anne $c%e""an6 P.).6 8.). /ho ser1es on the Te"us -#&onton )o&&unity Foun#ation Boar#.

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re pon e to a -rant application by &CC to "#L$%+ Community &oar! in late 0all 2011* "#L$% Community &oar! pro/i!e fun!in- of up to (20,000 to charitie in the ma2or re-ion in ,hich "#L$% !oe bu ine * &CC -reatly appreciate "elu + #!monton Community &oar!+ upport of our pro-rammin- re'ue t* 3u!o to "elu 4

Board of Directors >>>

Presi#ent Treasurer !ecretary )hief Financia" 8fficer $e&7er at %arge $e&7er at %arge 4irector 4irector !tephanie Bo"#t Ryan Barry Tracy 4es%aurier @ait"in )"uff Bruce irsche6 A.). Auentin Ranson .ancy -. )u&&ing Frances Binger

Brain Care Centre Staff Directory >>>

Executive Director "#erations $anager "''ice Coordinator Director o' Fund Develo#ment Client (ervices $anager (ervice Coordinator /nta+e Coordinator0 (ervice Coordinator (ervice Coordinator (ervice Coordinator (ervice Coordinator "ccu#ational 5)era#ist %ead (u##ort Facilitator0Counsellor (u##ort Facilitator0Counsellor Community %iving Coordinator ,e)abilitation 5)era#y 4ssistant Volunteer Coordinator Community Engagement Coordinator<(ignature Events (ervice0(u##ort Coordinator C4=CC 8 Edson (ervice Coordinator 8 Edson Dr. Garnet Cummings %ouise &ensen ()amim *)anb)ai (teve :oyd $i+e ,yan -icole (avignac $adison (teele 1eidi $ast &ulie 1anson 4dam Grimmelt (te#)anie (ilva 5eresa %a,oc7ue89al+er %isa :aranies+i &ean ,oy %arissa (t.4rnaud &anine 5remblay 4ndrea Carroll =a#irny 5annis 4rsenault %aura (ee Ext 1 0 Ext 112 Ext 110 Ext 11; Ext 124 Ext 11. Ext. 114 Ext 122 Ext 122 Ext 11 Ext 126 Ext 12 Ext 112 Ext 12. Ext 12; Ext 1 Ext 111
>?60@?128 241 >?60@?1282?62

gcummings! admin! s)amim! steve! mi+e! nicole! madison! )eidi! 3ulie! adam! ste#)anie! teresa! lisa! 3ean! larissa! 3anine! events! tannis! laura!

9**: Roya" A"e; P"ace

'('(6 < ''' A1e -#&onton AB T55 (B2

Phone: =0(>2==>=5=5 To"" Free: '>0((>2*5>555* Fa;: =0(>2=2>22'5

$ai"ing a##ress Bo; ,('(5 -#son6 AB T=- '?*

!treet a##ress 5*2>5( !treet -#son6 AB

To"" free: '>066>='*>=56( Fa;: =0(>='*>=56=


CCCDn#e"i1era7"e &ai" can 7e returne# to the a##ress a7o1e.

Message from BCCs Executive Director

. hope that e/eryone ha! a afe an! memorable Chri tma %ea on an! my be t ,i he for a happy an! healthy 2014* .n late 7o/ember, our ne, 0un! De/elopment Director %tephen &oy! an! . met ,ith John Day, an! #!monton la,yer ,ith bu ine intere t in Ja per* John i al o /ery in/ol/e! ,ith the Marmot &a in 8e ort 9roup in Ja per* One of the item ,e !i cu e! ,ith John ,a ho, the &rain Care Centre coul! become in/ol/e! in the Ja per in January e/ent thi year* John facilitate! a pro2ect ,ith the Marmot &a in team to encoura-e helmet afety ,hile :iin-* An!rea Papirny, the Centre+ #/ent Coor!inator, ,ent to Ja per early in January to meet ,ith the taff at Marmot %:i re ort an! coor!inate the lo-i tic of our in/ol/ement* A a re ult of that meetin-, &CC ,ith be ,or:in- ,ith Marmot %:i 8e ort on t,o ,ee:en! !urin- Ja per in January to promote a,arene a,arene about concu ion an! helmet u e on the :i hill by :ier an! no,boar!er * An campai-n ,a !e/elope! by &CC taff calle! the ;<Lu/urbrain Campai-n*= %taff from the

4r. 5arnet )u&&ings -;ecuti1e 4irector

#!monton an! #! on office of &CC ,ill be in Ja per on the ,ee:en! of January 2)th an! 0ebruary 1 t to launch thi pro-ram* %taff ,ill pre ent a concu ion in> er/ice to the :i patrol an! ,ill ,or: ,ith the rental taff to a i t an! teach the correct ,ay to fit a helmet* "he pecific -oal of the ;<Lu/urbrain campai-n= are? "o pro/i!e e!ucation to the taff of Marmot &a in about helmet afety, ho, to properly fit a helmet an! concu ion e!ucation* "he campai-n ,ill e!ucate @remin! taff at Marmot &a in, one of Cana!a+ lea!in- :i@ no,boar! re ort , about the importance of fittina helmet properly, concu ion pre/ention, an! e'uip them ,ith the :no,le!-e on ,hat to !o if omeone u tain a blo, to the hea!* "hi :no,le!-e ,ill enhance the :ill et of the Marmot &a in taff an! potentially impro/e the outcome in the e/ent of an in2ury* "o promote the <Lu/urbrain Campai-n, focu in- on helmet fittin-, concu ion e!ucation an! ,hy i it mart to ,ear a helmet* "hrou-h the u e of ocial me!ia an! a conte t to -i/e a,ay cool priAe , &CC can -enerate po iti/e thin:in- an! !ra, attention to concu ion pre/ention an! mana-ement* "o promote &rain Care Centre a the lea!er of brain care, the local community re ource in the Ja per re-ion for pre/ention e!ucation an! upport er/ice for per on impacte! by ac'uire! brain in2ury* "here are many people that u tain a traumatic brain in2ury, ,hether it i mil! or mo!erate, ,ho !o not :no, ,hat to !o or ,here to -o for upport* &CC pro/i!e that upportB ,e ,ant people to :no, more about u , inclu!in- ,here an! ho, ,e can be reache!* "he <Lu/urbrain Campai-n= conte t ,inner an! picture from Ja per ,ill appear in the neCt i ue of Co-no co*

A#1ertising !pace
Business )ar# 'H2 Page 'H, Page a"f Page Fu"" Page E(.'*5F E(.*5F E(.,,F E(.5F E'F

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Di tribution of thi publication i anticipate! to be a minimum of 1100 copie per i ue* "he !i tribution area reache from #!monton an! urroun!in- area to Ja per an! urroun!in- area * Co-no co i not only printe!, but ho te! on our ,eb ite 5,,,*braincarecentre*com6 an! po te! on our ocial me!ia ite *

G'(( G*(( G*=( G2(( G0((

G,(( G6(( G0'( G'6*(( G*62((

Message From The President >>>

A hu-e than: you to e/eryone ,ho upporte! &rain Care Centre+ Defy Limitation 9ala on 7o/ember J4 Hhether it ,a throu-h atten!in-, !onatin- auction item , /olunteerin-, or financial upport, e/ery part ,a inte-ral to the ucce of our 9ala* . hope you foun! it to be a fun ni-ht but al o an informati/e

ni-ht* "han: al o to the &rain Care Centre taff for all their har! ,or: an! the eCtra hour put in for the 9ala, a ,ell a the amaAin- ,or: they !o each an! e/ery !ay at &rain Care Centre* On behalf of the &oar!, . ,oul! al o li:e to than: Ly!ia 3a,un for her time ,ith the &rain Care Centre &oar! of Director * Ly!ia ha ta:en on a number of role !urin- her er/ice on the &oar! inclu!in- Pre i!ent, Pa t Pre i!ent, an! %ecretary* A a care-i/er, brain in2ury i omethin- that i /ery near to Ly!ia+ heart an! ,e are -rateful for the in i-ht an! !e!ication he pro/i!e! a a &oar! Member* Boar# of 4irectors Presi#ent !tephanie Bo"#t

Welcome! >>>

.ico"e !a1ignac6 B!c.

A#a& 5ri&&e"t6 B.A.

7icole 2oine! the &rain Care Centre team in October 2011 a a %er/ice Coor!inator an! i currently an acti/e member of our concu ion pro-ram* Prior to comin- to &rain Care Centre, 7icole ,or:e! a a !i ability upport ,or:er a ,ell a a re earch a i tant at the $ni/er ity of Alberta*

A!am 2oine! the &rain Care Centre team in January a a %er/ice Coor!inator @ %upport 0acilitator* He brin- ,ith him a /ariety of intere t , a ,ell a hi eCperience a a Douth an! 0amily Coun ellor *

.n the pa t, &CC ha ha! a rotary line y tem, ,hich ,oul! ho, the Centre i mo/in- to a Eoice number li te! belo, in your caller .D* Plea e !i continue !ialin- the e phone o/er .P phone y tem* number , a they ,ill no lon-er connect to &CC* FG0 4FF F)F) i no, the only phone FG0 4F4 )IFG number for &CC+ main line* Hith the FG0 4FF FJ1I ne, y tem, thi number can ea ily FG0 4FJ 1211

A..8D.)-$-.T < .-I P 8.- !?!T-$! .n late January, &rain Care

carry fi/e concurrent call *

FG0 4FJ 1F)F FG0 4FJ 1J04 FG0 4FJ 41)1 "o 0aC &rain Care Centre, plea e continue to !ial FG0 4F4 441)* Don+t ,ait4 Call FG0 4FF F)F) no, an! try out &CC+ ne, phone y tem4

Now in 3D: The Future of Brain Research >>>

&y &rienne Mc3enAie, M%c, Online Eolunteer

$nra/elin- the my terie of the human brain, the miniature brain or-anoi! brain i tric:ier than it oun! * Hi!ely con i!ere! the mo t complicate! or-an in the bo!y, the a/era-e a!ult brain ha o/er 1F0 billion cell pac:e! into an area not much bi--er than a ba eball1* .t i a hi-hly or-aniAe! y tem, ,ith an intricate cellular tructure, -i/in- ri e to a compleC 1>D or-an* 0or cienti t , tu!yin- the brain po e uni'ue challen-e * #Caminin- i olate! cell in a !i h eliminate the brain+ compleC architecture, an! animal mo!el often fail to accurately repro!uce human !i ea e * CompleC computer mo!elin- tool are pro-re in- rapi!ly, but are no ub titute for tu!yin- !i ea e in a biolo-ical y tem* %o ho, !o cienti t tu!y !i ea e that !i rupt the !elicate !e/elopment of the human brainK #arlier thi year, cienti t from the .n titute of Molecular &iotechnolo-y of the Au trian Aca!emy of %cience in Eienna ma!e a hu-e leap for,ar! for the fiel! ,hen they ucce fully -enerate! a elf>or-aniAin-, 1>D mini> brain, or ;brain or-anoi!= in their laboratory2* Only 4mm in iAe, the e tiny brain or-anoi! pac: a bi- impact for brain re earcher aroun! the ,orl!1* Le! by enior author Dr* Juer-en 3noblich, the Au trian team ho,e! that the 1D brain or-anoi! re emble human brain in e/eral important ,ay * Ju t li:e the !e/elopin- human contain a hot pot ,here neuron are born !eep in i!e the brain* A it !e/elop an! -ro, , the or-anoi! pro!uce a layere! pectrum of eC'ui itely or-aniAe! cell , from early pro-enitor cell to fully !e/elope! neuron * Hith uch :ey imilaritie to the human brain, the e miniature brain or-anoi! ,ill be /aluable mo!el in the 'ue t to un!er tan! brain !i ea e * Under highly controlled growth conditions, these cells can form brain progenitor cells that selfassemble into pea-sized brain organoids. "he :ey to the brain or-anoi!+ ucce i the in!uce! pluripotent tem cell* Pluripotency !e cribe the tate ,hen a in-le cell can !e/elop into many other type of cell * 0or in tance, a pluripotent cell coul! become a mu cle, :in or brain cell* $nli:e embryonic tem cell , in!uce! pluripotent tem cell are ma!e from a!ult :in cell * 9enetic fine>tuninenable re earcher to coaC the e !ifferentiate! a!ult cell into a more embryonic tem cell>li:e tate* "hi tate, :no,n a pluripotency, enable cell to !ifferentiate into a /ariety of !au-hter cell , inclu!in- neuron an! other brain cell * "o ma:e the brain or-anoi!, cienti t u e! :in ample from a!ult human an! -enetically coaCe! them bac: into a pluripotent tate* $n!er hi-hly controlle! -ro,th con!ition , the e cell can form brain pro-enitor cell

that elf>a emble into pea> iAe! brain or-anoi! * "heAu trian team al o te te! ,hether :in cell from patient ,ith brain !i ea e ,oul! pro!uce brain or-anoi! that recapitulate! a !onor+ !i ea e* 8emar:ably, :in cell from a patient ,ith microencephaly 5a !e/elopmental brain !i ea e6 ,ere tran forme! into a brain or-anoi! that ,a it elf abnormal compare! to healthy control * . the brain or-anoi! the perfect mo!elK 7ot 'uite yet* Hithout bloo! /e el to upply oCy-en an! nutrient , the brain or-anoi! remain tiny, an! !oe not yet recapitulate the full compleCity of the human brain+ 1> D tructure* 7onethele , the brain or-anoi! ha earne! it place in cientific hi tory a a hu-e tep for,ar! in the battle to un!er tan! brain !i ea e*
0or more information, the ori-inal re earch cite! in thi article i foun! here?




AAe/e!o, 0*A*, et al. #'ual number of neuronal an! nonneuronal cell ma:e the human brain an i ometrically cale!>up primate brain* The Journal of comparative neurology5',, )12>)41 5200J6* Lanca ter, M*A*, et al. Cerebral or-anoi! mo!el human brain !e/elopment an! microcephaly* Nature5(', 1F1>1FJ 520116* &ru tle, O* De/elopmental neuro cience? Miniature human brain * Nature5(', 11J> 120 520116*

.et/or3s .e/s >>>

7et,or: Acti/ity Centre ,ill be hol!in- it econ! annual %prin- 0lin- 0un!rai er on %atur!ay March 22n!, 2014 at 0inna-an &ar &i tro an! &illiar! locate! at 11)I0 0ort 8oa!, #!monton* "ic:et are (10 each ,hich inclu!e co/er char-e an! a complimentary hi>ball or 12oA !raft* Door open at Fpm 5:i! ,elcome until Gpm6* "here ,ill be a ilent auction, )0@)0 !ra, an! raffle priAe * All are ,elcome4 Procee! ,ill -o to purcha e ne, electronic for 7et,or: Acti/ity Centre* .f you ha/e any ilent auction item to !onate, or if you are intere te! in purcha in- tic:et , plea e contact Chel ea at FG0>4F4>11I1*

Christmas Celebration >>>

On "hur !ay December )th, 2011, &rain Care Centre, in partner hip ,ith 7et,or: Acti/ity Centre an! HJ%, ho te! the annual Chri tma Celebration* %taff an! client en2oye! a ma-ical e/enin- complete ,ith a plate! tur:ey !inner, carollin- an! priAe * Photo Cre!it? $mar Junai!

Edson News >>>

By Tannis Arsenau"t6 !er1ice )oor#inator6 -#son

)o&&unity Access for Persons In )ontinuing )are< the )AP)) Progra&

CAPCC pro/i!e upport to people li/in- in continuin- care ,ho are ocially an! culturally i olate!* .t i primarily uch a M%, brain focu e! on tho e un!er I) year ol! li/in- in lon- term care facilitie ,ho can communicate their preference throu-h peech or bo!y lan-ua-e* "hi pro-ram i for tho e impacte! by a ran-e of !i abilitie in2ury, mental health !i or!er , or any combination* O/er the pa t fi/e year a the CAPCC coor!inator, . ha/e upporte! many client from Ja per, Hinton, #! on an! Drayton Ealley* . ha/e a i te! them ,ith plannin- trip , tran portation, a i tance for hoppin-, recreation uch a ,immin-, playin- !art , :arao:e ni-ht , an! lon- ,al: in community M often ,ith one on one taffin- a i tance* . coor!inate the in/ol/ement of companion 5u ually from lon->term care centre 6 to !e/elop an! implement er/ice plan that meet the nee! of the client * 3>&ri %olution in Drayton Ealley i an eCample of a local a-ency that pro/i!e upport taff ,ho ma:e the e plan a reality, re ultin- in client ha/in- a couple of hour of taffe! outin- e/ery ,ee:* Client really en2oy ha/in- thi er/ice to acce acti/itie that they other,i e coul! not* . continue to monitor an! chan-e plan for client to match their life tyle choice * Human Services - Disability Policy and Supports Division provides annual funding to !! for the !"P!! program.

:rain Care Center Edson (u##ort Grou#

Location? &CC Office> #! on Meetin- are hel! e/ery fir t an! thir! He!ne !ay of the month from 1pm to 1pmB the -roup !oe not meet !urin- the ummer month of July an! Au-u t* "he -roup upport in!i/i!ual an! familie affecte! by a brain in2ury* .f there are any concern or 'ue tion plea e contact Laura at the #! on &rain Care Center Office*
Fe7ruary 5th Fe7ruary ':th $arch 5th $arch ':th Apri" *n# Apri" '6th $ay =th $ay *'st 4rayton Ja""ey BI 5roup 0ir t an! "hir! Mon!ay of each month at Mitch+ <102 4141 )0 %treet, Drayton Ealley 1?00pm> 1?00pm

-#son !upport 5roup 0ir t an! thir! He!ne !ay of each month at &rain Care Centre #! on office )24> )0 %treet, #! on 1?00pm M 1?00pm

Phone? 1>GII>F12>F)I0 #mail? lauraLbraincarecentre*com

"hi phone booth i 'uite eccentric* .t i locate! in %ao Paulo, &raAil an! it i in the form of human brain* .t i the part of the

0or more information on the e -roup or er/ice pro/i!e! in #! on an! Drayton Ealley plea e contact &rain Care Centre "oll 0ree at 1>GII>F12>F)I0*

pro2ect ;Call Para!e= for creati/e phone booth *

%ource? http?@@artcoc:tail*mallforart *com@2012@11@art>eCterior>the>mo t>creati/e>phone>booth @

Alberta Caregiver College is a virtual college dedicated to providing courses to enhance the knowledge and skills of caregivers to provide for their family member. Upcoming courses
The Alberta Caregiver College offers courses for caregivers (family, friends or neighbors) of brain in ury and stroke survivors in the fall and spring. Courses are from 5:00 P.M. 7:00 P.M. and are held at the !lenrose "ehabilitation #ospital at $%&'%($$$ Avenue, )dmonton, and are available at various Telehealth sites across Alberta. The course is also available via webcast from your home * please indicate on your form whether you are attending via Telehealth at one of the sites or via webcasting.

Caregivers of Survivors of Brain Injury and S ro!e

Sessions Accessible via a Telehealth site or in your own home via Pilot Webcasting sessions.

There are many issues that caregivers of a brain in ury or stroke survivor may have to deal with when caring for their loved one.
Session " # $uesday% &pri' ((% (0") +ntroduction and ,verview of the Caregiver College Session ( # $uesday% &pri' (*% (0") -hysiological Aspects of .rain +n ury and /troke (0nderstanding .rain +n ury1/troke) Session + # $uesday% May ,% (0") 2unctional and 3obility +ssues after .rain +n ury1/troke (-hysical and ,ccupational "ehabilitation) Session ) # $uesday% May "+% (0") .rain +n ury ( The +nvisible +n ury (Cognitive and )motional Changes) Session 5 # $uesday% May (0% (0")

-or more informa ion or o regis er% call 56%(5'7(8&'& or e(mail 9ynda.3ar:ues;

/tress and Coping 2ollowing Traumatic Change and Chronic 4isability (Caring for the Caregiver) Session , # $uesday% May (7% (0") Community "esources for Caregivers of +ndividuals with .rain +n ury and /troke (Community "esources)

. became a %ocial Hor: tu!ent at &rain per onal torie of brain in2ury but their a!2u tin- to a per on+ po t> brain Care Centre on %eptember I, 2011 an! ha/e ha! the opportunity an! pri/ile-e of hearin- o many coura-eou torie of ur/i/al an! brain in2ury* . ha! not pre/iou ly ,or:e! ,ith people ,ho ha/e ac'uire! a brain in2ury an! ,a ea-er to learn from both taff an! -roup an! ob er/ation of client meetin- , . am -rateful to ha/e -aine! ome un!er tan!in- about taff an! client+ per pecti/e of the challen-e a ociate! ,ith brain in2ury* "he ,on!erful la!ie in ,omen+ -roup ha/e not only hare! ,ith me their pa ion in life* Hhen be-innin- my time in ,omen+ -roup, . ha! anticipate! that people may be un,illin- to hare their torie of brain in2ury ,ith me a . !i! not ha/e a connection ,ith them yet* Ho,e/er, . 'uic:ly learne! that it ,a 'uite the effect brain in2ury ha on memory an! moti/ation an! ho, little i un!er too! re-ar!in- the !ifficultie face! by the per on ,ith a brain in2ury* "he a!/er ity that client ha/e o/ercome ha been in pirin- an! ha ho,n me ho, upport an! connection can help ,ith

in2ure! elf* . ,ill continue to ta:e ,ith me the :no,le!-e an! per i tence !emon trate! by taff an! client here at &rain Care Centre, applyin- it to my practice a a %ocial Hor:er* "han: you &CC for ai!in- my e!ucation* 8enee

client at &CC* "hrou-h my time pent in oppo ite* . ha/e learne! about the

Brain Injury Has Significantly Affected My Life Four Times>>>

&y 7icole Hall, Online Eolunteer My name i 7icole HallB . am a 24 year ol! 8e-ina, %a :* re i!ent* &rain in2ury ha i-nificantly affecte! my life four time * My 2ourney ,ith brain in2ury be-an in 1JJJ ,hen my -ran!ma ha! a tro:e* %he pent the neCt iC year in a rehabilitation facility before he pa e! a,ay from a brain blee! in the ummer of 200I* My -ran!ma ,a the fir t family member . ha! lo t, an! it impacte! me !eeply* in2ury* He !ie! ei-ht !ay later a a re ult of the in2urie he incurre! in the acci!ent*

.n 2012, my family an! . ,ere finally tartin- to ettle an! mo/e for,ar!* Li:e !N2O /u, ,e -ot a call about my !a!* He ha! been foun! !aAe! an! barely con ciou out i!e 8e-ina an! ,a bein- !ri/en into 8e-ina to the ho pital* My family ru he! to be ,ith him* My !a! en!e! "hen, in December 2002, . ,a up nee!in- a pecial type of brain in-in- Chri tma carol in my chool+ ur-ery M coilin- M an! ha! to be -ym an! -ot pulle! into the office by tran porte! by air ambulance to the principal ,ho ai! my !a! ,a on %a :atoon, %a :* My !a!+ reco/ery the phone* . thou-ht thi ,a o!!, he ,a e/eral ,ee: in %a :atoon, an! ha! ne/er calle! me at chool before* then more ,ee: in a 8e-ina My !a! tol! me that my mom ha! been Ho pital, before he ,ent home* Lon-> ta:en to the ho pital an! that my term, my !a! ha been able to return cou in ,a comin- to pic: u up* He ,or: almo t fulltime an! ha -one on ai! he lo/e! u an! then he hun- up* to compete in mountain bi:e race an! My brother an! . foun! out late that champion hip * ni-ht that my mom ha! eCperience! a brain aneury m rupture an! re'uire! ...the most unfair thing emer-ency brain ur-ery* My mom that has e er happened to pent the neCt year in .C$, the ho pital an! then Ha cana 8ehab Center me ! happened. before he came home* .t i 11 year later an! my mom till atten! ,ee:ly "hrou-hout the la t 1) year upport -roup meetin- an! ha ne/er brain in2ury ha ta:en many thin- from !ri/en a-ain nor -one bac: to ,or:* My me? my mom+ ability to be the ame entire family chan-e! that !ay, an! ,e mom he ,a before her brain in2ury, continue to !eal ,ith her in2ury e/ery my hi-h chool ,eetheart, my nai/ety !ay all the e year later* &rain in2urie 5. ha/e become ome,hat of a reali t6, are life>lon-* an! my ability to -o to my !a! ,ith .n 200F, . ha! 2u t -ra!uate! e/erythin- > . realiAe hi !aily tru--le from -ra!e 12 ,ith a cholar hip, an! are much more than mine* Ho,e/er, the mo t unfair thin- that ha e/er brain in2ury ha al o -i/en me a uni'ue happene! to me M happene!* My hi-h per pecti/e on life* . realiAe nothin- i chool ,eetheart ,a e/erely in2ure! permanent no matter ho, many plan in hi-h,ay auto colli ion an! en!e! up ,e may ma:e or i!ea ,e ha/e about uncon ciou in the .C$ ,ith a brain ,hat ,e thin: i fair* "hrou-h my

Photo: My family at my youn-er brother 3ri topher+ -ra!uation in 2011* My !a! 3im, my -ran!pa 7orman, my mom Monica, my brother 3ri topher an! my elf are in the photo *

encounter ,ith brain in2ury . ha/e learne! to be in!epen!ent, con i!erate an! elfle B .+/e al,ay put my family an! other fir t* . no, ,or: at a chil! !e/elopment center an! it on the &oar! of Director for the %a :atche,an &rain .n2ury A oc* . encoura-e e/eryone to -et in/ol/e! ,ith upportin- brain in2ury a,arene an! pre/ention4 Ei it ,,,* bia*ca an! chec: out e/ent li:e the &8A.7 &OO9.# in %a :atche,an* An!, "HA73% 0O8 8#AD.79 "H.% A8".CL#* ;7e/er !oubt that a mall -roup of thou-htful, committe! citiAen can chan-e the ,orl!B in!ee!, it+ the only thin- that e/er ha *= Mar-aret Mea!
PPP7icole i a family member of ur/i/or an! member of the %a :atche,an &rain .n2ury A ociation &oar! of Director *




February 2014
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14 ValentineAs Day

1? Family Day

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KKKKKKKK Brain A/areness Iee3 KKKKKKKK>

1? (t. =atric+As Day 16 12

!tress6 An;iety + Iorry ':,(>,p&

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P4 4A?

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B4G C Boung 4dult Grou#


4#ril 2014
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1 !tress6 An;iety +

, !tress6 An;iety +

Iorry ':,(>,p&

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B4G C Boung 4dult Grou# D:/C Dnderstanding :rain /n3ury

$ay 2014
$onday 5uesday 9ednesday 5)ursday Friday

B4G C Boung 4dult Grou# D:/C Dnderstanding :rain /n3ury ; 6 7

DBI ':,(>,p&
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?A5 =>:p&

9 'omen(s )roup
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KKKKKKKK Brain )are )entres Ie""ness Iee3 KKKKKKKK>

12 20 21 22
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23 'omen(s )roup
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Jictoria 4ay B)) 8ffice )"ose#




I#entity Theft an# !afety ':,(>,p& ?A5 =>:p&

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BCC Services >>>

*er ice +oordination# Pro/i!e ca e mana-ement an! coor!ination to a i t client to i!entify an! obtain the upport they nee!* "he er/ice i !e i-ne! to help client !e/elop optimal in!epen!ence an! community reinte-ration* Common -oal area inclu!e? the ,ant or nee! of the client an! a uch, client mu t be acti/e participant in the occupational therapy proce * .nter/ention plan are create! ,ithin the conteCt of an in!i/i!ual+ !aily life* "he focu i on enablinoptimal le/el of participation in their o,n home an! community an! fo terin- increa e! le/el of in!epen!ence ,ith their !aily ta : * "hi i achie/e! throu-h :ill buil!in- a ,ell a throu-h a!aptation of the en/ironment or the acti/ity* 8eferral to occupational therapy can be ma!e throu-h a &rain Care Centre %er/ice Coor!inator* /nformation 0 1ducation# &rain Care Centre offer comprehen i/e, up>to>!ate information relate! to the effect of brain in2ury on plan in!i/i!ual , familie an! the community* Plea e contact the office for information on ho, to arran-e an e!ucation e ion* Brain Basics: An -1ening of -#ucation an# *upport ,acilitation# "o further enhance an! upport an .%P, &rain Care Centre offer a %upport 0acilitation pro-ram* "hi er/ice inclu!e one to one coun ellin- e ion !e i-ne! to a i t in!i/i!ual , couple an! familie ,ith !i co/erin- an! utiliAinre ource an! trate-ie for maCimiAin,ellne after brain in2ury* "hi proce may inclu!e a re/ie, of inta:e information, i!entifyin- per onal tren-th an! nee! for upport, -oal ettin-, an! information about brain in2ury, intro!uction to copin- trate-ie an! e!ucational re ource , an!@or referral to community re ource * 0or tho e nee!ina!!itional upport in buil!in- ne, :ill in the community, %er/ice Coor!inator can refer in!i/i!ual to the %upport for Community Li/in- %er/ice 5%CL%6* -ccupational .herapy# Occupational therapy 5O"6 upport &CC er/ice plan by enablinclient an! familie to mana-e co-niti/e an! phy ical chan-e after brain in2ury* Our Occupational therapi t ha the :ill to a e the co-niti/e an! phy ical a pect of !aily functional acti/itie 5i*e*? meal preparation, tran portation mana-ement, mana-inappointment an! che!ule etc*6* "ypical -oal area for occupational therapy er/ice inclu!e acti/itie an! ta : relate! to elf>care, pro!ucti/ity an!@or lei ure* All -oal area an! inter/ention are client centre! an! ba e! on %ife !3i"" )"asses Understanding 2rain /n3ury 4U2/5: "hi cla i one of &rain Care Centre+ mo t popular e ion 4 Any an! all are ,elcome4 Learn about all of the po ible chan-e one mi-ht eCperience after an ac'uire! brain in2ury* Participant ,ill -ain un!er tan!in- an! in i-ht, ,ill feel connecte! to a lar-er community of ur/i/or , an! ,ill ha/e -oal for ,here their 2ourney ,ill ta:e them* *elf-1steem# "hi cour e u e pro/en co-niti/e techni'ue to help in!i/i!ual learn ho, to control the elf>critical inner /oice an! buil! up a healthy en e of elf ,orth* Dou ,ill lea/e thi four e ion cour e ,ith u eful :ill that can ea ily be applie! to your !ay to !ay life an! trate-ie to u e ,hen you face ituation in ,hich your en e of elf ,orth i challen-e!* Dn#erstan#ing i a cour e offere! once per month to parent , pou e , care-i/er , iblin- , frien! of people affecte! by brain in2ury, community member , /olunteer an! profe ional ,ho ,oul! li:e to learn more about brain in2ury an! it effect * "he e ion run "ue !ay e/enin- * Plea e contact &rain Care Centre+ Office Coor!inator for information an! re-i tration* chan-e in memory an! attention after brain in2ury or tro:e* Open to ne, an! returninclient * 6sserti eness .raining# A erti/ene i often

lin:e! ,ith elf>e teem* .t i a :ill ,hich can be practice! an! -ro,n4 &ein- a erti/e mean you can confi!ently communicate your thou-ht , opinion , an! belief ,ithout beinpercei/e! a a--re i/e by other * Dou ,ill learn that it i not o:ay for other to i-nore you, to !eny your ri-ht to be hear! or to ha/e a !ifferent point of /ie,* "hi -roup i a -reat chance to learn ne, communication :ill an! thi -roup i a -reat chance to learn ne, communication :ill * 6nger, ,rustration and /mpulsi ity# An-er i a u eful emotion ,hen u e! ,ell* .t can -et you mo/in-, an! -i/e you the ener-y to protect your elf or your /alue , to tan! up for omethin-* $ e! inappropriately, it can lea! to a--re ion an! ayin- thin- Qin the heat of the moment+ that are later re-rette!* .t+ impo ible to a/oi! people or thin- that an-er or irritate you > but you can learn to control ho, you react to them* "hi -roup teache you ho, to po iti/ely eCpre your elf ,hen feelin- fru trate! an! an-ry, an! you ,ill be -i/en the chance to practice the e :ill in a afe en/ironment* 1lectronic De ices 6ssistance +ommunity 7i ing %rogram "he A i ti/e De/ice "rainin- pro-ram offer client one>on>one trainin- on /ariou electronic !e/ice , uch a , computer , cell phone an! electronic tablet * "he e !e/ice can a i t ,ith memory, communication, or-aniAational :ill an! help to !ecrea e ocial i olation* "hrou-h in!i/i!ual mo!ifie! computer pro-ram an! app client can become more in!epen!ent at home an! ,ithin their community* CLP pro-ram offer life :ill cla e relate! to !e/ice afety, ecurity an! u a-e I#entity Theft: "hi cour e e!ucate in!i/i!ual on the importance of :eepin- your i!entity afe an! a/oi!in- cam *


emotional upport

increa e community in/ol/ement@ participation optimiAe le/el of in!epen!ence learn about brain in2ury an! effect electronic compen ation trate-ie optimiAe per onal upport net,or: co-niti/e rehabilitation life :ill return !e/elop per onal ,ellne perceptual rehabilitation return to pro!ucti/e acti/ity

Internet !afety: "hi cour e a i t in!i/i!ual &emory 0 6ttention# Doe your memory nee! ,ith afe internet proce!ure uch a a boo tK Do you fin! it har! to pay attention or pa ,or! len-th an! protection, not harinconcentrateK "hi t,o !ay ,or: hop pro/i!e per onal information an! o much more* practical u--e tion for ho, to mana-e

5roups techni)ues to improve their current time en e of their ability to cope an! feel Io&ens 5roup: "hi p ycho ocial upport connecte! ,ith other eCperiencin- imilar management systems as &ell as ne& systems -roup i for ,omen li/in- ,ith ac'uire! challen-e * "hi -roup meet on a bi ,ee:ly as needed. brain in2ury* Area of focu inclu!e ba i * information on the brain an! brain in2ury, health an! ,ellne , copin-, an! acce inupport * "hi -roup pro/i!e a afe en/ironment in ,hich -roup member can eCplore the many ucce e an! challen-e that are inherent in life ,ith a brain in2ury* "hrou-h peer upport, -roup member ha/e the opportunity to normaliAe their eCperience an! learn from other + eCperience * $ens 5roup: #Presently $nactive% "hi i a upport -roup for male ,ith brain in2urie to enable them to interact ,ith peer an! !i cu trate-ie for o/ercomin- trial an! tribulation in their !aily li/e * Men+ 9roup focu e on peer connection, buil!inhealthy communication trate-ie , an! encoura-e the un!er tan!in- of brain in2ury in relation to /ariou topic * 9roup member are encoura-e! to hare their eCperience , ,hich facilitate !i cu ion an! un!er tan!in- of brain in2ury amon-roup member * ?oung A#u"t 5roups E?A5F: "hi -roup pro/i!e upport for a!ult bet,een the a-e of 1G>10 ,ith a brain in2ury that encounter per onal, ocial, an!@or emotional challen-e in their li/e * "he Doun- A!ult 9roup focu e on buil!inocial net,or: , community in/ol/ement, e!ucation on brain in2ury, an! /ariou topic a ociate! ,ith promotin- ,ellne * Opportunitie for harin-, i!entifyin-, an! !e/elopin- copin- trate-ie , an! natural peer upport are eCplore! !urin- the cour e of each e ion* )aregi1ers 5roup: "hi -roup i !e i-ne! for familial care-i/er ,ho are pro/i!inupport to omeone ,ho ha u taine! a brain in2ury* Peer upport i encoura-e! to a i t care-i/er in !e/elopin- a tron-er Bu#get Boosters: Do you ha/e !ifficulty :eepin- trac: of your moneyK . it har! to :eep your bill trai-htK Do your pen!inhabit reflect your prioritie an! /alue K . your pen!in- intentional an! min!fulK Do you hate bu!-etin-, but li:e ha/in- moneyK &u!-et &oo ter i a -roup that ,ill tri/e to help people ma:e better financial !eci ion ,ith confi!ence an! fin! peace ,ith money* "hi monthly -roup ,ill pro/i!e financial a!/ice, -ui!ance an! coachin- an! ,ill inclu!e pre entation on a /ariety of topic * "here i al o an optional mi!>month !rop>in -roup ,here you can come an! a : one of the -roup facilitator about your per onal financial -oal * 'or8shops )"u7 )8..-)T Communication 9roup? "hi t,ice monthly -roup promote peer connection, healthy li/in- an! pro/i!e opportunitie for !i cu ion* Come an! 2oin u for a li/ely hour an! a half of learnin- an! !i cu ion4 !u7stance Dse an# Brain Injury 5roup E!DBIF: #Presently inactive and undergoing revamping.% "hi in!i/i!ual upport -roup for i for tru--lin- ,ith a!!iction an! 19pressi e 6rt .herapy# This group uses art, music and photography as mediums to help clients &or' through issues surrounding grief and loss. *tress, 'orry 0 6n9iety# This group offers strategies to help clients develop more effective coping s'ills. +aregi er *8ills .raining 'or8shop# "hi four ,ee: interacti/e ,or: hop i !e i-ne! to e!ucate care-i/er on ho, to help their lo/e! one to become more in!epen!ent in functional acti/itie * "he metho! you ,ill learn are re earche! ba e! an! ,i!ely u e! an! tru te! by profe ional * "hi cla in2ury* 6cti e 7i ing 0 Nutrition# "hi ,or: hop lay the foun!ation for a healthy life tyle* "he ,or: hop pro/i!e client ,ith information re-ar!in- eatin- healthy u in- the Cana!ian 0oo! 9ui!e, an! trate-ie on ho, to be more acti/e* %trate-ie can inclu!e ho, to hop on a bu!-et, imple recipe , an! acti/ity lo- to help client reach in!i/i!ual -oal * i open to care-i/er of in!i/i!ual ,ith brain

brain in2ury* %$&. i a afe place for client to reco-niAe their ymptom common to brain in2ury an! ub tance u e, e*-* hort> term memory lo , !imini he! 2u!-ment an! moo! !i turbance * &y harin- life eCperience -roup member learn to reco-niAe tri--er an! beha/ior, trate-ie for copin-, ho, to buil! healthy relation hip an! ho, to acce Care Centre* community re ource * "hi -roup run ,ee:ly at &rain

)"asses an# !upport 5roups are offere# to in#i1i#ua"s /ith 7rain injury. EBrain Basics an# )aregi1ers 5roup are offere# to caregi1ers of peop"e "i1ing /ith Brain Injury.F )ertain groups are run on an inter&ittent 7asis or are 7ase# on nee#. Therefore6 %:1:1)/*.:6./-N and; or an 6**1**&1N. /* :1<U/:1D for all groups and classes offered at 2rain +are +entre.

.ime &anagement# Participants &hose time !pace is "i&ite# so p"ease register ear"y. Dates may be sub3ect to change. management s'ills have been affected by a %lease see the calendar for specific dates. brain in(ury &ill learn ne& strategies and


Defying Limitations Gala >>>

16 Photo Credit: Roz Brown !ali !al"in#!all and $lizabeth Carlson

On %atur!ay 7o/ember J, 2011 &rain Care Centre ho te! the DefyinLimitation 9ala at the 8ama!a Hotel R Conference Centre4 "he ni-ht be-an ,ith champa-ne an! a hi-h octane performance by &oomin- "ree "ai:o4 A hi-hli-ht of the e/enin- ,a ,ine pairin- per onally electe! by ,ine coin urer an! foun!er of #notri #berhar! "amm to compliment each cour e that ,a er/e!* #/eryone ha! a bla t playin- a ne,

a!!ition to our e/enin-, an interacti/e roun! of hea! an! tail 4 A,ar! ,a pre ente! to Dr* Julianna 7a-y ,ho er/e! on the boar! of !irector of 7A&.% an! #&.8% for many year , an! ,ho !e!icate! her life to ,or:in- ,ith patient ,ith ac'uire! brain in2ury at the 9lenro e 8ehabilitation Ho pital in #!monton* "he e/enin- :ic:e! into hi-h -ear ,ith A$8A M #!monton+ mo t /er atile

!ance ban!4 9ue t !ance! the ni-ht a,ay to all their fa/ourite hit 4 honorary patron Mr* %tephen R Mr * Lynn Man!el, ,ho recei/e! a tan!ino/ation from the cro,!* &rain Care Centre ,oul! li:e to than: all ,ho atten!e! the e/ent, a ,ell a tho e ,ho /olunteere!, participate! in the ilent auction, an! pon ore! the e/enin-* He rai e! (2J,)00*00 for &rain Care Centre pro-rammin-4

"he Patric: Hir chi Lifetime Achie/ement He ,ere o -rateful to thi year+

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!upport to the B)) 4efying %i&itations 5a"a .o1e&7er :th /as incre#i7"e "anni R Da/i! Ar enault, Councillor Eic &i!in :i, %tephen &oy!, Darlene R 8obert Cal!,ell, %hirley R Hayne Carroll, Alf R "ri h Conra!i, Dr* 9arnet an! Dr* 9reta Cummin- , Mar-aret &ateman R John Day, %haron Dill,orth, Ann Marie 9illie, Heather Halpenny, Pat Hanneman, Lacey Hoylan!, &ill R Heather Jelli , Othelia Jen:in , Loui e Jen en, Len 3ere:anich, Jocelyn Ean 3e tern, Hon* Heather 3limchu:, &arbara Lo ier R 8a:e h &hatna-ar, Mr* R Mr * Mac.ntyre, 0ran: Mac:ay, 9or!on R A-neta Mc3enAie, Julie R "im Milli-an, Earin:a Moneny, 8i:a Mueller, Dr* Julianna 7a-y, Paul #!,ar! 7apora, Jan Orri , Ma2or Lin!a O inchu:, Hi/ina Papilla, An!rea Papirny, Suentin 8an on, Dr* Jeremy Martin 8o e, Dr* &rian 8o,e, Mar-aret 8u ell, Eelma %terenber-, "im "ait, Janine "remblay, Hel-a "umpe:, Dale $nruh, Janice Hil on, Cathy Hon-, Hon* 9ene T,oA!e :y, 1141401 Alberta Lt!*> Da/i! R Donna 7il on, Ab tract Art by Jule ? Julie Han on, Alberta &lue Cro , Alberta Job Corporation, Alle-ro 8e taurant, Alley 3at &re,in- Company, Athaba ca 9lacier .ce,al: , A$8A? 8aymon! &aril, 9ary Cable, Cliff Minchau, Murray %mith, 8obert Hal h, Debbie Hilliam , &lo,n in the Dar: 9la ,or: , &lue Plate Diner, &oomin"ree "ai:o > 9re-ory %himiAu R ",illa, &ruce 8itchie Profe ional Corporation > Dr* &ruce R Dr* Mar-aret 8itchie, Can!y &ou'uet 8etail %tore <204 M 3athie 0i her, Champion Pet 0oo! , City of #!monton > Councillor #! 9ibbon , City of #!monton > Community an! 8ecreation 0acilitie &ranch, Clou! 7ine Pa2ama , Continental "reat 0ine &i tro, Cro fit #!monton, Cummin- , An!re, R Mac:ay LLP, Dance Co!e %tu!io .nc*, !e&oer+ 9olf %hoppe R "rainin- Centre, De0aAio 9ourmet, Department of Ju tice Cana!a > JaCine Oltean, #!monton 7orthlan! , 9roat 8oa! Auto %er/ice > Don %an!e, Hea!'uarter %alon R Day %pa, HealthPointe Me!ical Centre Lt!*, J*Ochman De i-n Pro2ect Mana-ement .nc*, Di/ine Hair Creation , #cho Cycle, #notri M #berhar! "amm R Anne Perret, 0ayre Photo-raphy M Mufty Mathe, on, 0rance L* Tin-er Profe ional Corporation, Herita-e Par: Hi torical Eilla-e, Hoc:ey Cana!a, Hypno i for Life .nc*, .n!epen!ent Je,eller , Ja per 8aft "our , La er Sue t #!monton, LoCC "he Hair %alon, Luci! Life %tyle, LuC &eauty &outi'ue, Mac#,en $ni/er ity %port R Hellne , Miller "hom on LLP > 3ent H*Da/i! on S*C*, MLA #!monton Cal!er > Da/i! #--an, MLA #!monton Mcclun- > Da/i! Uiao, MP M Peter 9ol!rin-, Mutt A!ore! .nc*, 7ait Athletic , 7ature 0ocu Photo-raphy M Dou- McLennan, 7orman McDonal! Prof* Corp*> Dr* 7orman an! Mar-aret McDonal!, Off "he Lea h Daycare, Pan!ora MDono/an Eienneau, Parlee McLa, &arri ter R %olicitor , Patch,or: 7et,or: SuiltinClub, Pennoc: Ache on 7iel en De/aney Chartere! Accountant M Eeronica %ulli/an an! 3enneth PenonAe:, People "he Diamon! %tore M Lon!on!erry Mall, Price Haterhou e Cooper , 8abbit Hill %no, 8e ort, 8ama!a Hotel R Conference Centre, 8e! Arro,, 8ohit 9roup of Companie > 3ri hna R 8a!he 9upta, %ali bury 9reenhou e, %culpture Hair %tu!io, %harp+ Con truction, %herbroo:e Li'uor, %ho,tech Po,er R Li-htin- M Darryn %ulA, %no, Ealley #!monton, %orrentino+ &i tro>&ar, %port Memorabilia, %,eet Momma %pa, "he A/enue Clothin- Company, "he &lu Poppie M "ina Prin , "he Di h R "he 8una,ay %poon, "he 0airmont Ja per Par: Lo!-e, "he Hou e %alon R %pa, "he 3e- %tea:hou e R &ar, "he %hoe Company, "hrea! Hill, "ipi Campin- > #l: . lan! 8etreat Lt!* M Pat Hanneman, Eertically .ncline! 8oc: 9ym, Eue Hee:ly, Hater!ale "heatre A ociation, Hil! He t %hootin- Centre, Homan &outi'ue M Janet 8o , DMCA of 7orthern Alberta, Du: Du: #!monton* *e e+tend an apology if &e failed to mention your support.


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&y "ri tan Hyne , Online Eolunteer

Appearin- in the annal of p ychiatry a early a 1J20, Punch>Drun: yn!rome i an ol! boCin- term !e cribin- the

chil!ren* 7aturally then, many retire!

commi ioner 9ary &ettman ta:e a

player harbour re entment to,ar! the ti-ht>lippe! official tance an! imply 7HL* "hey blame the lea-ue for claim the 7HL+ ;Vme!icalW recor! ,ill pea: for them el/e ,= /a-uely u--e tin- no concealment too: place* "he 7HL ,a , after all, the fir t 7orth

co-niti/e impairment that come from a purpo efully fo terin- a culture of lon-, tou-h career* "o!ay it i :no,n a Chronic "raumatic #ncephalopathy 5C"#6* Durin- a fran: concu ion, a forceful blo, to the hea! cau e an accelerate! impact of the brain a-ain t the inner :ull M thi can !ama-e the /iolence an! profitin- at the eCpen e of their health*

.n li-ht of all thi , a -roup of 200 American port lea-ue to e/en player are no, ee:in- reparation throu-h a cla >action la, uit* "he main alle-ation of the ca e i implement ba eline neurolo-ical te tin-* "hi ,hole fia co i n+t cominout of the blue, min! you* "he la, operate on prece!ent* .n an inter/ie,, !eputy commi ioner of the 7HL, &ill Daly, a!mitte! no urpri e* "hi -roup of 200 former 7HLer eem to be

fra-ile ner/ou ti ue* Hith particularly concealment* "he retire! player claim e/ere or chronic concu ion , u ceptible area of the brain ti ue become inflame! or e/en !ie* %uch the 7HL ,a a,are of the !an-er of chronic hea! trauma, but faile! to ufficiently e!ucate the player * "he

!e-eneration ha been ho,n to cau e, player are bur!ene! ,ith the amon- t other con!ition , AlAheimer+ an! !ementia*

a!!itional proof of cau ationB that i , if a 2umpin- on the -ol!en ban!,a-on of career in the 7HL directly contribute! to the 70L* .t ,a only a matter of time* A (FI) million !ollar ettlement bet,een retire! player an! the 70L i

"a:e a contact port li:e hoc:ey* their pre ent co-niti/e !ecline* %tic: , ice, an! bare :nuc:le naturally colli!e ,ith hea! * . ee player out e/ery ea on ,ith e/ere concu ion * Dou can ea ily ima-ine the -ame i ripe for the emer-ence of C"#* Perhap you e/en recall pre>1JFJ 7HL, ,hen helmet ,ere optional* A lot of 7HLer ,ere "he -reat 7HL an! her loyali t ittin- !o,n, ta:in- the full hoc: of impact !irectly to ,ill certainly not ta:e thi their hea! * . haAar! to a ume that C"# ,a n+t in the /ocabulary of player bac: then either* .n their retirement, ho,e/er, many uffer ,ith the lon-> term effect * 0or eCample, )2>year ol! Jamie Macoun lament that hi 1,12G -ame career a a !efen emen ha left

...the N=7(s >medical? records will spea8 for themsel es, @

in the final ta-e of liti-ation* O/er 4,)00 retire! player ,ill benefit from the payout, an! (10 million ,ill -o to me!ical re earch* .n eCchan-e, the 70L ,on+t ha/e to !i clo e recor! about ho, much they :ne, about the !an-er of brain in2ury* After all thi , the 70L ,ill al o eCpect immunity from further la, uit in the ame /ein* "he pre i!infe!eral 2u!-e ha yet to appro/e the ettlement, thou-h* Hhile mo t player are 2umpin- at the -uarantee! payout , eCpert in port la, u pect that, for ome, thi ,on+t be enou-h*
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thou-h* A fe, re pecte! retire! player ha/e !ubbe! thi -roup of 200 a bunch of nobo!y player out for a ca h -rab* #/en ome retire! player ,ho uffer from co-niti/e !eficit tay loyal to the

lea-ue, claimin- the !an-er of hea! in2ury ,ere a common en e ri : of

him tumblin- for the name of hi o,n collectin- an 7HL alary* 7HL

"he momentum from thi


lea-ue an! the fan !e perately ,ant to pre er/e the hi toric /iolence of the port * . certainly !on+t fore ee any

face u pen ion * Perhap the ol! player of a brutal -ame !urin- an era of i-norance !e er/e to ha/e their retirement ,eetene!* A little humility mi-ht be truc: upon both lea-ue in the form of a hit to the poc:etboo:* 8e-ar!le , the e ca e ,ill continue to !ra, out in un a/ory fi-ht bet,een la,yer * "o -et

/ictory may moti/ate ome to ee: lar-er in!epen!ent payout an! !eman!

moral 2u tice M forcin- the 70L to relea e ra!ical oftenin- of hoc:ey or football* their recor! * Concernin- the aforementione! i ue of proof of cau ation, the plaintiff 7HLer e/o:e! eCpert te timony from neurolo-i t an! neuro ur-eon B li:ely the 7HL plaintiff ,ill !o the ame* Clearly then, the cruC i in concealment* Con i!erin- they a-ree! to ettle, the 70L li:ely ha/e ome :eleton in their filin- cabinet * Perhap the 7HL ituation !iffer in thi re-ar!* .f the recor! are a clean a &ettman claim , &i- hit an! -oo! fi-ht are ,hat a lot of the e tic:et ell for* . !o, ho,e/er,

appreciate ho, the threat of financial liability i forcin- the lea-ue into a proacti/e tance on hea! in2ury* An!

ri-htfully o, becau e to!ay ,e can ha/e to a point close to ettlement, the 70L the be t of both ,orl! * 0or eCample, player fou-ht in court for nearly three

the 70L partnere! ,ith the multinational year , o it ,ill be intere tin- to ee ho, technolo-y -iant 9eneral #lectric la t year in a ()0 million !ollar initiati/e to !e/elop ultra>protecti/e material an! ,ay of pottin- the early i-n of C"#* the 7HL ca e play out* Only 200 tron-, the 7HL plaintiff may run out of le-al po,er ,ell before the 7HL !efen!inla,yer e/en bu!-e* Hhoe/er -et pai!, let+ hope ome morali tic compromi e

the 200 player ,on+t ha/e a le- to tan! #ffort are al o un!er,ay to ha/e on in court* On the other han!, if the court !eman! ,hat i better :ept ecret, the lea-ue may in!ee! motion for ettlement a the 70L ha * Let u not for-et, thou-h, the

in!epen!ent neurolo-i t at e/ery -ame* i reache!* .+m ure ,e can pre er/e the "he 7HL ha ta:en a har!>no e! tance on rule 4GB hit tar-etin- the hea! ,ill -et you a ma2or penalty ,ith automatic -ame mi con!uct* 8epeat offen!er pirit of the -ame ,hile re pectin- the anctity of human con ciou ne .

There is an APP for That!!! >>>

&y Jean 8oy, A i ti/e "echnolo-y Coor!inator

Playin- -ame i a -reat ,ay to enhance your ocial life, ta:e your min! off of tre or pro/i!e a ource of entertainment* "han: to technolo-y, ,e can no, play many -ame on our per onal !e/ice * One of our fa/ourite -ame app i 4 Pic 1 Hor! becau e it i free to !o,nloa! an! it+ imple to play* "he app pro/i!e you ,ith four picture that all ha/e omethin- in common an! you ha/e to -ue the ,or!4 %o ,hy not -rab a frien! to help you out or challen-e your elf by playin- olo4 Ei it the app tore on your Apple pro!uct or the Play%tore on your Anr!oi! to !o,nloa! the app4

Brain Basics
Ie#nes#ay $arch 5th6 *('2

6:,( > : p& 5"enrose ospita"6


Registration is &an#atory! E=0(F2==>=5=5


Concussion Program Update >>>

&y 7icole %a/i-nac, %er/ice Coor!inator

Wellness Week 2014

La t prin-, &rain Care Centre pilote! ;Hellne Hee:,= ,here client atten!e! e ion at &rain Care Centre relate! to health an! ,ellne * %ince la t year ,a uch a ucce , ,e

%ince the enrolment of our fir t participant in January 2011, &rain Care Centre+ 5&CC6 Concu ion Pro-ram continue to acti/ely upport in!i/i!ual ufferin- from prolon-e! ymptom of concu ion* .n the pa t year, the Concu ion Pro-ram team ha helpe! po t>concu i/e client to achie/e their -oal throu-h the er/ice of Occupational "herapy, Coun ellin-, an! A i ti/e De/ice "rainin- 5Community Li/inPro-ram6* .n or!er to e/aluate the effecti/ene of our pro-ram, a e ment are a!mini tere! before an! after an in!i/i!ual complete the Concu ion Pro-ram* A e ment are ba e! on an in!i/i!ual+ 'uality of life, po t>concu ion ymptom an! e/eritie , a ,ell a a ratin- of client -oal pro-re ion* After re/ie,in- the !ata collecte! in the pa t year, &CC ha een i-nificant a!/ancement in client -oal , a ,ell a a noticeable increa e in e/eral participant + QSuality of Life+ core* 0or the fir t year of client er/ice, &CC+ Concu ion Pro-ram i prou! to announce that ,e ha/e een numerou po iti/e outcome from the pro-ram reflecte! not only by impro/ement in in!i/i!ual a e ment core , but al o in o/erall client achie/ement ,ithin the pro-ram* Al o on-oin- i &rain Care Centre+ effort to increa e public a,arene of concu ion* Lari a %t* Arnau!, &CC+ 8ehabilitation "herapy A i tant, ,or: ,ith Mi!-et an! &antam hoc:ey team in or!er to e!ucate the athlete , coache , an! parent about concu ion mana-ement* %he plan to eCpan! thi e!ucation to other port in the near future* Lari a promote the pre/ention of port concu ion, encoura-e a,arene of the i-n an! ymptom of concu ion, ,hile al o pro/i!ininformation on ho, to mana-e a concu ion if it occur * &CC Concu ion Pro-ram promote the i!ea that :no,le!-e an! appropriate mana-ement of concu ion at the time of in2ury can i-nificantly re!uce one+ ri : of prolon-e! concu ion ymptom * .f you are intere te! in recei/in- more information on &CC+ Concu ion Pro-ram, plea e /i it our ,eb ite 5,,,*braincarecentre*com6 or call FG0>4FF>F)F)*

!eci!e! to !o it a-ain an! ,e ,ant to ma:e it bi--er an! better4 Come 2oin u for Hellne Hee:, May 12>1I, 2014 of min!, bo!y an! eCperience a ran-e of e ion focu in- on ,ellne an! pirit* He are bu y plannin- a -reat ,ee: an! ,e encoura-e client to i-n up for a many or a fe, e ion a !e ire!* Chec: bac: in the prin- for the Hellne Hee: che!ule an! i-n up for ,or: hop of your choo in-* Plea e contact your %er/ice Coor!inator if you ha/e any 'ue tion or ,ant to be remin!e! about Hellne Hee:*

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omethin- ne, an! inno/ati/e* &rain Care Centre ha e/eral i-nature e/ent ? "he &rain Care Centre brea:fa t that :ic: off &rain .n2ury A,arene Month in June, "he &rain Matter Charity 9olf "ournament, "he #! on &.9 &runch, an! the Defy Limitation Charity 9ala R Auction* Alon- ,ith our %i-nature #/ent ,e ha/e e/eral community ;ancillary= e/ent prea! throu-hout the year that pro/i!e e!ucation an! a,arene about the i ue of brain in2ury an! ,hat &rain Care Centre i !oin- to help* &rain Care Centre accept pon or hip by mean of in>:in! !onation or ca h !onation * "o fin! out more about the opportunitie to -i/e an! the reco-nition recei/e! plea e contact u to!ay*

Partnerin- ,ith &rain Care Centre ,ill -i/e you a chance to be a part of creatin-

=elp us empower others to Defy 7imitations .-D6AB

Corporate Platinum %pon or hip (40,000 X 9ol! %pon or hip (1),000Y(1J,JJJ %il/er %pon or hip (),000Y(14,JJJ &ronAe %pon or hip (1)00Y(4,JJJ 0rien! of &CCY(100Y(14JJ

"o fin! out more about e/ent pecific pon or hip for any of our i-nature e/ent contact An!rea, Community #n-a-ement Coor!inator by phone FG0>4FF>F)F) #Ct* 111 by email? e/ent Lbraincarecentre*com !onate online? ,,,*braincarecentre*com

Volunteers Rock! >>>

Moti/ate!, frien!ly, enthu ia tic an! ,ell>traine! /olunteer are crucial to ucce ful e/ent !eli/ery an! an important part of an or-aniAation+ team* "hey are -enerally the Qamba a!or + of an e/ent > creatin- the fir t an! mo t la tin- impre ion on all participant * Hithout a -reat ro ter of e/ent /olunteer , it i neCt to impo ible to put on a 'uality e/ent* "han: you to our #! on Ca ino /olunteer ? 3alina A :in, &arb &aer Pillay, %tephanie &ol!t, "racy De laurier, Dale 0errerly, John 9artner, %hirley Hall, "han: you to the Defyin- Limitation &ob Han on, Jane, #r,in 3iltat, An-ela 9ala /olunteer ? 3alin A :in, &arb &aer Lin! ay, Chri tina MartineA, &ill Pillay, 9urpaul &ara, 8yan &arry, Michael Mathe, on, Earin:a Moneny, Mi:e &il!er heim, %tephanie &ol!t, 8oA Otto, %harlene Piper, Suentin 8an on, &ro,n, %yl/ia Cao, #liAabeth Carl on, Mar-aret 8u ell, "e! %hiel! , CraiOli/ia Carmichael, 3atilin Cluff, %an!ra Hith the a!!ition of ne, e/ent o/er %lepic:a, 7orman %tron-* the pa t year, &rain Care Centre i Cra,for!, 7ancy Cummin-, De hane "han: you to the al,ay ,on!erful Ol! Deenoo, "racy De Laurier, De/on, eein- 2u t ho, important our e/ent %cona &rain Care Douth an! $mar /olunteer are to our or-aniAation* Me-han Duec:, Michaela #ifler, %te/e 0lo,er , "om 9illar!, &harti 9upta, Hali Junai! ,ho came an! helpe! at the Hithout the con tant enthu ia m an! Chri tma Celebration4 upport of the e elfle in!i/i!ual , our Halpin>Hall, #lina 3im, 7atalie Lan-, Je ica Li, 9race Lu, Earin:a Moneny, e/ent ,oul! not be able to run a He appreciate all your upport4 %a/io 7-uyen, 3elly 7i bet, Maureen moothly, nor ,oul! they run a O+&rien, Juana Par:, &arbara Pe!rycA, efficiently* .f you are intere te! in becomin- an Suentin 8an on, Luc 8oy, &rian %him, e/ent /olunteer, plea e contact Janine . ,oul! li:e to ta:e thi opportunity to Aly a %itter, An!re, Ha!!ell, 0ran 5JanineLbraincarecentre*com6* than: the amaAin- /olunteer ,e ha/e ha! ,or:in- our e/ent o/er the pa t fe, month * He really coul!n+t ha/e uch ucce ful e/ent ,ithout your har! ,or:* Tin-er*


April 8


!ource: /// 21

The /on#erfu" fo"3s /ho ha1e supporte# the $ai"out )a&paign *(', are: Mr * Joan A* &aer, Dou- R Maureen &li , %tephen an! Lin!a &oy!, Jac'ueline #!!y Caithne , "re/or Do!!, Har/ey 0or!, Chun- Do, 3a,ata, Mar: Lan-er, Helen .* Lee , Mar-aret Melton, Da/i! "e! Mitchell, # ther %* On!rac:, He ley Par on , 9len Per chbacher, 9ertru!e 8abino/itA, Martin R %an!y 8omano,, 9ioia %allu tio>Jar/i , Henry R Hil!a %ta iu:, M * %uAanne Eallee, Mi:e R An-ela Heir, 9othamica Hic:rama e:ara, %u an Hirtanen, Ju!ith Horonu:, Marty hu: Hou in- M Da/e Marty hu:, MaCimum Mobility M %te/e Erien!, Helcome Home Con truction .nc* M Paul Afon o*

Brain )are )entre ac3no/"e#ges the gracious ongoing support fro&:

1141401 Alberta Lt!*> Da/i! R Donna 7il on, Alberta Health %er/ice B Alberta Human %er/ice M Di ability Policy an! %upport Di/i ion, Alberta Hor:erZ Health Centre M 3e/in 0laherty, Cummin- , An!re, R Mac:ay LLP, A"CO 9a , Con truction R 9eneral Hor:er Z $nion Local 7o* J2 M Patric: Mc9ill, Mitch+ 0amily 8e taurant, "he 8i/er Community Church, $nite! Hay of 0ort McMurray, Alli on A:-un-or, Laura An!er on, #!na An!re , Hilf R Loi A pene , &ob an! .!a &aer, %helly An!rea R &arry 3enney, 9eor-e R %arah &o e, Hilliam M # &oytAun, Au!rey &ro!er en, Charle R Dolan!a Campbell, Marilyn Ca :ey, Arlene R Eerne Clar:, Cheryl Demore t, Dori # hpeter, Anne 9oo!,in, Helen J* 9ratti!-e, .n-a Han en, Dori M* Hol! ,orth, A!a M* Hole, 3* Lynn Hy :a, %oren R Loui e Jen en, Anne>Marie 3allal, Dou-la H 3elly, Hilliam 3elly, "erry R 3en 3in-, Marni 3uhlmann, Dr* Jame 8* Le,i , Eictoria Lit:e, Jo>Ann Mac!onal!, Janet Ma:are,ich, Mufty R &ill Mathe, on, Hilliam Melny:, &rian R Mar-aret Micia:, Peter R 8uby Miller, 8i:a Mueller, Lin!a R An!y 7y:olai hyn, 8oberta OZrior!an, Darleen %mith, Janet L* %mith, Jean ",itchell, Joyce HilcoC, &ren!a,Hi on*

&CC+ -ratitu!e i eCten!e! to the follo,in- incre!ible people ,ho ho te! a 1r! party e/ent to upport &rain Care Centre? !usan Lohnstone an! family@frien! > 8ayanne Doucet, Maria Cecilia 0erreyra, Tane #* Hamm, DouPi'uette, Jaclyn %chmi!t*

Heartfelt than: to Co tco Hhole ale 7orth He t ,ho ha/e !e i-nate! &rain Care Centre throu-h the $nite! Hay of Alberta Capital 8e-ion Campai-n*

*('2 5a"a !ponsors

4onations /ere recei1e# in recognition of: Lorie &ennet, He ley Hilliam &ro!er en, Diane &uchanan, Mary Do!!, Alan 0inley, Lou Hyn!man, "homa 5"im6 9lenn Jar/i , Lorne Lemay, John Mcinto h, &arbara 5&i chler6 Moore , Hu-h 8obert on an! Antoinette 8oy* A -rant ,a recei/e! on behalf of the "#L$% #!monton Community &oar! to upport the &rain Care Centre+ A i ti/e De/ice "rainin- for &rain .n2ury Pro-ram*

u&an !er1ices > 4isa7i"ity Po"icy an# !upports 4i1ision 22

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