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Project: "The God Machine" (Music + Software + Video).

Electronic music, produced by computer (with notes, sounds, and overall structure of the waveform, resembling a functioning and structure of LHC and ATLAS), coupled with a video, which meets the 3 aspects of this project, built it, based on software development, that I wrote, with vector graphics and bezier, emulating particle collisions, to the beat of the tune "the God Machine". Id Project. 11-1-1

Project Description:
Project title:

1-1-2 -

"The God Machine Project".



Duration of the project: 1 months.


Disciplines: Digital musical composition - Emulation Particle Collision process through the provision of the notes and the kinds of sounds - Digital Mastering - Programming software (in VB.NET 2010) to conduct vector drawings pace of this electronic production, which resemble those based computer systems to display LHC particle collisions. Field of application: Digital Art applied to electronic music / Techno - Digital Art applied to the generation of vector graphics.



Transfer of results: CERN. Prix Ars Electronica Collide. LHC. Internet. Media and communication. Several multimedia.


Project Description:
Project title: "The God Machine - A representation from a special arrangement of notes, chords to the infrastructure of the LHC, and varied sounds, which resemble the particle collision process, from start to finish"

At the same time, the execution of a computer program, based on the VB language. NET 2010, which takes certain parameters of the subject itself "The God machine.mp3" and generates a rich variety of vector graphics from that pace.


Rationale: Problematic Situation: "I need to generate an electronic musical work by computer, somehow relating it with the Hadron Collider and its operation." Object of study: "LHC - Large Hadron Collider, in terms of structure and function" According to the problem situation and the object of study, the subject of this project, was selected in order to unite the two opposite hemispheres of the human mind: the scientific and the artistic, combining the outcome of this project (music and graphics to your rhythm, generated by a program I wrote) in a musical production that describes the process of heavy particle collisions (protonproton) from the start, through the generation of cloud particles before they are accelerated magnetically , through representation-in scores and over-issue of these particles pass through the three main ring cyclotron up finish in the product of the collision, called quark-gluon plasma. The same musical theme design plays the first accelerated in the PS ring, then the second accelerated in the SPS ring and finally the third accelerated in the LHC to reach, but in the end, the collision step in the ATLAS detector. The video is the result of the execution of a program I wrote (based on the GNU libraries libzplay2.02-sdk) where the software resembles the beginning, accelerated and collided subatomic particle in the ATLAS detector. This detector using graphs represent the rectangle parallelepiped turning 360 , which resemble the ATLAS detector places whe re they spend the particles after the collision. In the middle of the video, you reveal the generation of two triangles, one blue and fairly regular in form, representing the scientific mind, and the other yellow triangle, representing, by a more chaotic, free thought and freedom of expression artistic artist. The blue triangle-scientific mind-is less chaotic in form, and that scientific thought itself does not lead to chaos, however the artistic mind, yes. Near the end of the video, both triangles are merged or combined, as a symbol of the mixture of both minds to generate what is detailed in this project ( music (sounds + partitures) , software and video ) In the end, each triangle is in the place where was the other, as a way to symbolize good empathy from both minds together.


Current state of knowledge on the subject: Regarding my general culture autodidact, I have dedicated to this day, much time to the study and understanding of the operation of the LHC, from the beginning, when I read it for the first time in a popular science magazine for more than 20 years ago.


2-4 Theoretical Framework:

CERN: "Because the body is essential ideas and promotes these high-tech enterprise which is the LHC". LHC: "For your special function and mission, we take more and more to the understanding of the universe." ATLAS Detector: "Because it's a huge sensor can detect even the most elusive particles in the quantum nature ... Higgs boson itself." Proton-Proton Collisions: "Because it is the process, by which, it generates a plasma of heavy particles called quarks and gluons, simulating the primordial soup called, that is, which would have taken place just after the Big Bang." Higgs field: "Because it is the force that quiets all other particles in constant vibration, bringing them closer to each other with such force that dispersion energy that is transformed into an immobile mass which we call matter". Higgs Boson: "Because it is essential that the particle makes the Higgs field work."

2-5 Objectives

2-5-1 -

Objective: Generated using a computer program (FL Studio company Image Line), a musical production of the genre Electronic / Techno, based for such work, in the structure of the Rings PS, SPS and LHC, and in the ATLAS particle detector, so as to form, based on those structures, assemblies for different music notes correspond to digital instruments, and secondly, in the three processes of generation, collision of accelerated particles using sounds resembling, from my point of view, these three processes. Even the sound of the accelerated through electromagnetism, so I can play because as I have known the sound of a Nuclear Magnetic Resonant, I can resemble or relate to that sound with the LHC. Also, at par, to develop a computer program in VB.NET 2010 language, capable of taking certain audio parameters file. Mp3 generated based on the previous point, and transform it into a series of vector drawings varied that visually represent a particle collision inside the ATLAS detector. Generate a video combining all of the above: the topic "The God Machine" and the generating vector graphics at your pace, created by my software. Specific objectives: Determine how the three main rings of the LHC particle acceleration for the provision of the basic features that represent the fast itself. Determine how detector called ATLAS LHC collisions, for the provision of the basic features that will represent itself collided. Imagine the constant effect of electromagnetism in particle acceleration, so that this sound is in almost the entire duration of production. Obtain, by applying certain effects provided by the program FL Studio, a second arrangement of the basic features (rings) and secondary (ATLAS) so that those notes resemble, in their arrangement on the staff and not to the sound, the "jet" of particles traveling in the cyclotron. Resemble the group of notes for electromagnetic process that accelerates the particles, a section or horizontal cut in the resulting product of the clash of the same within the ATLAS detector. To maintain, in full length music production, sound base acceleration by electromagnetism (similar NMR). Finish electronic music production sounds that resemble what I understand of what it would sound quark-gluon plasma formed in the ATLAS detector. Develop the language VB.NET 2010 a program that generates vector graphics, linear type, curvilinear parallelepiped rectangles, and that, similarly to an explosion of particles, it is generated to the beat of the music. The parallelepiped rectangles will serve the ATLAS detector, which will have its circular shape, and the same will be opened or expanded, revealing the core collided. The blue and yellow triangles, respectively, represent the artistic and scientific minds, where both merge end of the video, as a sign of necessary empathy of the two minds and each other. Attached to the end of this document on the above images. Empirical referent (only through scientific information taken from different media):



CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) LHC (Large Hadron Collider) ATLAS Detector

Geneva, Switzerland Geneva, Switzerland Geneva, Switzerland


Instrumental elements:
- Desktop PC Intel Core i7 64 Gb RAM Bits + 12 + 1.5 Tb HD. - Keyboard / MIDI Controller - USB, Infrasonic M49 brand. - Program to produce detailed in this project, called: FL Studio Producer Edition v11.0.2 (Signature Bundle) acquired the company online Image Line. - Mastering: FL Studio (see idem)

- Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2010 for development vector graphics software to be generated by sound levels L and R channels of. MP3 produced by this project. 2-6-1 I Main office guide, synthesizers and digital effects to utiliz ar within the FL Studio for music production this project: Synthesizers: PoiZone, S ytrus, Drumpad, Fruit Kick Drum Synth Live Fruity, Fruity Envelope Controller, Granulizer Fruity, Fruity Keyboard Controller, Toxic Biohazard. Instruments (settings may present based on specific objectives): Eurogate, Acid 4 Whitenoise, Detuned Saw 2, Trancechorder, Reactor, Snare, Hard Kick, HyperSaw Pluck, Conqueror, Lightspeed 2 Purity Square, Drum Synth, Phased. Effects: Soundgoodizer, Fruity Stereo Enhancer, Fruity Stereo Shaper, Fruity Love Filter, Fruity Reverb 2, Vocodex, Fruity Chorus, Fruity Flangus, equo, Unit of analysis: I analyze the role of the LHC in order to generate a musical and one visual product based on the first representative building infrastructure and its operation with inevitable knowledge of quantum physics of subatomic particles.



Time dimension:
Sources of information: For the development of this project, and therefore making the final product, story (for many years) with access to various types of media (paper or digital, off line and on line) on Quantum Physics acceleration and for the LHC particle itself. All based on a natural urge to know about these issues from an early age. In terms of programming, as well as my experience of 29 years in this area, I rely on updated bibliography and MSDN on line.


Impact of the project:

Transfer of results: The impact that I think is going to have this project is to raise awareness of the excellent opportunity to combine science (CERN + Software Development) and art (music and graphics), regarding the same object or event, resulting in a musical production and visually pleasing-and understood-to the ears and the sight of all, and transmit certain familiarity to the ears and eyes experts about science, as well as music.


Job Schedule - Schedule: Design scores as detailed in Specific Objectives Selection of instruments and synthesizers to use Selecting sound effects to apply Distribution of instruments independent audio channels Provision of armed scores in different audio tracks Application of the effects Mastering Testing sounds output in different media Review of Mastering Software Programming chords drawings plotted to science, but also audio levels: The God machine.mp3 Published on Soundcloud ("The God Machine. mp3") and YouTube ("The God Machine - graphics to rithm.mp4")

5-2 Human Resources:

5-2-1 Payroll project members: (First and last name, ID, Title)

Ressio, Nelson


Title / Occupation / Visit links for more

Perito Mercantil (Secondary) Computer Programmer (UNER - 29 years) Producer of electronic music from different genres (6 years) Writer - Novelist . Visit the links above to corroborate each occupation.


Curriculum Vitae: (In Spanish, see attached in this link )


Budget: Description
Image Line FL Studio 11 (Bought for several years and updated from Infrasonic M49 MIDI Keyboard Desktop PC Intel Core i7 12Gb RAM 1.5 Tb HD Monitor Samsung 21 " (Some amounts are approximate depending on the change)

$ 8,256.00 $ 1,950.00 $ 5,200

Total ($ AR) 7Summary:


The essence of this project (final product, techno music (sounds + partitures) + software + video : "The God Machine") and then I've thought developed based on the attempt to try to unite science with art, musical expression, programmatic and visual as described above, in the targets. Mind scientific and artistic mind, left and right hemispheres of the human brain, working together to transform the mixture of science and art, an exquisite triple composition: musical, programmatic and visual representing both sciences or disciplines. As a big fan I am of the technological world, and especially issues related to quantum physics, is greatly stimulated me this opportunity to participate in Prix Ars Electronica Collide with my multimedia production. Also, as a writer, the subject of quantum mechanics is a very important part of my three fiction novels, where a quantum supercomputer has a role in the stories. Forming a three books are not a trilogy series, which can be read individually. On the other hand, besides having a very strong base in mathematics and computer programming, studied and applied for 29 years, and later in college (UNER - National University of Entre Ros). My production dedicated to the LHC (music based on this project " THE GOD MACHINE ") is complete and can be heard here: My software development (for vector graphics based on this project " THE GOD MACHINE ") is complete and you can see here: ( Link ) My production dedicated to the LHC (vector graphics based on this project " THE GOD MACHINE ") is complete and can be heard here: ( YouTube )


Prix Ars Electronica Collide @ CERN Artists Residency Prize L HC (Large Hadron Collider) CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research)


Images compare more explanation of the location of the notes in digital staff regarding building infrastructure of the three main rings (PS, SPS and LHC) and the ATLAS detector, and some representative images of video imaging for programming, to the rhythm of the music composed:

View waveform (Waveform) for the song "The God Machine" with explanations of the parties and some scores:

Representing the start of accelerated through rings PS, SPS and LHC:

Notes (main and lower) together representing the three main rings, which are the PS, SPS and LHC itself (as shown above) where particles are accelerated before colliding in ATLAS detector:

Notes (top and low) based on the physical form of the ATLAS detector:

Main Notes (2nd part of the production, where particles collide):

Eurogate Principal (media circles accelerators):

Pentagram (left and right) representing the scattering of subatomic particles resulting from the collision of two beams in the ATLAS detector, detailed above:

Compressed view of the entire project "The God Machine" concluded:

About 60 channels for Mastering:

Follow images, corresponding to vector graphics generator program, based on the rhythm of the song "The God Machine", developed by me and that I detailed in the "Objectives" (For more details see the full video -YouTube- with my production, "The God Machine ", generating these graphs through my program in VB.NET): (Initial particle cloud)

The triangles, yellow and blue (see picture), that appear or training, as it runs on time in music, and while separated concentrically, the parallelepiped rectangles correspond to the scientific mind and the artistic mind, which, near the end of the topic (music + video), the two triangles are joined together progressively, as symbolizing the empathy that should exist between these two types of minds, as representing the union of the two hemispheres (and quadrants of axes "x" and "y" in the video) of the human brain, ie, the scientist and the art that we all possess, in addition, at the end of the song "the God Machine", the two triangles are in the place where the other, remembering that empathy:

This completes the theme and its graphical representation based on the pace, with a square forming species random lines as giving the idea of how each collision ends between the complexities of the ATLAS detector:

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10 - Some images of Software entitled "The God Machine", which performs vector graphics, shown above, in the video, based on the music produced by this project (View the complete software in this link):

View the complete software in this link.