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Im so tired of looking for someone to blame I was watching a famous comedians stand-up on HBO the other night and while I wont say who he was, I will say I was shocked at what he said. It wasnt dirty words, it was his blaming of everyone but himself for the state of America. I get it that the economy has had a tough go of it and everyone has become accustomed to looking for someone to blame, but what really bothers me is that this guy stood up on a stage and used his entire performance to blame another political party over his own. He then went on to say Americans are stupid (his words EXACTLY). He spewed on and on about what is wrong with this country for an hour. Wow. So, how is this supposed to help us? Heres what I think is wrong with America: people stand on a stage and name call like a second grader and other people pay for this. Everyone is to blame for what we have been doing (or not doing) for the last dozen or so years. We are ALL guilty, so lets move on already. The problem as I see it is we have somehow been brainwashed to think that people who are famous (actors, athletes, musicians, comedians) are somehow smarter than the average bear because they make more money than us regular Joes. Fact is, they got lucky, but the bulk of them are dumber than a bucket of dirt (some time look up how many famous people dont have high school diplomas). Sadder still - so many people put great faith in the stupid things they say. Case in point: Jenny McCarthys claim that immunizations give kids diseases and disabilities like autism. Im not saying shes right or wrong. I am saying that just because Jenny McCarthy says it, it isnt necessary true. Does anyone REALLY think Jenny McCarthy is smarter than they are? Maybe your doctor knows a little teeny tiny bit more than her. Just sayin. Anyway, I am really tired of everyone standing around, trying to form a lynch mob to get someone because at the end of the day, we all need to take accountability for where things are and let it go so we can start to fix it. TOGETHER. We cant go forward if all we do is blame. The whole idea that one political party is solely at fault holds no water for me. All of us have to work together to bring America back to where it needs to be, irrespective of politics, religion, feelings, whatever. Everyone has gone to that Im only looking out for me and mine way of thinking and thats dangerous business. What has always impressed me about Oklahoma is the whole community thing that supersedes everything else (i.e. Moore, Oklahoma after the tornadoes. We all came together to help our neighbors in need and no one complained once). BUT, lately, Ive noticed this change in paradigm where folks are reverting to the whole Whatever way of thinking that so much of the rest of the country suffers from. We need to get that community mindset back on track but I dont know how to do it alone, so I ask you to help make us whole again. You dont have to agree with the politics, but it isnt really about politics, is it? What I would REALLY like is for laws to be enacted that make it illegal for people to stand on a stage and call us stupid. But thats a rant for another day. Thanks for reading this and God Bless you all. ~AA, The Pulse
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Page 4 - February 2014 - The Pulse

February 2014 - Vol. 3, Issue 2

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Love... is in the air

Valentines Day for the girls, guys, and whole family.


Love means a healthy heart

A whole heart health perspective.

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20 Things that go vroom 21 NorthWest Arkansas 22 Local Spotlight - Page Firearms Training 24 Music - Parker Millsap 27 Health - Chocolate is a food group 28 Movies 29 Rodeo Roundup 30 Worth the Drive 34 Recipe Corner - spices and bacon 38 Sneak peek at February


Dining Out... with romance

Great places to take your dearest beloved for a great dining experience.

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The Pulse - February 2014 - Page 5

Print Media is DEAD! Or is it????

Weve talked with some people who swear on all they are that the whole era of print media is dead. The days of newspapers, magazines and circulars being stuffed into our paper boxes has long since run its course and people only want to read on their smartphones or tablets. Well, sure, there are times when that is the case, but in this area, its not entirely true and we are going to prove it. Get ready to read on First, we talked to many of our readers, and no one seems excited about reading ANYTHING on a 2x3 screen, unless its absolutely necessary and they have a big magnifying glass. Not to mention that some of us who live and travel through the hinterlands dont have the consistency of cell phone/ internet service as those who live in the big cities do. Heck, most times, we are happy with two to three bars on our phones and we wouldnt be able to download our Facebook page if our lives depended on it (and the bulk of us could care less because anyone we want to talk to, we CALL them. It also makes for some annoying moments when many webpages are not made for the smaller devices, so we are forced to scroll along to read the smallest bits of information. Most times, we realize we wasted our time reading it anyway. Second, many of us (and I include myself shamelessly) are sick and tired of having to look up every little thing on the computer. If I want to find a phone number, I never go to my computer; I go to that ol phone book, where I flip through the pages for my data. I dont leave my computer on day and night, just waiting for me to look-up info. Its too annoying. I like having a little something to flip through for info. I also dont take my computer with me wherever I go. I take The Pulse or whatever little printed reference magazine I need for my information questions. I wouldnt leave my computer in 100+ degree car heat nor would I leave it for a potential thief to steal it. If someone wants my Pulse Magazine that bad, they can have it. They are FREE for cryin out loud! AND I usually have a bunch more in the trunk if they want more than one. Cant say that about my little laptop! Yep, I dont leave valuables in the car, and while The Pulse is a good thing, its low cost makes it okay to leave anywhere (and it doesnt melt even at 100 degrees. I checked.) Third, we have a big demographic of older than your average bear folks who dont particularly care for the crazy techno age and God Bless you all! I gotta love it when we get a bunch of phone calls from our dignified readers who are voting for a favorite sumpthin-sumpthin, are calling to give us an idea or they are giving us their feedback. They take the time to call no matter what they are doing and for whatever reason, they are very vocal about their likes and dislikes. Gotta love knowing where you stand at all times. They are great people and they dont care about what the latest and greatest new gadgetry is, they pick up their phone and talk to people just like they did in the olden days. Crazy, but people use to TALK to each other. For all you little whipper-snappers out there, we know this is hard to understand, but youll have to deal with it for a bit, cuz us old farts rule the world at least for a little while longer, so until you get it together, we are still in charge and we like having a real piece of paper in our hands for our informational needs. Until we decide different, it is what it is. Get over it. (Gotta love that one part about being old. AND being able to eat dessert for dinner. The rest, not so much.). Okay, now weve heard that many people think TV is the way to go to get your word out. Sure, if you have thousands of dollars to spend to tell Green Country, its fabulous. If you dont, you need a local publication that has readers who really READ your information and let me tell ya, some of our readers are way too smart for their own good. They read our little pub cover to cover. So, enjoy your 20 seconds of TV fame or spend a whole month being famous. The choice is yours, but I know what I would choose. But what do I know? Im just a little old lady who reads The Pulse.


Page 6 - February 2014 - The Pulse


Print media has a Pulse after all

So you just heard from Amy Addams. Shes our Editor-In-Chief (or as I call her Goddess of The Written Word). Anything you read in our magazine is all her fault I mean overseen (and oftentimes written) by her. Yeah, shes a busy lady. She has no patience or love for the internet unless its research/data. You wont find her sharing on Facebook, or pinning the day away on Pinterest. The woman doesnt even have a TWITTER account! Now myself, on the other hand, I have an account on ALL the social media that I can and I love the dubya, dubya, dubya, dot ANYTHING. I guess you could say Im the techie of our little group. Among my other duties for this magazine, I run our website, social media, etc. (with a little help from some others of course). Amy gave her views about why print media isnt dead and shes absolutely right but I wanted to give the story from the other side of that same coin, from those of us who LOVE the internet for almost everything. There is a demographic that we are very popular with who dont care for digital media; however, we ALSO have a huge demographic of readers; the working professionals, college students, and people who use The Pulse to plan which events, festivals and concerts they want to attend and where to eat and shop while they are there. We get TONS of emails from readers and our web statistics prove that we are popular with the digital enthusiasts. So we hear you Green Country, in your phone calls AND your emails (and comments on web and social media). Thats why its not only easy to find The Pulse in print throughout Green Country, but you can also find us online, on Facebook, on Twitter, and you should definitely go check out our Pinterest board too: all of these are under /mypulsemag. We are also revamping our website to be even more user-friendly and cell phone friendly. We are working on an app as part of our web goals for this year - well let you know when we get that ready to download. Part of our website revamp includes more online-only content. We want to share even more recipes, articles and stories that interest you to compliment all we do in print. You love our event calendar and thats the place to find events AFTER our print date. Its a great place to check to find out whats happening this weekend and if something changes or we have new information, the website (and social media) is where to find the latest info. The online side is how we stay in touch AFTER the magazine is on the shelf and if you LIKE the techie side, the entire magazine is found online (right on the homepage) so we can be there for you too. So we arent ONLY a print magazine, but we have a strong (and growing stronger everyday) web presence too. That being said, lets get back to the question at handIS print media dead? Here is the answer, short and sweet. If you live on the coasts (basically where the national media lives) then the answer might be yes. But here in the Heartland, it emphatically is NOT dead, and heres why: If you talk to those of us who DO spend a great deal of time online, they will tell you that theyve stopped reading print for NATIONAL MEDIA. That means The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and other large corporate news sources that, in days past, were the place to get information, have been largely replaced by the online versions of the same and other (some even better) web-based news, blogs, etc. Sources for national news are plentiful and diverse but when it comes to LOCAL news and niche news (local flavor in other words) people are sticking to the print versions or doing both print AND online. Where exclusively online will you find out about the high school football scores or that new theatre production in your town? In fact, statistics show that travel and tourism (which is what we are classified as) and local NICHE publications (thats us too) are actually GROWING. Think about it - if we existed as ONLY an online publication, do you think you would have ever found us? The web is too big a place for the small town or niche publications to get any kind of foothold UNLESS they also have a print companion that people can see in their hands first to drive the traffic there. Also, think about when you visit another state. Do you know the names of the publications where you might find out about attractions, events, restaurants, etc.? If you are travelling through, what you probably do is go into a convenience store and pick up the local publications, or ask the clerk (who probably points to our magazine) or you might visit the travel, tourism or chamber center (if you can find it) but even there, they would most likely point you to that areas version of a publication like ours. Content also has so much to do with the viability of a print publication. Articles on topics like recipes, dining guides, seasonal themes (like Lakes & Rivers) and other special interest topics make readers hold on to specific issues for months at a time or even years in some cases; if a publication has a long shelf life like that, it brings their statistical advantage even higher. Especially for those of us who cover larger ground (like all 18 counties of Green Country in our case) versus something that is city or county specific. The more readers who have interest in the locality or the subject, the more readers the publication has (therefore the statistical advantage yet again). So the good news is, for print publications like your daily newspaper, magazines like us and other print publications with a LOCAL subject and/or a special interest (or two or three), and especially those who cover a larger geographic (while still staying local) distribution areawe arent going ANYWHERE. So what do you think? How do you use print media vs online media? Call us and tell us about it, or better yet, email us or comment on our online options. We look forward to hearing from you. E-mail Facebook/Twitter: mypulsemag (918) 931-9981



The Pulse - February 2014 - Page 7

Love is in the air

There are so many ways to say those three magic words (make sure you mean them!), and many places have things to do to get you and your snuggly-wuggly in the spirit of the day for lovers.


candy of the shopping variety. JM Davis Gun Museum is having a craft festival, freeing the guys up for some gun enjoyment and there are two festivals at Tulsas Expo Center that cater to men and women. Is money an issue? Hey, we get that too. Valentines Day doesnt have to be about spending money to show your love. Making dinner at home and renting a movie from Red Box is just fine too. See our January Recipes pages for easy Crock Pot dinners that you just throw in and Voila! Its a dinner you cant resist by 6 pm! No need to get fancy or go outside of what you know how to make. Sometimes, just a break from the routine is romance enough. Even pancakes and bacon (if thats all you know) says that you want to give her a break (unless you already do all the cooking, then it might be time to decide you have the sniffles and make her do the cooking for you). A card? Well, if she is expecting one, you better get one and, like, now. Dont stray from the usual because you could get hurt. We wouldnt want that. Spend a little time finding one that speaks to her heart. Shell know if you grabbed the first one you saw. We are trying to save your hide here.

For the girls:

Chocolate! Choco fests abound for Valentines Day and places like Muskogee and Bartlesville have an abundance of chocolate to kick those endorphins into overdrive. If you arent quite in the spirit for a chocolate event, theres always places like Glacier in the Brady District, Green Country Candy in Inola (at least we think they are open: 918-543-4328), Candy House in Joplin (417-623-7171), Candy Bouquet in Rogers, AR (479-633-0282) and of course, Woodland Hills Mall has Sees (918-294-0522). What you might want to consider is selecting something in lieu of chocolates like fudge (Amish Country Store, Muskogee), ice cream (Reasors, Braums, Marble Slab for example). If she doesnt like sweets, all is not lost. If she is a wine fan, a beer drinker or a cheese fanatic, all of those can be just as romantic as chocolates; especially because it says you thought of her and noticed what she likes. Flowers: now some of us arent big fans of gifts of love of the floral variety so be sure you are picking what she wants, not whats easiest on you. Local florists are always a great bet for a nice bouquet and many of the local folks will spend that extra time helping you pick just the right thing. Reasors stores also have flowers if you are running late on the Valentines gift and their prices are competitive. Instead of bringing home a gift, why not show your love with a nice day out? Dinner and a movie, a day at a craft festival, fishing at the lake, or whatever you know shell enjoy as much as you will. Taking her to the mall and holding her purse while she shops might seem nice, but given how most men will be gnawing off a leg to get out, it doesnt always work out too well. There are plenty of places to go where both of you can enjoy plenty of eye

For the guys:

Men dont really care about Valentines Day like many women do (and there are plenty of women who could care less too!), but just showing your guy that you care can be easily done with a nice dinner (see the Recipes pages girls! Lots of easy new spices recipes; easy, peasy rice and cheesy!), or pick a dinner you dont make often but you know your guy loves. Lasagna, red meat or ribs and no green vegetables say I love you like nothing else will. Something slinky says What are you doing after dinner? But this is a family-friendly magazine. Fishing shop, the gun shop, a boat and hunting expo or Bass Pro. Nuff said. Pick one and hes yours for another

Page 8 - February 2014 - The Pulse

Be our Valentine! OFF Any 1 Item in Feb.

Expires 2/28/14 1 Coupon/Customer

(918) 458-0454

110 North Muskogee Tahlequah, OK

Vo !! 2 1 ted 20 Tahle quahs BEST in


year. Buy him something at one of these places and youll never get rid of him. Nothing tells an Okie man I love you like ammo, knives or fishing lures. Long johns are love-centric too but no socks or underwear. Thats just mean. A card? Umm, if you are married to a down-home Okie boy and he is crushed you didnt get him a squishy card, you have bigger problems than Valentines Day. There are very few Okie guys who care about cards. Most cant see the purpose - except at Christmas.


As a family:
Kids want to know they are loved too. My dad brought me a couple little knick-knack things for Valentines Day one year and I was thrilled beyond words. Grab a couple little things to tell the kids that you love them too. If the whole family is together for Valentines Day, it cant hurt to find something to do as a family. You might have to do two or three things to make it special day for all, but if you make your plans a day or two beforehand, itll be a blast. Theres no reason your kids cant go out to eat with you (unless its a special evening with high heels and ties, then hire a sitter and make it up to them later): places like Napolis, Charlies Chicken, Mahylons BBQ, Masseys, and some of the family-friendly spots are great to bring the kids along. Warn the little tykes that they have to behave other people might be having a date night and dont want to hear or see kids misbehaving. If you prefer to stay home: grabbing a pizza, a bucket of chicken or some Mexican or Chinese food can make it a great way to spend a night showing your love for one another. If you prefer to cook for yourselves, pick something that everyone will eat. Hamburgers are just as romantic as filet mignon. Its the act of being together that makes Valentines Day special. This is NOT the day to enforce the broccoli rule! Some of the best times can be had at one of the eagle watches, ice skating and/or fishing expos. There are plenty of these kinds of events happening well into March. Check out our Get Out! pages for ideas on how to spend the day. If you are planning for a special night out for two, now is the time to search for a sitter. You may be outta luck already, but if a neighbor is willing to switch off sitting services, you can have one night and they can have the next. Itll save everyone loads of headaches and make it a guaranteed good time. We have some ideas on places to go for a romantic meal in our Dining Out pages and if we get more as the time gets nearer, well keep the list going.

Have a happy and romantic Valentines Day, Green Country!

WWW.MYpULSEMAg.cOM The Pulse - February 2014 - Page 9

Ah, Muskogee, at least you kept that calendar going for 2014 and for that, we thank you! Nicely done and a big gold star goes to the folks at the Muskogee Chamber for getting on the ball for 2014 when so many others have left 2013 stuff up, even though at the time of this writing, we are firmly entrenched in January of 2014. Wanna know whats going on in Muskogee for February? Lots. Theyve got all sorts of fun planned for the romance month, so find your red sweater and heart earrings and get on over to the county that does right by its people and see what fun stuff they have for you to do: We start with A Streetcar Named Desire at Muskogee Little Theatre (STELLAAAAAHHH!), and since Tennessee Williams got all sorts of accolades for this play, we know you will love it without even having seen it yet. Better still, their prices are MUCH cheaper than Broadway. Get your tix at Sound World (918-6834901) or the Box Office (918-683-5332), but get them soon, because this streetcar is only running Feb. 7-9, 11, 13-14.

by: Alexis Greybird

Lets get romantic over Muskogee

Now, if you wanna make for a romantic day out with your favorite significant other, we have just the thing. Why not head over to the Chocolate Affair at the Civic Center Feb. 8, follow it up with a nice dinner in Muskogee (Mahylons BBQ perhaps?) then hit the MLT for a show with opening night of Streetcar? Hows THAT for a romantic plan? Youll get our bill later.


5 6 6 N. 6 t h S t r e e t, M u s ko g e e, O K

Okay, now we move onto the brainiacs we covered Geeks in January and gave them love on this months cover, so why not keep the smart going with the 6th Annual Trivia Challenge: Battle of the Brains on Feb. 21 at Muskogee Civic Center? Proceeds help local teachers keep the learning alive in Oklahoma and we need more of that, so make it work for you by finding your best Trivial Pursuit partner and signing them up to win and win BIG. Oklahoma has so many smart people who keep it quiet, so lets let their brainy-ism shine for a night, eh? Find out more from Elizabeth Ross at (918) 348-0999. You can even buy a table for you and seven of your best and closest friends to just come out and cheer them on, but help keep the educational funds flowing this February, Please!

All Inclusive Monthly Membership *NO CONTRACT* Open 7 Days a Week

1601 E. Okmulgee Ave., Muskogee, Oklahoma

(918) 682-6327

(918) 684-6304

Use This AD to Try a Group Fitness Class (Redeem by 12-31-13) For More Info & Schedule

Page 10 - February 2014 - The Pulse


Along with all the other areas, there is a place to go to get inspired to fix up the ol homestead and Arrowhead Mall is hosting one with the Muskogee Home & Garden Expo Feb. 28-Mar. 1 right inside the mall. Nice and cozy warm with all sorts of local folks who can help you dream it big or as small as you want, along with plenty of inspired ideas you are welcome to take with you. All you have to do is show up. But wait! They didnt cut it all off at Feb. 28. The love (and the wine) keeps flowing in March with the Flying Fez Wine Tasting March 8 at Bedouin Shrine located at 201 S. 6th Street. Best part is that its all Okie wineries and some Italian tasties to wash it down with, so show your love for a good glass of Okie wine, Italian Okie food and see what the local wineries have been growing and stomping since last year. Find out the particulars at (918) 348-0376.


Creek Nation has a little thing that rocks our world breathing clean air. There are so many casinos that have the whole smoke sucker system at work, but for us non-smokers, we can still smell it. If you are a non-smoker, you know of what we speak. Theres just no way that the smell of cigarette smoke can be completely eliminated in a smokers environment no matter what you do. Well, the folks at Creek Nation Muskogee have made breathing easier for the rest of us by petitioning off a little section of Bingo and electronic games where the non-smoker can breathe free. Now, all the smokers out there might complain that their rights are being violated because of all the smoke-free establishments popping up, but we dont make the smokers smell bad when they go home. Smokers dont have to strip down in the mud room, run through the house half-naked and jump in the shower because they smell like clean, but we non-smokers suffer with smelling like an ashtray a lot. It impacts so many places we would love to visit but we dont because that smell is not a good one. Well, the folks at Creek Nation Casino in Muskogee are cool with wanting us to breathe clean air and we couldnt be happier. We have a little place to call our own and we dont have to stink! Thank you Creek Nation Muskogee for allowing us to breathe clean air. Huzzah! See more on the great strides Creek Nation Casino in Muskogee are making at

If you dont know which wine you want most, drink a little of each, but stay sober enough to help the Redcross with their Dodgeball Tournament fundraiser happening 10 am 2 pm also on Mar. 8, but if you want to do more than watch, check in with them for the paperwork. Get your toughest Dodgies together and kick some butt at Muskogee High School gymnasium. For more info/ paperwork, call (918) 682-1366 and remember to give blood because every drop counts.

Envision. Experience. Excel.


The Pulse - February 2014 - Page 11

Ah, Tulsa. The city where you can find just about anything to make you want to put the pants and boots on to get up and get out of the house even if there is something really good on TV. We have ideas to make you want to get dressed - at least for a little while, so see which ideas are the best for you to do and enjoy all that this fun town has to offer.

by: Dakota Jones

Living for Tulsa good times and good music!

all about the architecture of Tulsa from the folks who know all about it. Get the inside scoop from or (918) 583-5550. If you miss this one, dont worry, they have another every second Saturday all year long. That same weekend, Tulsa Expo Square hosts a dino event for the kiddies. One weekend only, but could be some serious fun. More at If you want to impress your woman and she really gets into the older furnishings, then save Feb. 14-16 when the Tulsa Expo Square is changing things up for the Vintage Tulsa Show where antiques rule the weekend. If your woman is insane over antiques, you might want to keep that tidbit to yourself or go broke while you try to drag her out. Besides, if she starts having a temper tantrum, it could be quite embarrassing. Just sayin. More at


We already told you about the Tulsa Boat, Sport and Travel Show, but did you know we have passes to give away too? Yep, check out our Facebook page to see if there are any left, because we get them for you. for more on the show, check out www. or call (918) 519-1210.

The very same weekend, Disneys Beauty and the Beast graces the live stage at Tulsa PAC. We all know how the story goes, but to see it live is pretty special indeed. More from (918) 596-7109 or at Hurry, the show only runs until Feb. 2. If you need a laugh, why not check out Aziz Ansari at the Brady Feb. 1? The info came out late, so we hope there are tix still to be had. Check out www. or call (918) 5827239 to find out whats available. One other notable event for that first weekend in February is the Big Freeze 5K & Fun Run at LaFortune Park. Call them now to get in because it happens Feb. 1! (918) 596-5981 or www. for more. The BOK Center is hosting Harlem Globetrotters Feb. 7 and even if basketball isnt your thing these guys will be. Its a great blend of funny, entertaining and sports with lots of action and talent thrown in. Your kids will be glued to the action, so no worries that you have to keep them busy while you watch the Globetrotters. More at or (918) 894-4445. Even if basketball isnt your thing, well, how about a little wreem, wreeeeeeem, wreeeeeeeeeeem Feb. 7-8 when the Liquid Nitro Arenacross Tour checks in at Tulsa Expo Square? Its two nights of moto-cross bikes rippin up the mounds of dirt brought in just for your enjoyment and worst case, you can sit there and wonder who the heck is gonna have to clean that muck up afterwards. Its a win-win! More at or (918) 744-1113. Looking for a nice way to spend a quiet Saturday with your sweetie? How about a little walking tour of Tulsa? You can learn

BUT, if you gals are reading this and you want to distract your man while you go antiquing, then drop him off at SpiritBank Event Center anytime Feb. 14-16 for the Green Country Midsouth Tackle & Hunting Show. While hes looking at ammo and lures, you can get your antiquing on! Weve thought of everything, have we not? Get the deets at, just make sure YOU have the checkbook!

Okay, so you missed the Big Freeze 5K but you really need to get your exercise routine back. Whats a person to do? Well, you could sign-up for the Whole Person Indoor Triathlon happening Feb. 22-23 at ORUs Aerobics Center. Its a great way to keep your endorphins flying high until the weather gets warmer as well as great place to look at all those ripped bods. (Ladies, this might be another place where you nix the hubby drooling over a ripped male body is impolite. FYI

Page 12 - February 2014 - The Pulse


Creek County craziness for February

by: Dakota Jones
While the bulk of Creek County is quiet this time of year, the Creek County Fairgrounds in Kellyville are wild and wacky, making it a February to remember for all the rodeo fans in Green Country. They have lots of fun for the barrel racing fans and were gonna tell you all about it. steaks or burgers and see a rodeo; what more can your love ask for? More on JBR at (918) 770-5495. Theres also another rodeo on Feb. 15, so if you want more on that one, call (918) 261-1598. Creek County Fairgrounds doesnt stop with the rodeo circuit. Heck no, they are simply warming you up for the Spring Livestock Show going on all over the Fairgrounds Feb. 24-Mar. 5. See all the local farmers have been working on in those barns while you snack on some locally-made yummies. Its a good way to get some entertainment while you get ready for spring (which cant get here soon enough as far as we are concerned). Check in with the Fairgrounds Website for more on the Spring Show at www. They are having sales on livestock too, so get the checkbook out if you are in the market for some new livestock. More also at (918) 724-3631. Now, Creek County isnt just the Fairgrounds; they have other things to entice you as well, such as the Sapulpa Late Night Shopping events happening Feb. 6 and Mar. 6, so if you are pressed for time, but need to find a Valentines gift to rock her (or his) socks off, check out what Sapulpa is offering. More from www., but we hear they are keeping some of the downtown shops open til MIDNIGHT! Dang, we cant make it until 10 pm most days, so we salute you!



February starts with JBR Bullriding Feb. 2 and again on Feb. 16 and what better way to say I Love You than with a trip to see some down-home rodeo action? Start the night with some good

Tulsa continued...
See what all the buzz is about by checking in at or (918) 495-6640.


The BOK gets all the dirt from Tulsa Expo Square for their little wreem-wreem Mar. 1-2 when the Amsoil Arenacross packs the house for two days of rippin good times. Its all the exhaust you can suck in along with plenty of fun to watch them tear it up over two days. Oh BOY! More at (918) 894-4200. Cains Ballroom doesnt always get the love we want them to have, but sometimes you gotta give love its due and on Mar. 1, Bob Wills, Oklahomas own boy band of days gone by, will have his birthday celebrated like never before. Even though he wont be there physically, we expect him to attend and party it up in spirit. Ol Mr. Wills is an Oklahoma legend, so giving him his due seems only right. Get more at Dont think weve ignored the musical mayhem in Tulsa for the month of love, we just have so much to cover, we decided to put it on a separate page so you can peruse through to see what grabs you. Check out our Music pages for all the details on whats going round for sound this month. Julie Watson will tell you all about it. Lady Antebellum, Willie Nelson and Imagine Dragons is just the start of all we have for musical geniuses this month.


The Pulse - February 2014 - Page 13

What do ham radios, Valentines Art, livestock and BB guns have in common? Rogers County, of course!

by: Amy Addams

Rogers County hosts a mish mosh that will have you saying Oh Gosh
and more than we have room to tell you about all under one roof (yep, its indoors!) with more to come as we get closer. And as we all know, they keep dreaming of things to do right up til the last minute. If you wanna participate, dont waste another second and call Lisa at (918) 341-8688. Now, we dont think youll shoot your eye out, but wear safety gear anyway for the Daisy BB Gun Day at JM Davis Arms & Historical Museum happening Feb. 22 from 10 am 3 pm. Theyll have an indoor BB Shooting Gallery where kids can cut loose for free and adults can also let em rip for only $3! Where else can you get that much fun for three bucks? Let us know if you know of anything. For more, check in with or call (918) 341-5707.


I have to say that as a writer, I am always pleasantly surprised by all the fun Rogers County, especially Claremore, has to offer the common man. With a great variety of things to do, they are easily competing with the bigger cities in Oklahoma. Keep reading, because they are sure to have something(s) to entice you to leave the fuzzy bunny slippers at home. If you are a big fan of the arenacross circuit, we told you in January about Motorhead Arenacross at the Expo Center until Feb. 1, but if you are reading this on Feb. 2 or later, fret not, because there will be more later in the year, just stay with us to know when. If you are looking for a nice way to share a romantic day with your sweetie pie, then check out the Valentine Arts and Crafts Show at JM Davis Arms & Historical Museum Feb. 8. You can drop the hubby off at the arms museum, leaving you and your checkbook to have a rousing good time shopping for the perfect Valentines gift to give yourself. Theres nothing better than bling you already know youll like. Makes saying, Aw, you shouldnt have! much easier to blurt when you open the wrapping. More at or call (918) 341-5707. The show goes on 10 am - 5 pm.

During the same weekend, the Expo Center is ready to hop with the Spring Horse Show Feb. 22-23 and its all part of the County Fair festivities, so if you have the horse to beat all others flat, then you better get to work! Find out more from www.rogerscountyfair. com/(918) 341-8688. Show bill hadnt been printed as of the date this story was written, so keep an eye out for the full details on their website.

Coinciding with the Valentines show is the Rogers County Spring Livestock Show also on Feb. 8 at none other than the Claremore Expo Center. The barn opens Friday, Feb. 7 and if this caught your eye, then hustle on over to to see all they have to get you to want to go. Plenty of duckies, bunnies, piggies, cowies and more along with a little rodeo, horse how

Now, we wouldnt be doing our job if we didnt tell you about the Oklahoma Cattlemans Association Annual dinner happening Mar. 6 from 6-9 pm at our place to be, the Expo Center. We doubt they are serving tabouli and chick peas, so if you want a good slab of meat for dinner, we are betting they have it. Along with dinner, is a most informative district meeting, so if you are a cattleman, its a good idea to dust off the boots and check it out. Get more from calling (918) 342-5357.

Page 14 - February 2014 - The Pulse


Let Delaware County drive your life (and boat) in a new direction
by: Dakota Jones
While things are quiet on Grand Lake, Delaware County, namely Grove, is still hoppin with all kinds of ways for you to spend that Christmas money from Great Aunt Bertha. No matter what you dream of a nicer house, some updates to your dcor or if you dream of having that boat that makes all others on the lake stop to admire your new toy, Grove has the answer. and pretty outboard motor that can dice onions, wash your jeans and make ice cream sundaes for the kids all while it propels you through the water? Youre thinking about it, we can hear your wheels turning.



We told you about the Home & Garden Show in Grove Feb. 7-9, but its pretty spectacular so it bears repeating. They are planning to accommodate 100 vendors with specialties in everything from landscaping to windows to decorating ideas and theyll even have some cooking experts on hand to teach you more on how to wow the family enough to show up at the dinner table on-time. Its the perfect time to start a plan on how youll get from here to there by spring, so see what local experts have to say and take lots of notes. Its three days of keeping your sanity until the temps warm up and we can venture out again. Theres more than the Home & Garden Expo at the Civic Center; they will also have the annual Grand Lake Boat & Sport Show Feb. 28-Mar. 2 and its all the rage. All the cool kids will be there, so you need to go too. Plenty of state-of-the-art fishing gear, boats, pontoons and whatever you can dream of relating to the great outdoors. You have to go and see whats new or all your fishing buddies will laugh at you on the next fishing trip and we cant have that! Think of how awesome youll be when you put your new boat in the lake while other people stop and stare at your new toy. Can you feel their eyes on you as you unload it from your trailer amid the stares and whispers? Can you hear their drool hitting the water as they look at all that shiny paint

Everything is at the Grove Civic Center right at 1720 S. Main Street. Check out, or call (918) 7869079 for all you need to know about tickets, times and discounts. Make it a weekend in Grove and enjoy the local restaurants and shopping since you are already there. Its always a guaranteed good time in Grove!

Rogers County continued...

Last, but never least is the Green Country Hamfest Radio Convention and if we have to tell all you Zombie Apocalypse fans that you will need a ham radio when the zombies attack. Cell phone service will die within days of the start of the Apocalypse, so you will be the king of the new age with your ham radio! Think about it! Find out how to get in and what you can do by calling (918) 342-5357 or check in with to see what you need to fill in to be there. We also recommend that you check out our Cherokee County pages for a womans firearms class to really keep those zombies off the front porch! Now, lets get educated and get us some zombies! Happy Valentines Day Rogers County!


The Pulse - February 2014 - Page 15

Only in Cherokee County could wine and firearms make a delicious pairing so without any preamble, we are gonna tell you all about the fun and exciting things you can do without fretting that you wont have a grand time.

by: Amy Addams

Cherokee County celebrate the month of love with wine & firearms
well as some pretty primo wines from Tomcat Liquors and Tahlequahs new wine vendor on the block, Rum Runner Discount Liquors. Both stores will be stocking the new wines until the end of the month to keep you coming back for more. The price of the tickets cant be beat either. For only $20, you get to be a part of the festivities and the downtown Tahlequah merchants are really sweet, conveniently just in time for that day of sweet love, Valentines Day. Theres a lot more at www.downtowntahlequah. com/wines-of-winter.html. Plenty of local businesses have tickets so check in with their Website to get yours. Tahlequah Main Street Association (TMSA) is working hard to keep the interest of everyone in Green Country and theyve added all sorts of new events and fun things to do for 2014. They are booting up a new Website, adding Third Thursdays, Super Saturday, Mamapalooza and more. Keep it here and well do our best to let you know whats happening (well do our best). They have plenty of new and exciting events headed this way, so if you just cant wait, check in with and see what they have ready to rock your socks off. We want to get into what everyone wants to know about Firearms! Andy and Dee Page, two of the movers and shakers of Tahlequah and Cherokee County, have developed a firearms training course to teach you how to use a firearm properly. But better than that, the Pages are really nice so youll feel like you can ask those crazy questions that have bothered you for all these years but you were too afraid to ask. You can make mistakes and no one is going to tease you and no matter where your skill level is, they can teach you some things you didnt already know. Best part of all is that you will know how to handle your firearm safely, when you should use it and how to handle it properly no matter the situation. See our special story on what they do to keep you and your firearms safe in the center of this here magazine. Until the March time comes, well see you again, Cherokee County! Happy Valentines Day.


We start with the Wines of Winter event all over downtown Tahlequah on Feb. 11 and it makes for a romantic way to spend an evening with your sweetest one while you sample all that Tahlequah has to offer in the way of shopping, food, entertainment, and of course, WINE! Theres more than that with drawings where you could walk away with all kinds of goodies as

Home Decore Antiques Furniture

109 East Delaware St Tahlequah, OK 74464

Wed. - Sat. 10:00 - 5:30 Sunday 12:00 - 5:00

Fax: (918)453-9829
14587 Hwy 62 Tahlequah, OK 74464

Northeastern Oklahoma Accounting PLLC provides a broad spectrum of accounting and financial solutions for your business and personal needs. Our services encompass nearly every aspect of financial life. We are experienced in all matters of accounting and taxation, IRS problem resolution, estates and trusts, business formation, financial planning and investment, as well as implications of real estate and business sales.


Page 16 - February 2014 - The Pulse

Washington Countys Winter of Wonderful
by: Jennifer Jones
It seems like its time to unplug the espresso machines in Washington County; this long tall skinny latte county has more going on than some of the bigger spots around our state and they make no apologies for it. You shouldnt have to apologize for wanting to go either. They are sure to have more than one thing that gets you revved up, so see whats up in Washington We start the month with a new art exhibit entitled Bauhaus Twenty-21: An Ongoing Legacy Photographs by Gordon Watkinson. We dont expect you to remember the name, just remember that you want to go to see all the awesome architecture images Watkinson has taken for your enjoyment. It happens at the Price Tower and continues into May, but itll be less crowded if you go now. More at or (918) 336-4949. If you are wanting to really make the most of your visit to Price Tower, then how about checking in with First Fridays Taste of Oklahoma going on Feb. 7 at 8 pm? A nice little smorgasbord of Okie original music just for your ear buds alone, or at least it will feel that way. Show starts at 8 pm and if you get your food fix at Price Tower beforehand, youll be a happy Okie. Same Website and phone number as above for this show too. But wait, theres more! The Price Tower never sleeps and they remind us of that fact with Second Saturdays happening Feb. 8 and Mar. 8 with Jo Hemian performing Jazz while you sip a nice glass of wine (and we are pretty sure their wines dont come from a box). Price Tower is located at 510 Dewey Avenue and the show starts at 8 pm. Washington County Fairgrounds in Dewey has to be a part of the fun in February so they opened up their hearts and the fairgrounds for a full day of Chamber info and learning. See what the members of the Bartlesville Chamber are up to while you werent paying attention and perhaps learn something about them in the process. Plenty of opps to hire a pro for your needs too since you are there. More from or (918) 3368708. If you and your special someone are thinking about some theater for a Valentines Day of pleasure, BVille has not one but TWO shows to rock your proverbial socks off: Little Shop of Horrors Feb. 13-15, 21-13 at Bartlesville Little Theater and a one-night only showing of The Addams Family on Feb. 13. Either one is a win-win, but seeing both is like a winning lottery ticket you found on the curb. If Valentines Day ideas are escaping your brain, there are TWO ways to show your love and either one will get you some snugglin time later: Family Healthcare Clinic is hosting Taste of Chocolate at the Hilton Garden Inn Ballroom and they are promising Dinner, Chocolate, Dancing & Fun so you know shell be loving you for


all that consideration (until you forget to take out the trash). BUT, theres also a Valentines Day party at Bartlesville Community Center the same night from 7 -10 pm hosted by OK Mozart, so you just need to pick your favorite or decide on how you can make both parties. More on the Chocolate Party at (918) 3364822 and the OK Mozart event at Now, dont get wild on Valentines Day because youll need to be up bright and early for the Baby Love Run helping the Washington County March of Dimes. They are giving out prizes to make it worth your time and it is going on rain or shine so dress appropriately. Call Melissa at (918) 876-2525 for more. Its all happening in downtown BVille at 11 am. If you went to Price Tower for your jazz fix earlier in the month but still hanker for more, the Hillcrest Country Club is hosting their 12th annual All That Jazz Party on Feb. 15. Proceeds benefit United Way, specifically the Westside Community Center. Details and more at or (918) 333-0684. More theater fills out February with a murder mystery where your tackiest Hawaiian Shirt is not only welcome, but expected. Frank Phillips Club and Bartlesville Daybreak Rotary are hosting a Balmy Bahamas Cruise Murder Mystery where you can put your sleuthing skills to the test and solve the crime (in an ugly shirt). Cash Bar and prizes abound, matey! Get your tickets from Arvest Bank in downtown BVille or at Oakley Chevy-Buick.www. for details. March rolls in with Music with a View on Mar. 1 at Bartlesville Community Center where you can meet the artists and conductor while you snack from the buffet and use that cash bar. Its video, pictures and music all rolled into a beautiful evening of symphony and fun. Check out www.bartlesville or call (918) 336-2787 with questions. Now that youve seen all Bartlesville has to do, refill your coffee and take a little nap later. Happy Valentines Day!


The Pulse - February 2014 - Page 17

Yup, we said it. Youve been waiting for all this time for a reason to get out there and fish and weve got you covered. Well, Pawhuska does anyway. Its time for the annual Pawhuska Trout Derby coming to a Pawhuska near you Feb. 15, making it a perfect way to spend a Valentines Day with your sweetie. Just imagine this: you are sitting out there, a line in the water, drinking your favorite beverage, laughing it up with your friends and spending a perfect Saturday filling up the cooler with some beautiful fish to have a big ol fish fry at your place tonight. Sounds great, doesnt it?

by: Trent McDaniel

Get your fishing rod out; Pawhuska is trawling for trout

will walk away a bit richer in more ways than one. You will need your fishing license to be current and they have rules that you must follow to be fair to everyone, so check out their Website for all you need to know to be there and fish fair. It all happens at Pawhuska State Park where folks from all over show up to show off what they know about trout whispering so get moving now on your plan to win. Still want to know more? Then check out www. for the forms and info and if thats not enough, call Joey Stone at (918) 440-9570 as he seems to be the man with the trout plan. Good luck and git fishin!


Best part of all is that you might walk away with some cold, hard cash in your pocket after spending a fun-filled February day with your family because everyone is welcome, not just the big guys. Dress warm (layers are best so you can strip down as you warm up), get out your best lures and trout trickery and mark Feb. 15 as busy on your iPhone. Better yet, turn the dang thing off and spend a special Saturday doing what we Okies do bests: FISHING! Bring the kids and Grannie because they have all sorts of prizes in as many divisions so youll get bigger Brownie points for showing the family some love and who knows? Maybe everyone

Hey yall, we know something really cool is headed to Ottawa County, namely happening at Buffalo Run Casino, but were gonna make you wait to know more for a minute. Heres some fun haps to get you out for Ottawa original doins First, the Peoria Tribe is holding their annual Stomp Dance Mar. 1 at the Ottawa-Peoria Cultural Center and if you think you might be interested, then just follow the ground vibrations and youre there. We know they are expecting some spectacular dancing and this event carries significant religious and social meaning. Its quite the sight to behold and we bet it will take you to another place once you start to watch. Find out more from or (918) 540-2535. The Cultural Center is located at 114 S. Eight Tribes Trail in Miami, just off I-44. Now, we found some fun music to really rouse you from that television stupor weve been in for far too long, so turn it off and see whats out there at Buffalo Run Casino: on Feb. 7, the

by: Trent McDaniel

Oh Ottawa, what will you think of next?

Damn Quails will be performing at the Indoor Peoria Showplace and tix are only $10, Josh Abbott Band is playing Feb. 14, Josh Ward is there Feb. 21, Chad Sullins and the last Call Coalition is playing Feb. 28, but what got our Kleenex in a big twist is WILLIE NELSON is playing at Buffalo Run Mar. 1! That is not a misprint! Willie Boy will be there in all his long haired glory and hell play for you too for as little as $60 or get the better seats for $75. Considering how quaint the Peoria Showplace is, there are no bad seats. Before we sign off on Ottawa, Buffalo Run is also hosting Night of Future Champions boxing on Feb. 15, so come out and see the future stars of boxing for a deep discount. Tickets are $20, $30 and $40. Not too bad, huh? Find out more on Buffalo Run entertainment from or call (918) 542-7140 for more. Until next month, stay warm and check out all the fun at Buffalo!

Page 18 - February 2014 - The Pulse


And the rest...

by: Amy Addams

Green Country County Round-Up

Weve done our best to include each and every town in Green Country, but this time of year, its just so eerily quiet. Finding events is like looking for a needle in a haystack (heck, some days, wed rather go searching for that elusive needle than try to find something to do in the off season). HOWEVER, that doesnt keep us from trying! We found a few fun things to make you want to venture out for a day or more of fun in Green Country, so here goesLots of birding events, namely of the larger variety, are happening at Tenkiller State Park, Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge and Broken Bow, along with other hotspots that arent quite as close. See our January issue of The Pulse for more or visit as if it were our own, so we decided to give you a couple McAlester McYummies because you deserve it: Lots of things that go BOOM are making noise in McAlester in both February and in March. The Metcalf Gun & Knife Show happening Feb. 8-9 and Southeast Hunting & Fishing Expo happening Mar. 7-9, both at the Southeast Expo Center really got our attention. Call (918) 420-3976 or check out for the Metcalf show and check in with for the Southeast show. We cant really say which show we prefer, so well leave it with you to decide which one(s) make the cut, but to be safe, we suggest you hit them both just to be safe. Happy shopping! If we missed something, please let us know by checking in with us at (918) 931-9981 or e-mail editor@mypulsemag. com. We want to hear from you and were happy to put your event on our Facebook page or Website, but we cant talk about it if we dont know about it.



To protect yourself and the ones you love.


Wagoner, namely Sequoyah Lodge, is hosting the State Fiddlers Winter Festival Feb. 20-23 and if you could use a blast of warm winter fiddlin, then get on over there and check it out. Pros and unsung amateurs alike will all be there, making beautiful music together. See what the fiddling community has been up to. (918) 772-2545 Mayes County is rocking our Google minds with a training seminar on Feb. 4 at Mid-America Industrial Park for small biz, educators and non-profits. Learn about what google can do for you once you know its secrets. You need this! Check in with Pryor Chamber for more: 918-825-0157. Now, McAlester isnt quite Green Country, but we love it




The Pulse - February 2014 - Page 19



We told you last month about the many First Fridays, Second Saturdays and Third Thursdays going on all over the great state of Oklahoma and many continue on in February, but February (and March) is also a great month for some car shows, which as we all know, can be considered art. We have some that arent local, but could be a great getaway as well as others that are indeed close. See whats out there Darryl Starbirds National Rod & Custom Car Show Feb. 14-16, Tulsa Expo Square,, (918) 257-4235: With custom and classic cars from all over the U.S., what more do you need? Mr. Starbird is a local legend in these parts so you just know hell have something (or more) that grabs your attention and doesnt let go. Lots of awards for the best and brightest make this one to stick around for even if you dont get a few minutes with Darryl. Oklahoma Motorcycle & Car Show Feb. 15-16, Oklahoma State Fair Park, OKC,, (816) 456-4415: Another classic and custom show along with a chance to find that intake manifold for your old-timey ride that you havent found in years of junkyard searches. Plenty of awards, contests and the smell of grease to keep you energized. If you get sleepy, check out the on-site roller derby! Leake Collector Car Show & Auction Feb. 21-22, Cox Pavilion, OKC,, (918) 254-7077: Over 400 chances for you to grab that special ride for a great price, so bring the checkbook along and see what you can grab. Vintage and modern rides are all on the block. Almost Ready to Cruise Car Sale & Swap Meet Feb. 28-Mar. 2, Heart of Oklahoma Expo Center, Shawnee, (405) 275-7020, Bring your trade items, your Christmas cash stash and leave your griping significant other at home because its a great day for a deal. With over 150 vendors and some have the motorcycle stuff, you cant beat it. Just be sure to bring your trade stuff so you keep some cash in your pocket. Oklahoma City International Auto Show, Mar. 6-9, OK State Fair Park, OKC, (405) 607-0400, See the shiny and new with the 2014 models all there for you to be the first to drool on em. Its more than production models; its also the preproduction, specialty and hybrids to name a few. Any car junkie needs to be there. Tulsa International Auto Show Mar. 13-16, Expo Square, (918) 742-2626: Promises of over 600 new makes and models await you in March along with claims to the largest vintage and classic display of any car show in North America. See if its true. Norman All-Transportation Swap Meet Mar. 13-15, Cleveland County Fairgrounds, Norman, (405) 651-7927, www. The name kinda says it all, dont you think? They even promise exotics like airplanes, hot rods and racecars, so if youre game, then what are you doing sitting here?


Page 20 - February 2014 - The Pulse



Feb. 6: Stroll the Square Gallery Walk, Pocahontas, (870) 2480450: Dedicated to the DT businesses and local artists, theres plenty to eat, look at and do. Better still, its free and happening every month. Feb. 15: Music in the Mountains Show, Horseshoe Bend, (870) 373-3303: Happening on the third Saturday each month, its just some good, old-fashioned music and concessions if you need a snack. Admission is free, but donations appreciated. Feb. 15-16: Sweethearts Weekend, Rogers, (479) 789-5000: a perfect getaway for a day of relaxation. Take a guided eagle watch cruise on Beaver Lake, have lunch at the inn and just enjoy a quiet day. Limited to the first 10 couples or 20 individuals who cough up the dough ($60/couple). Feb. 15: 10th Annual Chocolate Lovers Festival, Eureka Springs, (888) -465-4753, No matter what you hanker for, theres a spot for that; chocolate cakes, body products, ice cream, you name it, theyll probably have it. Who can resist chocolate body products? There is a $12 admission for adults and $6 for the kiddos, FYI, but they have pros and amateurs all converging for the chocolate title, so its serious chocolate biz, people! Feb. 28-Mar. 2: Orchid Society Show and Sale, Fayetteville, (479) 750-2620, A judged exhibit, plenty for sale and classes all over the place make this a perfect destination for that exotic plant lover in your life. Held at the Botanical Gardens which are simply stunning any time of year. Mar. 5-28: Celebrate Art!, Springdale, (479) 751-5441, www. Kids can show of their skills with a brush, pottery or whatever as well as compete for recognition from their peers. Mar. 6-8: Mountain View Bluegrass Festival, Mountain View, (870) 269-8068: Held at the Ozark Folk Center, this is a big hub of the bluegrass world, so no doubt theyll have something spectacular. Get a single day pass or stay for the whole weekend. Mar. 8-9: Southfork River Regulators Spring Gun and Knife Show, Salem, (870) 371-0507: Buy, sell or trade your fun stuff for someone elses fun stuff. Sounds like fun to us! Mar. 8: Kiss a Pig GALA, Rogers, (479) 464-4121: Community leaders compete for a shot at kissing a pig to recognize Rogers for producing the first source of insulin for diabetics. Sounds like a good time? Can we pick who kisses which part of the pig? Im in!



The Pulse - February 2014 - Page 21


To protect yourself and the ones you love.

Teaching firearms with a gentle touch

help but like the minute you meet them. They dont wear army fatigues or crew cuts and they dont scream at anyone. Ever. They just want to help you to know the proper safety procedures, the right stances and the proper techniques of handling and shooting a firearm and they want to empower you should the unthinkable happen. They met me at a local restaurant in Hawaiian shirts and jeans and we had a wonderful chat about what they do, why they do it and why they feel its important. They know their guns and they want to help others to not be afraid of firearms (which for most of us has come from the military guy who looks like he eats live frogs for breakfast and will gladly make me cry in front of the group to make his point. No thank you). The person who thinks intimidation is the key to training me is not who I need to help me, but I am pretty sure Andy and Dee are. No matter what level of proficiency you are looking to get to, Andy and Dee can take you there. We asked them why they do this and their response was priceless, We are ordinary folks, but we felt this was important We want to educate others we feel very passionate about doing this and it is our calling. And it shows. We spent three hours discussing what they do (it felt like only 15 minutes), but I learned so much from a simple conversation over pasta.


Many of the firearm safety classes I have seen advertised are comprised of an ex-military guy with the buzz cut, seven percent body fat, thick eyebrows and he is ready to scream me into shape. I feel like Im not sure if Ive accidentally joined the Marines, if hes gonna make me cry in front of the group to train me or worse yet, Ill have to drop and give him 20 (which I assure you will never happen even under threat of pain or death). So, what ends up happening is that I am instantly intimidated and afraid of taking my meager firearms skills to that next level. So my little handgun sits in the drawer for another year, neglected and unused because I have yet to find a class that teaches me what I want to know (and not how to take down the enemy ruthlessly). I am not looking to singlehandedly take on the zombie apocalypse nor do I care to go out and shoot small creatures for fun and sport, I just want to know how to defend myself in my home should someone break in. Period. I dont need a class on how to take out the enemy and I sure as heck have no interest in pushups should I do something wrong. I also dont want fear to be anyones preferred teaching method. You may have heard of Page Firearms Training or the WellArmed Woman, but what you might not know is that there is a couple behind the name that can train you on all you need to know to empower and enlighten yourself about firearms no matter what your skill set when you first walk through the door. They are Dee and Andy Page - a sweeter than honey couple who you cant

Page 22 - February 2014 - The Pulse


They have taught folks from 12-78 years old, folks who never held a gun in their lives up through expert marksmen needing to expand on their knowledge and they are willing to teach you too. They can even help you decide which firearm is the right one based on your size, skill and comfort level and intended use. They have many different firearms for you to hold to see what works best without intimidating you with big guns you can barely lift, never mind try to shoot. Lets also make it clear that they can help you get the certificate you need to apply for your conceal or open carry permit, but you will still need to take additional steps to get the permit such as fingerprints and background checks - just an FYI. Similarly, if you have always been a bit intimidated by guns and you feel as though you are an outsider in Oklahoma because of it (and it does seem that if you arent gun-savvy, you are the minority) well, waste no more time and get the Pages to help you get your firearm smarts started. If you have been afraid of firearms for most of your life, Dee and Andy are great help for you to take that first step. They will hold your hand and make sure you are comfortable by the time you complete the course. They offer one-on-one private courses, corporate training, kids classes and so much more that we could probably talk about that all day. They specialize in helping the novices (like me!) take those first baby steps into the world of self-defense, but they can teach even the seasoned pro a thing or two. Without being smug about it. Now, before the gun haters blow up our phone with angry words about how guns are bad! You shouldnt be enticing people with them! Lets get something straight I already said I dont ever want to shoot living things for sport or fun, nor do I endorse folks who kill for no reason, but lets face it, the criminals out there do kill for fun (BTW, if youve eaten meat, you must be okay killing animals in some capacity). The new anti-gun laws mean nothing to criminals, so for those who scream about the unfairness of guns

killing people, ask a criminal how he (or SHE) feels about the new gun laws - after they stop laughing. Criminals kill innocent people every day. I just REFUSE TO BE A VICTIM and another statistic. Interested? Talk to Andy or Dee Page and see how they can empower you too. Reach them at (918) 457-7307 or via e-mail at deepage01@ They are opening a storefront in Tahlequah at 1601-B South Muskogee Avenue and if you can get enough of your friends to take a class, they can even come to you to train your group. Ladies: If you want to be able to protect yourself in your home, Dee teaches some great classes that will give you that level of comfort to keep you and your family safe from home invasion. Grab a bunch of your gal-pals and instead of the usual nail salon, shopping trip and fancy lunch, why not take her course instead? Its probably the best day you will ever spend and you will learn something that could save your life. Business owners: If you would like to offer a firearms class to your staff, the Pages offer private classes for just your biz. Even if everyone is coming in with a different skill set, they can help you get the necessary training to protect everyones safety. Parents: most child/gun accidents happen because children are curious little creatures who let those curiosities get the best of them. An educated and enlightened child is a safer child. Giving your children the knowledge of why they shouldnt play with guns and what the firearms safety precautions are will go a long way to keep your kids safe in a world that isnt. If you have firearms in the home, the Pages course can go a long way to protecting your family from an incident that can easily be avoided through education. They are great with kids and youll sleep better too.


The Pulse - February 2014 - Page 23

Parker Millsap hits the road with a new CD

by: Julie Wenger Watson
Purcell, Oklahoma may not be an obvious hotbed of hipness, but these small Oklahoma towns can surprise you. Talent runs deep in the heart of the Sooner State. Maybe its the red dirt, or perhaps those winds sweeping down the plains. Whatever the reason, our fair state and some of its smallest towns have produced a number of seriously gifted songwriters. Case in point, Okemah, OK. With a population of a whopping 3,300, this town is the birthplace of folk hero Woody Guthrie. Award winning songsmith Jimmy Webb, who gave us Wichita Lineman, Galveston and countless other timeless tunes, hails from the thriving metropolis of Elk City (pop. 12,000), and Bearden (pop. 130) produced 2013 Grammy nominee John Fullbright. Its Purcells turn to shine now with 21-year-old songwriter Parker Millsap. Millsap released his first CD, Palisade, in 2012. A DIY project, the young musician hawked his musical wares from the back of his van. With Millsap and his fans grassroots efforts, Palisade met with well-deserved critical success. Fast-forward to February 2014 and we find Millsap preparing to release his sophomore effort, the self-titled Parker Millsap. This time, however, Millsap has an agent, a publicist and a label. The new CD, like Palisade, showcases Millsaps strength as both a lyricist and a vocalist. If youre in the Tulsa area, you can join Millsap for a CD release party at The Vanguard on Feb. 16. Yet another talented Okie, John Moreland, is also on the bill. I recently caught up by phone with young Mr. Millsap, who was in New York City, showcasing his music during an international industry conference. I didnt really expect to like New York, but I am a big fan, Millsap told me while dining on yogurt in a Midtown Manhattan hotel. I came here on a high school band trip, but we basically stared at everybody from a bus window. We were supervised the whole time. Ive been unsupervised for like four or five days now, he laughed. Ive been seeing how far I can get from the hotel without gettng lost. A lot has changed for Millsap since I last spoke with him. Hes gone from playing small clubs and bars in Oklahoma to opening for Old Crow Medicine Show at a sold-out New Years Eve Show in Nashvilles legendary Ryman Auditorium. I just feel really lucky. Like very, very fortunate. Like being in the right place at the right time multiple times, he commented. The evening at the Ryman was an amazing ending to a great year for Millsap. That was surreal, he said of playing the former home of the Grand Ole Opry. It was the kind of thing that most people dont get to do and it was surreal. Everybody was really great to us, and the crowd was wonderful. Millsap is looking forward to returning to the road in support of his new album. I love being on the road. I honestly love performing, so any time I get to do that is a blessing. I like meeting all kinds of new people and trying new food everywhereThis is the only thing Ive really ever wanted to do. For more information on Parker Millsap and upcoming tour dates, visit his website at


photo by: Samantha Lamb

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Check with the venue or venue website for specific information and ticket availability.

February 14:

February 2014
February 1:
Americas Favortie Dancers, The Joint, Tulsa Aziz Ansari, Brady Theater, Tulsa Disneys Beauty & the Beast, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa I Love You, Youre Perfect, Now Change, Tulsa PAC - Liddy Doenges Theatre, Tulsa

Josh Abbott Band, Buffalo Run Casino, Miami Neutral Milk Hotel, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa Sandi Patty, Mabee Center, Tulsa A Streetcar Named Desire, Tulsa PAC John H. Williams Theatre, Tulsa Tulsa Ballet: Cinderella, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa

February 23:

Adaskin-Schumann Ensemble, Tulsa PAC John H. Williams Theatre, Tulsa Claybourne Park, Tulsa PAC - Liddy Doenges Theatre, Tulsa

February 26: February 27:

February 15:

The Ben Miller Band & Trampled Under Foot, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa Claybourne Park, Tulsa PAC - Liddy Doenges Theatre, Tulsa Keller Williams, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa


February 2:

Disneys Beauty & the Beast, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa I Love You, Youre Perfect, Now Change, Tulsa PAC - Liddy Doenges Theatre, Tulsa The Quiet Side of the Peephole (Ends), Tulsa PAC - Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa

The Fab Four, River Spirit Event Center, Tulsa Five Iron Frenzy, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa Little River Band, Downstream Casino, Joplin Night of the Future Champions, Buffalo Run Casino, Tulsa Secret Keeper Girl, Mabee Center, Tulsa A Streetcar Named Desire, Tulsa PAC John H. Williams Theatre, Tulsa Tulsa Ballet: Cinderella, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa

February 28:

February 16:

February 3: February 5: February 6:

The Scintas, The Joint, Tulsa That1Guy, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa Pentatonix, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa Gungor, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa Thoughts on a Winters Journey, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa (Thru March2) Willie Nelson, The Joint, Tulsa

The Glorious Unfolding Tour, Cox Business Center, Tulsa SMOG City Tour, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa A Streetcar Named Desire, Tulsa PAC John H. Williams Theatre, Tulsa Tulsa Ballet: Cinderella, Tulsa PAC Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa

Alan Jackson, The Joint, Tulsa Chad Sullins & the Last Call Coalition, Buffalo Run Casino, Miami Claybourne Park, Tulsa PAC - Liddy Doenges Theatre, Tulsa Elmer Gantry, Tulsa PAC - Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa The Mountaintop, Tulsa PAC - Charles E. Norman Theatre, Tulsa Zeds Dead, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa

March 2014
March 1:
Amsoil Arenacross, BOK Center, Tulsa Bob Wills Birthday Celebration w/The Texas Playboys, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa Claybourne Park, Tulsa PAC - Liddy Doenges Theatre, Tulsa The Mountaintop, Tulsa PAC - Charles E. Norman Theatre, Tulsa Willie Nelson, Buffalo Run Casino, Miami

February 18: February 19: February 20: February 21:

Bring It On: The Musical, Broken Arrow Performing Arts Center, Tulsa Excision, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa A Streetcar Named Desire, Tulsa PAC John H. Williams Theatre, Tulsa Claybourne Park, Tulsa PAC - Liddy Doenges Theatre, Tulsa Jonny Lang, River Spirit Event Center, Tulsa Josh Ward, Buffalo Run Casino, Miami A Streetcar Named Desire, Tulsa PAC John H. Williams Theatre, Tulsa

February 7:

Charlottes Web, Tulsa PAC - John H. Williams Theatre, Tulsa Damn Quails, Buffalo Run Casino, Miami Dustin Lynch, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa Harlem Globetrotters, BOK Center, Tulsa Timothy Egan, Tulsa PAC - Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa Tulsa Gridiron, Tulsa PAC - Liddy Doenges Theatre, Tulsa

March 2:

Elmer Gantry, Tulsa PAC - Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa The Expendables, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa

March 6: March 7:

February 8:

Tulsa Gridiron, Tulsa PAC - Liddy Doenges Theatre, Tulsa Tulsa Symphony: Saint Saens & Mozart, Tulsa PAC - Chapman Music Hall, Tulsa

Gungor, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa Billy Currington, The Joint, Tulsa Clint Black, River Spirit Event Center, Tulsa Paper Diamond, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa Switchfoot, Brady Theater, Tulsa The Mountaintop, Tulsa PAC - Charles E. Norman Theatre, Tulsa

February 22:

February 13:

Heart, The Joint, Tulsa Reckless Kelly, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa

Claybourne Park, Tulsa PAC - Liddy Doenges Theatre, Tulsa Imagine Dragons, BOK Center, Tulsa JJ Grey & Mofro, Cains Ballroom, Tulsa A Streetcar Named Desire, Tulsa PAC John H. Williams Theatre, Tulsa


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Take care of your heart with

Okay, we were planning on giving you a Pulse Pro story on taking care of your heart written by a local doctor who would tell you to eat better, get more exercise, yadda, yadda, yadda. Well, after some consideration, it occurred to us that sometimes, there are emotional things we need to do for our health. Instead of a medical story, we are going to do an emotional appeal to your most important organ. In recent years, everyone (including OPRAH) has looked at how emotions affect your heart; that includes heart rate, overall heart health and even the correlation between your brain, emotions and heart function. Our heart actually works better when we have spiritual, emotional and personal issues addressed. Love, care, appreciation, a sense of connection and compassion for others all make for better heart health. It has been proven that happiness is tied to lowering the workload on our hearts, lower blood pressure and opening blood vessels. It also helps to make our bodies work better overall.


FIVE things you are grateful for in your life. Look at your list every day. Even better, try to add one new thing to your list every day. When things get tough, go read that list to get you back to a better place.

3. Communicate. Sometimes we just let the rest of the world steamroll over us. We dont tell others what we really want and we repress. Learn to communicate your needs in a useful way. Being a jerk isnt the answer, but keeping it inside hasnt worked very well til now, has it? 4. Learn to understand your feelings. Umm, WHAT??? If this is confusing, get a little notebook and start a journal. Journaling can really help you to understand what you are really feeling and get to know yourself better. Then you can fix it. 5. SMILE. Yeah, okay, like THATs gonna work. If you were thinking that, then youve never tried it and you probably need some happy in your life. Youll be surprised how many people will respond to you differently when you are smiling. If you think we are full of it, just try it for a day and see what happens. Weve all heard the expression, Smile and the world smiles with you. Cry and you cry alone. Theres a reason this is true. Continually bummed people are a bummer to be around. We all have that friend who is always unhappy no matter what good comes into their life. When they call, you hesitate to answer, not because you dont care, but because they are always unhappy and even when they arent technically unhappy, they seem to be looking for new things to be unhappy about. If you are that friend (and we bet big bucks you already know if you are), you might be surprised how enthusiastic people will be to help you turn it around if you tell them you want to change. You better be willing to make changes, however, or youll lose friends fast if you didnt mean it. If you dont have many friends, happiness can be found if you are willing to take a little look around. First, think of some things youve always wanted to do, but never dared to try. Yoga, a new hobby, cooking, firearms training (see our story on Dee & Andy Page to start), whatever you think you might enjoy can be the thing that makes you and your heart happier. And it will start you on the path to making friends. All you have to do is take that first step. The state of Oklahoma wants to help you to get happier too. Check in with, www.211oklahomahelpline. org or call 800-522-9054 (or 877-836-2111) to find someone to help you on the path to a happier (and healthier) you. Your heart will thank you. Take care of yourself and each other this Valentines Day. Love is all around you, but you have to open your heart to receive it too!


Okay, so we get it that when we are happier, our heart is happier, but how do we get to that better state of being? We found ideas on how to make your heart a better-functioning organ and they are all easy to do, no matter who you are: 1. Appreciate yourself. What? Are we joking? NO! We are serious as a heart attack. So many people out there dont appreciate who they are. You have to do more than eat healthy and exercise to have a happy heart. Do you devote too much to others, oftentimes ignoring your own needs? Are you unhappy about so many things in your life yet continue to do for those around you, ignoring what you need to be more fulfilled? Ask someone close to you if they think you undervalue yourself. If they say yes, chances are this is something you need to work on. 2. Think positive. If you are constantly looking for the unhappy in your life, you need to do some positivity training. You probably know if you are a nay-sayer or not, but doing something about it can add life to your years and years to your life. And it might make for better relationships. Get started by finding one positive thing to focus on each day. If you are saying you cant think of anything, get some counseling. NOW. From here, make a list of
How many times have you heard: You only get one chance to make a good first impression.? Well, we dont want to make a good one...we want to knock your bra off! Stop by to find out how Impressions, a revoltionary, newly patented breast form, will make a magical first impression on you.

Because first impressions matter most

Muskogee: 1908 N. 11th St. / Tahlequah: 17900 S. Muskogee Ave.

(888) 686-0010 / (877) 453-9991

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Why deserves to be a food group

Okay, we gave you some info to help your heart, but we also want to put an impassioned plea to the FDA, USDA, CDC and OK Health Department that chocolate needs to be considered a food group. It doesnt have to be the biggest one (it can be the second, were okay with that). Does anyone out there know how to get a petition or something so we can make chocolate a recognized food group? If youve ever eaten a really good piece of chocolate, you know that it can make you deliriously happy almost instantaneously. We arent talking about a piece of junk chocolate that came out of a $3 bag, we mean GOOD chocolate that you made a special trip to a chocolatier to buy. It is so special that you only bought a few pieces. After you eat one piece, you are good until tomorrow. You dont hork it down, you savor it. You eat it in nibbles, moaning after each bite. Each taste makes your eyes roll back in your head in pleasure. You dream of the next time you can buy some more. You fantasize on what new ones youll buy the next time. Okay, weve rambled enough. Hold on, gotta get the drool off the keyboard. Okay, lets move on.



Chocolate releases endorphins which are pleasure chemicals in the brain tied to mood. The more endorphins you release, the better you feel. Endorphins are released when we are in love, when we are happy about something and when we eat chocolate. Have you seen the latest Willy Wonka movie? Johnny Depp explains it all. Johnny Depp is another endorphin-releasing agent too, eh ladies? This Valentines Day, if you have a special person you want to make happy, go buy some special chocolates from a specialty chocolatier. We promise itll be worth the effort. We have some places you can go for that special confection, but you may want to get there early because chocolate is a special food at Valentines Day. Just make sure your intended shares the booty with you or you buy some just for you too. Theres nothing worse than getting a half-empty box of chocolates on Valentines Day. If anyone has ideas on how to get chocolate recognized as a food group, we would love to get your opinions. Places to get great chocolate in Green Country (Please call ahead to make sure they are open and have what you are looking for): Glacier Confections, 15 E. Brady Street, Tulsa, (918) 938-6368, Glacier tops our list because of the high quality and tastiness, but also because the staff can help you to make a perfect selection for that special someone. They also have gorgeous boxes to put your delectable in. Their boxes are like keepsakes all unto themselves. Glacier is a Pulse Passion Purveyor! Woodland Hills Mall (7021 S. Memorial Dr.) has Sees, Godiva and a few other chocolate stops that are pretty yummy. If you are looking for more than chocolate to gift that special someone, Woodland Hills Mall is a good place to stop. Nouveau Atelier de Chocolat, 205 S. Main Street, Broken Arrow, (918) 258-2877, some of their chocolate is too pretty to eat, but youll get over it. They have assortments for occasions and gift packages to grab and go. With all the new in Broken Arrow, you really cant miss. Their box of a dozen chocolate hearts is affordable and really pretty. Candy Creations, 306 N. Main Street, Bristow, (918) 367-2830 The Sweet Shoppe, 412 S. Hughes Ave, Morris, (918) 733-2253 Amish Country Store, 2410 N. 32nd Street, Muskogee, (918) 686-0243 Green Country Candy, 8964 W. 620 Road, Inola, (918) 543-4328 Crooked Little House, 6311 Hwy 28 W, Adair, (918) 785-2287 Elan, 110 Deadwood Dr., Adair, (918) 782-4700, 35988 S. Hwy 82, Vinita Richardson Chocolate Factory, 405 S. Pennsylvania Ave, Joplin, MO (417) 623-6161 Candy House Gourmet Chocolates, 510 Kentucky Ave, Joplin, (417) 623-7171, Butterfly Kisses Candy Bouquets, 200 W. 4th Ave, Caney, KS (620) 879-2272


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Set in 79 A.D., Pompeii tells the epic story of Milo, a slave turned gladiator who finds himself in a race against time to save his true love Cassia, the beautiful daughter of a wealthy merchant who has been unwillingly betrothed to a corrupt Roman Senator. As Mount Vesuvius erupts in a torrent of blazing lava, Milo must fight his way out of the arena in order to save his beloved as the once magnificent Pompeii crumbles around him. Directed by Paul W. S. Anderson and starring Kit Harrington and Emily Browning in the leads as well as Carrie-Ann Moss, Kiefer Sutherland, Jared Harris and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. There is no doubt that the setting will provide drama enough for this film being based on one of the greatest calamities in recorded history.

Based on the true story of the greatest treasure hunt in history, The Monuments Men is an action drama focusing on an unlikely World War II platoon, tasked by FDR with going into Germany to rescue artistic masterpieces from Nazi thieves and returning them to their rightful owners. It would be an impossible mission; with the art trapped behind enemy lines, and with the German army under orders to destroy everything as the Reich fell, how could these guys possibly hope to succeed? Directed by and starring George Clooney with Cate Blanchett, Matt Damon, Bill Murray and John Goodman, this is being touted as 2014s Argo. With this cast and plot it is sure to please fans of all types whether it be military, historical or just plain good cinema.


February 7
The Lego Movie (PG)

Also in Theaters in FEBRUARY

February 14
About Last Night (NYR); Endless Love (NYR); Robocop (PG-13) Vampire Academy (NYR); Winters Tale (PG-13)

February 21
3 Days to Kill (NYR); The Wind Rises (PG-13)

February 28
Non-Stop (PG-13); Repentence (NYR); Son of God (PG-13); Welcome to Yesterday (NYR)

February 4 February 11


About Time (R); Baggage Claim (PG-13); Dallas Buyers Club (R); Escape Plan (R); Free Birds (PG) All is Lost (PG-13); Austenland (PG-13); The Best Man Holiday (R); The Counselor (R); Enders Game (PG-13)

February 25
Gravity (PG-13); Nebraska (R); Pulling Strings (PG); Thor: The Dark World (PG-13)

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Before we jump in to the rodeo list for February, please dont think that weve forgotten about the Powwows going on in Green Country. Its just that there arent that many until the weather warms up, so until then, well keep the rodeos going, but stick around for the powwows to pop-up as the weather warms up. Meanwhile, be sure to call and confirm that your rodeo is still happening. With the weather changes and all the other stuff going on, its better safe than sorry. Feb. 2: JBR Bullriding, Creek County Fairgrounds, (918) 770-5495 Feb. 7-8: Steve Gussert Rodeo, Creek County Fairgrounds, (918) 261-1598 Feb. 7-9: Oklahoma Horse Fair & Ranch Rodeo, Stephens County

Rodeo Roundup

Fair & Expo Center, Duncan, (4-5) 226-0630, Feb. 7-9: Central 4D Barrel Racers, Heart of Oklahoma Expo Center, Shawnee, (405) 275-7020, Feb. 15: Steve Gussert Rodeo, Creek County Fairgrounds, (919) 261-1598 Feb. 16: JBR Bullriding, Creek County Fairgrounds, (918) 770-5495 Feb. 16: Tulsa Heritage Rodeo, Tulsa, (918) 402-5208, Feb. 22-24: Monster Bull Riding School, Locust Grove, (918) 639-0924, Feb. 24-25: Junior Bull Riders Finals Rodeo, Kellyville, (785) 733-2468, Feb. 24-Mar. 1: Spring Livestock Show, Creek County Fairgrounds, Mar. 7-9: Timed Event Championship, Lazy E Arena, Guthrie, (800) 595-7433, Later in the season: Mar. 31: Annual Brodeo, Collinsville, (918) 409-4751, Facebook Apr. 4-7: Jackson Hall Memorial Barrels Rodeo ($20,000 added), (580) 916-8617, Apr. 20: Annual Beggs Open Rodeo, Beggs, (918) 402-5208, Apr. 20-21: Annual 89er Days Rodeo, Guthrie, (405) 282-4747 Apr. 21: Wild Catters Spring Open Rodeo, Drumright, (918) 428-1138 May 1: M&M Custom Campers Tour Rodeo, Miami, (918) 623-3674


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Doins a-Tranpirin Outside of Green Country
Theres plenty to do right here in our little neck of the woods, but we wouldnt be doing our job if we didnt give you a nice big smorgasbord of yummy fun things to get you out of your fluffy bunny slippers at least once in February. Now all you have to do is make a decision. Better yet, make many decisions and see what your Okie neighbors have been up to. If you didnt get enough ice skating around Christmas time, dont cry about it, just grab thos skates and let the folks at Devon Ice Rink near OKC take care of you. Hurry, it ends Feb. 2! www. for more. We told you about the eagle and loon watches in January, so we wont repeat here. You can stay local or travel, but no matter what youll enjoy a great day outdoors getting plenty of sun, exercise and fresh air. See for the line-up or check in with for recent additions. Chocolate Festival will also feature a childrens art area and art demonstrations by the Firehouse Art Center faculty. Its a big one - this gets national attention in case you are a chocolate connoisseur. Youll be a happy little choco-holic after this one! OKC Gun Show, Oklahoma State Fair Park, OKC (2/1-2), (405) 842-3277, This gun show will feature antique, collectible, vintage and modern firearms. What more do we need to say?


February 7 - 9:
An Affair of the Heart, State Fair Park, OKC (2/7-9), (800) 7555488, A unique marketplace and shoppers dream, with booths occupying multiple buildings throughout the fairgrounds offering a vast array of arts, crafts, antiques, collectibles, furniture, decorative items, accessories, jewelry, clothing, gourmet foods and more. PULSE PICK: Stephens County Coin Show, Stephens County Fair & Expo Center, Duncan (2/7-8), (580) 252-3231: Browse through row upon row of coins to buy, sell and trade. Find out what your treasured coins are worth or hunt down the elusive coin youve been searching for. This coin show features antique coins and more from all over the United States. FUN! Hennessey Hometown Hootenanny, 525 S. Main Street, Hennessey (2/8, 3/8 too) , (405) 853-6212, www. Country, bluegrass, gospel and folk music featuring area musicians and local entertainment acts. Michael Haden and Buck Goucher are two locals who play regularly at this event and many times their musical family members join them on stage. Expect to hear all the classics of Johnny Cash, Hank Thompson and Ernest Tubb. Chocolate Festival, Heritage Hall, Ardmore (2/8), (580) 2261212: This decadent one-day event will feature a dessert table with a variety of chocolate specialties prepared by local chefs. Be the lucky winner of a live or silent auction, and dance the night away. Yukon Chocolate Festival, Robertson Activity Center, Yukon (2/8), (405) 350-8937, Get ready for an afternoon of chocolate treats at the Yukon Chocolate Festival. A wide variety of assorted chocolate will be served by local businesses and groups. The Yukon Chocolate Festival also includes a silent auction.

January 31 - February 2:
Oklahoma Bluegrass Club Music Festival, Kerr Middle School, Del City (2/1), (405) 760-3064, The Oklahoma Bluegrass Club Music Festival features professional and nonprofessional musicians coming together to play their music for visitors. Multiple bands will perform 45-minute shows. German Feast & Auction, 208 N. Reimer, Corn (2/1), (580) 343-2262, The German Feast & Auction in the town of Corn is a great event where visitors can try authentic, tasty German food.Sign up for the silent auction for gift certificates, handmade toys and other handcrafted items. Visitors will also have the opportunity to purchase homemade breads, jellies, rolls, cakes and pastries.What more can we say to entice you? Wear loose clothes. Its a Valentine Affair Craft & Vendor Show, Seminole State College, Seminole (2/1), (405) 933-5330: Browse through over 40 vendors selections of candy and special gifts including decadent chocolates to yummy smelling candles. Bring your appetite and enjoy a meal from the food vendors. PULSE PICK: Chocolate Festival, NCED Training Center, Norman (2/1), (405) 329-4523, Feast on favorites such as chocolate amaretto cream cake, Godiva chocolates and chocolate fondue. Dont miss Kendalls Restaurants fantastic chocolate cinnamon rolls, which are only available at the Chocolate Festival each year. Also, for something a bit out of the ordinary, try samples of chocolate chili and let your chocolate cravings run wild. Normans

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February 14 - 16:
Gun, Knife & Outdoor Equipment Show, Oklahoma State Fair Park, OKC (2/15-16), (918) 272-1119, www. Sure to have the products you are looking for with a wide selection of firearms, ammo, knives and more. With tables full of merchandise to browse through, youll want to come to both days of this weekend event to everything these high quality dealers have to offer including everything youll need to take on the great outdoors. PULSE PICK: Battle of Round Mountain ReEnactment, 777 Glory Road, Yale (2/21-23), (918) 399-9193: The re-enactment recreates a winter encampment of the Civil War era. This event takes place over three days, with living history soldiers setting up opposing camps on Friday. Vendors in period dress will also be present to set up tents and sell their wares. The battle itself begins Saturday afternoon, as visitors are invited to witness as Confederate and Union soldiers slowly advance towards each other on the field of battle. Sanders & Lake Murray Lodge Fabulous February Bluegrass Festival, the Lodge at Lake Murray State Park, Ardmore (2/2122), (918) 760-3064: People of all ages will come together to share their musical talents with others and to pass their love of music down to further generations. Professional and nonprofessional musicians will pick up their instruments and entertain resort and festival visitors with the sweet sounds of traditional bluegrass. Frederick Fantastic Oyster Fry & Craft Show, Prather Brown Center, Frederick (2/22), (580) 335-2126: Browse through booths filled with items for sale including pottery, jewelry, wood crafts, leather crafts, candles, needlework and more. Many visitors to this much-loved festival arrive early to do some shopping, antiquing or to visit a local museum, so check out Frederick and create an entire mini-vacation around the towns tasty oyster fry. Spring Fling Craft Show, Expo & Flea Market, Elk City Convention Center (2/22-23), (580) 225-4399: Over 100 indoor and outdoor vendor booths will feature crafts, ceramics, antiques, collectibles, jewelry, purses, clothing, toys, furniture, outdoor items and more.

PULSE PICK: Underground Monster Carnival, Oklahoma City Fairgrounds, OKC (3/1), (918) 402-8540, www. underground monstercarnival. com: This carnival-themed convention features a costume contest, prizes, a haunted/special FX exhibitroom, B-movie style filmmakersand fun workshops. Visit the room to support local artists and writersor check out the various Coney Island style exhibits. Discover an unexpected gem at the sci-fi, steampunk, fantasy and horror vendor booths, or browse the collections of comic books, movies, books and apparel. PULSE PICK: Norman Mardi Gras Parade, Downtown Norman (3/1), (405) 514-0781, This celebration of local arts and community, currently in its 20th year, has the distinction of being the first Mardi Gras parade to be held in Oklahoma. Past Mardi Gras parades have included fire dancers, jazz bands, dogs and motorcycles. From jugglers to Elvis impersonators, everyone is invited to march in this wild parade. Come to the Mardi Gras Parade in Norman and watch as decorated riding lawnmowers, clowns, hula dancers and costumed participants chase the winter blues away to endless music and sounds of celebration. The Bead Market, Oklahoma State Fair Park, OKC (3/1-2), (903) 240-7198, This two day craft show takes over the Oklahoma Expo Hall at Oklahoma State Fair Park and fills the it with vendors selling a wide variety of products. Whether youre looking for items to begin crafting your own wearable art or something you can wear out of the building, the Bead Market has you covered. Momentum: Art Doesnt Stand Still, Farmers Public Market, OKC (3/7-8), (405) 879-2400, An interactive, multimedia arts exhibition featuring Oklahoma artists ages 30 and under working in all media. It has continually presented a diversified look at emerging artistic talent in Oklahoma. Momentum features visual artists alongside local musicians, performers, poets and more.



February 28 - March 2:
Backwoods Hunting & Fishing Expo, Oklahoma state Fair Park, OKC (2/28-3/2), (405) 769-8816, www.backwoodsshow. com: displays, competitions, live and stuffed critters and plenty of goodies as the name describes makes this a good way to get stocked up for next year or come see whats new in the genre. Any way you slice it, its all a good time to learn something new or just peruse.

Need a Vehicle? Family in town? Going on vacation? Vehicle in shop? Stop by your locally owned & operated rental agency!

4802 S. Muskogee Ave., Tahlequah



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Dining Out:

Where the Romance Reigns

hopes. With a Victorian feel, Miss Addies has the ambiance thing down pat. They are notorious for their salad dressings that will make the most hard-core carnivore suddenly feel like veggies and their lunches are affordable and quite good you can mix and match soup, salad and sandwiches. Their dinners are spectacular with great appetizer selections (that can substitute for a meal try the blue crab cakes), but if you want something to make the meal memorable, give the Duck Diane a shot or try the Shrimp Provencal (a customer favorite). Miss They also have platters and all kinds of delectable desserts that you can either eat there or take away (we highly recommend the cheesecake). Come as you are or dress up; either way, you are welcome. Marys Italian Trattoria, 1313 E. 15th Street #B, Tulsa, (918) 585-2495: a homey place with everything made to your exact specifications, we like Marys. there are plenty of photos and family heirlooms that make the place feel like you have just stepped into Nonnas kitchen. Many folks go gag-ga over their house salad dressing so we think if they pay that much attention to the salad dressing, its a must-try. If you are wanting to do a quick bite, this is not the place for you, just keep that in mind (but you could spend that time talking). Kilkennys Irish Pub, 1413 E. 15th Street, Tulsa, (918) 5828282, Sure, we could have covered Kilkennys for March for St. Patricks Day, but we think Kilkennys is a perfect getaway without actually going away. The entire restaurant feels like the inside of a pub in merry ol England (or Ireland) and the food is pretty spectacular to boot. Grab a cold Guinness, have a warm bowl of Irish stew and feel like youve left the country for a couple of hours. We always get the Scotch Eggs but be sure to get your own dish because you will swish you hadnt offered to share. Trust us on that one. Jamils Steakhouse, 3823 E. 51st Street, Tulsa, (918) 742-9097: Located midtown, this is a perfect place for that steak youve been hankering for, but what will knock your socks off are the Lebanese appetizers that come out with every meal. We love the selection and they keep feeding you until you say when, but you never leave feeling disappointed. They have a full bar so that gives you reason to stick around for a while after dinner too.

There are plenty of places in Green Country to show your loved one(s) how much you care, but we are strong believers in the adage If it aint broke, dont fix it. Going somewhere new and unknown for a holiday as special as Valentines Day can be quite disastrous. Its always easier to go where you normally do chances are that the staff knows you, you know their consistency of food and you know just how much planning has to go into your romantic evening. We did ask around for ideas for those of you who want to take that leap of change and we got a nice variety of answers. Whatever you decide on, be sure that you select a place where everyone will like the food, but we think these choices are all winners for the day of love... The Canebrake, 33241 E 732 Road, Wagoner, (918) 485-1810, talk about your perfect get-aways. The Canebrake can treat you to a weekend of spa luxury or you can go for their Sunday breakfast brunch buffet, but no matter what you decide on, they have it and more. Spend the night there and just enjoy the quiet for a day, but whatever your decide, decide it quick because this place fills up FAST. They aint cheap, but one bite and youll know why they dont have to be. They won all kinds of awards for 2013 so go see what the fuss is about. Miss Addies Caf & Pub, 821 W. Broadway Street, Muskogee, (918) 682-1506, Miss Addies has been selected by our readers two years in a row, so we have high

906 E. Cherokee St

Se rv sin ing ce O 50 the klah s lat oma e


Mon-Thur 11am-9pm Fri-Sat 11am-10pm Sun 11am-3pm

333 S 32nd St (Hwy 69)


1310 S Muskogee Ave

918-684-6161 TAHLEQUAH 918-431-1511 WAGONER 918-485-6191

Best tas i r a g r a M Around




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Napolis Tahlequah, 901 S. Muskogee Avenue, Tahlequah, (918) 207-0870, Yeah, yeah, we love Napolis but thats mainly due to their consistency, but we also love that no matter when we go, we dont spend hours waiting for our food. We love that they always have something on the menu that even the snobbiest Italian food connoisseur will devour and ask for more, but the big draw for us is the service. I dont care if you are serving shoe leather, when it comes from an attentive wait staff, I am all about that, but its a great thing that Napolis has the great food to go with the special service. We know everyone there, and they strive to know you too, making them a staff favorite for this little magazine that could. We also think that Valentines Day is made more romantic with Italian food. Its a perfect way to spend a perfect evening. You can even grab dinner (or their AWESOME pizza) to take home and snuggle on the couch with your dinner. Napolis has never disappointed us yet! The Pizza Place, 3803 Nowata Road, Bartlesville, (918) 3335000, Speaking of pizza, the whole wheat pizza served at The Pizza Place just cant be beat and anytime someone can slip healthy in with yummy, we applaud their efforts. Many customers swear by this place and eat there more than once a week. Its family-owned and operated with many options for whatever you are in the mood for. They have a lunch buffet and you know what big fans we are of the buffet! They have wonderful appetizers such as clams oreganate, calamari fritti, garlic cheese bread and all kinds of soups and salads, but if you cant decide, order a few slices of different flavors and make one your favorite for next time. Its a perfect way to relax on Valentines Day with your sweetie. Visions Buffet, Riverspirit Casino, 8330 Riverside Parkway, Tulsa, (918) 995 8518, visionsbuffet: Count on the casinos to make a buffet that challenges them all. Visions Buffet is just superb with specials for different days such as seafood buffet on Thursdays 5-10 p.m. and Surf n Turf on Saturdays. Now what really got our attention is the Sunday Champagne brunch from 10 a.m. 3 p.m. What makes this place a go-to for a romantic evening is the variety of foods and consistency you can expect. This is a fabulous date night place to have that memorable evening away, just the two of you or bring the kids along and show the whole family how much you care. To accompany your meal, they offer many drink specials, including beer, wine and mixed selections. If you are looking for a little more one-on-one time with your sweetie, check

out their Elements Steakhouse for a quiet little night for just the two of you. The Artichoke, North of Langley on Hwy 82, Langley, (918) 782-9855, Of course they have spinach artichoke dip, but thats only the beginning. With fresh asparagus from their garden, steak soup and plenty of chicken and seafood options, youll love The Artichoke. Going there this time of year gives you a nice evening of ambiance and romance without the crowds found over the summer. Located in a farmhouse, its cozy and inviting with a relaxing atmosphere where jeans and boots are as welcome as ties and jackets. We highly recommend the crab cake (as former residents of the East Coast, we know our crab cakes and these didnt disappoint) and the grilled salmon is dang tasty too. If you want to be sure to get a spot, make reservations and ensure that your special evening goes off without a hitch.


Get Hooked on the Kitchen

1095 E 4th St., Tahlequah, OK (Off 4th & Bertha Parker Bypass)


MON - THU: 11AM - 8PM FRI & SAT: 11AM - 9PM
200 N Wood Dr., Okmulgee OK

Your Favorite Menu Dishes Sized for LUNCH Tue - Thu: 11am - 9:30pm Fri - Sat: 11am - 10:00pm Wine & Beer Served
Sun: 11am - 9pm
(Closed Mondays)

Italian Restaurant $ 95 $ 95 7. & 5.


918-756-8BBQ (8227)

901 S Muskogee Tahlequah, OK

918-207-0870 (fax)918-207-0871
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What do Valentines Day, spice and bacon have in common? Why, theyre all right here of course!
This month, weve decided to shake things up; instead of just recipes (we have some new ones at along with more spice information), we decided to excite you about trying new things and spice up your life. There are so many spices and herbs that can make a meal much more exciting, your family will talk about it for days afterward (okay, we made that part up). BUT, theres no better time than VALENTINES DAY to spice everything up, so lets get to learning: SOME of the Common Cooking Spices (this is not all of them): Allspice: Best freshly ground. Tastes like cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. Used in desserts, preserves and salads as well as pickling and simmering meats. Anise: Coffee Cakes, rolls, cookies, candies and sweet pickles. Tastes very much like lemon mixed with black licorice. Basil: The basil leaf is used in sauces, especially pesto, and Italian sauces. It also works well as a dip for breads and is really easy to grow. Do not plant this in your yard! It will take over in no time! Plant in pots in your kitchen window and snip leaves as needed. Bay Leaves: Mild flavor and best when dried. Used in soups, stews, tomato sauces and boiling shellfish. Capers: Great for any seafood. It is a pickled flower bud. Cayenne: pepper used in meats, fish, sauces, egg dishes and cheeses.Spicy. Cilantro: a staple for Mexican salsa and dishes. Can go bitter if cooked too long. Cinnamon: Sweet spice for breads, cookies, cakes, etc. Works great with chocolate. Has plenty of health properties as well. Cloves: Cross of cinnamon and allspices. Used in curries, desserts, sweet dishes and vegetables. Coriander: Indian, Cuban and Mexican dishes and pork chops. Has a citrus/pepper flavor. Dill Seed/Weed: Has a mild/sour flavor. You can use just about any part of the plant in eggs, fish, meats, potato, bread pudding, salads, sauces and pickled foods. Fennel Seed: A bit like Anise (licorice), but sweeter. Used in soups, salads and stews. Ginger: Peppery/sweet. Use in breads, cakes, cookies and Asian dishes. Horseradish: Common cooking herb with sharp taste similar to mustard. Flavor beef, sausage, fish and potato salad as well as Eastern European dishes. Juniper Berries: Piney, strong flavor used in pork, beef, marinades and sauces. A little goes a long way. Marjoram: Has a very delicate flavor. Used in stews, soups and marinades. Mint: Fruit and sweet herb as well as Middle Eastern and Greek dishes. You can grow this herb in your window sill too (See Basil notes: they are in the same family). Mustard: Use dry in meats, sauces and gravies. Nutmeg: Baked goods, sauces, vegetables and puddings. Oregano: Similar to Marjoram, but not as sweet. Used mostly in Italian dishes.Paprika: common spice with lots of variations. Smoked, Spanish and Hungarian are the most common. Used in goulash, pork, Hungarian dishes, potato and egg salads. Rosemary: Very aromatic herb with a pine/lemon scent. Used in meat recipes and sauces. Saffron: Save your pennies for this one! Flavors rice, stew and fish. You only need a smidge. This is a stamen of a flower grown only in Spain and Italy. Sage: Meat stuffing, pork spice. Tarragon: Similar to Anise (licorice-like) and used in tartar sauce, cream sauce, egg and seafood dishes, salads. Turmeric: Pickles, meats and eggs spice. Also used in some vegetable dishes. Vanilla: Sweet and aromatic for desserts, ice cream, cakes and puddings. A good vanilla can make a dessert awesome. Winter Savory: Mint-like herb used in pate, meat, fish, soups and bean dishes. What you need to know: The most commonly used spices/herbs are basil, oregano, parsley, rosemary, thyme, sage, bay leaves, dill weed, tarragon and cilantro. Other spices you might want to keep are: Paprika, turmeric, mustard powder, cayenne, dried red pepper flakes, chili powder, cumin, coriander, curry powder, onion flakes and garlic powder, allspice, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, anise stars and nutmeg (either ground or whole) and if you can make the investment, poppy, sesame, celery and fennel seeds along with some fresh vanilla beans. Spice tastes range from sweet, savory or spicy. Knowing what kind of spice will work for your dish will help you become more adventurous as you know more. Dried herbs and spices should be stored in airtight containers (glass jars are best) in a cool, dry and dark place. Spice racks that sit out are not good for your spices longevity. Most spices last six months to a year. The longer you keep them, the more you will need to flavor a dish. Fresh herbs provide a much bolder flavor than dried. If you are a newbie, stick with the dried until you learn more. Dried herbs are best when cooked in oils/fats/butter or water. They infuse the oil or water. For best flavor, crush the herbs in your hand or use a mortar and pestle before putting them in the dish. Before you go crazy with an herb, put in a little, let it cook a minute and taste. If you need more, add a bit; you can overdo quite easily if you are inexperienced. If you want to grow herbs or spices, many can be grown easily in your kitchen window. Basil, mint, sage, rosemary and dill are pretty easy to grow as a start. RECIPES: Red pepper, potato and onion home fries with basil 1 small red pepper 3-4 red potatoes, skins on 1/2 red onion 5-6 basil leaves cut by chiffonade salt and pepper small bit of olive oil Cut the potato, red onion and pepper into a 1/2 dice. Add olive oil to skillet and and heat over medium high heat until the oil shimmers. Add potatoes and cook for about five minutes, until you can smell them cooking and theyre getting slightly brown. Stir occasionally. Then add the pepper, and lower the heat a bit. Cook for another ten minutes or so, until the onions are soft and the potatoes nice and soft. (Taste test the potatoes a lot during cooking, thats the only way youll know theyre at a good level of done-ness for you.) Then add the peppers and toss for a few minutes, until just beginning to soften. Turn off the heat and throw in the basil, salt and pepper to taste. Toss liberally and serve right away.


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DIY Curry Powder Use equal amounts of cumin, coriander, and chili powder (a couple teaspoons each), and then half that amount of turmeric, ginger, and cinnamon/cardamom. I normally use a mix like this with potatoes, cauliflower and onions for a great side dish. Homemade Tomato Sauce 2 28 oz. cans tomatoes - I typically do one can diced, one crushed for a little bit of texture! 1-2 tbsp tomato paste (this is my favorite kind!) 1 large onion garlic, garlic, garlic - I always use a ton! Id say two cloves minimum! 1 lb. ground beef, preferably lean dried oregano crushed red pepper salt and pepper fresh basil - dried can also be substituted! Roughly dice the onion, and mince as much garlic as you want. Once this is done, throw the ground beef brick into a pan over medium heat and cook until browned. If a lot of fat seeps out, drain most of it. You need only a few tablespoons of fat to cook the onion and garlic in. Throw in the onions, garlic, some salt and pepper, and a good amount of crushed red pepper. Stir this around for a few minutes over medium heat until the onions become soft. Then add in a few good pinches of oregano and a tablespoon or two of tomato paste. Now, open both cans of tomatoes and dump them in. Mix it around for a moment, and bring to a light boil. Lower the heat to a simmer and cover. Let simmer for approx. 45 minutes.

In the bowl of your mixer, add the brown sugar, white sugar and peanut butter. Mix this for 2 minutes then add the egg and baking soda. Mix for another 2 minutes. Add the bacon and mix the bacon in using a spatula. Roll out pieces between your hands. You should end up with about 15 balls. To make these cookies even better, roll them in some sugar. Using a fork, create a crisscross pattern. Bake for 10 minutes then cool on a wire rack. Chocolate Hazelnut Bacon Crescents 1 can (8 ounce) can refrigerated crescent dinner rolls 8 teaspoons hazelnut spread with cocoa 8 slices bacon, crisply cooked, crumbled (not soft) Powdered sugar, if desired Heat oven to 350F. Separate dough into 8 triangles. Spread 1 teaspoon hazelnut spread on surface of each triangle. Sprinkle with small amount of crumbled bacon. Roll up each triangle, starting at shortest side, rolling to opposite point. Sprinkle a little bacon on top of each roll. Place rolls point side down on ungreased cookie sheet. Bake 15 to 20 minutes or until golden brown. Sprinkle with powdered sugar (optional). Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie with Bacon Crust: 1box refrigerated pie crusts, softened as directed on box 1egg, beaten Chocolate Sauce: 1can (12 ounce) evaporated milk 1bag (12 ounce) semisweet chocolate chips (2 cups) 1/2cup sugar 1tablespoon butter or margarine 1teaspoon vanilla Cream Cheese-Peanut Butter Filling: 1package (8 ounce) cream cheese, softened 1cup creamy peanut butter 1/2cup sugar 1container (8 ounce) frozen whipped topping, thawed 1large banana 6 slices bacon Heat oven to 450F. Place 1 pie crust in ungreased 9-inch glass pie plate. Press crust firmly against side and bottom. Cut star shapes or other desired shapes from second pie crust. Attach to the edge of pie crust in pie plate with beaten egg; brush tops of shapes with beaten egg. Prick bottom and side with fork. Bake 10 to 12 minutes or until light brown. Cool. Reduce oven temperature to 350F. Arrange bacon slices on ungreased 15x10x1-inch pan. Bake about 15 minutes or until bacon is crisp and brown. Drain on paper towels. Crumble into small bite-size pieces. Reserve half of the bacon pieces for garnish. Meanwhile, in 2-quart saucepan, heat evaporated milk, chocolate chips and 1/2 cup sugar to boiling over medium heat, stirring constantly. Remove from heat, and stir in butter and vanilla; set aside. In large bowl, beat cream cheese, peanut butter and 1/2 cup sugar with electric mixer on medium speed until smooth. Gently stir in whipped topping until combined. Spread 1/2 cup chocolate sauce over cooled crust. Sprinkle half of the bacon pieces over chocolate sauce. Slice banana and arrange over bacon pieces. Spread cream cheese-peanut butter filling over bacon pieces. Drizzle 2 tablespoons chocolate sauce over filling. Sprinkle remaining bacon pieces over top of pie. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Cover and refrigerate any remaining pie.


And now for some BACON!!!

Hey, what else says you love your man than something sweet made with BACON?!?!? Heck, youll never get rid of him with these easy bacon recipes: Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies 1egg 1 stickbutter 1 boxchocolate chunk cookie mix 9 slicesbacon Preheat oven to 375 degrees.Place two sheets of paper towel on a microwave safe plate. Place half of your bacon on top of the paper towel (absorbs the grease) then more paper towel on top of the bacon. Microwave for 5-6 minutes. Bacon must be crisp, not chewy. Repeat with remaining strips and set aside to cool. Mix room temperature butter and egg until combined, then add chocolate chunk cookie mix. Knead with hands if necessary. Rough chop your bacon strips.Mix bacon into cookie dough. Roll about two tablespoons (or one for smaller cookies) into balls, (no need to make them perfect), and place them on an ungreased cookie sheet. Bake for 12-15 minutes or until just golden around the edges. Cool before removing from the cookie sheet. Peanut Butter/Bacon Cookies 1 cupcreamy peanut butter 1/2cupbrown sugar 1/2cupwhite sugar 1egg 1 tspbaking soda 6 slicescooked bacon(diced) Preheat oven to 350 F degrees.


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February 7:
Please check the weather and the venue for all shows this time of year; there may be weather cancellations.

February 2014
National Freedom Day Big Freeze 5K & Fun Run, Tulsa Chocolate Festival, Norman Eagle Tour & Loon Watch, Hulbert/Vian Eagle Watch, Broken Bow German Feast & Auction, Corn Greater Tulsa Indian Art Festival, Glenpool In Search of Eagles, Lone Wolf Its a Valentine Affair Craft & Vendor Show, Seminole Kiwanis Karnival, Elk City Motorhead Events Arenacross, Claremore OKC Gun Show, OKC Oklahoma Bluegrass Club Music Festival, Del City Oklahoma Tackle & Hunting Show, OKC OKWA Kids Novice State Championships, Tulsa Tulsa Boat, Sport & Travel Show, Tulsa

Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony An Affair of the Heart, OKC Central 4D Barrel Racers, Shawnee Harlem Globetrotters at BOK, Tulsa Home & Garden Show, Grove Liquid Nitro Arenacross Tour, Tulsa Oklahoma Horse Fair & Ranch Rodeo, Duncan Stephens County Coin Show, Duncan SWOSU Jazz Festival, Weathorford Tulsa Womens Living Expo, Tulsa

Darryl Starbirds National Rod & Custom Car Show, Tulsa Green Countrys Midsouth Tackle & Hunting Show, Tulsa Vintage Tulsa Show, Tulsa

February 15:

February 8:

February 2:

Groundhog Day Superbowl Sunday (we need a TEAM!) Candlemas Eagle Watch, Norman Greater Tulsa Indian Art Festival, Glenpool In Search of Eagles, Lone Wolf OKC Gun Show, OKC Oklahoma Bluegrass Club Music Festival, Del City Oklahoma Tackle & Hunting Show, OKC OKWA Kids Novice State Championships, Tulsa Tulsa Boat, Sport & Travel Show, Tulsa

An Affair of the Heart, OKC Central 4D Barrel Racers, Shawnee Chocolate Festival, Ardmore Discover the Dinosaurs, Tulsa Eagle Tour & Loon Watch, Hulbert/Vian Eagle Watch, Broken Bow Hennessey Hometown Hootenanny, Hennessey Home & Garden Show, Grove Home Sweet Home Chocolate Festival, Muskogee Liquid Nitro Arenacross Tour, Tulsa Metcalf Gun & Knife Show, McAlester Oklahoma Horse Fair & Ranch Rodeo, Duncan Second Saturday Walking Tour, Tulsa Stephens County Coin Show, Duncan Tulsa Womens Living Expo Valentine Arts & Crafts Show, Claremore Yukon Chocolate Festival, Yukon

Singles Awareness Day Darryl Starbirds National Rod & Custom Car Show, Tulsa Green Countrys Midsouth Tackle & Hunting Show, Tulsa Gun, Knife & Outdoor Equipment Show, OKC Historic Neighborhood Walking Tour, Muskogee Vintage Tulsa Show, Tulsa


February 16:

Darryl Starbirds National Rod & Custom Car Show, Tulsa Green Countrys Midsouth Tackle & Hunting Show, Tulsa Gun, Knife & Outdoor Equipment Show, OKC Vintage Tulsa Show, Tulsa

February 17:

Random Acts of Kindness Day Presidents Day Washingtons Birthday

February 20:

February 9

Love Your Pet Day State Fiddlers Winter Festival, Wagoner

An Affair of the Heart, OKC Central 4D Barrel Racers, Shawnee Discover the Dinosaurs, Tulsa Eagle Watch, Norman Home & Garden Show, Grove Metcalf Gun & Knife Show, McAlester Tulsa Womens Living Expo

February 21:

Battle of Round Mountain Re-Enactment, Yale Sanders & Lake Murray Lodge Fabulous February Bluegrass Festival, Ardmore State Fiddlers Winter Festival, Wagoner

February 12: February 14:

Valentines Day

Abraham Lincolns Birthday

February 22:

February 6:

SWOSU Jazz Festival, Weatherford

Battle of Round Mountain Re-Enactment, Yale Frederick Fantastic Oyster Fry & Craft Show, Frederick Pawhuska Trout Derby, Pawhuska

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Sanders & Lake Murray Lodge Fabulous February Bluegrass Festival, Ardmore Spring Fling Craft Show, Elk City State Fiddlers Winter Festival, Wagoner Whole Person Indoor Triathlon, Tulsa

February 23:

Battle of Round Mountain Re-Enactment, Yale Spring Fling Craft Show, Elk City State Fiddlers Winter Festival, Wagoner Whole Person Indoor Triathlon, Tulsa

BRAIN INJURY AWARENESS MONTH Bead Market, OKC Grand Lake Boat & Sport Show, Grove GENDER EQUALITY MONTH Outdoor Sporting Expo, Claremore IRISH-AMERICAN HERITAGE MONTH GREEK-AMERICAN HERITAGE MONTH March 4: Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras RED CROSS MONTH WOMENS HISTORY MONTH March 7: March 1: Green Country Hamfest, Claremore
Amsoil Arenacross, Tulsa Backwoods Hunting & Fishing Expo, OKC Bead Market, OKC E Women, Tulsa Grand Lake Boat & Sport Show, Grove Mardi gras Parade, Norman Outdoor Sporting Expo, Claremore Peoria Stompdance, Miami Underground Monster Carnival, OKC Momentum: Art Doesnt Stand Still, OKC


March 8:

February 28:

Backwoods Hunting & Fishing Expo, OKC E Women, Tulsa Grand Lake Boat & Sport Show, Grove Outdoor Sporting Expo, Claremore

International Womens Day Flying Fez Wine Festival, Muskogee Green Country Hamfest, Claremore Historic Cemetery Walking Tour, Muskogee Momentum: Art Doesnt Stand Still, OKC Second Saturday Walking Tour, Tulsa

March 2014

March 2:

Amsoil Arenacross, Tulsa Backwoods Hunting & Fishing Expo, OKC

March 9:

Daylight Savings Time Begins


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Sneak Peek Into Next Month



Were doing Pizza for March

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