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905 Drever Street, West Sacramento, CA 95691 (916) 371-7245

January/February 2014 Comrades: We have been having double bookings at the Post. This
has happened at least three times. It happened two weekends ago with Lucille Schlies fellowship. The Post booked a baby shower at the same time as the fellowship. Our Ladies Auxiliary had the main hall all set up for the fellowship. Thanks to the Ladies Auxiliary for moving into the side hall so the baby shower could take place. I would like to thank the Ladies Auxiliary for taking a potentially bad situation and making it work for both parties. I was there and I felt the wrath of the ladies and I couldnt blame them at all. I took this to heart and it ruined my day. Ma Jones told me on Monday night that everything went well. Thank you again ladies for being understanding and taking care of the problem. Brian and Irene are working on the over booking problem. We are going to use a lap top computer so to keep track of the bookings and the available dates will be put up on our web site. We will still have a calendar at the bar. Remember to reserve the hall you must put down a $200 deposit or the date will stay open. I would like to thank Betty Schmidt, Gordon Work and Alfonso Linares for their help at the Awards Night events and Jean Jones and her crew for the wonderful buffet. We had a good turnout and everything went well. Edi needs raffle prizes or large baskets for the Crab Feed on Saturday, March 1, 2014. Please donate what you can and help make this another successful event.
Gary Reason ,All-American Commander

Dear Sisters:
I hope everyone is well and it is a great start to the new

At the January monthly Post meeting, the Post Commander tasked Jim Brashear and me to form a fundraising committee to come up with ideas for new ways to raise money for the post and to continue to support local community programs. On January 14, 2014, Jim, Gary, and I had a meeting and came up with some ideas. Jim pitched the idea of having a golf tournament in May at a local golf course which we all agreed that this was a great way to raise money. I pitched the idea of selling clothing apparel online through the post's website. We agreed with this and I did some research and found a local company called Golden State Promotional. I contacted the owner, Tina Navarro, and we discussed what type of shirts, hats, and other apparel we were interested in as well as the logo design for both the VFW and Ladies Auxiliary. The great news is that there is no up-front cost to us. They will also handle all the shipping and handling. Tina will be at the February meeting to discuss with the members.
Brian Ferguson, Committee Chairman

At our December meeting we raised $75.00 to go towards the shipping cost for boxes and items for the special forces team of the late Zackery Blunk. If you are not all aware these were teammates of Zack, the son of Ladies Auxiliary member Judy Blunk. These men are near and dear to the hearts of many in our Auxiliary. As many saw firsthand how caring and wonderful all of these men truly are. The team is doing well, as I hear from them every so often. They wish to relay a great big Thanks for our support, and cannot wait to return home to their loved ones. There will be the 4th annual Cancer Benefit in memory of longtime supporter of the VFW Darlene DuVal on Saturday February 22, 2014, at Vinces Italian Restaurant in West Sacramento. At 1:00-3:00 p.m. $13 00 a buffet luncheon of New York Strip, Chicken Fettuccini, Bread, Salad and Coffee ice Tea and desert will be served along with and Auction immediately following. Tickets can be purchased at the door. Or by contacting Dianne Medina at 376-1899 or Vinces at 371-6395. Teresa will be selling her Tacos on February 3, 2014 and February 8, 2014. Sales start at 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Hope to see some of you there. Jeannie as always is working away and ever so hard to keep everyone up and running. Lets all give her a round of applause. As well as her many crews that assist. Cold season is upon us so please make it a point to wash your hands as often as you can when out and about. Our next meeting will be held on February 12th 2014. Hope to see you there.
Janis Medina Auxiliary Sr. Vice President

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