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February 2014

Shriners Caravan |

Serving Central Florida Ill. Sir Jim Gillespie Potentate
Shriners International
Shriners are an International Fraternity of Masons. There are approximately 350,000 members from 193 Chapters If you know of a child Shriners Hospital might be able to help, Please Call our toll-free patient referral line: 1-800-237-5055

Bahia Shriners

Volume 53 ~ No 2

Welcome Illustrious Sir Jim Gillespie and Lady Candy Potentate and First Lady 2014

Bahia Shriners Caravan | 2

February 2014

Shriners Caravan | 3

2014 Elected Divan

Potentate's Message
Candy and I cant thank the Nobility and their Ladies enough for the support and help that all of you have shown to us this past month. It is truly an honor to serve you as Bahias Potentate for 2014 and we know that with your continued support, the plans we have worked on for so long will help Bahia grow and prosper. Our treasurer, Frank Guida, continues to work on addressing the sales tax audit results and I want to thank all of the Nobles who have contributed so far to the fund so we can pay the sales taxes on the donations we have always thought were tax exempt plus the penalties and interest.

Ill Sir Jim Gillespie Potentate

January was a very busy month with Installations at The Villages, Lake County, Greater Daytona and the New Smyrna Beach Shrine Clubs. Members of the Divan also attended many of the Lodge installations including, Orange 36, Mokanna 329, Pine Castle 368, St Cloud 221, Eola 209, Winter Garden 165, Winter Park 239 and Orange Blossom 80 that did not conflict with our Shrine functions. We plan on visiting each of the lodges we have not visited at least once this year. The first weekend in February, we will be traveling to Sarasota for the Sahib Shriners Potentates Ball and then return in time to be at the Pancake Breakfast on February 5th. The next weekend is the annual Tampa Hospital Days and the Egypt Potentates Ball which is also a nice weekend getaway. We have arranged a group rate of $99 plus tax to stay at the Holiday Inn Express at 3025 N. Rocky Point Drive in Tampa, (813-287-8585) across the highway from Imperial Headquarters. The activities start at 12:30 at the Hospital and will feature several of our patients who will tell their stories and display a talent. Hospital Tours will be available to those who wish to learn more about our hospital. There is a Friday evening steak dinner and magic show at Egypt for $25 per person and we will have a hospitality room open afterwards at the hotel. Saturday evening is the Egypt Potentates Ball, which is the best attended ball with all the Florida temples represented by their divan members. This year, we are combining our Potentates Ball and the Paper Crusade Kickoff into one event which will be a Mardi Gras Charity Masquerade Ball. This event will kick off our Charitable Fundraising for the year with the net proceeds going to Shriners Hospitals for Children. Many of our Clubs and Units raise funds for the hospital all year long and we will have newspapers and information cards available to assist them in their efforts. We will be requesting permission to keep 50% or more of the proceeds in the Bahia Transportation Fund. The auditorium will be turned into Jackson Square in New Orleans for the evening and we would like to (Continued on Page 4)

John Baylor Chief Rabban

Jon Thomas Gumina Asst. Rabban

Mitch Lokken High Priest & Prophet

Ian Ielfield Oriental Guide

Frank Guida Treasurer

Dennis West Recorder

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Table of Contents Potentates Message (Continued from Page 3)

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see everyone that normally donates to the Plaque Program come to the ball and donate that same $100 to the Hospital. Guests that attend the Ball will receive a certificate and/or a sticker for their existing plaque for their contribution to the Hospital. We are working to have all the decorations, entertainment and dinner donated or subsidized by sponsors. The next day is the 6th Annual Sam Swope Charity Ride, which has averaged raising $300,000 a year. This means that every noble has the opportunity to support the Hospital this important weekend. Our Sand, Sun and Spring Ceremonial will be March 21st and 22nd at the Holiday Inn Resort Daytona Beach/Econo Lodge at 1615 S. Atlantic Ave (386-255-0921). There are ocean front rooms for $149, ocean view rooms at $139 at the Holiday Inn and $89 rooms at the Econo Lodge. This will be a fun getaway weekend for the whole family and our new Nobles! To all the Nobles who are on the official family or on a committee for 2014, thank you for your support and dedication to our fraternity and make sure you thank your ladies for supporting both you and our fraternity for us. Lets all work hard this year and Be a Team in 2014!

Past Potentates 43 Paper Crusade Program 30 Potentates Cruise Info 47 Potentate's Message 3-4 RV Club 33 Sam Swope Ride 11-12 Scribes Deadline 10 Stated Meeting Notes - Jan 22 Stated Meeting Notice Feb 31 Stated Meeting Pictures - Jan 23-24 Sunshine Fund Meeting Notice 13 The Villages SC 15 Transportation Fund Donations 19 West Volusia Shrine Club 14 Yellow Jackets 33

February 2014

Shriners Caravan | 5
up and join in the fun and fellowship that we as a Shrine Family can enjoy together! Another purpose of the Caravan is a tool for recruitment from the Blue Lodges. Each of the Blue Lodges in our Jurisdiction receive a copy of the Caravan. Also, I encourage, when you have finished reading your copy of the Caravan, share it with a Masonic Brother who is not a Shriner. Show him what we are doing. At the same time, hand him a Bahia Membership Application. Remember the Spring Ceremonial is Right Around the Corner! Hope you enjoy the Issue and see you next Month!!!

From the Editor

By Noble David M. Rosenthal
Hello my Fellow Nobles all! I first want to thank Ill. Sir Jim Gillespie for appointing me the Chairman and Editor of the Caravan, the Conduit of Communication for the Nobility. I hope you like what I will be doing to bring you the news in a format that will cost the Nobility less and still provide you a Publication full of information without detracting from its quality. I realize that the Nobility liked the glossy cover the Caravan has had for the past few years but I need to ask you, Is it worth the dues of 50 Nobles to have that Glossy Cover? Being a Bahia Noble, I say absolutely NO. When Ill. Sir Jim asked me to do this, we discussed making this publication cost neutral. This means we need to have advertising and boosters to help supplement the cost to print and mail it to our members. I will be asking our members that if you own a business, help support this publication by placing and Ad, even if it is a Business Card Ad. Our Units Clubs BSCs and Masonic Appendant Bodies get a 50% Discount on Ads in the Caravan, so I encourage you to let your Units, Clubs, Masonic Lodges, the Eastern Star, LOS and the Nile to Advertise as well. Also, we need as many members as possible to become Caravan Boosters. They are listed in every issue and it only costs $10 a year to become one. Help do your part! To me, Communication is key in any organization. Our Fraternity is no different. This publication must provide our membership, their ladies, our widows, our families and the brethren of the Masonic Fraternity a complete picture of what is happening here at Bahia. For this reason I am asking each Shrine Club, Unit, and BSC to send in an article about what you are doing. There are several purposes for this. The first of these is to let the Membership know of our past and current/ future events. The Past Events show a history of successful events here at Bahia and gives those who missed those events a reason to come the next time those events happen. The Current/Future Events, obviously so that they may sign

2014 CARAVAN AD RATES! You can advertise your business, group meetings, dinners, parties and fundraisers in the Caravan and in the Morning Motivation! Inside Front or Rear Cover (In Color) $300 per month or $2600 per year. Back Cover (In Color) $300 per month or $2600 per year. Full Page (B&W) $225 per month or $2,000 per year. Half Page (B&W) $115 per month or $1,000 per year Third Page (B&W) $80 per month or $675 per year Quarter Page (B&W) $65 per month or $500 per year Business Card (B&W) $35 per month or $300 per year Shrine Unit, Clubs, and Masonic Appendant Bodies are offered a 50% Discount on above Prices for noncommercial use. For more information contact: John Baylor 407-436-2189 Jim Gillespie 407-579-0213 Email Ads or changes to

CARAVAN (USPS 040-160) is published monthly except July & August by Bahia Shrine: 2300 Pembrook drive, Orlando, FL 32810. Periodical postage paid at Orlando, FL. Each member of Bahia Shrine is mailed a copy of this publication as part of his membership dues. Subscription price is $10 per year. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Caravan

Bahia Shriners Caravan | 6

February 2014

Shriners Caravan | 7

From the First Lady

By Candy Gillespie

Hello from your First Lady, Thank you for all your support for Jim and I. We hope to represent you well and set up a lot of fun and enjoyable events to help our center prosper and grow. My pin this year is a Mardi Gras Venetian Mask. I have always loved the colors and look of the Mardi Gras season (Royal Purple, Green and Gold, rod iron designs and Venetian masks). To kick of the season off, I will be selling my pin and also matching necklace and earrings. For additional fundraising I am selling chances on a necklace for the Mardi Gras Ball, which will be given out at my Ice Cream Social. I'm also doing a charm bracelet for $5.00, which you will receive a FREE charm at each event (8) you attend. The events, which support my fundraising, will be the Chinese New Years party, Jan 31, games from my Ice Cream Social, Feb 23, and Mothers Day Brunch, May 11. My project: We all care about our Shrine Center and we want to do what we can to improve it for our and others use--Rentals, Kitchen and Building use. This is where Bahia needs our help. In the coming weeks we will be doing an inventory of the kitchen items and rentable supplies. As we gathered this needs list we realized it's our 60th Anniversary at Bahia. So we decided to call it our 60th Anniversary Gift registry. You can either donate an amount or you can chose items on the list to sponsor. I want to thank you all for all you do for Bahia and the Shriners Hospital. I am looking forward to a year of good friendship and fun together.

Lady Candy

Bahia Shriners Caravan | 8


All Mail Must be Addressed To:

Bahia Shrine Center 2300 Pembrook Drive Orlando, FL 32810-2469 Office Hours Are: 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM
Tuesday thru Friday, Except:

Chief Rabban's Message

Noble John W. Baylor
Hello Fellow Nobles and Ladies, We're off to a running start this year... I want to thank everyone for the wonderful feedback about the Open Installation. As you know last year, our Ill. Sir Michael T. Rudd was thinking outside the box and successfully geared many things in support back to the nobility. Among them, along with the support of the divan, he combined the Open Installation with the Presidents, Clubs and Units Installation and for a first time went very well. Naturally, our current Ill. Sir Jim Gillespie and Divan were taking notes and made a few changes and as a result this year's Open Installation went even better. I would like to thank again all that helped with this great event! As we head into the new year, you may know, my Lady Jamie and I are expecting our first child in August. As eager new parents "to be" we want to first thank you all for your kind words and wisdom. Naturally, we will keep everyone informed of our progress! Having said that, this "becoming a dad" thing has gotten me to thinking of the "big picture" of our fraternity once more. Jamie and I have long understood the irrefutable greatness of our charitable side, Shriners Hospitals for Children but admittedly at times challenged by our fraternal side. Many times we are blown away with the great efforts of our nobility but on other rare occasions blown away still by some of the dumb things that we do. I guess what we are realizing each day as we walk the halls of our shrine, that it is not necessarily a fraternal thing, nor is it a culture thing, but rather a Family thing. We all know there is no such thing as a perfect family. We all have highs and lows in every family. However, we can honestly tell you throughout our extensive traveling within and outside of our great fraternity, at the end of the day, no one comes closer together than our Shriner Family. So going forward and adopting more of the Family concept, much like good parents, we will strive to remind ourselves and continue to look out for our great fraternity, steer it from harm, encourage to try, catch us when we fall, and hold us high when we succeed. You are....the best! Jamie and I want to again thank the Nobility for electing me your Chief Rabban for 2014. Let us all have another great year and we look forward to working with you all. Fraternally yours, Noble John W. Baylor and Lady Jamie

Memorial Day Independence Day Labor Day Thanksgiving & Friday Christmas New Years Day
Office Telephone 407-660-8811 Office Fax 407-660-9028 Red Fez Lounge 407-660-8822 Caravan E-Mail Caravan Fax 407-264-6582 Bahia Web Site
Stated Meetings are held at 7:30 PM on the 1st Thursday of each month except July & August unless otherwise announced in advance.

February 2014

Shriners Caravan | 9

Assistant Rabban's Message

Noble Jon Thomas Gumina
My Fellow Nobles and Ladies, As we begin this New Year, we can say that we have all survived yet another holiday season. I think Kathy & I attended 15 holiday parties. Our decorations are all stored again for another year and as I packed them up I always reminisce on our past season, and wonder and think about what the New Year has in store for us. Remember the quiet moments that let you appreciate your blessings, your family and the things that we all take for granted. We make our resolutions to be better people, and the constant need for a better life is always with each of us. Our Group of Shiners are also looking for a better year, a year that we can act as one, putting together our efforts to work and bring our Shrine Center back to what it was. Our building is old, our membership is declining, but our spirits are bright. We rolling up our sleeves and getting ready for a very important year. We must have a successful year this year to insure the future of Bahia. We need your help. As we have heard so many times in the past, team work makes the dream work. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or ideas. Yours in Service, Noble Jon Thomas Gumina and Lady Kathy

2 2 4 6 7 8 8 9 9 14 15 21 23 Sun Pancake Breakfast Sun Super Bowl Party in Red Fez Tue Divan Meeting Thu Stated Meeting Fri Sahib Potentate Ball Sat Sahib Potentate Ball Sat Military Relics Show Sun Military Relics Show Sun Shriner Night - Orlando Magic Fri Hospital Days/Egypt Potentate Ball Sat Hospital Days/Egypt Potentate Ball Fri Lady in Red Ball Sun First Ladys Ice Cream Social

2 2 3 6 7 8 9 14 15 15 21 22 Sun Pancake Breakfast Sun St Patricks Day Parade Tue Divan Meeting Thu Stated Meeting Fri Jazz Carnival Sat SHC Masquerade Gala Sun Sam Swope Ride Fri Azan Potentate Ball Sat Azan Potentate Ball Sat Pilgrimage Day - Masonic Home Sat Spring Ceremonial - Daytona Sun Spring Ceremonial - Daytona

26 Wed SDA Mt. Pleasant, NC to 29 30 to SDA Mt. Pleasant, NC Sat SDA Mt. Pleasant, NC Sun Kismet LOS Installation

1 3 6 6 Tue Divan Meeting Thu Stated Meeting Sun Pancake Breakfast Sun Athaliah DON Installation Marzuq Ball

MEMBERSHIP SCOREBOARD As of December 31, 2013

Total Membership Gains Creations Affiliated Associated Restorations 48 8 8 29 1845 January 1, 2013 Losses Demits Suspensions Expires Resignations Associates Dropped Total Year to Date Total Members 93 -115 Total Year to Date December 31, 2013 3 208 1730 7 117 81

11 Fri

12 Sat Marzuq Ball 12 Sat Orlando Scottish Rite Reunion 13 Sun Orlando Scottish Rite Reunion 19 Sat Golf Tournament 22 Tue Divan Meeting 24 Thu Stated Meeting 26 Sat 17th District Golf Tournament 27 Sun Bahia Family Picnic

Bahia Shriners Caravan | 10

For articles, photographs and advertising for the Next issue of the Caravan: 10th DAY OF EVERY MONTH
Items received after the 10th of the month may not be published. Ads submitted by Unit and Clubs must be in Black and White and should be submitted by email and should be at least 300 dpi in jpg or pdf formats. Articles can be accepted only if they are received no later than the deadline using one of the following methods.
1. Plain text email using your favorite program, or attached word processed documents. Legibly typed using upper and lower case letters on plain paper so it can be scanned. Typed and faxed to the Caravan fax number

High Priest & Prophet

Noble Mitch Lokken
Can you believe it is already February 2014? We have a lot of new things coming to Bahia this year. I hope each and every one of you come and support the Temple, the Nobility and continue to support the #1 Philanthropy in the World; Shriners Hospitals for Children. I want to take a moment to congratulate all the Blue Lodge Officers for 2014 in the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th Districts. Bahia Shrine will always greet you with open doors and support. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to assist you and your lodge. I also want to congratulate all of the officers of the Clubs, Units and BSCs for 2014. You are the leadership of your group and I look forward to see you and your group at our future events. Finally, I want to congratulate all the members of the Official Family, the newly transformed Board of Trustees and the rest of the Divan for this year. 2014 has a new direction and we will work together to make sure we reach our goals. I know it wont be easy, but when things are hard and ultimately achieved they are always worth it. To all of your families, thanks for your support and dedication; it would not be the same without you. I look forward to seeing you at the events throughout the year. Nobles, we are just about 35 days from the Sam Swope Charity Ride. The ride is March 9th and is open to the public. Invite your friends and family out for a great event. The ride is $25 per person and includes breakfast at Bahia prior to the ride. This year the ride will be followed by a concert by FOGHAT. So come for the ride and stay for a FREE, yes FREE concert. Please visit for more info. See you at Bahia! Mitch Lokken



Checklist: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Submitted before the deadline? Computer/Typewritten? Single Spaced Plain Paper Limited to 1/2 page (1 column) Type no smaller than 10-point Used upper and lower case? Included name, phone number and email address of author? Captions included for photographs? Send Articles, Ads or Photos to: Email:

Fax: 407-264-6582 Caravan Questions: Call Noble David Rosenthal 352-702-3878 The Bahia Caravan is published on the 1st of each month except for July and August.

February 2014

Shriners Caravan | 11

Bahia Shriners Caravan | 12

February 2014

Shriners Caravan | 13

Oriental Guide
Noble Ian Ielfield
Nobles all, I want to start off by saying what a great honor and privilege it is to serve Bahia in 2014 as your OG. Last year Ill. Sir Rudd and his team did a fantastic job and I know that the Divan and Nobles are behind Ill. Sir Gillespie this year. Brothers, we will be facing many challenges over the next few years. I ask that now, more than ever, we come together as Shrine Masons to build upon the strong foundation set years before us and build, maintain and foster the relationships that we are so honored to have. Our Temple has begun a new era and I know many dedicated men have stepped forward to make sure that we remain strong for generations to come. January was a hectic month to say the least. I can count on one hand the days "off" my family and I had. I got the opportunity to attend several Blue Lodge installations and never before have I been so proud to be a Shrine Mason. The Divan this year was fortunate enough to attend several Bahia Shrine Club installs and it was great to see Nobles become leaders of their clubs throughout our district. People always say that your years "in line" go by so fast. Change is never immediate. We must lay the groundwork and build the roads to success for those in our future to follow. Every now and then, let us stop and thank the many people that put their lives on hold and give back to our fraternity on a daily basis. This positive reinforcement will pay you back ten fold. Looking ahead to the next few months, I am happy to have many great events and parties on the calendar. I ask that as you grab a copy of the new calendar book, maybe go to something new and out of your comfort zone. Attend the Daytona ceremonial weekend just to hang out and be social. Call a Brother who you haven't seen in awhile. Take an active role in a different organization outside Bahia and get Bahia's name out there. We are here for the Children but we are also here to have fun. I can not emphasis enough how important communication and positive vision is to our Temple right now. With your help, these next few years will be a turning point in the right direction. Have fun and don't let the door hit ya. YITFIan Andrew Ielfield


The Annual Meeting of the Bahia Sunshine Fund will be held at 7:00 PM, Wednesday, February 12, 2014, in the Past Potentates Room at the Bahia Shrine Center. Meeting is open to all Fund members.

Bahia Shriners Caravan | 14

West Volusia Shrine Club

By Mr. Goodegg

Do you believe it, here it is February and my calendar says January 14, 2014. That's the way it goes when you have to write a month ahead of time. The West Volusia Shrine Club is going strong and everyone at this meeting seems to be doing well. We did get a report on, Noble Victor Griffin, who passed away in December. Vic was also a member of the Noble Truckers. We have quite a few more Fezzes that have been turned in, for our shelf displays, but we just don't seem to find time, or the area, to put up more shelves at the Shrine Club to accommodate them. We have over 192 Fezzes on display around the inside perimeter of our clubhouse. There are duplicate ones, but most are different. There are several Past Potentate Fezzes and there are Fezzes from several of the Temples around the U.S. We have taken in a couple of new members since last year, and that is good. All Shrine units thrive on new members, to replace the ones that have left, for one reason or another. Ill. Sir Sid Massey, Past Potentate of Bahia Shrine in 2007 and Noble John Marschner, also a member of the Noble Truckers were both voted in as members at our regular meeting in January. Some of the members wanted to change our meeting from the 2nd Monday to the 2nd Friday. The motion was defeated by a large margin. By the way there were over 50 members and their ladies present for this Dinner/meeting. This is one of the only times that some of this information is timely, as we were given a little more time before this issue was to be turned in. You will hear from me again in March. Frank Schroeder

February 2014

Shriners Caravan | 15
for some great prizes. I would also like to thank the Al Kora ladies for the Chinese auction that they held at the tournament luncheon. We are now planning for our next tournament at Harbor Hills Country Club, which will be on November 1, 2014, and we are planning a dinner dance there on October 31, 2014. We will keep you updated on the progress of these events.

The Villages Shrine Club

By Noble Ken Johnson
I would like to start by thanking all of the Nobles & Ladies that worked at our golf tournament, on December 12th, which made it the great success that it was. We made a net profit, after all expenses of $10,205.01, not bad for our first year at Harbor Hills Country Club. We had a total of 118 golfers that participated in this event

Bahia Golf Unit

By Noble Ed Smallwood The Golf Unit hit their first drive right down the middle of the fairway for 2014. The Golf Units Childrens Tournament, which has been graciously sponsored by the Harper Family Foundation, will be on the first Saturday of April. That is April 5, not April 12 as it listed in the Shrine Calendar. Look for more on this as the Flyers are being printed. Breakfast, lunch, beverages on the course, hole-in-one prize, and tee prizes will make it a fun day for all at Zellwood Station Golf Course. If you like to golf, join us on Tuesday mornings for a round of golf or on the first Friday of each month for serious golf with handicaps. If you are interested, please contact President Ed Smallwood at 407-3616706 or If you are interested in an afternoon league or Saturday afternoon play, please let us know. See you on the fairways. Until then, hit it straight and keep out of the bunkers. Fore!!

Bahia Shrine Widows

By Pat Carpenter

Happy New Year! We have a brand new 2014 upon us and we are ready to assist the Bahia Nobles in any way that we might be of benefit for a prosperous and fun New Year. Our congratulations go out to the newly elected Divan, under the leadership of the new potentate, Illustrious Sir Jim Gillespie. It is our wish for you a great year filled with much success and accomplishment. The Bahia Shrine Widows Club meets the last Thursday of each month at the Shrine Center at Noon. We usually have a pot luck luncheon with meeting to follow. Our very dear member, Anne Albrecht, will call you as a reminder. We are a social club, bound together by similar circumstances and our main goal is serving Bahia Shrine and fundraising for our "Kids". We will be installing our new Officers on the 30th of January 2014 at the center at Noon. Any and all Widows are encouraged to join us. Lets make 2014, the year of Friendship and Warm Hospitality to all. Best Wishes, Pat Carpenter, Scribe

Bahia Shriners Caravan | 16

Dealerships Support the Shriners

Greenway Auto Group is offering to all Shriners (and affiliated referrals), that purchase a new or used vehicle, a $100.00 donation to the Bahia Shriners General Fund. The Greenway Automotive Group is one of the world's most progressive, privately held automotive companies. The organization proudly serves as an ambassador for the Ford, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Kia, Honda, Hyundai and Mitsubishi brands, as well as offering a large inventory of pre-owned vehicles. As a Noble in the Shrine with a current dues card, you are entitled to a special partner pricing with Greenway Ford on any new Ford vehicle purchase. (X-Plan). Special savings available on other models, as well as helping the Shrine. In order to track properly and make sure you get the best pricing possible please contact Ric Roberts at 407-748-3901 or at for contact person at our dealerships.

Greenway Ford Longwood Kia Mitsubishi Greenway Dodge Chrysler Jeep Winter Haven Honda Orlando Kia (East and West) Veterans Ford Tampa Orlando Hyundai


Interior/Exterior remodeling Wood Repair/Drywall/Paint Kitchen & Bathroom redo Call Zach Kroll 407-758-1482

February 2014

Shriners Caravan | 17

Bahia Shriners Caravan | 18

David Rohr I.M.O. Thomas A Rohr Raymond & Annette Morrison Ill. Sir John & Jan Seay Ronald and Carole Falkner Benjamin O. Benham Robert E.Newell Gator Trucking - Gene DeVilbiss* Oct-2051 Sep-2028 May-2028 Nov-2026 Jan-2026 Mar-2025 Jan-2025 William Self I.M.O. Juanita Self Betty B Mason I.M.O. George Mason PP Mike Sazma Donna Kidder Wallace & Shirlee Harmon Shrine Widow's Club Robert A Rogers Imperial Sir Gary Bergenske Lou Coppola Janet L Ray Jeannett Dunstan I.M.O. William Dunston Earl K. Wood Martha Long I.M.O. Ill. Sir Bob Kidder Potentate 1993 May-2015 Apr-2015 Apr-2015 Mar-2015 Jan-2015 Dec-2014 Sep-2014 Jun-2014 Jun-2014 Mar-2014 Feb-2014 Feb-2014 Feb-2014 Feb-2014

Tom & Nevina Schaeffer I.M.O. Bill and Don Hirsch Mar-2023 A.V. Harrison I.M.O. Bob Herchek Charles Franklin Smith Pete & Janice Austin Harry E Zechman Margaret Zechman Franklin & Hazel Right Ill. Sir Jim & Lady Candy Gillespie David & Debbie Rosenthal Efrein Torres Roy Philpott Glenn Decker I.M.O. Dottie Robert and Lady Diane Rogers Richard and Rose Weatherell John S Johns I.M.O. Leah S. Johns Jerry & Dotty Deacon John & Kathy Gumina Fun Friday Steve & Judy Stevenson Ill. Sir Bob & Bev Amico Bob and Jean McPherson Victor Murray John N Davis III Michael A. & Rosie Desjardins James Farr Motorcycle Unit Ralph J Rodgers Capt Earl K Woods- Roadrunners Ronald Ferguson Richard R Devasto Ted & Marian Burridge Shelby L. Davis Dee Clingman Ill Sir Butch & Pat Carpenter Ill. Sir Fred & Joyce Guentert Charles Dee Clingman Don Gully & Sue Gullickson Charles & Betty Rayborn William K Falls Ill. Sir George Mason (FunNFrolic) I.M.O. Roberta Bobby Houk/Smith Jan-2022 Jun-2021 Mar-2020 Oct 2019 Oct 2019 Mar-2019 Feb-2019 Feb-2019 Feb-2019 Apr-2018 Apr-2018 Mar-2018 Dec-2017 Jan-2017 Oct 2017 Sep-2017 Sep-2017 May-2017 Apr-2017 Mar-2017 Dec-2016 Sep-2016 Sep-2016 Sep-2016 Sep-2016 Jul-2016 May-2016 Apr-2016 Apr-2016 Mar-2016 Mar-2016 Mar-2016 Feb-2016 Feb-2016 Jan-2016 Dec-2015 Sep-2015 Sep-2015 May 2015


Military Collectors Society of Florida 28th Annual Winter Military Relics Show Admission *Buy*
*Sell* *Trade* February 8th and 9th, 2014
SATURDAY 9:00 AM 5:00 PM SUNDAY 10:00 AM 4:00 PM

$8.00 Under 12 Free


February 2014

Shriners Caravan | 19


Donations of $100.00 or more since the last issue of the Caravan: The purpose of the fund is to provide a source of revenue to cover expenses necessary to transport children in Bahias program to and from a Shrine Hospital, Clinic or Burn Institutes. Donations are tax deductible. Donors receive an Appreciation Certificate for a single donation of $100.00 or more.

Become A Member of the Most Electrifying Shrine Unit

Directors Staff
2014 President Nick Seda Meetings: 1st Monday Monthly Social 6:00 pm/ Meeting 7:00 pm Unit Room D ALL Nobles are Welcome
Become a Caravan Booster

Bingo Bunch $258.00 Mobile Dynamics $330.25 Royal Order of Jesters $400.00 Kismet Court No. 86 $500.00 Noble Truckers $2000.00 Greater Daytona S.C. $2090.67

Bahia Caravan Booster

Donation Form I want to be a Caravan Booster
Name or Organization: Address: City State, Zip Booster Name (s) or Text to print on Booster Page:

for only $10 a year.

Remember a friend or family member with an In Memory of Caravan Booster Listing.

And help offset the cost of our publication.

Donations are only $10 per year. You may prepay for multiple years. Your name will be listed each month in the Caravan for the period you are supporting. For example, for a $10 donation in January of 2014, you will be listed through January of 2015.
Bahia Shriners, A.A.O.N.M.S is a non-profit organization. A copy of the official registration and financial information about Bahia Shriners, Registration #CH962, may be obtained from the division of consumer services by calling toll-free 1-800-435-7352 within the state of Florida. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval or recommendation by the State.

Bahia Shriners Caravan | 20

The Villages Shrine Club

Dedicated To Helping Children Through Our Shriners Hospitals Kenneth L. Johnson, President (352) 874-6878 Meets Every 2nd Tuesday of the Month Hibiscus Rec Center, 1740 Bailey Trail, The Villages, FL Social Hour - 6:00 PM - Meeting 7:00 PM All Shriners and Their Ladies Welcome

February 2014

Shriners Caravan | 21

Smoking and NON-Smoking Areas Available

West Volusia Shrine Club

272 W. State Road 15A, Deland Dinner Meeting - 2nd Monday - 6 pm All Nobles are Welcome to Join US! President - Gil Ebert 407-314-0620 Secretary - Maurice Winsor 386-837-4562

Greater Daytona Shrine Club

Business Meeting at Noon 1st Thursday at Club House Restaurant 600 Wilder Blvd. Daytona Beach Dinner with the Ladies 3rd Tuesday at different restaurants President Glen A. Leizear 386-767-6770 Secretary, Charles A. Lizotte 386-304-5419

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Bahia Stated Meeting of of Jan. 2, 2014

by Ill. Sir Jim Gillespie
At the January 2, 2014 Stated meeting, Ill. Sir Michael T Rudd Opening of meeting in the usual manner at 7:30 PM thanked the nobility for a wonderful 2013. He reviewed the highlights of some of the temples accomplishments including our first ever boxing match, the 2nd year of the Sportsmans Expo, and the very successful Night to Remember that raised funds for Shriners Hospitals for Children. Imperial Sir Gary Bergenske filled in as Recorder for Noble Dennis West, who was in Pennsylvania for his fathers funeral. The names of 15 department nobles were read, and a motion to suspend all the nobles that have not paid the last 2 years of dues was approved. Frank Guida, reported on our finances and the status of the State Sales Tax Audit. He reminded all the nobles that we have to collect sales tax on anything that we sell, including our charity events where the donors received something for their donations. The members of the divan thanked Ill Sir Michael for his efforts this year including the new tables, carpeting and ceiling tiles in the Red Fez which look great! Ill Sir Michael received presentations from the City of Ocoee parade trophy for a 3rd place received for the Tin Lizzes participating in their parade presented by Colonel of the Units, Noble Paul Pierce. Noble Joe Crum presented a donation of $1,000 from the Bahia Childrens Foundation. The Villages Shrine Club Golf donated $10,824.01 to Shriners Hospitals for Children from The Villages Shrine Club Golf Tournament. The Villages Shrine Club Ladies donated $250 to Shriners Hospital for Children. Ill Sir John Seay, a member of theTampa Board of Governors, gave a report on the staff changes at Tampa Hospital and that patient activity is increasing and that the Hospital is planning on more operations in 2014. He thanked the Hospital Drivers for all their hard work. Noble George Barfield, a member of the Mexico City Hospital Board of Governors, reported on his most recent visit to Mexico. He had a good visit in December and reported that the Mexico City Hospital had treated over 50,000 patients last year and performed over 5,000 surgeries, but that they still have a waiting list of over 2,900 patients. The resolution to amend the Holding Corporation By-laws for the establishment of the Building and Operations Committee which will be responsible forming the Insurance, Red Fez, Rental. Building and Office Operations Committees which was read at the December Stated meeting was read again and approved by the Nobility. The 2014 Budget presented at the December meeting was also approved as well as permission for the Potentates Western Caribbean Cruise scheduled for November 9th of this year. Illustrious Sir Michael then installed the 2014 Potentate and all of the Bahia Divan and turned the meeting over to the new Potentate presenting him with his Jewel and Fez. Illustrious Sir Jim Gillespie presented the new Junior Past Potentate with his Past Potentates Jewel. After the Divan had assumed their new positions, the new Oriental Guide was entrusted with the Suit Case with all of Bahias treasures, the High Priest and Prophet was presented his headdress and tools required to make sure Bahia has good weather all year long. The Official Family members was then lined up for installation, Noble Ian Ielfield delivered the Charge, the Ill Potentate obligated the appointees and the proclamation was delivered by Noble John Baylor III. The new Potentate addressed the Nobility with his plans for the upcoming year including the Masquerade Ball on March 8th, the Spring Ceremonial, March 21st and 22nd in Daytona Beach, the Circus on May 17th & 18th, the Sportsmans Expo on August 23rd, and the Casino Royale event on October 18th.

February 2014

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Pictures from the January Stated Meeting

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February 2014

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Noble Jon Thomas Gumina, our Assistant Rabban was in the hospital during the installation of officers. The Doll Pictured Above Represented him while his wife Kathy had him teleconferenced into the installation via Skype. We are all glad he is back in good health and ready to assume his duties at the Temple.

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Congratulations Illustrious Sir Jim and Lady Candy

February 2014

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February 2014

Shriners Caravan | 29 Shows and then there are the 4 or 5 Farmers markets a week. We also have a 4 day RV Show coming up on February 27th and 28th and the 1st and 2nd of March. We also have 2 Railroad Shows in the next 2 months. I was told by the Fair Association Executive Director that there are several new vendors checking on renting the Fairground this year. Sadly, we lost one of our members in December to a Heart Attack. Noble Victor Griffin will be missed. I also just received word that Noble Dan Johnson passed away in Texas. We all send our condolences to Lady Gail. Dan moved to Kerrville, Texas a few years back. We have missed his wit and humor since he left. We do miss his Lady Gail also. We will miss him a lot more now. May GOD bless them both. We have 2 of our members that are making regular trips to the Shrine Hospital in Tampa. Nobles Nick Nichols and David Milford, have been making 3 or 4 trips a month. Way to go Nobles. Lets keep our namesake alive and well. The Truckers will try to be out en masse for the Stated Meeting this year. Our donations to the Hospitals and the Transportation fund should be good this year. All we have to beat is the $35,000.00 we raised in 2013. I have been told that the economy is looking up. If the economy is up so will our collections be. See you at the Bahia Stated Meetings with bells on, OOPS!, I mean, with check in hand. Frank Schroeder

By Mr. Goodegg Good Morning, Welcome to Main Street Volusia County, Shopping Center of the World. Step right up, step right in, this is where your fun begins. Step right up, come in and roam, buy something and take it home. This is the location, to make that donation, to the Shriners Hospitals and Burn Centers for Children. Help support the Shriners Hospitals and Burn Centers for Children. Shriners support 19 Orthopedic Hospitals and 3 Burn Centers, where all our services are furnished to all children, up to the age of 18, whether or not they have the ability to pay. We furnish the Hospitalization, transportation, and housing for the parent, if required. Thank you very much for your donation, and the children will thank you also. Most of these sayings should be very familiar to all Shriners, when they are out collecting, for the Shrine Hospitals and Burn Centers for Children. To me they are as familiar as asking: Please pass the meat and potatoes It has been proven, to me, and a couple of the Noble Truckers, that if you just say any one of the above, while collecting, it will improve the amount you collect by a pretty large percent. One of our new Truckers increased his collections by over $50.00 per hour with the use of one of the above. The Truckers are starting the year out with a bang. We have a 2 or 3 Antique Shows, 2 or 3 Craft

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The Paper Crusade is a year around program with a two-fold purpose: (1) To inform the public about Shriners Hospitals and the children we treat. Two days each year are designated for our members to distribute a special edition of a Hospital Newspaper to the general public on street corners, in stores, and shopping centers, and (2) To raise funds for Shriners Hospitals through voluntary donations not only during those two days, but also throughout the year. In 1998, Bahia started a Plaque Program as an integral part of our annual Paper Crusades. The plaques are sold throughout the year to members, their friends and businesses for a donation of $100.00 or more. The plaques are engraved with the donors name and there are ten update bars to denote the donors subsequent additional annual donations. Nobles who make or obtain Plaque donations receive credit for their Club, Unit or BSC for Paper Crusade competition purposes. As of October 2, the following have renewed or obtained New Paper Crusade Plaques donations. Contact your prior year donors and get them to renew! We need a big push to match or exceed last years total! A Big Thank You to all the Nobles and donors who are helping to make this happen. *Denotes New Plaque Wallis, Bruce Smallwood, Edward L. Broome, Ken Morris, Benjamin Harris, Mervyn J Oviedo Masonic Lodge No. 243 Caoden, Joe & Mary *P & R Housing Management Clermont Lodge No. 226 Wisehart, Ric J. Fields Equipment Co. Shearer, Donald R Crawford Tire Service Schellenberg, Richard The Car Store of West Orange Harding, Michael *Powell Studio Architecture Ebner, Gary M Orlando Lodge No.69 Mazurek, Daniel Greater Daytona Shrine Club Moniuk, Andrew Harry Cramp, David W. Shirley, Haran Emmitt Bishop, Dana C. Sears, William Cecil Clark Chevrolet Gag Pest Control Carol's Place Bahia Amateur Radio Club Titan Wireless Wagner, Dennis Lake County Duplicate Bridge Club BAHIA SHRINERS PAPER CRUSADE Bahia Shriners Paper Crusade Plaque Program New Plaque $100 $100/Year #_____years Name for Plaque ____________________________________ In 1998, Bahia started the Plaque Program which is an Address ___________________________________________ integral part of our annual Paper Crusade. Throughout the year for a donation of $100 or more a City, State, Zip ______________________________________ plaques is engraved with a donors name, and there are ten update bars to denote the donors subsequent additional Phone _____________________________________________ donations. Club/Unit __________________________________________ Nobles who make or obtain Plaque donations receive credit for their Unit/Club or BSC for our Annual Paper Crusade Amount $___________ Cash Check Credit Card competition between the various Uniformed Units, Social Visa/MC# _________________________________________ Clubs and Bahia Shrine Clubs. Fill out and forward the application below to: Bahia Shriners, 2300 Pembrook Drive, Orlando, FL 32810 Exp Date _____________________Sec Code______________ Signature __________________________________________

February 2014

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A Word from the Florida Shrine Association

By Ill. Sir Michael T. Rudd Nobles, Robert Bob Headley, PP, president of the Florida Shrine Association (FSA) annual Convention invites you to the annual FSA convention April 30th May 3rd hosted by Azan Shriners. The Headquarters hotel is the International Palms Resort, 1300 North Atlantic Ave. Cocoa Beach, Florida and the standard room rate is $89/night + tax. The FSA WEB site has all the details beginning at 10 AM Wednesday April 30th thru dinner on Saturday night May 3rd. The WEB site has all registration forms, luncheon forms, dinner forms, event forms and golf tournament forms as well as the FSA convention advertising form. At this time many Units from around the state have confirmed they will be competing and the include: the Directors staff; the Golf Units; the LOH; Clown Units and Shrine Motor Corps will be there. The Motor Corps competition will be held at the Casino Cruise Terminal. The convention team has worked for a couple of years to make this event the most successful in recent times and Cocoa Bach is a great destination. If you are not familiar with the objectives and purpose of FSA maybe this can shed some light. The purpose of this association is to create and maintain a closer and more friendly Shrine relationship among the temples in the State of Florida and the Nobility in general. And to promote the welfare of the Shriners International, in general and particularly in the State of Florida. Furthermore, to coordinate and encourage joint cooperation between temples of Florida in fund raising projects for the benefit of the Shrine Hospitals for Children. Go to: http:// for all the details and forms. This site is updated regularly to keep all Nobles, Clubs and Units informed. It has long been a Bahia tradition that we bring home more 1st place trophies than the other Temples I trust this year will not be any different. Looking forward to seeing Bahia well represented and having fun. Yours in the faith, Michael T. Rudd, PP, 2nd Vice-President, Florida Shrine Association

Stated Meeting

Will be held in the Bahia Auditorium on

Feb 6, 2014
7:30 PM For the transaction of such business as may come before it, plus Fellowship with Brother Shrine Masons. Parade Uniform Dress

Dinner, Salisbury Steak will be offered in the Dining Room by the Keystone Kops prior to the meeting. Bring the Ladies! Desserts will be available.

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Congratulations to our newly-elected Potentate for 2014 . . . the drum corps' own Jim Gillespie! To start his year off with a bang, the corps played for Jim in the Parade of Units during the installation activities. And as a surprise during the procession, Jim was handed a horn, so he jumped in the line to play a solo in the tune "Fever". Great job, Jim! 2014 will see the corps travelling to Minneapolis in July to complete against drum corps from other temples. There is a lot of work ahead in preparing for that event, but also a lot of fun to be had. Come join us and play some music with the group. If drum corps is in your blood, consider our affiliate organization - Impact of Orlando. Either way, there is a spot waiting for you. Come check us out.

Hits from the Jazz Band

Sentimental Journey Charlie Goree, longtime piano player for Bahias Jazz Band, always started out the evening with Sentimental Journey. The Jazz Band almost folded last year after Charlie became sick and passed away. We have gone through a re-building process and WE ARE BACK. You just cant keep a good band and Unit down, especially one with the long and rich history of Bahias Jazz Band. Wed like to welcome, on keyboards, Noble John Paul Jones and Noble Pete Vriorous, on standup electric bass. You might also recognize our multi-talented Potentate, Ill. Sir Jim Gillespie. Along with your old favorites we are also incorporating additional new charts. We had a great crowd at our January performance so please join us on February 21st. Besides the great music, you can also enjoy a full dinner by All Occasion Catering. The drinks are great and the popcorn is still free. This has indeed been a sentimental journey, but one I think the original members of the Jazz Band would be proud of. Happy New Year to all, Curtis Johnson, President

February 2014

Shriners Caravan | 33
campout so we are looking forward to a fun time. Our new President, David Poulin, has named the Committee Chairmen for each committee for the year and everyone is working together to bring forth a successful 2014. Our entertainment committee was a huge success last year and our chairman, Gary Stewart, brought lots of good times throughout the year by bringing us games and fun indoors and out. We are looking forward to 2014 being bigger and better than last year. If you are looking for a fun time and have an RV come join us. If you are a previous member of the RV Club and no longer have an RV, remember you can rejoin the club and camp with us at any campground that has cabins or rentals available. We would love to see you. Happy trails and keep the wheels rolling, Roy Campbell, RV Club Secretary 407-339-5665

By Noble Roy Campbell
Hello to all you Happy Campers! The RV Club had good attendance at the Open Installation of the Units, Clubs and BSCs Installations on January 5th. Our first campout of the year was held at Old Mill Stream in Umatilla. It was well attended and a good time was had by all. Our February campout will be held at Lake Magic in Clermont. Some of us will be attending Hospital Days on the 15th February which is usually a well attended

Yellow Jackets Scooter Club

By Noble Wayne Bryan The Yellow Jackets have had a busy season of parades lined up. The Villages and Belleview being two of our favorites in which to participate. We welcome our new member Dale Barnsness and his wife to our club. Dale will be using a cooler borrowed from one of our members who will not be able to attend a parade. If any member of the Village Shrine Club would like to join us in a parade and we have an available cooler we would be happy to have them join us. You can Contact Wayne Bryan at 352-750-5218. We have changed our meeting location to Perkins Restaurant on Rt. 466. We meet the third Thursday of the month starting in January.


Burn Awareness Week is officially Feb. 2-8, 2014, and Shriners Hospitals for Children will use the week to kick off a year-long campaign focused on preventing burn injuries at home. Shriners Hospitals for Children and Shriners International are committed to educating the public about burn prevention in order to reduce burn injuries to children. Resources and promotional aids in support of burn awareness and prevention, as well as information about ordering and downloading burn awareness materials, are available at While it is extremely important to the health and safety of children that we continue this educational campaign throughout the year, having Burn Awareness Week as an initial focal point can be very helpful. Thank you for your support of the burn awareness campaign and all your efforts to improve and protect the lives of children. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the public relations department at Shriners International Headquarters at or call (813) 281-8162. Public Relations Department Shriners International Headquarters

Bahia Shriners Caravan | 34

After a very long hiatus, old Dean is baaack. We have gotten several new members since my last kolumn. Pete Gregory, Greg Rushing, Rob Legenhausen, and Steve Mitchell just to name a few. Last year Rob Legenhausen was elected Vice President, but because we lost Rocky, our president, very early in the year, Rob had to step in and serve as president for almost all of 2013. He did a great job on very short notice. Thank you Rob!! The Kops just had their annual Christmas Party, and it was great fun. Steve suggested we get it catered by Rossis and they really did a great job. We enjoyed Greek salad, roast turkey, baked ham, sweet potato casserole, green beans almandine, mashed potatoes, and rolls. The Kopettes made oodles of delicious desserts.

Christmas in Paisley Updating the Shriners Story

Now its 2014 and Im proud to say my son, Steve By Peter Gregory Mitchell has been elected President of the Keystone If you have never been to Paisley when Bahia brings Santa Kops. Frankly, this old guy is kind of proud. Claus to the edgelands of the Ocala National Forest then you I would like to take this opportunity to thank one of our have missed the magic and wonder of Christmas. members for a job well done. His name is Bob Campbell. He has almost single handedly restored and repaired all of It is often asked by skeptics if the Hospital is the only thing our vehicles for years. Thank you Bob from all of us Kops that Shriners do. The men and the women of Bahia who for a difficult job well done! Believe me; your hours of make Paisley happen each year have answered that backhand compliment with a resounding NO. hard work are appreciated.
The members of Golf Unit, Horse Patrol, Iron Horse, Keystone Kops, Motorcycle Unit, RV Unit, Tin Lizzies, along with a crew from a local Kiwanis Club (these fine folks provided a President Steven Mitchell shoe gift program) enabled the children of this locale to have a Vice President Rob Legenhausen very Merry Christmas. In addition to the new shoe program, Secretary Claude Williams the children received a meal complete with cotton candy and Treasurer Alan Higgins cookies, horse and pony cart rides, motorcycle rides, and of course some one on one face time with Santa. Then each child WHAT AN OUTFIT!!! We meet on the first Monday of went through the toy concourse where they got to select their each month in Unit Room B and if you arent affiliated item that would put their Christmas over the top as one child with any other Unit or BSC, stop in and give us a look-see. was heard to exclaim. Many of these children would not have any kind of real Christmas experience if it were not for this special event.

Our new slate of officers for 2014 is as follows:


In 2012 there were 212 children who participated. In 2013 the number climbed to 319 and all received Santas attention and had gifts. To all of those fine folks who worked behind the scenes to get donations of toys, or money which the big elves turned into presents Bahia sends out a HUGE thanks! And to all of our ladies who did so much beforehand and at the event a truly Blessed thank you we couldnt do it without you.

Steve Mitchell-President 407-399-7328 Claude Williams-Secretary 407-761-9720

1st Monday of the Month 7:30 pm Unit Room B

February 2014

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Shriners Christmas in Paisley

Bahia Shriners Caravan | 36

By Noble Frank Walker
A Very Happy New Year to my Brothers All! Now to update you all on upcoming events.

not possible as there are two Installations on that day. There is a communication problem to be sorted out and this degree will also probably not happen before mid February. There are only a few Saturdays in February available so no date or time set yet. I will keep you posted on that as soon as a definite date has been set. The New Year will be bringing us more Master Mason Degrees to be performed, and planning for the Circus is underway. Are you a Past or Sitting Master of a Blue Lodge? You are qualified to join our unit! We provide the blue lodges within our jurisdiction a team that presents the Second Section of the Master Mason Degree. Interested in becoming a member? Our next meeting will be February 14th in Unit Room A at 7:30 PM. Dinner is available about 6:30 PM. For more information Call W Rich Wirth, Sr. at (407) 739-9120 or e-mail

First and foremost, Hirams Daylight Lodge is planning a Master Mason Degree and has asked for us to do the 2nd Section. There are several things to be solved first. The date and time have not been selected as yet. They would like to have it on a Thursday during the day, but may not be able to find enough members to fill the fellowcraft positions. They also might have a candidate from another lodge join with their candidate. If that happens, the Degree would probably be on a Saturday during the day. Hopefully that would help fill the fellowcraft positions. Right now it looks like a mid February time frame. I will send out a team list as soon as I get a better idea of time and date. Secondly, Mt. Dora Lodge wants the Bahia Divan and Bahia Past Masters Unit to do another complete Master Mason Degree. They wanted it on January 18 but that is

Director General 2017
Imperial Session / Daytona Beach Harris Harris Bauerie Sharma

Condemnation/Eminent Domain Lawyer


February 2014

Shriners Caravan | 37
arent involved in any unit yet or are in a unit but looking for something more to do, come join our BSC, Bahia Bingo Bunch. We need workers every Wednesday night, if you can give at least 2 nights a month and want to have fun, please contact, President Peter Gregory, 407-951-4630, or email . Weve have 50 games, 3 jackpot games paying $250.00 each, door prizes given at intermission and the best Hot Dogs, You must be 18 years of age to play, no alcoholic beverages on the floor and we offer smoking & non-smoking areas. Come on out and have some FUN! Dont forget to bring a friend next Wednesday Night, Every Wednesday, drawing at intermission for free Prizes. Last Wednesday of the month FREE Spaghetti Dinner for Players, Non Players are $3.

Bingo Bunch
by Victor Clark
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to everyone. Our goal is to support Bahia Center, Shrine Patients Transportation Fund, Patients Christmas Party, and Youth Activities. We have NO ANNUAL DUES. We congratulate Chairman Peter Gregory, President J.B Johnson, the Officers, and all of our members for their excellent work to make Bahia Bingo successful during this 2013 Year. It requires 30 hard working Nobles to hold Wednesday Night Bingo. Their ladies are always willing to help where they can. ALL UNIT PRESIDENTS REFER TO BAHIA SHRINERS POLICY DIRECTIVE # 11 , PART C. Unit Bingo Workers Augmentation for February: Concert Band ,Flying Fezzes, Greeters, Keystone Kops March: Directors Staff, Fun & Frolic, Horse Patrol, Iron Horses If youre a member of the Shrine and

The Bahia Bingo SNACK BAR Open Every Wednesday Night

If youre at the Shrine for a meeting Stop in for a SNACK.

Come on out, have some fun, maybe win some money, and Cheeseburger in Central Florida support Bahia Shrine and Play served along with other goodies at or Work Bahia Bingo!
Bills Snack-Bar. Dont forget Mikes popcorn, always hot and delivered to your table with a Smile. The doors open at 3 PM every Wednesday night. Games begin as early as 5:30 PM and conclude around 10:30 PM. Our new Quinella game has been a big hit for the evening end.
encourage your family members to donate for you, if you can not donate because of medical reasons. Donors minimum age is sixteen (16). This is a saving to our Nobles, their families, and our Shriners Hospitals for Children. If you or some one in your family requires a replacement of blood, please call Ken Virata at 407-797-6988 or e-mail him at BE SOMEONES VALENTINE AND LIFE SAVER. Donor Pathways; Blood type (O+) You have the most popular blood type. You are compatible with more than 37 percent of the population. You are an excellent candidate for platelet donations used to treat cancer patients as well as patients undergoing open heart surgery. Your whole blood donations are needed six times each year to meet our ever increasing needs. Blood type (O-) You are critical to the survival of patients as the Universal Blood Donor. Anybody can use your blood type. You are especially needed for trauma and emergency patients who must receive blood immediately and cannot wait to be typed. Children depend on your O negative blood to ensure a less problematic treatment and recovery. Your whole blood donations are necessary six times each year for us to be prepared for emergencies at all times. A+ donor blood is constantly needed as one in every three patients has your type blood. You are a perfect candidate for platelet donations which are critical to treating cancer patientsespecially leukemia. Your whole blood donations are needed every eight weeks (56 days). A- donors are a perfect candidate for platelet donations which are critical to treating cancer patients specially leukemia. One in every three patients needs your help. Your whole blood donations are needed every eight weeks as well as platelet donations through apheresis at least twice each year. B+ donors One in every 12 patients needs your help. B- donors Only one in every 67 donors has your type blood. AB+ and AB- donors- You are very rare and very special as the Universal Plasma Donor. Your plasma is critical for treating severe burn and hemorrhage patients.

By Noble Vic Clark
Since my last report we had four Nobles and Ladies donate a Gift of Life pint of blood to Bahia Shrines (Group Plan # A-18) reserve account at the Floridas Blood Centers offices during November: Claude Williams. December: John Roberson, James Witherspoon and Harvey Allen. We sincerely appreciate and thank you Quiet Heroes Nobles and Ladies who take time to share your blood with ill and injured patients in hospitals. Before you donate blood, please remind the nurse at the check in desk, you are donating to Bahia Shrine Plan #A18. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY, BE A LIFESAVER, IT IS SAFE, IT IS SIMPLE. THE LIFE YOU SAVE, MAYBE YOUR OWN. To locate the Florida Blood Centers office nearest you, call 1-888-936-6283 or 407-226-3800 or their website Please

Bahia Shriners Caravan | 38

Ill. Sir Charles Vance Snapp, Jr., 90 - June 26, 1923 - January 11, 2014
Ill. Sir Charles Vance Snapp, Jr. passed away in Orlando, Florida. Charles was born June 26, 1923 in Greenville, Tennessee. He attended the University of South Florida in Tampa. He was raised as a Master Mason in Greenville (TN) Lodge # 3 in 1946 after returning from the service in World War II. He was assigned to duty aboard a supply ship that shuttled men and equipment back and forth across the Atlantic and then Participated in the Normandy Landings on D-Day. He became a York Rite Mason in Johnson City, TN, and was initiated into the Shrine in 1947 in Kerbela Temple, Knoxville. Both his father and grandfather were Master Masons. Ill Sir. Snapp entered into Real Estate and Construction in 1950. He formed the Charles V. Snapp Construction Company which built approximately 1000 living units and was also involved with building the Orlando Scottish Rite on Gore St. Noble Charlie was also instrumental in building and helping to collect funds for our own Bahia. He was affiliated with both the York and Scottish Rite Bodies in Orlando and was a Charter Member of Mokanna Lodge No. 329 and a Charter Member of Bahia Shrine. He was the youngest person ever to be elected to the position of Potentate at Bahia, just 37 years old. Ill. Sir Snapp hosted the first ever Public Installation of Officers at Bahia Shrine. He was recipient of the Legion of Honor Award from the Order of DeMolay and was an Original Member of the Royal Order of Jesters (the Original 13). In 1978, he was elected an Emeritus Representative to the Imperial Council. In June of 1973, Charles gave the Commencement Address to the graduating class of Jones Business College, and received an Honorary Doctor of Sciences Degree. In November of 1990, Charles was married to Renee Farago at the Bahia Temple, by the Imperial Chaplin of North America. In mid 2005, Charles became the Curator of the Bahia Museum and held that position until his passing. He is survived by his wife, Renee Snapp, his sons Mike and Vann, his step son Seth, his daughter-in-laws Terri, Kathy, and Brigitte, his beloved grandchildren Dustin and Whitney, Kristen and Lauren, his sister Omega Rhoades, and his two faithful companions Daisy and Shalimar.

February 2014

Shriners Caravan | 39

Ill. Sir John Burton Pierson, Sr., 91 - August 13, 1922 - January 12, 2014
Ill. Sir John Burton Pierson Sr., USAF Lt. Col, (retired), passed away Sunday, Jan. 12th, 2014 after a brief illness. John was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, August 13, 1922 to Wilford C. and Addie M. Pierson. He grew up in Indianapolis, graduated from Arsenal Technical High School. December 1942, he entered the Army and then transferred into the Aviation Cadet Program. 2nd Lt. Pierson graduated from the program in April 1944 as a pilot. He was assigned to the 22nd Bomb Group in the South Pacific, completed 42 combat missions and flew 350 combat hours by the end of the war in 1945. Upon returning to the US, he was separated from military service, joining the active Air Force Reserve with the 434th Troop Carrier Wing in Indianapolis. The day after returning from overseas, John met his wife Ruby (Hancock) in November 1945. They were married Feb. 14, 1946 by John's Grandmother, Lena Spillman, a Pentecostal minister. While out of active duty, John and his father owned and operated a general auto repair shop, until he was called back to serve his country with rank of Captain in 1951. John and family were stationed in England, Germany, Patrick Air Force Base, in FL, Chanute AFB in IL, Clark Field, Philippines until ending his military service at Eglin Air Force Base, Ft. Walton Beach, FL in June 1968. The Pierson family retired to Maitland, Florida where John, in his civilian career, worked for Haney Chevrolet, Florida Gas Modular Housing Project, Southern Liquid Fertilizer and Douglass Fertilizer in the maintenance and repair field. John was a member of many Masonic affiliated organizations after joining the Masonry in October, 1946. He was inducted into Scottish Rite while in Germany in 1955, became a Noble Shriner in 1980 and was Potentate of Bahia Shrine in 1997. John attended meetings at Mokanna Masonic Lodge. He had joined National Sojourners in 1955 and participated with Seminole Chapter 373 regularly in the Patriotic Flag Programs. John was also a past President and Hero's Commander of the organization, served as President of the Bahia Shrine RV Club, Oriental Band, Orlando Shrine Club, Kentucky Colonels Club, Ormazd Grotto and was active with Bahia's Flying Fezzes Unit. He was very supportive of Kismet Court #86, Ladies Oriental Shrine of N.A, always available to make the coffee for their meetings, ready to visit with the other Nobles, sharing jokes and telling stories while the ladies had their meeting. John and Ruby joined Asbury United Methodist church in the late 1960's, with John serving on the board and volunteering his time and talents to maintain the church lighting and other duties when needed. John is survived by Ruby, his beloved wife of nearly 68 years, their 3 children, sons John Jr. (Patty) and Jeff (Maureen), daughter Deborah Zimmerman (Gary), grandchildren Jason (Tami) & Brian (Amy) Zimmerman, Jon Walker, James Pierson, Jessi Torres (Khermes), great granddaughters Peyton Zimmerman, Jocelyn Torres, great-grandson Jacob Pierson, brother Wilford C. Pierson, Jr (Dixie) of Dade City, FL and sister Ruth Joann Case (Howie) of Bethlehem, PA.

Bahia Shriners Caravan | 40

Bahia Shrine RV Club

Meets the 3rd Weekend Monthly At Various Campgrounds Nobles & their Ladys With RVs Are Welcome to Join David Poulin, President 407-339-5665 Roy Campbell, Secretary 386-871-9988

3rd Thursday Monthly 6:30 PM Steak Dinner / 7:30 PM Meeting Unit Room B

10th Annual LO-BOIL

November 8th 2014 4 pm - 6 PM President: Bruce Carter 407-383-5417 Secretary: David Lohr 407-430-6415

All Shriners are Masons First

OCTOBER Charles E Walker NOVEMBER John Fika III James Henry Spiker James H McDonald William Cedric Richards Daniel J Smyczynski Ray T Cox Jr. Norman Hilton Senn Howard Wade Robert O Thomas

DECEMBER William Albert Show Lee Harold Stein Eph Wiygul Nils Gustafsson Donald Lee Anderson John R Langford JANUARY Ill. Sir Charles V Snapp JR Ill. Sir John B Pierson Wallace Samuel Grist Leroy F Richards Samuel P Viola

February 2014

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West Volusia Shrine Club

272 W. State Road 15A, Deltona Dinner Meeting - 2nd Monday 6 PM Business Meeting - Last Monday 7 PM President - Gill Ebert 407-314-0620
All Nobles and their Ladies are welcome So come on out, meet our Members and their Ladies and have some fun!

Bahia Cabiri Chapter No. 126 President, Ill. Sir Ken Harrelson Secretary/Treasurer, Ill. Sir Bob Amico

Meetings First Thursday of the Month Past Potentates Room - 6 pm

Meetings 4th Tuesday Monthly Bahia Unit Room B 6:30 PM Social 7:30 PM Meeting We Ride & Have Fun
President: Ed Sexton Phone: 407-592-7113 Secretary: Ric Roberts 407-748-3901

Bahia Shriners Caravan | 42

February 2014

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Circus News
Isn't it great to be a Shriner, and a member of Bahia Shrine Center, especially as we get ready to put on our 60th annual Shrine Circus? The Bahia Shrine Circus is our biggest yearly fund raising event. The circus is not a fund raiser for the Shriners Hospital for Children. It is the financial lifeline of Bahia Shrine and necessary to meet our operating expenses. The Bahia Shrine Circus also continues to put lots of smiles on the faces of the young and old. This year we will have a chance in venue. The circus will be held at Silver Spurs Arena, located on Silver Spurs Lane, in Kissimmee. There also will be a totally new circus program put on by Circus Hollywood. The dates for this years circus is Saturday, May 17th, and Sunday, May18th. There will be 1pm and 6pm shows each day. We again are counting on you for support of our Circus Dad Program, as well as work in the various activities that make the circus work. For you newcomers to Bahia Shrine, the Circus Dad Program, is a means to give children who may not otherwise be financially able a chance for a few hours to set aside problems and discomfort and step into another world, the circus world, one that animals, excitement and pure entertainment. Around the 11th of February you will receive six (6) Circus Dad Coupons. We are asking you to purchase these coupons, and remit $48.00. This is a $96.00 value for only $48.00. Checks should be made payable to "Bahia Shrine Circus". You can use the coupons for yourself, and family, or give them to whomever you wish for their use, or you can return them with the $48.00 remittance to the Shrine Center. If returned, the Shrine Center will pass out the coupons to children in our Shriners Hospital for Children, and to other needy children, and charitable organization, in our community. If you know of any church, charitable organizations or groups that could these coupons let the Circus Chairman know and we will see that they get them. In addition Uniformed Units, Shrine Clubs, and Bahia Social Clubs, can earn extra money by purchasing Circus Unit tickets at a $2.00 per ticket reduced rate of $14.00 and then sell them to friends, neighbors, and businesses at the retail price $16.00 as printed on the ticket. Please plan on joining us and help make a childs dream come true and make the 2014 Circus Dad Program and the Bahia Shrine Circus a big success. We also need help to work the various activities that make the circus work. If you are interested, contact your Uniformed Unit, Shrine Club or Bahia Social Club Circus Chairman. He will put you in contact with the Circus Chairman Gerry Leduc. Fred R. Weil Circus Dad Chairman contains beautiful customs,

Past Potentates of Bahia Shrine Temple

*A.J. Thomas, Sr. (Deceased 3/14/67) ..1955-1956 *J.D. Hill (Deceased 8/17/87) .....1957 *A.J. Thomason (Deceased 9/9/58).....1958 *Glenn R. Ashmore (Deceased 6/30/73) ...1958 *George H. Cochrane (Deceased 4/5/80) ..1959 *Vernon M. Scott (Deceased 6/12/86) ...1960 *Charles V. Snapp, Jr. (Deceased 1/11/14)(Renee)1961 *J.M. (Jack) Fogg (Deceased 4/26/80)....1962 *Russell Guy Carr (Deceased 6/26/68)...1963 *Harold H. Kastner (Deceased 9/6/77)...1964 *Fred B. Turner (Deceased 2/17/06)...1965 *Floyd N. Shaver (Deceased 11/16/78)1966 *Leonard K. Wright, Jr. (Deceased 07/16/03)1967 *Joe Wickham (Bernie) demitted July, 1981 (Deceased)...1968 *Lloyd A. Castle (Deceased 11/6/86)...1969 *L.L. Linc Jacobs (Deceased 9/28/93).1970 Fred W. Guentert (Joyce) .1971 Robert A. Voegele (Mary Lee) ...1972 *J.J. Jeff Jordan (Deceased 12/30/90)....1973 *T.R. Tommy Tomlinson (Deceased 03/05/00) .1974 *Sam H. Walkup, Jr. (Deceased 10/28/81).1975 William C. Journigan, (Barbara)1976 Mervin D. Henning (Patti)...1977 Melvin L. Duncan (Helen)1978 *DeFarest A. Long, Jr. - (D. 5/23/07)(Martha)..1979 *Jesse W. Walker (Deceased 3/17/05).1980 Kenneth E. Thomas (Jennie Lee)....1981 T. Bruce Ballinger (Roberta)...1982 Gordon H. Stumpy Harris (Dottie).1983 *Gordon P. Magyar (Deceased 2/01/07).1984 Cecil D. Moore (Carol).1985 *Bruce D. Thomas, (Deceased 5/23/06)(Alice)...1986 *George H. Mason (Deceased 1/03/00)(Betty)...1987 Myron D. Christensen (Roma)....1988 Donald W. Grable (Mary Lou)...1989 *John O. Riels (Deceased 7/11/07) (Beth)..1990 Jack B. Kittinger..1991 Robert H. Bobby Gentry, III (Jan).....1992 *Robt F. Kidder (Deceased 4/18/2009) (Donna).. .1993 Thomas E. Embree (Beulah)...1994 *Harold H. Coulson (Deceased 08/28/03)...1995 *Robt L. Cramer (Deceased 5/10/09) (Phylis)...1996 John B. Pierson, Sr. (Deceased 1/12/14)(Ruby)..1997 Lewis W. Cotterill (Marge).1998 Michael G. Juett (Sherry)1999 George E. Goodboe (Carol).2000 V. AlbertJanoska, Jr. (Dottie).2001 Max R. Jones (Esther).2002 Douglas S. Tomlinson (Sherrie)..2003 Jerry Higginson (Debbie) ...2004 Gary J. Bergenske, PP (Anne)....2005 William Dennis (Jean).2006 Sid Massey (Elle)..2007 *Butch Carpenter (Deceased 1/7/2010)(Pat).2008 Robert Bob Amico (Bev).....2009 John Seay (Jan)2010 Happy Schuur (Glenda)..2011 Ken Harrelson (Sam)...2012 Michael T. Rudd (Cyndi).....2013

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By Lillian Rodgers, P.Q.

Some of you may have seen the beautiful motor coach that we call Nila on January 10 when it was parked in front of Bahia. Our Supreme Queen, Margaret Ann Risk came to visit us in Nila. What a wonderful way to bring awareness of Daughters of the Nile and Shriners Hospitals for Children! She has attracted attention everywhere she goes. We had such a wonderful day and evening on January 10 while our wonderful Supreme Queen was here. We had a great luncheon overseen by Princess Tirzah, Barbara Cogley, followed in the afternoon by a beautiful ceremonial where we welcomed 8 new Princesses. Queen Della and all of her officers did an outstanding job with the ceremonial. It was all just so beautiful and they all did Athaliah proud. Supreme Queen Margaret Ann enjoyed our fellowship, good humor and our music. She stated that she was pleased to see that we enjoy our sessions and ceremonials so much. Later in the evening we all attended a banquet at Bahia in Supreme Queen Margaret Anns

honor. The banquet was beautiful and very well done by our Princess Royal, Nadine Wellman. The prime rib dinner was just scrumptious. After dinner, introductions, very informative speeches and a very funny comedy routine by Past Supreme Queen Alyce Thomas, Athaliahs units performed. The Pageantry did a very fun number to King Tut that was very much enjoyed by everyone. The Athaliah Band was next. They had the audience singing and clapping along to Deep in the Heart of Texas, Zippity Doo Da and Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend. Finally came the Comedy Dance Troupe with their mighty steeds (stick horses) and their great big white hats doing their routine to Long, Tall, Texan that had everyone laughing. If you would like to read more about the Supreme Queens visit to Athaliah Temple or the Love for the Children Tour in Nila the Motor Coach, you can visit the blog of Supreme Queen Margaret Anns travels.

February 2014

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All ladies (you dont have to be a Kismet member) are invited to help us make Snuggle Blanket Babies for the Greenville SC Shrine Hospital. Our work session will be on the 4th Wednesday, February 26 at Bahia. Because the hospitals discourage plush toys and animals due to allergies and asthma, we will be making snuggly small blanket babies that can be machine washed. The goal is 50 snuggle blankets for the Greenville patients. Contact any Kismet member for details. - we are on Facebook, and our website is:

Kismet Court No. 86 Ladies Oriental Shrine of North America

Happy Month of Love from LOS! Kismet Court is growing five new members were initiated in January and we look forward to continuing to grow and serving the Shrine Hospitals for Children. Kismet is hosting our annual party fundraiser on Friday, March 7 (we are kicking off the same exciting weekend as the Potentates Masquerade Ball and the Sam Swope Ride). Please join us for the Roaring 20s Speakeasy Dinner & Dance in the Bahia Dining Room. There will be live jazz and New Orleans cuisine - If you attended Kismets Rat Pack Vegas Dinner last March, you know it was an amazing night of fun and we plan to raise the bar again this year. The Speakeasy event benefits the Greenville SC Shrine Hospital and the Bahia Transportation Fund. Throw on some Prohibition glad rags, learn the password to get in the Speakeasy, and kick up your heels to the Charleston! Tickets are $15.00 per person from any Kismet member or the Bahia Shrine office.

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February 2014

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2014 Potentates Pin

The potentates pin this year represents all of the musical units at Bahia, the Drum and Bugle Corps, the Jazz Band, the Concert Band, and even the Oriental Band with all the instruments and uniforms included in this simple, colorful one man band. This pin has several hidden meanings, including the obvious one-man-band that today can be a busker that plays multiple instruments at once, a musician that records one track, and then plays or sings a second track, or a person that runs a business alone, especially if the business model requires that a person assume multiple different roles. For your Potentate, the pin is a fun reminder to not be a one-man-band, but to be the leader of a corps of talented and dedicated nobles and ladies who have to be willing to face and conquer the challenges that our temple faces.

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