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a) Outline THREE factors the contributed the development of maroon societies in the Caribbean. (6 mrks) b) Outline THREE difficulties faced by the developing Maroon societies in the Caribbean. (10 mrks) c) Discuss the measures taken by the Maroons to overcome the difficulties encountered in the development of their societies. (9 mrks)


1. At first, as British colonists, the Americans did most of their trading with the British Caribbean. Then, after their independence, they carried out more of their Caribbean trade with the French countries. Later, after the revolution in St. Domingue, they gave their main attention to the Spanish Caribbean, and in particular, “Cuba”. a) Describe the trade which took place between the American colonies and the British Caribbean before the War of American independence. (5 mrks) b) Give THREE changes that took place in the trade between the Caribbean and the USA after the American War of independence. (7 mrks) c) In what other ways than trade did the Americans give particular attention to Cuba up to 1810? (6 mrks)

“From the beginning it became obvious that the Plait Amendment had left Cuba with little or no independence. Discuss at least six factors. (7 mrks) d) From the point of view of Cuban nationalists. and then answer the questions that follow.” (15 mrks) b) Explain why the US took steps to ensure that Cuba had “little or no independence” in 1902. (25 mrks) 5. (6 mrks) c) Outline the event of the 1906 and 1917 which led the US to intervene in Cuba on EACH occasion. in what way did Cuba become like a colony of the US after1902? (7 mrks) 4.” a) State the terms of the Plait Amendment which left Cuba with “little or no independence. Discuss the effects of Fidel Castro’s Cuban revolution on the Caribbean between 1958 and 1985 in terms of: a) The spread of Us political and economic influence b) The Cold War Discuss THREE for each area . (12 mrks) 3. (13 mrks) b) Describe the way in which the USA demonstrated its interest in Cuba between 1776 and 1870. a) Explain four ways in which the British Caribbean was affected between 1776 and the 1820’s by the North American War of independence. Read the statement below. Discuss the factors that caused the USA to invade Grenada and remove the Revolutionary Military Council (RMC) in 1938. Annexation seems inevitable.2.

Examine THREE political and THREE economic measures taken by Fidel Castro which contributed to the survival of the 1959 Cuban Revolution. Examine the impact of USA on any one named Caribbean territory. (16 mrks) 2. (25 mrks) 7. and benefits of the US involvement in the Caribbean islands between 1890 and 1930. Discuss THREE reasons why the USA intervention in Haiti early 1915 and THREE measures they took to resolve the situation in Haiti. over time. (9 mrks) b) Examine FOUR measures adopted by colonial government to improve public health conditions in the British Caribbean after 1846.6. like its art and other social recreational pursuits. (25 mrks) SOCIAL LIFE 1838-1962 1. the European influences on the past. However. these influences have been modified by local circumstances and conditions. reflect very strongly. Explain the reasons for. a) Explain THREE reasons why many Africans continued to practice Africanbased religion after 1838. (25 mrks) 9. . (25 mrks) 8. a) Describe three major health problems in the British Caribbean between 1838 and 1876. Caribbean Architecture. Read the passage below and answer the questions that follow. (9 mrks) b) Examine FOUR factors which allowed the church to keep its influence in the African community long after slavery was abolished. (16 mrks) 3.

At times. a) Discuss five factors that led up to the discrimination of women between 1838 and 1945. is far from being the case. “It is commonly supposed that the white people in Barbados belong to the wealthier classes alone. This.” a) How did the British Caribbean whites who did not belong to the “wealthier classes” make a living between 1838 and 1938? (7 mrks) b) Explain how a middle class slave emerged among the ex-slaves and free coloreds n the British Caribbean after 1838. (6 mrks) 5. some whites treated people of the other races in a friendly manner. (13 mrks) b) Discuss THREE factors accounting for the improvement in attitude towards women after 1945.a) Explain how Caribbean Architecture has been influenced by its colonial past. (6 mrks) c) How did whites of the “wealthier class” treat other whites from the period of 1838 to 1938? (6 mrks) d) State two reasons why there was division between the coloured middle class between 1838 and 1938. some whites consider themselves to be a highly superior race and treated other races with scorn. (12 mrks) 6. During the period 1838 to 1938. (12 mrks) b) Describe the ways in which conditions and circumstances influenced Caribbean architecture. and then answer the questions that follow. (13 mrks) 4. however. however. . Read the passage below.

(10 mrks) . a) Explain why donkeys provided one of the main means of transport in the British Caribbean from 1838 to 1938. (12 mrks) b) Outline the ways in which some whites developed friendly relations with the people of other ethnic groups in the British Caribbean from the period 1838 to 1938. (15 mrks) b) Explain why other means of transport became more widely use in the British Caribbean by 1838. (13 mrks) 7.a) Explain how some whites in the British Caribbean showed that they “considered themselves to be a highly superior race” during the period 1838 to 1938.