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Workshop on Human Trafficking of Persons School of Evangelization, Vicariate I, Carabayllo, Lima 20- 24th of January 2014 A young man

hastily arrives from his work. The time is shortly after 6 pm and the workshop on Human Trafficking of persons has already begun. Aldo Gonzales, apart from working during the day, he is a Youth Ministry leader in his parish and also conducts a weekly radio program in Comas, Lima. Denise, moved by the impact of Pope Francis message to move to serve those on the margins...! and encouraged by her pastor at Our Lady of Peace Parish, Fr. Betto Huaman OMI, undertook pastoral ministry in the Shantytown of La Libertad, to listen to the cry of the people. She came to the workshop eager to know more about the topic of human trafficking and the challenge to do more now... together with a group of young people. Moved by our CCVI charism to actualize the love of God and live the spirituality of incarnation, 3 of our dear CCVI associates, Martha Sea, Consuelo Valiente and Rosa Pacheco, arrived early from their days work in order to attend the workshop. These are the stories; these are the encounters: "If you only knew what God gives and who it is that is asking you for a drink, you would ask him, and he would give you life-giving water. (John 4, 10). These were five days of listening, dialoguing, learning and getting feedback. The well seemed deep, but together... with the water that Jesus gives us to drink, we can eco His message of love and hope that inspires us and gives us strength we are not alone. All of the days were intense, due to the participation and the richness of the group sharing. Sr. Josefina, CSC, arrives punctually from Magdalena. In order to get here she had to make a twohour bus trip to Tupac Amaru Street. Projector, candles, Kleenex many times confronted with the reality of the tragedy of human trafficking, tears come to our eyes. Everything is ready... Sr. Josefina is part of the network Kawsay (Consecrated Life for a society without trafficking of persons). With Josefina, Sisters Milagros Plaza, Combonian, Maria Alejandra OP, Frances Maguire, RSJ and Ivonne Ramirez CCVI, arrive with the purpose of sharing with the group the realities of human trafficking, raising awareness, giving information, prevention What can we do together? How can we detect cases of Human Trafficking of persons? asks Vilma Morales, Pastoral Agent at Seor de los Milagros Parish. "Many times in the home we have taught that money creates happiness... I say that it is not so... money is not everything... values, love, seeking the common good, communication... that is happiness", states Olga, pastoral agent The media, what does it teach our children? was the question posed by Edith Vasquez, mother of a family.

Questions, sharing, dialoguing, giving testimony, praying, answers And now, where is your sister, your brother? Let us go find her/him...! From hope, proposals are born: A space on Aldos radio program. Set up a workshop at the market where Amanda Fuentes is a member. A workshop in the school where Judith Meza teaches, she is also a tutor. Visit the UGEL (State Agency for local educational supervision) to ask for a greater presence in schools, give informative talks and create awareness for students and parents. Form a local group with a social approach to human trafficking. Participate in a March on September 23rd, International Human Trafficking Day.

Let us listen to God, where life cries out... Let us listen to God who speaks to us about compassion... We closed these days of encounter and fraternity, giving thanks and celebrating the gift of life. Our dreams and hopes find a way opting for life integrating efforts sharing resources networking with other institutions at local, national and international levels. Sister Yvonne and I returned home after the workshop, thankful, with our faces beaming with hope... it is possible... Yes, we can...! Sister Melani Flores, Novice

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