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Hi all.

I saw this at the america section and realized we didn't have this one yet even though the other one has been around for years. Maybe we do have it already but got lost, in which case this one can be removed. The 'pro tips' were just a bunch of tips. Most of them for new players but even I found some tricks that I did not thought of. So when you know something about a champ or general and you'd like to share, this is the place to be.

My first one is: learn to last hit minions, unless you play support. It may not look like much, but getting a good amount of minion kills is a great way to be usefull lategame. Even when you're a mage. It might be a good idea, just to get some addition ad from masteries/items, just so you can last hit better. You sacrifice some early game stats, but it makes you a lot more usefull lategame. #2 there is an ignore button for a reason. While it's very important to communicate, there might be someone in your team who's really annoying. Flaming may be resulting in bad gameplay and that's worse than commication. Just press tab and select the ignore button but be nice and keep saying miss etc. also keep in mind you have check the minimap more because you won't see misses. Now some actual gameplay tips: #1 when you're being chased by a group of enemies and you are most likely going to die, tower dive. When not been hit by an enemy champ for 10 sec, the enemy won't get your kill but the turret does. 2# when you're being chased by a group of enemies and you are most likely going to die, but you're close to nashor, it can be a good idea, to hit baron right before you die. Once you die, baron will attack the enemies. This may not result in a kill for you, or kill them at all, but will most likely slow them down (pushing etc) or can result in team kills. #3: use blue pill to mindgame your opponents. This will only work in non-30 normal games (or at 30 when you're lucky). For instance, act like you're afk. (you can achieve the same thing by standing still for some time. You can make morgana waste her stun by doing so) After a while, start recalling at weird places. This may bait opponents. Another way of using recall: recall when standing next to a bush. Recall, but right before actual teleporting, run into that bush. It seems like you recalled. Again, only at low summoner

levels. 4# Don't be afraid to try new builds. There are very few absolute no-go builds (like ap tryn) but ad malphite can be worth checking out. I myself have tried every champ ad. Although most of them are terrible, you might stumble upon something very interesting you hadn't thought of before. Do keep in mind, this may not be a good idea in normal games. Thats what bots are for! 5# learn the base stats of each champion. This may seem like an awefull amount of work, but it can be very usefull. You can guess what summoner level the enemy has, which runes and masteries. It's no rocket science, but at least you know what to expect. Which one hits hard etc 6# warding. Warding seems stupid when you first play the game. Why the hell would you pay 75 or 125 gold, just to see a little bit more? The more experienced you get and the more skilled everyone gets, the more you learn the value of warding. However, it's not a bad idea to learn how to ward early. Find some guides how to do so. Warding can be used for all sorts of things, including escape moves (kat's shunpo for instance) 7# Just use your head while playing. Sometimes you can see you're going to be ganked, simply because enemies behave differently. 8# Call misses. Yes I know, everyone knows about this. Yet, it happens far too often people forget about it. Do not tell this person who just got ganked, he needs to watch the minimap better. This also means you have to call miss when you just went back to shop. Keep an eye out at all time! 9# Whenever you play a champ that can lay mines/traps (caitlyn, teemo, nidalee etc) do not just drop them at every spot that seems interesting if you want enemies to get hit by it. Just walk around the map, press h (hold... or whatever button you have chosen) and place a trap at this very spot. Enemies will get hit by those mines, simply because its in the middle of the auto-walked paths. Not sure people understood what i just tried to say xD 10# In the champion selection screen, select champions that make a good team. This may seem obvious but quite often teams lose, simply because their team is too much attack damage based etc. Here some golden rules. 1) -Get an ad carry. Some ad-isch champ that can actually carry the game. Not every ad

champ can do so. This ad carry goes bot, together with the support. (example: ashe) -Get a support champ. A support champ has to make sure the carry stays alive (early phase) and get's minion kills. This means support should not attack mions at all. This is not a good idea for low level games (summoner level). 30 only. (example: soraka) -Get a jungler. It doesn't really matter who, as long this champ can actually jungle. At this moment pretty much everyone can, still, I wouldn't recommend ashe. Also very important: gank. It may be a good idea to pick a champ, not because he can jungle so well, but because of his ability to gank. (examples of good gankers are nocturne/shaco) -Get a tank: The tank usually goes top and has a solo lane. (example: mundo) -Get a mage. The mage usually goes mid. (example: ahri) 2) The second rule is simply. Make sure the outcome is balanced. Don't get too many adchamp (for instance: tryndamere, ad carry - nocturne, jungler - garen, tank) nor ap champs. This can be countered too easily. 3) Stealth. 8 champs have stealth abilities. I'll arrange them in order. Those who are most reliant first. Evelynn - Twitch - Akali (she may not need it as much talon does, but the problem is: everyone knows when you're stealthed, simply because of cloud) - Talon - Shaco - Teemo - Vayne - Wukong. You don't have to agree with me on this one, it's just my idea of how stealth-based they are. Now, my point is: you don't want too many stealth based champs. Let's just give each champ a number. Evelynn is most stealth based so gets 8 points. Twitch 7, akali 6 etc. Make sure, you don't get past 8. Thats just bad. All the enemy needs is one little oracle (or ward for that matter) and your team die like flies. 7 - 8 is danger zone. This means picking evelynn or twitch can be dangerous. (one of the main reasons they're not doing so well in ranked games) Anything above this number is just... well... plain bad. Twitch and eve in one team is a no-go. Teemo and wukong together are fine. 4) Whenever you do ranked, or draft pick, try to counter. Keep in mind that lee sin is a good stealth counter and vayne is great at countering both tank and ad melee champs. Teemo is pretty decent against ad melee as well. Use those picks to your advantage.

Well, that's it for today, I do know a lot more but i'm tired of writing it all down. I hope

you all found it usefull and will ad tips as well. Hope to see you all on the summoner's rift... blabla... etc

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