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It was just a great day where the birds were chirping.

With the sunlight shining through the window with dust drifting by. Everything was alright. As Jintaee was playing league Gosu asked What was the time for the date again. But then checked and quickly realized that he was streaming. He was flushed with red and quickly replied Ohh wait nvm , I didnt notice you were streaming. Jintaee trying to defend his honor and make it seem like a joke to his viewers said I thought it was tonight. After enjoying a good day of league of legends he quickly got ready for his date with gosu. While he was brushing his teeth and taking shower he thought about Jintaee and his dick quickly hardened. When he was getting dressed he decided to wear his sexy hello kitty G-string under his black church pants. As he walked into olive garden where he was supposed to meet up with Gosu. He saw him, Jintaees heart quickly pounded inside of his hairy Asian chest. As he walked up to the table he greeted Gosu politely. As they talked throughout the meal they slowly started falling in love. Looking deep within each others eyes and biting their lips. Jintaee was hard but had his tight G-string to hold it down. Lets blow this joint and go to your place, said as he raised his eyebrow and licked his lips. As Jintaee started opening the door to his apartment Gosu push him in and they both fell down with Gosu on top. Gosu immediately slipped his hand down Jintaees pants and grasped his penis. Jintaee told him Wait, I am seeing Bischu , right when gosu put his finger on jintaees lip and told him This will be our little secret then. Gosu quickly stripped both of them naked and started kissing each other and rubbing their cocks. Then Gosu made Jintaee do a dance with his hello kitty g string on. Gosu then grabbed jintaee by the hand and threw him on the couch and started thrusting himself into Jintaee. But this much moving made him sick right after eating all that chicken alfredo. He puked all over Jintaees body and jintaee knowing how gosu would be self conscious puked as well. From the rest of the night on they covered themselves with their bodily excrements for the rest of the night. Their loud groaning woke up Jintaee black baby and when he saw the foul act that beheld him. He fell over face first from shock. The morning after in Jintaees apartment had shit/piss/vomit-stained walls, floors, and ceilings. Jintaee wanted to go for longer but there was a knock at the door. It was the apartment manager asking what was the stench of 1000 dead cats. When she opened the door she her hair fell off from the stench as her eyes rolled to the back of her head. The next day jintaee got evicted from his apartment. And he moved in with Gosu fucking each other behind bischus back. This time making sure there is no stench. One day gosu noticed something different. When he went to the doctor to ask what was wrong. The docter came out dumbfounded. He said Mr. Gosu it seems you are the father or mother or carrier of a baby. Gosu ran home and told Jintaee. What am I going to do, jintaee said I already have a black baby to take care of. Baby this our baby. Come on we got this. Said gosu. NINE MONTHS LATER As gosu gave birth he noticed something was wrong. The doctor noticed something was wrong the baby had tentacles and looked like an alien. As gosu gave the last push the baby came out and gosus anus was destroyed forever.

I AM SATANs SPAWN, said the alien baby I FINALLY AM OUT FROM THAT RETCHED HOLE. As he jumped to the nearest air vent and left. Over the course of a few months the alien baby started destroying cities and killing many innocent people. Jintaee and Gosu knew what they had to do. They ate some bacon and made power suits to destroy the thing that they brought onto this earth. And they set out to do so. They flew to the alien baby and which by now is the size of skyscraper. Right when Gosu was about to kill it he knew that that monster came out of his wrecked anus. And so he couldnt. He gave up. Just then the monster grabbed him with on of his tentacles and ate him. Jintaee furious that he got killed by this monster went all super sayin and murdered everything on site. He killed the monster in a instant and everyone else and became a monster himself. Gosu didnt actually die came out of the hole that the jintaee made in the monster and they reunited with a cheesy ending :D.