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1 Are these statements true, false or not mentioned? Quote from the text to
support your answers.
1 Nicole believed it was easy for her to find a job.
2 She looked for a job on the Internet.
3 She thought about pursuing an acting career.
2 Find words or phrases in the first paragraph which mean the following:
1 reached or passed
2 immediately; then and there
3 using needlessly or without an adequate result
3 Complete the sentences according to the text.
1 Nicole had just turned 17 when
2 She thought she had
3 Although she tried hard,
4 Give complete answers to these questions.
1 What sort of job was Nicole looking for and why?
2 Why didnt she want a fast-food job?
1 1. True. I had just turned 17 and was sure there were thousands of employers
ready to hire me.
2. False. I drove all around Los Angeles filling out applications and doing on-the-
spot interviews.
3. Not mentioned.
2 1. turned
2. on-the-spot
3. wasting
3 1. she decided to look for a job.
2. the skills and qualities required for a job.
3. she couldnt find a job.
4 1. She was looking for a job in the health field to get prepared for the job she
planned to do in the future.
2. She didnt want a fast-food job because she didnt like the sort of things she had
to do at work.
It was early July 2002. I had just turned 17 and was sure there were thousands
of employers ready to hire me. I had done plenty of volunteer work; I could
type; I was friendly and motivated. What more could they ask for? I drove all
around Los Angeles filling out applications and doing on-the-spot interviews.
Then I patiently awaited the phone calls. Well, the phone calls never came. And I
was sick of wasting my time filling out applications that I had to leave half
blank, because I didnt have a previous employer or previous experience. I got
discouraged because I couldnt even get hired at McDonalds.
That day I read the tiny classified ads to find something that was interesting.
I plan to work in the health field, so I was looking for something that would get
me prepared for that. But all the jobs were in grocery stores and fast-food
restaurants. I could have done those jobs, but I could not see myself in a paper
hat or pushing carts through the parking lot.
I circled the ads that looked promising, like "Make $16 an hour," but they all
turned out to be selling magazines door-to-door. I wanted a job that was just a
short drive away and did not involve risking my life. Finally, I found about five
jobs that fit my standards.
I called these places and faxed my short rsum. Many of the businesses
advertising that they were looking for students were actually looking for col-
lege students, basically people over 18. As I continued to skim the pages, since I
was tired of reading all the microscopic print, I saw a bold advertisement. "Tele-
marketing. No experience required and paid training."
This job paid $8 an hour and sought people
with minimal experience, offered flexible hours
so I could still enjoy my summer and had
an office that I could get to in 10 minutes. I
knew this job was for me, so I called immedi-
ately. The lady told me I was qualified and
gave me directions. My appointment was for 2
p.m. the same day. I dressed in a nice white
button-down blouse and a black skirt. I grabbed
my rsum and was out the door by 1.25 p.m. I
arrived at the office at 1.40 p.m. I felt confident and
strolled into the building.
By Nicole Bryant, 18 (abridged)