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Untitled Corvus Corax Project

Issue #1: The Wicker Man But With Literature

Jack Ferencz lives in Chicago and has been published in various places on the internet. He posts writing at and tweets at @jackferencz. Madison Allen is a female body living in Minneapolis, MN. She is both terrified and fascinated by the universe. She also enjoys Belgium and German wheat beers. Marianna is a Puerto Russian mixed kid from Miami with the coolest cat. They have a store at and tweet at @BoyyZayn. Corvus Corax is a person who is writing and is alive; maybe you are too. Catch them on twitter at @Weirdbirdpal

I by Corvus Corax Have you ever lay awake at night and wonder where it all went wrong? Do you have a chain of thoughts you probably shouldnt think about? Do you find yourself going down this street far too often?

Talk to your doctor about this and get help.

But of course you wont, youre not crazy, youre not like everyone else. Craziness is something that happens to other people not to Individuals. She wont love you ever again, just admit it and move on.

Of course its never that simple, if there were no conflict thered be no drama. If Hamlet just fucking killed the guy when he was praying thered be no play Real life is a lot like that. We have to suffer on behalf of a deity who is rather bored. I just hope I dont live to see their idea of Sweeps Week, tbh.

Bookstore by Jack Ferencz i think i want to climb inside your head i want to shrink down like they do in "the magic schoolbus" i want to be a class of one in your head your head is like a small independent bookstore in new england there are rugs on the floor and sturdy oak shelves line the walls they are full of books, "the story of you", i run my fingers down their spines i walk gingerly and i feel white trails of thought whipping around i sit in a black leather chair and i feel comfortably swallowed up

i feel earnestly good i curl up in the fetal position by the fireplace on the rug, like a happy dog i feel like a happy dog inside your head i walk up to the big bay windows on the far wall, they are your eyes i look through your eyes and i see me i am sitting on the corner of your bed looking small the room shudders as you kiss me II by Corvus Corax When I was 8 I had an odd nightmare on Christmas Eve. I was so excited to wake up and open my presents that I couldnt sleep All my mind did was reel at the concept of shape and size Small circles grew to big ones that shrunk to small one Sometimes it was squares, too.

This made me feel equally infinite and infinitesimal. It was the first existential crisis I ever had and when I get stressed out Ill feel it again; The noose around my throat that my mind creates.

My mind seems to want to destroy my Self, as if the machine Im operating is rebelling. The machines are revolting against their owners Our OS is incompatible and the manufacturer went bankrupt centuries ago

12 seconds by Madison Allen I lost my head once in a cock fight with an Asian man from Omaha. If you see me brandishing a green satchel in any public area, ask me about the location of the moon on any given Sunday. The ocean kisses the collar bones of every maiden who loves cream soda and tornados. The same disease Andre the Giant had replied the sharp dressed man riding passenger in a blue carriage. Take it or leave it, but the way the cookie crumbles defies the third law of thermodynamics, if you howl loud enough. It takes exactly 12 seconds for the right amount of feathers to melt into the pavement, which feeds the civilization of anthropomorphic rabbits down in the underbelly. I found my head there. The Asian man cackling as if he had won the cock fight. But it had only just begun.

III by Corvus Corax It all started sometime around last year. I had a breakdown and had to drop out of school 3 months before graduation. It was really hard explaining to all of my friends what it was like. I couldnt get out of bed, I was incapacitated with Dark Thoughts constantly and sitting through was so much effort. I had to sit through classes where people apologized and celebrated Imperialism and Colonialism that enslaved and killed my ancestors across the globe. I was told not to be so sensitive. Its their fault I feel this way. I didnt ask for them to not ask to be descended from people who ruined the lives of all of my forebears. I shouldnt hold them accountable for actions they didnt commit, but I should hold them accountable for having Shit Opinions about it. I feel this dysphoric diaspora from my roots and the fact that I wound up in the Midwest of the United States. Its a featureless mass of shit and awful with nothing going for it. I guess the moral of the story is that Middle America is a pile of shit 0/10 do not recommend.

bad party by Jack Ferencz a short muscular man is talking to me because i am drinking whiskey straight from the bottle "appreciate it and let it breathe" he pleads and shakes his head in disgust when i throw my head back and let it run straight and hot down my throat until it gurgles out of my mouth and coats my lips and runs down my face he is very passionate and i am very sticky

i bum cigarettes from a law student with sad eyes who speaks earnestly about case files, we are standing outside in the rain when he starts talking about his past experiences with impotence and his current anxieties about "performing" and i bum another cigarette and nod my head in sympathy he tells me his father was a lawyer too at two am a girl that i had kissed a week earlier at a party starts tweeting about how she is bored at the party she is at and she tweets at me saying that i should come over, which i do an hour long trip, i read on the bus we finish the bottle of whiskey, watch half an episode of "the office" and have sex twice i wake up and she has gone to work but has texted me saying i could sleep in her apartment building smells like chlorine i want a gatorade i am glad that it has stopped raining IV by Corvus Corax Text me good morning so I know its real Re-affirm my existence and enable my codependency so I know its real I feel like guys who hate on Drake for being soft are insecure in their own masculinity Its weird that Americans attack how men elsewhere perform masculinity, tbh. Were the (only) country where collecting assault rifles is normalized. Whats a gun but a dick you can hold in your hands and make your enemies shut up? Poem By Mariana drape your hand across my stomach like the roses left on the bed and breathe me in.

dig your hand into my shoulder like the sand clinging to rocks and take me in.

pull my body close to you like the moon tugging on the ocean and take me in.

put your legs through mine like the impossible knots in your hair and breathe me in. V by Corvus Corax Okay maybe I lied and Im not actually a fucking weirdo who spends most of their life confused by everything. Maybe Im actually really well-adjusted and I dont live in my moms attic, and maybe you arent a jerk for dumping me because you found out I go to therapy for depression. WHAT THEN, SHARON? WHAT THEN? VI by Corvus Corax If I were reincarnated, Id want to be a cat owned by a gay couple in Paris. Theyd pamper the shit out of me. VII by Corvus Corax It appears were at our end for now. I wanted to do this one out of character but I couldnt bring myself to it. Im really a teenage boy in a hospital bed doodling in my sketchpad in between surgeries for cancer. Its like the ending to St. Elsewhere but more disappointing imho. Im just the saddest boy. Im the baddest boy. Watch out for me, girl Ill break your heart. MOM NO I TOLD YOU DONT COME IN HERE WHEN IM WRITING, THIS IS IMPORTANT WORK.

Look out for Issue #2 in the coming weeks and feel free to submit your work at ! *inserts a shitty picture of the Grim Reaper pointing at you with the caption Youre Next!* You could appear in these pages too!