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PASTORS PIECE Zion United Church of Christ February 2014 Inside This Issue
What Message Do We Send? Peter and the other apostles replied: We must obey God rather than men! Acts 5:29. Gamaliel, the great Pharisee, a teacher of the law added, For if their purpose or activity is of human origin, it will fail. But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men; you will only find yourselves fighting against God. Acts 5:38b-39. The apostles had been thrown in jail, and an angel of the Lord set them free, although when they were sent for the next morning, the jail doors were closed and locked. The men were teaching in the courtyard. By all appearances the Sanhedrin was on a mission to stop the Message of God. Others had come before these men and their great followings had eventually fallen apart. The men in power wanted to erase any threat, and planned to get rid of the apostles one way or another. They were stopped in their tracks, at least for the time being, by Gamaliel, and Gods Message continued to spread, of course even after all but John were killed. Sometimes, often, its scary to speak up about what we believe. Sometimes, often, we can be in the presence of others and they have no idea of what we believe. Often there is an assumption that everybody here is a Christian, which is not always the case. What message do we send when we keep quiet? What message do we send when we speak up? When does openly stating our beliefs about God become a threat? It all depends on the situation we are in, the climate of conversation, where we are in our own faith, and especially how God is guiding us to speak and respond. Have you ever been tongue-tied? This is often based on personality, where some have the right words available immediately, while others need to ponder how to respond to a question or statement.

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Zion United Church of ChristEstablished 1880 105 N. Mary, Mayview, Missouri 64071-8224 Phone and FAX: (660) 237 - 4355

This can often, in either case, result in misunderstanding. Christ calls us to live the Message, to speak openly and freely about our faith as we feel guided by God, to plant seeds of faith in others through our everyday lives. Christ does not call us to have an agenda, but to pray, listen, love, and respect the thoughts and understanding of others. This is where conversation can take place; this is where the Message can be received. And the good news is that God is here, working through us, for us, with us, AND in spite of us! Grace, peace and love, Pastor Kristin

The Lamplighter

The Church Year

The Season of Christmas (December 25, 2013 January 5, 2014 Christmas Day: December 25, 2013 First Sunday of Christmas: December 29, 2013 Holy Name: January 1, 2014 Second Sunday of Christmas: January 5, The Season of Epiphany (January 6 March 4, 2014) Epiphany: January 6 Baptism of Our Lord: January 12 Transfiguration (Last Sunday in Epiphany): March 2 Shrove Tuesday/Mardi Gras: March 4

Palm of Prayer 11-12 Its in Christ that we find out

who we are and what we are living for. Long before we first heard of Christ and got our hopes up, he had his eye on us, had designs on us for glorious living, part of the overall purpose he is working out in everything and everyone. Ephesians 1:11 (MSG)

Community, County & Conference Clamor

I am pleased to announce the composition of the Designated Conference Minister Search Committee for our Missouri Mid-South Conference:
Rev. David Mehl, Chair - First Congregational UCC, Webster Groves (SLA) Rev. Laura Mignerone, Vice Chair - Zion UCC, Troy (EA) Ms. Karen Watson - Frieden's (Peace) UCC, New Melle (EA) Rev. Wayne Hoffman - St. John UCC, St. Charles (EA) Mr. Lorin Cope - St. Paul UCC, St. Louis (SLA) Ms. Sonya Vann - Christ the King UCC, Florissant (SLA) Ms. Linda Stenger - Zion UCC, St. Joseph (WA) Ms. Elaine Hudson - Zion UCC, Mayview (WA) Mr. Lloyd Viehland - Columbia UCC, Columbia (WA)

Please continue to surround in love and prayer, those experiencing health difficulties &/or recovering from surgery, the loss of family and friends, & those adjusting to new seasons in their lives: Teresa Begemann; Max Tyler; Lisa Kaiser; Mary Jo Hawthorne; Albert Ryun; Jeff Sanders; Dakota Maubry; Pat Reese; the families of Bud Jones and Doris Struchtemeyer; first responders; military personnel and their families; families around the world that are in the midst of war and natural disasters.

Birthdays and Anniversaries and Expectations! Amy Burns, taking final Boards to be an RN!

Pastoral Thanks
Dear Wonderful Congregation, What a beautiful, albeit cold! Advent and Christmas Season we have had! Thank you all so much for treats and cards, gifts and for your tremendous generosity. It is a joy to serve Zion United Church of Christ. May your 2014 be truly blessed! Pastor Kristin

To love is to risk not being loved in return. To hope is to risk pain. To try is to risk failure, but risk must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing. Love comes to those who still hope even though they've been disappointed, to those who still believe even though they've been betrayed, to those who still love even though they've been hurt before. --Author unknown

Per the Conference By-Laws, the above Search Committee members were identified and selected by the Conference Council's Leadership Development Committee, submitted to the Executive Committee where the Moderator (myself) appointed the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson and then submitted to the full Council which voted unanimously its approval at the January 11, 2014 Council meeting. I ask that our entire conference keep this group in thoughtful prayer as they begin the task that lies before them. Please see future editions of the eCourier/ eConnections for updates on the Search Committee's schedule and progress. Thank you. Sincerely, Wesley Hurt, Conference Moderator

The Lamplighter

This Months Events

S.S.9:30 A.M. Worship10:30 A. M.
February 2, 2014 Communion February 3, 2014 Creative Faith Group, 7 pm February 4, 2014 4-H Meeting, 7 pm February 5, 2014 Choir, 7 pm February 8, 2014 Habitat for Humanity Breakfast Trinity UCC, Lexington, 7 10am Confirmands to Mass St. Marys, Higginsville, 4pm February 9, 2014 Confirmation Vespers John Knox, 3:45 pm February 10, 2014 BCE, 7:15 pm February 12, 2014 Choir, 7 pm February 16, 2014 Come As You Are Service February 17, 2014 Deadline for Lamplighter Submission February 18, 2014 Council, 7 pm February 19, 2014 Choir, 7 pm February 23, 2014 Confirmation February 25, 2014 SAIL, 7 pm February 26, 2014 Choir, 7 pm March 5, 2014 Ash Wednesday Service March 10, 2014 Steppingstone Shower, 9:30 am

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Zion UCC Worship Ways

Highlights from Annual Meeting Reports Board of Trustees 2013 Annual Report
The following items were addressed this year: Replaced water heater in parsonage; Handicap fixture in men's restroom; Outdoor water outlet on west side of Church; Roof repair over east upper hallway where meets original building; A/C unit for lower level education building repaired; Additional insulation installed in education building and other parts as needed; Drywall repair and painting in west hallway and education building upper hallway; Replaced carpet in west hallway and office; Other miscellaneous items too numerous to mention. Trustees: Russell Dierking, Jim Bayless, John Vahrenberg, Kenny Jungerman Submitted by Wayne Hoefer

Parish Life Committee 2013 Annual Report

Worship, Evangelism, Stewardship Helen Hoeppner, Garrett Fiegenbaum, Connie Sanders. The Parish Life Committee sponsored an ice cream social on the date of July 28th. Carl Hoeppner volunteered to grill hot dogs and hamburgers and the members of the committee provided the ice cream and various toppings. There were games to play for the children and everybody ate and socialized. The committee hosted a pot-luck Christmas dinner on the night of December 8th. Those who came were invited to bring a dish of any sort. There was a drawing for door prizes and it was a fun evening for all. Submitted by Garrett Fiegenbaum

Youth Group 2013 Annual Report

Our youth group is blessed with a very small, but talented group. We have a Court/Matwarming Prince. We have a Homecoming King. We also have an All-star football player. It is a challenge to find time to do activities with these busy young men that must also keep up with school work. Thankfully, Judy and Scott help each Sunday morning with devotions during Sunday School. As a group, we still managed to sponsor the Mayview community Easter Egg Hunt and present the Easter Sunrise service. We also held a lock-in at the church that included strengthening faith and having fun together. we collected over $100 in change and bought an animal from Heifer International. It is the plan to participate in a scavenger hunt to support the Back Snack program in the near future. Submitted by: Scott and Tresina Alvested; Robert and Amy Hoefer

The Lamplighter
Adam Hoefer, and Blake Short, who have been working hard with Pastor Kristin since late summer. We ask you to keep them in your prayers as they continue their Biblical education and discern their relationship with the Lord and our church. They will be baptized and confirmed in late spring. Our Sunday school attendees this summer were asked again to try something new. We dispensed with regular classes and instead held a coffee time and learning workshops and coordinated VBS into regular Sunday school time. We all had a good time. We also celebrated Rally Sunday on the first Sunday in September, with appreciation expressed to the teachers. Robert and Amy Hoefer along with Scott and Tresina Alvested continue to be our Middle and Senior High School Youth group leaders. Please give these leaders your prayers and support. On December 1st we enjoyed Hanging of the Greens as a beginning of our Advent season. Thanks to all who helped. The church looked wonderful. The Christmas program was presented on Christmas Eve, due to inclement weather on the 22nd. It was directed by Tresina Alvested and Amy Hoefer. The Mission Offering for 2013 of $273.14 was given to the Mayview unit of the New Life Home. Submitted by Judy Pragman, Secretary

SAIL 2013 Annual Report

SAIL (Serving All In Love) met the fourth Tuesday of most months with inspirational thoughts and discussions provided by various attendees. SAIL sponsored the annual Mayview clean up in April. College students were remembered with a small gift in the mail at the time of spring finals. In June a family fun night for the community was held in the park. In August, a social was organized for the community with entertainment provided by the Gospel Lovin' Four. Twice during the year, SAIL purchased groceries and delivered a bag of groceries to families with children in the community. Once again this was done as anonymously as possible. One wedding was celebrated by gifting the couple with a money tree from the congregation. On a Sunday afternoon in the spring and again during the fall, visits were made to nursing home residents and shut-ins. All women of Zion are invited to be a part of SAIL. Your support is appreciated. Submitted by Juanita Wright

Mission Committee 2013 Annual Report

Norma Mittelhauser Jeanette Starkebaum Doris VanCleave Ruth Dierking Mission Committee projects for the year were: Odessa School District Back Snack Program. The year began by filling 12 backpacks with food purchased using the portion of funds kept in the community from CROP Walk donations. Joyce Hoefer helps the Mission Committee with this project by coordinating with the school and delivering the packs to school each week. CROP Walk. $2,553.00 was contributed through Zion UCC. 25% of these donations will be returned to the community and used for the Odessa School Back Snack Program. Committee members helped with registration and providing refreshments at the CROP Walk which was held at Confederate Park in Higginsville. Festival of Sharing. The total value of donations was $1,531.00. Included were five emergency clean-up buckets, six Church World Service layettes, six CWS school kits, one pair of eye glasses, one blanket, one family food pack, 15 paper products packs, six personal hygiene packs, seven reading and writing packs, 17 seed packets, 10 student dental packs, and 628 Best choice labels, along with cash to be used for shipping and where needed most for the Festival of Sharing. Submitted by Jeanette Starkebaum

Board of Christian Education 2013 Annual Report

President: Amy Hoefer Vice President: Carolyn Bayless Treasurer: Tim Wright Secretary: Judy Pragman, Sunday School Rep: Teresa Begemann & Joyce Hoefer The Zion Board of Christian Education (BCE) is responsible for the Christian education of the congregation through Sunday School, Bible studies, Vacation Bible School, Confirmation, Library and Youth groups. We currently have three Confirmation students: Seth Bayless,

The Lamplighter Nominating Committee Candidates 2014

Church Council--Juanita Wright and Jim Begemann, 3 years (Carl Hoeppner will serve 1 year unexpired term as Board of Trustees Rep.) Board of Christian Education--Amy Hoefer and Teresa Begemann, 2 years Mission Committee--Lillie Jennings and Martha Hawthorne, 2 years (Rachel Murry will serve 1 year unexpired term) Parish Life--Tresina Alvested and Laura Nolte, 2 years Board of Trustees--Ken Faigh, 3 years (Carl Hoeppner will serve 1 year unexpired term as Council Rep.) Cemetery Board--Robert Hoefer, 3 years Mayview Alliance--Elaine Hudson, 1 year Pastoral Support--Bill Bainbridge, 3 years Jeanette Starkebaum, 2 years Laf. County/Western Assoc. Delegate--Martha Hawthorne, 2 years Submitted by Wayne Hoefer

Confirmation continues to move along, learning about the Trinity, Scripture, why we worship together and growing in relationship with God through Jesus. Together Adam, Blake, and Seth wrote their Class Statement of Belief; I just put it into complete sentences: "Confirmation 2013-14 Class Statement of Belief: We believe God is the savior of mankind, that God created the world, that we don't know everything, and that that's okay. We understand Jesus died on the cross for our sins, as the final "scapegoat". He was resurrected to show us a new way to live. We believe the Holy Spirit helps us to repent and moves us in our conscience. We believe this class will help us to gain a wider understanding of God, toward being confirmed within the church, and toward learning the essence of humanity. Good job guys! February 8 at 4pm we will attend Mass at St. Mary's Church in Higginsville. Please feel free to join us. Also as a mission project the class will adopt New Life Home (Mayview unit), who has continuing needs. All of us can help to support this outreach. New Life Home always needs:

New Life Home Wish List Household Items

Toilet Paper Clorox Wipes Cleaning Supplies Furniture Polish Glass Cleaner Toilet Bowl Cleaner Light Bulbs Bleach Laundry Soap Dryer Sheets Paper Towels Kitchen Trash Bags Zip Lock Bags Waterproof Fabric Mattress Covers Clothes Hangers Laundry Baskets Food Storage Containers Bath Towel/Towel Sets

Annual Meeting Update

Slate of nominees and Constitutional Changes to Article VII--Church Council, Items 4 and 7, were unanimously voted in favor. For further information on Budget and other items, please see Zion UCC 2013 Annual Report, available in church hallway.

Food Items
Flavored Oatmeal Sugar Flour Pasta Sauce Muffin Mixes Vegetable Oil Drink Mix, Tea, Juices Canned Fruit Pudding/Jello Common Spices

Misc Items
Photo Albums Bed Pillows Twin Sheet Sets Family Friendly Movies on DVD Leather Work Gloves Cash

Council Comments
Another Annual Meeting has come and gone, and we look forward to a new year of opportunities to experience and share the love of Christ. Council is working towards creating an Emergency Plan for Zion. With this in mind, a weather radio has been purchased and is presently kept in the church office. The actual plan of action is still in its initial stages and is not complete as of yet. Also, we are beginning the process of updating our membership information. Look for a survey and please complete and return to the church office or any council member. Your 2014 Church Council members are: Scott Alvested, Denise Bainbridge, Jim Begemann, Carl Hoeppner, Judy Pragman, Diane Wagner and Juanita Wright. As your Council, we would like to stress the importance of keeping the lines of communication open amongst each other. Are we not brothers and sisters in Christ? Strong family units understand how sharing their joys, sorrows, concerns, struggles and accomplishments create a stronger relationship. We are always open to, and we welcome, any and all dialogue. Blessings, Diane Wagner, Recording Secretary

Where do you find an octopus that is down on his luck? Squid Row!!!

Thank Yous
THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your thoughts and prayers were greatly appreciated. At the present, I'm home and recuperating. Your Brother in Christ, Robert (R.J.) Small Zion United Church of Christ, Please accept the thanks of the New Life Home Board for your gift of $20.00. We do appreciate very much the gifts that make it possible for us to provide a home for needy children. During the past several months we have been renovating and in some instances rebuilding. Twenty-five year years have taken their toll. Now we have new windows, new kitchen appliances, new carpet and a complete repainting. Just lately one bathroom has been rebuilt. Much of the labor has been donated, but we have also paid for quite a bit. The house parents, Tim and Dorothy Schroeder, are presently caring for four girl children. Our caregiver, Show-Me Christian, has been most helpful in this process. Again thanks from the children, our caregiver Show-Me, and the Board. Most Sincerely, Howard Fisher, For the Board

The Lamplighter
Whenever I feel my own life taking a turn for the worse, as if things will never get better, I remember how many years he lived fighting such a scary and difficult disease. When he died, he died with a huge party going on around him, with all his friends and adult family. An Irish wake. They ate and drank and celebrated Grandpa's life. He died with dignity and honor, surrounded by loved ones. I honestly don't know how I coped. I never cried alone. I had the compassion of my friends and the support of my family and teachers. I just remembered my grandfather's wish that we should celebrate his life. That's how we came up with the idea for Hives for Lives a business my sister and I started where all the profits go to the American Cancer Society [ACS]. We sell honey, honeycomb, beeswax candles, and lip balm, which all come from our beehives in Virginia. Getting Started It started out small, with just an idea. During our first year we donated more than $2,000 to the ACS. The next year a man who belonged to my grandparents' "bee club" willed his honey to us, and our little business grew. We sold at craft fairs, haunted houses, wine festivals, schools, and to anyone else who would buy! We had my uncle sell in California and my grandmother sell in Chicago. We have sold honey in 13 states even in Puerto Rico! This year we donated more than $10,000 to the ACS and we're hoping to do more next year. Hopefully our business will help find a cure or just improve the life of someone with cancer. I feel like Hives for Lives is a way to honor my grandfather. Honor his love, his life, and his strength. With Hives for Lives reminding me of my grandfather every day, I feel as if I can move on in life, that he will always be alive in my heart and memories. It made me capable of coping with his death, because I felt like I had truly honored his wish of celebrating his life. I have immortalized his spirit through the business and I honor him every day. He always taught me to make the best of things. Well, Grandpa, that's what I'm doing, for you. I hope he is smiling from heaven.

Butterfly Room
3 And

if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also. John 14:3 (KJV)

Mollys Story
When I think of the horror movie "The Ring," I remember what one of my friends said, which explained why she was so afraid of the movie: "It doesn't choose those who are young or old, or sick or healthy, it just chooses. Randomly." This is how I think of cancer. It has no predetermined plan. It does not matter if you are old or young. I had the perfect life. It was a bubble that could not be pierced by unhappiness. No one died, no one was sick; we were all happy and loving life. Then I discovered my grandfather had cancer. No matter how much I told myself he could live, that he might not die, somehow I still felt as if it was a death sentence. He was so young, only 63.He fought so hard.

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The Lamplighter February 2014

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The avowed purpose of our church shall be: To worship God, to proclaim and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to celebrate the Sacraments; to experience Christian fellowship, to build unity, and to practice charity within this congregation and the wider church; and to share this witness of Jesus Christ throughout the world.

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