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Graham Greene 21 Stories


The Basement Room 1 %hen the (ront )oor ha) sh*t them o*t an) the +*t,er Baines ha) t*rne) +a-. into the )ar. hea/0 ha,,' Phi,i1 +e2an to ,i/e# He stoo) in (ront o( the n*rser0 )oor' ,istenin2 *nti, he hear) the en2ine o( the ta3i )ie o*t a,on2 the street# His 1arents 4ere 2one (or a (ortni2ht5s ho,i)a06 he 4as 7+et4een n*rses'7 one )ismisse) an) the other not arri/e)6 he 4as a,one in the 2reat Be,2ra/ia ho*se 4ith Baines an) Mrs# Baines# He -o*,) 2o an04here' e/en thro*2h the 2reen +ai8e )oor to the 1antr0 or )o4n the stairs to the +asement ,i/in29room# He (e,t a stran2er in his home +e-a*se he -o*,) 2o into an0 room an) a,, the rooms 4ere em1t0# Yo* -o*,) on,0 2*ess 4ho ha) on-e o--*1ie) them: the ra-. o( 1i1es in the smo.in29room +esi)e the e,e1hant t*s.s' the -ar/e) 4oo) to+a--o ;ar6 in the +e)room the 1in. han2in2s an) 1a,e 1er(*mes an) the three9<*arter (inishe) ;ars o( -ream 4hi-h Mrs# Baines ha) not 0et -,eare) a4a06 the hi2h 2,a8e on the ne/er9 o1ene) 1iano in the )ra4in29room' the -hina -,o-.' the si,,0 ,itt,e ta+,es an) the si,/er: +*t here Mrs# Baines 4as a,rea)0 +*s0' 1*,,in2 )o4n the -*rtains' -o/erin2 the -hairs in )*st9sheets# 7Be o(( o*t o( here' Master Phi,i1'7 an) she ,oo.e) at him 4ith her hate(*,

1ee/ish e0es' 4hi,e she mo/e) ro*n)' 2ettin2 e/er0thin2 in or)er' meti-*,o*s an) ,o/e,ess an) )oin2 her )*t0# Phi,i1 "ane 4ent )o4nstairs an) 1*she) at the +ai8e )oor6 he ,oo.e) into the 1antr0' +*t Baines 4as not there' then he set (oot (or the (irst time on the stairs to the +asement# A2ain he ha) the sense: this is ,i(e# A,, his se/en n*rser0 0ears /i+rate) 4ith the stran2e' the ne4 e31erien-e# His -ro4)e) +*s0 +rain 4as ,i.e a -it0 4hi-h (ee,s the earth trem+,e at a )istant earth<*a.e sho-.# He 4as a11rehensi/e' +*t he 4as ha11ier than he ha) e/er +een# E/er0thin2 4as more im1ortant than +e(ore# Baines 4as rea)in2 a ne4s1a1er in his shirt9s,ee/es# He sai): 7Come in' Phi,' an) ma.e 0o*rse,( at home# %ait a moment an) I5,, )o the hono*rs'7 an) 2oin2 to a 4hite -,eane) -*1+oar) he +ro*2ht o*t a +ott,e o( 2in2er9+eer an) ha,( a D*n)ee -a.e# 7Ha,(91ast e,e/en in the mornin2'7 Baines sai)# 7It5s o1enin2 time' m0 +o0'7 an) he -*t the -a.e an) 1o*re) o*t the 2in2er9+eer# He 4as more 2enia, than Phi,i1 ha) e/er .no4n him' more at his ease' a man in his o4n home# 7Sha,, I -a,, Mrs# Baines=7 Phi,i1 as.e)' an) he 4as 2,a) 4hen Baines sai) no# She 4as +*s0# She ,i.e) to +e +*s0' so 4h0 inter(ere 4ith her 1,eas*re= 7A s1ot o( )rin. at ha,(91ast e,e/en'7 Baines sai)' 1o*rin2 himse,( o*t a 2,ass o( 2in2er9+eer' 72i/es an a11etite (or -ho1 an) )oes no man an0 harm#7 7A -ho1=7 Phi,i1 as.e)# 7O,) Coasters'7 Baines sai)' 7-a,, a,, (oo) -ho1#7 7B*t it5s not a -ho1=7 7%e,,' it mi2ht +e' 0o* .no4' -oo.e) 4ith 1a,m oi,# An) then some 1a491a4 to (o,,o4#7 Phi,i1 ,oo.e) o*t o( the +asement 4in)o4 at the )r0 stone 0ar)' the ash9-an an) the ,e2s 2oin2 *1 an) )o4n +e0on) the rai,in2s# 7%as it hot there=7 7Ah' 0o* ne/er (e,t s*-h heat# Not a ni-e heat' min)' ,i.e 0o* 2et in the 1ar. on a )a0 ,i.e this# %et'7 Baines sai)' 7-orr*1tion#7 He -*t himse,( a s,i-e o( -a.e# 7Sme,,in2 o( rot'7 Baines sai)' ro,,in2 his e0es ro*n) the sma,, +asement room' (rom -,ean -*1+oar) to -,ean -*1+oar)' the sense o( +areness' o( no4here to hi)e a man5s se-rets# %ith an air o( re2ret (or somethin2 ,ost he too. a ,on2 )ra*2ht o( 2in2er9+eer# 7%h0 )i) (ather ,i/e o*t there=7 7It 4as his ;o+'7 Baines sai)' 7same as this is mine no4# An) it 4as mine then too# It 4as a man5s ;o+# Yo* 4o*,)n5t +e,ie/e it no4' +*t I5/e ha) (ort0 ni22ers *n)er me' )oin2 4hat I to,) them to#7 7%h0 )i) 0o* ,ea/e=7 7I marrie) Mrs# Baines#7 Phi,i1 too. the s,i-e o( D*n)ee -a.e in his han) an) m*n-he) it ro*n) the room# He (e,t /er0 o,)' in)e1en)ent an) ;*)i-ia,6 he 4as a4are that Baines 4as ta,.in2 to him as man to man# He ne/er -a,,e) him Master Phi,i1 as Mrs# Baines )i)' 4ho 4as ser/i,e 4hen she 4as not a*thoritati/e# Baines ha) seen the 4or,)6 he ha) seen +e0on) the rai,in2s' +e0on) the tire) ,e2s o( t01ists' the Pim,i-o 1ara)e to an) (rom Vi-toria# He sat there o/er his 2in2er 1o1 4ith the resi2ne) )i2nit0 o( an e3i,e6 Baines )i)n5t -om1,ain6 he ha) -hosen his (ate6 an) i( his (ate 4as Mrs# Baines he ha) on,0 himse,( to +,ame# B*t to)a0' +e-a*se the ho*se 4as a,most em1t0 an) Mrs# Baines 4as *1stairs an) there 4as nothin2 to )o' he a,,o4e) himse,( a ,itt,e a-i)it0# 7I5) 2o +a-. tomorro4 i( I ha) the -han-e#7 7Di) 0o* e/er shoot a ni22er=7 7I ne/er ha) an0 -a,, to shoot'7 Baines sai)# 7O( -o*rse I -arrie) a 2*n# B*t 0o* )i)n5t nee) to treat them +a)# That ;*st ma)e them st*1i)# %h0'7 Baines sai)' +o4in2 his thin 2re0 hair 4ith em+arrassment o/er the 2in2er 1o1' 7I ,o/e) some o( those )amne) ni22ers# I -o*,)n5t he,1 ,o/in2 them# There the05) +e' ,a*2hin2' ho,)in2 han)s6 the0 ,i.e) to to*-h ea-h other6 it ma)e them (ee, (ine to .no4 the other (e,,o4 4as ro*n)# 7It )i)n5t mean an0thin2 4e -o*,) *n)erstan)6 t4o o( them 4o*,) 2o a+o*t a,,

)a0 4itho*t ,oosin2 ho,)' 2ro4n men6 +*t it 4asn5t ,o/e6 it )i)n5t mean an0thin2 4e -o*,) *n)erstan)#7 7Eatin2 +et4een mea,s'7 Mrs# Baines sai)# 7%hat 4o*,) 0o*r mother sa0' Master Phi,i1=7 She -ame )o4n the stee1 stairs to the +asement' her han)s (*,, o( 1ots o( -ream an) sa,/e' t*+es o( 2rease an) 1aste# 7Yo* o*2htn5t to en-o*ra2e him' Baines'7 she sai)' sittin2 )o4n in a arm-hair an) s-re4in2 *1 her sma,, i,,9h*mo*re) e0es at the Cot0 ,i1sti-.' Pon)5s -ream' the "ei-hner ro*2e an) C0-,a3 1o4)er an) E,i8a+eth Ar)en astrin2ent# She thre4 them one +0 one into the 4aste1a1er She sa/e) on,0 the -o,) -ream# 7Te,,in2 the +o0 stories'7 she sai)# 7Go a,on2 to the n*rser0' Master Phi,i1' 4hi,e I 2et ,*n-h#7 Phi,i1 -,im+e) the stairs to the +ai8e )oor# He hear) Mrs# Baines5s /oi-e ,i.e the /oi-e in a ni2htmare 4hen the sma,, Pri-e ,i2ht has 2*ttere) in the sa*-er an) the -*rtains mo/e6 it 4as shar1 an) shri,, an) (*,, o( ma,i-e' ,o*)er than 1eo1,e o*2ht to s1ea.' e31ose)# 7Si-. to )eath o( 0o*r 4a0s' Baines' s1oi,in2 the +o0# Time 0o* )i) some 4or. a+o*t the ho*se'7 +*t he -o*,)n5t hear 4hat Baines sai) in re1,0# He 1*she) o1en the +ai8e )oor' -ame *1 ,i.e a sma,, earth anima, in his 2re0 (,anne, shorts into a 4ash o( s*n,i2ht on a 1ar<*et (,oor' the 2,eam o( mirrors )*ste) an) 1o,ishe) an) +ea*ti(ie) +0 Mrs# Baines# Somethin2 +ro.e )o4nstairs' an) Phi,i1 sa),0 mo*nte) the stairs to the n*rser0# He 1itie) Baines6 it o--*rre) to him ho4 ha11i,0 the0 -o*,) ,i/e to2ether in the em1t0 ho*se i( Mrs# Baines 4ere -a,,e) a4a0# He )i)n5t 4ant to 1,a0 4ith his Me--ano sets6 he 4o*,)n5t ta.e o*t his train or his so,)iers6 he sat at the ta+,e 4ith his -hin on his han)s: this is ,i(e6 an) s*))en,0 he (e,t res1onsi+,e (or Baines' as i( he 4ere the master o( the ho*se an) Baines an a2ein2 ser/ant 4ho )eser/e) to +e -are) (or# There 4as not m*-h one -o*,) )o6 he )e-i)e) at ,east to +e 2oo)# He 4as not s*r1rise) 4hen Mrs# Baines 4as a2reea+,e at ,*n-h6 he 4as *se) to her -han2es# No4 it 4as 7another he,1in2 o( meat' Master Phi,i1'7 or 7Master Phi,i1' a ,itt,e more o( this ni-e 1*))in2#7 It 4as a 1*))in2 he ,i.e)' >*een5s 1*))in2 4ith a 1er(e-t merin2*e' +*t he 4o*,)n5t eat a se-on) he,1in2 ,est she mi2ht -o*nt that a /i-tor0# She 4as the .in) o( 4oman 4ho tho*2ht that an0 in;*sti-e -o*,) +e -o*nter+a,an-e) +0 somethin2 2oo) to eat# She 4as so*r' +*t she ,i.e) ma.in2 s4eet thin2s6 one ne/er ha) to -om1,ain o( a ,a-. o( ;am or 1,*ms6 she ate 4e,, herse,( an) a))e) so(t s*2ar to the merin2*e an) the stra4+err0 ;am# The ha,( ,i2ht thro*2h the +asement 4in)o4 set the motes mo/in2 a+o/e her 1a,e hair ,i.e )*st as she si(te) the s*2ar' an) Baines -ro*-he) o/er his 1,ate sa0in2 nothin2# A2ain Phi,i1 (e,t res1onsi+i,it0# Baines ha) ,oo.e) (or4ar) to this' an) Baines 4as )isa11ointe): e/er0thin2 4as +ein2 s1oi,t# The sensation o( )isa11ointment 4as one 4hi-h Phi,i1 -o*,) share6 .no4in2 nothin2 o( ,o/e or ;ea,o*s0 or 1assion' he -o*,) *n)erstan) +etter than an0one this 2rie(' somethin2 ho1e) (or not ha11enin2' somethin2 1romise) not (*,(i,,e)' somethin2 e3-itin2 t*rnin2 )*,,# 7 Baines'7 he sai)' 74i,, 0o* ta.e me (or a 4a,. this a(ternoon=7 7No'7 Mrs# Baines sai)' 7no# That he 4on5t# Not 4ith a,, the si,/er to -,ean#7 7There5s a (ortni2ht to )o it in'7 Baines sai)# 7%or. (irst' 1,eas*re a(ter4ar)s#7 Mrs# Baines he,1e) herse,( to some more merin2*e# Baines s*))en,0 1*t )o4n his s1oon an) (or. an) 1*she) his 1,ate a4a0# 7B,ast'7 he sai)# 7Tem1er'7 Mrs# Baines sai) so(t,0' 7tem1er# Don5t 0o* 2o +rea.in2 an0 more thin2s' Baines' an) I 4on5t ha/e 0o* s4earin2 in (ront o( the +o0# Master Phi,i1' i( 0o*5/e (inishe) 0o* -an 2et )o4n#7 She s.inne) the rest o( the merin2*e o(( the 1*))in2# 7I 4ant to 2o (or a 4a,.'7 Phi,i1 sai)#

7Yo*5,, 2o an) ha/e a rest#7 7I 4i,, 2o (or a 4a,.#7 7Master Phi,i1'7 Mrs# Baines sai)# She 2ot *1 (rom the ta+,e' ,ea/in2 her merin2*e *n(inishe)' an) -ame to4ar)s him' thin' mena-in2' )*st0 in the +asement room# 7Master Phi,i1' 0o* )o as 0o*5re to,)#7 She too. him +0 the arm an) s<*ee8e) it 2ent,06 she 4at-he) him 4ith a ;o0,ess 1assionate 2,itter an) a+o/e her hea) the (eet o( the t01ists tr*)2e) +a-. to the Vi-toria o((i-es a(ter the ,*n-h inter/a,# 7%h0 sho*,)n5t I 2o (or a 4a,.=7 B*t he 4ea.ene)6 he 4as s-are) an) ashame) o( +ein2 s-are)# This 4as ,i(e6 a stran2e 1assion he -o*,)n5t *n)erstan) mo/in2 in the +asement room# He sa4 a sma,, 1i,e o( +ro.en 2,ass s4e1t into a -orner +0 the 4aste1a1er He ,oo.e) to Baines (or he,1 an) on,0 inter-e1te) hate6 the sa) ho1e,ess hate o( somethin2 +ehin) +ars# 7%h0 sho*,)n5t I=7 he re1eate)# 7Master Phi,i1'7 Mrs# Baines sai)' 70o*5/e 2ot to )o as 0o*5re to,)# Yo* m*stn5t thin. ;*st +e-a*se 0o*r (ather5s a4a0 there5s no+o)0 here to997 7Yo* 4o*,)n5t )are'7 Phi,i1 -rie)' an) 4as start,e) +0 Baines5s ,o4 inter;e-tion' 7There5s nothin2 she 4o*,)n5t )are#7 7I hate 0o*'7 Phi,i1 sai) to Mrs# Baines# He 1*,,e) a4a0 (rom her an) ran to the )oor' +*t she 4as there +e(ore him6 she 4as o,)' +*t she 4as <*i-.# 7Master Phi,i1'7 she sai)' 70o*5,, sa0 0o*5re sorr0#7 She stoo) in (ront o( the )oor <*i/erin2 4ith e3-itement# 7%hat 4o*,) 0o*r (ather )o i( he hear) 0o* sa0 that=7 She 1*t a han) o*t to sei8e him' )r0 an) 4hite 4ith -onstant so)a' the nai,s -*t to the <*i-.' +*t he +a-.e) a4a0 an) 1*t the ta+,e +et4een them' an) s*))en,0 to his s*r1rise she smi,e)6 she +e-ame a2ain as ser/i,e as she ha) +een arro2ant# 7Get a,on2 4ith 0o*' Master Phi,i1'7 she sai) 4ith 2,ee# 7I see I5m 2oin2 to ha/e m0 han)s (*,, ti,, 0o*r (ather an) mother -ome +a-.#7 She ,e(t the )oor *n2*ar)e) an) 4hen he 1asse) her she s,a11e) him 1,a0(*,,0# 7I5/e 2ot too m*-h to )o to)a0 to tro*+,e a+o*t 0o*# I ha/en5t -o/ere) ha,( the -hairs'7 an) s*))en,0 e/en the *11er 1art o( the ho*se +e-ame *n+eara+,e to him as he tho*2ht o( Mrs# Baines mo/in2 ro*n) shro*)in2 the so(as' ,a0in2 o*t the )*st9sheets# So he 4o*,)n5t 2o *1stairs to 2et his -a1 +*t 4a,.e) strai2ht o*t a-ross the shinin2 ha,, into the street' an) a2ain' as he ,oo.e) this 4a0 an) ,oo.e) that 4a0' it 4as ,i(e he 4as in the mi)),e o(#

2 It 4as the 1in. s*2ar in the 4in)o4 on a 1a1er )oi,0' the ham' the s,a+ o( ma*/e sa*sa2e' the 4as1s )ri/in2 ,i.e sma,, tor1e)oes a-ross the 1ane that -a*2ht Phi,i15s attention# His (eet 4ere tire) +0 1a/ements6 he ha) +een a(rai) to -ross the roa)' ha) sim1,0 4a,.e) (irst in one )ire-tion' then in the other# He 4as near,0 home no46 the s<*are 4as at the en) o( the street6 this 4as a sha++0 o*t1ost o( Pim,i-o' an) he sm*)2e) the 1ane 4ith his nose' ,oo.in2 (or s4eets' an) sa4 +et4een the an) ham a )i((erent Baines# He har),0 re-o2ni8e) the +*,+o*s e0es' the +a,) (orehea)# It 4as a ha110' +o,) an) +*--aneerin2 Baines' e/en tho*2h it 4as' 4hen 0o* ,oo.e) -,oser' a )es1erate Baines# Phi,i1 ha) ne/er seen the 2ir,# He remem+ere) Baines ha) a nie-e an) he tho*2ht that this mi2ht +e her# She 4as thin an) )ra4n' an) she 4ore a 4hite ma-.intosh6 she meant nothin2 to Phi,i16 she +e,on2e) to a 4or,) a+o*t 4hi-h he .ne4 nothin2 at a,,# He -o*,)n5t ma.e *1 stories a+o*t her' as he -o*,) ma.e them *1 a+o*t 4ithere) Sir H*+ert Ree)' the Permanent Se-retar0' a+o*t Mrs# %in-e9

D*),e0' 4ho -ame *1 on-e a 0ear (rom Penstan,e0 in S*((o,. 4ith a 2reen *m+re,,a an) an enormo*s +,a-. han)+a2' as he -o*,) ma.e them *1 a+o*t the *11er ser/ants in a,, the ho*ses 4here he 4ent to tea an) 2ames# She ;*st )i)n5t +e,on26 he tho*2ht o( mermai)s an) n)ine6 +*t she )i)n5t +e,on2 there either' nor to the a)/ent*res o( Emi,' nor to the Basta+,es# She sat there ,oo.in2 at an i-e) 1in. -a.e in the )eta-hment an) m0ster0 o( the -om1,ete,0 )isinherite)' ,oo.in2 at the ha,(9*se) 1ots o( 1o4)er 4hi-h Baines ha) set o*t on the mar+,e9to11e) ta+,e +et4een them# Baines 4as *r2in2' ho1in2' entreatin2' -omman)in2' an) the 2ir, ,oo.e) at the tea an) the -hina 1ots an) -rie)# Baines 1asse) his han).er-hie( a-ross the ta+,e' +*t she 4o*,)n5t 4i1e her e0es6 she s-re4e) it in her 1a,m an) ,et the tears r*n )o4n' 4o*,)n5t )o an0thin2' 4o*,)n5t s1ea.' 4o*,) on,0 1*t *1 a si,ent )es1airin2 resistan-e to 4hat she )rea)e) an) 4ante) an) re(*se) to ,isten to at an0 1ri-e# The t4o +rains +att,e) o/er the tea9-*1s ,o/in2 ea-h other' an) there -ame to Phi,i1 o*tsi)e' +e0on) the ham an) 4as1s an) )*st0 Pim,i-o 1ane' a -on(*se) in)i-ation o( the str*22,e# He 4as in<*isiti/e an) he )i)n5t *n)erstan) an) he 4ante) to .no4# He 4ent an) stoo) in the )oor4a0 to see +etter' he 4as ,ess she,tere) than he ha) e/er +een6 other 1eo1,e5s ,i/es (or the (irst time to*-he) an) 1resse) an) mo*,)e)# He 4o*,) ne/er es-a1e that s-ene# In a 4ee. he ha) (or2otten it' +*t it -on)itione) his -areer' the ,on2 a*sterit0 o( his ,i(e6 4hen he 4as )0in2 he sai)' 7%ho is she=7 Baines ha) 4on6 he 4as -o-.0 an) the 2ir, 4as ha110# She 4i1e) her (a-e' she o1ene) a 1ot o( 1o4)er' an) their (in2ers to*-he) a-ross the ta+,e# It o--*rre) to Phi,i1 that it 4o*,) +e am*sin2 to imitate Mrs# Baines5s /oi-e an) -a,, 7 Baines7 to him (rom the )oor# It shri/e,,e) them6 0o* -o*,)n5t )es-ri+e it in an0 other 4a06 it ma)e them sma,,er' the0 4eren5t ha110 an0 more an) the0 4eren5t +o,)# Baines 4as the (irst to re-o/er an) tra-e the /oi-e' +*t that )i)n5t ma.e thin2s as the0 4ere# The sa4)*st 4as s1i,,e) o*t o( the a(ternoon6 nothin2 0o* )i) -o*,) men) it' an) Phi,i1 4as s-are)# 7I )i)n5t mean###7 He 4ante) to sa0 that he ,o/e) Baines' that he ha) on,0 4ante) to ,a*2h at Mrs# Baines# B*t he ha) )is-o/ere) that 0o* -o*,)n5t ,a*2h at Mrs# Baines# She 4asn5t Sir H*+ert Ree)' 4ho *se) stee, ni+s an) -arrie) a 1en94i1er in his 1o-.et6 she 4asn5t Mrs# %in-e9D*),e06 she 4as )ar.ness 4hen the ni2ht9,i2ht 4ent o*t in a )ra*2ht6 she 4as the (ro8en +,o-.s o( earth he ha) seen one 4inter in a 2ra/e0ar) 4hen someone sai)' 7The0 nee) an e,e-tri)ri,,76 she 4as the (,o4ers 2one +a) an) sme,,in2 in the ,itt,e -,oset room at Penstan,e0# There 4as nothin2 to ,a*2h a+o*t# Yo* ha) to en)*re her 4hen she 4as there an) (or2et a+o*t her <*i-.,0 4hen she 4as a4a0' s*11ress the tho*2ht o( her' ram it )o4n )ee1# Baines sai)' 7It5s on,0 Phi,'7 him in an) 2a/e him the 1in. i-e) -a.e the 2ir, ha)n5t eaten' +*t the a(ternoon 4as +ro.en' the -a.e 4as ,i.e )r0 +rea) in the throat# The 2ir, ,e(t them at on-e6 she e/en (or2ot to ta.e the 1o4)er6 ,i.e a sma,, +,*nt i-i-,e in her 4hite ma-.intosh she stoo) in the )oor4a0 4ith her +a-. to them' then me,te) into the a(ternoon# 7%ho is she=7 Phi,i1 as.e)# 7Is she 0o*r nie-e=7 7Oh' 0es'7 Baines sai)' 7that5s 4ho she is6 she5s m0 nie-e'7 an) 1o*re) the ,ast )ro1s o( 4ater on to the -oarse +,a-. ,ea/es in the tea1ot# 7Ma0 as 4e,, ha/e another -*1'7 Baines sai)# 7The -*1 that -heers'7 he sai) ho1e,ess,0' 4at-hin2 the +itter +,a-. (,*i) )rain o*t o( the s1o*t# 7Ha/e a 2,ass o( 2in2er 1o1' Phi,=7 7I5m sorr0# I5m sorr0' Baines#7 7It5s not 0o*r (a*,t' Phi,# %h0' I -o*,) +e,ie/e it 4asn5t 0o* at a,,' +*t her# She -ree1s in e/er04here#7 He (ishe) t4o ,ea/es o*t o( his -*1 an) ,ai) them on the +a-. o( his han)' a thin so(t (,a.e an) a har) sta,.# He +eat them 4ith his han): 7To)a0'7 an) the sta,. )eta-he) itse,(' 7tomorro4' %e)nes)a0' Th*rs)a0' Fri)a0' Sat*r)a0' S*n)a0'7 +*t the (,a.e 4o*,)n5t -ome' sta0e) 4here it 4as'

)r0in2 *n)er his +,o4s' 4ith a resistan-e 0o* 4o*,)n5t +e,ie/e it to 1ossess# 7The to*2h one 4ins'7 Baines sai)# He 2ot *1 an) 1ai) the +i,, an) o*t the0 4ent into the street# Baines sai)' 7I )on5t as. 0o* to sa0 4hat isn5t tr*e# B*t 0o* nee)n5t mention to Mrs# Baines 0o* met *s here#7 7O( -o*rse not'7 Phi,i1 sai)' an) -at-hin2 somethin2 o( Sir H*+ert Ree)5s manner' 7I *n)erstan)' Baines#7 B*t he )i)n5t *n)erstan) a thin26 he 4as -a*2ht *1 in other 1eo1,e5s )ar.ness# 7It 4as st*1i)'7 Baines sai)# 7So near home' +*t I ha)n5t time to thin.' 0o* see# I5) 2ot to see her#7 7O( -o*rse' Baines#7 7I ha/en5t time to s1are'7 Baines sai)# 7I5m not 0o*n2# I5/e 2ot to see that she5s a,, ri2ht#7 7O( -o*rse 0o* ha/e' Baines#7 7Mrs# Baines 4i,, 2et it o*t o( 0o* i( she -an#7 7Yo* -an tr*st me' Baines'7 Phi,i1 sai) in a )r0 im1ortant Ree) /oi-e6 an) then' 7"oo. o*t# She5s at the 4in)o4 4at-hin2#7 An) there in)ee) she 4as' ,oo.in2 *1 at them' +et4een the ,a-e -*rtains' (rom the +asement room' s1e-*,atin2# 7Nee) 4e 2o in' Baines=7 Phi,i1 as.e)' -o,) ,0in2 hea/0 on his stoma-h ,i.e too m*-h 1*))in26 he -,*t-he) Baines5s arm# 7Care(*,'7 Baines sai) so(t,0' 7-are(*,#7 7B*t nee) 4e 2o in' Baines= It5s ear,0# Ta.e me (or a 4a,. in the 1ar.#7 7Better not#7 7B*t I5m (ri2htene)' Baines#7 7Yo* ha/en5t an0 -a*se'7 Baines sai)# 7Nothin25s 2oin2 to h*rt 0o*# Yo* ;*st r*n a,on2 *1stairs to the n*rser0# I5,, 2o )o4n +0 the area an) ta,. to Mrs# Baines#7 B*t e/en he stoo) hesitatin2 at the to1 o( the stone ste1s' 1reten)in2 not to see her 4here she 4at-he) +et4een the -*rtains# 7In at the (ront )oor' Phi,' an) *1 the stairs#7 Phi,i1 )i)n5t ,in2er in the ha,,6 he ran' s,itherin2 on the 1ar<*et Mrs# Baines ha) 1o,ishe)' to the stairs# Thro*2h the )ra4in29room )oor4a0 on the (irst (,oor he sa4 the )ra1e) -hairs6 e/en the -hina -,o-. on the mante, 4as -o/ere) ,i.e a -anar05s -a2e6 as he 1asse) it' it -hime) the ho*r' m*((,e) an) se-ret *n)er the )*ster# On the n*rser0 ta+,e he (o*n) his s*11er ,ai) o*t: a 2,ass o( mi,. an) a 1ie-e o( +rea) an) +*tter' a s4eet +is-*it an) a ,itt,e -o,) >*een5s 1*))in2 4itho*t the merin2*e# He ha) no a11etite6 he straine) his ears (or Mrs# Baines5s -omin2' (or the so*n) o( /oi-es' +*t the +asement he,) its se-rets6 the 2reen +ai8e )oor sh*t o(( that 4or,)# He )ran. the mi,. an) ate the +is-*it' +*t he )i)n5t to*-h the rest' an) 1resent,0 he -o*,) hear the so(t 1re-ise (oot(a,,s o( Mrs# Baines on the stairs: she 4as a 2oo) ser/ant' she 4a,.e) so(t,06 she 4as a )etermine) 4oman' she 4a,.e) 1re-ise,0# B*t she 4asn5t an2r0 4hen she -ame in6 she 4as in2ratiatin2 as she o1ene) the ni2ht n*rser0 )oor997Di) 0o* ha/e a 2oo) 4a,.' Master Phi,i1=7991*,,e) )o4n the +,in)s' ,ai) o*t his 10;amas' -ame +a-. to -,ear his s*11er# 7I5m 2,a) Baines (o*n) 0o*# Yo*r mother 4o*,)n5t ha/e ,i.e) 0o*r +ein2 o*t a,one#7 She e3amine) the tra0# 7Not m*-h a11etite' ha/e 0o*' Master Phi,i1= %h0 )on5t 0o* tr0 a ,itt,e o( this ni-e 1*))in2= I5,, +rin2 0o* *1 some more ;am (or it#7 7No' no' than. 0o*' Mrs# Baines'7 Phi,i1 sai)# 7Yo* o*2ht to eat more'7 Mrs# Baines sai)# She sni((e) ro*n) the room ,i.e a )o2# 7Yo* )i)n5t ta.e an0 1ots o*t o( the 4aste1a1er in the .it-hen' )i) 0o*' Master Phi,i1=7 7No'7 Phi,i1 sai)# 7O( -o*rse 0o* 4o*,)n5t# I ;*st 4ante) to ma.e s*re#7 She 1atte) his sho*,)er an) her (in2ers (,ashe) to his ,a1e,6 she 1i-.e) o(( a tin0 -r*m+ o( 1in. s*2ar# 7Oh' Master Phi,i1'7 she sai)' 7that5s 4h0 0o* ha/en5t an0 a11etite# Yo*5/e +een +*0in2 s4eet That5s not 4hat 0o*r mone05s (or#7 7B*t I )i)n5t'7 Phi,i1 sai)# 7I )i)n5t#7 She taste) the s*2ar 4ith the ti1 o( her ton2*e#

7Don5t te,, ,ies to me' Master Phi,i1# I 4on5t stan) (or it an0 more than 0o*r (ather 4o*,)#7 7I )i)n5t' I )i)n5t'7 Phi,i1 sai)# 7The0 2a/e it me# I mean Baines'7 +*t she ha) 1o*n-e) on the 4or) 7the0#7 She ha) 2ot 4hat she 4ante)6 there 4as no )o*+t a+o*t that' e/en 4hen 0o* )i)n5t .no4 4hat it 4as she 4ante)# Phi,i1 4as an2r0 an) misera+,e an) )isa11ointe) +e-a*se he ha)n5t .e1t Baines5s se-ret# Baines o*2htn5t to ha/e tr*ste) him6 2ro4n9*1 1eo1,e sho*,) .ee1 their o4n se-rets' an) 0et here 4as Mrs# Baines imme)iate,0 entr*stin2 him 4ith another# 7"et me ti-.,e 0o*r 1a,m an) see i( 0o* -an .ee1 a se-ret#7 B*t he 1*t his han) +ehin) him6 he 4o*,)n5t +e to*-he)# 7It5s a se-ret +et4een *s' Master Phi,i1' that I .no4 a,, a+o*t them# I s*11ose she 4as ha/in2 tea 4ith him'7 she s1e-*,ate)# 7%h0 sho*,)n5t she=7 he sai)' the res1onsi+i,it0 (or Baines 4ei2hin2 on his s1irit' the i)ea that he ha) 2ot to .ee1 her se-ret 4hen he ha)n5t .e1t Baines5s ma.in2 him misera+,e 4ith the *n(airness o( ,i(e# 7She 4as ni-e#7 7She 4as ni-e' 4as she=7 Mrs# Baines sai) in a +itter /oi-e he 4asn5t *se) to# 7An) she5s his nie-e#7 7So that5s 4hat he sai)'7 Mrs# Baines str*-. so(t,0 +a-. at him ,i.e the -,o-. *n)er the )*ster# She trie) to +e ;o-*,ar# 7The o,) s-o*n)re,# Don5t 0o* te,, him I .no4' Master Phi,i1#7 She stoo) /er0 sti,, +et4een the ta+,e an) the )oor' thin.in2 /er0 har)' 1,annin2 somethin2# 7Promise 0o* 4on5t te,,# I5,, 2i/e 0o* that Me--ano set' Master Phi,i1####7 He t*rne) his +a-. on her6 he 4o*,)n5t 1romise' +*t he 4o*,)n5t te,,# He 4o*,) ha/e nothin2 to )o 4ith their se-rets' the res1onsi+i,ities the0 4ere )etermine) to ,a0 on him# He 4as on,0 an3io*s to (or2et# He ha) re-ei/e) a,rea)0 a ,ar2er )ose o( ,i(e than he ha) +ar2aine) (or' an) he 4as s-are)# 7A 2A Me--ano set' Master Phi,i1#7 He ne/er o1ene) his Me--ano set a2ain' ne/er +*i,t an0thin2' ne/er -reate) an0thin2' )ie)' the o,) )i,ettante' si3t0 0ears ,ater' 4ith nothin2 to sho4 rather than 1reser/e the memor0 o( Mrs# Baines5s ma,i-io*s /oi-e sa0in2 2oo) ni2ht' her so(t )etermine) (oot(a,,s on the stairs to the +asement' 2oin2 )o4n' 2oin2 )o4n#

? The s*n 1o*re) in +et4een the -*rtains an) Baines 4as +eatin2 a tattoo on the 4ater9-an# 7G,or0' 2,or0'7 Baines sai)# He sat )o4n on the en) o( the +e) an) sai)' 7I +e2 to anno*n-e that Mrs# Baines has +een -a,,e) a4a0# Her mother5s )0in2# She 4on5t +e +a-. ti,, tomorro4#7 7%h0 )i) 0o* 4a.e me *1 so ear,0=7 Phi,i1 sai)# He 4at-he) Baines 4ith *neasiness6 he 4asn5t 2oin2 to +e )ra4n in6 he5) ,earnt his ,esson# It 4asn5t ri2ht (or a man o( Baines5s a2e to +e so merr0# It ma)e a 2ro4n 1erson h*man in the same 4a0 that 0o* 4ere h*man# For i( a 2ro4n9*1 -o*,) +eha/e so -hi,)ish,0' 0o* 4ere ,ia+,e too to (in) 0o*rse,( in their 4or,)# It 4as eno*2h that it -ame at 0o* in )reams: the 4it-h at the -orner' the man 4ith a .ni(e# So 7It5s /er0 ear,0'7 he -om1,aine)' e/en tho*2h he ,o/e) Baines' e/en tho*2h he -o*,)n5t he,1 +ein2 2,a) that Baines 4as ha110# He 4as )i/i)e) +0 the (ear an) the attra-tion o( ,i(e# 7I 4ant to ma.e this a ,on2 )a0'7 Baines sai)# 7This is the +est time#7 He 1*,,e) the -*rtains +a-.# 7It5s a +it mist0# The -at5s +een o*t a,, ni2ht# There she is' sni((in2 ro*n) the area# The0 ha/en5t ta.en in an0 mi,. at @A# Emma5s sha.in2 o*t the mats at B?#7 He sai)' 7This 4as 4hat I *se) to thin. a+o*t on the Coast: some+o)0 sha.in2 mats an) the -at -omin2 home# I -an see it to)a0'7 Baines

sai)' 7;*st as i( I 4as sti,, in A(ri-a# Most )a0s 0o* )on5t noti-e 4hat 0o*5/e 2ot# It5s a 2oo) ,i(e i( 0o* )on5t 4ea.en#7 He 1*t a 1enn0 on the 4ashstan)# 7%hen 0o*5/e )resse)' Phi,' r*n an) 2et a Mai, (rom the +arro4 at the -orner# I5,, +e -oo.in2 the sa*sa2es#7 7Sa*sa2es=7 7Sa*sa2es'7 Baines sai)# 7%e5re 2oin2 to -e,e+rate to)a0# A (air +*st#7 He -e,e+rate) at +rea.(ast' re-.,ess' -ra-.in2 ;' *na--o*nta+,0 merr0 an) ner/o*s# It 4as 2oin2 to +e a ,on2' ,on2 )a0' he .e1t on -omin2 +a-. to that: (or 0ears he ha) 4aite) (or a ,on2 )a0' he ha) s4eate) in the )am1 Coast heat' -han2e) shirts' 2one )o4n 4ith (e/er' ,ain +et4een the +,an.ets an) s4eate)' a,, in the ho1e o( this ,on2 )a0' that -at sni((in2 ro*n) the area' a +it o( mist' the mats +eaten at B?# He 1ro11e) the Mai, in (ront o( the -o((ee91ot an) rea) 1ie-es a,o*)# He sai)' 7Cora Do4n5s +een marrie) (or the (o*rth time#7 He 4as am*se)' +*t it 4asn5t his i)ea o( a ,on2 )a0# His ,on2 )a0 4as the Par.' 4at-hin2 the ri)ers in the Ro4' seein2 Sir Arth*r Sti,,4ater 1ass +e0on) the rai,s C7He )ine) 4ith *s on-e in Bo6 *1 (rom Freeto4n6 he 4as 2o/ernor there7D' ,*n-h at the Corner Ho*se (or Phi,i15s sa.e Che5) ha/e 1re(erre) himse,( a 2,ass o( sto*t an) some o0sters at the Yor. +arD' the Eoo' the ,on2 +*s ri)e home in the ,ast s*mmer ,i2ht: the ,ea/es in the Green Par. 4ere +e2innin2 to t*rn an) the motors n*88,e) o*t o( Ber.e,e0 Street 4ith the ,o4 s*n 2ent,0 2,o4in2 on their 4in)9s-reens# Baines en/ie) no one' not Cora Do4n' or Sir Arth*r Sti,,4ater' or "or) San)a,e' 4ho -ame o*t on to the ste1s o( the Arm0 an) Na/0 an) then 4ent +a-. a2ain +e-a*se he ha)n5t 2ot an0thin2 to )o an) mi2ht as 4e,, ,oo. at another 1a1er# 7I sai) )on5t ,et me see 0o* to*-h that +,a-. a2ain#7 Baines ha) ,e) a man5s ,i(e6 e/er0one on to1 o( the +*s 1ri-.e) their ears 4hen he to,) Phi,i1 a,, a+o*t it# 7%o*,) 0o* ha/e shot him=7 Phi,i1 as.e)' an) Baines 1*t his hea) +a-. an) ti,te) his )ar. res1e-ta+,e manser/ant5s hat to a +etter an2,e as the +*s s4er/e) ro*n) the arti,,er0 memoria,# 7I 4o*,)n5t ha/e tho*2ht t4i-e a+o*t it# I5) ha/e shot to .i,,'7 he +oaste)' an) the +o4e) (i2*re 4ent +0' the stee, he,met' the hea/0 -,oa.' the )o4n9t*rne) ri(,e an) the (o,)e) han)s# 7Ha/e 0o* 2ot the re/o,/er=7 7O( -o*rse I5/e 2ot it'7 Baines sai)# 7Don5t I nee) it 4ith a,, the +*r2,aries there5/e +een=7 This 4as the Baines 4hom Phi,i1 ,o/e): not Baines sin2in2 an) -are(ree' +*t Baines res1onsi+,e' Baines +ehin) +arriers' ,i/in2 his man5s ,i(e# A,, the +*ses streame) o*t (rom Vi-toria ,i.e a -on/o0 o( aero1,anes to +rin2 Baines home 4ith hono*r# 7Fort0 +,a-.s *n)er me'7 an) there 4aitin2 near the area ste1s 4as the 1ro1er -on/entiona, re4ar)' ,o/e at ,i2htin29*1 time# 7It5s 0o*r nie-e'7 Phi,i1 sai)' re-o2ni8in2 the 4hite ma-.intosh' +*t not the ha110 s,ee10 (a-e# She (ri2htene) him ,i.e an *n,*-.0 n*m+er6 he near,0 to,) Baines 4hat Mrs# Baines ha) sai)6 +*t he )i)n5t 4ant to +other' he 4ante) to ,ea/e thin2s a,one# 7%h0' so it is'7 Baines sai)# 7I sho*,)n5t 4on)er i( she 4as 2oin2 to ha/e a +ite o( s*11er 4ith *s#7 B*t he sai) the05) 1,a0 a 2ame' 1reten) the0 )i)n5t .no4 her' s,i1 )o4n the area ste1s' 7an) here'7 Baines sai)' 74e are'7 ,a0 the ta+,e' 1*t o*t the -o,) sa*sa2es' a +ott,e o( +eer' a +ott,e o( 2in2er 1o1' a (,a2on o( har/est +*r2*n)0# 7E/er0one his o4n )rin.'7 Baines sai)# 7R*n *1stairs' Phi,' an) see i( there5s +een a 1ost#7 Phi,i1 )i)n5t ,i.e the em1t0 ho*se at )*s. +e(ore the ,i2hts 4ent on# He h*rrie)# He 4ante) to +e +a-. 4ith Baines# The ha,, ,a0 there in <*iet an) sha)o4 1re1are) to sho4 him somethin2 he )i)n5t 4ant to see# Some ,etters r*st,e) )o4n' an) someone .no-.e)# 7O1en in the name o( the Re1*+,i-#7 The t*m+ri,s ro,,e)' the hea) +o++e) in the +,oo)0 &no-.' .no-.' an) the 1ostman5s (ootste1s 2oin2 a4a0# Phi,i1 2athere) the ,etters# The s,it in the )oor 4as ,i.e the 2ratin2 in a ;e4e,,er5s 4in)o4# He remem+ere) the 1o,i-eman he ha) seen 1eer thro*2h# He ha) sai) to his n*rse' 7%hat5s he )oin2=7 an) 4hen she sai)' 7He5s seein2 i( e/er0thin25s a,, ri2ht'7 his +rain imme)iate,0 (i,,e) 4ith ima2es o( a,, that

mi2ht +e 4ron2# He ran to the +ai8e )oor an) the stairs# The 2ir, 4as a,rea)0 there an) Baines 4as .issin2 her# She ,eant +reath,ess a2ainst the )resser# 7This is Emm0' Phi,#7 7There5s a ,etter (or 0o*' Baines#7 7Emm0'7 Baines sai)' 7it5s (rom her#7 B*t he 4o*,)n5t o1en it# 7Yo* +et she5s -omin2 +a-.#7 7%e5,, ha/e s*11er' an04a0'7 Emm0 sai)# 7She -an5t harm that#7 7Yo* )on5t .no4 her'7 Baines sai)# 7Nothin25s sa(e# Damn it'7 he sai)' 7I 4as a man on-e'7 an) he o1ene) the ,etter# 7Can I start=7 Phi,i1 as.e)' +*t Baines )i)n5t hear6 he 1resente) in his sti,,ness an) attention an e3am1,e o( the im1ortan-e 2ro4n9*1 1eo1,e atta-he) to the 4ritten 4or): 0o* ha) to 4rite 0o*r than.s' not 4ait an) s1ea. them' as i( ,etters -o*,)n5t ,ie# B*t Phi,i1 .ne4 +etter than that' s1ra4,in2 his than.s a-ross a 1a2e to A*nt A,i-e 4ho ha) 2i/en him a )o,, he 4as too o,) (or# "etters -o*,) ,ie a,, ri2ht' +*t the0 ma)e the ,ie 1ermanent: the0 ,a0 as e/i)en-e a2ainst 0o*6 the0 ma)e 0o* meaner than the s1o.en 4or)# 7She5s not -omin2 +a-. ti,, tomorro4 ni2ht'7 Baines sai)# He o1ene) the +ott,es' he 1*,,e) *1 the -hairs' he .isse) Emm0 a2ain a2ainst the )resser# 7Yo* o*2htn5t to'7 Emm0 sai)' 74ith the +o0 here#7 7He5s 2ot to ,earn'7 Baines sai)' 7,i.e the rest o( *s'7 an) he he,1e) Phi,i1 to three sa*sa2es# He on,0 too. one himse,(6 he sai) he 4asn5t h*n2r06 +*t 4hen Emm0 sai) she 4asn5t h*n2r0 either he stoo) o/er her an) ma)e her eat# He 4as timi) an) ro*2h 4ith her6 he ma)e her )rin. the har/est +*r2*n)0 +e-a*se he sai) she nee)e) +*i,)in2 *16 he 4o*,)n5t ta.e no (or an ans4er' +*t 4hen he to*-he) her his han)s 4ere ,i2ht an) -,*ms0 too' as i( he 4ere a(rai) to )ama2e somethin2 )e,i-ate an) )i)n5t .no4 ho4 to han),e an0thin2 so ,i2ht# 7This is +etter than mi,. an) +is-*its' eh=7 7Yes'7 Phi,i1 sai)' +*t he 4as s-are)' s-are) (or Baines as m*-h as (or himse,(# He -o*,)n5t he,1 4on)erin2 at e/er0 +ite' at e/er0 )ra*2ht o( the 2in2er 1o1' 4hat Mrs# Baines 4o*,) sa0 i( she e/er ,earnt o( this mea,6 he -o*,)n5t ima2ine it' there 4as a )e1th o( +itterness an) ra2e in Mrs# Baines 0o* -o*,)n5t so*n)# He sai)' 7She 4on5t +e -omin2 +a-. toni2ht=7 +*t 0o* -o*,) te,, +0 the 4a0 the0 imme)iate,0 *n)erstoo) him that she 4asn5t rea,,0 a4a0 at a,,6 she 4as there in the +asement 4ith them' )ri/in2 them to ,on2er )rin.s an) ,o*)er ta,.' +i)in2 her time (or the ri2ht -*ttin2 4or)# Baines 4asn5t rea,,0 ha1106 he 4as on,0 4at-hin2 ha11iness (rom -,ose to instea) o( (rom (ar a4a0# 7No'7 he sai)' 7she5,, not +e +a-. ti,, ,ate tomorro4#7 He -o*,)n5t .ee1 his e0es o(( ha11iness6 he5) 1,a0e) aro*n) as m*-h as other men' he .e1t on re/ertin2 to the Coast as i( to e3-*se himse,( (or his inno-en-e6 he 4o*,)n5t ha/e +een so inno-ent i( he5) ,i/e) his ,i(e in "on)on' so inno-ent 4hen it -ame to ten)erness# 7I( it 4as 0o*' Emm0'7 he sai)' ,oo.in2 at the 4hite )resser' the s-r*++e) -hairs' 7this5) +e ,i.e a home#7 A,rea)0 the room 4as not <*ite so harsh6 there 4as a ,itt,e )*st in -orners' the si,/er nee)e) a (ina, 1o,ish' the mornin25s 1a1er ,a0 *nti)i,0 on a -hair# 7Yo*5) +etter 2o to +e)' Phi,6 it5s +een a ,on2 )a0#7 The0 )i)n5t ,ea/e him to (in) his o4n 4a0 *1 thro*2h the )ar. shro*)e) ho*se6 the0 4ent 4ith him' t*rnin2 on ,i2hts' to*-hin2 ea-h other5s (in2ers on the s4it-hes6 (,oor a(ter (,oor the0 )ro/e the ni2ht +a-.6 the0 s1o.e so(t,0 amon2 the -o/ere) -hairs6 the0 4at-he) him *n)ress' the0 )i)n5t ma.e him 4ash or -,ean his teeth' the0 sa4 him into +e) an) ,it his ni2ht9,i2ht an) ,e(t his )oor a;ar# He -o*,) hear their /oi-es on the stairs' (rien),0' ,i.e the 2*ests he hear) at )inner91arties 4hen the0 mo/e) )o4n to the ha,,' sa0in2 2oo) ni2ht# The0 +e,on2e)6 4here/er the0 4ere the0 ma)e a home# He hear) a )oor o1en an) a -,o-. stri.e' he hear) their /oi-es (or a ,on2 4hi,e' so that he (e,t the0 4ere not (ar a4a0 an) he 4as sa(e# The /oi-es )i)n5t )4in),e' the0 sim1,0 4ent o*t' an) he -o*,) +e s*re that the0 4ere sti,, some4here not (ar (rom him' si,ent to2ether in one o( the man0 em1t0 rooms' 2ro4in2 s,ee10 to2ether as he 2re4 s,ee10 a(ter the ,on2 )a0# He ;*st ha) time to si2h (aint,0 4ith satis(a-tion' +e-a*se this too 1erha1s ha) +een ,i(e' +e(ore he s,e1t an) the ine/ita+,e terrors o( s,ee1 -ame ro*n) him:

a man 4ith a tri-o,o*r hat +eat at the )oor on His Ma;est05s ser/i-e' a +,ee)in2 hea) ,a0 on the .it-hen ta+,e in a' an) the Si+erian 4o,/es -re1t -,oser# He 4as +o*n) han) an) (oot an) -o*,)n5t mo/e6 the0 ,ea1t ro*n) him +reathin2 hea/i,06 he o1ene) his e0es an) Mrs# Baines 4as there' her 2re0 *nti)0 hair in threa)s o/er his (a-e' her +,a-. hat as.e4# A ,oose hair1in (e,, on the 1i,,o4 an) one m*st0 threa) +r*she) his mo*th# 7%here are the0=7 she 4his1ere)# 7%here are the0=7

F Phi,i1 4at-he) her in terror# Mrs# Baines 4as o*t o( +reath as i( she ha) +een sear-hin2 a,, the em1t0 rooms' ,oo.in2 *n)er ,oose -o/ers# %ith her *nti)0 2re0 hair an) her +,a-. )ress +*ttone) to her throat' her 2,o/es o( +,a-. -otton' she 4as so ,i.e the 4it-hes o( his )reams that he )i)n5t )are to s1ea.# There 4as a sta,e sme,, in her +reath# 7She5s here'7 Mrs# Baines sai)6 70o* -an5t )en0 she5s here#7 Her (a-e 4as sim*,taneo*s,0 mar.e) 4ith -r*e,t0 an) miser06 she 4ante) to 7)o thin2s7 to 1eo1,e' +*t she s*((ere) a,, the time# It 4o*,) ha/e )one her 2oo) to s-ream' +*t she )aren5t )o that: it 4o*,) 4arn them# She -ame in2ratiatin2,0 +a-. to the +e) 4here Phi,i1 ,a0 ri2i) on his +a-. an) 4his1ere)' 7I ha/en5t (or2otten the Me--ano set# Yo* sha,, ha/e it tomorro4' Master Phi,i1# %e5/e 2ot se-rets to2ether' ha/en5t 4e= !*st te,, me 4here the0 are#7 He -o*,)n5t s1ea.# Fear he,) him as (irm,0 as an0 ni2htmare# She sai)' 7Te,, Mrs# Baines' Master Phi,i1# Yo* ,o/e 0o*r Mrs# Baines' )on5t 0o*=7 That 4as too m*-h6 he -o*,)n5t s1ea.' +*t he -o*,) mo/e his mo*th in terri(ie) )enia,' 4in-e a4a0 (rom her )*st0 ima2e# She 4his1ere)' -omin2 -,oser to him' 7S*-h )e-eit# I5,, te,, 0o*r (ather# I5,, sett,e 4ith 0o* m0se,( 4hen I5/e (o*n) them# Yo*5,, smart6 I5,, see 0o* smart#7 Then imme)iate,0 she 4as sti,,' ,istenin2# A +oar) ha) -rea.e) on the (,oor +e,o4' an) a moment ,ater' 4hi,e she stoo1e) ,istenin2 a+o/e his +e)' there -ame the 4his1ers o( t4o 1eo1,e 4ho 4ere ha110 an) s,ee10 to2ether a(ter a ,on2 )a0# The ni2ht9,i2ht stoo) +esi)e the mirror an) Mrs# Baines -o*,) see +itter,0 there her o4n re(,e-tion' miser0 an) -r*e,t0 4a/erin2 in the 2,ass' a2e an) )*st an) nothin2 to ho1e (or# She so++e) 4itho*t tears' a )r0' +reath,ess so*n)6 +*t her -r*e,t0 4as a .in) o( 1ri)e 4hi-h .e1t her 2oin26 it 4as her +est <*a,it0' she 4o*,) ha/e +een mere,0 1itia+,e 4itho*t it# She 4ent o*t o( the )oor on ti1toe' (ee,in2 her 4a0 a-ross the ,an)in2' 2oin2 so so(t,0 )o4n the stairs that no one +ehin) a sh*t )oor -o*,) hear her# Then there 4as -om1,ete si,en-e a2ain6 Phi,i1 -o*,) mo/e6 he raise) his .nees6 he sat *1 in +e)6 he 4ante) to )ie# It 4asn5t (air' the 4a,,s 4ere )o4n a2ain +et4een his 4or,) an) theirs6 +*t this time it 4as somethin2 4orse than merriment that the 2ro4n 1eo1,e ma)e him share6 a 1assion mo/e) in the ho*se he re-o2ni8e) +*t -o*,) not *n)erstan)# It 4asn5t (air' +*t he o4e) Baines e/er0thin2: the Eoo' the 2in2er 1o1' the +*s ri)e home# E/en the s*11er -a,,e) on his ,o0a,t0# B*t he 4as (ri2htene)6 he 4as to*-hin2 somethin2 he to*-he) in )reams: the +,ee)in2 hea)' the 4o,/es' the .no-.' .no-.' .no-.# "i(e (e,, on him 4ith sa/a2er0: 0o* -o*,)n5t +,ame him i( he ne/er (a-e) it a2ain in si3t0 0ears# He 2ot o*t o( +e)' -are(*,,0 (rom ha+it 1*t on his +e)room s,i11ers' an) ti1toe) to the )oor: it 4asn5t <*ite )ar. on the ,an)in2 +e,o4 +e-a*se the -*rtains ha) +een ta.en )o4n (or the -,eaners an) the ,i2ht (rom the street -ame in thro*2h the ta,, 4in)o4s# Mrs# Baines ha) her han) on the 2,ass ) she 4as /er0 -are(*,,0 t*rnin2 it6 he s-reame)' 7 Baines' Baines#7 Mrs# Baines t*rne) an) sa4 him -o4erin2 in his 10;amas +0 the +anisters6 he

4as he,1,ess' more he,1,ess e/en than Baines' an) -r*e,t0 2re4 at the si2ht o( him an) )ro/e her *1 the stairs# The ni2htmare 4as on him a2ain an) he -o*,)n5t mo/e6 he ha)n5t an0 more -o*ra2e ,e(t (or e/er6 he5) s1ent it a,,' ha) +een a,,o4e) no time to ,et it 2ro4' no 0ears o( 2ra)*a, har)enin26 he -o*,)n5t e/en s-ream# B*t the (irst -r0 ha) +ro*2ht Baines o*t o( the +est s1are +e)room an) he mo/e) <* than Mrs# Baines# She ha)n5t rea-he) the to1 o( the stairs +e(ore he5) -a*2ht her ro*n) the 4aist# She )ro/e her +,a-. -otton 2,o/es at his (a-e an) he +it her han)# He ha)n5t time to thin.' he (o*2ht her sa/a2e,0 ,i.e a stran2er' +*t she (o*2ht +a-. 4ith .no4,e)2ea+,e hate# She 4as 2oin2 to tea-h them a,, an) it )i)n5t rea,,0 matter 4hom she +e2an 4ith6 the0 ha) a,, )e-ei/e) her6 +*t the o,) ima2e in the 2,ass 4as +0 her si)e' te,,in2 her she m*st +e )i2ni(ie)' she 4asn5t 0o*n2 eno*2h to 0ie,) her )i2nit06 she -o*,) +eat his (a-e' +*t she m*stn5t +ite6 she -o*,) 1*sh' +*t she m*stn5t .i-.# A2e an) )*st an) nothin2 to ho1e (or 4ere her han)i-a1s# She 4ent o/er the +anisters in a (,*rr0 o( +,a-. -,othes an) (e,, into the ha,,6 she ,a0 +e(ore the (ront )oor ,i.e a sa-. o( -oa,s 4hi-h sho*,) ha/e 2one )o4n the area into the +asement# Phi,i1 sa46 Emm0 sa46 she sat )o4n s*))en,0 in the )oor4a0 o( the +est s1are +e)room 4ith her e0es o1en as i( she 4ere too tire) to stan) an0 ,on2er# Baines 4ent s,o4,0 )o4n into the ha,,# It 4asn5t har) (or Phi,i1 to es-a1e6 the05) (or2otten him -om1,ete,06 he 4ent )o4n the +a-.' the ser/ants5 stairs +e-a*se Mrs# Baines 4as in the ha,,6 he )i)n5t *n)erstan) 4hat she 4as )oin2 ,0in2 there6 ,i.e the start,in2 1i-t*res in a +oo. no one ha) rea) to him' the thin2s he )i)n5t *n)erstan) terri(ie) him# The 4ho,e ho*se ha) +een t*rne) o/er to the 2ro4n9*1 4or,)6 he 4asn5t sa(e in the ni2ht n*rser06 their 1assions ha) (,oo)e) it# The on,0 thin2 he -o*,) )o 4as to 2et a4a0' +0 the +a-. stair' an) *1 thro*2h the area' an) ne/er -ome +a-.# Yo* )i)n5t thin. o( the -o,)' o( the nee) o( (oo) an) s,ee16 (or an ho*r it 4o*,) seem <*ite 1ossi+,e to es-a1e (rom 1eo1,e (or e/er# He 4as 4earin2 10;amas an) +e)room s,i11ers 4hen he -ame *1 into the s<*are' +*t there 4as no one to see him# It 4as that ho*r o( the e/enin2 in a resi)entia, )istri-t 4hen e/er0one is at the theatre or at home# He -,im+e) o/er the iron rai,in2s into the ,itt,e 2ar)en: the 1,ane9trees s1rea) their ,ar2e 1a,e 1a,ms +et4een him an) the s.0# It mi2ht ha/e +een an i,,imita+,e (orest into 4hi-h he ha) es-a1e)# He -ro*-he) +ehin) a tr*n. an) the 4o,/es retreate)6 it seeme) to him +et4een the ,itt,e iron seat an) the tree9tr*n. that no one 4o*,) e/er (in) him a2ain# A .in) o( em+ittere) ha11iness an) se,(91it0 ma)e him -r06 he 4as ,ost6 there 4o*,)n5t +e an0 more se-rets to .ee16 he s*rren)ere) res1onsi+i,it0 on-e an) (or a,,# "et 2ro4n9*1 1eo1,e .ee1 to their 4or,) an) he 4o*,) .ee1 to his' sa(e in the sma,, 2ar)en +et4een the 1,ane9trees# 7In the ,ost -hi,)hoo) o( !*)as Christ 4as +etra0e)76 0o* -o*,) a,most see the sma,, *n(orme) (a-e har)enin2 into the )ee1 )i,ettante se,(ishness o( a2e# Present,0 the )oor o( FG o1ene) an) Baines ,oo.e) this 4a0 an) that6 then he si2na,,e) 4ith his han) an) Emm0 -ame6 it 4as as i( the0 4ere on,0 ;*st in time (or a train' the0 ha)n5t a -han-e o( sa0in2 2oo)9+0e6 she 4ent <*i-.,0 +0' ,i.e a (a-e at a 4in)o4 s4e1t 1ast the 1,at(orm' 1a,e an) *nha110 an) not 4antin2 to 2o# Baines 4ent in a2ain an) sh*t the )oor6 the ,i2ht 4as ,it in the +asement' an) a 1o,i-eman 4a,.e) ro*n) the s<*are' ,oo.in2 into the areas# Yo* -o*,) te,, ho4 man0 (ami,ies 4ere at home +0 the ,i2hts +ehin) the (irst9(,oor -*rtains# Phi,i1 e31,ore) the 2ar)en: it )i)n5t ta.e ,on2: a t4ent090ar) s<*are o( +*shes an) 1,ane9trees' t4o iron seats an) a 2ra/e, 1ath' a 1a),o-.e) 2ate at either en)' a s-*((,e o( o,) ,ea/es# B*t he -o*,)n5t sta0: somethin2 stirre) in the +*shes an) t4o i,,*minate) e0es 1eere) o*t at him ,i.e a Si+erian 4o,(' an) he tho*2ht ho4 terri+,e it 4o*,) +e i( Mrs# Baines (o*n) him there# He5) ha/e no time to -,im+ the rai,in2s6 she5) sei8e him (rom +ehin)# He ,e(t the s<*are at the *n(ashiona+,e en) an) 4as imme)iate,0 amon2 the (ish9an)9-hi1 sho1s' the ,itt,e stationers se,,in2 Ba2ate,,e' amon2 the a--ommo)ation a))resses an) the )in20 hote,s 4ith o1en )oors# There 4ere (e4 1eo1,e a+o*t +e-a*se the 1*+s 4ere o1en' +*t a +,o480 4oman -arr0in2 a 1ar-e,

-a,,e) o*t to him a-ross the street an) the -ommissionaire o*tsi)e a -inema 4o*,) ha/e sto11e) him i( he ha)n5t -rosse) the roa)# He 4ent )ee1er: 0o* -o*,) 2o (arther an) ,ose 0o*rse,( more -om1,ete,0 here than amon2 the 1,ane9trees# On the (rin2e o( the s<*are he 4as in )an2er o( +ein2 sto11e) an) ta.en +a-.: it 4as o+/io*s 4here he +e,on2e): +*t as he 4ent )ee1er he ,ost the mar.s o( his ori2in# It 4as a 4arm ni2ht: an0 -hi,) in those (ree9,i/in2 1arts mi2ht +e e31e-te) to 1,a0 tr*ant (rom +e)# He (o*n) a .in) o( -amara)erie e/en amon2 2ro4n9*1 1eo1,e6 he mi2ht ha/e +een a nei2h+o*r5s -hi,) as he 4ent <*i-.,0 +0' +*t the0 4eren5t 2oin2 to te,, on him' the05) +een 0o*n2 on-e themse,/es# He 1i-.e) *1 a 1rote-ti/e -oatin2 o( )*st (rom the 1a/ements' o( sm*ts (rom the trains 4hi-h 1asse) a,on2 the +a-.s in a s1ra0 o( (ire# On-e he 4as -a*2ht in a .not o( -hi,)ren r*nnin2 a4a0 (rom somethin2 or some+o)0' ,a*2hin2 as the0 ran6 he 4as 4hir,e) 4ith them ro*n) a t*rnin2 an) a+an)one)' 4ith a sti-.0 (r*it9)ro1 in his han)# He -o*,)n5t ha/e +een more ,ost6 +*t he ha)n5t the stamina to .ee1 on# At (irst he (eare) that someone 4o*,) sto1 him6 a(ter an ho*r he ho1e) that someone 4o*,)# He -o*,)n5t (in) his 4a0 +a-.' an) in an0 -ase he 4as a(rai) o( arri/in2 home a,one6 he 4as a(rai) o( Mrs# Baines' more a(rai) than he ha) e/er +een# Baines 4as his (rien)' +*t somethin2 ha) ha11ene) 4hi-h 2a/e Mrs# Baines a,, the 1o4er# He +e2an to ,oiter on 1*r1ose to +e noti-e)' +*t no one noti-e) him# Fami,ies 4ere ha/in2 a ,ast +reather on the )oor9ste1s' the re(*se +ins ha) +een 1*t o*t an) +its o( -a++a2e sta,.s soi,e) his s,i11ers# The air 4as (*,, o( /oi-es' +*t he 4as -*t o((6 these 1eo1,e 4ere stran2ers an) 4o*,) a,4a0s no4 +e stran2ers6 the0 4ere mar.e) +0 Mrs# Baines an) he shie) a4a0 (rom them into a )ee1 -,ass9-ons-io*sness# He ha) +een a(rai) o( 1o,i-emen' +*t no4 he 4ante) one to ta.e him home6 e/en Mrs# Baines -o*,) )o nothin2 a2ainst a 1o,i-eman# He si),e) 1ast a -onsta+,e 4ho 4as )ire-tin2 tra((i-' +*t he 4as too +*s0 to 1a0 him an0 attention# Phi,i1 sat )o4n a2ainst a 4a,, an) -rie)# It ha)n5t o--*rre) to him that that 4as the easiest 4a0' that a,, 0o* ha) to )o 4as to s*rren)er' to sho4 0o* 4ere +eaten an) a--e1t .in)ness#### It 4as ,a/ishe) on him at on-e +0 t4o 4omen an) a Another 1o,i-eman a11eare)' a 0o*n2 man 4ith a shar1 in-re)*,o*s (a-e# He ,oo.e) as i( he note) e/er0thin2 he sa4 in an) )re4 -on-,*sions# A 4oman o((ere) to see Phi,i1 home' +*t he )i)n5t tr*st her: she 4asn5t a mat-h (or Mrs# Baines immo+i,e in the ha,,# He 4o*,)n5t 2i/e his a))ress6 he sai) he 4as a(rai) to 2o home# He ha) his 4a06 he 2ot his 1rote-tion# 7I5,, ta.e him to the station'7 the 1o,i-eman sai)' an) ho,)in2 him a4.4ar),0 +0 the han) Che 4asn5t marrie)6 he ha) his -areer to ma.eD he ,e) him ro*n) the -orner' *1 the stone stairs into the ,itt,e +are o/erheate) room 4here !*sti-e 4aite)#

@ !*sti-e 4aite) +ehin) a 4oo)en -o*nter on a hi2h stoo,6 it 4ore a hea/0 mo*sta-he6 it 4as .in),0 an) ha) si3 -hi,)ren C7three o( them ni11ers ,i.e 0o*rse,(7D6 it 4asn5t rea,,0 intereste) in Phi,i1' +*t it 1reten)e) to +e' it 4rote the a))ress )o4n an) sent a -onsta+,e to (et-h a 2,ass o( mi,.# B*t the 0o*n2 -onsta+,e 4as intereste)6 he ha) a nose (or thin2s# 7Yo*r home5s on the te,e1hone' I s*11ose'7 !*sti-e sai)# 7%e5,, rin2 them *1 an) sa0 0o* are sa(e# The05,, (et-h 0o* /er0 soon# %hat5s 0o*r name' sonn0=7 7 Phi,i1#7 7Yo*r other name#7 7I ha/en5t 2ot another name#7 He )i)n5t 4ant to +e (et-he)6 he 4ante) to +e ta.en home +0 someone 4ho 4o*,) im1ress e/en Mrs# Baines# The -onsta+,e 4at-he) him' 4at-he) the 4a0 he )ran. the mi,.' 4at-he) him 4hen he 4in-e) a4a0 (rom

<*estions# 7%hat ma)e 0o* r*n a4a0= P,a0in2 tr*ant' eh=7 7I )on5t .no4#7 7Yo* o*2htn5t to )o it' 0o*n2 (e,,o4# Thin. ho4 an3io*s 0o*r (ather an) mother 4i,, +e#7 7The0 are a4a0#7 7%e,,' 0o*r n*rse#7 7I ha/en5t 2ot one#7 7%ho ,oo.s a(ter 0o*' then=7 That <*estion 4ent home# Phi,i1 sa4 Mrs# Baines -omin2 *1 the stairs at him' the hea1 o( +,a-. -otton in the ha,,# He +e2an to -r0# 7No4' no4' no4'7 the ser2eant sai)# He )i)n5t .no4 4hat to )o6 he 4ishe) his 4i(e 4ere 4ith him6 e/en a 1o,i-e4oman mi2ht ha/e +een *se(*,# 7Don5t 0o* thin. it5s (*nn0'7 the -onsta+,e sai)' 7that there hasn5t +een an in<*ir0=7 7The0 thin. he5s t*-.e) *1 in +e)#7 7Yo* are s-are)' aren5t 0o*=7 the -onsta+,e sai)# 7%hat s-are) 0o*=7 7I )on5t .no4#7 7Some+o)0 h*rt 0o*=7 7No#7 7He5s ha) +a) )reams'7 the ser2eant sai)# 7Tho*2ht the ho*se 4as on (ire' I e31e-t# I5/e +ro*2ht *1 si3 o( them# Rose is )*e +a-.# She5,, ta.e him home#7 7I 4ant to 2o home 4ith 0o*'7 Phi,i1 sai)6 he trie) to smi,e at the -onsta+,e' +*t the )e-eit 4as immat*re an) *ns*--ess(*,# 7I5) +etter 2o'7 the -onsta+,e sai)# 7There ma0 +e somethin2 4ron2#7 7Nonsense'7 the ser2eant sai)# 7It5s a 4oman5s ;o+# Ta-t is 4hat 0o* nee)# Here5s Rose# P*,, *1 0o*r sto-.in2s' Rose# Yo*5re a )is2ra-e to the For-e# I5/e 2ot a ;o+ o( 4or. (or 0o*#7 Rose sham+,e) in: +,a-. -otton sto-.in2s )roo1in2 o/er her +oots' a 2a4.0 Gir, G*i)e manner' a hoarse hosti,e /oi-e# 7More tarts' I s*11ose#7 7No' 0o*5/e 2ot to see this 0o*n2 man home#7 She ,oo.e) at him o4,ish,0# 7I 4on5t 2o 4ith her'7 Phi,i1 sai)# He +e2an to -r0 a2ain# 7I )on5t ,i.e her#7 7More o( that 4oman,0 -harm' Rose'7 the ser2eant sai)# The te,e1hone ran2 on his )es.# He ,i(te) the re-ei/er# 7%hat= %hat5s that=7 he sai)# 7N*m+er FG= Yo*5/e 2ot a )o-tor=7 He 1*t his han) o/er the te,e1hone mo*th# 7No 4on)er this ni11er 4asn5t re1orte)'7 he sai)# 7The05/e +een too +*s0# An a--i)ent# %oman s,i11e) on the stairs#7 7Serio*s=7 the -onsta+,e as.e)# The ser2eant mo*the) at him6 0o* )i)n5t mention the 4or) )eath +e(ore a -hi,) C)i)n5t he .no4= he ha) si3 o( themD' 0o* ma)e noises in the throat' 0o* 2rima-e)' a -om1,i-ate) shorthan) (or a 4or) o( on,0 (i/e ,etters an04a0# 7Yo*5) +etter 2o' a(ter a,,'7 he sai)' 7an) ma.e a re1ort# The )o-tor5s there#7 Rose sham+,e) (rom the sto/e6 1in. a11,09)a11,0 -hee.s' ,oose sto-.in2s# She st*-. her han)s +ehin) her# Her ,ar2e mor2*e9,i.e mo*th 4as (*,, o( +,a-.ene) teeth# 7Yo* to,) me to ta.e him an) no4 ;*st +e-a*se somethin2 interestin2 I )on5t e31e-t ;*sti-e (rom a man###7 7%ho5s at the ho*se=7 the -onsta+,e as.e)# 7The +*t,er#7 7Yo* )on5t thin.'7 the -onsta+,e sai)' 7he sa4###7 7Tr*st me'7 the ser2eant sai)# 7I5/e +ro*2ht *1 si3# I .no4 5em thro*2h an) thro*2h# Yo* -an5t tea-h me an0thin2 a+o*t -hi,)ren#7 7He seeme) s-are) a+o*t somethin2#7 7Dreams'7 the ser2eant sai)# 7%hat name=7 7Baines#7 7This Mr# Baines'7 the -onsta+,e sai) to Phi,i1' 70o* ,i.e him' eh= He5s

2oo) to 0o*=7 The0 4ere tr0in2 to 2et somethin2 o*t o( him6 he 4as s*s1i-io*s o( the 4ho,e room(*, o( them6 he sai) 70es7 4itho*t -on/i-tion +e -a*se he 4as a(rai) at an0 moment o( more res1onsi+i,ities' more se-rets# 7An) Mrs# Baines=7 7Yes#7 The0 -ons*,te) to2ether +0 the )es.: Rose 4as hoarse,0 a22rie/e)6 she 4as ,i.e a (ema,e im1ersonator' she +ore her 4omanhoo) 4ith an *nnat*ra, em1hasis e/en 4hi,e she s-orne) it in her -rease) sto-.in2s an) her 4eathere31ose) (a-e# The -har-oa, shi(te) in the sto/e6 the room 4as o/erheate) in the mi,) ,ate s*mmer e/enin2# A noti-e on the 4a,, )es-ri+e) a +o)0 (o*n) in the Thames' or rather the +o)05s -,othes: 4oo, /est' 4oo, 1ants' 4oo, shirt 4ith +,*e stri1es' si8e ten +oots' +,*e ser2e s*it 4orn at the e,+o4s' (i(teen an) a ha,( -e,,*,oi) -o,,ar# The0 -o*,)n5t (in) an0thin2 to sa0 a+o*t the +o)0' e3-e1t its meas*rements' it 4as ;*st an or)inar0 +o)0# 7Come a,on2'7 the -onsta+,e sai)# He 4as intereste)' he 4as 2,a) to +e 2oin2' +*t he -o*,)n5t he,1 +ein2 em+arrasse) +0 his -om1an0' a sma,, +o0 in 10;amas# His nose sme,t somethin2' he )i)n5t .no4 4hat' +*t he smarte) at the si2ht o( the am*sement the0 -a*se): the 1*+s ha) -,ose) an) the streets 4ere (*,, a2ain o( men ma.in2 as ,on2 a )a0 o( it as the0 -o*,)# He h*rrie) thro*2h the ,ess (re<*ente) streets' -hose the ) 1a/ements' 4o*,)n5t ,oiter' an) Phi,i1 4ante) more an) more to ,oiter' 1*,,in2 at his han)' )ra22in2 4ith his (eet# He )rea)e) the si2ht o( Mrs# Baines 4aitin2 in the ha,,: he .ne4 no4 that she 4as )ea)# The ser2eant5s mo*thin2s ha) -on/e0e) that6 +*t she 4asn5t +*rie)' she 4asn5t o*t o( si2ht6 he 4as 2oin2 to see a )ea) 1erson in the ha,, 4hen the )oor o1ene)# The ,i2ht 4as on in the +asement' an) to his re,ie( the -onsta+,e ma)e (or the area ste1s# Perha1s he 4o*,)n5t ha/e to see Mrs# Baines at a,,# The -onsta+,e .no-.e) on the )oor +e-a*se it 4as too )ar. to see the +e,,' an) Baines ans4ere)# He stoo) there in the )oor4a0 o( the neat +ri2ht +asement room an) 0o* -o*,) see the sa) -om1,a-ent 1,a*si+,e senten-e he ha) 1re1are) 4ither at the si2ht o( Phi,i16 he ha)n5t e31e-te) Phi,i1 to ret*rn ,i.e that in the 1o,i-eman5s -om1an0# He ha) to +e2in thin.in2 a,, o/er a2ain6 he 4asn5t a )e-e1ti/e man6 i( it ha)n5t +een (or Emm0 he 4o*,) ha/e +een <*ite rea)0 to ,et the tr*th ,ea) him 4here it 4o*,)# 7Mr# Baines=7 the -onsta+,e as.e)# He no))e)6 he ha)n5t (o*n) the ri2ht 4or)s6 he 4as )a*nte) +0 the shre4) .no4in2 (a-e' the s*))en a11earan-e o( Phi,i1 there# 7This ,itt,e +o0 (rom here=7 7Yes'7 Baines sai)# Phi,i1 -o*,) te,, that there 4as a messa2e he 4as tr0in2 to -on/e0' +*t he sh*t his min) to it# He ,o/e) Baines' +*t Baines ha) in/o,/e) him in se-rets' in (ears he )i)n5t *n)erstan)# The 2,o4in2 mornin2 tho*2ht' 7This is ,i(e'7 ha) +e-ome *n)er Baines5s t*ition the re1*2nant memor0' 7That 4as ,i(e7: the m*st0 hair a-ross the mo*th' the +reath,ess -r*e, tort*re) in<*ir0' 7%here are the0'7 the hea1 o( +,a-. -otton ti11e) into the ha,,# That 4as 4hat ha11ene) 4hen 0o* ,o/e): 0o* 2ot in/o,/e)6 an) Phi,i1 e3tri-ate) himse,( (rom ,i(e' (rom ,o/e' (rom Baines' 4ith a mer-i,ess e2otism# There ha) +een thin2s +et4een them' +*t he ,ai) them ,o4' as a retreatin2 arm0 -*ts the 4ires' )estro0s the +ri)2es# In the a+an)one) -o*ntr0 0o* ma0 ,ea/e m*-h that is )ear99a mornin2 in the Par.' an i-e at a -orner ho*se' sa*sa2es (or s*11er99+*t more is -on-erne) in the retreat than tem1orar0 ,osses# There are o,) 1eo1,e 4ho' as the tra-tors 4hee, a4a0' im1,ore to +e ta.en' +*t 0o* -an5t ris. the rear2*ar) (or their sa.e: a 4ho,e 1ro,on2e) retreat (rom ,i(e' (rom -are' (rom h*man re,ationshi1s is in/o,/e)# 7The )o-tor5s here'7 Baines sai)# He no))e) at the )oor' moistene) his mo*th' .e1t his e0es on Phi,i1' +e22in2 (or somethin2 ,i.e a )o2 0o* -an5t *n)erstan)# 7There5s nothin2 to +e )one# She s,i11e) on these stone +asement stairs# I 4as in here# I hear) her (a,,#7 He 4o*,)n5t ,oo. at the note+oo.' at the -onsta+,e5s tin0 s1i)er0 4ritin2 4hi-h 2ot a terri+,e ,ot on one 1a2e# 7Di) the +o0 see an0thin2=7

7He -an5t ha/e )one# I tho*2ht he 4as in +e)# Ha)n5t he +etter 2o *1= It5s a sho-.in2 thin2# Oh'7 Baines sai)' ,osin2 -ontro,' 7it5s a sho-.in2 thin2 (or a -hi,)#7 7She5s thro*2h there=7 the -onsta+,e as.e)# 7I ha/en5t mo/e) her an in-h'7 Baines sai)# 7He5) +etter then997 7Go *1 the area an) thro*2h the ha,,'7 Baines sai) an) a2ain he +e22e) )*m+,0 ,i.e a )o2: one more se-ret' .ee1 this se-ret' )o this (or o,) Baines' he 4on5t as. another# 7Come a,on2'7 the -onsta+,e sai)# 7I5,, see 0o* *1 to +e)# Yo*5re a 2ent,eman6 0o* m*st -ome in the 1ro1er 4a0 thro*2h the (ront )oor ,i.e the master sho*,)# Or 4i,, 0o* 2o a,on2 4ith him' Mr# Baines' 4hi,e I see the )o-tor=7 7Yes'7 Baines sai)' 7I5,, 2o#7 He -ame a-ross the room to Phi,i1' +e22in2' +e22in2' a,, the 4a0 4ith his so(t o,) st*1i) e31ression: this is Baines' the o,) Coaster6 4hat a+o*t a 1a,m9oi, -ho1' eh=6 a man5s ,i(e6 (ort0 ni22ers6 ne/er *se) a 2*n6 I te,, 0o* I -o*,)n5t he,1 ,o/in2 them: it 4asn5t 4hat 4e -a,, ,o/e' nothin2 4e -o*,) *n)erstan)# The messa2es (,i-.ere) o*t (rom the ,ast 1osts at the +or)er' im1,orin2' +esee-hin2' remin)in2: this is 0o*r o,) (rien) Baines6 4hat a+o*t an e,e/en5s6 a 2,ass o( 2in2er 1o1 4on5t )o 0o* an0 harm6 sa*sa2es6 a ,on2 )a0# B*t the 4ires 4ere -*t' the messa2es ;*st (a)e) o*t into the enormo*s /a-an-0 o( the neat s-r*++e) room in 4hi-h there ha) ne/er +een a 1,a-e 4here a man -o*,) hi)e his se-rets# 7Come a,on2' Phi,' it5s +e)time# %e5,, ;*st 2o *1 the ste1s###7 Ta1' ta1' ta1' at the te,e2ra1h6 0o* ma0 2et thro*2h' 0o* -an5t te,,' some+o)0 ma0 men) the ri2ht 4ire# 7An) in at the (ront )oor#7 7No'7 Phi,i1 sai)' 7no# I 4on5t 2o# Yo* -an5t ma.e me 2o# I5,, (i2ht# I 4on5t see her#7 The -onsta+,e t*rne) on them <*i-.,0# 7%hat5s that= %h0 4on5t 0o* 2o=7 7She5s in the ha,,'7 Phi,i1 sai)# 7I .no4 she5s in the ha,,# An) she5s )ea)# I 4on5t see her#7 7Yo* mo/e) her then=7 the -onsta+,e sai) to Baines# 7A,, the 4a0 )o4n here= Yo*5/e +een ,0in2' eh= That means 0o* ha) to ti)0 *1#### %ere 0o* a,one=7 7Emm0'7 Phi,i1 sai)' 7Emm0#7 He 4asn5t 2oin2 to .ee1 an0 more se-rets: he 4as 2oin2 to (inish on-e an) (or a,, 4ith e/er0thin2' 4ith Baines an) Mrs# Baines an) the 2ro4n9*1 ,i(e +e0on) him6 it 4asn5t his +*siness an) ne/er' ne/er a2ain' he )e-i)e)' 4o*,) he share their -on(i)en-es an) -om1anionshi1# 7It 4as a,, Emm05s (a*,t'7 he 1roteste) 4ith a <*a/er 4hi-h remin)e) Baines that a(ter a,, he 4as on,0 a -hi,)6 it ha) +een ho1e,ess to e31e-t he,1 there6 he 4as a -hi,)6 he )i)n5t *n)erstan) 4hat it a,, meant6 he -o*,)n5t rea) this shorthan) o( terror6 he5) ha) a ,on2 )a0 an) he 4as tire) o*t# Yo* -o*,) see him )ro11in2 as,ee1 4here he stoo) a2ainst the )resser' )ro11in2 +a-. into the -om(orta+,e n*rser0 1ea-e# Yo* -o*,)n5t +,ame him# %hen he 4o.e in the mornin2' he5) har),0 remem+er a thin2# 7O*t 4ith it'7 the -onsta+,e sai)' a))ressin2 Baines 4ith 1ro(essiona, (ero-it0' 74ho is she=7 ;*st as the o,) man si3t0 0ears ,ater start,e) his se-retar0' his on,0 4at-her' as.in2' 7%ho is she= %ho is she=7 )ro11in2 ,o4er an) ,o4er into )eath' 1assin2 on the 4a0 1erha1s the ima2e o( Baines: Baines ho1e,ess' Baines ,ettin2 his hea) )ro1' Baines7-omin2 -,ean#7 1A?B

The En) o( the Part0

Peter Morton 4o.e 4ith a start to (a-e the (irst ,i2ht# Thro*2h the 4in)o4 he -o*,) see a +are +o*2h )ro11in2 a-ross a (rame o( si,/er# Rain ta11e) a2ainst the 2,ass# It 4as !an*ar0 the (i(th# He ,oo.e) a-ross a ta+,e' on 4hi-h a ni2ht9,i2ht ha) 2*ttere) into a 1oo, o( 4ater' at the other +e)# Fran-is Morton 4as sti,, as,ee1' an) Peter ,a0 )o4n a2ain 4ith his e0es on his +rother# It am*se) him to ima2ine that it 4as himse,( 4hom he 4at-he)' the same hair' the same e0es' the same ,i1s an) ,ine o( -hee.# B*t the tho*2ht soon 1a,,e)' an) the min) 4ent +a-. to the (a-t 4hi-h ,ent the )a0 im1ortan-e# It 4as the (i(th o( !an*ar0# He -o*,) har),0 +e,ie/e that a 0ear ha) 1asse) sin-e Mrs# Henne9Fa,-on ha) 2i/en her ,ast -hi,)ren5s 1art0# Fran-is t*rne) s*))en,0 *1on his +a-. an) thre4 an arm a-ross his (a-e' +,o-.in2 his mo*th# Peter5s heart +e2an to +eat (ast' not 4ith 1,eas*re no4 +*t 4ith *neasiness# He sat *1 an) -a,,e) a-ross the ta+,e' 7%a.e *1#7 Fran-is5s sho*,)ers shoo. an) he 4a/e) a -,en-he) (ist in the air' +*t his e0es remaine) -,ose)# To Peter Morton the 4ho,e room seeme) s*))en,0 to )ar.en' an) he ha) the im1ression o( a 2reat +ir) s4oo1in2# He -rie) a2ain' 7%a.e *1'7 an) on-e more there 4as si,/er ,i2ht an) the to*-h o( rain on the 4in)o4s# Fran-is r*++e) his e0es# 7Di) 0o* -a,, o*t=7 he as.e)# 7Yo* are ha/in2 a +a) )ream'7 Peter sai) 4ith -on(i)en-e# A,rea)0 e31erien-e ha) ta*2ht him ho4 (ar their min)s re(,e-te) ea-h other# B*t he 4as the e,)er' +0 a matter o( min*tes' an) that +rie( e3tra inter/a, o( ,i2ht' 4hi,e his +rother sti,, str*22,e) in 1ain an) )ar.ness' ha) 2i/en him se,(9re,ian-e an) an instin-t o( 1rote-tion to4ar)s the other 4ho 4as a(rai) o( so man0 thin2s# 7I )reame) that I 4as )ea)'7 Fran-is sai)# 7%hat 4as it ,i.e=7 Peter as.e) 4ith -*riosit0# 7I -an5t remem+er'7 Fran-is sai)' an) his e0es t*rne) 4ith re,ie( to the si,/er o( )a0' as he a,,o4e) the (ra2mentar0 memories to (a)e# 7Yo* )reame) o( a +i2 +ir)#7 7Di) I=7 Fran-is a--e1te) his +rother5s .no4,e)2e 4itho*t <*estion' an) (or a ,itt,e the t4o ,a0 si,ent in +e) (a-in2 ea-h other' the same 2reen e0es' the same nose ti,tin2 at the ti1' the same (irm ,i1s 1arte)' an) the same 1remat*re mo)e,,in2 o( the -hin# The (i(th o( !an*ar0' Peter tho*2ht a2ain' his min) )ri(tin2 i),0 (rom the ima2e o( to the 1ri8es 4hi-h mi2ht +e 4on# E229 an)s1oon ra-es' s1earin2 a11,es in +asins o( 4ater' +,in)man5s9+*((# 7I )on5t 4ant to 2o'7 Fran-is sai) s*))en,0# 7I s*11ose !o0-e 4i,, +e there### Ma+e, %arren#7 Hate(*, to him' the tho*2ht o( a 1art0 share) 4ith those t4o# The0 4ere o,)er than he# !o0-e 4as e,e/en an) Ma+e, %arren thirteen# Their ,on2 1i2tai,s s4*n2 s*1er-i,io*s,0 to a mas-*,ine stri)e# Their se3 h*mi,iate) him' as the0 4at-he) him (*m+,e 4ith his e22' (rom *n)er ,o4ere) s-orn(*, ,i)s# An) ,ast 0ear### he t*rne) his (a-e a4a0 (rom Peter' his -hee.s s-ar,et# 7%hat5s the matter=7 Peter as.e)# 7Oh' nothin2# I )on5t thin. I5m 4e,,# I5/e 2ot a -o,)# I o*2htn5t to 2o to the 1art0#7 Peter 4as 1*88,e)# 7B*t' Fran-is' is it a +a) -o,)=7 7It 4i,, +e a +a) -o,) i( I 2o to the 1art0# Perha1s I sha,, )ie#7 7Then 0o* m*stn5t 2o'7 Peter sai) 4ith )e-ision' 1re1are) to so,/e a,, )i((i-*,ties 4ith one 1,ain senten-e' an) Fran-is ,et his ner/es re,a3 in a )e,i-io*s re,ie(' rea)0 to ,ea/e e/er0thin2 to Peter# B*t tho*2h he 4as 2rate(*, he )i) not t*rn his (a-e to4ar)s his +rother# His -hee.s sti,, +ore the +a)2e o( a shame(*, memor0' o( the 2ame o( hi)e9an)9see. ,ast 0ear in the )ar.ene) ho*se' an) o( ho4 he ha) s-reame) 4hen Ma+e, %arren 1*t her han) s*))en,0 *1on his arm# He ha) not hear) her -omin2# Gir,s 4ere ,i.e that# Their shoes ne/er s<*ea.e)# No +oar)s 4hine) *n)er their trea)# The0 s,*n. ,i.e -ats on 1a))e) -,a4s# %hen the n*rse -ame in 4ith hot 4ater Fran-is ,a0 tran<*i,' ,ea/in2 e/er0thin2 to Peter# Peter sai)' 7N*rse' Fran-is has 2ot a -o,)#7 The ta,, star-he) 4oman ,ai) the to4e,s a-ross the -ans an) sai)' 4itho*t t*rnin2' 7The 4ashin2 4on5t +e +a-. ti,, tomorro4# Yo* m*st ,en) him some o( 0o*r han).er-hie(s#7

7B*t' N*rse'7 Peter as.e)' 7Ha)n5t he +etter sta0 in +e)=7 7%e5,, ta.e him (or a 2oo) 4a,. this mornin2'7 the n*rse sai)# 7%in)5,, +,o4 a4a0 the 2erms# Get *1 no4' +oth o( 0o*'7 an) she -,ose) the )oor +ehin) her# 7I5m sorr0'7 Peter sai)' an) then' 4orrie) at the si2ht o( a (a-e -rease) a2ain +0 miser0 an) (ore+o)in2' 7%h0 )on5t 0o* ;*st sta0 in +e)= I5,, te,, mother 0o* (e,t too i,, to 2et *1#7 B*t s*-h a re+e,,ion a2ainst )estin0 4as not in Fran-is5s 1o4er# Besi)es' i( he sta0e) in +e) the0 4o*,) -ome *1 an) ta1 his -hest an) 1*t a thermometer in his mo*th an) ,oo. at his ton2*e' an) the0 4o*,) )is-o/er that he 4as ma,in2erin2# It 4as tr*e that he (e,t i,,' a si-. em1t0 sensation in his stoma-h an) a ra1i),0 +eatin2 heart' +*t he .ne4 that the -a*se 4as on,0 (ear' (ear o( the 1art0' (ear o( +ein2 ma)e to hi)e +0 himse,( in the )ar.' *n-om1anione) +0 Peter an) 4ith no ni2ht,i2ht to ma.e a +,esse) +rea-h# 7No' I5,, 2et *1'7 he sai)' an) then 4ith s*))en )es1eration' 7B*t I 4on5t 2o to Mrs# Henne9Fa,-on5s 1art0# I s4ear on the Bi+,e I 4on5t#7 No4 s*re,0 a,, 4o*,) +e 4e,,' he tho*2ht# Go) 4o*,) not a,,o4 him to +rea. so so,emn an oath# He 4o*,) sho4 him a 4a0# There 4as a,, the mornin2 +e(ore him an) a,, the a(ternoon *nti, (o*r o5-,o-.# No nee) to 4orr0 no4 4hen the 2rass 4as sti,, -ris1 4ith the ear,0 (rost# An0thin2 mi2ht ha11en# He mi2ht -*t himse,( or +rea. his ,e2 or rea,,0 -at-h a +a) -o,)# Go) 4o*,) mana2e someho4# He ha) s*-h -on(i)en-e in Go) that 4hen at +rea.(ast his mother sai)' 7I hear 0o* ha/e a -o,)' Fran-is'7 he ma)e ,i2ht o( it# 7%e sho*,) ha/e hear) more a+o*t it'7 his mother sai) 4ith iron0' 7i( there 4as not a 1art0 this e/enin2'7 an) Fran-is smi,e) *neasi,0' ama8e) an) )a*nte) +0 her i2noran-e o( him# His ha11iness 4o*,) ha/e ,aste) ,on2er i(' o*t (or a 4a,. that mornin2' he ha) not met !o0-e# He 4as a,one 4ith his n*rse' (or Peter ha) ,ea/e to (inish a ra++it9h*t-h in the 4oo)she)# I( Peter ha) +een there he 4o*,) ha/e -are) ,ess6 the n*rse 4as Peter5s n*rse a,so' +*t no4 it 4as as tho*2h she 4ere em1,o0e) on,0 (or his sa.e' +e-a*se he -o*,) not +e tr*ste) to 2o (or a 4a,. a,one# !o0-e 4as on,0 t4o 0ears o,)er an) she 4as +0 herse,(# She -ame stri)in2 to4ar)s them' 1i2tai,s (,a11in2# She 2,an-e) s-orn(*,,0 at Fran-is an) s1o.e 4ith ostentation to the n*rse# 7He,,o' N*rse# Are 0o* +rin2in2 Fran-is to the 1art0 this e/enin2= Ma+e, an) I are -omin2#7 An) she 4as o(( a2ain )o4n the street in the )ire-tion o( Ma+e, %arren5s home' -ons-io*s,0 a,one an) se,(9s*((i-ient in the ,on2 em1t0 roa)# 7S*-h a ni-e 2ir,'7 the n*rse sai)# B*t Fran-is 4as si,ent' (ee,in2 a2ain the ;*m1;*m1 o( his heart' rea,i8in2 ho4 soon the ho*r o( the 1art0 4o*,) arri/e# Go) ha) )one nothin2 (or him' an) the min*tes (,e4# The0 (,e4 too <*i-.,0 to 1,an an0 e/asion' or e/en to 1re1are his heart (or the -omin2 or)ea,# Pani- near,0 o/er-ame him 4hen' a,, *nrea)0' he (o*n) himse,( stan)in2 on the )oor9ste1' 4ith -oat9-o,,ar t*rne) *1 a2ainst a -o,) 4in)' an) the n*rse5s e,e-tri- tor-h ma.in2 a short ,*mino*s trai, thro*2h the )ar.ness# Behin) him 4ere the ,i2hts o( the ha,, an) the so*n) o( a ser/ant ,a0in2 the ta+,e (or )inner' 4hi-h his mother an) (ather 4o*,) eat a,one# He 4as near,0 o/er-ome +0 a )esire to r*n +a-. into the ho*se an) -a,, o*t to his mother that he 4o*,) not 2o to the 1art0' that he )are) not 2o# The0 -o*,) not ma.e him 2o# He -o*,) a,most hear himse,( sa0in2 those (ina, 4or)s' +rea.in2 )o4n (or e/er' as he .ne4 instin-ti/e,0' the +arrier o( i2noran-e that sa/e) his min) (rom his 1arents5 .no4,e)2e# 7I5m a(rai) o( 2oin2# I 4on5t 2o# I )aren5t 2o# The05,, ma.e me hi)e in the )ar.' an) I5m a(rai) o( the )ar.# I5,, s-ream an) s-ream an) s-ream#7 He -o*,) see the e31ression o( ama8ement on his mother5s (a-e' an) then the -o,) -on (i)en-e o( a 2ro4n9*15s retort# 7Don5t +e si,,0# Yo* m*st 2o# %e5/e a--e1te) Mrs# Henne9Fa,-on5s in/itation#7 B*t the0 -o*,)n5t ma.e him 2o6 hesitatin2 on the )oor9ste1 4hi,e the n*rse5s (eet -r*n-he) a-ross the (rost-o/ere) 2rass to the 2ate' he .ne4 that# He 4o*,) ans4er' 7Yo* -an sa0 I5m i,,# I 4on5t 2o# I5m a(rai) o( the )ar.#7 An) his mother' 7Don5t +e si,,0# Yo* .no4 there5s nothin2 to +e a(rai) o( in the )ar.#7 B*t he .ne4 the (a,sit0 o( that reasonin26 he .ne4 ho4 the0 ta*2ht a,so that there 4as nothin2 to (ear in )eath' an) ho4 (ear(*,,0 the0 a/oi)e) the i)ea o( it# B*t the0

-o*,)n5t ma.e him 2o to the 1art0# 7I5,, s-ream# I5,, s-ream#7 7 Fran-is' -ome a,on2#7 He hear) the n*rse5s /oi-e a-ross the )im,0 1hos1hores-ent ,a4n an) sa4 the sma,, 0e,,o4 -ir-,e o( her tor-h 4hee, (rom tree to shr*+ an) +a-. to tree a2ain# 7I5m -omin2'7 he -a,,e) 4ith )es1air' ,ea/in2 the ,i2hte) )oor4a0 o( the ho*se6 he -o*,)n5t +rin2 himse,( to ,a0 +are his ,ast se-rets an) en) reser/e +et4een his mother an) himse,(' (or there 4as sti,, in the ,ast resort a (*rther a11ea, 1ossi+,e to Mrs# HenneFa,-on# He -om(orte) himse,( 4ith that' as he a)/an-e) stea)i,0 a-ross the ha,,' /er0 sma,,' to4ar)s her enormo*s +*,.# His heart +eat *ne/en,0' +*t he ha) -ontro, no4 o/er his /oi-e' as he sai) 4ith meti-*,o*s a--ent' 7Goo) e/enin2' Mrs# Henne9Fa,-on# It 4as /er0 2oo) o( 0o* to as. me to 0o*r 1art0#7 %ith his straine) (a-e ,i(te) to4ar)s the -*r/e o( her +reasts' an) his 1o,ite set s1ee-h' he 4as ,i.e an o,) 4ithere) man# For Fran-is mi3e) /er0 ,itt,e 4ith other -hi,)ren# As a t4in he 4as in man0 4a0s an on,0 -hi,)# To a))ress Peter 4as to s1ea. to his o4n ima2e in a mirror' an ima2e a ,itt,e a,tere) +0 a (,a4 in the 2,ass' so as to thro4 +a-. ,ess a ,i.eness o( 4hat he 4as than o( 4hat he 4ishe) to +e' 4hat he 4o*,) +e 4ith o*t his *nreasonin2 (ear o( )ar.ness' (ootste1s o( stran2ers' the (,i2ht o( +ats in )*s.9(i,,e) 2ar)ens# 7S4eet -hi,)'7 sai) Mrs# Henne9Fa,-on a+sent9min)e),0' +e(ore' 4ith a 4a/e o( her arms' as tho*2h the -hi,)ren 4ere a (,o-. o( -hi-.ens' she 4hir,e) them into her set 1ro2ramme o( entertainments: e229an)9s1oon ra-es' three9,e22e) ra-es' the s1earin2 o( a11,es' 2ames 4hi-h he,) (or Fran-is nothin2 4orse than h*mi,iation# An) in the (re<*ent inter/a,s 4hen nothin2 4as re<*ire) o( him an) he -o*,) stan) a,one in -orners as (ar remo/e) as 1ossi+,e (rom Ma+e, %arren5s s-orn(*, 2a8e' he 4as a+,e to 1,an ho4 he mi2ht a/oi) the a11roa-hin2 terror o( the )ar.# He .ne4 there 4as nothin2 to (ear *nti, a(ter tea' an) not *nti, he 4as sittin2 )o4n in a 1oo, o( 0e,,o4 ra)ian-e -ast +0 the ten -an),es on Co,in Henne9 Fa,-on5s +irth)a0 -a.e )i) he +e-ome (*,,0 -ons-io*s o( the imminen-e o( 4hat he (eare)# Thro*2h the -on(*sion o( his +rain' no4 assai,e) s*))en,0 +0 a )o8en -ontra)i-tor0 1,ans' he hear) !o0-e5s hi2h /oi-e )o4n the ta+,e# 7A(ter tea 4e are 2oin2 to 1,a0 hi)e9an)9see. in the )ar.#7 7Oh' no'7 Peter sai)' 4at-hin2 Fran-is5s tro*+,e) (a-e 4ith 1it0 an) an im1er(e-t *n)erstan)in2' 7)on5t ,et5s# %e 1,a0 that e/er0 0ear#7 7B*t it5s in the 1ro2ramme'7 -rie) Ma+e, %arren# 7I sa4 it m0se,(# I ,oo.e) o/er Mrs# Henne9Fa,-on5s sho*,)er# Fi/e o5-,o-.' tea# A <*arter to si3 to ha,(9 1ast' hi)e9an)9see. in the )ar.# It5s a,, 4ritten )o4n in the 1ro2ramme#7 Peter )i) not ar2*e' (or i( hi)e9an)9see. ha) +een inserte) in Mrs# Henne9 Fa,-on5s 1ro2ramme' nothin2 4hi-h he -o*,) sa0 -o*,) a/ert it# He as.e) (or another 1ie-e o( +irth)a0 -a.e an) si11e) his tea s,o4,0# Perha1s it mi2ht +e 1ossi+,e to )e,a0 the 2ame (or a <*arter o( an ho*r' a,,o4 Fran-is at ,east a (e4 e3tra min*tes to (orm a 1,an' +*t e/en in that Peter (ai,e)' (or -hi,)ren 4ere a,rea)0 ,ea/in2 the ta+,e in t4os an) threes# It 4as his thir) (ai,*re' an) a2ain' the re(,e-tion o( an ima2e in another5s min)' he sa4 a 2reat +ir) )ar.en his +rother5s (a-e 4ith its 4in2s# B*t he *1+rai)e) himse,( si,ent,0 (or his (o,,0' an) (inishe) his -a.e en-o*ra2e) +0 the memor0 o( that a)*,t re(rain' 7There5s nothin2 to (ear in the )ar.#7 The ,ast to ,ea/e the ta+,e' the +rothers -ame to2ether to the ha,, to meet the m*sterin2 an) im1atient e0es o( Mrs# Henne9 Fa,-on# 7An) no4'7 she sai)' 74e 4i,, 1,a0 hi)e9an)9see. in the )ar.#7 Peter 4at-he) his +rother an) sa4' as he ha) e31e-te)' the ,i1s ti2hten# Fran-is' he .ne4' ha) (eare) this moment (rom the +e2innin2 o( the 1art0' ha) trie) to meet it 4ith -o*ra2e an) ha) a+an)one) the attem1t# He m*st ha/e 1ra0e) )es1erate,0 (or -*nnin2 to e/a)e the 2ame' 4hi-h 4as no4 4e,-ome) 4ith -ries o( e3-itement +0 a,, the other -hi,)ren# 7Oh' )o ,et5s#7 7%e m*st 1i-. si)es#7 7Is an0 o( the ho*se o*t o( +o*n)s=7 7%here sha,, home +e=7 7I thin.'7 sai) Fran-is Morton' a11roa-hin2 Mrs# Henne9Fa,-on' his e0es

(o-*se) *n4a/erin2,0 on her e3*+erant +reasts' 7it 4i,, +e no *se m0 1,a0in2# M0 n*rse 4i,, +e -a,,in2 (or me /er0 soon#7 7Oh' +*t 0o*r n*rse -an 4ait' Fran-is'7 sai) Mrs# Henne9Fa,-on a+sent9 min)e),0' 4hi,e she -,a11e) her han)s to2ether to s*mmon to her si)e a (e4 -hi,)ren 4ho 4ere a,rea)0 stra0in2 *1 the 4i)e stair-ase to *11er (,oors# 7Yo*r mother 4i,, ne/er min)#7 That ha) +een the ,imit o( Fran-is5s -*nnin2# He ha) re(*se) to +e,ie/e that so 4e,, 1re1are) an e3-*se -o*,) (ai,# A,, that he -o*,) sa0 no4' sti,, in the 1re-ise tone 4hi-h other -hi,)ren hate)' thin.in2 it a s0m+o, o( -on-eit' 4as' 7I thin. I ha) +etter not 1,a0#7 He stoo) motion,ess' retainin2' tho*2h a(rai)' *nmo/e) (eat*res# B*t the .no4,e)2e o( his terror' or the re(,e-tion o( the terror itse,(' rea-he) his +rother5s +rain# For the moment' Peter Morton -o*,) ha/e -rie) a,o*) 4ith the (ear o( +ri2ht ,i2hts 2oin2 o*t' ,ea/in2 him a,one in an is,an) o( )ar. s*rro*n)e) +0 the 2ent,e ,a11in2 o( stran2e (ootste1s# Then he remem+ere) that the (ear 4as not his o4n +*t his +rother5s# He sai) im1*,si/e,0 to Mrs# Henne9Fa,-on' 7P,ease# I )on5t thin. Fran-is sho*,) 1,a0# The )ar. him ;*m1 so#7 The0 4ere the 4ron2 4or)s# Si3 -hi,)ren +e2an to sin2' 7Co4ar)0' -o4ar)0 -*star)'7 t*rnin2 tort*rin2 (a-es 4ith the /a-an-0 o( 4i)e s*n(,o4ers to4ar)s Fran-is Morton# %itho*t ,oo.in2 at his +rother' Fran-is sai)' 7O( -o*rse I 4i,, 1,a0# I am not a(rai)# I on,0 tho*2ht###7 B*t he 4as a,rea)0 (or2otten +0 his h*man tormentors an) 4as a+,e in ,one,iness to -ontem1,ate the a11roa-h o( the s1irit*a,' the more *n+o*n)e)' tort*re# The -hi,)ren s-ram+,e) ro*n) Mrs# Henne9 Fa,-on' their shri,, /oi-es 1e-.in2 at her 4ith <*estions an) s*22estions# 7Yes' an04here in the ho*se# %e 4i,, t*rn o*t a,, the ,i2hts# Yes' 0o* -an hi)e in the -*1+oar)s# Yo* m*st sta0 hi))en as ,on2 as 0o* -an# There 4i,, +e no home#7 Peter' too' stoo) a1art' ashame) o( the -,*ms0 manner in 4hi-h he ha) trie) to he,1 his +rother# No4 he -o*,) (ee,' -ree1in2 in at the -orners o( his +rain' a,, Fran-is5s resentment o( his -ham1ionin2# Se/era, -hi,)ren ran *1stairs' an) the ,i2hts on the to1 (,oor 4ent o*t# Then )ar.ness -ame )o4n ,i.e the 4in2s o( a +at an) sett,e) on the ,an)in2# Others +e2an to 1*t o*t the ,i2hts at the e)2e o( the ha,,' ti,, the -hi,)ren 4ere a,, 2athere) in the -entra, ra)ian-e o( the -han)e,ier' 4hi,e the +ats s<*atte) ro*n) on hoo)e) 4in2s an) 4aite) (or that' too' to +e e3tin2*ishe)# 7Yo* an) Fran-is are on the hi)in2 si)e'7 a ta,, 2ir, sai)' an) then the ,i2ht 4as 2one' an) the -ar1et 4a/ere) *n)er his (eet 4ith the si+i,an-e o( (oot(a,,s' ,i.e sma,, -o,) )ra*2hts' -ree1in2 a4a0 into -orners# 7%here5s Fran-is=7 he 4on)ere)# 7I( I ;oin him he5,, +e ,ess (ri2htene) o( a,, these so*n)s#7 7These so*n)s7 4ere the -asin2 o( si,en-e# The s<*ea. o( a ,oose +oar)' the -a*tio*s -,osin2 o( a -*1+oar) )oor' the 4hine o( a (in2er )ra4n a,on2 1o,ishe) 4oo)# Peter stoo) in the -entre o( the )ar. )eserte) (,oor' not ,istenin2 +*t 4aitin2 (or the i)ea o( his +rother5s 4herea+o*ts to enter his +rain# B*t Fran-is -ro*-he) 4ith (in2ers on his ears' e0es *se,ess,0 -,ose)' min) n*m+e) a2ainst im1ressions' an) on,0 a sense o( strain -o*,) -ross the 2a1 o( )ar.# Then a /oi-e -a,,e) 7Comin2'7 an) as tho*2h his +rother5s se,(91ossession ha) +een shattere) +0 the s*))en -r0' Peter Morton ;*m1e) 4ith his (ear# B*t it 4as not his o4n (ear# %hat in his +rother 4as a +*rnin2 1ani-' a)mittin2 no i)eas e3-e1t those 4hi-h a))e) to the (,ame' 4as in him an a,tr*isti- emotion that ,e(t the reason *nim1aire)# 7%here' i( I 4ere Fran-is' sho*,) I hi)e=7 S*-h' ro*2h,0' 4as his tho*2ht# An) +e-a*se he 4as' i( not Fran-is himse,(' at ,east a mirror to him' the ans4er 4as imme)iate# 7Bet4een the oa. +oo.-ase on the ,e(t o( the st*)0 )oor an) the ,eather settee#7 Peter Morton 4as *ns*r1rise) +0 the s4i(tness o( the res1onse# Bet4een the t4ins there -o*,) +e no ;ar2on o( te,e1ath0# The0 ha) +een to2ether in the 4om+' an) the0 -o*,) not +e 1arte)# Peter Morton ti1toe) to4ar)s Fran-is5s hi)in2 1,a-e# O--asiona,,0 a +oar) ratt,e)' an) +e-a*se he (eare) to +e -a*2ht +0 one o( the so(t <*esters thro*2h the )ar.' he +ent an) *ntie) his ,a-es#

A ta2 str*-. the (,oor an) the meta,,i- so*n) set a host o( -a*tio*s (eet mo/in2 in his )ire-tion# B*t +0 that time he 4as in his sto-.in2s an) 4o*,) ha/e ,a*2he) in4ar),0 at the 1*rs*it ha) not the noise o( someone st*m+,in2 on his a+an)one) shoes ma)e his heart tri1 in the re(,e-tion o( another5s s*r1rise# No more +oar)s re/ea,e) Peter Morton5s 1ro2ress# On sto-.in2e) (eet he mo/e) si,ent,0 an) *nerrin2,0 to4ar)s his o+;e-t# Instin-t to,) him that he 4as near the 4a,,' an)' e3ten)in2 a han)' he ,ai) the (in2ers a-ross his +rother5s (a-e# Fran-is )i) not -r0 o*t' +*t the ,ea1 o( his o4n heart re/ea,e) to Peter a 1ro1ortion o( Fran-is5s terror# 7It5s a,, ri2ht'7 he 4his1ere)' (ee,in2 )o4n the s<*attin2 (i2*re *nti, he -a1t*re) a -,en-he) han)# 7It5s on,0 me# I5,, sta0 4ith 0o*#7 An) 2ras1in2 the other ti2ht,0' he ,istene) to the -as-a)e o( 4his1ers his *tteran-e ha) -a*se) to (a,,# A han) to*-he) the +oo.-ase -,ose to Peter5s hea) an) he 4as a4are o( ho4 Fran-is5s (ear -ontin*e) in s1ite o( his 1resen-e# It 4as ,ess intense' more +eara+,e' he ho1e)' +*t it remaine)# He .ne4 that it 4as his +rother5s (ear an) not his o4n that he e31erien-e)# The )ar. to him 4as on,0 an a+sen-e o( ,i2ht6 the 2ro1in2 han) that o( a (ami,iar -hi,)# Patient,0 he 4aite) to +e (o*n)# He )i) not s1ea. a2ain' (or +et4een Fran-is an) himse,( to*-h 4as the most intimate -omm*nion# B0 4a0 o( ;oine) han)s tho*2ht -o*,) (,o4 more s4i(t,0 than ,i1s -o*,) sha1e themse,/es ro*n) 4or)s# He -o*,) e31erien-e the 4ho,e 1ro2ress o( his +rother5s emotion' (rom the ,ea1 o( 1ani- at the *ne31e-te) -onta-t to the stea)0 1*,se o( (ear' 4hi-h no4 4ent on an) on 4ith the re2*,arit0 o( a heart9 +eat# Peter Morton tho*2ht 4ith intensit0' 7I am here# Yo* nee)n5t +e a(rai)# The ,i2hts 4i,, 2o on a2ain soon# That r*st,e' that mo/ement is nothin2 to (ear# On,0 !o0-e' on,0 Ma+e, %arren#7 He +om+ar)e) the )roo1in2 (orm 4ith tho*2hts o( sa(et0' +*t he 4as -ons-io*s that the (ear -ontin*e)# 7The0 are +e2innin2 to 4his1er to2ether# The0 are tire) o( ,oo.in2 (or *s# The ,i2hts 4i,, 2o on soon# %e sha,, ha/e 4on# Don5t +e a(rai)# That 4as on,0 someone on the stairs# I +e,ie/e it5s Mrs# Henne9Fa,-on# "isten# The0 are (ee,in2 (or the ,i2hts#7 Feet mo/in2 on a -ar1et' han)s +r*shin2 a 4a,,' a -*rtain 1*,,e) a1art' a -,i-.in2 han),e' the o1enin2 o( a -*1+oar) )oor# In the -ase a+o/e their hea)s a ,oose +oo. shi(te) *n)er a to*-h# 7On,0 !o0-e' on,0 Ma+e, %arren' on,0 Mrs# Henne9Fa,-on'7 a -res-en)o o( reass*rin2 tho*2ht +e(ore the -han)e,ier +*rst' ,i.e a (r*it tree' into +,oom# The /oi-es o( the -hi,)ren Rose shri,,0 into the ra)ian-e# 7%here5s Peter=7 7Ha/e 0o* ,oo.e) *1stairs=7 7%here5s Fran-is=7 +*t the0 4ere si,en-e) a2ain +0 Mrs# Henne9Fa,-on5s s-ream# B*t she 4as not the (irst to noti-e Fran-is Morton5s sti,,ness' 4here he ha) -o,,a1se) a2ainst the 4a,, at the to*-h o( his +rother5s han)# Peter -ontin*e) to ho,) the -,en-he) (in2ers in an ari) an) 1*88,e) 2rie(# It 4as not mere,0 that his +rother 4as )ea)# His +rain' too 0o*n2 to rea,i8e the (*,, 1ara)o3' 0et 4on)ere) 4ith an o+s-*re se,(91it0 4h0 it 4as that the 1*,se o( his +rother5s (ear 4ent on an) on' 4hen Fran-is 4as no4 4here he ha) +een a,4a0s to,) there 4as no more terror an) no more )ar.ness# 1A2A

I S10 Char,ie Sto4e 4aite) *nti, he hear) his mother snore +e(ore he 2ot o*t o( +e)# E/en then he mo/e) 4ith -a*tion an) ti1toe) to the 4in)o4# The (ront o( the ho*se 4as irre2*,ar' so that it 4as 1ossi+,e to see a ,i2ht +*rnin2 in his mother5s room# B*t no4 a,, the 4in)o4s 4ere )ar.# A sear-h,i2ht 1asse) a-ross the s.0' ,i2htin2 the +an.s o( -,o*) an) 1ro+in2 the )ar. )ee1 s1a-es +et4een' see.in2

enem0 airshi1s# The 4in) +,e4 (rom the sea' an) Char,ie Sto4e -o*,) hear +ehin) his mother5s snores the +eatin2 o( the 4a/es# A )ra*2ht thro*2h the -ra-.s in the 4in)o49(rame stirre) his ni2htshirt# Char,ie Sto4e 4as (ri2htene)# B*t the tho*2ht o( the to+a--onist5s sho1 4hi-h his (ather .e1t )o4n a )o8en 4oo)en stairs )re4 him on# He 4as t4e,/e 0ears o,)' an) a,rea)0 +o0s at the Co*nt0 S-hoo, mo-.e) him +e-a*se he ha) ne/er smo.e) a -i2arette# The 1a-.ets 4ere 1i,e) t4e,/e )ee1 +e,o4' Go,) F,a.e an) P,a0ers' De Res8.e' A+)*,,a' %oo)+ines' an) the ,itt,e sho1 ,a0 *n)er a thin ha8e o( sta,e smo.e 4hi-h 4o*,) -om1,ete,0 )is2*ise his -rime# That it 4as a -rime to stea, some o( his (ather5s sto-. Char,ie Sto4e ha) no )o*+t' +*t he )i) not ,o/e his (ather6 his (ather 4as *nrea, to him' a 4raith' 1a,e' thin' an) in)e(inite' 4ho noti-e) him on,0 s1asmo)i-a,,0 an) ,e(t e/en 1*nishment to his mother# For his mother he (e,t a 1assionate )emonstrati/e ,o/e6 her ,ar2e +oistero*s 1resen-e an) her nois0 -harit0 (i,,e) the 4or,) (or him6 (rom her s1ee-h he ;*)2e) her the (rien) o( e/er0one' (rom the re-tor5s 4i(e to the 7)ear >*een'7 e3-e1t the 7H*ns'7 the monsters 4ho ,*r.e) in Ee11e,ins in the -,o*)s# B*t his (ather5s a((e-tion an) )is,i.e 4ere as in)e(inite as his mo/ements# Toni2ht he ha) sai) he 4o*,) +e in Nor4i-h' an) 0et 0o* ne/er .ne4# Char,ie Sto4e ha) no sense o( sa(et0 as he -re1t )o4n the 4oo)en stairs# %hen the0 -rea.e) he -,en-he) his (in2ers on the -o,,ar o( his ni2htshirt# At the +ottom o( the stairs he -ame o*t <*ite s*))en,0 into the ,itt,e sho1# It 4as too )ar. to see his 4a0' an) he )i) not )are to*-h the s4it-h# For ha,( a min*te he sat in )es1air on the +ottom ste1 4ith his -hin -*11e) in his han)s# Then the re2*,ar mo/ement o( the sear-h,i2ht 4as re(,e-te) thro*2h an *11er 4in)o4 an) the +o0 ha) time to (i3 in memor0 the 1i,e o( -i2arettes' the -o*nter' an) the sma,, ho,e *n)er it# The (ootste1s o( a 1o,i-eman on the 1a/ement ma)e him 2ra+ the (irst to his han) an) )i/e (or the ho,e# A ,i2ht shone a,on2 the (,oor an) a han) trie) the )oor' then the (ootste1s 1asse) on' an) Char,ie -o4ere) in the )ar.ness# At ,ast he 2ot his -o*ra2e +a-. +0 te,,in2 himse,( in his -*rio*s,0 a)*,t 4a0 that i( he 4ere -a*2ht no4 there 4as nothin2 to +e )one a+o*t it' an) he mi2ht as 4e,, ha/e his smo.e# He 1*t a -i2arette in his mo*th an) then remem+ere) that he ha) no mat-hes# For a 4hi,e he )are) not mo/e# Three times the sear-h,i2ht ,it the sho1' 4hi,e he m*ttere) ta*nts an) en-o*ra2ements# 7Ma0 as 4e,, +e h*n2 (or a shee1'7 7Co4ar)0' -o4ar)0 -*star)'7 2ro4n9*1 an) -hi,)ish e3hortations o)),0 mi3e)# B*t as he mo/e) he hear) (oot(a,,s in the street' the so*n) o( se/era, men 4a,.in2 ra1i),0# Char,ie Sto4e 4as o,) eno*2h to (ee, s*r1rise that an0+o)0 4as a+o*t# The (ootste1s -ame nearer' sto11e)6 a .e0 4as t*rne) in the sho1 )oor' a /oi-e sai)' 7"et him in'7 an) then he hear) his (ather' 7I( 0o* 4o*,)n5t min) +ein2 <*iet' 2ent,emen# I )on5t 4ant to 4a.e *1 the (ami,0#7 There 4as a note *n(ami,iar to Char,ie in the *n)e-i)e) /oi-e# A tor-h (,ashe) an) the e,e-tri2,o+e +*rst into +,*e ,i2ht# The +o0 he,) his +reath6 he 4on)ere) 4hether his (ather 4o*,) hear his heart +eatin2' an) he -,*t-he) his ni2htshirt ti2ht,0 an) 1ra0e)' 7O Go)' )on5t ,et me +e -a*2ht#7 Thro*2h a -ra-. in the -o*nter he -o*,) see his (ather 4here he stoo)' one han) he,) to his hi2h sti(( -o,,ar' +et4een t4o men in +o4,er hats an) +e,te) ma-.intoshes# The0 4ere stran2ers# 7Ha/e a -i2arette'7 his (ather sai) in a /oi-e )r0 as a +is-*it# One o( the men shoo. his hea)# 7It 4o*,)n5t )o' not 4hen 4e are on )*t0# Than. 0o* a,, the same#7 He s1o.e 2ent,0' +*t 4itho*t .in)ness6 Char,ie Sto4e tho*2ht his (ather m*st +e i,,# 7Min) i( I 1*t a (e4 in m0 Mr# Sto4e as.e)' an) 4hen the man no))e) he ,i(te) a 1i,e o( Go,) F,a.e an) P,a0ers (rom a she,( an) -aresse) the 1a-.ets 4ith the ti1s o( his (in2ers# 7%e,,'7 he sai)' 7there5s nothin2 to +e )one a+o*t it' an) I ma0 as 4e,, ha/e m0 For a moment Char,ie Sto4e (eare) )is-o/er0' his (ather stare) ro*n) the sho1 so thoro*2h,06 he mi2ht ha/e +een seein2 it (or the (irst time# 7It5s a 2oo) ,itt,e +*siness'7 he sai)' 7(or those that ,i.e it# The 4i(e 4i,, se,, o*t' I s*11ose# E,se the nei2h+o*rs5,, +e 4re-.in2 it# %e,,' 0o* 4ant to +e

o((# A stit-h in time# I5,, 2et m0 -oat#7 7One o( *s5,, -ome 4ith 0o*' i( 0o* )on5t min)'7 sai) the stran2er 2ent,0# 7Yo* nee)n5t tro*+,e# It5s on the 1e2 here# There' I5m a,, rea)0#7 The other man sai) in an em+arrasse) 4a0: 7Don5t 0o* 4ant to s1ea. to 0o*r 4i(e=7 The thin /oi-e 4as )e-i)e)# 7Not me# Ne/er )o to)a0 4hat 0o* -an 1*t o(( ti,, tomorro4# She5,, ha/e her -han-e ,ater' 4on5t she=7 7Yes' 0es'7 one o( the stran2ers sai) an) he +e-ame /er0 -heer(*, an) en-o*ra2in2# 7Don5t 0o* 4orr0 too m*-h# %hi,e there5s ,i(e###7 An) s*))en,0 his (ather trie) to ,a*2h# %hen the )oor ha) -,ose) Char,ie Sto4e ti1toe) *1stairs an) 2ot into +e)# He 4on)ere) 4h0 his (ather ha) ,e(t the ho*se a2ain so ,ate at ni2ht an) 4ho the stran2ers 4ere# S*r1rise an) a4e .e1t him (or a ,itt,e 4hi,e a4a.e# It 4as as i( a (ami,iar 1hoto2ra1h ha) ste11e) (rom the (rame to re1roa-h him 4ith ne2,e-t# He remem+ere) ho4 his (ather ha) he,) ti2ht to his -o,,ar an) (orti(ie) himse,( 4ith 1ro/er+s' an) he tho*2ht (or the (irst time that' 4hi,e his mother 4as +oistero*s an) .in),0' his (ather 4as /er0 ,i.e himse,(' )oin2 thin2s in the )ar. 4hi-h (ri2htene) him# It 4o*,) ha/e 1,ease) him to 2o )o4n to his (ather an) te,, him that he ,o/e) him' +*t he -o*,) hear thro*2h the 4in)o4 the <*i-. ste1s 2oin2 a4a0# He 4as a,one in the ho*se 4ith his mother' an) he (e,, as,ee1# 1A?H

The Inno-ent It 4as a mista.e to ta.e "o,a there' I .ne4 it the moment 4e a,i2hte) (rom the train at the sma,, -o*ntr0 station# On an a*t*mn e/enin2 one remem+ers more o( -hi,)hoo) than at an0 other time o( 0ear' an) her +ri2ht /eneere) (a-e' the sma,, +a2 4hi-h har),0 1reten)e) to -ontain o*r 7thin2s7 (or the ni2ht' sim1,0 )i)n5t 2o 4ith the o,) 2rain 4areho*se a-ross the sma,, -ana,' the (e4 ,i2hts *1 the hi,,' the 1osters o( an an-ient (i,m# B*t she sai)' 7"et5s 2o into the -o*ntr0'7 an) Bisho15s Hen)ron 4as' o( -o*rse' the (irst name 4hi-h -ame into m0 hea)# No+o)0 4o*,) .no4 me there no4' an) it ha)n5t o--*rre) to me that it 4o*,) +e I 4ho remem+ere)# E/en the o,) 1orter to*-he) a -hor)# I sai)' 7There5,, +e a (o*r94hee,er at the entran-e'7 an) there 4as' tho*2h at (irst I )i)n5t noti-e it' seein2 the t4o ta3is an) thin.in2' 7The o,) 1,a-e is -omin2 on#7 It 4as /er0 )ar.' an) the thin a*t*mn mist' the sme,, o( 4et ,ea/es an) -ana, 4ater 4ere )ee1,0 (ami,iar# "o,a sai)' 7B*t 4h0 )i) 0o* -hoose this 1,a-e= It5s 2rim#7 It 4as no *se e31,ainin2 to her 4h0 it 4asn5t 2rim to me' that that san) hea1 +0 the -ana, ha) a,4a0s +een there C4hen I 4as three I remem+er thin.in2 it 4as 4hat other 1eo1,e meant +0 the seasi)eD# I too. the +a2 CI5/e sai) it 4as ,i2ht6 it 4as sim1,0 a (or2e) 1ass1ort o( res1e-ta+i,it0D an) sai) 4e5) 4a,.# %e -ame *1 o/er the ,itt,e h*m1+a-.e) +ri)2e an) 1asse) the a,msho*ses# %hen I 4as (i/e I sa4 a mi)),e9a2e) man r*n into one to -ommit s*i-i)e6 he -arrie) a .ni(e' an) a,, the nei2h+o*rs 1*rs*e) him *1 the stairs# She sai)' 7I ne/er tho*2ht the -o*ntr0 4as ,i.e this#7 The0 4ere *2,0 a,msho*ses' ,itt,e 2re0 stone +o3es' +*t I .ne4 them as I .ne4 nothin2 e,se# It 4as ,i.e ,istenin2 to m*si-' a,, that 4a,.# B*t I ha) to sa0 somethin2 to "o,a# It 4asn5t her (a*,t that she )i)n5t +e,on2 here# %e 1asse) the s-hoo,' the -h*r-h' an) -ame ro*n) into the o,) 4i)e Hi2h Street an) the sense o( the (irst t4e,/e 0ears o( ,i(e# I( I ha)n5t -ome' I sho*,)n5t ha/e .no4n that sense 4o*,) +e so stron2' +e-a*se those 0ears ha)n5t +een 1arti-*,ar,0 ha110 or 1arti-*,ar,0 misera+,e: the0 ha) +een or)inar0 0ears' +*t no4 4ith the sme,, o( 4oo) (ires' o( the -o,) stri.in2 *1 (rom the )ar. )am1 1a/in2 stones' I tho*2ht I .ne4 4hat it 4as that he,) me# It 4as the sme,, o(

inno-en-e# I sai) to "o,a' 7It5s a 2oo) inn' an) there5,, +e nothin2 here' 0o*5,, see' to .ee1 *s *1# %e5,, ha/e )inner an) )rin.s an) 2o to +e)#7 B*t the 4orst o( it 4as that I -o*,)n5t he,1 4ishin2 that I 4ere a,one# I ha)n5t +een +a-. a,, these 0ears6 I ha)n5t rea,i8e) ho4 4e,, I remem+ere) the 1,a-e# Thin2s I5) <*ite (or2otten' ,i.e that san) hea1' 4ere -omin2 +a-. 4ith an e((e-t o( 1athos an) nosta,2ia# I -o*,) ha/e +een /er0 ha110 that ni2ht in a me,an-ho,0' a*t*mna, 4a0 4an)erin2 a+o*t the ,itt,e to4n' 1i-.in2 *1 -,*es to that time o( ,i(e 4hen' ho4e/er misera+,e 4e are' 4e ha/e e31e-tations# It 4o*,)n5t +e the same i( I -ame +a-. a2ain' (or then there 4o*,) +e the memories o( "o,a' an) "o,a meant ;*st nothin2 at a,,# %e ha) ha11ene) to 1i-. ea-h other *1 at a +ar the )a0 +e(ore an) ,i.e) ea-h other# "o,a 4as a,, ri2ht' there 4as no one I 4o*,) rather s1en) the ni2ht 4ith' +*t she )i)n5t (it in 4ith these memories# %e o*2ht to ha/e 2one to Mai)enhea)# That5s -o*ntr0 too# The inn 4as not <*ite 4here I remem+ere) it# There 4as the To4n Ha,,' +*t the0 ha) +*i,t a ne4 -inema 4ith a Moorish )ome an) a -a(' an) there 4as a 2ara2e 4hi-h ha)n5t e3iste) in m0 time# I ha) (or2otten too the t*rnin2 to the ,e(t *1 a stee1' /i,,ae) hi,,# 7I )on5t +e,ie/e that roa) 4as there in m0 )a0'7 I sai)# 7Yo*r )a0=7 "o,a as.e)# 7Di)n5t I te,, 0o*= I 4as +orn here#7 7Yo* m*st 2et a .i-. o*t o( +rin2in2 me here'7 "o,a sai)# 7I s*11ose 0o* *se) to thin. o( ni2hts ,i.e this 4hen 0o* 4ere a +o0#7 7Yes'7 I sai)' +e-a*se it 4asn5t her (a*,t# She 4as a,, ri2ht# I ,i.e) her s-ent# She *se) a 2oo) sha)e o( ,i1sti-.# It 4as -ostin2 me a ,ot' a (i/er (or "o,a an) then a,, the +i,,s an) (ares an) )rin.s' +*t I5) ha/e tho*2ht it mone0 4e,, s1ent an04here e,se in the 4or,)# I ,in2ere) at the +ottom o( that roa)# Somethin2 4as stirrin2 in the min)' +*t I )on5t thin. I sho*,) ha/e remem+ere) 4hat' i( a -ro4) o( -hi,)ren ha)n5t -ome )o4n the hi,, at that moment into the (rost0 ,am1,i2ht' their /oi-es shar1 an) shri,,' their +reath (*min2 as the0 1asse) *n)er the ,am1s# The0 a,, -arrie) ,inen +a2s' an) some o( the +a2s 4ere em+roi)ere) 4ith initia,s# The0 4ere in their +est -,othes an) a ,itt,e se,(9-ons-io*s# The sma,, 2ir,s .e1t to themse,/es in a .in) o( -om1a-t' +e,ea2*ere) 2ro*1' an) one tho*2ht o( hair ri++ons an) shinin2 shoes an) the se)ate tin.,e o( a 1iano# It a,, -ame +a-. to me: the0 ha) +een to a )an-in2 ,esson' ;*st as I *se) to 2o' to a sma,, s<*are ho*se 4ith a )ri/e o( rho)o)en)rons ha,(4a0 *1 the hi,,# More than e/er I 4ishe) that "o,a 4ere not 4ith me' ,ess than e/er )i) she (it' as I tho*2ht 7somethin25s missin2 (rom the 1i-t*re'7 an) a sense o( 1ain 2,o4e) )*,,0 at the +ottom o( m0 +rain# %e ha) se/era, )rin.s at the +ar' +*t there 4as ha,( an ho*r +e(ore the0 4o*,) a2ree to ser/e )inner# I sai) to "o,a' 7Yo* )on5t 4ant to )ra2 ro*n) this to4n# I( 0o* )on5t min)' I5,, ;*st s,i1 o*t (or ten min*tes an) ,oo. at a 1,a-e I *se) to .no4#7 She )i)n5t min)# There 4as a ,o-a, man' 1erha1s a s-hoo,master' at the +ar sim1,0 ,on2in2 to stan) her a )rin.: I -o*,) see ho4 he en/ie) me' -omin2 )o4n 4ith her ,i.e this (rom to4n ;*st (or a ni2ht# I 4a,.e) *1 the hi,,# The (irst ho*ses 4ere a,, ne4# I resente) them# The0 hi) thin2s ,i.e (ie,)s an) 2ates I mi2ht ha/e remem+ere)# It 4as ,i.e a ma1 4hi-h ha) 2ot 4et in the an) 1ie-es ha) st*-. to2ether6 4hen 0o* o1ene) it there 4ere 4ho,e 1at-hes hi))en# B*t ha,(4a0 *1' there the ho*se rea,,0 4as' the )ri/e6 1erha1s the same o,) ,a)0 4as 2i/in2 ,essons# Chi,)ren e3a22erate a2e# She ma0 not in those )a0s ha/e +een more than thirt09(i/e# I -o*,) hear the 1iano# She 4as (o,,o4in2 the same ro*tine# Chi,)ren *n)er ei2ht' B9I P#M# Chi,)ren ei2ht to thirteen' I9G# I o1ene) the 2ate an) 4ent in a ,itt,e 4a0# I 4as tr0in2 to remem+er# I )on5t .no4 4hat +ro*2ht it +a-.# I thin. it 4as sim1,0 the a*t*mn' the -o,)' the 4et (rostin2 ,ea/es' rather than the 1iano' 4hi-h ha) 1,a0e) )i((erent t*nes in those )a0s# I remem+ere) the sma,, 2ir, as 4e,, as one remem+ers an0one 4itho*t a 1hoto2ra1h to re(er to# She 4as a 0ear o,)er than I 4as: she m*st ha/e

+een ;*st on the 1oint o( ei2ht# I ,o/e) her 4ith an intensit0 I ha/e ne/er (e,t sin-e' I +e,ie/e' (or an0one# At ,east I ha/e ne/er ma)e the mista.e o( ,a*2hin2 at -hi,)ren5s ,o/e# It has a terri+,e ine/ita+i,it0 o( se1aration +e-a*se there -an +e no satis(a-tion# O( -o*rse one in/ents ta,es o( ho*ses on (ire' o( 4ar an) (or,orn -har2es 4hi-h 1ro/e one5s -o*ra2e in her e0es' +*t ne/er o( marria2e# One .no4s 4itho*t +ein2 to,) that that -an5t ha11en' +*t the .no4,e)2e )oesn5t mean that one s*((ers ,ess# I remem+ere) a,, the 2ames o( +,in)9man5s9+*(( at +irth)a0 1arties 4hen I /ain,0 ho1e) to -at-h her' so that I mi2ht ha/e the e3-*se to to*-h an) ho,) her' +*t I ne/er -a*2ht her6 she a,4a0s .e1t o*t o( m0 4a0# B*t on-e a 4ee. (or t4o 4inters I ha) m0 -han-e: I )an-e) 4ith her# That ma)e it 4orse Cit 4as -*ttin2 o(( o*r on,0 -onta-tD 4hen she to,) me )*rin2 one o( the ,ast ,essons o( the 4inter that ne3t 0ear she 4o*,) ;oin the o,)er -,ass# She ,i.e) me too' I .ne4 it' +*t 4e ha) no 4a0 o( e31ressin2 it# I *se) to 2o to her +irth)a0 1arties an) she 4o*,) -ome to mine' +*t 4e ne/er e/en ran home to2ether a(ter the )an-in2 -,ass# It 4o*,) ha/e seeme) o))6 I )on5t thin. it o--*rre) to *s# I ha) to ;oin m0 o4n +oistero*s teasin2 ma,e -om1anions' an) she the +esie2e)' the h*st,e)' the shri,,0 in)i2nant se3 on the 4a0 )o4n the hi,,# I shi/ere) there in the mist an) t*rne) m0 -oat -o,,ar *1# The 1iano 4as 1,a0in2 a )an-e (rom an o,) C# B# Co-hran re/*e# It seeme) a ,on2 ;o*rne0 to ha/e ta.en to (in) on,0 "o,a at the en) o( it# There is somethin2 a+o*t inno-en-e one is ne/er <*ite resi2ne) to ,ose# No4 4hen I am *nha110 a+o*t a 2ir,' I -an sim1,0 2o an) +*0 another one# Then the +est I -o*,) thin. o( 4as to 4rite some 1assionate messa2e an) s,i1 it into a ho,e Cit 4as e3traor)inar0 ho4 I +e2an to remem+er e/er0thin2D in the 4oo)4or. o( the 2ate# I ha) on-e to,) her a+o*t the ho,e' an) sooner or ,ater I 4as s*re she 4o*,) 1*t in her (in2ers an) (in) the messa2e# I 4on)ere) 4hat the messa2e -o*,) ha/e +een# One 4asn5t a+,e to e31ress m*-h' I tho*2ht' in those )a0s6 +*t +e-a*se the e31ression 4as ina)e<*ate' it )i)n5t mean that the 1ain 4as sha,,o4er than 4hat one sometimes s*((ere) no4# I remem+ere) ho4 (or )a0s I ha) (e,t in the ho,e an) a,4a0s (o*n) the messa2e there# Then the )an-in2 ,essons sto11e)# Pro+a+,0 +0 the ne3t 4inter I ha) (or2otten# As I 4ent o*t o( the 2ate I ,oo.e) to see i( the ho,e e3iste)# It 4as there# I 1*t in m0 (in2er' an)' in its sa(e she,ter (rom the seasons an) the 0ears' the s-ra1 o( 1a1er reste) 0et# I 1*,,e) it o*t an) o1ene) it# Then I str*-. a mat-h' a tin0 2,o4 o( heat in the mist an) )ar.# It 4as a sho-. to see +0 its )imin*ti/e (,ame a 1i-t*re o( -r*)e o+s-enit0# There -o*,) +e no mista.e6 there 4ere m0 initia,s +e,o4 the -hi,)ish' ina--*rate o( a man an) 4oman# B*t it 4o.e (e4er memories than the (*me o( +reath' the ,inen +a2s' a )am1 ,ea(' or the 1i,e o( san)# I )i)n5t re-o2ni8e it6 it mi2ht ha/e +een )ra4n +0 a )irt0min)e) stran2er on a ,a/ator0 4a,,# A,, I -o*,) remem+er 4as the 1*rit0' the intensit0' the 1ain o( that 1assion# I (e,t at (irst as i( I ha) +een +etra0e)# 7A(ter a,,'7 I to,) m0se,(' 7"o,a5s not so m*-h o*t o( 1,a-e here#7 B*t ,ater that ni2ht' 4hen "o,a t*rne) a4a0 (rom me an) (e,, as,ee1' I +e2an to rea,i8e the )ee1 inno-en-e o( that )ra4in2# I ha) +e,ie/e) I 4as )ra4in2 somethin2 4ith a meanin2 *ni<*e an) +ea*ti(*,6 it 4as on,0 no4 a(ter thirt0 0ears o( ,i(e that the 1i-t*re seeme) o+s-ene# 1A?I

A Dri/e in the Co*ntr0 As e/er0 other ni2ht she ,istene) to her (ather 2oin2 ro*n) the ho*se' ,o-.in2 the )oors an) 4in)o4s# He 4as hea) -,er. at Ber2son5s E31ort A2en-0' an) ,0in2 in +e)

she 4o*,) thin. 4ith )is,i.e that his home 4as ,i.e his o((i-e' r*n on the same ,ines' its sa(et0 1reser/e) 4ith the same meti-*,o*s -are' so that he -o*,) 1resent a (aith(*, ste4ar)5s a--o*nt to the mana2in29)ire-tor# Re2*,ar,0 e/er0 S*n)a0 he 1resente) the a--o*nt' a--om1anie) +0 his 4i(e an) t4o )a*2hters' in the ,itt,e neo9Gothi- -h*r-h in Par. Roa)# The0 a,4a0s ha) the same 1e4' the0 4ere a,4a0s (i/e min*tes ear,0' an) her (ather san2 ,o*),0 4ith no sense o( t*ne' ho,)in2 an o*t9si8e 1ra0er +oo. on the ,e/e, o( his e0es# 7Sin2in2 son2s o( e3*,tation799he 4as 1resentin2 the 4ee.5s a--o*nt Cone ho*seho,) )*,0 sa(e2*ar)e)D997mar-hin2 to the Promise) "an)#7 %hen the0 -ame o*t o( -h*r-h' she ,oo.e) -are(*,,0 a4a0 (rom the -orner +0 the Bri-.,a0ers5 Arms 4here Fre) a,4a0s stoo)' a ,itt,e ,it +e-a*se the Arms ha) +een o1en (or ha,( an ho*r' 4ith his air o( *n+a,an-e) e3*,tation# She ,istene): the +a-. )oor -,ose)' she -o*,) hear the -at-h o( the .it-hen 4in)o4 -,i-.' an) the rest,ess 1a) o( his (eet 2oin2 +a-. to tr0 the (ront )oor# It 4asn5t on,0 the o*tsi)e )oors he ,o-.e): he ,o-.e) the em1t0 rooms' the +athroom' the ,a/ator0# He 4as ,o-.in2 somethin2 o*t' +*t o+/io*s,0 it 4as somethin2 -a1a+,e o( 1enetratin2 his (irst )e(en-es# He raise) his se-on) ,ine a,, the 4a0 *1 to +e)# She ,ai) her ear a2ainst the thin 4a,,' o( the ;err09+*i,t /i,,a an) -o*,) hear the (aint /oi-es (rom the nei2h+o*rin2 room6 as she ,istene) the0 -ame -,earer as tho*2h she 4ere t*rnin2 the s-re4 o( a 4ire,ess set# Her mother sai) 7### mar2arine in the -oo.in2###7 an) her (ather sai) 7### m*-h easier in (i(teen 0ears#7 Then the +e) -rea.e) an) there 4ere )im so*n)s o( ten)erness an) -om(ort +et4een the t4o mi)),e9a2e) stran2ers in the ne3t room# In (i(teen 0ears' she tho*2ht *nha11i,0' the ho*se 4i,, +e his6 he ha) 1ai) t4ent09(i/e 1o*n)s )o4n an) the rest he 4as 1a0in2 month +0 month as rent# 7O( -o*rse'7 he 4as in the ha+it o( sa0in2 a(ter a 2oo) mea,' 7I5/e im1ro/e) the 1ro1ert0'7 an) he e31e-te) at ,east one o( them to (o,,o4 him into his st*)0# 7I5/e 4ire) this room (or 1o4er'7 he 1a))e) +a-. 1ast the ,itt,e )o4nstairs ,a/ator0' 7this ra)iator'7 the (ina, stro.e o( satis(a-tion' 7the 2ar)en'7 an) i( it 4as a (ine e/enin2 he 4o*,) (,in2 the (ren-h 4in)o4 o( the )inin29room o1en on the ,itt,e -ar1et o( 2rass as -are(*,,0 .e1t as a -o,,e2e ,a4n# 7A 1i,e o( +ri-.s'7 he5) sa0' 7that5s a,, it 4as#7 Fi/e 0ears o( Sat*r)a0 a(ternoons an) (ine S*n)a0s ha) 2one into the 1at-h o( t*r(' the s*rro*n)in2 (,o4er9+e)' the one a11,e tree 4hi-h re2*,ar,0 1ro)*-e) one -rimson taste,ess a11,e more ea-h 0ear# 7Yes'7 he sai)' 7I5/e im1ro/e) the 1ro1ert0'7 ,oo.in2 ro*n) (or a nai, to )ri/e in' a 4ee) to +e *1roote)# 7I( 4e ha) to se,, no4' 4e sho*,) 2et more than I5/e 1ai) +a-. (rom the so-iet0#7 It 4as more than a sense o( 1ro1ert0' it 4as a sense o( honest0# Some 1eo1,e 4ho +o*2ht their ho*ses thro*2h the so-iet0 ,et them 2o to ra-. an) r*in an) then -,eare) o*t# She stoo) 4ith her ear a2ainst the 4a,,' a sma,,' )ar.' (*rio*s' immat*re (i2*re# There 4as no more to +e hear) (rom the other room6 +*t in her inner ear she sti,, hear) the -hor*s o( a 1ro1ert0 o4ner' the ta19ta1 o( a hammer' the s-ra1e o( a s1a)e' the 4hist,e o( ra)iator steam' a .e0 t*rnin2' a +o,t 1*she) home' the ,itt,e tri/ia, so*n)s o( men +*i,)in2 +arri-a)es# She stoo) 1,annin2 her trea-her0# It 4as a <*arter91ast ten6 she ha) an ho*r in 4hi-h to ,ea/e the ho*se' +*t it )i) not ta.e so ,on2# There 4as rea,,0 nothin2 to (ear# The0 ha) 1,a0e) their *s*a, r*++er o( three9han)e) +ri)2e 4hi,e her sister a,tere) a )ress (or the ,o-a, ho1 ne3t ni2ht6 a(ter the r*++er she ha) +oi,e) a .ett,e an) +ro*2ht in a 1ot o( tea6 then she ha) (i,,e) the hot94ater +ott,es an) 1*t them in the +e)s 4hi,e her (ather ,o-.e) *1# He ha) no i)ea 4hate/er that she 4as an enem0# She 1*t on a hat an) a hea/0 -oat +e-a*se it 4as sti,, -o,) at ni2ht6 the s1rin2 4as ,ate that 0ear' as her (ather -ommente)' 4at-hin2 (or the +*)s on the a11,e tree# She )i)n5t 1a-. a s*it-ase6 that 4o*,) ha/e remin)e) her too m*-h o( 4ee.9en)s at the sea' a (ami,0 e31e)ition to Osten) (rom a,, o( 4hi-h one ret*rne)6 she 4ante) to mat-h the o)) re-.,ess <*a,it0 o( Fre)5s min)# This time she 4asn5t 2oin2 to ret*rn# She 4ent so(t,0 )o4nstairs into the ,itt,e -ro4)e)

ha,,' *n,o-.e) the )oor# A,, 4as <*iet *1stairs' an) she -,ose) the )oor +ehin) her# She 4as to*-he) +0 a (aint (ee,in2 o( 2*i,t +e-a*se she -o*,)n5t ,o-. it (rom the o*tsi)e# B*t it ha) /anishe) +0 the time she rea-he) the en) o( the -ra80 1a/e) 1ath an) t*rne) to the ,e(t )o4n the roa) 4hi-h a(ter (i/e 0ears 4as sti,, ha,(9ma)e' 1ast the 2a1s +et4een the /i,,as 4here the 4o*n)e) (ie,)s remaine) 2rim,0 a,i/e in the (orm o( thin 2rass an) hea1s o( -,a0 an) )an)e,ions# She 4a,.e) (ast' 1assin2 a ,on2 ,ine o( ,itt,e 2ara2es ,i.e the 2ra/es in a Port*2*ese -emeter0 4here the -o((in ,ies (or e/er +e,o4 the (a)in2 1hoto2ra1h o( its o--*1ant# The -o,) ni2ht air to*-he) her 4ith e3hi,aration# She 4as rea)0 (or an0thin2' as she t*rne) +0 the Be,isha +ea-on into the sh*ttere) sho11in2 street6 she 4as ,i.e a re-r*it in the (irst months o( a 4ar# The -hoi-e ma)e' she -o*,) s*rren)er her 4i,, to the stran2e' the e3hi,aratin2' the 2i2anti- e/ent# Fre)' as he ha) 1romise)' 4as at the -orner 4here the roa) t*rne) )o4n to4ar)s the -h*r-h6 she -o*,) taste the s1irit on his ,i1s as the0 .isse)' an) she 4as satis(ie) that no one e,se -o*,) ha/e so a)e<*ate,0 mat-he) the o--asion6 his (a-e 4as +ri2ht an) re-.,ess in the ,am1,i2ht' he 4as as e3-itin2 an) stran2e to her as the a)/ent*re# He too. her arm an) ran her into a +,in) *n,i2hte) a,,e0' then ,e(t her (or a moment *nti, t4o hea),am1s +eame) so(t,0 at her o*t o( the -a/ern# She -rie) 4ith astonishment' 7Yo*5/e 2ot a -ar=7 an) (e,t the ;er. o( his ner/o*s han) *r2in2 her to4ar)s it# 7Yes'7 he sai)' 7)o 0o* ,i.e it=7 2rin)in2 into se-on) 2ear' -han2in2 -,*msi,0 into to1 as the0 -ame o*t +et4een the sh*ttere) 4in)o4s# She sai)' 7It5s ,o/e,0# "et5s )ri/e a ,on2 4a0#7 7%e 4i,,'7 he sai)' 4at-hin2 the s1ee)ometer nee),e 2o <*i/erin2 to (ort09 (i/e# 7Does it mean 0o*5/e 2ot a ;o+=7 7There are no ;o+s'7 he sai)' 7the0 )on5t e3ist an0 more than the Do)o# Di) 0o* see that +ir)=7 he as.e) shar1,0' t*rnin2 his hea),i2hts (*,, on as the0 1asse) the t*rnin2 to the ho*sin2 estate an) <*ite s*))en,0 -ame o*t into the -o*ntr0 +et4een a -a( C7Dra4 in here7D' a +ootsho1 C7B*0 the shoes 4orn +0 0o*r (a/o*rite (i,m star7D' an) an *n)erta.er5s 4ith a ,ar2e 4hite an2e, ,it +0 a neon ,i2ht# 7I )i)n5t see an0 +ir)#7 7Not (,0in2 at the 4in)s-reen=7 7No#7 7I near,0 hit it'7 he sai)# 7It 4o*,) ha/e ma)e a mess# Ba) as those (e,,o4s 4ho r*n someone )o4n an) )on5t sto1# Sho*,) 4e sto1=7 he as.e)' t*rnin2 o*t his s4it-h+oar) ,i2ht so that the0 -o*,)n5t see the nee),e /i+rate )o4n4ar)s to si3t0# 7%hate/er 0o* sa0'7 she sai)' sittin2 )ee1 in a re-.,ess )ream# 7Yo* 2oin2 to ,o/e me toni2ht=7 7O( -o*rse I am#7 7Ne/er 2oin2 +a-. there=7 7No'7 she sai)' a+;*rin2 the ta1 o( hammer' the -,i-. o( ,at-h' the 1a) o( s,i11ere) (eet ma.in2 the ro*n)s# 7%ant to .no4 4here 4e are 2oin2=7 7No#7 A ,itt,e (,at -ar)+oar) -o1se ran (or4ar) into the 2reen ,i2ht an) )ar.,0 +0# A ra++it t*rne) its s-*t an) /anishe) into a he)2e# He sai)' 7Ha/e 0o* an0 mone0=7 7Ha,( a -ro4n#7 7Do 0o* ,o/e me=7 For a ,on2 time she e31en)e) on his ,i1s a,, she ha) 1atient,0 ha) to .ee1 in reser/e' ,oo.in2 the other 4a0 on S*n)a0 mornin2s' sa0in2 nothin2 4hen his name -ame *1 at mea,s 4ith )isa11ro/a,# She e31en)e) herse,( a2ainst )r0 *nres1onsi/e ,i1s as the -ar ,ea1t ahea) an) his (oot tro) )o4n on the a--e,erator# He sai)' 7It5s the he,, o( a ,i(e#7 She e-hoe) him' 7The he,, o( a ,i(e#7 He sai)' 7There5s a +ott,e in m0 Ha/e a )rin.#7 7I )on5t 4ant one#7

7Gi/e me one then# It has a s-re4 to1'7 an) 4ith one han) on her an) one on the 4hee, he ti11e) his hea)' so that she -o*,) 1o*r a ,itt,e 4his.0 into his mo*th o*t o( the <*arter +ott,e# 7Do 0o* min)=7 he sai)# 7O( -o*rse I )on5t min)#7 7Yo* -an5t sa/e'7 he sai)' 7on ten shi,,in2s a 4ee. 1o-.et9mone0# I ,a0 it o*t the +est I -an# It nee)s a he,, o( a ,ot o( tho*2ht# To 2i/e /ariet0# Ha,( a -ro4n on %ei2hts# Three an) si3 on 4his.0# A shi,,in2 on the 1i-t*res# That ,ea/es three shi,,in2s (or +eer# I ta.e m0 (*n on-e a 4ee. an) 2et it o/er#7 The 4his.0 ha) )ri++,e) on to his tie an) the sme,, (i,,e) the sma,, -o*1# It 1,ease) her# It 4as his sme,,# He sai)' 7The0 2r*)2e it me# The0 thin. I o*2ht to 2et a ;o+# %hen 0o*5re that a2e 0o* )on5t rea,i8e there aren5t an0 ;o+s (or some o( *s99an0 more (or e/er#7 7I .no4'7 she sai)# 7The0 are o,)#7 7Ho45s 0o*r sister=7 he as.e) a+r*1t,06 the +ri2ht 2,are s4e1t the roa) ahea) o( them -,ean o( sma,, s-*rr0in2 +ir)s an) anima,s# 7She5s 2oin2 to the ho1 tomorro4# I 4on)er 4here 4e sha,, +e#7 He 4o*,)n5t +e )ra4n6 he ha) his o4n i)ea an) .e1t it to himse,(# 7I5m ,o/in2 this#7 He sai)' 7There5s a -,*+ o*t this 4a0# At a roa)9ho*se# Mi-. ma)e me a mem+er# Do 0o* .no4 Mi-.=7 7No#7 7Mi-.5s a,, ri2ht# I( the0 .no4 0o*' the05,, ser/e 0o* )rin.s ti,, mi)ni2ht# %e5,, ,oo. in there# Sa0 h*,,o to Mi-.# An) then in the mornin2994e5,, )e-i)e that ,ater 4hen 4e5/e ha) a (e4 )rin.s#7 7Ha/e 0o* the mone0=7 A sma,, /i,,a2e' a /i,,a2e (ast as,ee1 a,rea)0 +ehin) -,ose) )oors an) 4in)o4s' sai,e) )o4n the hi,, to4ar)s them as i( it 4ere +ein2 -arrie) smooth,0 +0 a ,an)s,i)e into the s-arre) 1,ain (rom 4hi-h the05) -ome# A ,on2 2re0 Norman -h*r-h' an inn 4itho*t a si2n' a -,o-. stri.in2 e,e/en# He sai)' 7"oo. in the +a-.# There5s a s*it-ase there#7 7It5s ,o-.e)#7 7I (or2ot the .e0'7 he sai)# 7%hat5s in it=7 7A (e4 thin2s'7 he sai) /a2*e,0# 7%e -o*,) 1o1 them (or )rin.s#7 7%hat a+o*t a +e)=7 7There5s the -ar# Yo* aren5t s-are)' are 0o*=7 7No'7 she sai)# 7I5m not s-are)# This is997 +*t she ha)n5t 4or)s (or the )am1 -o,) 4in)' the )ar.ness' the stran2eness' the sme,, o( 4his.0 an) the r*shin2 -ar# 7It mo/es'7 she sai)# 7%e m*st ha/e 2one a ,on2 4a0 a,rea)0# This is rea, -o*ntr0'7 seein2 an o4, s4ee1 ,o4 on (*rr0 4in2s o/er a 1,o*2he) (ie,)# 7Yo*5/e 2ot to 2o (arther than this (or rea, -o*ntr0'7 he sai)# 7Yo* 4on5t (in) it 0et on this roa)# %e5,, +e at the roa)9ho*se soon#7 She )is-o/ere) in herse,( a nosta,2ia (or their )ar. 4in)0 so,itar0 1ro2ress# She sai)' 7Nee) 4e 2o to the -,*+= Can5t 4e 2o (arther into the -o*ntr0=7 He ,oo.e) si)e4a0s at her6 he ha) a,4a0s +een o1en to an0 s*22estion: ,i.e some meteoro,o2i-a, instr*ment' he 4as on,0 ma)e (or the 4in)s to +,o4 thro*2h# 7O( -o*rse'7 he sai)' 7an0thin2 0o* ,i.e#7 He )i)n5t 2i/e the -,*+ a se-on) tho*2ht6 the0 s4e1t 1ast it a moment ,ater' a ,on2 ,it T*)or +*n2a,o4' a -rash o( /oi-es' a +athin2 1oo, (i,,e) (or some reason 4ith ha0# It 4as imme)iate,0 +ehin) them' a 1at-h o( ,i2ht 4hi11in2 ro*n) a -orner o*t o( si2ht# He sai)' 7I s*11ose this is -o*ntr0 no4# The0 none o( them 2et (arther than the -,*+# %e5re <*ite a,one no4# %e -o*,) ,ie in these (ie,)s ti,, )ooms)a0 as (ar as the0 are -on-erne)' tho*2h I s*11ose a 1,o*2hman### i( the0 )o 1,o*2h here#7 He raise) his (oot (rom the a--e,erator an) ,et the -ar5s s1ee) 2ra)*a,,0 )iminish# Some+o)0 ha) ,e(t a 4oo)en 2ate o1en into a (ie,) an) he t*rne) the -ar in6 the0 ;o,te) a ,on2 4a0 )o4n the (ie,) +esi)e the he)2e an) -ame to a stan)sti,,# He t*rne) o*t the hea),am1s an) the0 sat in the tin0 2,o4 o( the s4it-h+oar) ,i2ht# 7Pea-e(*,'7 he sai) *neasi,06 an) the0 hear) a s-ree-h o4, h*ntin2 o/erhea) an) a

sma,, r*st,e in the he)2e 4here somethin2 4ent to hi)in2# The0 +e,on2e) to the -it06 the0 ha)n5t a name (or an0thin2 ro*n) them6 the tin0 +*)s +rea.in2 in the +*shes 4ere name,ess# He no))e) at a 2ro*1 o( )ar. trees at the he)2e en)# 7Oa.s=7 7E,ms=7 she as.e) an) their mo*ths 4ent to2ether in a m*t*a, i2noran-e# The to*-h e3-ite) her6 she 4as rea)0 (or the most re-.,ess a-t6 +*t (rom his mo*th' the )r0 s1irito*s ,i1s' she 2aine) a sense that he 4as ,ess e3-ite) than he ha) ho1e) to +e# She sai)' to reass*re herse,(' 7It5s 2oo) to +e here 9mi,es a4a0 (rom an0one 4e .no4#7 7I )are sa0 Mi-.5s there# Do4n the roa)#7 7Does he .no4=7 7No+o)0 .no4s#7 She sai)' 7That5s ho4 I 4ante) it# Ho4 )i) 0o* 2et this -ar=7 He 2rinne) at her 4ith 4i,) *n+a,an-e) am*sement# 7I sa/e) (rom the ten shi,,in2s#7 7No' +*t ho4= Di) someone ,en) it 0o*=7 7Yes'7 he sai)# He s*))en,0 1*she) the )oor o1en an) sai)' 7"et5s ta.e a 4a,.#7 7%e5/e ne/er 4a,.e) in the -o*ntr0 +e(ore#7 She too. his arm' an) she -o*,) (ee, the tense ner/es res1on)in2 to her to*-h# It 4as 4hat she ,i.e)6 she -o*,)n5t te,, 4hat he 4o*,) )o ne3t# She sai)' 7M0 (ather -a,,s 0o* -ra80# I ,i.e 0o* -ra80# %hat5s a,, this st*((=7 .i-.in2 at the 2ro*n)# 7C,o/er'7 he sai)' 7isn5t it= I )on5t .no4#7 It 4as ,i.e +ein2 in a (orei2n -it0 4here 0o* -an5t *n)erstan) the names on sho1s' the tra((i- si2ns: nothin2 to -at-h ho,) o(' to ho,) 0o* )o4n to this an) that' a)ri(t to2ether in a )ar. /a-**m# 7Sho*,)n5t 0o* t*rn on the hea),am1s=7 she sai)# 7It 4on5t +e so eas0 (in)in2 o*r 4a0 +a-.# There5s not m*-h moon#7 A,rea)0 the0 seeme) to ha/e 2one a ,on2 4a0 (rom the -ar6 she -o*,)n5t see it -,ear,0 an0 ,on2er# 7%e5,, (in) o*r 4a0'7 he sai)# 7Someho4# Don5t 4orr0#7 At the he)2e en) the0 -ame to the trees# He 1*,,e) a t4i2 )o4n an) (e,t the sti-.0 +*)s# 7%hat is it= Bee-h=7 7I )on5t .no4#7 He sai)' 7I( it ha) +een 4armer' 4e -o*,) ha/e s,e1t o*t here# Yo*5) thin. 4e mi2ht ha/e ha) that m*-h ,*-.' toni2ht o( a,, ni2hts# B*t it5s -o,) an) it5s 2oin2 to rain#7 7"et5s -ome in the s*mmer'7 +*t he )i)n5t ans4er# Some other 4in) ha) +,o4n' she -o*,) te,, it' an) a,rea)0 he ha) ,ost interest in her# There 4as somethin2 har) in his 1o-.et6 it h*rt her si)e6 she 1*t her han) in# The meta, -ham+er ha) a+sor+e) a,, the -o,) there ha) +een in the 4in)0 ri)e# She 4his1ere) (ear(*,,0' 7%h0 are 0o* -arr0in2 that=7 She ha) a,4a0s +e(ore )ra4n a ,ine ro*n) his re-.,essness# %hen her (ather ha) sai) he 4as -ra80 she ha) se-ret,0 an) 1ossessi/e,0 smi,e) +e-a*se she tho*2ht she .ne4 the e3tent o( his -ra8iness# No4' 4hi,e she 4aite) (or him to ans4er her' she -o*,) (ee, his -ra8iness 2o on an) on an) o*t o( her rea-h' o*t o( her si2ht6 she -o*,)n5t see 4here it en)e)6 it ha) no en)' she -o*,)n5t 1ossess it an0 more than she -o*,) 1ossess a )ar.ness or a )esert# 7Don5t +e s-are)'7 he sai)# 7I )i)n5t mean 0o* to (in) that toni2ht#7 He s*))en,0 +e-ame more ten)er than he ha) e/er +een6 he 1*t his han) on her +reast6 it -ame (rom his (in2ers' a 2reat so(t meanin2,ess (,oo) o( ten)erness# He sai)' 7Don5t 0o* see= "i(e5s he,,# There5s nothin2 4e -an )o#7 He s1o.e /er0 2ent,0' +*t she ha) ne/er +een more a4are o( his re-.,essness: he 4as o1en to e/er0 4in)' +*t the 4in) no4 seeme) to ha/e set (rom the east: it +,e4 ,i.e s,eet thro*2h his 4or)s# 7I ha/en5t a 1enn0'7 he sai)# 7%e -an5t ,i/e on nothin2# It5s no 2oo) ho1in2 that I5,, 2et a ;o+#7 He re1eate)' 7There aren5t an0 more ;o+s an0 more# An) e/er0 0ear' 0o* .no4' there5s ,ess -han-e' +e-a*se there are more 1eo1,e 0o*n2er than I am#7 7B*t 4h0'7 she sai)' 7ha/e 4e -ome99=7 He +e-ame so(t,0 an) ten)er,0 ,*-i)# 7%e )o ,o/e ea-h other' )on5t 4e= %e

-an5t ,i/e 4itho*t ea-h other# It5s no 2oo) han2in2 aro*n)' is it' 4aitin2 (or o*r ,*-. to -han2e# %e )on5t e/en 2et a (ine ni2ht'7 he sai)' (ee,in2 (or rain 4ith his han)# 7%e -an ha/e a 2oo) time toni2ht99in the -ar99an) then99in the mornin2997 7No' no'7 she sai)# She trie) to 2et a4a0 (rom him# 7I -o*,)n5t# It5s horri+,e# I ne/er sai)997 7Yo* 4o*,)n5t .no4 an0thin2'7 he sai) 2ent,0 an) ine3ora+,0# Her 4or)s' she -o*,) rea,i8e no4' ha) ne/er ma)e an0 rea, im1ression6 he 4as s4a0e) +0 them +*t no more than he 4as s4a0e) +0 an0thin2: no4 that the 4in) ha) set' it 4as ,i.e thro4in2 s-ra1s o( 1a1er to4ar)s the s.0 to s1ea. at a,,' or to ar2*e# He sai)' 7O( -o*rse 4e neither o( *s +e,ie/e in Go)' +*t there ma0 +e a -han-e' an) it5s -om1an0' 2oin2 to2ether ,i.e that#7 He a))e) 4ith 1,eas*re' 7It5s a 2am+,e'7 an) she remem+ere) more o--asions than she -o*,) -o*nt 4hen their ,ast -o11ers ha) 2one rin2in2 )o4n in s,ot ma-hines# He 1*,,e) her -,oser an) sai) 4ith -om1,ete ass*ran-e' 7%e ,o/e ea-h other# It5s the on,0 4a0' 0o* .no4# Yo* -an tr*st me#7 He 4as ,i.e a s.i,,e) ,o2i-ian6 he .ne4 a,, the sta2es o( the ar2*ment# She )es1aire) at -at-hin2 him o*t on an0 1oint +*t the 1romise: 4e ,o/e ea-h other# That she )o*+te) (or the (irst time' (a-e) +0 the mer-i,essness o( his e2otism# He re1eate)' 7It 4i,, +e -om1an0#7 She sai)' 7There m*st +e some 4a0###7 7%h0 m*st=7 7Other4ise 1eo1,e 4o*,) +e )oin2 it a,, the timee/er04hereJ7 7The0 are'7 he sai) tri*m1hant,0' as i( it 4ere more im1ortant (or him to (in) his ar2*ment (,a4,ess than to (in)994e,,' a 4a0' a 4a0 to 2o on ,i/in2# 7Yo*5/e on,0 2ot to rea) the 1a1ers'7 he sai)# He 4his1ere) 2ent,0' en)earin2,0' as i( he tho*2ht the /er0 so*n) o( the 4or)s ten)er eno*2h to )is1e, a,, (ear# 7The0 -a,, it a s*i-i)e 1a-t# It5s ha11enin2 a,, the time#7 7I -o*,)n5t# I ha/en5t the ner/e#7 7Yo* nee)n5t )o an0thin2'7 he sai)# 7I5,, )o it a,,#7 His -a,mness horri(ie) her# 7Yo* mean990o*5) .i,, me=7 He sai)' 7I ,o/e 0o* eno*2h (or that# I 1romise it 4on5t h*rt 0o*#7 He mi2ht ha/e +een 1ers*a)in2 her to 1,a0 some tri/ia, an) *n-on2enia, 2ame# 7%e sha,, +e to2ether a,4a0s#7 He a))e) rationa,,0' 7O( -o*rse' i( there is an a,4a0s'7 an) s*))en,0 she sa4 his ,o/e as a mere (, o( 2as (,ame 1,a0in2 on the marsh0 )e1th o( his irres1onsi+i,it0# She ha) ,o/e) his irres1onsi+i,it0' +*t no4 she rea,i8e) that it 4as 4itho*t an0 ,imit at a,,6 it -,ose) o/er the hea)# She 1,ea)e)' 7There are thin2s 4e -an se,,# That s*it-ase#7 She .ne4 that he 4as 4at-hin2 her 4ith am*sement' that he ha) rehearse) a,, her ar2*ments an) ha) an ans4er6 he 4as on,0 1reten)in2 to ta.e her serio*s,0# 7%e mi2ht 2et (i(teen shi,,in2s'7 he sai)# 7%e -o*,) ,i/e a )a0 on that99+*t 4e sho*,)n5t ha/e m*-h (*n#7 7The thin2s insi)e it=7 7Ah' that5s another 2am+,e# The0 mi2ht +e 4orth thirt0 shi,,in2s# Three )a0s' that 4o*,) 2i/e *s994ith e-onom0#7 7%e mi2ht 2et a ;o+#7 7I5/e +een tr0in2 (or a 2oo) man0 0ears no4#7 7Isn5t there the )o,e=7 7I5m not an ins*re) I5m one o( the r*,in2 -,ass#7 7Yo*r 1eo1,e' the05) 2i/e *s somethin2#7 7B*t 4e5/e 2ot o*r 1ri)e' ha/en5t 4e=7 he sai) 4ith remorse,ess -on-eit# 7The man 4ho ,ent 0o* the -ar=7 He sai)' 7Yo* remem+er Corte8' the (e,,o4 4ho +*rnt his +oats= I5/e +*rnt mine# I5/e 2ot to .i,, m0se,(# Yo* see' I sto,e that -ar# %e5) +e sto11e) in the ne3t to4n# It5s too ,ate e/en to 2o +a-.#7 He ,a*2he)6 he ha) rea-he) the -,ima3 o( his ar2*ment an) there 4as nothin2 more to )is1*te a+o*t# She -o*,) te,, that he 4as 1er(e-t,0 satis(ie) an) 1er(e-t,0 ha110# It in(*riate) her# 7Yo*5/e 2ot to' ma0+e# B*t I ha/en5t# %h0 sho*,) I .i,, m0se,(= %hat ri2ht ha/e 0o*99=7 She )ra22e) herse,( a4a0 (rom him an) (e,t a2ainst her +a-. the ro*2h massi/e tr*n. o(

the ,i/in2 tree# 7Oh'7 he sai) in an irritate) tone' 7o( -o*rse i( 0o* ,i.e to 2o on 4itho*t me#7 She ha) a)mire) his -on-eit6 he ha) a,4a0s -arrie) his *nem1,o0ment 4ith a manner: no4 0o* -o*,) no ,on2er -a,, it -on-eit: it 4as a -om1,ete ,a-. o( an0 /a,*es# 7Yo* -an 2o home'7 he sai)' 7tho*2h I )on5t <*ite .no4 ho499I -an5t )ri/e 0o* +a-. +e-a*se I5m sta0in2 here# Yo*5,, +e a+,e to 2o to the ho1 tomorro4 ni2ht# An) there5s a 4hist9)ri/e' isn5t there' in the -h*r-h ha,,= M0 )ear' I 4ish 0o* ;o0 o( home#7 There 4as a sa/a2er0 in his manner# He too. se-*rit0' 1ea-e' or)er' in his teeth an) 4orrie) them so that she -o*,)n5t he,1 (ee,in2 a ,itt,e 1it0 (or 4hat the0 ha) ;oine) in )es1isin2: a hammer ta11e) at her heart' )ri/in2 in a nai, here an) a nai, there# She trie) to thin. o( a +itter retort' (or a(ter a,, there 4as somethin2 to +e sai) (or the ne2ati/e /irt*es o( )oin2 no in;*r0' o( sim1,0 2oin2 on' as her (ather 4as 2oin2 on (or another (i(teen 0ears# B*t the ne3t moment she (e,t no an2er# The0 ha) tra11e) ea-h other# He ha) a,4a0s 4ante) this: the )ar. (ie,)' the 4ea1on in his' the es-a1e an) the 2am+,e6 an) she ,ess honest,0 ha) 4ante) a ,itt,e o( +oth 4or,)s: ir res1onsi+i,it0 an) a sa(e ,o/e' )an2er an) a se-*re heart# He sai)' 7I5m 2oin2 no4# Are 0o* -omin2=7 7No'7 she sai)# He hesitate)6 the re-.,essness (or a moment 4a/ere)6 a sense o( somethin2 ,ost an) +e4i,)ere) -ame to her thro*2h the )ar.# She 4ante) to sa0' Don5t +e a (oo,# "ea/e the -ar 4here it is# %a,. +a-. 4ith me' an) 4e5,, 2et a ,i(t home' +*t she .ne4 an0 tho*2ht o( hers ha) o--*rre) to him an) +een ans4ere) a,rea)0: ten shi,,in2s a 4ee.' no ;o+' 2ettin2 o,)er# En)*ran-e 4as a /irt*e o( one5s (athers# He s*))en,0 +e2an to 4a,. (ast )o4n the he)2e6 he -o*,)n5t see 4here he 4as 2oin26 he st*m+,e) on a root an) she hear) him s4ear# 7Damnation799the ,itt,e -ommon1,a-e so*n) in the )ar.ness o/er4he,me) her 4ith 1ain an) horror# She -rie) o*t' 7 Fre)# Fre)# Don5t )o it'7 an) +e2an to r*n in the o11osite )ire-tion# She -o*,)n5t sto1 him an) she 4ante) to +e o*t o( hearin2# A t4i2 +ro.e *n)er her (oot ,i.e a shot' an) the o4, s-reame) a-ross the 1,o*2he) (ie,) +e0on) the he)2e# It 4as ,i.e a rehearsa, 4ith so*n) e((e-ts# B*t 4hen the rea, shot -ame' it 4as <*ite )i((erent: a th*) ,i.e a 2,o/e) han) stri.in2 a )oor an) no -r0 at a,,# She )i)n5t noti-e it at (irst an) a(ter4ar)s she tho*2ht that she ha) ne/er +een -ons-io*s o( the e3a-t moment 4hen her ,o/er -ease) to e3ist# She +r*ise) herse,( a2ainst the -ar' r*nnin2 +,in),06 a +,*e9s1otte) %oo,4orth han).er-hie( ,a0 on the seat in the ,i2ht o( the s4it-h+oar) +*,+# She near,0 too. it' +*t no' she tho*2ht' no one m*st .no4 that I ha/e +een here# She t*rne) o*t the ,i2ht an) 1i-.e) her 4a0 as <*iet,0 as she -o*,) a-ross the -,o/er# She -o*,) +e2in to +e sorr0 4hen she 4as sa(e# She 4ante) to -,ose a )oor +ehin) her' thr*st a +o,t )o4n' hear the -at-h 2ri1# It 4asn5t ten min*tes5 4a,. )o4n the )eserte) ,ane to the roa)9ho*se# Ti1s0 /oi-es s1o.e a (orei2n ,an2*a2e' tho*2h it 4as the ,an2*a2e Fre) ha) s1o.en# She -o*,) hear the -,in. o( -oins in s,ot ma-hines' the hiss o( so)a6 she ,istene) to these so*n)s ,i.e an enem0' 1,annin2 her es-a1e# The0 (ri2htene) her ,i.e somethin2 min),ess: there 4as no a11ea, one -o*,) ma.e to that e2otism# It 4as sim1,0 a %ant to +e satis(ie)6 it 2a1e) at her ,i.e a mo*th# A man 4as tr0in2 to 4in) *1 his -ar6 the se,(starter 4o*,)n5t 4or.: he sai)' 7I5m a Bo,shie# O( -o*rse I5m a Bo,shie# I +e,ie/e997 A thin 2ir, 4ith re) hair sat on the ste1 an) 4at-he) him# 7Yo*5re a,, 4ron2'7 she sai)# 7I5m a "i+era, Conser/ati/e#7 7Yo* -an5t +e a "i+era, Conser/ati/e#7 7Do 0o* ,o/e me=7 7I ,o/e !oe#7 7Yo* -an5t ,o/e !oe#7 7"et5s 2o home' Mi-.#7 The man trie) to 4in) *1 the -ar a2ain' an) she -ame *1 to them as i( she5)

-ome o*t o( the -,*+ an) sai)' 7Gi/e me a ,i(t=7 7Co*rse# De,i2hte)# Get in#7 7%on5t the -ar 2o=7 7No#7 7Ha/e 0o* (,oo)e)99=7 7Tha5s an i)ea#7 He ,i(te) the +onnet an) she 1resse) the se,(9starter# It +e2an to rain s,o4,0 an) hea/i,0 an) )ren-hin2,0' the .in) o( rain 0o* a,4a0s e31e-t to (a,, on 2ra/es' an) her tho*2hts 4ent )o4n the ,ane to4ar)s the (ie,)' the he)2e' the trees99oa.' +ee-h' e,m= She ima2ine) the rain on his (a-e' the 1oo, -o,,e-tin2 in ea-h an) streamin2 )o4n on either si)e the nose# B*t she -o*,) (ee, nothin2 +*t 2,a)ness +e-a*se she ha) es-a1e) (rom him# 7%here are 0o* 2oin2=7 she sai)# 7De/i8es#7 7I tho*2ht 0o* mi2ht +e 2oin2 to "on)on#7 7%here )o 0o* 4ant to 2o to=7 7Go,)in25s Par.#7 7"e5s 2o to Go,)in25s Par.#7 The re)9haire) 2ir, sai)' 7I5m 2oin2 in' Mi-.# It5s rainin2#7 7Aren5t 0o* -omin2=7 7I5m 2oin2 to (in) !oe#7 7A,, ri2ht#7 He smashe) his 4a0 o*t o( the ,itt,e -ar 1ar.' +en)in2 his m*)2*ar) on a 4oo)en 1ost' s-ra1in2 the 1aint o( another -ar# 7That5s the 4ron2 4a0'7 she sai)# 7%e5,, t*rn#7 He +a-.e) the -ar into a )it-h an) o*t a2ain# 7%as a 2oo) 1art0'7 he sai)# The rain -ame )o4n har)er6 it +,in)e) the 4in)s-reen an) the e,e-tri- 4i1er 4o*,)n5t 4or.' +*t her -om1anion )i)n5t -are# He )ro/e strai2ht on at (ort0 mi,es an ho*r6 it 4as an o,) -ar' it 4o*,)n5t )o an0 more6 it ,ea.e) thro*2h the hoo)# He sai)' 7T4is5 that .no+# Ha/e a t*ne'7 an) 4hen she t*rne) it an) the )an-e m*si- -ame thro*2h' he sai)' 7That5s Harr0 Ro0# &no4 him an04here'7 )ri/in2 into the thi-. 4et ni2ht -arr0in2 the hot m*si- 4ith them# Present,0 he sai)' 7A (rien) o( mine' one o( the +est' 0o*5) .no4 him' Peter %eathera,,# Yo* .no4 him#7 7No#7 7Yo* m*st .no4 Peter# Ha/en5t seen him a+o*t ,ate,0# Goes o(( on the )rin. (or 4ee.s# The0 sent o*t an S O S (or Peter on-e in the mi)),e o( the )an-e m*si-# 5Missin2 (rom Home#5 %e 4ere in the -ar# %e ha) a ,a*2h a+o*t that#7 She sai)' 7Is that 4hat 1eo1,e )o994hen 1eo1,e are missin2=7 7&no4 this t*ne'7 he sai)# 7This isn5t Harr0 Ro0# This is A,( Cohen#7 She sai) s*))en,0' 7Yo*5re Mi-.' aren5t 0o*= %o*,)n5t 0o* ,en)997 He so+ere) *1# 7Ston0 +ro.e'7 he sai)# 7Comra)es in mis(ort*ne# Tr0 Peter# %h0 )o 0o* 4ant to 2o to Go,)in25s Par.=7 7M0 home#7 7Yo* mean 0o* ,i/e there=7 7Yes#7 She sai)' 7Be -are(*,# There5s a s1ee) ,imit here#7 He 4as 1er(e-t,0 o+e)ient# He raise) his (oot an) ,et the -ar -ra4, at (i(teen mi,es an ho*r# The ,am1 stan)ar)s mar-he) *nstea)i,0 to meet them an) ,it his (a-e: he 4as <*ite o,)' (ort0 i( a )a0' ten 0ears o,)er than Fre)# He 4ore a stri1e) tie an) she -o*,) see his s,ee/e 4as (ra0e)# He ha) more than ten shi,,in2s a 4ee.' +*t 1erha1s not so /er0 m*-h more# His hair 4as 2oin2 thin# 7Yo* -an )ro1 me here'7 she sai)# He sto11e) the -ar an) she 2ot o*t an) the rain 4ent on# He (o,,o4e) her on to the roa)# 7"et me -ome in=7 he sai)# She shoo. her hea)6 the rain 4ette) them thro*2h6 +ehin) her 4as the 1i,,ar9+o3' the Be,isha +ea-on' the roa) thro*2h the ho*sin2 estate# 7He,, o( a ,i(e'7 he sai) 1o,ite,0' ho,)in2 her han)' 4hi,e the rain )r*mme) on the hoo) o( the -hea1 -ar an) ran )o4n his (a-e' a-ross his -o,,ar an) the s-hoo, tie# B*t she (e,t no 1it0' no attra-tion' on,0 a (aint horror an) re1*,sion# A .in) o( )im re-.,essness 2,eame) in his 4et e0e' as the hot m*si- o( A,( Cohen5s +an) streame) (rom the -ar' a (a)e) irres1onsi+i,it0# 7"e5s 2o +a-.'7 he sai)' 7,e5s 2o some4here# "e5s 2o (or a

ri)e in the -o*ntr0# "e5s 2o to Mai)enhea)'7 ho,)in2 her han) ,im1,0# She 1*,,e) it a4a0' he )i)n5t resist' an) 4a,.e) )o4n the ha,(9ma)e roa) to No #BF# The -ra80 1a/in2 in the (ront 2ar)en seeme) to ho,) her (eet (irm,0 *1# She o1ene) the )oor an) hear) thro*2h the )ar. an) the rain a -ar 2rin) into se-on) 2ear an) )rone a4a099-ertain,0 not to4ar)s Mai)enhea) or De/i8es or the -o*ntr0# Another 4in) m*st ha/e +,o4n# Her (ather -a,,e) )o4n (rom the (irst ,an)in2' 7%ho5s there=7 7It5s me'7 she sai)# She e31,aine)' 7I ha) a (ee,in2 0o*5) ,e(t the )oor *n+o,te)#7 7An) ha) I=7 7No'7 she sai) 2ent,0' 7it5s +o,te) a,, ri2ht'7 )ri/in2 the +o,t so(t,0 an) (irm,0 home# She 4aite) ti,, his )oor -,ose)6 she to*-he) the ra)iator to 4arm her (in2ers99he ha) 1*t it in himse,(' he ha) im1ro/e) the 1ro1ert06 in (i(teen 0ears' she tho*2ht' it 4i,, +e o*rs# She 4as <*ite (ree (rom 1ain' ,istenin2 to the rain on the roo(6 he ha) +een o/er the 4ho,e roo( that 4inter in-h +0 in-h6 there 4as no4here (or the rain to enter# It 4as .e1t o*tsi)e' )r*mmin2 on the sha++0 hoo)' 1ittin2 the -,o/er (ie,)# She stoo) +0 the )oor' (ee,in2 on,0 the (aint re1*,sion she a,4a0s ha) (or thin2s 4ea. an) -ri11,e)' thin.in2' 7It isn5t tra2i- at a,,'7 an) ,oo.in2 )o4n 4ith an emotion ,i.e ten)erness at the (,ims0 +o,t (rom a si31enn0 store an0 man -o*,) ha/e +ro.en' +*t 4hi-h a Man ha) 1*t in' the hea) -,er. o( Ber2son5s# 1A?I

A-ross the Bri)2e 7The0 sa0 he5s 4orth a mi,,ion'7 "*-ia sai)# He sat there in the ,itt,e hot )am1 Me3i-an s<*are' a )o2 at his (eet' 4ith an air o( immense an) (or,orn 1atien-e# The )o2 attra-te) 0o*r attention at on-e6 (or it 4as /er0 near,0 an En2,ish setter' on,0 somethin2 ha) 2one 4ron2 4ith the tai, an) the (eatherin2# Pa,ms 4i,te) o/er his hea)' it 4as a,, sha)e an) st*((iness ro*n) the +an)stan)' ra)ios ta,.e) ,o*),0 in S1anish (rom the ,itt,e 4oo)en she)s 4here the0 -han2e) 0o*r 1esos into )o,,ars at a ,oss# I -o*,) te,, he )i)n5t *n)erstan) a 4or) (rom the 4a0 he rea) his ne4s1a1er99as I )i) m0se,(' 1i-.in2 o*t the 4or)s 4hi-h 4ere ,i.e En2,ish ones# 7He5s +een here a month'7 "*-ia sai)# 7The0 t*rne) him o*t o( G*atema,a an) Hon)*ras#7 Yo* -o*,)n5t .ee1 an0 se-rets (or (i/e ho*rs in this +or)er to4n# "*-ia ha) on,0 +een t4ent09(o*r ho*rs in the 1,a-e' +*t she .ne4 a,, a+o*t Mr# !ose1h Ca,,o4a0# The on,0 reason I )i)n5t .no4 a+o*t him Can) I5) +een in the 1,a-e t4o 4ee.sD 4as +e-a*se I -o*,)n5t ta,. the ,an2*a2e an0 more than Mr# Ca,,o4a0 -o*,)# There 4asn5t another so*, in the 1,a-e 4ho )i)n5t .no4 the stor099the 4ho,e stor0 o( the Ha,,in2 In/estment Tr*st an) the 1ro-ee)in2s (or e3tra)ition# An0 man )oin2 )*st0 +*siness in an0 o( the 4oo)en +ooths in the to4n is +etter (itte) +0 ,on2 o+ser/ation to te,, Mr# Ca,,o4a05s ta,e than I am' e3-e1t that I 4as in99 ,itera,,099at the (inish# The0 a,, 4at-he) the )rama 1ro-ee) 4ith immense interest' s0m1ath0 an) res1e-t# For' a(ter a,,' he ha) a mi,,ion# E/er0 on-e in a 4hi,e thro*2h the ,on2 steam0 )a0' a +o0 -ame an) -,eane) Mr# Ca,,o4a05s shoes: he ha)n5t the ri2ht 4or)s to resist them99the0 1reten)e) not to .no4 his En2,ish# He m*st ha/e ha) his shoes -,eane) the )a0 "*-ia an) I 4at-he) him at ,east ha,( a )o8en times# At mi))a0 he too. a stro,, a-ross the s<*are to the Antonio Bar an) ha) a +ott,e o( +eer' the setter sti-.in2 to hee, as i( the0 4ere o*t (or a -o*ntr0 4a,. in En2,an) Che ha)' 0o* ma0 remem+er' one o( the +i22est estates in Nor(o,.D# A(ter his +ott,e o( +eer' he 4o*,) 4a,. )o4n +et4een the mone09-han2ers5 h*ts to the Rio Gran)e an) ,oo. a-ross the +ri)2e into

the nite) States: 1eo1,e -ame an) 4ent -onstant,0 in -ars# Then +a-. to the s<*are ti,, ,*n-h9time# He 4as sta0in2 in the +est hote,' +*t 0o* )on5t 2et 2oo) hote,s in this +or)er to4n: no+o)0 sta0s in them more than a ni2ht# The 2oo) hote,s 4ere on the other si)e o( the +ri)2e: 0o* -o*,) see their e,e-tri- si2ns t4ent0 stories hi2h (rom the ,itt,e s<*are at ni2ht' ,i.e ,i2htho*ses mar.in2 the nite) States# Yo* ma0 as. 4hat I5) +een )oin2 in so )ra+ a s1ot (or a (ortni2ht# There 4as no interest in the 1,a-e (or an0one6 it 4as ;*st )am1 an) )*st an) 1o/ert0' a .in) o( sha++0 re1,i-a o( the to4n a-ross the ri/er: +oth ha) s<*ares in the same s1ots6 +oth ha) the same n*m+er o( -inemas# One 4as -,eaner than the other' that 4as a,,' an) more e31ensi/e' m*-h more e31ensi/e# I5) sta0e) a-ross there a -o*1,e o( ni2hts 4aitin2 (or a man a to*rist +*rea* sai) 4as )ri/in2 )o4n (rom Detroit to Y*-atan an) 4o*,) se,, a 1,a-e in his -ar (or some (antasti-a,,0 sma,, (i2*re99 t4ent0 )o,,ars' I thin. it 4as# I )on5t .no4 i( he e3iste) or 4as in/ente) +0 the o1timisti- ha,(9-aste in the a2en-06 an04a0' he ne/er t*rne) *1 an) so I 4aite)' not m*-h -arin2' on the -hea1 si)e o( the ri/er# It )i)n5t m*-h matter6 I 4as ,i/in2# One )a0 I meant to 2i/e *1 the man (rom Detroit an) 2o home or 2o so*th' +*t it 4as easier not to )e-i)e an0thin2 in a h*rr0# "*-ia 4as ;*st 4aitin2 (or a -ar 2oin2 the other 4a0' +*t she )i)n5t ha/e to 4ait so ,on2# %e 4aite) to2ether an) 4at-he) Mr# Ca,,o4a0 4aitin299(or Go) .no4s 4hat# I )on5t .no4 ho4 to treat this stor099it 4as a tra2e)0 (or Mr# Ca,,o4a0' it 4as 1oeti- retri+*tion' I s*11ose' in the e0es o( the shareho,)ers he5) r*ine) 4ith his +o2*s transa-tions' an) to "*-ia an) me' at this sta2e' it 4as 1*re -ome)099e3-e1t 4hen he .i-.e) the )o2# I5m not a sentimenta,ist a+o*t )o2s' I 1re(er 1eo1,e to +e -r*e, to anima,s rather than to h*man +ein2s' +*t I -o*,)n5t he,1 +ein2 re/o,te) at the 4a0 he5) .i-. that anima,994ith a hint o( -o,)9+,oo)e) /enom' not in an2er +*t as i( he 4ere 2ettin2 e/en (or some tri-. it ha) 1,a0e) him a ,on2 4hi,e a2o# That 2enera,,0 ha11ene) 4hen he ret*rne) (rom the +ri)2e: it 4as the on,0 si2n o( an0thin2 resem+,in2 emotion he sho4e)# Other4ise he ,oo.e) a sma,,' set' 2ent,e -reat*re 4ith si,/er hair an) a si,/er mo*sta-he' an) 2o,)9 rimme) 2,asses' an) one 2o,) tooth ,i.e a (,a4 in -hara-ter# "*-ia ha)n5t +een a--*rate 4hen she sai) he5) +een t*rne) o*t o( G*atema,a an) Hon)*ras6 he5) ,e(t /o,*ntari,0 4hen the e3tra)ition 1ro-ee)in2s seeme) ,i.e,0 to 2o thro*2h an) mo/e) north# Me3i-o is sti,, not a /er0 -entra,i8e) state' an) it is 1ossi+,e to 2et ro*n) 2o/ernors as 0o* -an5t 2et ro*n) -a+inet ministers or ;*)2es# An) so he 4aite) there on the +or)er (or the ne3t mo/e# That ear,ier 1art o( the stor0 is' I s*11ose' )ramati-' +*t I )i)n5t 4at-h it an) I -an5t in/ent 4hat I ha/en5t seenthe ,on2 4aitin2 in ante9rooms' the +ri+es ta.en an) re(*se)' the 2ro4in2 (ear o( arrest' an) then the (,i2ht99in 2o,)9rimme) 2,asses99-o/erin2 his tra-.s as 4e,, as he -o*,)' +*t this 4asn5t (inan-e an) he 4as an amate*r at es-a1e# An) so he5) 4ashe) *1 here' *n)er m0 e0es an) "*-ia5s e0es' sittin2 a,, )a0 *n)er the +an)stan)' nothin2 to rea) +*t a Me3i-an 1a1er' nothin2 to )o +*t ,oo. a-ross the ri/er at the nite) States' <*ite *na4are' I s*11ose' that e/er0one .ne4 e/er0thin2 a+o*t him' on-e a )a0 .i-.in2 his )o2# Perha1s in its semi9setter 4a0 it remin)e) him too m*-h o( the Nor(o,. estate9tho*2h that too' I s*11ose' 4as the reason he .e1t it# An) the ne3t a-t a2ain 4as 1*re -ome)0# I hesitate to thin. 4hat this man 4orth a mi,,ion 4as -ostin2 his -o*ntr0 as the0 e)2e) him o*t (rom this ,an) an) that# Perha1s some+o)0 4as 2ettin2 tire) o( the +*siness' an) -are,ess6 an04a0' the0 sent a-ross t4o )ete-ti/es' 4ith an o,) 1hoto2ra1h# He5) 2ro4n his si,/er0 mo*sta-he sin-e that ha) +een ta.en' an) he5) a2e) a ,ot' an) the0 -o*,)n5t -at-h si2ht o( him# The0 ha)n5t +een a-ross the +ri)2e t4o ho*rs 4hen e/er0+o)0 .ne4 that there 4ere t4o (orei2n )ete-ti/es in to4n ,oo.in2 (or Mr# Ca,,o4a0 9e/er0+o)0 .ne4' that is to sa0' e3-e1t Mr# Ca,,o4a0' 4ho -o*,)n5t ta,. S1anish# There 4ere 1,ent0 o( 1eo1,e 4ho -o*,) ha/e to,) him in En2,ish' +*t the0 )i)n5t# It 4asn5t -r*e,t0' it 4as a sort o( a4e an) res1e-t: ,i.e a +*,,' he 4as on sho4' sittin2 there mo*rn(*,,0 in the 1,a8a 4ith his )o2' a ma2ni(i-ent s1e-ta-,e (or 4hi-h 4e a,, ha) rin2si)e seats#

I ran into one o( the 1o,i-emen in the Bar Antonio# He 4as )is2*ste)6 he ha) ha) some i)ea that 4hen he -rosse) the +ri)2e ,i(e 4as 2oin2 to +e )i((erent' so m*-h more -o,o*r an) s*n' an)99I s*s1e-t99,o/e' an) a,, he (o*n) 4ere 4i)e m*) streets 4here the no-t*rna, rain ,a0 in 1oo,s' an) man20 )o2s' sme,,s an) -o-.roa-hes in his +e)room' an) the nearest to ,o/e' the o1en )oor o( the A-a)emia Comer-ia,' 4here 1rett0 mesti8o 2ir,s sat a,, the mornin2 ,earnin2 to t01e4rite# Ti19ta19ti19ta1ti1991erha1s the0 ha) a )ream' too99;o+s on the other si)e o( the +ri)2e' 4here ,i(e 4as 2oin2 to +e so m*-h more ,*3*rio*s' re(ine) an) am*sin2# %e 2ot into -on/ersation6 he seeme) s*r1rise) that I .ne4 4ho the0 +oth 4ere an) 4hat the0 4ante)# He sai)' 7%e5/e 2ot in(ormation this man Ca,,o4a05s in to4n#7 7He5s .no-.in2 aro*n) some4here'7 I sai)# 7Co*,) 0o* 1oint him o*t=7 7Oh' I )on5t .no4 him +0 si2ht'7 I sai)# He )ran. his +eer an) tho*2ht a 4hi,e# 7I5,, 2o o*t an) sit in the 1,a8a# He5s s*re to 1ass sometime#7 I (inishe) m0 +eer an) 4ent <*i-.,0 o(( an) (o*n) "*-ia# I sai)' 7H*rr0' 4e5re 2oin2 to see an arrest#7 %e )i)n5t -are a thin2 a+o*t Mr# Ca,,o4a0' he 4as ;*st an e,)er,0 man 4ho .i-.e) his )o2 an) s4in),e) the 1oor' an) 4ho )eser/e) an0thin2 he 2ot# So 4e ma)e (or the 1,a8a6 4e .ne4 Ca,,o4a0 4o*,) +e there' +*t it ha) ne/er o--*rre) to either o( *s that the )ete-ti/es 4o*,)n5t re-o2ni8e him# There 4as <*ite a s*r2e o( 1eo1,e ro*n) the 1,a-e6 a,, the (r*it9se,,ers an) +oot9 +,a-.s in to4n seeme) to ha/e arri/e) to2ether6 4e ha) to (or-e o*r 4a0 thro*2h' an) there in the ,itt,e 2reen st*((0 -entre o( the 1,a-e' sittin2 on a);oinin2 seats' 4ere the t4o 1,ain-,othes men an) Mr# Ca,,o4a0# I5/e ne/er .no4n the 1,a-e so si,ent6 e/er0+o)0 4as on ti1toe' an) the 1,ain-,othes men 4ere starin2 at the -ro4) ,oo.in2 (or Mr# Ca,,o4a0' an) Mr# Ca,,o4a0 sat on his *s*a, seat starin2 o*t o/er the mone09-han2in2 +ooths at the nite) States# 7It -an5t 2o on# It ;*st -an5t'7 "*-ia sai)# B*t it )i)# It 2ot more (antasti- sti,,# Some+o)0 o*2ht to 4rite a 1,a0 a+o*t it# %e sat as -,ose as 4e )are)# %e 4ere a(rai) a,, the time 4e 4ere 2oin2 to ,a*2h# The semi9setter s-rat-he) (or (,eas an) Mr# Ca,,o4a0 4at-he) the # S# A# The t4o )ete-ti/es 4at-he) the -ro4)' an) the -ro4) 4at-he) the sho4 4ith so,emn satis(a-tion# Then one o( the )ete-ti/es 2ot *1 an) 4ent o/er to Mr# Ca,,o4a0# That5s the en)' I tho*2ht# B*t it 4asn5t' it 4as the +e2innin2# For some reason the0 ha) e,iminate) him (rom their ,ist o( s*s1e-ts# I sha,, ne/er .no4 4h0# The man sai)' 7Yo* s1ea. En2,ish=7 7I am En2,ish'7 Mr# Ca,,o4a0 sai)# E/en that )i)n5t tear it' an) the stran2est thin2 o( a,, 4as the 4a0 Mr# Ca,,o4a0 -ame a,i/e# I )on5t thin. an0+o)0 ha) s1o.en to him ,i.e that (or 4ee.s# The Me3i-ans 4ere too res1e-t(*,99he 4as a man 4ith a mi,,ion99an) it ha) ne/er o--*rre) to "*-ia an) me to treat him -as*a,,0 ,i.e a h*man +ein26 e/en in o*r e0es he ha) +een ma2ni(ie) +0 the -o,ossa, the(t an) the 4or,)4i)e 1*rs*it# He sai)' 7This is rather a )rea)(*, 1,a-e' )on5t 0o* thin.=7 7It is'7 the 1o,i-eman sai)# 7I -an5t thin. 4hat +rin2s an0+o)0 a-ross the +ri)2e#7 7D*t0'7 the 1o,i-eman sai) 2,oomi,0# 7I s*11ose 0o* are 1assin2 thro*2h#7 7Yes'7 Mr# Ca,,o4a0 sai)# 7I5) ha/e e31e-te) o/er here there5) ha/e +een990o* .no4 4hat I mean99,i(e# Yo* rea) thin2s a+o*t Me3i-o#7 7Oh' ,i(e'7 Mr# Ca,,o4a0 sai)# He s1o.e (irm,0 an) 1re-ise,0' as i( to a -ommittee o( shareho,)ers# 7That +e2ins on the other si)e#7 7Yo* )on5t a11re-iate 0o*r o4n -o*ntr0 *nti, 0o* ,ea/e it#7 7That5s /er0 tr*e'7 Mr# Ca,,o4a0 sai)# 7Ver0 tr*e#7 At (irst it 4as )i((i-*,t not to ,a*2h' an) then a(ter a 4hi,e there )i)n5t seem to +e m*-h to ,a*2h at6 an o,) man ima2inin2 a,, the (ine thin2s 2oin2 on +e0on) the internationa, +ri)2e# I thin. he tho*2ht o( the to4n o11osite as a -om+ination o( "on)on an) Nor(o,. 9theatres an) -o-.tai, +ars' a ,itt,e shootin2

an) a 4a,. ro*n) the (ie,) at e/enin2 4ith the )o299that misera+,e imitation o( a setter991o.in2 the )it-hes# He5) ne/er +een a-ross' he -o*,)n5t .no4 that it 4as ;*st the same thin2 o/er a2ain99e/en the same ,a0o*t6 on,0 the streets 4ere 1a/e) an) the hote,s ha) ten more stories' an) ,i(e 4as more e31ensi/e' an) e/er0thin2 4as a ,itt,e +it -,eaner# There 4asn5t an0thin2 Mr# Ca,,o4a0 4o*,) ha/e -a,,e) ,i/in299no 2a,,eries' no +oo.9sho1s' ;*st Fi,m F*n an) the ,o-a, 1a1er' an) C,i-. an) Fo-*s an) the ta+,oi)s# 7%e,,'7 sai) Mr# Ca,,o4a0' 7I thin. I5,, ta.e a stro,, +e(ore ,*n-h# Yo* nee) an a11etite to s4a,,o4 the (oo) here# I 2enera,,0 2o )o4n an) ,oo. at the +ri)2e a+o*t no4# Care to -ome too=7 The )ete-ti/e shoo. his hea)# 7No'7 he sai)' 7I5m on )*t0# I5m ,oo.in2 (or a (e,,o4#7 An) that' o( -o*rse' 2a/e him a4a0# As (ar as# Mr# Ca,,o4a0 -o*,) *n)erstan)' there 4as on,0 one 7(e,,o47 in the 4or,) an0one 4as ,oo.in2 (or99his +rain ha) e,iminate) (rien)s 4ho 4ere see.in2 their (rien)s' h*s+an)s 4ho mi2ht +e 4aitin2 (or their 4i/es' a,, o+;e-ti/es o( an0 sear-h +*t ;*st the one# The 1o4er o( e,imination 4as 4hat ha) ma)e him a (inan-ier99he -o*,) (or2et the 1eo1,e +ehin) the shares# That 4as the ,ast 4e sa4 o( him (or a 4hi,e# %e )i)n5t see him 2oin2 into the Boti-a Paris to 2et his as1irin' or 4a,.in2 +a-. (rom the +ri)2e 4ith his )o2# He sim1,0 )isa11eare)' an) 4hen he )isa11eare)' 1eo1,e +e2an to ta,.' an) the )ete-ti/es hear) the ta,.# The0 ,oo.e) si,,0 eno*2h' an) the0 2ot +*s0 a(ter the /er0 man the05) +een sittin2 ne3t to in the 2ar)en# Then the0 too )isa11eare)# The0' as 4e,, as Mr# Ca,,o4a0' ha) 2one to the state -a1ita, to see the Go/ernor an) the Chie( o( Po,i-e' an) it m*st ha/e +een an am*sin2 si2ht there too' as the0 +*m1e) into Mr# Ca,,o4a0 an) sat 4ith him in the 4aitin29rooms# I s*s1e-t Mr# Ca,,o4a0 4as 2enera,,0 sho4n in (irst' (or e/er0one .ne4 he 4as 4orth a mi,,ion# On,0 in E*ro1e is it 1ossi+,e (or a man to +e a -rimina, as 4e,, as a ri-h man# An04a0' a(ter a+o*t a 4ee. the 4ho,e 1a-. o( them ret*rne) +0 the same train# Mr# Ca,,o4a0 tra/e,,e) P*,,man' an) the t4o 1o,i-emen tra/e,,e) in the )a0 -oa-h# It 4as e/i)ent that the0 ha)n5t 2ot their e3tra)ition or)er# "*-ia ha) ,e(t +0 that time# The -ar -ame an) 4ent a-ross the +ri)2e# I stoo) in Me3i-o an) 4at-he) her 2et o*t at the nite) States C*stoms# She 4asn5t an0thin2 in 1arti-*,ar +*t she ,oo.e) +ea*ti(*, at a )istan-e as she 2a/e me a 4a/e o*t o( the nite) States an) 2ot +a-. into the -ar# An) I s*))en,0 (e,t s0m1ath0 (or Mr# Ca,,o4a0' as i( there 4ere somethin2 o/er there 4hi-h 0o* -o*,)n5t (in) here' an) t*rnin2 ro*n) I sa4 him +a-. on his o,) +eat' 4ith the )o2 at his hee,s# I sai) 7Goo) a(ternoon'7 as i( it ha) +een a,, a,on2 o*r ha+it to 2reet ea-h other# He ,oo.e) tire) an) i,, an) )*st0' an) I (e,t sorr0 (or him99to thin. o( the .in) o( /i-tor0 he5) +een 4innin2' 4ith so m*-h e31en)it*re o( -ash an) -are99 the 1ri8e this )irt0 an) )rear0 to4n' the +ooths o( the mone09-han2ers' the a4(*, ,itt,e +ea*t0 1ar,o*rs 4ith their -hairs an) so(as ,oo.in2 ,i.e the re-e1tion rooms o( +rothe,s' that hot an) st*((0 2ar)en +0 the +an)stan)# He re1,ie) 2,oomi,0' 7Goo) mornin2'7 an) the )o2 starte) to sni(( at some or)*re an) he t*rne) an) .i-.e) it 4ith (*r0' 4ith )e1ression' 4ith )es1air# An) at that moment a ta3i 4ith the t4o 1o,i-emen in it 1asse) *s on its 4a0 to the +ri)2e# The0 m*st ha/e seen that .i-.6 1erha1s the0 4ere -,e/erer than I ha) 2i/en them -re)it (or' 1erha1s the0 4ere ;*st sentimenta, a+o*t anima,s' an) tho*2ht the05) )o a 2oo) )ee)' an) the rest ha11ene) +0 a--i)ent# B*t the (a-t remains 9those t4o 1i,,ars o( the ,a4 set a+o*t the stea,in2 o( Mr# Ca,,o4a05s )o2# He 4at-he) them 2o +0# Then he sai)' 7%h0 )on5t 0o* 2o a-ross=7 7It5s -hea1er here'7 I sai)# 7I mean ;*st (or an e/enin2# Ha/e a mea, at that 1,a-e 4e -an see at ni2ht in the s.0# Go to the theatre#7 7There isn5t a -han-e#7 He sai) an2ri,0' s*-.in2 his 2o,) tooth' 7%e,,' an04a0' 2et a4a0 (rom here#7 He stare) )o4n the hi,, an) *1 the other si)e# He -o*,)n5t see that that street

-,im+in2 *1 (rom the +ri)2e -ontaine) on,0 the same mone0-han2ers5 +ooths as this one# I sai)' 7%h0 )on5t 0o* 2o=7 He sai) e/asi/e,0' 7Oh99+*siness#7 I sai)' 7It5s on,0 a <*estion o( mone0# Yo* )on5t ha/e to 1ass +0 the +ri)2e#7 He sai) 4ith (aint interest' 7I )on5t ta,. S1anish#7 7There isn5t a so*, here'7 I sai)' 74ho )oesn5t ta,. En2,ish#7 He ,oo.e) at me 4ith s*r1rise# 7Is that so=7 he sai)# 7Is that so=7 It5s as I ha/e sai)6 he5) ne/er trie) to ta,. to an0one' an) the0 res1e-te) him too m*-h to ta,. to him99he 4as 4orth a mi,,ion# I )on5t .no4 4hether I5m 2,a) or sorr0 that I to,) him that# I( I ha)n5t' he mi2ht +e there no4' sittin2 +0 the +an)stan) ha/in2 his shoes -,eane)9a,i/e an) s*((erin2# Three )a0s ,ater his )o2 )isa11eare)# I (o*n) him ,oo.in2 (or it' -a,,in2 it so(t,0 an) shame(a-e),0 +et4een the 1a,ms o( the 2ar)en# He ,oo.e) em+arrasse)# He sai) in a ,o4 an2r0 /oi-e' 7I hate that )o2# The +east,0 mon2re,'7 an) -a,,e) 7Ro/er' Ro/er7 in a /oi-e 4hi-h )i)n5t -arr0 (i/e 0ar)s# He sai)' 7I +re) setters on-e# I5) ha/e shot a )o2 ,i.e that#7 It remin)e) him' I 4as ri2ht' o( Nor(o,.' an) he ,i/e) in the memor0' an) he hate) it (or its im1er(e-tion# He 4as a man 4itho*t a (ami,0 an) 4itho*t (rien)s' an) his on,0 enem0 4as that )o2# Yo* -o*,)n5t -a,, the ,a4 an enem06 0o* ha/e to +e intimate 4ith an enem0# "ate that a(ternoon someone to,) him the05) seen the )o2 4a,.in2 a-ross the +ri)2e# It 4asn5t tr*e' o( -o*rse' +*t 4e )i)n5t .no4 that then99the05) 1ai) a Me3i-an (i/e 1esos to sm*22,e it a-ross# So a,, that a(ternoon an) the ne3t Mr# Ca,,o4a0 sat in the 2ar)en ha/in2 his shoes -,eane) o/er an) o/er a2ain' an) thin.in2 ho4 a )o2 -o*,) ;*st 4a,. a-ross ,i.e that' an) a h*man +ein2' an immorta, so*,' 4as +o*n) here in the a4(*, ro*tine o( the ,itt,e 4a,. an) the *ns1ea.a+,e mea,s an) the as1irin at the +oti-a# That )o2 4as seein2 thin2s he -o*,)n5t seethat hate(*, )o2# It ma)e him ma)99I thin. ,itera,,0 ma)# Yo* m*st remem+er the man ha) +een 2oin2 on (or months# He ha) a mi,,ion an) he 4as ,i/in2 on t4o 1o*n)s a 4ee.' 4ith nothin2 to s1en) his mone0 on# He sat there an) +roo)e) on the hi)eo*s in;*sti-e o( it# I thin. he5) ha/e -rosse) o/er one )a0 in an0 -ase' +*t the )o2 4as the ,ast stra4# Ne3t )a0 4hen he 4asn5t to +e seen I 2*esse) he5) 2one a-ross' an) I 4ent too# The Ameri-an to4n is as sma,, as the Me3i-an# I .ne4 I -o*,)n5t miss him i( he 4as there' an) I 4as sti,, -*rio*s# A ,itt,e sorr0 (or him' +*t not m*-h# I -a*2ht si2ht o( him (irst in the on,0 )r*29store' ha/in2 a Co-a9Co,a' an) then on-e o*tsi)e a -inema ,oo.in2 at the 1osters6 he ha) )resse) 4ith e3treme neatness' as i( (or a 1art0' +*t there 4as no 1art0# On m0 thir) time ro*n)' I -ame on the )ete-ti/es99the0 4ere ha/in2 Co-aCo,as in the )r*29store' an) the0 m*st ha/e misse) Mr# Ca,,o4a0 +0 in-hes# I 4ent in an) sat )o4n at the +ar# 7He,,o'7 I sai)' 70o* sti,, a+o*t=7 I s*))en,0 (e,t an3io*s (or Mr# Ca,,o4a0' I )i)n5t 4ant them to meet# One o( them sai)' 7%here5s Ca,,o4a0=7 7Oh'7 I sai)' 7he5s han2in2 on#7 7B*t not his )o2'7 he sai)' an) ,a*2he)# The other ,oo.e) a ,itt,e sho-.e)' he )i)n5t ,i.e an0one to ta,. -0ni-a,,0 a+o*t a )o2# Then the0 2ot *199the0 ha) a -ar o*tsi)e# 7Ha/e another=7 I sai)# 7No' than.s# %e5/e 2ot to .ee1 mo/in2#7 The man +ent -,ose an) -on(i)e) to me' 7 Ca,,o4a05s on this si)e#7 7NoJ7 I sai)# 7An) his )o2#7 7He5s ,oo.in2 (or it'7 the other sai)# 7I5m )amne) i( he is'7 I sai)' an) a2ain one o( them ,oo.e) a ,itt,e sho-.e)' as i( I5) ins*,te) the )o2# I )on5t thin. Mr# Ca,,o4a0 4as ,oo.in2 (or his )o2' +*t his )o2 -ertain,0 (o*n) him# There 4as a s*))en hi,ario*s 0a11in2 (rom the -ar an) o*t 1,*n2e) the

semisetter an) 2am+o,,e) (*rio*s,0 )o4n the street# One o( the )ete-ti/es99the sentimenta, one994as into the -ar +e(ore 4e 2ot to the )oor an) 4as o(( a(ter the )o2# Near the +ottom o( the ,on2 roa) to the +ri)2e 4as Mr# Ca,,o4a09I )o +e,ie/e he5) -ome )o4n to ,oo. at the Me3i-an si)e 4hen he (o*n) there 4as nothin2 +*t the )r*2store an) the -inemas an) the 1a1er sho1s on the Ameri-an# He sa4 the )o2 -omin2 an) 0e,,e) at it to 2o home7home' home' home'7 as i( the0 4ere in Nor(o,.99 it too. no noti-e at a,,' 1e,tin2 to4ar)s him# Then he sa4 the 1o,i-e -ar -omin2 an) ran# A(ter that' e/er0thin2 ha11ene) too <*i-.,0' +*t I thin. the or)er o( e/ents 4as this99the )o2 starte) a-ross the roa) ri2ht in (ront o( the -ar' an) Mr# Ca,,o4a0 0e,,e)' at the )o2 or the -ar' I )on5t .no4 4hi-h# An04a0' the )ete-ti/e s4er/e)99he sai) ,ater' 4ea.,0' at the in<*ir0' that he -o*,)n5t r*n o/er a )o2' an) )o4n 4ent Mr# Ca,,o4a0' in a mess o( +ro.en 2,ass an) 2o,) rims an) si,/er hair' an) +,oo)# The )o2 4as on to him +e(ore an0 o( *s -o*,) rea-h him' ,i-.in2 an) 4him1erin2 an) ,i-.in2# I sa4 Mr# Ca,,o4a0 1*t *1 his han)' an) )o4n it 4ent a-ross the )o25s ne-. an) the 4him1er rose to a st*1i) +ar. o( tri*m1h' +*t Mr# Ca,,o4a0 4as )ea)99sho-. an) a 4ea. heart# 7Poor o,) 2ee8er'7 the )ete-ti/e sai)' 7I +et he rea,,0 ,o/e) that )o2'7 an) it5s tr*e that the attit*)e in 4hi-h he ,a0 ,oo.e) more ,i.e a -aress than a +,o4# I tho*2ht it 4as meant to +e a +,o4' +*t the )ete-ti/e ma0 ha/e +een ri2ht# It a,, seeme) to me a ,itt,e too to*-hin2 to +e tr*e as the o,) -roo. ,a0 there 4ith his arm o/er the )o25s ne-.' )ea) 4ith his mi,,ion +et4een the mone0-han2ers5 h*ts' +*t it5s as 4e,, to +e h*m+,e in the (a-e o( h*man nat*re# He ha) -ome a-ross the ri/er (or somethin2' an) it ma0' a(ter a,,' ha/e +een the )o2 he 4as ,oo.in2 (or# It sat there' +a0in2 its st*1i) an) mon2re, tri*m1h a-ross his +o)0' ,i.e a 1ie-e o( sentimenta, stat*ar0# The nearest he -o*,) 2et to the (ie,)s' the )it-hes' the hori8on o( his home# It 4as -omi- an) it 4as 1itia+,e6 +*t it 4asn5t ,ess -omi+e-a*se the man 4as )ea)# Death )oesn5t -han2e -ome)0 to tra2e)0' an) i( that ,ast 2est*re 4as one o( a((e-tion' I s*11ose it 4as on,0 one more in)i-ation o( a h*man +ein25s -a1a-it0 (or se,(9)e-e1tion' o*r +ase,ess o1timism that is so m*-h more a11a,,in2 than o*r )es1air# 1A?G

!*+i,ee Mr# Cha,(ont irone) his tro*sers an) his tie# Then he (o,)e) *1 his ironin29+oar) an) 1*t it a4a0# He 4as ta,, an) he ha) 1reser/e) his (i2*re: he ,oo.e) )istin2*ishe) e/en in his 1ants' in the sma,, (*rnishe) +e)9sittin29room he .e1t o(( She1her)5s He 4as (i(t0' +*t he )i)n5t ,oo. more than (ort09(i/e6 he 4as ston0 +ro.e' +*t he remaine) *n<*estiona+,0 Ma0(air# He e3amine) his -o,,ar 4ith an3iet06 he ha)n5t +een o*t o( )oors (or more than a 4ee.' e3-e1t to the 1*+,i-ho*se at the -orner to eat his mornin2 an) e/enin2 ham ro,,6 an) then he a,4a0s 4ore an o/er-oat an) a soi,e) -o,,ar# He )e-i)e) that it 4o*,)n5t )ama2e the e((e-t i( he 4ore it on-e more6 he )i)n5t +e,ie/e in e-onomi8in2 too ri2i),0 o/er his ,a*n)r0' 0o* ha) to s1en) mone0 in or)er to earn mone0' +*t there 4as no 1oint in +ein2 e3tra/a2ant# An) someho4 he )i)n5t +e,ie/e in his ,*-. this -o-.tai, time6 he 4as 2oin2 o*t (or the 2oo) o( his mora,e' +e-a*se a(ter a 4ee. a4a0 (rom the resta*rants it 4o*,) ha/e +een so eas0 to ,et e/er0thin2 s,i)e' to -on (ine himse,( to his room an) his t4i-e9)ai,0 /isit to the 1*+,i-9ho*se# The !*+i,ee )e-orations 4ere sti,, o*t in the -o,) 4in)0 Ma0# Soi,e) +0 sho4ers an) soot the streamers +,e4 *1 a-ross Pi--a)i,,0' )ra*2ht0 4ith )eso,ation# The0 4ere the remin)er o( a 2oo) time Mr# Cha,(ont ha)n5t share)6 he

ha)n5t +,o4n 4hist,es or thro4n 1a1er ri++ons6 he -ertain,0 ha)n5t )an-e) to an0 harmoni*ms# His neat (i2*re 4as ,i.e a s0m+o, o( Goo) Taste as he 4aite) 4ith (o,)e) *m+re,,a (or the tra((i- ,i2hts to 2o 2reen6 he ha) ,earne) to ho,) his han) so that the one (ra0e) 1at-h on his s,ee/e )i)n5t sho4' an) the rather e3-,*si/e -,*+ tie' (resh,0 irone)' mi2ht ha/e +een +o*2ht that mornin2# It 4asn5t ,a-. o( 1atriotism or ,o0a,t0 4hi-h ha) .e1t Mr# Cha,(ont in)oors a,, thro*2h ;*+i,ee 4ee.# No+o)0 )ran. the toast o( the &in2 more sin-ere,0 than Mr# Cha,(ont so ,on2 as someone e,se 4as stan)in2 the )rin.6 +*t an instin-t )ee1er than 2oo) (orm ha) 4arne) him not to +e a+o*t# Too man0 1eo1,e 4hom he ha) on-e .no4n Cso he e31,aine) itD 4ere -omin2 *1 (rom the -o*ntr06 the0 mi2ht 4ant to ,oo. him *1' an) a (e,,o4 ;*st -o*,)n5t as. them +a-. to a room ,i.e this# That e31,aine) his )is-retion6 it )i)n5t e31,ain his sense o( o11ression 4hi,e he 4aite) (or the !*+i,ee to +e o/er# No4 he 4as +a-. at the o,) 2ame# He -a,,e) it that himse,(' smoothin2 his neat 2re0 mi,itar0 mo*sta-he# The o,) 2ame# Some+o)0 2oin2 ra1i),0 ro*n) the -orner into Ber.e,e0 Street n*)2e) him 1,a0(*,,0 an) sai)' 7H*,,o' 0o* o,) )e/i,'7 an) 4as 2one a2ain' ,ea/in2 the memor0 o( man0 1,a0(*, n*)2es in the o,) )a0s' o( Mer)0 an) the Boo+# For he -o*,)n5t )is2*ise the (a-t that he 4as a(ter the ,a)ies# He )i)n5t 4ant to )is2*ise it# It ma)e his 4ho,e 1ro(ession a11ear e/en to himse,( rather 2a,,ant an) -are(ree# It )is2*ise) the (a-t that the ,a)ies 4ere not so 0o*n2 as the0 mi2ht +e an) that it 4as the ,a)ies CGo) +,ess themJD 4ho 1ai)# It )is2*ise) the (a-t that Mer)0 an) the Boo+ ha) ,on2 a2o /anishe) (rom his .no4,e)2e# The ,ist o( his a-<*aintan-es in-,*)e) a 2reat man0 4omen +*t har),0 a sin2,e man6 no one 4as more <*a,i(ie) +0 a ,on2 2rim0 e31erien-e to te,, smo.in29room stories' +*t the smo.in29room in 4hi-h Mr# Cha,(ont 4as 4e,-ome )i) not no4a)a0s e3ist# Mr# Cha,(ont -rosse) the roa)# It 4asn5t an eas0 ,i(e' it e3ha*ste) him ner/o*s,0 an) 1h0si-a,,0' he nee)e) a 2reat man0 sherries to .ee1 2oin2# The (irst sherr0 he ha) a,4a0s to 1a0 (or himse,(6 that 4as the thirt0 1o*n)s he mar.e) as e31enses on his in-ome ta3 ret*rn# He )i/e) thro*2h the entran-e' not ,oo.in2 either 4a0' (or it 4o*,) ne/er )o (or the 1orter to thin. that he 4as so,i-itin2 an0 o( the 4omen 4ho mo/e) hea/i,0 ,i.e sea,s thro*2h the )im a<*ari*m ,i2ht o( the ,o*n2e# B*t his *s*a, seat 4as o--*1ie)# He t*rne) a4a0 to ,oo. (or another -hair 4here he -o*,) e3hi+it himse,( )is-reet,0: the se,e-t tie' the tan' the 2re0 )istin2*ishe) hair' the stron2 e,e2ant (i2*re' the air o( a retire) Go/ernor (rom the Co,onies# He st*)ie) the 4oman 4ho sat in his -hair -o/ert,0: he tho*2ht he5) seen her some4here' the min. -oat' the o/er+,o4n (i2*re' the e31ensi/e )ress# Her (a-e 4as (ami,iar +*t *nnote)' ,i.e that o( someone 0o* 1ass e/er0 )a0 at the same 1,a-e# She 4as /*,2ar' she 4as -heer(*,' she 4as *n)o*+te),0 ri-h# He -o*,)n5t thin. 4here he ha) met her# She -a*2ht Mr# Cha,(ont5s e0e an) 4in.e)# He +,*she)' he 4as horri(ie)' nothin2 o( this sort ha) e/er ha11ene) to him +e(ore6 the 1orter 4as 4at-hin2 an) Mr# Cha,(ont (e,t s-an)a, at his e,+o4' ro++in2 him o( his (ami,iar resta*rant' his ,ast h*ntin2 2ro*n)' t*rnin2 him 1erha1s o*t o( Ma0(air a,to2ether into some +,ea. Pa))in2ton 1ar,o*r 4here he -o*,)n5t .ee1 *1 the ,east a11earan-e o( 2a,,antr0# Am I so o+/io*s' he tho*2ht' so o+/io*s= He 4ent hasti,0 a-ross to her +e(ore she -o*,) 4in. a2ain# 7E3-*se me'7 he sai)' 70o* m*st remem+er me# %hat a,on2 time###7 7Yo*r (a-e is (ami,iar' )ear'7 she sai)# 7Ha/e a -o-.tai,#7 7%e,,'7 Mr# Cha,(ont sai)' 7I sho*,) -ertain,0 not min) a sherr0' Mrs#99 Mrs#99I5/e <*ite (or2otten 0o*r s*rname#7 7Yo*5re a s1ort'7 the 4oman sai)' 7+*t Am0 4i,, )o#7 7Ah'7 Mr# Cha,(ont sai)' 70o* are ,oo.in2 /er0 4e,,' Am0# It 2i/es me m*-h 1,eas*re to see 0o* sittin2 there a2ain a(ter a,, these99months994h0' 0ears it m*st +e# The ,ast time 4e met###7 7I )on5t remem+er 0o* -,ear,0' )ear' tho*2h o( -o*rse 4hen I sa4 0o* ,oo.in2 at me### I s*11ose it 4as in !erm0n Street#7

7 !erm0n Street'7 Mr# Cha,(ont sai)# 7S*re,0 not !erm0n Street# I5/e ne/er### S*re,0 it m*st ha/e +een 4hen I ha) m0 (,at in C*r8on Street# De,e-ta+,e e/enin2s one ha) there# I5/e mo/e) sin-e then to a rather h*m+,er a+o)e 4here I 4o*,)n5t )ream o( in/itin2 0o*#### B*t 1erha1s 4e -o*,) s,i1 a4a0 to some ,itt,e nest o( 0o*r o4n# Yo*r hea,th' m0 )ear# Yo* ,oo. 0o*n2er than e/er#7 7Ha110 )a0s'7 Am0 sai)# Mr# Cha,(ont 4in-e)# She (in2ere) her min. -oat# 7B*t 0o* .no49I5/e retire)#7 7Ah' ,ost mone0' eh=7 Mr# Cha,(ont sai)# 7Dear ,a)0' I5/e s*((ere) in that 4a0 too# %e m*st -onso,e ea-h other a ,itt,e# I s*11ose +*siness is +a)# Yo*r h*s+an)99I seem to re-a,, a tr0in2 man 4ho )i) his +est to inter(ere 4ith o*r i)0,,# It 4as an i)0,,' 4asn5t it' those e/enin2s in C*r8on Street=7 7Yo*5/e 2ot it 4ron2' )ear# I ne/er 4as in C*r8on Street# B*t i( 0o* )ate +a-. to the time I trie) that h*s+an)' 4h0 that 2oes 0ears +a-.' to the me4s o(( Bon) Street# Fan-0 0o*r remem+erin2# It 4as 4ron2 o( me# I -an see that no4# An) it ne/er rea,,0 4or.e)# I )on5t thin. he ,oo.e) ,i.e a h*s+an)# B*t no4 I5/e retire)# Oh' no'7 she sai)' ,eanin2 (or4ar) *nti, he -o*,) sme,, the +ran)0 on her 1,*m1 ,itt,e ,i1s' 7I ha/en5t ,ost mone06 I5/e ma)e it#7 7Yo*5re ,*-.0'7 Mr# Cha,(ont sai)# 7It 4as a,, the !*+i,ee'7 Am0 e31,aine)# 7I 4as -on(ine) to m0 +e) )*rin2 the !*+i,ee'7 Mr# Cha,(ont sai)# 7I *n)erstan) it a,, 4ent o(( /er0 4e,,#7 7It 4as ,o/e,0'7 Am0 sai)# 7%h0' I sai) to m0se,(' e/er0one o*2ht to )o somethin2 to ma.e it a s*--ess# So I -,eane) *1 the streets#7 7I )on5t <*ite *n)erstan)'7 Mr# Cha,(ont sai)# 7Yo* mean the )e-orations=7 7No' no'7 Am0 sai)' 7that 4asn5t it at a,,# B*t it )i)n5t seem to me ni-e' 4hen a,, these Co,onia,s 4ere in "on)on' (or them to see the 2ir,s in Bon) Street an) %ar)o*r Street an) a,, o/er the 1,a-e# I5m 1ro*) o( "on)on' an) it )i)n5t seem ri2ht to me that 4e sho*,) 2et a re1*tation#7 7Peo1,e m*st ,i/e#7 7O( -o*rse the0 m*st ,i/e# %asn5t I in the +*siness m0se,(' )ear=7 7Oh'7 Mr# Cha,(ont sai)' 70o* 4ere in the +*siness=7 It 4as <*ite a sho-. to him6 he ,oo.e) <*i-.,0 this 4a0 an) that' (earin2 that he mi2ht ha/e +een o+ser/e)# 7So 0o* see I o1ene) a Ho*se an) s1,it 4ith the 2ir,s# I too. a,, the ris.' an) then o( -o*rse I ha) m0 other e31enses# I ha) to a)/ertise#7 7Ho4 )i) 0o*99ho4 )i) 0o* 2et it .no4n=7 He -o*,)n5t he,1 ha/in2 a .in) o( 1ro(essiona, interest# 7Eas0' )ear# I o1ene) a to*rist +*rea*# Tri1s to the "on)on *n)er4or,)# "imeho*se an) a,, that# B*t there 4as a,4a0s an o,) (e,,o4 4ho 4ante) the 2*i)e to sho4 him somethin2 1ri/ate,0 a(ter4ar)s#7 7Ver0 in2enio*s'7 Mr# Cha,(ont sai)# 7An) ,o0a, too' )ear# It -,eane) *1 the streets 1ro1er,0# Tho*2h o( -o*rse I on,0 too. the +est# I 4as /er0 se,e-t# Some o( them ;i++e)' +e-a*se the0 sai) the0 )i) a,, the 4or.' +*t as I sai) to them' it 4as M0 I)ea#7 7So no4 0o*5re retire)=7 7I ma)e (i/e tho*san) 1o*n)s' )ear# It 4as rea,,0 m0 ;*+i,ee as 4e,,' tho*2h 0o* mi2htn5t thin. it to ,oo. at me# I a,4a0s ha) the ma.in2 o( a +*siness 4oman' an) I sa4' 0o* see' ho4 I -o*,) e3ten) the +*siness# I o1ene) at Bri2hton too# I -,eane) *1 En2,an) in a 4a0 o( s1ea.in2# It 4as e/er so m*-h ni-er (or the Co,onia,s# There5s +een a ,ot o( mone0 in the -o*ntr0 these ,ast 4ee.s# Ha/e another sherr0' )ear' 0o* are ,oo.in2 1oor,0#7 7Rea,,0' rea,,0' 0o* .no4' I o*2ht to +e 2oin2#7 7Oh' -ome on# It5s !*+i,ee' isn5t it= Ce,e+rate# Be a s1ort#7 7I thin. I see a (rien)#7 He ,oo.e) he,1,ess,0 aro*n): a (rien): he -o*,)n5t e/en thin. o( a (rien)5s name# He 4i,te) +e(ore a 1ersona,it0 stron2er than his o4n# She +,oome) there ,i.e a 2reat )ress0 a*t*mn (,o4er# He (e,t o,): m0 ;*+i,ee# His (ra0e) -*((s sho4e)6 he ha) (or2otten to arran2e his han)# He sai)' 7Perha1s# !*st one# It o*2ht rea,,0 to

+e on me'7 an) as he 4at-he) her +an2 (or the 4aiter in the )im 2entee, 1,a-e an) )ominate his )isa11ro/a, 4hen he -ame' Mr# Cha,(ont -o*,)n5t he,1 4on)erin2 at the *n(airness o( her -on(i)en-e an) her hea,th# He ha) a to*-h o( ne*ritis' +*t she 4as -arni/a,6 she rea,,0 seeme) to +e,on2 to the +anners an) )rin.s an) 1,*mes an) 1ro-essions# He sai) <*ite h*m+,0' 7I sho*,) ,i.e to ha/e seen the 1ro-ession' +*t I 4asn5t *1 to it# M0 rhe*matism'7 he e3-*se) himse,(# His ,itt,e 4ithere) sense o( 2oo) taste -o*,) not stan) the +ri2ht 1,e+eian s1ontaneit0# He 4as a (ine )an-er' +*t the05) ha/e o*t)an-e) him on the 1a/ements6 he ma)e ,o/e attra-ti/e,0 in his (orma, 4e,,9+re) 4a0' +*t the05) ha/e o*t,o/e) him' +,in) an) )r*n. an) -ra80 an) ha110 in the 1ar.# He ha) .no4n that he 4o*,) +e o*t o( 1,a-e' he5) .e1t a4a06 +*t it 4as h*mi,iatin2 to rea,i8e that Am0 ha) misse) nothin2# 7Yo* ,oo. 1ro1er,0 )one' )ear'7 Am0 sai)# 7"et me ,en) 0o* a -o*1,e o( <*i)#7 7No' no'7 Mr# Cha,(ont sai)# 7Rea,,0 I -o*,)n5t#7 7I e31e-t 0o*5/e 2i/en me 1,ent0 in 0o*r time#7 B*t ha) he= He -o*,)n5t remem+er her6 it 4as s*-h a ,on2 time sin-e he5) +een 4ith a 4oman e3-e1t in the 4a0 o( +*siness# He sai)' 7I -o*,)n5t# I rea,,0 -o*,)n5t#7 He trie) to e31,ain his attit*)e 4hi,e she (*m+,e) in her +a2# 7I ne/er ta.e mone099e3-e1t' 0o* .no4' (rom (rien)s#7 He a)mitte) )es1erate,0' 7or e3-e1t in +*siness#7 B*t he -o*,)n5t ta.e his e0es a4a0# He 4as +ro.e an) it 4as -r*e, o( her to sho4 him a (i/e91o*n) note# 7No# Rea,,0#7 It 4as a ,on2 time sin-e his 1ri-e ha) +een as hi2h as (i/e 1o*n)s# 7I .no4 ho4 it is' )ear'7 Am0 sai)' 7I5/e +een in the +*siness m0se,(' an) I .no4 ;*st ho4 0o* (ee,# Sometimes a 2ent,eman 4o*,) -ome home 4ith me' 2i/e me a <*i) an) r*n a4a0 as i( he 4as s-are)# It 4as ins*,tin2# I ne/er )i) ,i.e ta.in2 mone0 (or nothin2#7 7B*t 0o*5re <*ite 4ron2'7 Mr# Cha,(ont sai)# 7That5s not it at a,,# Not it at a,,#7 7%h0' I -o*,) te,, a,most as soon as 0o* s1o.e to me# Yo* )on5t nee) to .ee1 *1 1reten-es 4ith me' )ear'7 Am0 4ent ine3ora+,0 on' 4hi,e Ma0(air (a)e) (rom his manner' *nti, there remaine) on,0 the +e)9sittin29room' the ham ro,,s' the iron heatin2 on the sto/e# 7Yo* )on5t nee) to +e 1ro*)# B*t i( 0o*5) rather Cit5s a,, the same to me' it )oesn5t mean a thin2 to meD 4e5,, 2o home an) ,et 0o* )o 0o*r st*((# It5s a,, the same to me' )ear' +*t i( 0o*5) rather99I .no4 ho4 0o* (ee,'7 an) 1resent,0 the0 4ent o*t to2ether arm9in9arm into the )e-orate) )eso,ate street# 7Cheer *1' m0 )ear'7 Am0 sai)' as the 4in) 1i-.e) *1 the ri++ons an) tore them (rom the 1o,es an) ,i(te) the )*st an) ma)e the (,a2s (,a1' 7a 2ir, , a -heer(*, (a-e#7 An) s*))en,0 she +e-ame ra*-o*s an) merr0' s,a11in2 Mr# Cha,(ont on his +a-.' 1in-hin2 his arm' sa0in2' 7"et5s ha/e a ,itt,e !*+i,ee s1irit' )ear'7 ta.in2 her re/en2e (or a 4or,) o( *n-on2enia, 1artners on o,) Mr# Cha,(ont# Yo* -o*,)n5t -a,, him an0thin2 e,se no4 +*t o,) Mr# Cha,(ont# 1A?B

Brother The Comm*nists 4ere the (irst to a11ear# The0 4a,.e) <*i-.,0' a 2ro*1 o( a+o*t a )o8en' *1 the +o*,e/ar) 4hi-h r*ns (rom Com+at to Mni,montant6 a 0o*n2 man an) a 2ir, ,a22e) a ,itt,e 4a0 +ehin) +e-a*se the man5s ,e2 4as h*rt an) the 2ir, 4as he,1in2 him a,on2# The0 ,oo.e) im1atient' harasse)' ho1e,ess' as i( the0 4ere tr0in2 to -at-h a train 4hi-h the0 .ne4 a,rea)0 in their hearts the0 4ere too ,ate to -at-h#

The 1ro1rietor o( the -a( sa4 them -omin2 4hen the0 4ere sti,, a ,on2 4a0 o((6 the ,am1s at that time 4ere sti,, a,i2ht Cit 4as ,ater that the +*,,ets +ro.e the +*,+s an) )ro11e) )ar.ness a,, o/er that <*arter o( ParisD' an) the 2ro*1 sho4e) *1 1,ain,0 in the 4i)e +arren +o*,e/ar)# Sin-e s*nset on,0 one -*stomer ha) entere) the -a(' an) /er0 soon a(ter s*nset (irin2 -o*,) +e hear) (rom the )ire-tion o( Com+at6 the Mtro station ha) -,ose) ho*rs a2o# An) 0et somethin2 o+stinate an) *n)e(eata+,e in the 1ro1rietor5s -hara-ter 1re/ente) him (rom 1*ttin2 *1 the sh*tters6 it mi2ht ha/e +een a/ari-e6 he -o*,) not himse,( ha/e to,) 4hat it 4as as he 1resse) his +roa) 0e,,o4 (orehea) a2ainst the 2,ass an) stare) this 4a0 an) that' *1 the +o*,e/ar) an) )o4n the +o*,e/ar)# B*t 4hen he sa4 the 2ro*1 an) their air o( h*rr0 he +e2an imme)iate,0 to -,ose his -a(# First he 4ent an) 4arne) his on,0 -*stomer' 4ho 4as 1ra-tisin2 +i,,iar) shots' 4a,.in2 ro*n) an) ro*n) the ta+,e' (ro4nin2 an) stro.in2 a thin mo*sta-he +et4een shots' a ,itt,e 2reen in the (a-e *n)er the ,o4 )i((*se) ,i2hts# 7The Re)s are -omin2'7 the 1ro1rietor sai)' 70o*5) +etter +e o((# I5m 1*ttin2 *1 the sh*tters#7 7Don5t interr*1t# The0 4on5t harm me'7 the -*stomer sai)# 7This is a tri-.0 shot# Re)5s in +a*,.# O(( the -*shion# S-re4 on s1ot#7 He shot his +a,, strai2ht into a 7I .ne4 0o* -o*,)n5t )o an0thin2 4ith that'7 the 1ro1rietor sai)' no))in2 his +a,) hea)# 7Yo* mi2ht ;*st as 4e,, 2o home# Gi/e me a han) 4ith the sh*tters (irst# I5/e sent m0 4i(e a4a0#7 The -*stomer t*rne) on him ma,i-io*s,0' ratt,in2 the -*e +et4een his (in2ers# 7It 4as 0o*r ta,.in2 that s1oi,t the shot# Yo*5/e -a*se to +e (ri2htene)' I )are sa0# B*t I5m a 1oor man# I5m sa(e# I5m not 2oin2 to stir#7 He 4ent a-ross to his -oat an) too. o*t a )r0 -i2ar# 7Brin2 me a +o-.#7 He 4a,.e) ro*n) the ta+,e on his toes an) the +a,,s -,i-.e) an) the 1ro1rietor 1a))e) +a-. into the +ar' e,)er,0 an) irritate)# He )i) not (et-h the +eer +*t +e2an to -,ose the sh*tters6 e/er0 mo/e he ma)e 4as s,o4 an) -,*ms0# "on2 +e(ore he ha) (inishe) the 2ro*1 o( Comm*nists 4as o*tsi)e# He sto11e) 4hat he 4as )oin2 an) 4at-he) them 4ith (*rti/e )is,i.e# He 4as a(rai) that the ratt,e o( the sh*tters 4o*,) attra-t their attention# I( I am /er0 <*iet an) sti,,' he tho*2ht' the0 ma0 2o on' an) he remem+ere) 4ith ma,i-io*s 1,eas*re the 1o,i-e +arri-a)e a-ross the P,a-e )e ,a R1*+,i<*e# That 4i,, (inish them# In the mean4hi,e I m*st +e /er0 <*iet' /er0 sti,,' an) he (e,t a .in) o( 4arm satis(a-tion at the i)ea that 4or,),0 4is)om )i-tate) the /er0 attit*)e most s*ite) to his nat*re# So he stare) thro*2h the e)2e o( a sh*tter' 0e,,o4' 1,*m1' -a*tio*s' hearin2 the +i,,iar) +a,,s -ra-.,e in the other room' seein2 the 0o*n2 man -ome ,im1in2 *1 the 1a/ement on the 2ir,5s arm' 4at-hin2 them stan) an) stare 4ith )*+io*s (a-es *1 the +o*,e/ar) to4ar)s Com+at# B*t 4hen the0 -ame into the -a( he 4as a,rea)0 +ehin) the +ar' smi,in2 an) +o4in2 an) missin2 nothin2' noti-in2 ho4 the0 ha) )i/i)e) (or-es' ho4 si3 o( them ha) +e2*n to r*n +a-. the 4a0 the0 ha) -ome# The 0o*n2 man sat )o4n in a )ar. -orner a+o/e the -e,,ar stairs an) the others stoo) ro*n) the )oor 4aitin2 (or somethin2 to ha11en# It 2a/e the 1ro1rietor an o)) (ee,in2 that the0 sho*,) stan) there in his -a( not as.in2 (or a )rin.' .no4in2 4hat to e31e-t' 4hen he' the o4ner' .ne4 nothin2' *n)erstoo) nothin2# At ,ast the 2ir, sai) 7Co2na-'7 ,ea/in2 the others an) -omin2 to the +ar' +*t 4hen he ha) 1o*re) it o*t (or her' /er0 -are(*, to 2i/e a (air an) not a 2enero*s meas*re' she sim1,0 too. it to the man sittin2 in the )ar. an) he,) it to his mo*th# 7Three (ran-s'7 the 1ro1rietor sai)# She too. the 2,ass an) si11e) a ,itt,e an) t*rne) it so that the man5s ,i1s mi2ht to*-h the same s1ot# Then she .ne,t )o4n an) reste) her (orehea) a2ainst the man5s (orehea) an) so the0 sta0e)# 7Three (ran-s'7 the 1ro1rietor sai)' +*t he -o*,) not ma.e his /oi-e +o,)# The man 4as no ,on2er /isi+,e in his -orner' on,0 the 2ir,5s +a-.' thin an) s (o*r 2,asses 4ith +ran)0# The0 stret-he) o*t 4orn +,*nte) (in2ers (or them# 7%ait'7 he sai)# 7I5/e 2ot somethin2 +etter than this76 then 1a*se)' -ons-io*s o( 4hat 4as ha11enin2 a-ross the +o*,e/ar)# The ,am1,i2ht s1,ashe) )o4n

on +,*e stee, he,mets6 the Gar)es Mo+i,es 4ere ,inin2 o*t a-ross the entran-e to the Fa*+o*r2' an) a ma-hine92*n 1ointe) )ire-t,0 at the -a( 4in)o4s# So' the 1ro1rietor tho*2ht' m0 1ra0ers are ans4ere)# No4 I m*st )o m0 1art not ,oo.' not 4arn them' sa/e m0se,(# Ha/e the0 -o/ere) the si)e )oor= I 4i,, 2et the other +ott,e# Rea, Na1o,eon +ran)0# Share an) share a,i.e# He (e,t a -*rio*s ,a-. o( tri*m1h as he o1ene) the tra1 o( the +ar an) -ame o*t# He trie) not to 4a,. <*i-.,0 +a-. to4ar)s the +i,,iar) room# Nothin2 that he )i) m*st 4arn these men6 he trie) to s1*r himse,( 4ith the tho*2ht that e/er0 s,o4 -as*a, ste1 he too. 4as a +,o4 (or Fran-e' (or his -a(' (or his sa/in2s# He ha) to ste1 o/er the 2ir,5s (eet to 1ass her6 she 4as as,ee1# He note) the shar1 sho*,)er +,a)es thr*stin2 thro*2h the -otton' an) raise) his e0es an) met her +rother5s' (i,,e) 4ith 1ain an) )es1air# He sto11e)# He (o*n) he -o*,) not 1ass 4itho*t a 4or)# It 4as as i( he nee)e) to e31,ain somethin2' as i( he +e,on2e) to the 4ron2 1art0# %ith (a,se +onhomie he 4a/e) the -or.s-re4 he -arrie) in the other5s (a-e# 7Another -o2na-' eh=7 7It5s no 2oo) ta,.in2 to them'7 the Re) sai)# 7The05re German# The0 )on5t *n)erstan) a 4or)#7 7German=7 7That5s 4hat5s 4ron2 4ith his ,e2# A -on-entration -am1#7 The 1ro1rietor to,) himse,( that he m*st +e <*i-.' that he m*st 1*t a )oor +et4een him an) them' that the en) 4as /er0 -,ose' +*t he 4as +e4i,)ere) +0 the ho1e,essness in the man5s 2a8e# 7%hat5s he )oin2 here=7 No+o)0 ans4ere) him# It 4as as i( his <*estion 4ere too (oo,ish to nee) a re1,0# %ith his hea) s*n. *1on his +reast the 1ro1rietor 4ent 1ast' an) the 2ir, s,e1t on# He 4as ,i.e a stran2er ,ea/in2 a room 4here a,, the rest are (rien)s# A German# The0 )on5t *n)erstan) a 4or)6 an) *1' *1 thro*2h the hea/0 )ar.ness o( his min)' thro*2h the a/ari-e an) the )*+io*s tri*m1h' a (e4 German 4or)s remem+ere) (rom /er0 o,) )a0s -,im+e) ,i.e s1ies into the ,i2ht: a ,ine (rom the "ore,ei ,earnt at s-hoo,' &amera) 4ith its 4ar9time s*22estion o( (ear an) s*rren)er' an) o)),0 (rom no4here the 1hrase mein Br*)er# He o1ene) the )oor o( the +i,,iar) room an) -,ose) it +ehin) him an) so(t,0 t*rne) the .e0# 7S1ot in +a*,.'7 the -*stomer e31,aine) an) ,eant a-ross the 2reat 2reen ta+,e' +*t 4hi,e he too. aim' 4rin.,in2 his narro4 1ee/ish e0es# the (irin2 starte)# It -ame in t4o +*rsts 4ith a ri1 o( 2,ass +et4een# The 2ir, -rie) o*t somethin2' +*t it 4as not one o( the 4or)s he .ne4# Then (eet ran a-ross the (,oor' the tra1 o( the +ar s,amme)# The 1ro1rietor sat +a-. a2ainst the ta+,e an) ,istene) an) ,istene) (or an0 (*rther so*n)6 +*t si,en-e -ame in *n)er the )oor an) si,en-e thro*2h the .e0ho,e# 7The -,oth# M0 Go)' the -,oth'7 the -*stomer sai)' an) the 1ro1rietor ,oo.e) )o4n at his o4n han) 4hi-h 4as 4or.in2 the -or.s-re4 into the ta+,e# 7%i,, this a+s*r)it0 ne/er en)=7 the -*stomer sai)# 7I sha,, 2o home#7 7%ait'7 the 1ro1rietor sai)# 7%ait#7 He 4as ,istenin2 to /oi-es an) (ootste1s in the other room# These 4ere /oi-es he )i) not re-o2ni8e# Then a -ar )ro/e *1 an) 1resent,0 )ro/e a4a0 a2ain# Some+o)0 ratt,e) the han),e o( the )oor# 7%ho is it=7 the 1ro1rietor -a,,e)# 7%ho are 0o*= O1en that )oor#7 7Ah'7 the -*stomer sai) 4ith re,ie(' 7the 1o,i-e# %here 4as I no4= S1ot in +a*,.#7 He +e2an to -ha,. his -*e# The 1ro1rietor o1ene) the )oor# Yes' the Gar)es Mo+i,es ha) arri/e)6 he 4as sa(e a2ain' tho*2h his 4in)o4s 4ere smashe)# The Re)s ha) /anishe) as i( the0 ha) ne/er +een# He ,oo.e) at the raise) tra1' at the smashe) e,e-tri- +*,+s' at the +ro.en +ott,e 4hi-h )ri11e) +ehin) the +ar# The -a( 4as (*,, o( men' an) he remem+ere) 4ith o)) re,ie( that he ha) not ha) time to ,o-. the si)e )oor# 7Are 0o* the o4ner=7 the o((i-er as.e)# 7A +o-. (or ea-h o( these men an) a -o2na- (or m0se,(# Be <*i-. a+o*t it#7 The 1ro1rietor -a,-*,ate): 7Nine (ran-s (i(t0'7 an) 4at-he) -,ose,0 4ith +ent hea) the -oins ratt,e )o4n *1on the -o*nter#

7Yo* see'7 the o((i-er sai) 4ith si2ni(i-an-e' 74e 1a0#7 He no))e) to4ar)s the si)e )oor# 7Those others: )i) the0 1a0=7 No' the 1ro1rietor a)mitte)' the0 ha) not 1ai)' +*t as he -o*nte) the -oins an) s,i11e) them into the ti,,' he -a*2ht himse,( si,ent,0 re1eatin2 the o((i-er5s or)er997A +o-. (or ea-h o( these men#7 Those others' he tho*2ht' one5s 2ot to sa0 that (or them' the0 4eren5t mean a+o*t the )rin.# It 4as (o*r -o2na-s 4ith them# B*t' o( -o*rse' the0 )i) not 1a0# 7An) m0 4in)o4s'7 he -om1,aine) a,o*) 4ith s*))en as1erit0' 74hat a+o*t m0 4in)o4s=7 7Ne/er 0o* min)'7 the o((i-er sai)' 7the 2o/ernment 4i,, 1a0# Yo* ha/e on,0 to sen) in 0o*r +i,,# H*rr0 *1 no4 4ith m0 -o2na-# I ha/e no time (or 2ossi1#7 7Yo* -an see (or 0o*rse,('7 the 1ro1rietor sai)' 7ho4 the +ott,es ha/e +een +ro.en# %ho 4i,, 1a0 (or that=7 7E/er0thin2 4i,, +e 1ai) (or'7 the o((i-er sai)# 7An) no4 I m*st 2o to the -e,,ar to (et-h more#7 He 4as an2r0 at the reiteration o( the 4or) 1a0# The0 enter m0 -a(' he tho*2ht' the0 smash m0 4in)o4s' the0 or)er me a+o*t an) thin. that a,, is 4e,, i( the0 1a0' 1a0' 1a0# It o--*rre) to him that these men 4ere intr*)ers# 7Ste1 to it'7 the o((i-er sai) an) t*rne) an) re+*.e) one o( the men 4ho ha) ,eant his ri(,e a2ainst the +ar# At the to1 o( the -e,,ar stairs the 1ro1rietor sto11e)# The0 4ere in )ar.ness' +*t +0 the ,i2ht (rom the +ar he -o*,) ;*st ma.e o*t a +o)0 ha,(94a0 )o4n# He +e2an to trem+,e /io,ent,0' an) it 4as some se-on)s +e(ore he -o*,) stri.e a mat-h# The 0o*n2 German ,a0 hea) )o4n4ar)s' an) the +,oo) (rom his hea) ha) )ro11e) on to the ste1 +e,o4# His e0es 4ere o1en an) stare) +a-. at the 1ro1rietor 4ith the o,) )es1airin2 e31ression o( ,i(e# The 1ro1rietor 4o*,) not +e,ie/e that he 4as )ea)# 7&amera)'7 he sai) +en)in2 )o4n' 4hi,e the mat-h sin2e) his (in2ers an) 4ent o*t' tr0in2 to re-a,, some 1hrase in German' +*t he -o*,) on,0 remem+er' as he +ent ,o4er sti,,' 7mein Br*)er#7 Then s*))en,0 he t*rne) an) ran *1 the ste1s' 4a/e) the mat-h9+o3 in the o((i-er5s (a-e' an) -a,,e) o*t in a ,o4 h0steri-a, /oi-e to him an) his men an) to the -*stomer stoo1in2 *n)er the ,o4 2reen sha)e' 7Co-hons# Co-hons#7 7%hat 4as that= %hat 4as that=7 the o((i-er e3-,aime)# 7Di) 0o* sa0 that he 4as 0o*r +rother= It5s im1ossi+,e'7 an) he (ro4ne) in-re)*,o*s,0 at the 1ro1rietor an) ratt,e) the -oins in his 1A?B

Proo( Positi/e The tire) /oi-e 4ent on# It seeme) to s*rmo*nt enormo*s o+sta-,es to s1ee-h# The man5s si-.' Co,one, Crasha4 tho*2ht 4ith 1it0 an) irritation# %hen a 0o*n2 man he ha) -,im+e) in the Hima,a0as' an) he remem+ere) ho4 at 2reat hei2hts se/era, +reaths ha) to +e ta.en (or e/er0 ste1 a)/an-e)# The (i/e9(oot9hi2h 1,at(orm in the M*si- Rooms o( The S1a seeme) to entai, (or the some o( the same e((ort# He sho*,) ne/er ha/e -ome o*t on s*-h a ra4 a(ternoon' tho*2ht Co,one, Crasha4' 1o*rin2 o*t a 2,ass o( 4ater an) 1*shin2 it a-ross the ,e-t*rer5s ta+,e# The rooms 4ere +a),0 heate)' an) 0e,,o4 (in2ers o( 4inter (o2 (e,t (or -ra-.s in the man0 4in)o4s# There 4as ,itt,e )o*+t that the ha) ,ost a,, to*-h 4ith his a*)ien-e# It 4as s-attere) in 1at-hes a+o*t the ha,,99e,)er,0 ,a)ies 4ho ma)e no attem1t to hi)e their -r*e, +ore)om' an) a (e4 men' 4ith the a11earan-e o( retire) o((i-ers' 4ho 1*t *1 a sho4 o( attention# Co,one, Crasha4' as 1resi)ent o( the ,o-a, Ps0-hi-a, So-iet0' ha) re-ei/e) a note (rom the a ,itt,e more than a 4ee. +e(ore# %ritten +0 a han) 4hi-h

trem+,e) 4ith si-.ness' a2e or )r*n.enness' it as.e) *r2ent,0 (or a s1e-ia, meetin2 o( the so-iet0# An e3traor)inar0' a rea,,0 im1ressi/e' e31erien-e 4as to +e )es-ri+e) 4hi,e sti,, (resh in the min)' tho*2h 4hat the e31erien-e ha) +een 4as ,e(t /a2*e# Co,one, Crasha4 4o*,) ha/e hesitate) to -om1,0 i( the note ha) not +een si2ne) +0 a Ma;or Phi,i1 %ea/er' In)ian Arm0' retire)# One ha) to )o 4hat one -o*,) (or a +rother o((i-er6 the trem+,in2 o( the han) m*st +e either a2e or si-.ness# It 1ro/e) 1rin-i1a,,0 to +e the ,atter 4hen the t4o men met (or the (irst time on the 1,at(orm# Ma;or %ea/er 4as not more than si3t0' ta,,' thin' an) )ar.' 4ith an *2,0 o+stinate nose an) satire in his e0e' the most *n,i.e,0 1erson to e31erien-e an0thin2 *ne31,aina+,e# %hat anta2oni8e) Crasha4 most 4as that %ea/er *se) s-ent6 a 4hite han).er-hie( 4hi-h )roo1e) (rom his +reast e3ha,e) as ri-h an) s4eet an o)o*r as a 4ho,e a,tar o( ,i,ies# Se/era, ,a)ies 1rin.e) their noses' an) Genera, "ea)+itter as.e) ,o*),0 4hether he mi2ht smo.e# It 4as <*ite o+/io*s that %ea/er *n)erstoo)# He smi,e) 1ro/o-ati/e,0 an) as.e) /er0 s,o4,0' 7%o*,) 0o* min) not smo.in2= M0 throat has +een +a) (or some time#7 Crasha4 m*rm*re) that it 4as terri+,e 4eather6 in(,*en8a throats 4ere -ommon# The satiri-a, e0e -ame ro*n) to him an) -onsi)ere) him tho*2ht(*,,0' 4hi,e %ea/er sai) in a /oi-e 4hi-h -arrie) ha,(94a0 a-ross the ha,,' 7It5s -an-er in m0 -ase#7 In the sho-.e) /e3e) si,en-e that (o,,o4e) the *nne-essar0 intima-0 he +e2an to s1ea. 4itho*t 4aitin2 (or an0 intro)*-tion (rom Crasha4# He seeme) at (irst to +e in a h*rr0# It 4as on,0 ,ater that the terri+,e im1e)iments 4ere 1,a-e) in the 4a0 o( his s1ee-h# He ha) a hi2h /oi-e' 4hi-h sometimes +ro.e into a s<*ea,' an) m*st ha/e +een 1e-*,iar,0 )isa2reea+,e on the 1ara)e 2ro*n)# He 1ai) a (e4 -om1,iments to the ,o-a, so-iet06 his remar.s 4ere ;*st s*((i-ient,0 e3a22erate) to +e irritatin2# He 4as 2,a)' he sai)' to 2i/e them the -han-e o( hearin2 him6 4hat he ha) to sa0 mi2ht a,ter their 4ho,e /ie4 o( the re,ati/e /a,*es o( matter an) s1irit# M0sti- st*((' tho*2ht Crasha4# %ea/er5s hi2h /oi-e +e2an to shoot o*t h*rrie) 1,atit*)es# The s1irit' he sai)' 4as stron2er than an0one rea,i8e)6 the 1h0sio,o2i-a, a-tion o( heart an) +rain an) ner/es 4ere s*+or)inate to the s1irit# The s1irit 4as e/er0thin2# He sai) a2ain' his /oi-e s<*ea.in2 *1 ,i.e +ats into the -ei,in2' 7The s1irit is so m*-h stron2er than 0o* thin.#7 He 1*t his han) a-ross his throat an) s<*inte) si)e4a0s at the 4in)o491anes an) the n*88,in2 (o2' an) *14ar)s at the +are e,e-tri- 2,o+e si88,in2 4ith heat an) 1oor ,i2ht in the )im a(ternoon# 7It5s immorta,'7 he to,) them /er0 serio*s,0' an) the0 shi(te)' rest,ess' *n-om(orta+,e' an) 4ear0' in their -hairs# It 4as then that his /oi-e 2re4 tire) an) his s1ee-h im1e)e)# The .no4,e)2e that he ha) entire,0 ,ost to*-h 4ith his a*)ien-e ma0 ha/e +een the -a*se# An e,)er,0 ,a)0 at the +a-. ha) ta.en her .nittin2 (rom a +a2' an) her nee),es (,ashe) a,on2 the 4a,,s 4hen the ,i2ht -a*2ht them' ,i.e a +ri2ht ironi- s1irit# Satire (or a moment )eserte) %ea/er5s e0es' an) Crasha4 sa4 the /a-an-0 it ,e(t' as tho*2h the +a,, ha) t*rne) to 2,ass# 7This is im1ortant'7 the ,e-t*rer -rie) to them# 7I -an te,, 0o* a stor0997 His a*)ien-e5s attention 4as momentari,0 -a*2ht +0 this 1romise o( somethin2 )e(inite' +*t the sti,,ness o( the ,a)05s nee),es )i) not soothe him# He sneere) at them a,,# 7Si2ns an) 4on)ers'7 he sai)# Then he ,ost the threa) o( his s1ee-h a,to2ether# His han) 1asse) to an) (ro a-ross his throat an) he <*ote) Sha.es1eare' an) then St# Pa*,5s E1ist,e to the Ga,atians# His s1ee-h' as it 2re4 s,o4er' seeme) to ,ose a,, ,o2i-a, or)er' tho*2h no4 an) then Crasha4 4as s*r1rise) +0 the shre4)ness in the ;*3ta1osition o( t4o irre,e/ant i)eas# It 4as ,i.e the -on/ersation o( an o,) man 4hi-h (,its (rom s*+;e-t to s*+;e-t' the threa) a s*+-ons-io*s one# 7%hen I 4as at Sim,a'7 he sai)' +en)in2 his +ro4s as tho*2h to a/oi) the s*n(,ash on the +arra-. s<*are' +*t 1erha1s the (rost' the (o2' the tarnishe) room' +ro.e his memories# He +e2an to ass*re the 4earie) (a-es a,, o/er

a2ain that the s1irit )i) not )ie 4hen the +o)0 )ie)' +*t that the +o)0 on,0 mo/e) at the s1irit5s 4i,,# One ha) to +e o+stinate' to 2ra11,e### Patheti-' Crasha4 tho*2ht' the si-. man5s -,in2in2 to his +e,ie(# It 4as as i( ,i(e 4ere an on,0 son 4ho 4as )0in2 an) 4ith 4hom he 4ishe) to 1reser/e some (orm o( -omm*ni-ation#### A note 4as 1asse) to Crasha4 (rom the a*)ien-e# It -ame (rom a Dr# Bro4n' a sma,, a,ert man in the thir) ro46 the so-iet0 -herishe) him as a .in) o( 1et s-e1ti-# The note rea): 7Can5t 0o* ma.e him sto1= The man5s o+/io*s,0 /er0 i,,# An) 4hat 2oo) is his ta,.' an04a0=7 Crasha4 t*rne) his e0es si)e4a0s an) *14ar)s an) (e,t his 1it0 /anish at the si2ht o( the ro/in2 satiri-a, e0es that 2a/e the ,ie to the ton2*e' an) at the sme,,' o/er1o4erin2,0 s4eet' o( the s-ent in 4hi-h %ea/er ha) stee1e) his han).er-hie(# The man 4as an 7o*tsi)er76 he 4o*,) ,oo. *1 his re-or) in the o,) Arm0 "ists 4hen he 2ot home# 7Proo( 1ositi/e'7 %ea/er 4as sa0in2' si2hin2 a shri,, +reath o( e3ha*stion +et4een the 4or)s# Crasha4 ,ai) his 4at-h *1on the ta+,e' +*t %ea/er 1ai) him no attention# He 4as s*11ortin2 himse,( on the rim o( the ta+,e 4ith one han)# 7I5,, 2i/e 0o*'7 he sai)' s1ea.in2 4ith in-reasin2 )i((i-*,t0' 71roo( 1os###7 His /oi-e s-ra1e) into sti,,ness' ,i.e a nee),e at a re-or)5s en)' +*t the <*iet )i) not ,ast# From an e31ression,ess (a-e' a so*n) 4hi-h 4as more ,i.e a hi2h me4 than an0thin2 e,se ;er.e) the a*)ien-e into attention# He (o,,o4e) it *1' sti,, 4itho*t a tra-e o( an0 emotion or *n)erstan)in2' 4ith a s*--ession o( in-om1rehensi+,e so*n)s' a ,o4 ,a+ia, 4his1erin2' an o)) ;an2,in2 note' 4hi,e his (in2ers ta11e) on the ta+,e# The so*n)s +ro*2ht to min) inn*mera+,e san-es' the +o*n) me)i*m' the tam+o*rine sha.en in mi)9air' the 4his1ere) tri/ia,ities o( ,o/e) 2hosts in the )ar.ness' the )in2iness' the air,ess rooms# %ea/er sat )o4n s,o4,0 in his -hair an) ,et his hea) (a,, +a-.4ar)s# An o,) ,a)0 +e2an to -r0 ner/o*s,0' an) Dr# Bro4n s-ram+,e) on to the 1,at(orm an) +ent o/er him# Co,one, Crasha4 sa4 the )o-tor5s han) trem+,e as he 1i-.e) the han).er-hie( (rom the an) (,*n2 it a4a0 (rom him# Crasha4' a4are o( another an) more *n1,easant sme,,' hear) Dr# Bro4n 4his1er: 7Sen) them a,, a4a0# He5s )ea)#7 He s1o.e 4ith a )istress *n*s*a, in a )o-tor a--*stome) to e/er0 .in) o( )eath# Crasha4' +e(ore he -om1,ie)' 2,an-e) o/er Dr# Bro4n5s sho*,)er at the )ea) man# Ma;or %ea/er5s a11earan-e )is<*iete) him# In a ,on2 ,i(e he ha) seen ma0 (orms o( )eath' men shot +0 their o4n han)' an) men .i,,e) in the (ie,)' +*t ne/er s*-h a s*22estion o( morta,it0# The +o)0 mi2ht ha/e +een one (ishe) (rom the sea a ,on2 4hi,e a(ter )eath6 the (,esh o( the (a-e seeme) as rea)0 to (a,, as an o/erri1e (r*it# So it 4as 4ith no 2reat sho-. o( s*r1rise that he hear) Dr# Bro4n5s 4his1ere) statement' 7The man m*st ha/e +een )ea) a 4ee.#7 %hat the Co,one, tho*2ht o( most 4as %ea/er5s -,aim997Proo( 1ositi/e799 1roo(' he ha) 1ro+a+,0 meant' that the s1irit o*t,i/e) the +o)0' that it taste) eternit0# B*t a,, he ha) -ertain,0 re/ea,e) 4as ho4' 4itho*t the +o)05s ai)' the s1irit in se/en )a0s )e-a0e) into 4his1ere) nonsense# 1A?H

A Chan-e (or Mr# "e/er Mr# "e/er .no-.e) his hea) a2ainst the -ei,in2 an) in the )ar. the rats +e2an to mo/e# Grains to his Re/e,ation s*it-ase' his +a,) hea)' his s<*are +o3 in 4hi-h he .e1t his me)i-ines# His an) s4ore# Ri-e 4as store) a+o/e' o( ri-e (e,, +et4een the s,ats on -ases o( tinne) (oo)' the ,itt,e +o0 ha) a,rea)0 set *1 the -am19+e)

an) mos<*itonet' an) o*tsi)e in the 4arm )am1 )ar. his (o,)in2 ta+,e an) -hair# The that-he) 1ointe) h*ts streame) a4a0 to4ar)s the (orest' an) a 4oman 4ent (rom h*t to h*t -arr0in2 (ire# The 2,o4 ,it her o,) (a-e' her sa22in2 +reasts' her tattooe) )isease) +o)0# It 4as in-re)i+,e to Mr# "e/er that (i/e 4ee.s a2o he ha) +een in "on)on# He -o*,)n5t stan) *1ri2ht6 he 4ent )o4n on han)s an) .nees in the )*st an) o1ene) his s*it-ase# He too. o*t his 4i(e5s 1hoto2ra1h an) stoo) it on the -ho19 +o36 he too. o*t a 4ritin291a) an) an in)e,i+,e 1en-i,: the 1en-i, ha) so(tene) in the heat an) ,e(t ma*/e stains on his 10;amas# Then' +e-a*se the ,i2ht o( the h*rri-ane ,am1 )is-,ose) -o-.roa-hes the si8e o( +,a-.9+eet,es (,at tene) a2ainst the m*) 4a,,' he -are(*,,0 -,ose) the s*it-ase# A,rea)0 in ten )a0s he ha) ,earnt that the05) eat an0thin299so-.s' shirts' the ,a-es o*t o( 0o*r shoes# Mr# "e/er 4ent o*tsi)e6 moths +eat a2ainst his ,am16 +*t there 4ere no mos<*itoes6 he ha)n5t seen or hear) one sin-e he ,an)e)# He sat in a -ir-,e o( ,i2ht -are(*,,0 o+ser/e)# The +,a-.s s<*atte) o*tsi)e their h*ts an) 4at-he) him6 the0 4ere (rien),0' intereste)' am*se)' +*t their stri-t attention irritate) Mr# "e/er# He -o*,) (ee, the sma,, 4a/es o( interest 4ashin2 ro*n) him 4hen he +e2an to 4rite' 4hen he sto11e) 4ritin2' 4hen he 4i1e) his )am1 han)s 4ith a han).er-hie(# He -o*,)n5t to*-h his 4itho*t a -ranin2 o( ne-.s# Dearest Emi,0' he 4rote' I5/e rea,,0 starte) no4# I5,, sen) this ,etter +a-. 4ith a -arrier 4hen I5/e ,o-ate) Da/i)son# I5m /er0 4e,,# O( -o*rse e/er0thin25s a +it stran2e# "oo. a(ter 0o*rse,(' m0 )ear' an) )on5t 4orr0# 7Massa +*0 -hi-.en'7 his -oo. sai)' a11earin2 s*))en,0 +et4een the h*ts# A sma,, strin20 (o4, str*22,e) in his han)s# 7%e,,'7 Mr# "e/er sai)' 7I 2a/e 0o* a shi,,in2' )i)n5t I=7 7The0 no ,i.e'7 the -oo. sai)# 7These ,o4 +*sh 1eo1,e#7 7%h0 )on5t the0 ,i.e= It5s 2oo) mone0#7 7The0 4ant .in25s mone0'7 the -oo. sai)' han)in2 +a-. the Vi-torian shi,,in2# Mr# "e/er ha) to 2et *1' 2o +a-. into his h*t' 2ro1e (or his mone09+o3' sear-h thro*2h t4ent0 1o*n)s o( sma,, -han2e: there 4as no 1ea-e# He ha) ,earnt that /er0 <*i-.,0# He ha) to e-onomi8e Cthe 4ho,e tri1 4as a 2am+,e 4hi-h s-are) himD6 he -o*,)n5t a((or) hammo-. -arriers# He 4o*,) arri/e tire) o*t a(ter se/en ho*rs o( 4a,.in2 at a /i,,a2e o( 4hi-h he )i)n5t .no4 the name an) not (or a min*te -o*,) he sit <*iet,0 an) rest# He m*st sha.e han)s 4ith the -hie(' he m*st see a+o*t a h*t' a--e1t 1resents o( 1a,m 4ine he 4as a(rai) to )rin.' +*0 ri-e an) 1a,m oi, (or the -arriers' 2i/e them sa,ts an) as1irin' 1aint their sores 4ith io)ine# The0 ne/er ,e(t him a,one (or (i/e min*tes on en) *nti, he 4ent to +e)# An) then the rats +e2an' r*shin2 )o4n the 4a,,s ,i.e 4ater 4hen he 1*t o*t the ,i2ht' 2am+o,,in2 amon2 his -ases# I5m too o,)' Mr# "e/er to,) himse,(' I5m too o,)' 4ritin2 )am1,0' in)e,i+,0' I ho1e to (in) Da/i)son tomorro4# I( I )o' I ma0 +e +a-. a,most as soon as this ,etter# Don5t e-onomi8e on the sto*t an) mi,.' )ear' an) -a,, in the )o-tor i( 0o* (ee, +a)# I5/e 2ot a 1remonition this tri15s 2oin2 to t*rn o*t 4e,,# %e5,, ta.e a ho,i)a0' 0o* nee) a ho,i)a0' an) starin2 ahea) 1ast the h*ts an) the +,a-. (a-es an) the +anana trees to4ar)s the (orest (rom 4hi-h he ha) -ome' into 4hi-h he 4o*,) sin. a2ain ne3t )a06 he tho*2ht' East+o*rne' East+o*rne 4o*,) )o her a 4or,) o( 2oo)6 an) -ontin*e) to 4rite the on,0 .in) o( ,ies he5) e/er to,) Emi,0' the ,ies 4hi-h -om(orte)# I o*2ht to )ra4 at ,east three h*n)re) in -ommission an) m0 e31enses# B*t it 4asn5t the sort o( 1,a-e he5) +een a--*stome) to se,, hea/0 ma-hiner0 in6 thirt0 0ears o( it' *1 an) )o4n E*ro1e an) in the States' +*t ne/er an0thin2 ,i.e this# He -o*,) hear his (i,ter )ri11in2 in the h*t' an) some4here some+o)0 4as 1,a0in2 somethin2 Che 4as so ,ost he ha)n5t 2ot the sim1,est terms to his han)D' somethin2 monotono*s' me,an-ho,0' s*1er(i-ia,' a t4an2in2 o( 1a,m (i+res 4hi-h seeme) to -on/e0 that 0o* 4eren5t ha110' +*t it )i)n5t matter m*-h' e/er0thin2 4o*,) a,4a0s +e the same# "oo. a(ter 0o*rse,(' Emi,0' he re1eate)# It 4as a,most the on,0 thin2 he (o*n) himse,( -a1a+,e o( 4ritin2 to her6 he -o*,)n5t )es-ri+e the narro4' stee1' ,ost 1aths' the si88,in2 a4a0 ,i.e (,ames' the rats' the )*st' the na.e) )isease) +o)ies# He 4as *n+eara+,0 tire) o( na.e)ness#

Don5t (or2et99It 4as ,i.e ,i/in2 4ith a ,ot o( -o4s# 7The -hie('7 his +o0 4his1ere)' an) +et4een the h*ts *n)er a 4a/in2 tor-h -ame an o,) sto*t man 4earin2 a ro+e o( nati/e -,oth an) a +attere) +o4,er hat# Behin) him his men -arrie) si3 +o4,s o( ri-e' a +o4, o( 1a,m oi,' t4o +o4,s o( +ro.en meat# 7Cho1 (or the ,a+o*rers'7 the +o0 e31,aine)' an) Mr# "e/er ha) to 2et *1 an) smi,e an) no) an) tr0 to -on/e0 4itho*t 4or)s that he 4as 1,ease)' that the -ho1 4as e3-e,,ent' that the -hie( 4o*,) 2et a 2oo) )ash in the mornin2# At (irst the sme,, ha) +een a,most too m*-h (or Mr# "e/er# 7As. him'7 he sai) to his +o0' 7i( he5s seen a 4hite man -ome thro*2h here ,ate,0# As. him i( a 4hite man5s +een )i22in2 aro*n) here# Damn it'7 Mr# "e/er +*rst o*t' the s4eat +rea.in2 on the +a-.s o( his han)s an) on his +a,) hea)' 7as. him i( he5s seen Da/i)son=7 7 Da/i)son=7 7Oh' he,,'7 Mr# "e/er sai)' 70o* .no4 4hat I mean# The 4hite man I5m ,oo.in2 (or#7 7%hite man=7 7%hat )o 0o* ima2ine I5m here (or' eh= %hite man= O( -o*rse 4hite man# I5m not here (or m0 hea,th#7 A -o4 -o*2he)' r*++e) its horns a2ainst the h*t' an) t4o 2oats +ro.e thro*2h +et4een the -hie( an) him' *1settin2 the +o4,s o( meat s-ra1s6 no+o)0 -are)' the0 1i-.e) the meat o*t o( the )*st an) )*n2# Mr# "e/er sat )o4n an) 1*t his han) o/er his (a-e' (at 4hite 4e,,9-are)9(or han)s 4ith 4rin.,es o( (,esh o/er the rin2s# He (e,t too o,) (or this# 7Chie( sa0 no 4hite man +een here ,on2 time#7 7Ho4 ,on2=7 7Chie( sa0 not sin-e he 1a0 h*t ta3#7 7Ho4 ,on25s that=7 7"on2' ,on2 time#7 7As. him ho4 (ar is it to Greh' tomorro4#7 7Chie( sa0 too (ar#7 7Nonsense'7 Mr# "e/er sai)# 7Chie( sa0 too (ar# Better sta0 here# Fine to4n# No h*m+*2#7 Mr# "e/er 2roane)# E/er0 e/enin2 there 4as the same tro*+,e# The ne3t to4n 4as a,4a0s too (ar# The0 4o*,) in/ent an0 e3-*se to )e,a0 him' to 2i/e themse,/es a rest# 7As. the -hie( ho4 man0 ho*rs99=7 7P,ent0' 1,ent0#7 The0 ha) no i)ea o( time# 7This (ine -hie(# Fine -ho1# "a+o*rers tire)# No h*m+*2#7 7%e are 2oin2 on'7 Mr# "e/er sai)# 7This (ine to4n# Chie( sa0997 He tho*2ht: i( this 4asn5t the ,ast -han-e' I5) 2i/e *1# The0 na22e) him so' an) s*))en,0 he ,on2e) (or another 4hite man Cnot Da/i)son' he )aren5t sa0 an0thin2 to Da/i)sonD to 4hom he -o*,) e31,ain the )es1eration o( his ,ot# It 4asn5t (air' that a man a(ter thirt0 0ears5 -ommer-ia, tra/e,,in2 sho*,) nee) to 2o (rom )oor to )oor as.in2 (or a ;o+# He ha) +een a 2oo) tra/e,,er' he ha) ma)e mone0 (or man0 1eo1,e' his re(eren-es 4ere e3-e,,ent' +*t the 4or,) ha) mo/e) on sin-e his )a0# He 4asn5t stream9,ine)6 he -ertain,0 4asn5t stream9,ine)# He ha) +een ten 0ears retire) 4hen he ,ost his mone0 in the )e1ression# Mr# "e/er 4a,.e) *1 an) )o4n Vi-toria Street sho4in2 his re(eren-es# Man0 o( the men .ne4 him' 2a/e him -i2ars' ,a*2he) at him in a (rien),0 4a0 (or 4antin2 to ta.e on a ;o+ at his a2e C7I -an5t someho4 sett,e at home# The o,) 4arhorse 0o* .no4####7D' -ra-.e) a ;o.e or t4o in the 1assa2e' 4ent +a-. that ni2ht to Mai)enhea)' si,ent in the (irst9-,ass -arria2e' sh*t in 4ith a2e an) r*in an) ho4 +a) thin2s 4ere an) 1oor )e/i, his 4i(e5s 1ro+a+,0 si-.# It 4as in the rather sha++0 ,itt,e o((i-e o(( "ea)enha,, Street that Mr# "e/er met his -han-e# It -a,,e) itse,( an en2ineerin2 (irm' +*t there 4ere on,0 t4o rooms' a t01e4riter' a 2ir, 4ith 2o,) teeth an) Mr# "*-as' a thin narro4 man 4ith a ti- in one e0e,i)# A,, thro*2h the inter/ie4 the e0e,i) (,i-.ere) at Mr# "e/er# Mr# "e/er ha) ne/er +e(ore (a,,en so ,o4 as this#

B*t Mr# "*-as str*-. him as reasona+,0 honest# He 1*t 7a,, his -ar)s on the ta+,e#7 He ha)n5t 2ot an0 mone0' +*t he ha) e31e-tations6 he ha) the han),in2 o( a 1atent# It 4as a ne4 -r*sher# There 4as mone0 in it# B*t 0o* -o*,)n5t e31e-t the +i2 tr*sts to -han2e o/er their ma-hiner0 no4# Thin2s 4ere too +a)# Yo*5) 2ot to 2et in at the start' an) that 4as 4here994h0' that 4as 4here this -hie(' the +o4,s o( -ho1' the na22in2 an) the rats an) the heat -ame in# The0 -a,,e) themse,/es a re1*+,i-' Mr# "*-as sai)' he )i)n5t .no4 an0thin2 a+o*t that' the0 4ere not as +,a-. as the0 4ere 1ainte)' he s*11ose) Cha' ha' ner/o*s,0' ha' haD6 an04a0' this -om1an0 ha) s,i11e) a2ents o/er the +or)er an) 2ra++e) a -on-ession: 2o,) an) )iamon)s# He -o*,) te,, Mr# "e/er in -on(i)en-e that the tr*st 4as (ri2htene) o( 4hat the05) (o*n)# No4 an enter1risin2 man -o*,) ;*st s,i1 a-ross CMr# "*-as ,i.e) the 4or) s,i1' it ma)e e/er0thin2 so*n) eas0 an) se-retD an) intro)*-e this ne4 -r*sher to them: it 4o*,) sa/e them tho*san)s 4hen the0 starte) 4or.' there5) +e a (at -ommission' an) a(ter4ar)s' 4ith that start### There 4as a (ort*ne (or them a,,# 7B*t -an5t 0o* (i3 it *1 in E*ro1e=7 Ti-' ti-' 4ent Mr# "*-as5s e0e,i)# 7A ,ot o( Be,2ians6 the0 are ,ea/in2 a,, )e-isions to the man on the s1ot# An En2,ishman -a,,e) Da/i)son#7 7Ho4 a+o*t e31enses=7 7That5s the tro*+,e'7 Mr# "*-as sai)# 7%e are on,0 +e2innin2# %hat 4e 4ant is a 1artner# %e -an5t a((or) to sen) a man# B*t i( 0o* ,i.e a 2am+,e### T4ent0 1er -ent -ommission#7 7Chie( sa0 e3-*se him#7 The -arriers s<*atte) ro*n) the +asins an) s-oo1e) *1 the ri-e in their ,e(t han)s# 7O( -o*rse# O( -o*rse'7 Mr# "e/er sai) a+sent9 min)e),0# 7Ver0 .in)' I5m s*re#7 He 4as +a-. o*t o( the )*st an) )ar.' a4a0 (rom the stin. o( 2oats an) 1a,m oi, an) 4he,1in2 +it-hes' +a-. amon2 the Rotarians an) ,*n-h at Stone5s' 7the 1int o( o,)'7 an) the tra)e 1a1ers6 he 4as a 2oo) (e,,o4 a2ain' (in)in2 his 4a0 +a-. to Go,)ers Green ;*st a +it ,it6 his masoni- em+,em ratt,e) on his 4at-h9-hain6 an) he +ore 4ith him (rom the t*+e station to his ho*se in Fin-h,e0 Roa) a sense o( -om1anionshi1' o( +roa) stories an) +e,-hes' a sense o( +ra/er0# He nee)e) a,, his +ra/er0 no46 the ,ast o( his sa/in2s ha) 2one into the tri1# A(ter thirt0 0ears he .ne4 a 2oo) thin2 4hen he sa4 it' an) he ha) no )o*+ts a+o*t the ne4 -r*sher# %hat he )o*+te) 4as his a+i,it0 to (in) Da/i)son# For one thin2 there 4eren5t an0 ma1s6 the 4a0 0o* tra/e,,e) in the re1*+,i- 4as to 4rite )o4n a ,ist o( names an) tr*st that someone in the /i,,a2es 0o* 1asse) 4o*,) *n)erstan) an) .no4 the ro*te# B*t the0 a,4a0s sai) 7Too (ar#7 Goo) (e,,o4shi1 4i,te) +e(ore the 1hrase# 7>*inine'7 Mr# "e/er sai)# 7%here5s m0 <*inine=7 His +o0 ne/er remem+ere) a thin26 the0 ;*st )i)n5t -are 4hat ha11ene) to 0o*6 their smi,es meant nothin2' an) Mr# "e/er' 4ho .ne4 +etter than an0one the /a,*e o( a meanin2,ess smi,e in +*siness' resente) their heart,essness' an) t*rne) to4ar)s the )i,ator0 +o0 an e31ression o( )isa11ointment an) )is,i.e# 7Chie( sa0 4hite man in +*sh (i/e ho*rs a4a0#7 7That5s +etter'7 Mr# "e/er sai)# 7It m*st +e Da/i)son# He5s )i22in2 (or 2o,)=7 7Ya# %hite man )i2 (or 2o,) in +*sh#7 7%e5,, +e o(( ear,0 tomorro4'7 Mr# "e/er sai)# 7Chie( sa0 +etter sto1 this to4n# Fe/er h*m+*2 4hite man#7 7Too +a)'7 Mr# "e/er sai)' an) he tho*2ht 4ith 1,eas*re: m0 ,*-.5s -han2e)# He5,, 4ant he,1# He 4on5t re(*se me a thin2# A (rien) in nee) is a (rien) in)ee)' an) his heart 4arme) to4ar)s Da/i)son' seein2 himse,( arri/e ,i.e an ans4er to 1ra0er o*t o( the (orest' (ee,in2 <*ite +i+,i-a, an) /o3 h*mana# He tho*2ht: Pra0er# I5,, 1ra0 toni2ht' that5s the .in) o( thin2 a (e,,o4 2i/es *1' +*t it 1a0s' there5s somethin2 in it' remem+erin2 the ,on2 a2oni8in2 1ra0er on his .nees' +0 the si)e+oar)' *n)er the )e-anters' 4hen Emi,0 4ent to hos1ita,# 7Chie( sa0 4hite man )ea)#7 Mr# "e/er t*rne) his +a-. on them an) 4ent into his h*t# His s,ee/e near,0

o/ert*rne) the h*rri-ane ,am1# He *n)resse) <*i-.,0' st*((in2 his -,othes into a s*it-ase a4a0 (rom the -o-.roa-hes# He 4o*,)n5t +e,ie/e 4hat he ha) +een to,)6 it 4o*,)n5t 1a0 him to +e,ie/e# I( Da/i)son 4ere )ea)' there 4as nothin2 he -o*,) )o +*t ret*rn6 he ha) s1ent more than he -o*,) a((or)6 he 4o*,) +e a r*ine) man# He s*11ose) that Emi,0 mi2ht (in) a home 4ith her +rother' +*t he -o*,) har),0 e31e-t her +rother### He +e2an to -r0' +*t 0o* -o*,)n5t ha/e to,) in the sha)o40 h*t the )i((eren-e +et4een s4eat an) tears# He .ne,t )o4n +esi)e his -am19+e) an) mos<*ito9net an) 1ra0e) on the )*st o( the earth (,oor# 1 ti,, no4 he ha) a,4a0s +een -are(*, ne/er to to*-h 2ro*n) 4ith his na.e) (eet (or (ear o( ;i22ers6 there 4ere ;i22ers e/er04here' the0 on,0 4aite) an o11ort*nit0 to )i2 themse,/es in *n)er the toe9nai,s' ,a0 their e22s an) m*,ti1,0# 7O Go)'7 Mr# "e/er 1ra0e)' 7)on5t ,et Da/i)son +e )ea)6 ,et him +e ;*st si-. an) 2,a) to see me#7 He -o*,)n5t +ear the i)ea that he mi2ht not an0 ,on2er +e a+,e to s*11ort Emi,0# 7O Go)' there5s nothin2 I 4o*,)n5t )o#7 B*t that 4as an em1t0 1hrase6 he ha) no rea, notion as 0et o( 4hat he 4o*,) )o (or Emi,0# The0 ha) +een ha110 to2ether (or thirt09(i/e 0ears6 he ha) ne/er +een more than momentari,0 *n(aith(*, to her 4hen he 4as ,it a(ter a Rotarian )inner an) e22e) on +0 the +o0s6 4hate/er s.irt he5) +een 4ith in his time' he ha) ne/er (or a moment ima2ine) that he -o*,) +e ha110 marrie) to an0one e,se# It 4asn5t (air i(' ;*st 4hen 0o* 4ere o,) an) nee)e) ea-h other most' 0o* ,ost 0o*r mone0 an) -o*,)n5t .ee1 to2ether# B*t o( -o*rse Da/i)son 4asn5t )ea)# %hat 4o*,) he ha/e )ie) o(= The +,a-.s 4ere (rien),0# Peo1,e sai) the -o*ntr0 4as *nhea,th0' +*t he ha)n5t so m*-h as hear) a mos<*ito# Besi)es 0o* )i)n5t )ie o( ma,aria6 0o* ;*st ,a0 +et4een the +,an.ets an) too. <*inine an) (e,t ,i.e )eath an) s4eate) it o*t o( 0o*# There 4as )0senter0' +*t Da/i)son 4as an o,) -am1ai2ner6 0o* 4ere sa(e i( 0o* +oi,e) an) (i,tere) the 4ater# The 4ater 4as 1oison e/en to the to*-h6 it 4as *nsa(e to 4et 0o*r (eet +e-a*se o( 2*inea 4orm' +*t 0o* )i)n5t )ie o( 2*inea 4orm# Mr# "e/er ,a0 in +e) an) his tho*2hts 4ent ro*n) an) ro*n) an) he -o*,)n5t s,ee1# He tho*2ht: Yo* )on5t )ie o( a thin2 ,i.e 2*inea 4orm# It a sore on 0o*r (oot' an) i( 0o* 1*t 0o*r (oot in 4ater 0o* -an see the e22s )ro11in2 o*t# Yo* ha/e to (in) the en) o( the 4orm' ,i.e a threa) o( -otton' an) 4in) it ro*n) a mat-h an) 4in) it o*t o( 0o*r ,e2 4itho*t +rea.in26 it stret-hes as hi2h as the .nee# I5m too o,) (or this -o*ntr0' Mr# "e/er tho*2ht# Then his +o0 4as +esi)e him a2ain# He 4his1ere) *r2ent,0 to Mr# "e/er thro*2h the mos<*ito9net# 7Massa' the ,a+o*rers sa0 the0 2o home#7 7Go home=7 Mr# "e/er as.e) 4eari,06 he ha) hear) it so o(ten +e(ore# 7%h0 )o the0 4ant to 2o home= %hat is it no4=7 +*t he )i)n5t rea,,0 4ant to hear the ,atest s<*a++,e: that the Ban)e men 4ere ne/er sent to -arr0 4ater +e-a*se the hea)man 4as a Ban)e' that someone ha) sto,en an em1t0 trea-,e tin an) so,) it in the /i,,a2e (or a 1enn0' that someone 4asn5t ma)e to -arr0 a 1ro1er ,oa)' that the ne3t )a05s ;o*rne0 4as 7too (ar#7 He sai)' 7Te,,5em the0 -an 2o home# I5,, 1a0 them o(( in the mornin2# B*t the0 4on5t 2et an0 )ash# The05) ha/e 2ot a 2oo) )ash i( the05) sta0e)#7 He 4as -ertain it 4as ;*st another tr09on6 he 4asn5t as 2reen as a,, that# 7Yes' massa# The0 no 4ant )ash#7 7%hat5s that=7 7The0 (ri2htene) (e/er h*m+*2 them ,i.e 4hite man#7 7I5,, 2et -arriers in the /i,,a2e# The0 -an 2o home#7 7Me too' massa#7 7Get o*t'7 Mr# "e/er sai)6 it 4as the ,ast stra46 72et o*t an) ,et me s,ee1#7 The +o0 4ent at on-e' o+e)ient e/en tho*2h a )eserter' an) Mr# "e/er tho*2ht: S,ee1' 4hat a ho1e# He ,i(te) the net an) 2ot o*t o( +e) C+are(oote) a2ain: he )i)n5t -are a )amn a+o*t the ;i22ersD an) sear-he) (or his me)i-ine +o3# It 4as ,o-.e)' o( -o*rse' an) he ha) to o1en his s*it-ase an) (in) the .e0 in a tro*ser His ner/es 4ere more on e)2e then e/er +0 the time he (o*n) the s,ee1in2 ta+,ets an) he too. three o( them# That ma)e him s,ee1' hea/i,0 an) )ream,ess,0' tho*2h 4hen he 4o.e he (o*n) that somethin2 ha) ma)e him (,in2 o*t

his arm an) o1en the net# I( there ha) +een a sin2,e mos<*ito in the 1,a-e' he5) ha/e +een +itten' +*t o( -o*rse there 4asn5t one# He -o*,) te,, at on-e that the tro*+,e ha)n5t +,o4n o/er# The /i,,a2e99he )i)n5t .no4 its name994as 1er-he) on a hi,,9to16 east an) 4est the (orest (,o4e) o*t +eneath the ,it,e 1,atea*6 to the 4est it 4as a )ar. *n(eat*re) mass ,i.e 4ater' +*t in the east 0o* -o*,) a,rea)0 )is-ern the *ne/enness' the 2reat 2re0 -otton trees ,i(te) a+o/e the 1a,ms# Mr# "e/er 4as a,4a0s -a,,e) +e(ore )a4n' +*t no one ha) -a,,e) him# A (e4 o( his -arriers sat o*tsi)e a h*t s*,,en,0 ta,.in26 his +o0 4as 4ith them# Mr# "e/er 4ent +a-. insi)e an) )resse)6 he tho*2ht a,, the time' I m*st +e (irm' +*t he 4as s-are)' s-are) o( +ein2 )eserte)' s-are) o( +ein2 ma)e to ret*rn# %hen he -ame o*tsi)e a2ain the /i,,a2e 4as a4a.e: the 4omen 4ere 2oin2 )o4n the hi,, to (et-h 4ater' 4in)in2 si,ent,0 1ast the -arriers' 1ast the (,at stones 4here the -hie(s 4ere +*rie)' the ,itt,e 2ro/e o( trees 4here the ri-e +ir)s' ,i.e 2reen an) 0e,,o4 -anaries' neste)# Mr# "e/er sat )o4n on his (o,)in2 -hair amon2 the -hi-.ens an) 4he,1in2 +it-hes an) -o4 )*n2 an) -a,,e) his +o0# He too. 7a stron2 ,ine76 +*t he )i)n5t .no4 4hat 4as 2oin2 to ha11en# 7Te,, the -hie( I 4ant to s1ea. to him'7 he sai)# There 4as some )e,a06 the -hie( 4asn5t *1 0et' +*t 1resent,0 he a11eare) in his +,*e an) 4hite ro+e' settin2 his +o4,er hat strai2ht# 7Te,, him'7 Mr# "e/er sai)' 7I 4ant -arriers to ta.e me to the 4hite man an) +a-.# T4o )a0s#7 7Chie( no a2ree'7 the +o0 sai)# Mr# "e/er sai) (*rio*s,0' 7Damn it' i( he )oesn5t a2ree' he 4on5t 2et an0 )ash (rom me' not a 1enn0#7 It o--*rre) to him imme)iate,0 a(ter4ar)s ho4 ho1e,ess,0 )e1en)ent he 4as on these 1eo1,e5s honest0# There in the h*t (or a,, to see 4as his mone09+o36 the0 ha) on,0 to ta.e it# This 4asn5t a British or Fren-h -o,on06 the +,a-.s on the -oast 4o*,)n5t +other' -o*,) )o nothin2 i( the0 )i) +other' +e-a*se a stra0 En2,ishman ha) +een ro++e) in the interior# 7Chie( sa0 ho4 man0=7 7It5s on,0 (or t4o )a0s'7 Mr# "e/er sai)# 7I -an )o 4ith si3#7 7Chie( sa0 ho4 m*-h=7 7Si31en-e a )a0 an) -ho1#7 7Chie( no a2ree#7 7Nine1en-e a )a0 then#7 7Chie( sa0 too (ar# A shi,,in2#7 7A,, ri2ht' a,, ri2ht'7 Mr# "e/er sai)' 7a shi,,in2 then# Yo* others -an 2o home i( 0o* 4ant to# I5,, 1a0 0o* o(( no4' +*t 0o* 4on5t 2et an0 )ash' not a 1enn0#7 He ha) ne/er rea,,0 e31e-te) to +e ,e(t' an) it 2a/e him a sa) (ee,in2 o( ,one,iness to 4at-h them mo/e s*,,en,0 a4a0 Cthe0 4ere ashame) o( themse,/esD )o4n the hi,, to the 4est# The0 ha)n5t an0 ,oa)s' +*t the0 4eren5t sin2in26 the0 )roo1e) si,ent,0 o*t o( si2ht' his +o0 4ith them' an) he 4as a,one 4ith his 1i,e o( +o3es an) the -hie( 4ho -o*,)n5t ta,. a 4or) o( En2,ish# Mr# "e/er smi,e) trem*,o*s,0# It 4as ten o5-,o-. +e(ore his ne4 -arriers 4ere -hosen6 he -o*,) te,, that none o( them 4ante) to 2o6 an) the0 4o*,) ha/e to 4a,. thro*2h the heat o( the mi)),e )a0 i( the0 4ere to (in) Da/i)son +e(ore it 4as )ar.# He ho1e) the -hie( ha) e31,aine) 1ro1er,0 4here the0 4ere 2oin26 he -o*,)n5t te,,6 he 4as -om1,ete,0 sh*t o(( (rom them' an) 4hen the0 starte) )o4n the east4ar) s,o1e' he mi2ht ;*st as 4e,, ha/e +een a,one# The0 4ere imme)iate,0 -a*2ht *1 in the (orest# Forest -on/e0s a sense o( 4i,)ness an) +ea*t0' o( an a-ti/e nat*ra, (or-e' +*t this "i+erian (orest 4as sim1,0 a )*,, 2reen 4i,)erness# Yo* 1asse)' on the 1ath a (oot or so 4i)e' thro*2h an en),ess +a-. 2ar)en o( tan2,e) 4ee)s6 it )i)n5t seem to +e 2ro4in2 ro*n) 0o*' so m*-h as )0in2# There 4as no ,i(e at a,,' e3-e1t (or a (e4 ,ar2e +ir)s 4hose 4in2s -rea.e) o/erhea) thro*2h the in/isi+,e s.0 ,i.e an *noi,e) )oor# There 4as no /ie4' no 4a0 o*t (or the e0es' no -han2e o( s-ene# It 4asn5t the heat that tire) so m*-h as the +ore)om6 0o* ha) to thin. o( thin2s to thin. a+o*t6 +*t e/en

Emi,0 (ai,e) to (i,, the min) (or more than three min*tes at a time# It 4as a re,ie(' a )istra-tion' 4hen the 1ath 4as (,oo)e) an) Mr# "e/er ha) to +e -arrie) on a man5s +a-.# At (irst he ha) )is,i.e) the stron2 +itter sme,, Cit remin)e) him o( a +rea.(ast (oo) he 4as ma)e to eat as a -hi,)D' +*t he soon 2ot o/er that# No4 he 4as *na4are that the0 sme,t at a,,6 an0 more than he 4as a4are that the 2reat s4a,,o49tai,e) +*tter(,ies' 4hi-h -,*stere) at the 4ater5s e)2e an) rose in 2reen -,o*)s ro*n) his 4aist' 4ere +ea*ti(*,# His senses 4ere )*,,e) an) re2istere) /er0 ,itt,e e3-e1t his +ore)om# B*t the0 )i) re2ister a )istin-t (ee,in2 o( re,ie( 4hen his ,ea)in2 -arrier 1ointe) to a re-tan2*,ar ho,e )*2 ;*st o(( the 1ath# Mr# "e/er *n)erstoo)# Da/i)son ha) -ome this 4a0# He sto11e) an) ,oo.e) at it# It 4as ,i.e a 2ra/e )*2 (or a sma,, man' +*t it 4ent )o4n )ee1er than 2ra/es *s*a,,0 )o# A+o*t t4e,/e (eet +e,o4 there 4as +,a-. 4ater' an) a (e4 4oo)en 1ro1s 4hi-h he,) the si)es (rom s,i11in2 4ere +e2innin2 to rot6 the ho,e m*st ha/e +een )*2 sin-e the rains# It )i)n5t seem eno*2h' that ho,e' to ha/e +ro*2ht o*t Mr# "e/er 4ith his 1,ans an) estimates (or a ne4 -r*sher# He 4as *se) to +i2 in)*stria, -on-erns' the si2ht o( 1ithea)s' the smo.e o( -himne0s' the )in20 ro4s o( -otta2es +a-. to +a-.' the ,eather arm-hair in the o((i-e' the 2oo) -i2ar' the masoni- han)2ri1s' an) a2ain it seeme) to him' as it ha) seeme) in Mr# "*-as5s o((i-e' that he ha) (a,,en /er0 ,o4# It 4as as i( he 4ere e31e-te) to )o +*siness +esi)e a ho,e a -hi,) ha) )*2 in an o/er2ro4n an) a+an)one) +a-. 2ar)en6 1er-enta2es 4i,te) in the hot )am1 air# He shoo. his hea)6 he m*stn5t +e )is-o*ra2e)6 this 4as an o,) ho,e# Da/i)son ha) 1ro+a+,0 )one +etter sin-e# It 4as on,0 -ommon sense to s*11ose that the 2o,) ri(t 4hi-h 4as mine) at one en) in Ni2eria' at the other in Sierra "eone' 4o*,) 1ass thro*2h the re1*+,i-# E/en the +i22est mines ha) to +e2in 4ith a ho,e in the 2ro*n)# The -om1an0 Che ha) ta,.e) to the )ire-tors in Br*sse,sD 4ere <*ite -on(i)ent: a,, the0 4ante) 4as the a11ro/a, o( the man on the s1ot that the -r*sher 4as s*ita+,e (or ,o-a, -on)itions# A si2nat*re' that 4as a,, he ha) to 2et' he to,) himse,(' starin2 )o4n into the 1*)),e o( +,a-. 4ater# Fi/e ho*rs' the -hie( ha) sai)' +*t a(ter si3 ho*rs the0 4ere sti,, 4a,.in2# Mr# "e/er ha) eaten nothin26 he 4ante) to 2et to Da/i)son (irst# A,, thro*2h the heat o( the )a0 he 4a,.e)# The (orest 1rote-te) him (rom the )ire-t s*n' +*t it sh*t o*t the air' an) the o--asiona, -,earin2s' shri/e,,e) tho*2h the0 4ere in the /erti-a, 2,are' seeme) -oo,er than the sha)e +e-a*se there 4as a ,itt,e more air to +reathe# At (o*r o5-,o-. the heat )iminishe)' +*t he +e2an to (ear the0 4o*,)n5t rea-h Da/i)son +e(ore )ar.# His (oot 1aine) him6 he ha) -a*2ht a ;i22er the ni2ht +e(ore6 it 4as as i( someone 4as ho,)in2 a ,i2hte) mat-h to his toe# Then at (i/e the0 -ame on a )ea) +,a-.# Another re-tan2*,ar ho,e in a sma,, -,eare) s1a-e amon2 the )*st0 2reener0 ha) -a*2ht Mr# "e/er5s e0e# He 1eere) )o4n an) 4as sho-.e) to see a (a-e ret*rn his stare' 4hite e0e+a,,s ,i.e 1hos1hor*s in the +,a-. 4ater# The +,a-. ha) +een +ent a,most )o*+,e to (it him in6 the ho,e 4as rea,,0 too sma,, to +e a 2ra/e' an) he ha) s4o,,en# His (,esh 4as ,i.e a +,ister 0o* -o*,) 1ri-. 4ith a nee),e# Mr# "e/er (e,t si-. an) tire)6 he mi2ht ha/e +een tem1te) to ret*rn i( he -o*,) ha/e rea-he) the /i,,a2e +e(ore )ar.6 +*t no4 there 4as nothin2 to )o +*t 2o on6 the -arriers ,*-.i,0 ha)n5t seen the +o)0# He 4a/e) them (or4ar) an) st*m+,e) a(ter them amon2 the roots' (i2htin2 his na*sea# He (anne) himse,( 4ith his s*n he,met6 his 4i)e (at (a-e 4as )am1 an) 1a,e# He ha) ne/er seen an *n-are)9(or +o)0 +e(ore6 his 1arents he ha) seen -are(*,,0 ,ai) o*t 4ith -,ose) e0es an) 4ashe) (a-es6 the0 7(e,, as,ee17 <*ite in a--or)an-e 4ith their e1ita1hs' +*t 0o* -o*,)n5t thin. o( s,ee1 in -onne3ion 4ith the 4hite e0e+a,,s an) the s4o,,en (a-e# Mr# "e/er 4o*,) ha/e ,i.e) /er0 m*-h to sa0 a 1ra0er' +*t 1ra0ers 4ere o*t o( 1,a-e in the )ea) )ra+ (orest6 the0 sim1,0 )i)n5t 7-ome#7 %ith the )*s. a ,itt,e ,i(e )i) 4a.en: somethin2 ,i/e) in the )r0 4ee)s an) +ritt,e trees' i( on,0 mon.e0s# The0 -hattere) an) s-reame) a,, ro*n) 0o*' +*t it 4as too )ar. to see them6 0o* 4ere ,i.e a +,in) man in the -entre o( a (ri2htene) -ro4) 4ho 4o*,)n5t sa0 4hat s-are) them# The -arriers too 4ere (ri2htene)# The0 ran *n)er their (i(t091o*n) ,oa)s +ehin) the )i11in2 ,i2ht o( the h*rri-ane ,am1'

their h*2e (,at -arriers5 (eet (,a11in2 in the )*st ,i.e em1t0 2,o/es# Mr# "e/er ,istene) ner/o*s,0 (or mos<*itoes6 0o* 4o*,) ha/e e31e-te) them to +e o*t +0 no4' +*t he )i)n5t hear one# Then at the to1 o( a rise a+o/e a sma,, stream the0 -ame on Da/i)son# The 2ro*n) ha) +een -,eare) in a s<*are o( t4e,/e (eet an) a sma,, tent 1it-he)6 he ha) )*2 another ho,e6 the s-ene -ame )im,0 into /ie4 as the0 -,im+e) the 1ath: the -ho19+o3es 1i,e) o*tsi)e the tent' the s01hon o( so)a 4ater' the (i,ter' an ename, +asin# B*t there 4asn5t a ,i2ht' there 4asn5t a so*n)' the (,a1s o( the tent 4ere not -,ose)' an) Mr# "e/er ha) to (a-e the 1ossi+i,it0 that a(ter a,, the -hie( mi2ht ha/e to,) the tr*th# Mr# "e/er too. the ,am1 an) stoo1e) insi)e the tent# There 4as a +o)0 on the +e)# At (irst Mr# "e/er tho*2ht Da/i)son 4as -o/ere) 4ith +,oo)' +*t then he rea,i8e) it 4as a +,a-. /omit 4h-h staine) his shirt an) .ha.i shorts' the (air st*++,e on his -hin# He 1*t o*t a han) an) to*-he) Da/i)son5s (a-e' an) i( he ha)n5t (e,t a s,i2ht +reath on his 1a,m he 4o*,) ha/e ta.en him (or )ea)6 his 4as so -o,)# He mo/e) the ,am1 -,oser' an) no4 the ,emon90e,,o4 (a-e to,) him a,, he 4ante) to .no4: he ha)n5t tho*2ht o( that 4hen his +o0 sai) (e/er# It 4as <*ite tr*e that a man )i)n5t )ie o( ma,aria' +*t an o)) 1ie-e o( ne4s rea) in Ne4 Yor. in 5AG -ame +a-. to min): there ha) +een an o*t+rea. o( 0e,,o4 ;a-. in Rio an) ninet09(o*r 1er -ent o( the -ases ha) +een (ata,# It ha)n5t meant an0thin2 to him then' +*t it )i) no4# %hi,e he 4at-he)' Da/i)son 4as si-.' <*ite e((ort,ess,06 he 4as ,i.e a ta1 o*t o( 4hi-h somethin2 (,o4e)# It seeme) at (irst to Mr# "e/er to +e the en) o( e/er0thin2' o( his ;o*rne0' his ho1es' his ,i(e 4ith Emi,0# There 4as nothin2 he -o*,) )o (or Da/i)son' the man 4as *n-ons-io*s' there 4ere times 4hen his 1*,se 4as so ,o4 an) irre2*,ar that Mr# "e/er tho*2ht that he 4as )ea) *nti, another +,a-. stream s1rea) (rom his mo*th6 it 4as no *se e/en -,eanin2 him# Mr "e/er ,ai) his o4n +,an.ets o/er the +e) on to1 o( Da/i)son5s +e-a*se he 4as so -o,) to to*-h' +*t he ha) no i)ea 4hether he 4as )oin2 the ri2ht' or e/en the (ata,,0 4ron2' thin2# The -han-e o( s*r/i/a,' i( there 4ere an0 -han-e at a,,' )e1en)e) on neither o( them# O*tsi)e his -arriers ha) +*i,t a (ire an) 4ere -oo.in2 the ri-e the0 ha) +ro*2ht 4ith them# Mr# "e/er o1ene) his (o,)in2 -hair an) sat +0 the +e)# He 4ante) to .ee1 a4a.e: it seeme) ri2ht to .ee1 a4a.e6 he o1ene) his -ase an) (o*n) his *n(inishe) ,etter to Emi,0# He sat +0 Da/i)son5s si)e an) trie) to 4rite' +*t he -o*,) thin. o( nothin2 +*t 4hat he ha) a,rea)0 4ritten too o(ten: "oo. a(ter 0o*rse,(# Don5t (or2et the sto*t an) mi,.# He (e,, as,ee1 o/er his 1a) an) 4o.e at t4o an) tho*2ht that Da/i)son 4as )ea)# B*t he 4as 4ron2 a2ain# He 4as /er0 thirst0 an) misse) his +o0# A,4a0s the (irst thin2 his +o0 )i) at the en) o( a mar-h 4as to ,i2ht a (ire an) 1*t on a .ett,e6 a(ter that' +0 the time his ta+,e an) -hair 4ere set *1' there 4as 4ater rea)0 (or the (i,ter# Mr# "e/er (o*n) a ha,( a -*1 o( so)a 4ater ,e(t in Da/i)son5s s01hon6 i( it ha) +een on,0 his hea,th at sta.e he 4o*,) ha/e 2one )o4n to the stream' +*t he ha) Emi,0 to remem+er# There 4as a t01e4riter +0 the +e)' an) it o--*rre) to Mr# "e/er that he mi2ht ;*st as 4e,, +e2in to 4rite his re1ort o( (ai,*re no46 it mi2ht .ee1 him a4a.e6 it seeme) )isres1e-t(*, to the )0in2 man to s,ee1# He (o*n) 1a1er *n)er some ,etters 4hi-h ha) +een t01e) an) si2ne) +*t not sea,e)# Da/i)son m*st ha/e +een ta.en i,, /er0 s*))en,06 Mr# "e/er 4on)ere) 4hether it 4as he 4ho ha) -ramme) the +,a-. into the ho,e6 his +o0 1erha1s' (or there 4as no si2n o( a ser/ant# He +a,an-e) the t01e4riter on his .nee an) hea)e) the ,etter' 7In Cam1 near Greh#7 It seeme) to him *n(air that he sho*,) ha/e -ome so (ar' s1ent so m*-h mone0' 4orn o*t a rather o,) +o)0' to meet his ine/ita+,e r*in in a )ar. tent +esi)e a )0in2 man' 4hen he -o*,) ha/e met it ;*st as 4e,, at home 4ith Emi,0 in the 1,*sh 1ar,o*r# The tho*2ht o( the 1ra0ers he ha) *se,ess,0 *ttere) on his .nees +0 the -am19+e) amon2 the ;i22ers' the rats an) the -o-.roa-hes ma)e him re+e,,io*s# A mos<*ito' the (irst he ha) hear)' 4ent h*mmin2 ro*n) the tent# He s,ashe) at it sa/a2e,06 he 4o*,)n5t ha/e re-o2ni8e) himse,( amon2 the Rotarians# He 4as ,ost an) he 4as set (ree# Mora,ities 4ere 4hat ena+,e) a man to ,i/e

ha11i,0 an) s*--ess(*,,0 4ith his (e,,o4s' +*t Mr# "e/er 4asn5t ha110 an) he 4asn5t s*--ess(*,' an) his on,0 (e,,o4 in the ,itt,e st*((0 tent 4o*,)n5t +e tro*+,e) +0 ntr*th in A)/ertisin2 or +0 Mr# "e/er -o/etin2 his nei2h+o*r5s o3en# Yo* -o*,)n5t .ee1 0o*r i)eas inta-t 4hen 0o* )is-o/ere) their 2eo2ra1hi-a, nat*re# The So,emnit0 o( Death: )eath 4asn5t so,emn6 it 4as a ,emon90e,,o4 an) a +,a-. /omit# Honest0 is the Best Po,i-0: he sa4 <*ite s*))en,0 ho4 (a,se that 4as# It 4as an anar-hist 4ho sat ha11i,0 o/er the t01e4riter' an anar-hist 4ho re-o2ni8e) nothin2 +*t one 1ersona, re,ationshi1' his a((e-tion (or Emi,0# Mr# "e/er +e2an to t01e: I ha/e e3amine) the 1,ans an) estimates o( the ne4 "*-as -r*sher### Mr# "e/er tho*2ht 4ith sa/a2e ha11iness: I 4in# This ,etter 4o*,) +e the ,ast the -om1an0 4o*,) hear (rom Da/i)son# The ;*nior 1artner 4o*,) o1en it in the )a11er Br*sse,s o((i-e6 he 4o*,) ta1 his (a,se teeth 4ith a %aterman 1en an) 2o in to ta,. to M# Go,8# Ta.in2 a,, these (a-tors into -onsi)eration I re-ommen) a--e1tan-e#### The0 4o*,) te,e2ra1h to "*-as# As (or Da/i)son' that tr*ste) a2ent o( the -om1an0 4o*,) ha/e )ie) o( 0e,,o4 (e/er at some ne/er a--*rate,0 )etermine) )ate# Another a2ent 4o*,) -ome o*t' an) the -r*sher### Mr# "e/er -are(*,,0 -o1ie) Da/i)son5s si2nat*re on a s1are sheet o( 1a1er# He 4asn5t satis(ie)# He t*rne) the ori2ina, *1si)e )o4n an) -o1ie) it that 4a0' so as not to +e -on(*se) +0 his o4n i)ea o( ho4 a ,etter sho*,) +e (orme)# That 4as +etter' +*t it )i)n5t satis(0 him# He sear-he) *nti, he (o*n) Da/i)son5s o4n 1en an) +e2an a2ain to -o10 an) -o10 the si2nat*re# He (e,, as,ee1 -o10in2 it an) 4o.e a2ain an ho*r ,ater to (in) the ,am1 o*t6 it ha) +*rnt *1 a,, the oi,# He sat there +esi)e Da/i)son5s +e) ti,, )a0,i2ht6 on-e he 4as +itten +0 a mos<*ito in the an.,e an) -,a11e) his han) to the 1,a-e too ,ate: the +r*te 4ent h*mmin2 o*t# %ith the ,i2ht Mr# "e/er sa4 that Da/i)son 4as )ea)# 7Dear' )ear'7 he sai)# 7Poor (e,,o4#7 He s1at o*t 4ith the 4or)s' <*ite )e,i-ate,0 in a -orner' the +a) mornin2 taste in his mo*th# It 4as ,i.e a ,itt,e se)iment o( his -on/entiona,it0# Mr# "e/er 2ot t4o o( his -arriers to -ram Da/i)son ti)i,0 into his ho,e# He 4as no ,on2er a(rai) o( them or o( (ai,*re or o( se1aration# He tore *1 his ,etter to Emi,0# It no ,on2er re1resente) his moo) in its timi)it0' its se-ret (ear' its 2ent,e (*ssin2 1hrases' Don5t (or2et the sto*t# "oo. a(ter 0o*rse,(# He 4o*,) +e home as soon as the ,etter' an) the0 4ere 2oin2 to )o thin2s to2ether no4 the05) ne/er )reamt o( )oin2# The mone0 (or the -r*sher 4as on,0 the +e2innin2# His i)eas stret-he) (arther no4 than East+o*rne' the0 stret-he) as (ar as S4it8er,an)6 he ha) a (ee,in2 that' i( he rea,,0 ,et himse,( 2o' the05) stret-h as (ar as the Ri/iera# Ho4 ha110 he 4as on 4hat he tho*2ht o( as 7the tri1 home#7 He 4as (ree) (rom 4hat ha) he,) him +a-. thro*2h a ,on2 1e)anti- -areer' the (ear o( a -ons-io*s (ate that notes the )ishonest0' notes the s.irt in Pi--a)i,,0' notes the 2,ass too man0 o( Stone5s s1e-ia,# No4 he ha) sai) Boo to that 2oose#### B*t 0o* 4ho are rea)in2 this' 4ho .no4 so m*-h more than Mr# "e/er' 4ho -an (o,,o4 the mos<*ito5s 1ro2ress (rom the )ea) s4o,,en +,a-. to Da/i)son5s tent' to Mr# "e/er5s an.,e' 0o* ma0 1ossi+,0 +e,ie/e in Go)' a .in),0 Go) ten)er to4ar)s h*man (rai,t0' rea)0 to 2i/e Mr# "e/er three )a0s o( ha11iness' three )a0s o(( the 2a,,in2 -hain' as he -arrie) +a-. thro*2h the (orest his amate*rish (or2eries an) the in(e-tion o( 0e,,o4 (e/er in the +,oo)# The stor0 mi2ht /er0 4e,, ha/e en-o*ra2e) m0 (aith in that ,o/in2 omnis-ien-e i( it ha) not +een sha.en +0 1ersona, .no4,e)2e o( the )ra+ em1t0 (orest thro*2h 4hi-h Mr# "e/er no4 4ent so merri,0' 4here it is im1ossi+,e to +e,ie/e in an0 s1irit*a, ,i(e' in an0thin2 o*tsi)e the nat*re )0in2 ro*n) 0o*' the shri/e,,in2 o( the 4ee)s# B*t' o( -o*rse' there are t4o o1inions a+o*t e/er0thin26 it 4as Mr# "e/er5s (a/o*rite e31ression' )rin.in2 +eer in the R*hr' Perno) in "orraine' se,,in2 hea/0 ma-hiner0# 1A?B

The Hint o( an E31,anation A ,on2 train ;o*rne0 on a ,ate De-em+er e/enin2' in this ne4 /ersion o( 1ea-e' is a )rear0 e31erien-e# I s*11ose that m0 (e,,o4 tra/e,,er an) I -o*,) -onsi)er o*rse,/es ,*-.0 to ha/e a -om1artment to o*rse,/es' e/en tho*2h the heatin2 a11arat*s 4as not 4or.in2' e/en tho*2h the ,i2hts 4ent o*t entire,0 in the (re<*ent Pennine t*nne,s an) 4ere too )im an04a0 (or *s to rea) o*r +oo.s 4itho*t strainin2 o*r e0es' an) tho*2h there 4as no resta*rant -ar to 2i/e at ,east a -han2e o( s-ene# It 4as 4hen 4e 4ere tr0in2 sim*,taneo*s,0 to -he4 the same .in) o( )r0 +*n +o*2ht at the same station +*((et that m0 -om1anion an) I -ame to2ether# Be(ore that 4e ha) sat at o11osite en)s o( the -arria2e' +oth m*((,e) to the -hin in o/er-oats' +oth +ent ,o4 o/er t01e 4e -o*,) +are,0 ma.e o*t' +*t as I thre4 the remains o( m0 -a.e *n)er the seat o*r e0es met' an) he ,ai) his +oo. )o4n# B0 the time 4e 4ere ha,(94a0 to Be)4e,, !*n-tion 4e ha) (o*n) an enormo*s ran2e o( s*+;e-ts (or )is-*ssion6 startin2 4ith +*ns an) the 4eather' 4e ha) 2one on to 1o,iti-s' the 2o/ernment' (orei2n a((airs' the atom +om+' an)' +0 an ine/ita+,e 1ro2ression' Go)# %e ha) not' ho4e/er' +e-ome either shri,, or a-i)# M0 -om1anion' 4ho no4 sat o11osite me' ,eanin2 a ,itt,e (or4ar)' so that o*r .nees near,0 to*-he)' 2a/e s*-h an im1ression o( serenit0 that it 4o*,) ha/e +een im1ossi+,e to <*arre, 4ith him' ho4e/er m*-h o*r /ie4s )i((ere)' an) )i((er the0 )i) 1ro(o*n),0# I ha) soon rea,i8e) I 4as s1ea.in2 to a Catho,i-' to someone 4ho +e,ie/e)99 ho4 )o the0 1*t it=99in an omni1otent an) omnis-ient Deit0' 4hi,e I 4as 4hat is ,oose,0 -a,,e) an A2nosti-# I ha/e a -ertain int*ition C4hi-h I )o not tr*st' (o*n)e) as it ma0 4e,, +e on -hi,)ish e31erien-es an) nee)sD that a Go) e3ists' an) I am s*r1rise) o--asiona,,0 into +e,ie( +0 the e3traor)inar0 -oin-i)en-es that +eset o*r 1ath ,i.e the tra1s set (or ,eo1ar)s in the ;*n2,e' +*t inte,,e-t*a,,0 I am re/o,te) at the 4ho,e notion o( s*-h a Go) 4ho -an so a+an)on his -reat*res to the enormities o( Free %i,,# I (o*n) m0se,( e31ressin2 this /ie4 to m0 -om1anion' 4ho ,istene) <*iet,0 an) 4ith res1e-t# He ma)e no attem1t to interr*1t: he sho4e) none o( the im1atien-e or the inte,,e-t*a, arro2an-e I ha/e 2ro4n to e31e-t (rom Catho,i-s6 4hen the ,i2hts o( a 4a0si)e station (,ashe) a-ross his (a-e that ha) es-a1e) hitherto the ra0s o( the one 2,o+e 4or.in2 in the -om1artment' I -a*2ht a 2,im1se s*))en,0 o(994hat= I sto11e) s1ea.in2' so stron2 4as the im1ression# I 4as -arrie) +a-. ten 0ears' to the other si)e o( the 2reat *se,ess -on(,i-t' to a sma,, to4n' Gisors in Norman)0# I 4as a2ain' (or a moment' 4a,.in2 on the an-ient +att,ements an) ,oo.in2 )o4n a-ross the 2re0 roo(s' *nti, m0 e0es (or some reason ,it on one 2re0 ston0 7+a-.7 o*t o( the man0' 4here the (a-e o( a mi)),e9a2e) man 4as 1resse) a2ainst a 4in)o41ane CI s*11ose that (a-e has -ease) to e3ist no4' ;*st as I +e,ie/e the 4ho,e to4n 4ith its me)ie/a, memories has +een re)*-e) to r*++,eD# I remem+ere) sa0in2 to m0se,( 4ith astonishment' 7That man is ha11099 -om1,ete,0 ha110#7 I ,oo.e) a-ross the -om1artment at m0 (e,,o4 tra/e,,er' +*t his (a-e 4as a,rea)0 a2ain in sha)o4# I sai) 4ea.,0' 7%hen 0o* thin. 4hat Go)99i( there is a Go)99a,,o4s# It5s not mere,0 the 1h0si-a, a2onies' +*t thin. o( the -orr*1tion' e/en o( -hi,)ren####7 He sai)' 7O*r /ie4 is so ,imite)'7 an) I 4as )isa11ointe) at the -on/entiona,it0 o( his re1,0# He m*st ha/e +een a4are o( m0 )isa11ointment Cit 4as as tho*2h o*r tho*2hts 4ere h*)),e) as -,ose,0 as o*rse,/es (or 4armthD' (or he 4ent on' 7O( -o*rse there is no ans4er here# %e -at-h hints###7 an) then the train roare) into another t*nne, an) the ,i2hts a2ain 4ent o*t# It 4as the ,on2est t*nne, 0et6 4e 4ent ro-.in2 )o4n it' an) the -o,) seeme) to +e-ome more intense 4ith the )ar.ness ,i.e an i-0 (o2 C1erha1s 4hen one sense99o( si2ht99is ro++e) o( sensation' the others 2ro4 more sensiti/eD# %hen 4e emer2e) into the mere 2re0 o( ni2ht an) the 2,o+e ,it *1 on-e more' I -o*,) see that m0 -om1anion 4as ,eanin2 +a-. on his seat#

I re1eate) his ,ast 4or)s as a <*estion' 7Hints=7 7Oh' the0 mean /er0 ,itt,e in -o,) 1rint99or -o,) s1ee-h'7 he sai)' shi/erin2 in his o/er-oat# 7An) the0 mean nothin2 at a,, to a h*man +ein2 other than the man 4ho -at-hes them# The0 are not s-ienti(i- e/i)en-e 9or e/i)en-e at a,, (or that matter# E/ents that )on5t' someho4' t*rn o*t as the0 4ere inten)e)99 +0 the h*man a-tors I mean' or +0 the thin2 +ehin) the h*man a-tors#7 7The thin2=7 7The 4or) Satan is so anthro1omor1hi-#7 I ha) to ,ean (or4ar) no4: I 4ante) to hear 4hat he ha) to sa0# I am99I rea,,0 am' Go) .no4s99o1en to -on/i-tion# He sai)' 7One5s 4or)s are so -r*)e' +*t I sometimes (ee, 1it0 (or that thin2# It is so -ontin*a,,0 (in)in2 the ri2ht 4ea1on to *se a2ainst its Enem0 an) the 4ea1on +rea.s in its o4n +reast# It sometimes seems to me so 91o4er,ess# Yo* sai) somethin2 ;*st no4 a+o*t the -orr*1tion o( -hi,)ren# It remin)e) me o( somethin2 in m0 o4n -hi,)hoo)# Yo* are the (irst 1erson99e3-e1t (or one99that I ha/e tho*2ht o( te,,in2 it to' 1erha1s +e-a*se 0o* are anon0mo*s# It5s not a /er0 ,on2 stor0' an) in a 4a0 it5s re,e/ant#7 I sai)' 7I5) ,i.e to hear it#7 7Yo* m*stn5t e31e-t too m*-h meanin2# B*t to me there seems to +e a hint# That5s a,,# A hint#7 He 4ent s,o4,0 on' t*rnin2 his (a-e to the 1ane' tho*2h he -o*,) ha/e seen nothin2 rea, in the 4hir,in2 4or,) o*tsi)e e3-e1t an o--asiona, si2na, ,am1' a ,i2ht in a 4in)o4' a sma,, -o*ntr0 station torn +a-.4ar)s +0 o*r r*sh' 1i-.in2 his 4or)s 4ith 1re-ision# He sai)' 7%hen I 4as a -hi,) the0 ta*2ht me to ser/e at Mass# The -h*r-h 4as a sma,, one' (or there 4ere /er0 (e4 Catho,i-s 4here I ,i/e)# It 4as a to4n in East An2,ia' s*rro*n)e) +0 (,at' -ha,.0 (ie,)s an) )it-hes99so man0 )it-hes# I )on5t s*11ose there 4ere (i(t0 Catho,i-s a,, to,)' an) (or some reason there 4as a tra)ition o( hosti,it0 to *s# Perha1s it 4ent +a-. to the +*rnin2 o( a Protestant mart0r in the si3teenth -ent*r099there 4as a stone mar.in2 the 1,a-e near 4here the meat sta,,s stoo) on %e)nes)a0s# I 4as on,0 ha,( a4are o( the enmit0' tho*2h I .ne4 that m0 s-hoo, o( Po1e0 Martin ha) somethin2 to )o 4ith m0 re,i2ion' an) I ha) hear) that m0 (ather 4as near,0 e3-,*)e) (rom the Constit*tiona, C,*+ 4hen he (irst -ame to the to4n# 7E/er0 S*n)a0 I ha) to )ress *1 in m0 s*r1,i-e an) ser/e Mass# I hate) it99I ha/e a,4a0s hate) )ressin2 *1 in an0 4a0 C4hi-h is (*nn0 4hen 0o* -ome to thin. o( itD' an) I ne/er -ease) to +e a(rai) o( ,osin2 m0 1,a-e in the ser/i-e an) )oin2 somethin2 4hi-h 4o*,) 1*t me to ri)i-*,e# O*r ser/i-es 4ere at a )i((erent ho*r (rom the An2,i-an' an) as o*r sma,,' (ar9(rom9se,e-t +an) tr*)2e) o*t o( the hi)eo*s -ha1e, the 4ho,e o( the to4ns(o,. seeme) to +e on the 4a0 1ast to the 1ro1er -h*r-h99I a,4a0s tho*2ht o( it as the 1ro1er -h*r-h# %e ha) to 1ass the 1ara)e o( their e0es' in)i((erent' s*1er-i,io*s' mo-.in26 0o* -an5t ima2ine ho4 serio*s,0 re,i2ion -an +e ta.en in a sma,, to4n' i( on,0 (or so-ia, reasons# 7There 4as one man in 1arti-*,ar6 he 4as one o( the t4o +a.ers in the to4n' the one m0 (ami,0 )i) not 1atroni8e# I )on5t thin. an0 o( the Catho,i-s 1atroni8e) him +e-a*se he 4as -a,,e) a (ree9thin.er99an o)) tit,e' (or' 1oor man' no one5s tho*2hts 4ere ,ess (ree than his# He 4as hemme) in +0 his hatre)99his hatre) o( *s# He 4as /er0 *2,0 to ,oo. at' 4ith one 4a,,9e0e an) a hea) the sha1e o( a t*rni1' 4ith the hair 2one on the -ro4n' an) he 4as *nmarrie)# He ha) no interests' a11arent,0' +*t his +a.in2 an) his hatre)' tho*2h no4 that I am o,)er I +e2in to see other si)es to his nat*re99it )i) -ontain' 1erha1s' a -ertain (*rti/e ,o/e# One 4o*,) -ome a-ross him s*))en,0 sometimes on a -o*ntr0 4a,.' es1e-ia,,0 i( one 4ere a,one an) it 4as S*n)a0# It 4as as i( he rose (rom the )it-hes' an) the smear o( -ha,. on his -,othes remin)e) one o( the (,o*r on his 4or.in2 o/era,,s# He 4o*,) ha/e a sti-. in his han) an) sta+ at the he)2es' an) i( his moo) 4ere /er0 +,a-. he 4o*,) -a,, o*t a(ter one stran2e a+r*1t 4or)s ,i.e a (orei2n ton2*e 9I .no4 the meanin2 o( those 4or)s' o( -o*rse' no4# On-e the 1o,i-e 4ent to his ho*se +e-a*se o( 4hat a +o0 sai) he5) seen' +*t nothin2 -ame o( it e3-e1t that the hate sha-.,e) him -,oser# His name 4as B, an) he terri(ie)

me# 7I thin. he ha) a 1arti-*,ar hatre) o( m0 (ather99I )on5t .no4 4h0# M0 (ather 4as mana2er o( the Mi),an) Ban.' an) it5s 1ossi+,e that at some time B, ma0 ha/e ha) *nsatis(a-tor0 )ea,in2s 4ith the +an.6 m0 (ather 4as a /er0 -a*tio*s man 4ho s*((ere) a,, his ,i(e (rom an3iet0 a+o*t mone099his o4n an) other 1eo1,e5s# I( I tr0 an) 1i-t*re B, no4 I see him 4a,.in2 a,on2 a narro4in2 1ath +et4een hi2h 4in)o4,ess 4a,,s' an) at the en) o( the 1ath stan)s a sma,, +o0 o( ten99me# I )on5t .no4 4hether it5s a s0m+o,i- 1i-t*re or the memor0 o( one o( o*r en-o*nters99o*r en-o*nters someho4 2ot more an) more (re<*ent# Yo* ta,.e) ;*st no4 a+o*t the -orr*1tion o( -hi,)ren# That 1oor man 4as 1re1arin2 to re/en2e himse,( on e/er0thin2 he hate) 9m0 (ather' the Catho,i-s' the Go) 4hom 1eo1,e 1ersiste) in -re)itin299an) that +0 -orr*1tin2 me# He ha) e/o,/e) a horri+,e an) in2enio*s 1,an# 7I remem+er the (irst time I ha) a (rien),0 4or) (rom him# I 4as 1assin2 his sho1 as ra1i),0 as I -o*,) 4hen I hear) his /oi-e -a,, o*t 4ith a .in) o( s,0 s*+ser/ien-e as tho*2h he 4ere an *n)er ser/ant# 5Master Da/i)'5 he -a,,e)' 5Master Da/i)'5 an) I h*rrie) on# B*t the ne3t time I 1asse) that 4a0 he 4as at his )oor Che m*st ha/e seen me -omin2D 4ith one o( those -*r,0 in his han) that 4e -a,,e) Che,sea +*ns# I )i)n5t 4ant to ta.e it' +*t he ma)e me' an) then I -o*,)n5t +e other than 1o,ite 4hen he as.e) me to -ome into his 1ar,o*r +ehin) the sho1 an) see somethin2 /er0 s1e-ia,# 7It 4as a sma,, e,e-tri- rai,4a099a rare si2ht in those )a0s' an) he insiste) on sho4in2 me ho4 it 4or.e)# He ma)e me t*rn the s4it-hes an) sto1 an) start it' an) he to,) me that I -o*,) -ome in an0 mornin2 an) ha/e a 2ame 4ith it# He *se) the 4or) 52ame5 as tho*2h it 4ere somethin2 se-ret' an) it5s tr*e that I ne/er to,) m0 (ami,0 o( this in/itation an) o( ho4' 1erha1s t4i-e a 4ee. those ho,i)a0s' the )esire to -ontro, that ,itt,e rai,4a0 +e-ame o/er1o4erin2' an) ,oo.in2 *1 an) )o4n the street to see i( I 4ere o+ser/e)' I 4o*,) )i/e into the sho1#7 O*r ,ar2er' )irtier' a)*,t train )ro/e into a t*nne, an) the ,i2ht 4ent o*t# %e sat in )ar.ness an) si,en-e' 4ith the noise o( the train +,o-.in2 o*r ears ,i.e 4a3# %hen 4e 4ere thro*2h 4e )i)n5t s1ea. at on-e an) I ha) to 1ri-. him into -ontin*in2# 7An e,a+orate se)*-tion'7 I sai)# 7Don5t thin. his 1,ans 4ere as sim1,e as that'7 m0 -om1anion sai)' 7or as -r*)e# There 4as m*-h more hate than ,o/e' 1oor man' in his ma.e9*1# Can 0o* hate somethin2 0o* )on5t +e,ie/e in= An) 0et he -a,,e) himse,( a ( %hat an im1ossi+,e 1ara)o3' to +e (ree an) to +e so o+sesse)# Da0 +0 )a0 a,, thro*2h those ho,i)a0s his o+session m*st ha/e 2ro4n' +*t he .e1t a 2ri16 he +i)e) his time# Perha1s that thin2 I s1o.e o( 2a/e him the stren2th an) the 4is)om# It 4as on,0 a 4ee. (rom the en) o( the ho,i)a0s that he s1o.e to me on 4hat -on-erne) him so )ee1,0# 7I hear) him +ehin) me as I .ne,t on the (,oor' -o* 1,in2 t4o -oa-hes# He sai)' 5Yo* 4on5t +e a+,e to )o this' Master Da/i)' 4hen s-hoo, starts#5 It 4asn5t a senten-e that nee)e) an0 -omment (rom me an0 more than the one that (o,,o4e)# 5Yo* o*2ht to ha/e it (or 0o*r o4n' 0o* o*2ht'5 +*t ho4 s.i,(*,,0 an) *nem1hati-a,,0 he ha) so4e) the ,on2in2' the i)ea o( a 1ossi+i,it0#### I 4as -omin2 to his 1ar,o*r e/er0 )a0 no46 0o* see' I ha) to -ram e/er0 o11ort*nit0 in +e(ore the hate) term starte) a2ain' an) I s*11ose I 4as +e-omin2 a--*stome) to B,' to that 4a,,9e0e' that t*rni1 hea)' that na*seatin2 s*+ser/ien-e# The Po1e' 0o* .no4' )es-ri+es himse,( as 5the ser/ant o( the ser/ants o( Go)'5 an) B,a-.er99I sometimes thin. that B, 4as 5the ser/ant o( the ser/ants o(###'5 4e,,' ,et it +e# 7The /er0 ne3t )a0' stan)in2 in the )oor4a0 4at-hin2 me 1,a0' he +e2an to ta,. to me a+o*t re,i2ion# He sai)' 4ith 4hat *ntr*th e/en I re-o2ni8e)' ho4 m*-h he a)mire) the Catho,i-s6 he 4ishe) he -o*,) +e,ie/e ,i.e that' +*t ho4 -o*,) a +e,ie/e= He a--ente) 5a +a.er5 as one mi2ht sa0 a +io,o2ist' an) the tin0 train s1*n ro*n) the 2a*2e H tra-.# He sai)' 5I -an +a.e the thin2s 0o* eat ;*st as 4e,, as an0 Catho,i- -an'5 an) )isa11eare) into his sho1# I ha)n5t the (aintest

i)ea 4hat he meant# Present,0 he emer2e) a2ain' ho,)in2 in his han) a ,itt,e 4a(er# 5Here'5 he sai)' 5eat that an) te,, me####5 %hen I 1*t it in m0 mo*th I -o*,) te,, that it 4as ma)e in the same 4a0 as o*r 4a(ers (or -omm*nion99he ha) 2ot the sha1e a ,itt,e 4ron2' that 4as a,,99an) I (e,t 2*i,t0 an) irrationa,,0 s-are)# 5Te,, me'5 he sai)' 54hat5s the )i((eren-e=5 7 5Di((eren-e=5 I as.e)# 7 5Isn5t that ;*st the same as 0o* eat in -h*r-h=5 7I sai) sm*2,0' 5It hasn5t +een -onse-rate)#5 7He sai)' 5Do 0o* thin.' i( I 1*t the t4o o( them *n)er a mi-ros-o1e' 0o* -o*,) te,, the )i((eren-e=5 7B*t e/en at ten I ha) the ans4er to that <*estion# 5No'5 I sai)' 5the99 a--i)ents )on5t -han2e'5 st*m+,in2 a ,itt,e on the 4or) 5a--i)ents5 4hi-h ha) s*))en,0 -on/e0e) to me the i)ea o( )eath an) 4o*n)s# 7 B, sai) 4ith s*))en intensit0' 5Ho4 I5) ,i.e to 2et one o( 0o*r ones in m0 mo*th99;*st to see####5 7It ma0 seem o)) to 0o*' +*t this 4as the (irst time that the i)ea o( transs*+stantiation rea,,0 ,o)2e) in m0 min)# I ha) ,earne) it a,, +0 rote6 I ha) 2ro4n *1 4ith the i)ea# The Mass 4as as ,i(e,ess to me as the senten-es in De Be,,o Ga,,i-o6 -omm*nion a ro*tine ,i.e )ri,, in the s-hoo,90ar)' +*t here s*))en,0 I 4as in the 1resen-e o( a man 4ho too. it serio*s,0' as serio*s,0 as the 1riest 4hom nat*ra,,0 one )i)n5t -o*nt99it 4as his ;o+# I (e,t more s-are) than e/er# 7He sai)' 5It5s a,, nonsense' +*t I5) ;*st ,i.e to ha/e it in m0 mo*th#5 7 5Yo* -o*,) i( 0o* 4ere a Catho,i-'5 I sai) na/e,0# 7He 2a8e) at me 4ith his one 2oo) e0e' ,i.e a C0-,o1s# He sai)' 5Yo* ser/e at Mass' )on5t 0o*= It 4o*,) +e eas0 (or 0o* to 2et at one o( those thin2s# I te,, 0o* 4hat I5) )o99I5) s4a1 this e,e-tri- train (or one o( 0o*r 4a(ers 9-onse-rate)' min)# It5s 2ot to +e -onse-rate)#5 7 5I -o*,) 2et 0o* one o*t o( the +o3'5 I sai)# I thin. I sti,, ima2ine) that his interest 4as a +a.er5s interest 9to see ho4 the0 4ere ma)e# 7 5Oh' no'5 he sai)' 5I 4ant to see 4hat 0o*r Go) tastes ,i.e#5 7 5I -o*,)n5t )o that#5 7 5Not (or a 4ho,e e,e-tri- train' ;*st (or 0o*rse,(= Yo* 4o*,)n5t ha/e an0 tro*+,e at home# I5) 1a-. it *1 an) 1*t a ,a+e, insi)e that 0o*r )a) -o*,) see: 7For m0 +an. mana2er5s ,itt,e +o0 (rom a 2rate(*, -,ient#7 He5) +e 1,ease) as 1*n-h 4ith that#5 7No4 that 4e are 2ro4n men it seems a tri/ia, tem1tation' )oesn5t it= B*t tr0 to thin. +a-. to 0o*r o4n -hi,)hoo)# There 4as a 4ho,e -ir-*it o( rai,s there on the (,oor at o*r (eet' strai2ht rai,s an) -*r/e)' an) a ,itt,e station 4ith 1orters an) 1assen2ers' a t*nne,' a (oot+ri)2e' a ,e/e, -rossin2' t4o si2na,s' +*((ers' o( -o*rse 9an)' a+o/e a,,' a t*rnta+,e# The tears o( ,on2in2 -ame into m0 e0es 4hen I ,oo.e) at the t*rnta+,e# It 4as m0 (a/orite 1ie-e99it ,oo.e) so *2,0 an) 1ra-ti-a, an) tr*e# I sai) 4ea.,0' 5I 4o*,)n5t .no4 ho4#5 7Ho4 -are(*,,0 he ha) +een st*)0in2 the 2ro*n)J He m*st ha/e s,i11e) se/era, times into Mass at the +a-. o( the -h*r-h# It 4o*,) ha/e +een no 2oo)' 0o* *n)erstan)' in a ,itt,e to4n ,i.e that' 1resentin2 himse,( (or -omm*nion# E/er0+o)0 there .ne4 him (or 4hat he 4as# He sai) to me' 5%hen 0o*5/e +een 2i/en -omm*nion 0o* -o*,) ;*st 1*t it *n)er 0o*r ton2*e a moment# He ser/es 0o* an) the other +o0 (irst' an) I sa4 0o* on-e 2o o*t +ehin) the -*rtain strai2ht a(ter4ar)s# Yo*5) (or2otten one o( those ,itt,e +ott,es#5 7 5The -r*et'5 I sai)# 7 5Pe11er an) sa,t#5 He 2rinne) at me ;o/ia,,0' an) I 94e,,' I ,oo.e) at the ,itt,e rai,4a0 4hi-h I -o*,) no ,on2er -ome an) 1,a0 4ith 4hen term starte)# I sai)' 5Yo*5) ;*st s4a,,o4 it' 4o*,)n5t 0o*=5 7 5Oh' 0es'5 he sai)# 5I5) ;*st s4a,,o4 it#5 7Someho4 I )i)n5t 4ant to 1,a0 4ith the train an0 more that )a0# I 2ot *1 an) ma)e (or the )oor' +*t he )etaine) me' 2ri11in2 m0 ,a1e,# He sai)' 5This 4i,, +e a se-ret +et4een 0o* an) me# Tomorro45s S*n)a0# Yo* -ome a,on2 here in the

a(ternoon# P*t it in an en/e,o1e an) 1ost it me# Mon)a0 mornin2 the train 4i,, +e )e,i/ere) +ri2ht an) ear,0#5 7 5Not tomorro4'5 I im1,ore) him# 7 5I5m not intereste) in an0 other S*n)a0'5 he sai)# 5It5s 0o*r on,0 -han-e#5 He shoo. me 2ent,0 +a-.4ar)s an) (or4ar)s# 5It 4i,, a,4a0s ha/e to +e a se-ret +et4een 0o* an) me'5 he sai)# 5%h0' i( an0one .ne4 the05) ta.e a4a0 the train an) there5) +e me to re-.on 4ith# I5) +,ee) 0o* somethin2 a4(*,# Yo* .no4 ho4 I5m a,4a0s a+o*t on S*n)a0 4a,.s# Yo* -an5t a/oi) a man ,i.e me# I -ro1 *1# Yo* 4o*,)n5t e/er +e sa(e in 0o*r o4n ho*se# I .no4 4a0s to 2et into ho*ses 4hen 1eo1,e are as,ee1#5 He 1*,,e) me into the sho1 a(ter him an) o1ene) a )ra4er# In the )ra4er 4as an o)) ,oo.in2 .e0 an) a -*tthroat ra8or# He sai)' 5That5s a master .e0 that o1ens a,, ,o-.s an) that99that5s 4hat I +,ee) 1eo1,e 4ith#5 Then he 1atte) m0 -hee. 4ith his 1,*m1 (,o*r0 (in2ers an) sai)' 5For2et it# Yo* an) me are (rien)s#5 7That S*n)a0 Mass sta0s in m0 hea)' e/er0 )etai, o( it' as tho*2h it ha) ha11ene) on,0 a 4ee. a2o# From the moment o( the Con(ession to the moment o( Conse-ration it ha) a terri+,e im1ortan-e6 on,0 one other Mass has e/er +een so im1ortant to me991erha1s not e/en one' (or this 4as a so,itar0 Mass 4hi-h 4o*,) ne/er ha11en a2ain# It seeme) as (ina, as the ,ast Sa-rament 4hen the 1riest +ent )o4n an) 1*t the 4a(er in m0 mo*th 4here I .ne,t +e(ore the a,tar 4ith m0 (e,,o4 ser/er# 7I s*11ose I ha) ma)e *1 m0 min) to -ommit this a4(*, a-t99(or' 0o* .no4' to *s it m*st a,4a0s seem an a4(*, a-t99(rom the moment 4hen I sa4 B, 4at-hin2 (rom the +a-. o( the -h*r-h# He ha) 1*t on his +est +,a-. S*n)a0 -,othes an)' as tho*2h he -o*,) ne/er <*ite es-a1e the smear o( his 1ro(ession' he ha) a )a+ o( )rie) ta,-*m on his -hee.' 4hi-h he ha) 1res*ma+,0 a11,ie) a(ter *sin2 that -*t9 throat o( his# He 4as 4at-hin2 me -,ose,0 a,, the time' an) I thin. it 4as (ear99 (ear o( that terri+,e *n)e(ine) thin2 -a,,e) +,ee)in299as m*-h as -o/eto*sness that )ro/e me to -arr0 o*t m0 instr*-tions# 7M0 (e,,o4 ser/er 2ot +ris.,0 *1 an)' ta.in2 the 1aten' 1re-e)e) Father Care0 to the a,tar rai, 4here the other -omm*ni-ants .ne,t# I ha) the Host ,o)2e) *n)er m0 ton2*e: it (e,t ,i.e a +,ister# I 2ot *1 an) ma)e (or the -*rtain to 2et the -r*et that I ha) 1*r1ose,0 ,e(t in the sa-rist0# %hen I 4as there I ,oo.e) <*i-.,0 ro*n) (or a hi)in2 1,a-e an) sa4 an o,) -o10 o( the ni/erse ,0in2 on a -hair# I too. the Host (rom m0 mo*th an) inserte) it +et4een t4o sheets99a ,itt,e )am1 mess o( 1*,1# Then I tho*2ht: 1erha1s Father Care0 has 1*t o*t the 1a1er (or a 1arti-*,ar 1*r1ose an) he 4i,, (in) the Host +e(ore I ha/e time to remo/e it' an) the enormit0 o( m0 a-t +e2an to -ome home to me 4hen I trie) to ima2ine 4hat 1*nishment I sho*,) in-*r# M*r)er is s*((i-ient,0 tri/ia, to ha/e its a11ro1riate 1*nishment' +*t (or this a-t the min) +o22,e) at the tho*2ht o( an0 retri+*tion at a,,# I trie) to remo/e the Host' +*t it st*-. -,ammi,0 +et4een the 1a2es' an) in )es1eration I tore o*t a 1ie-e o( the ne4s1a1er an)' s-re4in2 the 4ho,e thin2 *1' st*-. it in m0 tro*sers %hen I -ame +a-. thro*2h the -*rtain -arr0in2 the -r*et m0 e0es met B,a-.er5s# He 2a/e me a 2rin o( en-o*ra2ement an) *nha11iness99 0es' I am s*re' *nha11iness# %as it 1erha1s that the 1oor man 4as a,, the time see.in2 somethin2 in-orr*1ti+,e= 7I -an remem+er ,itt,e more o( that )a0# I thin. m0 min) 4as sho-.e) an) st*nne)' an) I 4as -a*2ht *1 too in the (ami,0 +*st,e o( S*n)a0# S*n)a0 in a 1ro/in-ia, to4n is the )a0 (or re,ations# A,, the (ami,0 are at home' an) *n(ami,iar -o*sins an) *n-,es are a1t to arri/e' 1a-.e) in the +a-. seats o( other 1eo1,e5s -ars# I remem+er that some -ro4) o( the .in) )es-en)e) on *s an) 1*she) B, tem1orari,0 o*t o( the (ore2ro*n) o( m0 min)# There 4as some+o)0 -a,,e) A*nt "*-0' 4ith a ,o*) ho,,o4 ,a*2h that (i,,e) the ho*se 4ith me-hani-a, merriment ,i.e the so*n) o( re-or)e) ,a*2hter (rom insi)e a ha,, o( mirrors' an) I ha) no o11ort*nit0 to 2o o*t a,one e/en i( I ha) 4ishe) to# %hen si3 o5-,o-. -ame an) A*nt "*-0 an) the -o*sins )e1arte) an) 1ea-e ret*rne)' it 4as too ,ate to 2o to B,a-.er5s' an) at ei2ht it 4as m0 o4n +e)9time# 7I thin. I ha) ha,( (or2otten 4hat I ha) in m0 As I em1tie) m0 the ,itt,e s-re4 o( ne4s1a1er +ro*2ht <*i-.,0 +a-. the Mass' the 1riest +en)in2 o/er me' B,a-.er5s 2rin# I ,ai) the on the -hair +0 m0 +e) an) trie) to 2o to s,ee1' +*t I 4as ha*nte) +0 the sha)o4s on the 4a,, 4here the -*rtains +,e4' the s<*ea. o( (*rnit*re' the r*st,e in the -himne0' ha*nte) +0 the 1resen-e o( Go) there on the -hair# The Host ha) a,4a0s +een to me994e,,' the Host# I .ne4 theoreti-a,,0' as I ha/e sai)' 4hat I ha) to +e,ie/e' +*t s*))en,0' as someone 4hist,e) in the roa) o*tsi)e' 4hist,e) se-reti/e,0' .no4in2,0' to me' I .ne4 that this 4hi-h I ha) +esi)e m0 +e) 4as somethin2 o( in(inite /a,*e99 somethin2 a man 4o*,) 1a0 (or 4ith his 4ho,e 1ea-e o( min)' somethin2 that 4as so hate) one -o*,) ,o/e it as one ,o/es an o*t-ast or a +*,,ie) -hi,)# These are a)*,t 4or)s' an) it 4as a -hi,) o( ten 4ho ,a0 s-are) in +e)' ,istenin2 to the 4hist,e (rom the roa)' B,a-.er5s 4hist,e' +*t I thin. he (e,t (air,0 -,ear,0 4hat I am )es-ri+in2 no4# That is 4hat I meant 4hen I sai) this Thin2' 4hate/er it is' that sei8es e/er0 1ossi+,e 4ea1on a2ainst Go)' is a,4a0s' e/er04here' )isa11ointe) at the moment o( s*--ess# It m*st ha/e (e,t as -ertain o( me as B, )i)# It m*st ha/e (e,t -ertain too o( B, B*t I 4on)er' i( one .ne4 4hat ha11ene) ,ater to that 1oor man' 4hether one 4o*,) not (in) a2ain that the 4ea1on ha) +een t*rne) a2ainst its o4n +reast# 7At ,ast I -o*,)n5t +ear that 4hist,e an0 more an) 2ot o*t o( +e)# I o1ene) the -*rtains a ,itt,e 4a0' an) there ri2ht *n)er m0 4in)o4' the moon,i2ht on his (a-e' 4as B, I( I ha) stret-he) m0 han) )o4n' his (in2ers rea-hin2 *1 -o*,) a,most ha/e to*-he) mine# He ,oo.e) *1 at me' (,ashin2 the one 2oo) e0e' 4ith h*n2er99I rea,i8e no4 that near9s*--ess m*st ha/e )e/e,o1e) his o+session a,most to the 1oint o( ma)ness# Des1eration ha) )ri/en him to the ho*se# He 4his1ere) *1 at me# 5 Da/i)' 4here is it=5 7I ;er.e) m0 hea) +a-. at the room# 5Gi/e it me'5 he sai)# 5>*i-.# Yo* sha,, ha/e the train in the mornin2#5 7I shoo. m0 hea)# He sai)' 5I5/e 2ot the +,ee)er here' an) the .e0# Yo*5) +etter toss it )o4n#5 7 5Go a4a0'5 I sai)' +*t I -o*,) har),0 s1ea. (or (ear# 7 5I5,, +,ee) 0o* (irst an) then I5,, ha/e it ;*st the same#5 7 5Oh' no' 0o* 4on5t'5 I sai)# I 4ent to the -hair an) 1i-.e) it99Him99*1# There 4as on,0 one 1,a-e 4here He 4as sa(e# I -o*,)n5t se1arate the Host (rom the 1a1er' so I s4a,,o4e) +oth# The ne4s1rint st*-. ,i.e a 1r*ne to the +a-. o( m0 throat' +*t I rinse) it )o4n 4ith 4ater (rom the e4er# Then I 4ent +a-. to the 4in)o4 an) ,oo.e) )o4n at B, He +e2an to 4hee),e me# 5%hat ha/e 0o* )one 4ith it' Da/i)= %hat5s the (*ss= It5s on,0 a +it o( +rea)'5 ,oo.in2 so ,on2in2,0 an) 1,ea)in2,0 *1 at me that e/en as a -hi,) I 4on)ere) 4hether he -o*,) rea,,0 thin. that' an) 0et )esire it so m*-h# 7 5I s4a,,o4e) it'5 I sai)# 7 5S4a,,o4e) it=5 7 5Yes'5 I sai)# 5Go a4a0#5 7Then somethin2 ha11ene) 4hi-h seems to me no4 more terri+,e than his )esire to -orr*1t or m0 tho*2ht,ess a-t: he +e2an to 4ee199the tears ran ,o1si)e),0 o*t o( the one 2oo) e0e an) his sho*,)ers shoo.# I on,0 sa4 his (a-e (or a moment +e(ore he +ent his hea) an) stro)e o((' the +a,) t*rni1 hea) sha.in2' into the )ar.# %hen I thin. o( it no4' it5s a,most as i( I ha) seen that Thin2 4ee1in2 (or its ine/ita+,e )e(eat# It ha) trie) to *se me as a 4ea1on' an) no4 I ha) +ro.en in its han)s an) it 4e1t its ho1e,ess tears thro*2h one o( B,a-.er5s e0es#7 The +,a-. (*rna-es o( Be)4e,, !*n-tion 2athere) aro*n) the ,ine# The 1oints s4it-he) an) 4e 4ere tosse) (rom one set o( rai,s to another# A s1ra0 o( s1ar.s' a si2na, ,i2ht -han2in2 to re)' ta,, -himne0s ;ettin2 into the 2re0 ni2ht s.0' the (*mes o( steam (rom stationar0 en2ines 9ha,( the -o,) ;o*rne0 4as o/er' an) no4 remaine) the ,on2 4ait (or the s,o4 -ross9-o*ntr0 train# I sai)' 7It5s an interestin2 stor0# I thin. I sho*,) ha/e 2i/en B, 4hat he 4ante)# I 4on)er 4hat he 4o*,) ha/e )one 4ith it#7 7I rea,,0 +e,ie/e'7 m0 -om1anion sai)' 7that he 4o*,) (irst o( a,, ha/e 1*t it *n)er his mi-ros-o1e99+e(ore he )i) a,, the other thin2s I e31e-t he ha)

1,anne)#7 7An) the hints'7 I sai)# 7I )on5t <*ite see 4hat 0o* mean +0 that#7 7Oh' 4e,,'7 he sai) /a2*e,0' 70o* .no4 (or me it 4as an o)) +e2innin2' that a((air' 4hen 0o* -ome to thin. o( it'7 +*t I ne/er sho*,) ha/e .no4n 4hat he meant ha) not his -oat' 4hen he rose to ta.e his +a2 (rom the ra-.' -ome o1en an) )is-,ose) the -o,,ar o( a 1riest# I sai)' 7I s*11ose 0o* thin. 0o* o4e a ,ot to B, 7Yes'7 he sai)' 70o* see' I am a /er0 ha110 man#7 1AFG

The Se-on) Death She (o*n) me in the e/enin2 *n)er trees that 2re4 o*tsi)e the /i,,a2e# I ha) ne/er -are) (or her an) 4o*,) ha/e hi))en m0se,( i( I5) seen her -omin2# She 4as to +,ame' I5m -ertain' (or her son5s /i-es# I( the0 4ere /i-es' +*t I5m /er0 (ar (rom a)mittin2 that the0 4ere# At an0 rate he 4as 2enero*s' ne/er mean' ,i.e others in the /i,,a2e I -o*,) mention i( I -hose# I 4as starin2 har) at a ,ea( or she 4o*,) ne/er ha/e (o*n) me# It 4as )an2,in2 (rom its t4i2' its sta,. torn a-ross +0 the 4in) or e,se +0 a stone one o( the /i,,a2e -hi,)ren ha) (,*n2# On,0 the 2reen to*2h o( the sta,. he,) it there s*s1en)e)# I 4as 4at-hin2 -,ose,0' +e-a*se a -ater1i,,ar 4as -ra4,in2 a-ross the s*r(a-e' ma.in2 the ,ea( s4a0 to an) (ro# The -ater1i,,ar 4as aimin2 at the t4i2' an) I 4on)ere) 4hether it 4o*,) rea-h it in sa(et0 or 4hether the ,ea( 4o*,) (a,, 4ith it into the 4ater# There 4as a 1oo, *n)erneath the trees' an) the 4ater a,4a0s a11eare) re)' +e-a*se o( the hea/0 -,a0 in the soi,# I ne/er .ne4 4hether the -ater1i,,ar rea-he) the t4i2' (or' as I5/e sai)' the 4ret-he) 4oman (o*n) me# The (irst I .ne4 o( her -omin2 4as her /oi-e ;*st +ehin) m0 ear# 7I5/e +een ,oo.in2 in a,, the 1*+s (or 0o*'7 she sai) in her o,) shri,, /oi-e# It 4as t01i-a, o( her to sa0 7a,, the 1*+s7 4hen there 4ere on,0 t4o in the 1,a-e# She a,4a0s 4ante) -re)it (or tro*+,e she ha)n5t rea,,0 ta.en# I 4as anno0e) an) I -o*,)n5t he,1 s1ea.in2 a ,itt,e harsh,0# 7Yo* mi2ht ha/e sa/e) 0o*rse,( the tro*+,e'7 I sai)' 70o* sho*,) ha/e .no4n I 4o*,)n5t +e in a 1*+ on a (ine ni2ht ,i.e this#7 The o,) /i3en +e-ame <*ite h*m+,e# She 4as a,4a0s smooth eno*2h 4hen she 4ante) an0thin2# 7It5s (or m0 1oor son'7 she sai)# That meant that he 4as i,,# %hen he 4as 4e,, I ne/er hear) her sa0 an0thin2 +etter than 7that )ratte) +o0#7 She5) ma.e him +e in the ho*se +0 mi)ni2ht e/er0 )a0 o( the 4ee.' as i( there 4ere an0 serio*s mis-hie( a man -o*,) 2et *1 to in a ,itt,e /i,,a2e ,i.e o*rs# O( -o*rse 4e soon (o*n) a 4a0 to -heat her' +*t it 4as the 1rin-i1,e o( the thin2 I o+;e-te) to99a 2ro4n man o( o/er thirt0 or)ere) a+o*t +0 his mother' ;*st +e-a*se she ha)n5t a h*s+an) to -ontro,# B*t 4hen he 4as i,,' tho*2h it mi2ht +e 4ith on,0 a sma,, -hi,,' it 4as 7m0 1oor son#7 7He5s )0in2'7 she sai)' 7an) Go) .no4s 4hat I sha,, )o 4itho*t him#7 7%e,,' I )on5t see ho4 I -an he,1 0o*'7 I sai)# I 4as an2r0' +e-a*se he5) +een )0in2 on-e +e(ore an) she5) )one e/er0thin2 +*t a-t*a,,0 +*r0 him# I ima2ine) it 4as the same sort o( )0in2 this time' the sort a man 2ets o/er# I5) seen him a+o*t the 4ee. +e(ore on his 4a0 *1 the hi,, to see the +i29+reaste) 2ir, at the (arm# I5) 4at-he) him ti,, he 4as ,i.e a ,itt,e +,a-. )ot' 4hi-h sta0e) s*))en,0 +0 a s<*are 2re0 +o3 in a (ie,)# That 4as the +arn 4here the0 *se) to meet# I5/e /er0 2oo) e0es an) it am*ses me to tr0 ho4 (ar an) ho4 -,ear,0 the0 -an see# I met him a2ain some time a(ter mi)ni2ht an) he,1e) him 2et into the ho*se 4itho*t his

mother .no4in2' an) he 4as 4e,, eno*2h then99on,0 a ,itt,e s,ee10 an) tire)# The o,) /i3en 4as at it a2ain# 7He5s +een as.in2 (or 0o*'7 she shri,,e) at me# 7I( he5s as i,, as 0o* ma.e o*t'7 I sai)' 7it 4o*,) +e +etter (or him to as. (or a )o-tor#7 7Do-tor5s there' +*t he -an5t )o an0thin2#7 That start,e) me (or a moment' I5,, a)mit it' *nti, I tho*2ht' 7The o,) )e/i,5s ma,in2erin2# He5s 2ot some 1,an or other#7 He 4as <*ite -,e/er eno*2h to -heat a )o-tor# I ha) seen him thro4 a (it that 4o*,) ha/e )e-ei/e) Moses# 7For Go)5s sa.e -ome'7 she sai)' 7he seems (ri2htene)#7 Her /oi-e +ro.e <*ite 2en*ine,0' (or I s*11ose in her 4a0 she 4as (on) o( him# I -o*,)n5t he,1 1it0in2 her a ,itt,e' (or I .ne4 that he ha) ne/er -are) a mite (or her an) ha) ne/er tro*+,e) to )is2*ise the (a-t# I ,e(t the trees an) the re) 1oo, an) the str*22,in2 -ater1i,,ar' (or I .ne4 that she 4o*,) ne/er ,ea/e me a,one' no4 that her 71oor +o07 4as as.in2 (or me# Yet a 4ee. a2o there 4as nothin2 she 4o*,)n5t ha/e )one to .ee1 *s a1art# She tho*2ht me res1onsi+,e (or his 4a0s' as tho*2h an0 morta, man -o*,) ha/e .e1t him o(( a ,i.e,0 4oman 4hen his a11etite 4as *1# I thin. it m*st ha/e +een the (irst time I ha) entere) their -otta2e +0 the (ront )oor sin-e I -ame to the /i,,a2e ten 0ears a2o# I thre4 an am*se) 2,an-e at his 4in)o4# I tho*2ht I -o*,) see the mar.s on the 4a,, o( the ,a))er 4e5) *se) the 4ee. +e(ore# %e5) ha) a ,itt,e )i((i-*,t0 in 1*ttin2 it strai2ht' +*t his mother s,e1t so*n)# He ha) +ro*2ht the ,a))er )o4n (rom the +arn' an) 4hen he5) 2ot sa(e,0 in' I -arrie) it *1 there a2ain# B*t 0o* -o*,) ne/er tr*st his 4or)# He5) ,ie to his +est (rien)' an) 4hen I rea-he) the +arn I (o*n) the 2ir, ha) 2one# I( he -o*,)n5t +ri+e 0o* 4ith his mother5s mone0' he5) +ri+e 0o* 4ith other 1eo1,e5s 1romises# I +e2an to (ee, *neas0 )ire-t,0 I 2ot insi)e the )oor# It 4as nat*ra, that the ho*se sho*,) +e <*iet' (or the 1air o( them ne/er ha) an0 (rien)s to sta0' a,tho*2h the o,) 4oman ha) a sister9in9,a4 ,i/in2 on,0 a (e4 mi,es a4a0# B*t I )i)n5t ,i.e the so*n) o( the )o-tor5s (eet as he -ame )o4nstairs to meet *s# He5) t4iste) his (a-e into a 1io*s so,emnit0 (or o*r +ene(it' as tho*2h there 4as somethin2 ho,0 a+o*t )eath' e/en a+o*t the )eath o( m0 (rien)# 7He5s -ons-io*s'7 he sai)' 7+*t he5s 2oin2# There5s nothin2 I -an )o# I( 0o* 4ant him to )ie in 1ea-e' +etter ,et his (rien) 2o a,on2 *1# He5s (ri2htene) a+o*t somethin2#7 The )o-tor 4as ri2ht# I -o*,) te,, that as soon as I +ent *n)er the ,inte, an) entere) m0 (rien)5s room# He 4as 1ro11e) *1 on a 1i,,o4' an) his e0es 4ere on the )oor' 4aitin2 (or me to -ome# The0 4ere /er0 +ri2ht an) (ri2htene)' an) his hair ,a0 a-ross his (orehea) in sti-.0 stri1es# I5) ne/er rea,i8e) +e(ore 4hat an *2,0 (e,,o4 he 4as# He ha) s,0 e0es that ,oo.e) at 0o* too m*-h o*t o( the -orners' +*t 4hen he 4as in or)inar0 hea,th' the0 he,) a t4in.,e that ma)e 0o* (or2et the s,0ness# There 4as somethin2 1,easant an) +ra8en in the t4in.,e' as m*-h as to sa0 7I .no4 I5m s,0 an) *2,0# B*t 4hat )oes that matter= I5/e 2ot 2*ts#7 It 4as that t4in.,e' I thin.' some 4omen (o*n) attra-ti/e an) stim*,atin2# No4 4hen the t4in.,e 4as 2one' he ,oo.e) a ro2*e an) nothin2 e,se# I tho*2ht it m0 )*t0 to -heer him *1' so I ma)e a sma,, ;o.e o*t o( the (a-t that he 4as a,one in +e)# He )i)n5t seem to re,ish it' an) I 4as +e2innin2 to (ear that he too 4as ta.in2 a re,i2io*s /ie4 o( his )eath' 4hen he to,) me to sit )o4n' s1ea.in2 <*ite shar1,0# 7I5m )0in2'7 he sai)' ta,.in2 /er0 (ast' 7an) I 4ant to as. 0o* somethin2# That )o-tor5s no 2oo)99he5) thin. me )e,irio*s# I5m (ri2htene)' o,) man# I 4ant to +e reass*re)'7 an) then a(ter a ,on2 1a*se' 7someone 4ith -ommon sense#7 He s,i11e) a ,itt,e (arther )o4n in his +e)# 7I5/e on,0 on-e +een +a),0 i,, +e(ore'7 he sai)# 7That 4as +e(ore 0o* sett,e) here# I 4asn5t m*-h more than a +o0# Peo1,e te,, me that I 4as e/en s*11ose) to +e )ea)# The0 4ere -arr0in2 me o*t to +*ria, 4hen a )o-tor sto11e) them ;*st in time#7

I5) hear) 1,ent0 o( -ases ,i.e that' an) I sa4 no reason 4h0 he sho*,) 4ant to te,, me a+o*t it# An) then I tho*2ht I sa4 his 1oint# His mother ha) not +een too an3io*s on-e +e(ore to see i( he 4ere 1ro1er,0 )ea)' tho*2h I ha) ,itt,e )o*+t that she ma)e a 2reat sho4 o( 2rie(997M0 1oor +o0# I )on5t .no4 4hat I sha,, )o 4itho*t him#7 An) I5m -ertain that she +e,ie/e) herse,( then' as she +e,ie/e) herse,( no4# She 4asn5t a m*r)eress# She 4as on,0 in-,ine) to +e 1remat*re# 7"oo. here' o,) man'7 I sai)' an) I 1ro11e) him a ,itt,e hi2her on his 1i,,o4' 70o* nee)n5t +e (ri2htene)# Yo* aren5t 2oin2 to )ie' an) an04a0 I5) see that the )o-tor -*t a /ein or somethin2 +e(ore the0 mo/e) 0o*# B*t that5s a,, mor+i) st*((# %h0' I5) sta.e m0 shirt that 0o*5/e 2ot 1,ent0 more 0ears in (ront o( 0o*# An) 1,ent0 more 2ir,s too'7 I a))e) to ma.e him smi,e# 7Can5t 0o* -*t o*t a,, that=7 he sai)' an) I .ne4 then that he ha) t*rne) re,i2io*s# 7%h0'7 he sai)' 7i( I ,i/e)' I 4o*,)n5t to*-h another 2ir,# I 4o*,)n5t' not one#7 I trie) not to smi,e at that' +*t it 4asn5t eas0 to .ee1 a strai2ht (a-e# There5s a,4a0s somethin2 a +it (*nn0 a+o*t a si-. man5s mora,s# 7An04a0'7 I sai)' 70o* nee)n5t +e (ri2htene)#7 7It5s not that'7 he sai)# 7O,) man' 4hen I -ame ro*n) that other time' I tho*2ht that I5) +een )ea)# It 4asn5t ,i.e s,ee1 at a,,# Or rest in 1ea-e# There 4as someone there' a,, ro*n) me' 4ho .ne4 e/er0thin2# E/er0 2ir, I5) e/er ha)# E/en that 0o*n2 one 4ho ha)n5t *n)erstoo)# It 4as +e(ore 0o*r time# She ,i/e) a mi,e )o4n the roa)' 4here Ra-he, ,i/es no4' +*t she an) her (ami,0 4ent a4a0 a(ter4ar)s# E/en the mone0 I5) ta.en (rom mother# I )on5t -a,, that stea,in2# It5s in the (ami,0# I ne/er ha) a -han-e to e31,ain# E/en the tho*2hts I5) ha)# A man -an5t he,1 his tho*2hts#7 7A ni2htmare'7 I sai)# 7Yes' it m*st ha/e +een a )ream' m*stn5t it= The sort o( )ream 1eo1,e )o 2et 4hen the0 are i,,# An) I sa4 4hat 4as -omin2 to me too# I -an5t +ear +ein2 h*rt# It 4asn5t (air# An) I 4ante) to (aint an) I -o*,)n5t' +e-a*se I 4as )ea)#7 7In the )ream'7 I sai)# His (ear ma)e me ner/o*s# 7In the )ream'7 I sai) a2ain# 7Yes' it m*st ha/e +een a )ream99m*stn5t it=99+e-a*se I 4o.e *1# The -*rio*s thin2 4as I (e,t <*ite 4e,, an) stron2# I 2ot *1 an) stoo) in the roa)' an) a ,itt,e (arther )o4n' .i-.in2 *1 the )*st' 4as a sma,, -ro4)' 2oin2 o(( 4ith a man99the )o-tor 4ho ha) sto11e) them +*r0in2 me#7 7%e,,'7 I sai)# 7O,) man'7 he sai)' 7s*11ose it 4as tr*e# S*11ose I ha) +een )ea)# I +e,ie/e) it then' 0o* .no4' an) so )i) m0 mother# B*t 0o* -an5t tr*st her# I 4ent strai2ht (or a -o*1,e o( 0ears# I tho*2ht it mi2ht +e a sort o( se-on) -han-e# Then thin2s 2ot (o22e) an) someho4### It )i)n5t seem rea,,0 1ossi+,e# It5s not 1ossi+,e# O( -o*rse it5s not 1ossi+,e# Yo* .no4 it isn5t' )on5t 0o*=7 7%h0 no'7 I sai)# 7Mira-,es o( that sort )on5t ha11en no4a)a0s# An) an04a0' the0 aren5t ,i.e,0 to ha11en to 0o*' are the0= An) here o( a,, 1,a-es *n)er the s*n#7 7It 4o*,) +e so )rea)(*,'7 he sai)' 7i( it ha) +een tr*e' an) I5) 2ot to 2o thro*2h a,, that a2ain# Yo* )on5t .no4 4hat thin2s 4ere 2oin2 to ha11en to me in that )ream# An) the05) +e 4orse no4#7 He sto11e) an) then' a(ter a moment' he a))e) as tho*2h he 4ere statin2 a (a-t' 7%hen one5s )ea) there5s no *n-ons-io*sness an0 more (or e/er#7 7O( -o*rse it 4as a )ream'7 I sai) an) s<*ee8e) his han)# He 4as (ri2htenin2 me 4ith his (an-ies# I 4ishe) that he5) )ie <*i-.,0' so that I -o*,) 2et a4a0 (rom his s,0' +,oo)shot an) terri(ie) e0es an) see somethin2 -heer(*, an) am*sin2' ,i.e the Ra-he, he ha) mentione)' 4ho ,i/e) a mi,e )o4n the roa)# 7%h0'7 I sai)' 7i( there ha) +een a man a+o*t 4or.in2 mira-,es ,i.e that' 4e sho*,) ha/e hear) o( others' 0o* man0 +e s*re# E/en 1o.e) a4a0 in this 2o)9 (orsa.en s1ot'7 I sai)# 7There 4ere some others'7 he sai)# 7B*t the stories on,0 4ent ro*n) amon2 the 1oor' an) the05,, +e,ie/e an0thin2' 4on5t the0= There 4ere ,ots o( )isease)

an) -ri11,e) the0 sai) he5) -*re)# An) there 4as a man' 4ho5) +een +orn +,in)' an) he -ame an) ;*st to*-he) his e0e,i)s an) si2ht -ame to him# Those 4ere a,, o,) 4i/es5 ta,es' 4eren5t the0=7 he as.e) me' stammerin2 4ith (ear' an) then ,0in2 s*))en,0 sti,, an) +*n-he) *1 at the si)e o( the +e)# I +e2an to sa0' 7O( -o*rse the0 4ere a,, ,ies'7 +*t I sto11e)' +e-a*se there 4as no nee)# A,, I -o*,) )o 4as to 2o )o4nstairs an) te,, his mother to -ome *1 an) -,ose his e0es# I 4o*,)n5t ha/e to*-he) them (or a,, the mone0 in the 4or,)# It 4as a ,on2 time sin-e I5) tho*2ht o( that )a0' a2es an) a2es a2o' 4hen I (e,t a -o,) to*-h ,i.e s1itt,e on m0 ,i)s an) o1enin2 m0 e0es ha) seen a man ,i.e a tree s*rro*n)e) +0 other trees 4a,.in2 a4a0# 1A2A

A Da0 Sa/e) I ha) st*-. -,ose,0 to him' as 1eo1,e sa0 ,i.e a sha)o4# B*t that5s a+s*r)# I5m no sha)o4# Yo* -an (ee, me' to*-h me' hear me' sme,, me# I5m Ro+inson# B*t I ha) sat at the ne3t ta+,e' (o,,o4e) t4ent0 0ar)s +ehin) )o4n e/er0 street' 4hen he 4ent *1stairs I 4aite) at the +ottom' an) 4hen he -ame )o4n I 1asse) o*t +e(ore him an) 1a*se) at the (irst -orner# In that 4a0 I 4as rea,,0 ,i.e a sha)o4' (or sometimes I 4as in (ront o( him an) sometimes I 4as +ehin) him# %ho 4as he= I ne/er .ne4 his name# He 4as short an) or)inar0 in a11earan-e an) he -arrie) an *m+re,,a6 his hat 4as a +o4,er6 an) he 4ore +ro4n 2,o/es# B*t this 4as his im1ortan-e to me: he -arrie) somethin2 I )ear,0' )es1airin2,0' 4ante)# It 4as +eneath his -,othes' 1erha1s in a 1o*-h' a 1*rse' 1erha1s )an2,in2 ne3t his %ho .no4s ho4 -*nnin2 the most or)inar0 man -an +e= S*r2eons -an ma.e -,e/er insertions# He ma0 ha/e -arrie) it e/en -,oser to his heart than the o*ter %hat 4as it= I ne/er .ne4# I -an on,0 2*ess' as I mi2ht 2*ess at his name' -a,,in2 him !ones or Do*2,as' %a,es' Can+0' Fotherin2a0# On-e in a resta*rant I sai) 7 Fotherin2a07 so(t,0 to m0 so*1 an) I tho*2ht he ,oo.e) *1 an) ro*n) a+o*t him# I )on5t .no4# This is the horror I -annot es-a1e: .no4in2 nothin2' his name' 4hat it 4as he -arrie)' 4h0 I 4ante) it so' 4h0 I (o,,o4e) him# Present,0 4e -ame to a rai,4a0 +ri)2e an) *n)erneath it he met a (rien)# I am *sin2 4or)s a2ain /er0 ine3a-t,0# Bear 4ith me# I tr0 to +e e3a-t# I 1ra0 to +e e3a-t# A,, I 4ant in the 4or,) is to .no4# So 4hen I sa0 he met a (rien)' I )o not .no4 that it 4as a (rien)' I .no4 on,0 that it 4as someone he 2reete) 4ith a11arent a((e-tion# The (rien) sai) to him' 7%hen )o 0o* ,ea/e=7 He sai)' 7At t4o (rom Do/er#7 Yo* ma0 +e s*re I (e,t m0 to ma.e s*re the 4as there# Then his (rien) sai)' 7I( 0o* (,0 0o* 4i,, sa/e a )a0#7 He no))e)' he a2ree)' he 4o*,) sa-ri(i-e his' he 4o*,) sa/e a )a0# I as. 0o*' 4hat )oes a )a0 sa/e) matter to him or to 0o*= A )a0 sa/e) (rom 4hat= (or 4hat= Instea) o( s1en)in2 the )a0 tra/e,,in2' 0o* 4i,, see 0o*r (rien) a )a0 ear,ier' +*t 0o* -annot sta0 in)e(inite,0' 0o* 4i,, tra/e, home t4ent09(o*r ho*rs sooner' that is a,,# B*t 0o* 4i,, (,0 home an) a2ain sa/e a )a0= Sa/e it (rom 4hat' (or 4hat= Yo* 4i,, +e2in 4or. a )a0 ear,ier' +*t 0o* -annot 4or. on in)e(inite,0# It on,0 means that 0o* 4i,, -ease 4or. a )a0 ear,ier# An) then 4hat= Yo* -annot )ie a )a0 ear,ier# So 0o* 4i,, rea,i8e 1erha1s ho4 rash it 4as o( 0o* to sa/e a )a0' 4hen 0o* )is-o/er ho4 0o* -annot es-a1e those t4ent09(o*r ho*rs 0o* ha/e so -are(*,,0 1reser/e)6 0o* ma0 1*sh them (or4ar) an) 1*sh them (or4ar)' +*t sometime the0 m*st +e s1ent' an) then 0o* ma0 4ish 0o* ha) s1ent them as inno-ent,0 as in the train (rom Osten)# B*t this tho*2ht ne/er o--*rre) to him# He sai)' 7Yes' that5s tr*e# It 4o*,)

sa/e a )a0# I5,, (,0#7 I near,0 s1o.e to him then# The se,(ishness o( the man# For that )a0 4hi-h he tho*2ht he 4as sa/in2 mi2ht +e his )es1air 0ears ,ater' +*t it 4as m0 )es1air at the instant# For I ha) +een ,oo.in2 (or4ar) to the ,on2 train ;o*rne0 in the same -om1artment# It 4as 4inter' an) the train 4o*,) +e near,0 em1t0' an) 4ith the ,east ,*-. 4e sho*,) +e a,one to2ether# I ha) 1,anne) e/er0thin2# I 4as 2oin2 to ta,. to him# Be-a*se I .ne4 nothin2 a+o*t him' I sho*,) +e2in in the *s*a, 4a0 +0 as.in2 4hether he min)e) the 4in)o4 +ein2 raise) a ,itt,e or a ,itt,e ,o4ere)# That 4o*,) sho4 him that 4e s1o.e the same ,an2*a2e an) he 4o*,) 1ro+a+,0 +e on,0 too rea)0 to ta,.' (ee,in2 himse,( in a (orei2n -o*ntr06 he 4o*,) +e 2rate(*, (or an0 he,1 I mi2ht +e a+,e to 2i/e him' trans,atin2 this or that 4or)# O( -o*rse I ne/er +e,ie/e) that ta,. 4o*,) +e eno*2h# I sho*,) ,earn a 2reat )ea, a+o*t him' +*t I +e,ie/e) that I sho*,) ha/e to .i,, him +e(ore I .ne4 a,,# I sho*,) ha/e .i,,e) him' I thin.' at ni2ht' +et4een the t4o stations 4hi-h are the (arthest 1arte)' a(ter the -*stoms ha) e3amine) o*r ,*22a2e an) o*r 1ass1orts ha) +een stam1e) at the (rontier' an) 4e ha) 1*,,e) )o4n the +,in)s an) t*rne) o*t the ,i2ht# I ha) e/en 1,anne) 4hat to )o 4ith his +o)0' 4ith the +o4,er hat an) the *m+re,,a an) the +ro4n 2,o/es' +*t on,0 i( it +e-ame ne-essar0' on,0 i( in no other 4a0 he 4o*,) 0ie,) 4hat I 4ante)# I am a 2ent,e -reat*re' not easi,0 ro*se)# B*t no4 he ha) -hosen to 2o +0 aero1,ane an) there 4as nothin2 that I -o*,) )o# I (o,,o4e) him' o( -o*rse' sat in the seat +ehin)' 4at-he) his trem*,o*sness at his (irst (,i2ht' ho4 he a/oi)e) (or a ,on2 4hi,e the si2ht o( the sea +e,o4' ho4 he .e1t his +o4,er hat *1on his .nees' ho4 he 2as1e) a ,itt,e 4hen the 2re0 4in2 ti,te) *1 ,i.e the arm o( a 4in)mi,, to the s.0 an) the ho*ses 4ere set on e)2e# There 4ere times' I +e,ie/e' 4hen he re2rette) ha/in2 sa/e) a )a0# %e 2ot o*t o( the aero1,ane to2ether an) he ha) a sma,, tro*+,e 4ith the -*stoms# I trans,ate) (or him# He ,oo.e) at me -*rio*s,0 an) sai)' 7Than. 0o*76 he 4as99a2ain I s*22est that I .no4 4hen a,, I mean is I ass*me +0 his manner an) his -on/ersation99st*1i) an) 2oo)9nat*re)' +*t I +e,ie/e (or a moment he s*s1e-te) me' tho*2ht he ha) seen me some4here' in a t*+e' in a +*s' in a 1*+,i- +ath' +e,o4 the rai,4a0 +ri)2e' on ho4 man0 stair4a0s# I as.e) him the time# He sai)' 7%e 1*t o*r -,o-.s +a-. an ho*r here'7 an) +eame) 4ith an a+s*r) 1,eas*re +e-a*se he ha) sa/e) an ho*r as 4e,, as a )a0# I ha) a )rin. 4ith him' se/era, )rin.s 4ith him# He 4as a+s*r),0 2rate(*, (or m0 he,1# I ha) +eer 4ith him at one 1,a-e' 2in at another' an) at a thir) he insiste) on m0 sharin2 a +ott,e o( 4ine# %e +e-ame (or the time +ein2 (rien)s# I (e,t more 4arm,0 to4ar)s him than to4ar)s an0 other man I ha/e .no4n' (or' ,i.e ,o/e +et4een a man an) a 4oman' m0 a((e-tion 4as 1art,0 -*riosit0# I to,) him that I 4as Ro+inson6 he meant to 2i/e me a -ar)' +*t 4hi,e he 4as ,oo.in2 (or one he )ran. another 2,ass o( 4ine an) (or2ot a+o*t it# %e 4ere +oth a ,itt,e )r*n.# Present,0 I +e2an to -a,, him Fotherin2a0# He ne/er -ontra)i-te) me an) it ma0 ha/e +een his name' +*t I seem to remem+er a,so -a,,in2 him Do*2,as' %a,es an) Can+0 4itho*t -orre-tion# He 4as /er0 2enero*s an) I (o*n) it eas0 to ta,. 4ith him6 the st*1i) are o(ten -om1aniona+,e# I to,) him that I 4as )es1erate an) he o((ere) me mone0# He -o*,) not *n)erstan) 4hat I 4ante)# I sai)' 7Yo*5/e sa/e) a )a0# Yo* -an a((or) to -ome 4ith me toni2ht to a 1,a-e I .no4#7 He sai)' 7I ha/e to ta.e a train toni2ht#7 He to,) me the name o( the to4n an) he 4as not s*r1rise) 4hen I to,) him that I 4as -omin2 too# %e )ran. to2ether a,, that e/enin2 an) 4ent to the station to2ether# I 4as 1,annin2' i( it +e-ame ne-essar0' to .i,, him# I tho*2ht in a,, (rien),iness that 1erha1s a(ter a,, I mi2ht sa/e him (rom ha/in2 sa/e) a )a0# B*t it 4as a sma,, ,o-a, train6 it -re1t (rom station to station' an) at e/er0 station 1eo1,e 2ot o*t o( the train an) other 1eo1,e 2ot into the train# He insiste) on tra/e,,in2 thir) -,ass an) the -arria2e 4as ne/er em1t0# He -o*,) not s1ea. a 4or) o( the ,an2*a2e an) he sim1,0 -*r,e) *1 in his -orner an) s,e1t6 it 4as I 4ho remaine) a4a.e an) ha) to ,isten to the 4ear0 1ain(*, 2ossi1' a ser/ant s1ea.in2 o( her mistress' a 1easant 4oman o( the )a05s' a so,)ier o( the Ch*r-h' an) a man 4ho' I

+e,ie/e' 4as a tai,or o( a)*,ter0' 4ire4orms an) the har/est o( three 0ears a2o# It 4as t4o o5-,o-. in the mornin2 4hen 4e rea-he) the en) o( o*r ;o*rne0# I 4a,.e) 4ith him to the ho*se 4here his (rien)s ,i/e)# It 4as <*ite -,ose to the station an) I ha) no time to 1,an or -arr0 o*t an0 1,an# The 2ar)en 2ate 4as o1en an) he as.e) me in# I sai) no' I 4o*,) 2o to the hote,# He sai) his (rien)s 4o*,) +e 1,ease) to 1*t me *1 (or the remain)er o( the ni2ht' +*t I sai) no# The ,i2hts 4ere on in a )o4nstairs room an) the -*rtains 4ere not )ra4n# A man 4as as,ee1 in a -hair +0 a 2reat sto/e an) there 4ere 2,asses on a tra0' a )e-anter o( 4his.0' t4o +ott,es o( +eer an) a ,on2 thin +ott,e o( Rhine 4ine# I ste11e) +a-. an) he 4ent in an) a,most imme)iate,0 the room 4as (*,, o( 1eo1,e# I -o*,) see his 4e,-ome in their e0es an) in their 2est*res# There 4as a 4oman in a )ressin292o4n an) a 2ir, 4ho sat 4ith thin .nees )ra4n *1 to her -hin an) three men' t4o o( them o,)# The0 )i) not )ra4 the -*rtains' tho*2h he m*st s*re,0 ha/e 2*esse) that I 4as 4at-hin2 them# The 2ar)en 4as -o,)6 the 4inter +e)s 4ere (*rre) 4ith 4ee)s# I ,ai) m0 han) on some 1ri-.,0 +*sh# It 4as as i( the0 2a/e a )e,i+erate )is1,a0 o( their *nit0 an) -om1anionshi1# M0 (rien)9I -a,, him m0 (rien)' +*t he 4as rea,,0 no more than an a-<*aintan-e an) 4as m0 (rien) on,0 (or so ,on2 as 4e +oth 4ere )r*n.99sat in the mi)),e o( them a,, an) I -o*,) te,, (rom the 4a0 his ,i1s 4ere mo/in2 that he 4as te,,in2 them man0 thin2s 4hi-h he ha) ne/er to,) me# On-e I tho*2ht I -o*,) )ete-t (rom his ,i1 mo/ements' 7I ha/e sa/e) a )a0#7 He ,oo.e) st*1i) an) 2oo)nat*re) an) ha110# I -o*,) not +ear the si2ht (or ,on2# It 4as an im1ertinen-e to )is1,a0 himse,( ,i.e that to me# I ha/e ne/er -ease) to 1ra0 (rom that moment that the )a0 he sa/e) ma0 +e retar)e) an) retar)e) *nti, e/ent*a,,0 he s*((ers its ei2ht09si3 tho*san) (o*r h*n)re) se-on)s 4hen he has the most )es1erate nee)' 4hen he is (o,,o4in2 another as I (o,,o4e) him' -,ose,0 as 1eo1,e sa0 ,i.e a sha)o4' so that he has to sto1' as I ha/e ha) to sto1' to reass*re himse,(: Yo* -an sme,, me' 0o* -an to*-h me' 0o* -an hear me' I am not a sha)o4: I am Fotherin2a0' %a,es' Can+0' I am Ro+inson# 1A?@

A "itt,e P,a-e o(( the E)24are Roa) Cra/en -ame *1 1ast the A-hi,,es stat*e in the thin s*mmer rain# It 4as on,0 ;*st a(ter ,i2htin29*1 time' +*t a,rea)0 the -ars 4ere ,ine) *1 a,, the 4a0 to the Mar+,e Ar-h' an) the shar1 a-<*isiti/e !e4ish (a-es 1eere) o*t rea)0 (or a 2oo) time 4ith an0thin2 1ossi+,e 4hi-h -ame a,on2# Cra/en 4ent +itter,0 +0 4ith the -o,,ar o( his ma-.intosh ti2ht ro*n) his throat: it 4as one o( his +a) )a0s# A,, the 4a0 *1 the 1ar. he 4as remin)e) o( 1assion' +*t 0o* nee)e) mone0 (or ,o/e# A,, that a 1oor man -o*,) 2et 4as ,*st# "o/e nee)e) a 2oo) s*it' a -ar' a (,at some4here' or a 2oo) hote,# It nee)e) to +e 4ra11e) in -e,,o1hane# He 4as a4are a,, the time o( the strin20 tie +eneath the ma-.intosh' an) the (ra0e) s,ee/es: he -arrie) his +o)0 a+o*t 4ith him ,i.e somethin2 he hate)# CThere 4ere moments o( ha11iness in the British M*se*m rea)in29room' +*t the +o)0 -a,,e) him +a-.#D He +ore' as his on,0 sentiment' the memor0 o( *2,0 )ee)s -ommitte) on 1ar. -hairs# Peo1,e ta,.e) as i( the +o)0 )ie) too soonthat 4asn5t the tro*+,e' to Cra/en' at a,,# The +o)0 .e1t a,i/e99an) thro*2h the 2,itterin2 tinse,,0 rain' on his 4a0 to a rostr*m' 1asse) a ,itt,e man in a +,a-. s*it -arr0in2 a +anner' 7The Bo)0 sha,, rise a2ain#7 He remem+ere) a )ream he ha) three times 4o.en trem+,in2 (rom: He ha) +een a,one in the h*2e )ar. -a/erno*s +*r0in2 2ro*n) o( a,, the 4or,)# E/er0 2ra/e 4as -onne-te) to another *n)er the 2ro*n): the 2,o+e 4as hone0-om+e) (or the sa.e o( the )ea)' an) on ea-h o--asion o( )reamin2 he ha) )is-o/ere) ane4 the horri(0in2 (a-t that the +o)0 )oesn5t )e-a0# There are no

4orms an) )isso,*tion# n)er the 2ro*n) the 4or,) 4as ,ittere) 4ith masses o( )ea) (,esh rea)0 to rise a2ain 4ith their 4arts an) +oi,s an) er*1tions# He ha) ,ain in +e) an) remem+ere)as 7ti)in2s o( 2reat ;o0799that the +o)0 a(ter a,, 4as -orr*1t# He -ame *1 into the E)24are Roa) 4a,.in2 (ast99the G*ar)smen 4ere o*t in -o*1,es' 2reat ,an2*i) e,on2ate) +easts99the +o)ies ,i.e 4orms in their ti2ht tro*sers# He hate) them' an) hate) his hatre) +e-a*se he .ne4 4hat it 4as' en/0# He 4as a4are that e/er0 one o( them ha) a +etter +o)0 than himse,(: in)i2estion -rease) his stoma-h: he (e,t s*re that his +reath 4as (o*,99+*t 4ho -o*,) he as.= Sometimes he se-ret,0 to*-he) himse,( here an) there 4ith s-ent: it 4as one o( his *2,iest se-rets# %h0 sho*,) he +e as.e) to +e,ie/e in the res*rre-tion o( this +o)0 he 4ante) to (or2et= Sometimes he 1ra0e) at ni2ht Ca hint o( re,i2io*s +e,ie( 4as ,o)2e) in his +reast ,i.e a 4orm in a n*tD that his +o)0 at an0 rate sho*,) ne/er rise a2ain# He .ne4 a,, the si)e streets ro*n) the E)24are Roa) on,0 too 4e,,: 4hen a moo) 4as on' he sim1,0 4a,.e) *nti, he tire)' s<*intin2 at his o4n ima2e in the 4in)o4s o( Sa,mon K G,*-.stein an) the A#B#C#5s# So he noti-e) at on-e the 1osters o*tsi)e the )is*se) theatre in C*,1ar Roa)# The0 4ere not *n*s*a,' (or sometimes Bar-,a0s Ban. Dramati- So-iet0 4o*,) hire the 1,a-e (or an e/enin2' or an o+s-*re (i,m 4o*,) +e tra)e9sho4n there# The theatre ha) +een +*i,t in 1A2H +0 an o1timist 4ho tho*2ht the -hea1ness o( the site 4o*,) more than -o*nter9+a,an-e its )isa)/anta2e o( ,0in2 a mi,e o*tsi)e the -on/entiona, theatre 8one# B*t no 1,a0 ha) e/er s*--ee)e)' an) it 4as soon ,e(t to 2ather rat9ho,es an) s1i)er4e+s# The -o/erin2 o( the seats 4as ne/er rene4e)' an) a,, that e/er ha11ene) to the 1,a-e 4as the tem1orar0 (a,se ,i(e o( an amate*r5s 1,a0 or a tra)e sho4# Cra/en sto11e) an) rea)99there 4ere sti,, o1timists it a11eare)' e/en in 1A?A' (or no+o)0 +*t the +,in)est o1timist -o*,) ho1e to ma.e mone0 o*t o( the 1,a-e as 7The Home o( the Si,ent Fi,m#7 The (irst season o( 71rimiti/es7 4as anno*n-e) Ca hi2h9+ro4 1hraseD: there 4o*,) ne/er +e a se-on)# %e,,' the seats 4ere -hea1' an) it 4as 1erha1s 4orth a shi,,in2 to him' no4 that he 4as tire)' to 2et in some4here o*t o( the rain# Cra/en +o*2ht a an) 4ent in to the )ar.ness o( the sta,,s# In the )ea) )ar.ness a 1iano tin.,e) somethin2 monotono*s,0 re-a,,in2 Men)e,ssohn: he sat )o4n in a 2an24a0 seat' an) -o*,) imme)iate,0 (ee, the em1tiness a,, ro*n) him# No' there 4o*,) ne/er +e another season# On the s-reen a ,ar2e 4oman in a .in) o( to2a 4r*n2 her han)s' then 4o++,e) 4ith -*rio*s ;er.0 mo/ements to4ar)s a -o*-h# There she sat an) stare) o*t ,i.e a shee19)o2 )istra-te),0 thro*2h her ,oose an) +,a-. an) strin20 hair# Sometimes she seeme) to )isso,/e a,to2ether into )ots an) (,ashes an) 4i22,0 ,ines# A s*+9tit,e sai)' 7 Pom1i,ia +etra0e) +0 her +e,o/e) A*2*st*s see.s an en) to her tro*+,es#7 Cra/en +e2an at ,ast to see99a )im 4aste o( sta,,s# There 4ere not t4ent0 1eo1,e in the 1,a-e99a (e4 -o*1,es 4his1erin2 4ith their hea)s to*-hin2' an) a n*m+er o( ,one,0 men ,i.e himse,( 4earin2 the same *ni(orm o( the -hea1 ma-.intosh# The0 ,a0 a+o*t at inter/a,s ,i.e -or1ses99an) a2ain Cra/en5s o+session ret*rne): the tootha-he o( horror# He tho*2ht misera+,099I am 2oin2 ma): other 1eo1,e )on5t (ee, ,i.e this# E/en a )is*se) theatre remin)e) him o( those intermina+,e -a/erns 4here the +o)ies 4ere 4aitin2 (or res*rre-tion# 7A s,a/e to his 1assion A*2*st*s -a,,s (or 0et more 4ine#7 A 2ross mi)),e9a2e) Te*toni- a-tor ,a0 on an e,+o4 4ith his arm ro*n) a ,ar2e 4oman in a shi(t# The 7S1rin2 Son27 tin.,e) ine1t,0 on' an) the s-reen (,i-.ere) ,i.e in)i2estion# Some+o)0 (e,t his 4a0 thro*2h the )ar.ness' s-ra++,in2 1ast Cra/en5s .nees99a sma,, man: Cra/en e31erien-e) the *n1,easant (ee,in2 o( a ,ar2e +ear) +r*shin2 his mo*th# Then there 4as a ,on2 si2h as the ne4-omer (o*n) the ne3t -hair' an) on the s-reen e/ents ha) mo/e) 4ith s*-h ra1i)it0 that Pom1i,ia ha) a,rea)0 sta++e) herse,(99or so Cra/en s*11ose)99an) ,a0 sti,, an) +*3om amon2 her 4ee1in2 s,a/es# A ,o4 +reath,ess /oi-e si2he) o*t -,ose to Cra/en5s ear' 7%hat5s ha11ene)= Is she as,ee1=7 7No# Dea)#7

7M*r)ere)=7 the /oi-e as.e) 4ith a .een interest# 7I )on5t thin. so# Sta++e) herse,(#7 No+o)0 sai) 7H*sh7: no+o)0 4as eno*2h intereste) to o+;e-t to a /oi-e: the0 )roo1e) amon2 the em1t0 -hairs in attit*)es o( 4ear0 inattention# The (i,m 4asn5t near,0 o/er 0et: there 4ere -hi,)ren someho4 to +e -onsi)ere): 4as it a,, 2oin2 on to a se-on) 2eneration= B*t the sma,, +ear)e) man in the ne3t seat seeme) to +e intereste) on,0 in Pom1i,ia5s )eath# The (a-t that he ha) -ome in at that moment a11arent,0 (as-inate) him# Cra/en hear) the 4or) 7-oin-i)en-e7 t4i-e' an) he 4ent on ta,.in2 to himse,( a+o*t it in ,o4 o*t9 o(+reath tones# 7A+s*r) 4hen 0o* -ome to thin. o( it'7 an) then 7no +,oo) at a,,#7 Cra/en )i)n5t ,isten: he sat 4ith his han)s -,as1e) +et4een his .nees' (a-in2 the (a-t as he ha) (a-e) it so o(ten +e(ore' that he 4as in )an2er o( 2oin2 ma)# He ha) to 1*,, himse,( *1' ta.e a ho,i)a0' see a )o-tor CGo) .ne4 4hat in(e-tion mo/e) in his /einsD# He +e-ame a4are that his +ear)e) nei2h+o*r ha) a))resse) him )ire-t,0# 7%hat=7 he as.e) im1atient,0' 74hat )i) 0o* sa0=7 7There 4o*,) +e more +,oo) than 0o* -an ima2ine#7 7%hat are 0o* ta,.in2 a+o*t=7 %hen the man s1o.e to him' he s1ra0e) him 4ith )am1 +reath# There 4as a ,itt,e +*++,e in his s1ee-h ,i.e an im1e)iment# He sai)' 7%hen 0o* m*r)er a man997 7This 4as a 4oman'7 Cra/en sai) im1atient,0# 7That 4o*,)n5t ma.e an0 )i((eren-e#7 7An) it5s 2ot nothin2 to )o 4ith m*r)er an04a0#7 7That )oesn5t si2ni(0#7 The0 seeme) to ha/e 2ot into an a+s*r) an) meanin2,ess 4ran2,e in the )ar.# 7I .no4' 0o* see'7 the ,itt,e +ear)e) man sai) in a tone o( enormo*s -on-eit# 7&no4 4hat=7 7A+o*t s*-h thin2s'7 he sai) 4ith 2*ar)e) am+i2*it0# Cra/en t*rne) an) trie) to see him -,ear,0# %as he ma)= %as this a 4arnin2 o( 4hat he mi2ht +e-ome9 +a++,in2 in-om1rehensi+,0 to stran2ers in -inemas= He tho*2ht' B0 Go)' no' tr0in2 to see: I5,, +e sane 0et# I 4i,, +e sane# He -o*,) ma.e o*t nothin2 +*t a sma,, +,a-. h*m1 o( +o)0# The man 4as ta,.in2 to himse,( a2ain# He sai)' 7Ta,.# S*-h ta,.# The05,, sa0 it 4as a,, (or (i(t0 1o*n)s# B*t that5s a ,ie# Reasons an) reasons# The0 a,4a0s ta.e the (irst reason# Ne/er ,oo. +ehin)# Thirt0 0ears o( reasons# S*-h sim1,etons'7 he a))e) a2ain in that tone o( +reath,ess an) *n+o*n)e) -on-eit# So this 4as ma)ness# So ,on2 as he -o*,) rea,i8e that' he m*st +e sane himse,(99re,ati/e,0 s1ea.in2# Not so sane 1erha1s as the !e4s in the 1ar. or the G*ar)smen in the E)24are Roa)' +*t saner than this# It 4as ,i.e a messa2e o( en-o*ra2ement as the 1iano tin.,e) on# Then a2ain the ,itt,e man t*rne) an) s1ra0e) him# 7&i,,e) herse,(' 0o* sa0= B*t 4ho5s to .no4 that= It5s not a mere <*estion o( 4hat han) ho,)s the .ni(e#7 He ,ai) a han) s*))en,0 an) -on(i)in2,0 on Cra/en5s: it 4as )am1 an) sti-.0: Cra/en sai) 4ith horror as a 1ossi+,e meanin2 -ame to him' 7%hat are 0o* ta,.in2 a+o*t=7 7I .no4'7 the ,itt,e man sai)# 7A man in m0 1osition 2ets to .no4 a,most e/er0thin2#7 7%hat is 0o*r 1osition=7 Cra/en sai)' (ee,in2 the sti-.0 han) on his' tr0in2 to ma.e *1 his min) 4hether he 4as +ein2 h0steri-a, or not6 a(ter a,,' there 4ere a )o8en e31,anations99it mi2ht +e trea-,e# 7A 1rett0 )es1erate one 0o*5) sa0#7 Sometimes the /oi-e a,most )ie) in the throat a,to2ether# Somethin2 in-om1rehensi+,e ha) ha11ene) on the s-reen9ta.e 0o*r e0es (rom these ear,0 1i-t*res (or a moment an) the 1,ot ha) 1ro-ee)e) on at s*-h a 1a-eJ On,0 the a-tors mo/e) s,o4,0 an) ;er.i,0# A 0o*n2 4oman in a ni2ht )ress seeme) to +e 4ee1in2 in the arms o( a Roman -ent*rion: Cra/en ha)n5t seen either o( them +e(ore# 7I am not a(rai) o( )eath' "*-i*s99in 0o*r arms#7 The ,itt,e man +e2an to titter' .no4in2,0# He 4as ta,.in2 to himse,( a2ain# It 4o*,) ha/e +een eas0 to i2nore him a,to2ether i( it ha) not +een (or those sti-.0 han)s 4hi-h he no4 remo/e)6 he seeme) to +e (*m+,in2 at the seat in (ront o( him# His hea) ha) a ha+it o( ,o,,in2 s*))en,0 si)e4a0s' ,i.e an i)iot -hi,)5s#

He sai) )istin-t,0 an) irre,e/ant,0' 7Ba0s4ater Tra2e)0#7 7%hat 4as that=7 Cra/en sai) shar1,0# He ha) seen those 4or)s on a 1oster +e(ore he entere) the 1ar.# 7%hat=7 7A+o*t the tra2e)0#7 7To thin. the0 -a,, C*,,en Me4s Ba0s4ater#7 S*))en,0 the ,itt,e man +e2an to -o*2h' t*rnin2 his (a-e to4ar)s Cra/en an) -o*2hin2 ri2ht at him: it 4as ,i.e /in)i-ti/eness# The /oi-e sai) +ro.en,0' 7"et me see# M0 *m+re,,a#7 He 4as 2ettin2 *1# 7Yo* )i)n5t ha/e an *m+re,,a#7 7M0 *m+re,,a'7 he re1eate)# 7M0997 an) seeme) to ,ose the 4or) a,to2ether# He 4ent s-ra++,in2 o*t 1ast Cra/en5s .nees# Cra/en ,et him 2o' +*t +e(ore he ha) rea-he) the +i,,o40 )*st0 -*rtains o( the e3it the s-reen 4ent +,an. an) +ri2ht99the (i,m ha) +ro.en' an) some+o)0 imme)iate,0 t*rne) *1 one )irt9-ho.e) -han)e,ier a+o/e the -ir-,e# It shone )o4n ;*st eno*2h (or Cra/en to see the smear on his han)s# This 4asn5t h0steria: this 4as a (a-t# He 4asn5t ma): he ha) sat ne3t a ma)man 4ho in some me4s994hat 4as the name Co,on' Co,,in### Cra/en ;*m1e) *1 an) ma)e his o4n 4a0 o*t: the +,a-. -*rtain (,a11e) in his mo*th# B*t he 4as too ,ate: the man ha) 2one an) there 4ere three t*rnin2s to -hoose (rom# He -hose instea) a te,e1hone +o3 an) )ia,,e)' 4it an o)) sense (or him o( sanit0 an) )e-ision' AAA# It )i)n5t ta.e t4o min*tes to 2et the ri2ht )e1artment# The0 4ere intereste) an) /er0 .in)# Yes' there ha) +een a m*r)er in a me4s' C*,,en Me4s# A man5s ne-. ha +een -*t (rom ear to ear 4ith a +rea) .ni(e99a horri) -rime# He +e2an to te,, them ho4 he ha) sat ne3t the m*r)erer in a -inema: it -o*,)n5t +e an0one e,se: there 4as +,oo) no4 on his han)s99an) he remem+ere) 4ith re1*,sion as he s1o.e the )am1 +ear)# There m*st ha/e +een a terri+,e ,ot o( +,oo)# B*t the /oi-e (rom the Yar interr*1te) him# 7Oh' no'7 it 4as sa0in2' 74e ha/e the m*r)erer9no )o*+t o( it at a,,# It5s the +o)0 that5s )isa11eare)#7 Cra/en 1*t )o4n the re-ei/er# He sai) to himse,( a,o*)' 7%h0 sho*,) this ha11en to me= %h0 to me=7 He 4as +a-. in the horror o( his )ream99the s<*a,i) )ar.erin2 street o*tsi)e 4as on,0 one o( the inn*mera+,e t*nne,s -onne-tin2 2ra/e to 2ra/e 4here the im1erisha+,e +o)ies ,a0# He sai)' 7It 4as a )ream' a )ream'7 an) ,eanin2 (or4ar) he sa4 in the mirror a+o/e the te,e1hone his o4n (a-e s1rin.,e) +0 tin0 )ro1s o( +,oo) ,i.e )e4 (rom a s-ent9s1ra0# He +e2an to s-ream' 7I 4on5t 2o ma)# 4on5t 2o ma)# I5m sane# I 4on5t 2o ma)#7 Present,0 a ,itt,e -ro4) +e2an to -o,,e-t' an) soon a 1o,i-eman -ame# 1A?A

The Case (or the De(en-e It 4as the stran2est m*r)er tria, I e/er atten)e)# The0 name) it the Pe-.ham m*r)er in the hea),ines' tho*2h North4oo) Street' 4here the o,) 4oman 4as (o*n) +attere) to )eath' 4as not stri-t,0 s1ea.in2 in Pe-.ham# This 4as not one o( those -ases o( -ir-*mstantia, e/i)en-e' in 4hi-h 0o* (ee, the ;*r0men5s an3iet099+e-a*se ha/e +een ma)e99,i.e )omes o( si,en-e m*tin2 the -o*rt# No' this m*r)erer 4as a,, +*t (o*n) 4ith the +o)06 no one 1resent 4hen the Cro4n -o*nse, o*t,ine) his -ase +e,ie/e) that the man in the )o-. stoo) an0 -han-e at a,,# He 4as a hea/0 sto*t man 4ith +*,2in2 +,oo)shot e0es# A,, his m*s-,es seeme) to +e in his thi2hs# Yes' an *2,0 -*stomer' one 0o* 4o*,)n5t (or2et in a h*rr099 an) that 4as an im1ortant 1oint +e-a*se the Cro4n 1ro1ose) to -a,, (o*r 4itnesses 4ho ha)n5t (or2otten him' 4ho ha) seen him h*rr0in2 a4a0 (rom the ,itt,e re) /i,,a

in North4oo) Street# The -,o-. ha) ;*st str*-. t4o in the mornin2# Mrs# Sa,mon in 1@ North4oo) Street ha) +een *na+,e to s,ee16 she hear) a )oor -,i-. sh*t an) tho*2ht it 4as her o4n 2ate# So she 4ent to the 4in)o4 an) sa4 A)ams Cthat 4as his nameD on the ste1s o( Mrs# Par.er5s ho*se# He ha) ;*st -ome o*t an) he 4as 4earin2 2,o/es# He ha) a hammer in his han) an) she sa4 him )ro1 it into the ,a*re, +*shes +0 the (ront 2ate# B*t +e(ore he mo/e) a4a0' he ha) ,oo.e) *199at her 4in)o4# The (ata, instin-t that te,,s a man 4hen he is 4at-he) e31ose) him in the ,i2ht o( a street9,am1 to her 2a8e99his e0es s*((*se) 4ith horri(0in2 an) +r*ta, (ear' ,i.e an anima,5s 4hen 0o* raise a 4hi1# I ta,.e) a(ter4ar)s to Mrs# Sa,mon' 4ho nat*ra,,0 a(ter the astonishin2 /er)i-t 4ent in (ear herse,(# As I ima2ine )i) a,, the 4itnesses99Henr0 Ma-Do*2a,,' 4ho ha) +een )ri/in2 home (rom Ben(,eet ,ate an) near,0 ran A)ams )o4n at the -orner o( North4oo) Street# A)ams 4as 4a,.in2 in the mi)),e o( the roa) ,oo.in2 )a8e)# An) o,) Mr# %hee,er' 4ho ,i/e) ne3t )oor to Mrs#' at No #12' an) 4as 4a.ene) +0 a noise99,i.e a -hair (a,,in299thro*2h the thin9as91a1er /i,,a 4a,,' an) 2ot *1 an) ,oo.e) o*t o( the 4in)o4' ;*st as Mrs# Sa,mon ha) )one' sa4 A)ams5s +a-. an)' as he t*rne)' those +*,2in2 e0es# In "a*re, A/en*e he ha) +een seen +0 0et another 4itness99his ,*-. 4as +a),0 o*t6 he mi2ht as 4e,, ha/e -ommitte) the -rime in +roa) )a0,i2ht# 7I *n)erstan)'7 -o*nse, sai)' 7that the )e(en-e 1ro1oses to 1,ea) mista.en i)entit0# A)ams5s 4i(e 4i,, te,, 0o* that he 4as 4ith her at t4o in the mornin2 on Fe+r*ar0 1F' +*t a(ter 0o* ha/e hear) the 4itnesses (or the Cro4n an) e3amine) -are(*,,0 the (eat*res o( the 1risoner' I )o not thin. 0o* 4i,, +e 1re1are) to a)mit the 1ossi+i,it0 o( a mista.e#7 It 4as a,, o/er' 0o* 4o*,) ha/e sai)' +*t the han2in2# A(ter the (orma, e/i)en-e ha) +een 2i/en +0 the 1o,i-eman 4ho ha) (o*n) the +o)0 an) the s*r2eon 4ho e3amine) it' Mrs# Sa,mon 4as -a,,e)# She 4as the i)ea, 4itness' 4ith her s,i2ht S-ot-h a--ent an) her e31ression o( honest0' -are an) .in)ness# The -o*nse, (or the Cro4n +ro*2ht the stor0 2ent,0 o*t# She s1o.e /er0 (irm,0# There 4as no ma,i-e in her' an) no sense o( im1ortan-e at stan)in2 there in the Centra, Crimina, Co*rt 4ith a ;*)2e in s-ar,et han2in2 on her 4or)s an) the re1orters 4ritin2 them )o4n# Yes' she sai)' an) then she ha) 2one )o4nstairs an) r*n2 *1 the 1o,i-e station# 7An) )o 0o* see the man here in -o*rt=7 She ,oo.e) strai2ht a-ross at the +i2 man in the )o-.' 4ho stare) har) at her 4ith his Pe.in2ese e0es 4itho*t emotion# 7Yes'7 she sai)' 7there he is#7 7Yo* are <*ite -ertain=7 She sai) sim1,0' 7I -o*,)n5t +e mista.en' sir#7 It 4as a,, as eas0 as that# 7Than. 0o*' Mrs# Sa,mon#7 Co*nse, (or the )e(en-e rose to -ross9e3amine# I( 0o* ha) re1orte) as man0 m*r)er tria,s as I ha/e' 0o* 4o*,) ha/e .no4n +e(orehan) 4hat ,ine he 4o*,) ta.e# An) I 4as ri2ht' *1 to a 1oint# 7No4' Mrs# Sa,mon' 0o* m*st remem+er that a man5s ,i(e ma0 )e1en) on 0o*r e/i)en-e#7 7I )o remem+er it' sir#7 7Is 0o*r e0esi2ht 2oo)=7 7I ha/e ne/er ha) to 4ear s1e-ta-,es' sir#7 7Yo* are a 4oman o( (i(t09(i/e=7 7Fi(t09si3' sir#7 7An) the man 0o* sa4 4as on the other si)e o( the roa)=7 7Yes' sir#7 7An) it 4as t4o o5-,o-. in the mornin2# Yo* m*st ha/e remar.a+,e e0es' Mrs# Sa,mon=7 7No' sir# There 4as moon,i2ht' an) 4hen the man ,oo.e) *1' he ha) the ,am1,i2ht on his (a-e#7 7An) 0o* ha/e no )o*+t 4hate/er that the man 0o* sa4 is the 1risoner=7

I -o*,)n5t ma.e o*t 4hat he 4as at# He -o*,)n5t ha/e e31e-te) an0 other ans4er than the one he 2ot# 7None 4hate/er' sir# It isn5t a (a-e one (or2ets#7 Co*nse, too. a ,oo. ro*n) the -o*rt (or a moment# Then he sai)' 7Do 0o* min)' Mrs# Sa,mon' e3aminin2 a2ain the 1eo1,e in -o*rt= No' not the 1risoner# Stan) *1' 1,ease' Mr# A)ams'7 an) there at the +a-. o( the -o*rt' 4ith thi-. sto*t +o)0 an) m*s-*,ar ,e2s an) a 1air o( +*,2in2 e0es' 4as the e3a-t ima2e o( the man in the )o-.# He 4as e/en )resse) the same99ti2ht +,*e s*it an) stri1e) tie# 7No4 thin. /er0 -are(*,,0' Mrs# Sa,mon# Can 0o* sti,, s4ear that the man 0o* sa4 )ro1 the hammer in Mrs# Par.er5s 2ar)en 4as the 1risoner99an) not this man' 4ho is his t4in +rother=7 O( -o*rse she -o*,)n5t# She ,oo.e) (rom one to the other an) )i)n5t sa0 a 4or)# There the +i2 +r*te sat in the )o-. 4ith his ,e2s -rosse) an) there he stoo) too at the +a-. o( the -o*rt an) the0 +oth stare) at Mrs# Sa,mon# She shoo. her hea)# %hat 4e sa4 then 4as the en) o( the -ase# There 4asn5t a 4itness 1re1are) to s4ear that it 4as the 1risoner he5) seen# An) the +rother= He ha) his a,i+i too6 he 4as 4ith his 4i(e# An) so the man 4as a-<*itte) (or ,a-. o( e/i)en-e# B*t 4hether99i( he )i) the m*r)er an) not his +rother 9he 4as 1*nishe) or not' I )on5t .no4# That e3traor)inar0 )a0 ha) an e3traor)inar0 en)# I (o,,o4e) Mrs# Sa,mon o*t o( -o*rt an) 4e 2ot 4e)2e) in the -ro4) 4ho 4ere 4aitin2' o( -o*rse' (or the t4ins# The 1o,i-e trie) to )ri/e the -ro4) a4a0' +*t a,, the0 -o*,) )o 4as .ee1 the roa)4a0 -,ear (or tra((i-# I ,earne) ,ater that the0 trie) to 2et the t4ins to ,ea/e +0 a +a-. 4a0' +*t the0 4o*,)n5t# One o( them99no one .ne4 4hi-h99sai)' 7I5/e +een a-<*itte)' ha/en5t I=7 an) the0 4a,.e) +an2 o*t o( the (ront entran-e# Then it ha11ene)# I )on5t .no4 ho4' tho*2h I 4as on,0 si3 (eet a4a0# The -ro4) mo/e) an) someho4 one o( the t4ins 2ot 1*she) on to the roa) ri2ht in (ront o( a +*s# He 2a/e a s<*ea, ,i.e a ra++it an) that 4as a,,6 he 4as )ea)' his s.*,, smashe) ;*st as Mrs# Par.er5s ha) +een# Di/ine /en2ean-e= I 4ish I .ne4# There 4as the other A)ams 2ettin2 on his (eet (rom +esi)e the +o)0 an) ,oo.in2 strai2ht o/er at Mrs# Sa,mon# He 4as -r0in2' +*t 4hether he 4as the m*r)erer or the inno-ent man' no+o)0 4i,, e/er +e a+,e to te,,# B*t i( 0o* 4ere Mrs# Sa,mon' -o*,) 0o* s,ee1 at ni2ht= 1A?A

%hen Gree. Meets Gree.

1 %hen the -hemist ha) sh*t his sho1 (or the ni2ht he 4ent thro*2h a )oor at the +a-. o( the ha,, that ser/e) +oth him an) the (,ats a+o/e' an) then *1 t4o (,i2hts an) a ha,( o( stairs' -arr0in2 an o((erin2 o( a ,itt,e +o3 o( 1i,,s# The +o3 4as stam1e) 4ith his name an) a))ress: Pris.ett' 1F' Ne4 En) Street' O3(or)# He 4as a mi)),e9a2e) man 4ith a thin mo*sta-he an) s-are)' e/asi/e e0es: he 4ore his ,on2

4hite -oat e/en 4hen he 4as o(( )*t0 as i( it ha) the 1o4er o( 1rote-tin2 him ,i.e a .in25s *ni(orm (rom his enemies# So ,on2 as he 4ore it he 4as (ree' as it 4ere' (rom s*mmar0 tria, an) e3e-*tion# On the to1 ,an)in2 4as a 4in)o4: o*tsi)e O3(or) s1rea) thro*2h the s1rin2 e/enin2: the 1ee/ish noise o( inn*mera+,e +i-0-,es' the 2as 4or.s' the 1rison' an) the 2re0 s1ires' +e0on) the +a.ers an) -on(e-tioners' ,i.e 1a1er (ri,,s# A )oor 4as mar.e) 4ith a /isitin2 -ar)' Mr# Ni-ho,as Fenni-.' B# A#: the -hemist ran2 three short times# The man 4ho o1ene) the )oor 4as si3t0 0ears o,) at ,east' 4ith sno494hite hair an) a 1in. +a+0ish He 4ore a m*,+err0 /e,/et )inner ;' an) his 2,asses s4*n2 on the en) o( a 4i)e +,a-. ri++on# He sai) 4ith a .in) o( +oistero*sness' 7Ah' Pris.ett' ste1 in' Pris.ett# I ha) ;*st s1orte) m0 oa. (or a moment###7 7I +ro*2ht 0o* some more o( m0 1i,,s#7 7In/a,*a+,e Pris.ett# I( on,0 0o* ha) ta.en a )e2ree 9the So-iet0 o( A1othe-aries 4o*,) ha/e +een eno*2h99I 4o*,) ha/e a11ointe) 0o* resi)ent me)i-a, o((i-er o( St# Am+rose5s#7 7Ho45s the -o,,e2e )oin2=7 7Gi/e me 0o*r -om1an0 (or a moment in the -ommonroom' an) 0o* sha,, .no4 a,,#7 Mr# Fenni-. ,e) the 4a0 )o4n a ,itt,e )ar. 1assa2e -,*ttere) 4ith ma-.intoshes: Mr# Pris.ett' (ee,in2 his 4a0 *neasi,0 (rom ma-.intosh to ma-.intosh' .i-.e) in (ront o( him a 1air o( 2ir,5s shoes# 7One )a0'7 Mr# Fenni-. sai)' 74e m*st +*i,)###7 an) he ma)e a +roa) -on(i)ent 2est*re 4ith his 2,asses that seeme) to 1ress +a-. the 4a,,s o( the -ommon9room: a sma,, ro*n) ta+,e -o/ere) 4ith a ,an),a)05s -,oth' three or (o*r shin0 -hairs an) a 2,ass9(ronte) +oo.-ase -ontainin2 a -o10 o( E/er0 Man His O4n "a40er# 7M0 nie-e E,isa+eth'7 Mr# Fenni-. sai)' 7m0 me)i-a, a)/iser#7 A /er0 0o*n2 2ir, 4ith a ,ean 1rett0 (a-e no))e) 1er(*n-tori,0 (rom +ehin) a t01e4riter# 7I am 2oin2 to train E,isa+eth'7 Mr# Fenni-. sai)' 7to a-t as +*rsar# The strain o( +ein2 +oth +*rsar an) 1resi)ent o( the -o,,e2e is *1settin2 m0 stoma-h# The 1i,,s### than. 0o*#7 Mr# Pris.ett sai) h*m+,0' 7An) 4hat )o 0o* thin. o( the -o,,e2e' Miss Fenni-.=7 7M0 name5s Cross'7 the 2ir, sai)# 7I thin. it5s a 2oo) i)ea# I5m s*r1rise) m0 *n-,e tho*2ht o( it#7 7In a 4a0 it 4as991art,099m0 i)ea#7 7I5m more s*r1rise) sti,,'7 the 2ir, sai) (irm,0# Mr# Pris.ett' (o,)in2 his han)s in (ront o( his 4hite -oat as tho*2h he 4ere 1,ea)in2 +e(ore a tri+*na,' 4ent on' 7Yo* see' I sai) to 0o*r *n-,e that 4ith a,, these -o,,e2es +ein2 ta.en o/er +0 the mi,itar0 an) the t*tors ha/in2 nothin2 to )o the0 o*2ht to start tea-hin2 +0 -orres1on)en-e#7 7A 2,ass o( a*)it a,e' Pris.ett=7 Mr# Fenni-. s*22este)# He too. a +ott,e o( +ro4n a,e o*t o( a -*1+oar) an) 1o*re) o*t t4o 2aseo*s 2,asses# 7O( -o*rse'7 Mr# Pris.ett 1,ea)e)' 7I ha)n5t tho*2ht o( a,, this99the -ommon9room' I mean' an) St# Am+rose5s#7 7M0 nie-e'7 Mr# Fenni-. sai)' 7.no4s /er0 ,itt,e o( the set9*1#7 He +e2an to mo/e rest,ess,0 aro*n) the room' to*-hin2 thin2s 4ith his han)# He 4as rather ,i.e an a2e) +ir) o( 1re0 ins1e-tin2 the 2rim -om1onents o( its nest# The 2ir, sai) +ris.,0' 7As I see it' n-,e is r*nnin2 a s4in),e -a,,e) St# Am+rose5s Co,,e2e' O3(or)#7 7Not a s4in),e' m0 )ear# The a)/ertisement 4as /er0 -are(*,,0 4or)e)#7 He .ne4 it +0 heart: e/er0 1hrase ha) +een -are(*,,0 -he-.e) 4ith his -o10 o( E/er0 Man His O4n "a40er o1en on the ta+,e# He re1eate) it no4 in a /oi-e (*,, an) h*s.0 4ith +ott,e) +ro4n a,e# 7%ar -on)itions 1re/ent 0o* 2oin2 *1 to O3(or)# St# Am+rose5s99Tom Bro4n5s o,) -o,,e2e99has ma)e an im1ortant +rea. 4ith tra)ition# For the 1erio) o( the 4ar on,0 it 4i,, +e 1ossi+,e to re-ei/e t*ition +0 1ost 4here/er 0o* ma0 +e' 4hether )e(en)in2 the Em1ire on the -o,) ro-.s o( I-e,an) or on the +*rnin2 san)s o( "i+0a' in the main street o( an Ameri-an to4n or a -otta2e

in De/onshire###5 7 7Yo*5/e o/er)one it'7 the 2ir, sai)# 7Yo* a,4a0s )o# That hasn5t 2ot a -*,t*re) rin2# It 4on5t -at-h an0+o)0 +*t sa1s#7 7There are 1,ent0 o( sa1s'7 Mr# Fenni-. sai)# 7Go on#7 7%e,,' I5,, s.i1 that +it# 5De2ree9)i1,omas 4i,, +e 2rante) at the en) o( three terms instea) o( the *s*a, three 0ears#5 7 He e31,aine)' 7That 2i/es a <*i-. t*rno/er# One -an5t 4ait (or mone0 these )a0s# 5Gain a rea, O3(or) e)*-ation at Tom Bro4n5s o,) -o,,e2e# For (*,, 1arti-*,ars o( t*ition (ees' +atte,s' et-#' 4rite to the B*rsar#5 7 7An) )o 0o* mean to sa0 the ni/ersit0 -an5t sto1 that=7 7An0+o)0'7 Mr# Fenni-. sai) 4ith a .in) o( 1ri)e' 7-an start a -o,,e2e an04here# I5/e ne/er sai) it 4as 1art o( the ni/ersit0#7 7B*t +atte,s99+atte,s mean +oar) an) ,o)2in2#7 7In this -ase'7 Mr# Fenni-. sai)' 7it5s <*ite a nomina, (ee' to .ee1 0o*r name in 1er1et*it0 on the +oo.s o( the o,) (irm99I mean the -o,,e2e#7 7An) the t*ition997 7 Pris.ett here is the s-ien-e t*tor# I ta.e histor0 an) -,assi-s# I tho*2ht that 0o*' m0 )ear' mi2ht ta-.,e 9e-onomi-s=7 7I )on5t .no4 an0thin2 a+o*t them#7 7The e3aminations' o( -o*rse' ha/e to +e rather sim1,e994ithin the -a1a-it0 o( the t*tors# CThere is an e3-e,,ent 1*+,i- ,i+rar0 here#D An) another thin299the (ees are ret*rna+,e i( the )i1,oma9)e2ree is not 2rante)#7 7Yo* mean997 7No+o)0 4i,, e/er (ai,'7 Mr# Pris.ett +ro*2ht +reath,ess,0 o*t 4ith s-are) e3-itement# 7An) 0o* are rea,,0 2ettin2 res*,ts=7 7I 4aite)' m0 )ear' *nti, I -o*,) see the )istin-t 1ossi+i,it0 o( at ,east si3 h*n)re) a 0ear (or the three o( *s +e(ore I 4ire) 0o*# An) to)a099+e0on) a,, m0 e31e-tations99I ha/e re-ei/e) a ,etter (rom "or) Dri/er# He is enterin2 his son at St# Am+rose5s#7 7B*t ho4 -an he -ome here=7 7In his a+sen-e' m0 )ear' on his -o*ntr05s ser/i-e# The Dri/ers ha/e a,4a0s +een a mi,itar0 (ami,0# I ,oo.e) them *1 in De+rett#7 7%hat )o 0o* thin. o( it=7 Mr# Pris.ett as.e) 4ith an3iet0 an) tri*m1h# 7I thin. it5s ri-h# Ha/e 0o* arran2e) a +oat ra-e=7 7There' Pris.ett'7 Mr# Fenni-. sai) 1ro*),0' raisin2 his 2,ass o( a*)it a,e' 7I to,) 0o* she 4as a 2ir, o( i)eas#7

2 Dire-t,0 he hear) his ,an),a)05s (eet *1on the stairs the e,)er,0 man 4ith the 2re0 sha/en hea) +e2an to ,a0 his 4et tea9,ea/es ro*n) the +ase o( the as1i)istra# %hen she o1ene) the )oor he 4as )a++in2 the tea9,ea/es in ten)er,0 4ith his (in2ers# 7A ,o/e,0 1,ant' m0 )ear#7 B*t she 4asn5t 2oin2 to +e so(tene) at on-e: he -o*,) te,, that: she 4a/e) a ,etter at him# 7"isten'7 she sai)' 74hat5s this "or) Dri/er +*siness=7 7M0 name' m0 )ear: a 2oo) Christian name ,i.e "or) Geor2e San2er ha)#7 7Then 4h0 )on5t the0 1*t Mr# "or) Dri/er on the ,etter=7 7I2noran-e' ;*st i2noran-e#7 7I )on5t 4ant an0 han.091an.0 (rom m0 ho*se# It5s a,4a0s +een honest#7 7Perha1s the0 )i)n5t .no4 i( I 4as an es<*ire or ;*st a 1,ain mister' so the0 ,e(t it +,an.#7

7It5s sent (rom St# Am+rose5s Co,,e2e' O3(or): 1eo1,e ,i.e that o*2ht to .no4#7 7It -omes' m0 )ear' o( 0o*r ha/in2 s*-h a 2oo) a))ress# % #1# An) a,, the 2entr0 ,i/e in me4ses#7 He ma)e a ha,(9hearte) snat-h at the ,etter' +*t the ,an),a)0 he,) it o*t o( rea-h# 7%hat are the , o( 0o* 4ritin2 to O3(or) Co,,e2e a+o*t=7 7M0 )ear'7 he sai) 4ith straine) )i2nit0' 7I ma0 ha/e +een a ,itt,e *n(ort*nate: it ma0 e/en +e that I ha/e s1ent a (e4 0ears in -ho.e0' +*t I ha/e the ri2hts o( a (ree man#7 7An) a son in <*o)#7 7Not in <*o)' m0 )ear# Borsta, is <*ite another instit*tion# It is99a .in) o( -o,,e2e#7 7"i.e St# Am+rose5s#7 7Perha1s not <*ite o( the same ran.#7 He 4as too m*-h (or her: he 4as *s*a,,0 in the en) too m*-h (or her# Be(ore his (irst sta0 at the S-r*+s he ha) he,) a n*m+er o( 1ositions as man9ser/ant an) e/en +*t,er: the 4a0 he raise) his e0e+ro4s he ha) ,earne) (rom "or) Char,es Man/i,,e: he 4ore his -,othes ,i.e an e--entri- 1eer' an) 0o* mi2ht sa0 that he ha) e/en ,earne) the +est 4a0 to 1i,(er (rom o,) "or) Be,,e4 4ho ha) a 1en-hant (or si,/er s1oons# 7An) no4' m0 )ear' i( 0o*5) ;*st ,et me ha/e m0 ,etter=7 He 1*t his han) tentati/e,0 (or4ar): he 4as as )a*nte) +0 her as she 4as +0 him: the0 s1arre) en),ess,0 an) ,ost to ea-h other: intermina+,0 the +att,e 4as ne/er 4on99the0 4ere a,4a0s a(rai)# This time it 4as his /i-tor0# She s,amme) the )oor# S*))en,0' (ero-io*s,0' 4hen the )oor ha) -,ose)' he ma)e a ,itt,e /*,2ar noise at the as1i)istra# Then he 1*t on his 2,asses an) +e2an to rea)# His son ha) +een a--e1te) (or St# Am+rose5s' O3(or)# The 2reat (a-t stare) *1 at him a+o/e the s1ra4,in2 )e-orati/e si2nat*re o( the Presi)ent# Ne/er ha) he +een more than.(*, (or the -oin-i)en-e o( his name# 7It 4i,, +e m0 2reat 1,eas*re'7 the Presi)ent 4rote' 7to 1a0 1ersona, attention to 0o*r son5s -areer at St# Am+rose5s# In these )a0s it is an hono*r to 4e,-ome a mem+er o( a 2reat mi,itar0 (ami,0 ,i.e 0o*rs#7 Dri/er (e,t an o)) mi3t*re o( am*sement an) o( 2en*ine 1ri)e# He5) 1*t one o/er on them' +*t his +reast s4e,,e) 4ithin his 4aist-oat at the i)ea that no4 he ha) a son at O3(or)# B*t there 4ere t4o sna2s99minor sna2s 4hen he -onsi)ere) ho4 (ar he5) 2ot a,rea)0# It 4as a11arent,0 an o,) O3(or) -*stom that (ees sho*,) +e 1ai) in a)/an-e' an) then there 4ere the e3aminations# His son -o*,)n5t )o them himse,(: Borsta, 4o*,) not a,,o4 it' an) he 4o*,)n5t +e o*t (or another si3 months# Besi)es the 4ho,e +ea*t0 o( the i)ea 4as that he sho*,) re-ei/e the 2i(t o( an O3(or) )e2ree as a .in) o( 4e,-ome home# "i.e a -hess 1,a0er 4ho is a,4a0s se/era, mo/es ahea)' he 4as a,rea)0 seein2 his 4a0 aro*n) these )i((i-*,ties# The (ees he (e,t s*re in his -ase 4ere on,0 a matter o( +,*((: a 1eer -o*,) a,4a0s 2et -re)it' an) i( there 4as an0 tro*+,e a(ter the )e2ree ha) +een a4ar)e)' he -o*,) ;*st te,, them to s*e an) +e )amne)# No O3(or) -o,,e2e 4o*,) ,i.e to a)mit that the05) +een im1ose) on +0 an o,) ,a2# B*t the e3aminations# A (*nn0 ,itt,e .no4in2 smi,e t4it-he) the -orners o( his mo*th: a memor0 o( the S-r*+s (i/e 0ears a2o an) the man the0 -a,,e) Da))0' the Re/eren) Simon Mi,an# He 4as a short9time 1risoner99the0 4ere a,, short9time 1risoners at the S-r*+s: no senten-e o( o/er three 0ears 4as e/er ser/e) there# He remem+ere) the ta,, ,ean aristo-rati- 1arson 4ith his iron2re0 hair an) his narro4 (a-e ,i.e a ,a40er5s 4hi-h ha) 2one someho4 so(t insi)e 4ith too m*-h ,o/e# A 1rison' 4hen 0o* -ame to thin. o( it' -ontaine) as m*-h .no4,e)2e as a *ni/ersit0: there 4ere )o-tors' (inan-iers' -,er20# He .ne4 4here he -o*,) (in) Mr# Mi,an: he 4as em1,o0e) in a +oar)in29ho*se near E*ston S<*are' an) (or a (e4 )rin.s he 4o*,) )o most thin2s99 he 4o*,) -ertain,0 ma.e o*t some (ine e3amination 1a1ers# 7I -an ;*st hear him no4'7 Dri/er to,) himse,( e-stati-a,,0' 7ta,.in2 "atin to the 4ar)ers#7

? It 4as a*t*mn in O3(or): 1eo1,e -o*2he) in the ,on2 <*e*es (or s4eets an) an) the mists (rom the ri/er see1e) into the -inemas 1ast the -ommissionaires on the ,oo.9o*t (or 1eo1,e 4itho*t 2as9mas.s# A (e4 *n)er2ra)*ates 1i-.e) their 4a0 thro*2h the e/a-*ate) s4arm: the0 a,4a0s ,oo.e) in a h*rr0: so m*-h ha) to +e 2ot thro*2h in so ,itt,e time +e(ore the arm0 -,aime) them# There 4ere ,ots o( 1i-.in2s (or ra-.eteers' E,isa+eth Cross tho*2ht' +*t not m*-h -han-e (or a 2ir, to (in) a h*s+an): the o,)est O3(or) ha) +een e,+o4e) o*t +0 the +,a-. mar.ets in %oo)+ines' to((ees' tomatoes# There ha) +een a (e4 )a0s ,ast s1rin2 4hen she ha) treate) St# Am+rose5s as a ;o.e' +*t 4hen she sa4 the mone0 a-t*a,,0 -omin2 in' the 4ho,e thin2 seeme) ,ess am*sin2# Then (or some 4ee.s she 4as a-*te,0 *nha11099*nti, she rea,i8e) that o( a,, the 4ar9time ra-.ets this 4as the most harm,ess# The0 4ere not re)*-in2 s*11,ies ,i.e the Ministr0 o( Foo)' or )estro0in2 -on(i)en-e ,i.e the Ministr0 o( In(ormation: her *n-,e 1ai) in-ome ta3' an) the0 e/en to some e3tent e)*-ate) 1eo1,e# The sa1s' 4hen the0 too. their )i1,oma9)e2rees 4o*,) .no4 se/era, thin2s the0 ha)n5t .no4n +e(ore# B*t that )i)n5t he,1 a 2ir, to (in) a h*s+an)# She -ame moo)i,0 o*t o( the matine' -arr0in2 a +*n-h o( 1a1ers she sho*,) ha/e +een -orre-tin2# There 4as on,0 one 7st*)ent7 4ho sho4e) an0 inte,,i2en-e at a,,' an) that 4as "or) Dri/er5s son# The 1a1ers 4ere (or4ar)e) (rom 7some4here in En2,an)7 /ia "on)on +0 his (ather: she ha) near,0 (o*n) herse,( -a*2ht o*t se/era, times on 1oints o( histor0' an) her *n-,e she .ne4 4as strainin2 his r*st0 "atin to the ,imit# %hen she 2ot home she .ne4 that there 4as somethin2 in the air: Mr# Pris.ett 4as sittin2 in his 4hite -oat on the e)2e o( a -hair an) her *n-,e 4as (inishin2 a sta,e +ott,e o( +eer# %hen somethin2 4ent 4ron2 he ne/er o1ene) a ne4 +ott,e: he +e,ie/e) in ha110 )rin.in2# The0 4at-he) her -ome in in si,en-e: Mr# Pris.ett5s si,en-e 4as 2,oom0' her *n-,e5s 1reo--*1ie)# Somethin2 ha) to +e 2ot ro*n)99it -o*,)n5t +e the *ni/ersit0 a*thorities: the0 ha) sto11e) +otherin2 him ,on2 a2o99a ,a40er5s ,etter' an iras-i+,e inter/ie4' an) their attem1t to maintain 7a mono1o,0 o( ,o-a, e)*-ation799as Mr# Fenni-. 1*t it99ha) -ease)# 7Goo) e/enin2'7 E,isa+eth sai)# Mr# Pris.ett ,oo.e) at Mr# Fenni-. an) Mr# Fenni-. (ro4ne)# 7Has Mr# Pris.ett r*n o*t o( 1i,,s=7 Mr# Pris.ett 4in-e)# 7I5/e +een thin.in2'7 E,isa+eth sai)' 7that as 4e are no4 in the thir) term o( the a-a)emi- 0ear' I sho*,) ,i.e a rise in sa,ar0#7 Mr# Pris.ett )re4 in his +reath shar1,0' .ee1in2 his e0es on Mr# Fenni-.# 7I sho*,) ,i.e another three 1o*n)s a 4ee.#7 Mr# Fenni-. rose (rom the ta+,e6 he 2,are) (ero-io*s,0 into the to1 o( his )ar. a,e6 his (ro4n +eet,e)# The -hemist s-ra1e) his -hair a ,itt,e +a-.4ar)# An) then Mr# Fenni-. s1o.e# 7 5%e are s*-h st*(( as )reams are ma)e on'5 7 he sai) an) hi--*11e) s,i2ht,0# 7&i)ne0s'7 E,isa+eth sai)# 75Ro*n)e) +0 a s,ee1# An) these o*r -,o*)9-a11e) to4ers###57 7Yo* are mis<*otin2#7 75Vanishe) into air' into thin air#57 7Yo*5/e +een -orre-tin2 the En2,ish 1a1ers#7 7 n,ess 0o* a,,o4 me to thin.' to thin. ra1i),0 an) )ee1,0' there 4on5t +e an0 more e3amination 1a1ers'7 Mr# Fenni-. sai)# 7Tro*+,e=7

7I5/e a,4a0s +een a re1*+,i-an at heart# I )on5t see 4h0 4e 4ant a here)itar0 1eera2e#7 7A ,a ,anterne'7 E,isa+eth sai)# 7This man' "or) Dri/er: 4h0 sho*,) a mere a--i)ent o( +irth###=7 7He re(*ses to 1a0=7 7It isn5t that# A man ,i.e that e31e-ts -re)it: it5s ri2ht that he sho*,) ha/e -re)it# B*t he5s 4ritten to sa0 that he5s -omin2 )o4n tomorro4 to see his +o05s -o,,e2e# The o,) (at9hea)e) sentimenta, (oo,'7 Mr# Fenni-. sai)# 7I .ne4 0o*5) +e in tro*+,e sooner or ,ater#7 7That5s the sort o( )amn (oo, -om(ort,ess thin2 a 2ir, 4o*,) sa0#7 7It ;*st nee)s +rain#7 Mr# Fenni-. 1i-.e) *1 a +rass ash9tra099an) then 1*t it )o4n a2ain -are(*,,0# 7It5s <*ite sim1,e as soon as 0o* +e2in to thin.#7 7Thin.#7 Mr# Pris.ett s-ra1e) a -hair9,e2# 7I5,, meet him at the station 4ith a ta3i' an) ta.e him to' sa0' Ba,,io,# "ea) him strai2ht thro*2h into the inner <*a)' an) there 0o*5,, +e' ;*st ,oo.in2 as i( 0o*5) -ome o*t o( the Master5s ,o)2in2#7 7He5,, .no4 it5s Ba,,io,#7 7He 4on5t# An0+o)0 4ho .ne4 O3(or) -o*,)n5t +e sa1 eno*2h to sen) his son to St# Am+rose5s#7 7O( -o*rse it5s tr*e# These mi,itar0 (ami,ies are a +it -rass#7 7Yo*5,, +e in an enormo*s h*rr0# Conse-ration or somethin2# %hi1 him ro*n) the Ha,,' the Cha1e,' the "i+rar0' an) han) him +a-. to me o*tsi)e the Master5s# I5,, ta.e him o*t to ,*n-h an) see him into his train# It5s sim1,e#7 Mr# Fenni-. sai) +roo)in2,0' 7Sometimes I thin. 0o*5re a terri+,e 2ir,' terri+,e# Is there nothin2 0o* 4o*,)n5t thin. *1=7 7I +e,ie/e'7 E,isa+eth sai)' 7that i( 0o*5re 2oin2 to 1,a0 0o*r o4n 2ame in a 4or,) ,i.e this' 0o*5/e 2ot to 1,a0 it 1ro1er,0# O( -o*rse'7 she sai)' 7i( 0o* are 2oin2 to 1,a0 a )i((erent 2ame 0o* 2o to a n*nner0 or to the 4a,, an) ,i.e it# B*t I5/e on,0 2ot one 2ame to 1,a0#7

F It rea,,0 4ent o(( /er0 smooth,0# Dri/er (o*n) E,isa+eth at the +arrier: she )i)n5t (in) him +e-a*se she 4as e31e-tin2 somethin2 )i((erent# Somethin2 a+o*t him 4orrie) her: it 4asn5t his -,othes or the mono-,e he ne/er seeme) to *se99it 4as somethin2 s*+t,er than that# It 4as a,most as tho*2h he 4ere a(rai) o( her' he 4as so rea)0 to (a,, in 4ith her 1,ans# 7I )on5t 4ant to +e an0 tro*+,e' m0 )ear' an0 tro*+,e at a,,# I .no4 ho4 +*s0 the Presi)ent m*st +e#7 %hen she e31,aine) that the0 4o*,) +e ,*n-hin2 to2ether in to4n' he e/en seeme) re,ie/e)# 7It5s ;*st the +ri-.s o( the )ear o,) 1,a-e'7 he sai)# 7Yo* m*stn5t min) m0 +ein2 a sentimenta,ist' m0 )ear#7 7%ere 0o* at O3(or)=7 7No' no# The Dri/ers' I5m a(rai)' ha/e ne2,e-te) the thin2s o( the min)#7 7%e,,' I s*11ose a so,)ier nee)s +rains=7 He too. a shar1 ,oo. at her' an) then ans4ere) in <*ite a )i((erent sort o( /oi-e' 7%e +e,ie/e) so in the "an-ers#7 Then he stro,,e) +esi)e her to the ta3i' t4ir,in2 his mono-,e' an) a,, the 4a0 *1 (rom the station he 4as si,ent' ta.in2 ,itt,e <*iet si)e4a0s 1ee.s at her' a11raisin2' a11ro/in2# 7So this is St# Am+rose5s'7 he sai) in a heart0 /oi-e ;*st +esi)e the 1orter5s ,o)2e an) she 1*she) him <*i-.,0 +0' thro*2h the (irst <*a) to4ar)s the

Master5s ho*se' 4here on the )oorste1 4ith a B# A# 2o4n o/er his arm stoo) Mr# Fenni-. 1ermanent,0 1ose) ,i.e a 1ie-e o( 2ar)en stat*ar0# 7M0 *n-,e' the Presi)ent'7 E,isa+eth sai)# 7A -harmin2 2ir,' 0o*r nie-e'7 Dri/er sai) as soon as the0 4ere a,one to2ether: he ha) rea,,0 on,0 meant to ma.e -on/ersation' +*t as soon as he ha) s1o.en the t4o o,) -roo.e) min)s +e2an to mo/e in harmon0# 7She5s /er0 home9,o/in2'7 Mr# Fenni-. sai)# 7O*r (amo*s e,ms'7 he 4ent on' 4a/in2 his han) s.04ar)s# 7St# Am+rose5s roo.s#7 7Croo.s=7 Dri/er sai) 4ith astonishment# 7Roo.s# In the e,ms# One o( o*r 2reat mo)ern 1oets 4rote a+o*t them# 5St# Am+rose e,ms' oh St# Am+rose e,ms'5 an) a+o*t 5St# Am+rose roo.s -a,,in2 in 4in) an) rain#57 7Prett0# Ver0 1rett0#7 7Ni-e,0 t*rne)' I thin.#7 7I meant 0o*r nie-e#7 7Ah' 0es# This 4a0 to the Ha,,# 1 these ste1s# So o(ten tro))en' 0o* .no4' +0 Tom Bro4n#7 7%ho 4as Tom Bro4n=7 7The 2reat Tom Bro4n99one o( R*2+05s (amo*s sons#7 He a))e) tho*2ht(*,,0' 7She5,, ma.e a (ine 4i(e 9an) mother#7 7Yo*n2 men are +e2innin2 to rea,i8e that the (,i2ht0 ones are not 4hat the0 4ant (or a ,i(etime#7 The0 sto11e) +0 m*t*a, -onsent on the to1 ste1: the0 nose) to4ar)s ea-h other ,i.e t4o o,) +,in) shar.s 4ho ea-h +e,ie/es that 4hat stirs the 4ater -,ose to him is tast0 meat# 7%hoe/er 4ins her'7 Mr# Fenni-. sai)' 7-an (ee, 1ro*)# She5,, ma.e a (ine hostess####7 as the (*t*re "a)0 Dri/er' he tho*2ht# 7I an) m0 son'7 Dri/er sai)' 7ha/e ta,.e) serio*s,0 a+o*t marria2e# He rather an o,)9(ashione) /ie4# He5,, ma.e a 2oo) h*s+an)####7 The0 4a,.e) into the ha,,' an) Mr# Fenni-. ,e) the 4a0 ro*n) the 1ortraits# 7O*r (o*n)er'7 he sai)' 1ointin2 at a (*,,9+ottome) 4i2# He -hose it )e,i+erate,0: he (e,t it sma-.e) a ,itt,e o( himse,(# Be(ore S4in+*rne5s 1ortrait he hesitate): then 1ri)e in St# Am+rose5s -on<*ere) -a*tion# 7The 2reat 1oet S4in+*rne'7 he sai)# 7%e sent him )o4n#7 7E31e,,e) him=7 7Yes# Ba) mora,s#7 7I5m 2,a) 0o* are stri-t a+o*t those#7 7Ah' 0o*r son is in sa(e han)s at St# Am+rose5s#7 7It me /er0 ha110'7 Dri/er sai)# He +e2an to s-r*tini8e the 1ortrait o( a nineteenth9-ent*r0 )i/ine# 7Fine +r*sh4or.'7 he sai)# 7No4 re,i2ion99I +e,ie/e in re,i2ion# Basis o( the (ami,0#7 He sai) 4ith a +*rst o( -on(i)en-e' 7Yo* .no4 o*r 0o*n2 1eo1,e o*2ht to meet#7 Mr# Fenni-. 2,eame) ha11i,0# 7I a2ree#7 7I( he 1asses###7 7Oh' he5,, -ertain,0 1ass'7 Mr# Fenni-. sai)# 7He5,, +e on ,ea/e in a 4ee. or t4o# %h0 sho*,)n5t he ta.e his )e2ree in 1erson=7 7%e,,' there5) +e )i((i-*,ties#7 7Isn5t it the -*stom=7 7Not (or 1osta, 2ra)*ates# The Vi-e9Chan-e,,or , to ma.e a sma,, )istin-tion# B*t' "or) Dri/er' in the -ase o( so )istin2*ishe) an a,*mn*s I s*22est that I sho*,) +e )e1*te) to 1resent the )e2ree to 0o*r son in "on)on#7 7I5) ,i.e him to see his -o,,e2e#7 7An) so he sha,, in ha11ier )a0s# So m*-h o( the -o,,e2e is sh*t no4# I 4o*,) ,i.e him to /isit it (or the (irst time 4hen its 2,or0 is restore)# A,,o4 me an) m0 nie-e to -a,, on 0o*#7 7%e are ,i/in2 /er0 <*iet,0#7 7Not serio*s (inan-ia, tro*+,e' I ho1e=7

7Oh' no' no#7 7I5m so 2,a)# An) no4 ,et *s re;oin the )ear 2ir,#7

@ It a,4a0s seeme) to +e more -on/enient to meet at rai,4a0 stations# The -oin-i)en-e )i)n5t stri.e Mr# Fenni-. 4ho ha) (orti(ie) himse,( (or the ;o*rne0 4ith a 2oo) )ea, o( a*)it a,e' +*t it str*-. E,isa+eth# The -o,,e2e ,ate,0 ha) not +een (*,(i,,in2 e31e-tations' an) that 4as 1art,0 )*e to the ,a8iness o( Mr# Fenni-.: (rom his -on/ersation ,ate,0 it a,most seeme) as tho*2h he ha) +e2*n to re2ar) the -o,,e2e as on,0 a ste1 to somethin2 e,se994hat' she -o*,)n5t <*ite ma.e o*t# He 4as a,4a0s ta,.in2 a+o*t "or) Dri/er an) his son Fre)eri-. an) the res1onsi+i,ities o( the 1eera2e# His re1*+,i-an ten)en-ies ha) <*ite ,a1se)# 7That )ear +o0'7 4as the 4a0 he re(erre) to Fre)eri-.' an) he mar.e) him 1HHL (or C,assi-s# 7It5s not o(ten "atin an) Gree. 2o 4ith mi,itar0 2eni*s'7 he sai)# 7A remar.a+,e +o0#7 7He5s not so hot on e-onomi-s'7 E,isa+eth sai)# 7%e m*stn5t )eman) too m*-h +oo.9,earnin2 (rom a so,)ier#7 At Pa))in2ton "or) Dri/er 4a/e) an3io*s,0 to them thro*2h the -ro4): he 4ore a /er0 ne4 s*it99one sh*))ers to thin. ho4 man0 -o*1ons ha) +een 2am+,e) a4a0 (or the o--asion# A ,itt,e +ehin) him 4as a /er0 0o*n2 man 4ith a s*,,en mo*th an) a s-ar on his -hee.# Mr# Fenni-. +*st,e) (or4ar): he 4ore a +,a-. rain-oat o/er his sho*,)ers ,i.e a -a1e an) -arr0in2 his hat in his han) he )is-,ose) his 4hite hair /enera+,0 amon2 the 1orters# 7M0 son99Fre)eri-.'7 "or) Dri/er sai)# The +o0 s*,,en,0 too. o(( his hat an) 1*t it on a2ain <*i-.,0: the0 4ore their hair in the arm0 /er0 short# 7St# Am+rose5s 4e,-omes her ne4 2ra)*ate'7 Mr# Fenni-. sai)# Fre)eri-. 2r*nte)# The 1resentation o( the )e2ree 4as ma)e in a 1ri/ate room at Mo*nt Ro0a,# "or) Dri/er e31,aine) that his ho*se ha) +een +om+e)99a time +om+' he a))e)' a rather ne-essar0 e31,anation sin-e there ha) +een no rai)s re-ent,0# Mr# Fenni-. 4as satis(ie) i( "or) Dri/er 4as: he ha) +ro*2ht *1 a B# A# 2o4n' a mortar9+oar) an) a Bi+,e in his s*it-ase' an) he ma)e <*ite an im1osin2 ,itt,e -eremon0 +et4een the +oo.9ta+,e' the so(a an) the ra)iator' rea)in2 o*t a "atin oration an) ta11in2 Fre)eri-. ,i2ht,0 on the hea) 4ith the Bi+,e# The )e2ree)i1,oma ha) +een e31ensi/e,0 1rinte) in t4o -o,o*rs +0 an An2,o9Catho,i- (irm# E,isa+eth 4as the on,0 *neas0 1erson there# Co*,) the 4or,)' she 4on)ere)' rea,,0 -ontain t4o s*-h sa1s= %hat 4as this 1ain(*, (ee,in2 2ro4in2 *1 in her that 1erha1s it -ontaine) (o*r= A(ter a ,itt,e ,i2ht ,*n-h 4ith +ott,e) +ro4n +eer 97a,most as 2oo)' i( I ma0 sa0 so' as o*r a*)it a,e'7 Mr# Fenni-. +eame)99the Presi)ent an) "or) Dri/er ma)e e,a+orate mo/es to )ri/e the t4o 0o*n2 1eo1,e o*t to2ether# 7%e5/e 2ot to ta,. a ,itt,e +*siness'7 Mr# Fenni-. sai)' an) "or) Dri/er hinte)' 7Yo*5/e not +een to the (,i-.ers (or a 0ear' Fre)eri-.#7 The0 4ere )ri/en o*t to2ether into +om+e) sha++0 O3(or) Street 4hi,e the o,) men ran2 -heer(*,,0 )o4n (or 4his.0# 7%hat5s the i)ea=7 E,isa+eth sai)# He 4as 2oo)9,oo.in2: she ,i.e) his s-ar an) his s*,,enness6 there 4as a,most too m*-h inte,,i2en-e an) 1*r1ose in his e0es# On-e he too. o(( his hat an) s-rat-he) his hea): E,isa+eth a2ain noti-e) his short hair# He -ertain,0 )i)n5t ,oo. a mi,itar0 t01e# An) his s*it' ,i.e his (ather5s' ,oo.e) ne4 an) rea)0 ma)e# Ha)n5t he ha) an0 -,othes to 4ear 4hen he -ame on ,ea/e= 7I s*11ose'7 she sai)' 7the0 are 1,annin2 a 4e))in2#7 His e0es ,it 2,ee(*,,0 *1# 7I 4o*,)n5t min)'7 he sai)#

7Yo*5) ha/e to 2et ,ea/e (rom 0o*r C# O#' 4o*,)n5t 0o*=7 7C# O#=7 he as.e) in astonishment' (,in-hin2 a ,itt,e ,i.e a +o0 4ho has +een -a*2ht o*t' 4ho hasn5t +een 1re1are) +e(orehan) 4ith that <*estion# She 4at-he) him -are(*,,0' remem+erin2 a,, the thin2s that ha) seeme) to her sin-e the +e2innin2 o))# 7So 0o* ha/en5t +een to the mo/ies (or a 0ear=7 she sai)# 7I5/e +een on ser/i-e#7 7Not e/en an Ensa sho4=7 7Oh' I )on5t -o*nt those#7 7It m*st +e a4(*,,0 ,i.e +ein2 in 1rison#7 He 2rinne) 4ea.,0' 4a,.in2 (aster a,, the time' so that she mi2ht rea,,0 ha/e +een 1*rs*in2 him thro*2h the H0)e Par. 2ates# 7Come -,ean'7 she sai)# 7Yo*r (ather5s not "or) Dri/er#7 7Oh' 0es he is#7 7An0 more than m0 *n-,e5s Presi)ent o( a Co,,e2e#7 7%hat=7 He +e2an to ,a*2h99it 4as an a2reea+,e ,a*2h' a ,a*2h 0o* -o*,)n5t tr*st +*t a ,a*2h 4hi-h ma)e 0o* ,a*2h +a-. an) a2ree that in a -ra80 4or,) ,i.e this a,, sorts o( thin2s )i)n5t matter a han2# 7I5m ;*st o*t o( Borsta,'7 he sai)# 7%hat5s 0o*rs=7 7Oh' I ha/en5t +een in 1rison 0et#7 He sai)' 7Yo*5,, ne/er +e,ie/e me' +*t a,, that -eremon099it ,oo.e) 1hone0 to me# O( -o*rse the Da) s4a,,o4e) it#7 7An) m0 *n-,e s4a,,o4e) 0o*# I -o*,)n5t <*ite#7 7%e,,' the 4e))in25s o((# In a 4a0 I5m sorr0#7 7I5m sti,, (ree#7 7%e,,'7 he sai)' 74e mi2ht )is-*ss it'7 an) there in the 1a,e a*t*mn s*n,i2ht o( the 1ar. the0 )i) )is-*ss it 9(rom a,, sorts o( an2,es# There 4ere +i22er (ra*)s a,, ro*n) them6 o((i-ia,s o( the Ministries 1asse) -arr0in2 ,itt,e 1ort(o,ios: -ontro,,ers o( this an) that 1*rre) +0 in motor9-ars' an) men 4ith the +i2 +,an. (a-es o( a)/ertisement hoar)in2s stro)e 1*r1ose(*,,0 in .ha.i 4ith s-ar,et ta+s )o4n Par. "ane (rom the Dor-hester# Their (ra*) 4as a sma,, one +0 the 4or,)5s stan)ar)' an) a harm,ess one: the +o0 (rom Borsta, an) the 2ir, (rom no4here at a,,99(rom the )ra1er5s -o*nter an) the semi9)eta-he) /i,,a# 7He5s 2ot a (e4 h*n)re) sto4e) a4a0' I5m s*re o( that'7 sai) Fre)# 7He5) ma.e a sett,ement i( he tho*2ht he -o*,) 2et the Presi)ent5s nie-e#7 7I 4o*,)n5t +e s*r1rise) i( n-,e ha) (i/e h*n)re)# He5) 1*t it a,, )o4n (or "or) Dri/er5s son#7 7%e5) ta.e o/er this -o,,e2e +*siness# %ith a +it o( -a1ita, 4e -o*,) rea,,0 ma.e it 2o# It5s ;*st -hi-.en (ee) no4#7 The0 (e,, in ,o/e (or no reason at a,,' in the 1ar.' on a +en-h to sa/e t4o1en-es' 1,annin2 their (ra*) on the o,) (ra*)s the0 .ne4 the0 -o*,) o*t)o# Then the0 4ent +a-.' an) E,isa+eth )e-,are) herse,( +e(ore she5) 2ot 1ro1er,0 insi)e the )oor# 7 Fre)eri-. an) I 4ant to 2et marrie)#7 She a,most (e,t sorr0 (or the o,) (oo,s as their (a-es ,it s*))en,0 sim*,taneo*s,0 *1 +e-a*se e/er0thin2 ha) +een so eas0' an) then )ar.ene) 4ith -a*tion as the0 s<*inte) at ea-h other# 7This is /er0 s*r1risin2'7 "or) Dri/er sai)' an) the Presi)ent sai)' 7M0 2oo)ness' 0o*n2 1eo1,e 4or. (ast#7 A,, ni2ht the t4o o,) men 1,anne) their sett,ements' an) the t4o 0o*n2 ones sat ha11i,0 +a-. in a -orner' 4at-hin2 the e,a+orate (en-e' 4ith the se-ret .no4,e)2e that the 4or,) is a,4a0s o1en to the 0o*n2# 1AF1

Men at %or. Ri-har) S.ate ha) ta.en a -o*1,e o( ho*rs a4a0 (rom the Ministr0 to see 4hether his ho*se 4as sti,, stan)in2 a(ter the 1re/io*s ni2ht5s rai)# He 4as a thin' 1a,e' h*n2r09,oo.in2 man o( ear,0 mi)),e a2e# A,, his ,i(e ha) +een s1ent in .ee1in2 his nose a+o/e 4ater' ,e-t*rin2 at ni2ht9s-hoo,s an) a-tin2 as tem1orar0 En2,ish master at some o( the sma,,er 1*+,i- s-hoo,s' an) in the 1ro-ess he ha) a-<*ire) a sma,, ho*se' a 4i(e an) one -hi,)99a rather 1re-o-io*s 2ir, 4ith a ta,ent (or 1aintin2 4ho )es1ise) him# The0 ,i/e) in the -o*ntr0' his ho*se 4as -*t o(( (rom him +0 the immeas*ra+,e )istan-es o( +om+e) "on)on99he /isite) it h*rrie),0 t4i-e a 4ee.' an) his 4ho,e 4or,) 4as no4 the Ministr0' the hi2h heart,ess +*i,)in2 4ith -om1,i-ate) ,i(ts an) ,on2 1assa2es ,i.e those o( a ,iner an) ,a/atories 4here the 4ater ne/er ran hot an) the nai,9+r*shes 4ere -haine) ,i.e Bi+,es# Centra, heatin2 2a/e it the st*((0 sme,, o( mi)9At,anti- e3-e1t in the 1assa2es 4here the 4in)o4s 4ere a,4a0s o1en (or (ear o( +,ast an) the -o,) 4in)s 4hist,e) in# One e3 1e-te) to see 1eo1,e 4ra11e) in r*2s ,0in2 in )e-.9-hairs an) the messen2ers -arrie) ro*n) min*tes ,i.e so*1# S.ate s,e1t )o4nstairs in the +asement on a -am19 +e)' emer2in2 at a+o*t ten o5-,o-. (or +rea.(ast' an) these im1risone) 4ee.s 4ere +e2innin2 to 2i/e him the a11earan-e o( a 1it91on099a 1*r+,in) air as o( somethin2 that ,i/e) *n)er2ro*n)# The Esta+,ishments +ran-h o( the Ministr0 o( Pro1a2an)a tho*2ht it 4ise to sen) a min*te to the sta(( a)/isin2 them to s1en) an ho*r or t4o a )a0 in the o1en air' an) some mem+ers )i) in)ee) rea-h the &in25s Arms at the -orner# B*t S.ate )i)n5t )rin.# An) 0et in s1ite o( e/er0thin2 he 4as ha110# Sho4in2 his 1ass at the o*ter 2ate' no))in2 to the Home G*ar) 4ho 4as a s1e-ia,ist in ear,0 I-e,an)i- -*stoms' he 4as ha110# For his nose 4as no4 4e,, a+o/e 4ater: he ha) a 1ermanent ;o+' he 4as a Ci/i, Ser/ant# His am+ition ha) +een to +e a 1,a04ri2ht Cone S*n)a0 1er(orman-e in St# !ohn5s %oo) ha) ena+,e) him to re2ister as )ramatist in the Centra, Re2isterD' an) no4 that the "on)on theatres 4ere most o( them -,ose)' he 4as no ,on2er ta*nte) +0 the si2ht o( other men5s s*--ess# He o1ene) the )oor o( his ,itt,e )ar. room# It ha) +een +*i,t o( 1,04oo) in a 1assa2e' (or as the h*2e sta(( o( the Ministr0 a--*m*,ate) ,i.e a .in) o( (*n2oi) ,i(e99o,) )i/isions s1ro*tin2 )ai,0 ne4 se-tions 4hi-h then +ro.e a4a0 an) +e-ame )i/isions an) s1a4ne) in t*rn99the (i/e h*n)re) rooms o( the 2reat *ni/ersit0 +,o-. +e-ame ina)e<*ate: -orners o( 1assa2es 4ere t*rne) into rooms' an) -orri)ors )isa11eare) o/erni2ht# 7A,, 4e,,=7 his assistant as.e): the ,ar2e9+reaste) 0o*n2 4oman 4ho mothere) him' +rin2in2 him -*1s o( -o((ee 4hen he ,oo.e) 1ea.0 an) 2*ar)in2 the te,e1hone# 7Oh' 0es' than.s# It5s sti,, there# A 1ane o( 2,ass 2one' that5s a,,#7 7A Mr# Sa/a2e ran2 *1#7 7Oh' )i) he= %hat )i) he 4ant=7 7He sai) he5) ;oine) the Air For-e an) 4ante) to sho4 0o* his *ni(orm#7 7O,) Sa/a2e'7 S.ate sai)# 7He a,4a0s 4as a +it 4i,)#7 The te,e1hone ran2' an) Miss Manners 2ras1e) it ,i.e an enem0# 7Yes'7 she sai)' 70es' R# S# is +a-.# It5s H# G#'7 she e31,aine) to S.ate# A,, the ;*nior sta(( -a,,e) 1eo1,e +0 initia,s: it 4as a sort o( so-ia, -om1romise' +et4een a Christian name an) a Mr# It ma)e te,e1hone -on/ersations as o+s-*re as a -a+,e in -o)e# 7He,,o' Gra/es# Yes' it5s sti,, stan)in2# %i,, 0o* +e at the Boo. Committee= I sim1,0 ha/en5t 2ot an0 a2en)a# Can5t 0o* in/ent somethin2=7 He sai) to Miss Manners' 7Gra/es 4ants to .no4 4ho5,, +e at the -ommittee#7 Miss Manners re-ite) <*i-.,0 )o4n the 1hone' 7R# &#' D# H#' F# "#' an) B# "# sa0s he5,, +e ,ate# A,, ri2ht' I5,, te,, R# S# Goo)9+0e# 7 She sai) to S.ate' 7H# G# as.s 4h0 0o* )on5t ;*st 1*t Re1ort on Pro2ress )o4n on the a2en)a#7 7He 4i,, ha/e his ;o.e'7 S.ate sai) misera+,0# 7As i( there e/er is an0 1ro2ress#7 7Yo* 4ant 0o*r tea'7 Miss Manners sai)# She *n,o-.e) a )ra4er an) too. o*t S.ate5s teas1oon# No teas1oons ha) +een s*11,ie) in the Ministr0 a(ter the initia,

,oss o( si3 tho*san) in the o1enin2 months o( the 4ar' an) in)ee) it 4as +e-omin2 more an) more ne-essar0 to ,o-. e/er0thin2 1orta+,e *1# E/en the +,an.ets )isa11eare) (rom the A# R# P# she,ters# "i.e the 4re-. o( a German 1,ane the 1,a-e seeme) to +e the 1re0 o( re,i-9 h*nters' so that one -o*,) (oresee the )a0 4hen on,0 the hea/0 Port,an) stone str*-t*re 4o*,) remain' stri11e) +are' s-or-he) +0 in-en)iaries an) 1itte) 4ith +*,,etho,es 4here the Home G*ar) *n,oa)e) their ri(,es# 7Oh )ear' oh )ear'7 S.ate sai)' 7I m*st 2et this a2en)a )one#7 His 4orr0 4as on,0 )ee1: it 4as a,, a 2ame 1,a0e) in a -orner *n)er the 2i2anti- sha)o4# Pro1a2an)a 4as a means o( 1assin2 the time: 4or. 4as not )one (or its *se(*,ness +*t (or its o4n sa.e99sim1,0 as an o--*1ation# He 4rote 4eari,0 )o4n 7The Pro+,em o( In)ia7 on the a2en)a# "ea/in2 his room S.ate stoo) asi)e (or an o)) ,itt,e 1ro-ession o( o,) men in ro+es' ,e) +0 a ma-e9+earer# The0 1asse)99one o( them snee8in299to4ar)s the Chan-e,,or5s Ha,,' ,i.e h*m+,e 2hosts sti,, -arr0in2 o*t the rit*a, o( another a2e# The0 ha) on-e +een .in2s in this 1,a-e' the 2i2anti- +*i,)in2 ha) +een +*i,t to ho*se them' an) no4 the -i/i, ser/ants 1asse) *1 an) )o4n thro*2h their 1ro-ession as tho*2h it ha) no more -onsisten-0 than smo.e# "on2 +e(ore he rea-he) the room 4here the Boo. Committee sat he hear) a (ami,iar /oi-e sa0in2' 7%hat 4e 4ant is a rea,,0 -o,ossa, -am1ai2n###7 It 4as &in2' o( -o*rse' 1*ttin2 his sho*,)er to the 4ar e((ort: these o*t+rea.s o--*rre) 1erio)i-a,,0 ,i.e )esire# &in2 ha) +een an a)/ertisin2 man' an) the nee) to se,, somethin2 4o*,) re2*,ar,0 o/er-ome him# Memories o( O/a,tine an) Ha,itosis an) the M*star) C,*+ so*2ht an o*t,et a,, the time' *nti, s*))en,0' o/er4he,min2,0' he 4o*,) +e2in to se,, the 4ar# The Treas*r0 an) the Stationer0 O((i-e a,4a0s sa4 to it that his 2reat s-hemes -ame to nothin2: on,0 on-e' +e-a*se some+o)0 4as on ho,i)a0' a &in2 -am1ai2n ha) rea,,0 2ot *n)er 4a0# It 4as 4hen the meat ration 4ent )o4n to a shi,,in26 the hoar)in2s a,, o/er "on)on -arrie) a -*rt &in2 messa2e: 7DON5T GRO SE ABO T M TTON# %HAT5S %RONG %ITH YO R GREENS=7 A ri+a,) "a+o*r mem+er as.e) a <*estion in Par,iament' the 1osters 4ere 4ith)ra4n at a -ost o( t4ent0 tho*san) 1o*n)s' the Permanent Se-retar0 resi2ne)' the Prime Minister stoo) +0 the Minister 4ho stoo) +0 his sta(( C7I -onsi)er 4e are one o( the (i2htin2 ser/i-es7D' an) &in2' a(ter +ein2 as.e) to resi2n' 4as instea) 1*t in -har2e o( the Boo.s Di/ision o( the Ministr0 at a hi2her sa,ar0# Here it 4as (e,t he -o*,) )o no harm# S.ate s,i) in an) han)e) ro*n) -o1ies o( the a2en)a *no+tr*si/e,0' ,i.e a mai) ,a0in2 na1.ins# He )i)n5t +other to ,isten to &in2: somethin2 a+o*t a series o( 1am1h,ets to +e )istri+*te) (ree to si3 mi,,ion 1eo1,e rea,,0 e31,ainin2 4hat 4e 4ere (i2htin2 (or# 7Te,, 5em 4hat (ree)om means'7 &in2 sai)# 7Demo-ra-0# Don5t *se ,on2 4or)s#7Hi,, sai)' 7I )on5t thin. the Stationer0 O((i-e###7 Hi,,5s thin /oi-e 4as a,4a0s the /oi-e o( reason# He 4as sai) to +e the a*thor o( the o((i-ia, e31,anation an) )e(en-e o( the Ministr05s e3isten-e: 7A ne2ati/e a-tion ma0 ha/e 1ositi/e res*,ts#7On S.ate5s a2en)a 4as 4ritten: 1# Arisin2 (rom the Min*tes# 2# Pam1h,et in %e,sh on German ,a+o*r -on)itions# ?# Fa-i,ities (or %i,.inson to /isit the A#T#S# F# O+;e-tions to 1ro1ose) Bone 1am1h,et# @# S*22estion (or a ,ea(,et (rom Meat Mar.etin2 Boar)# B# The Pro+,em o( In)ia# The ,ist' S.ate tho*2ht' ,oo.e) <*ite im1ressi/e# 7O( -o*rse'7 &in2 4ent on' 7the )etai,s nee) 4or.in2 o*t# %e5/e 2ot to 2et the ri2ht a*thor# Priest,e0 or some+o)0# I (ee, there 4on5t +e an0 )i((i-*,t0 a+o*t mone0 i( 4e -an 1resent a rea,,0 -,ear -ase# %o*,) 0o* ,oo. into it' S.ate' an) re1ort +a-.=7 S.ate a2ree)# He )i)n5t .no4 4hat it 4as a,, a+o*t' +*t that )i)n5t matter# A (e4 min*tes 4o*,) +e 1asse) to an) (ro' an) &in25s +,oo) 4o*,) -oo, in the 1ro-ess# To sen) a min*te to an0+o)0 e,se in the 2reat +*i,)in2 an) to re-ei/e a re1,0 too. at ,east t4ent09(o*r ho*rs: on an *r2ent matter an e3-han2e o( three min*tes mi2ht +e 2ot thro*2h in a 4ee.# Time o*tsi)e the Ministr0 4ent at <*ite a )i((erent 1a-e# S.ate remem+ere) ho4 the min*tes on 4ho sho*,) 4rite a 7s*22este)7

1am1h,et a+o*t the Fren-h 4ar e((ort 4ere sti,, -ir-*,atin2 in)e-isi/e,0 4hi,e German0 +ro.e the ,ine' 1asse) the Somme' o--*1ie) Paris an) re-ei/e) the )e,e2ates at Com1i2ne# The -ommittee as *s*a, ,aste) a+o*t an ho*r99it 4as a,4a0s' to S.ate' an a2reea+,e meetin2 4ith men (rom other )i/isions' the Re,i2ions Di/ision' the Em1ire Di/ision an) so on# Sometimes the0 -o9o1te) another man the0 tho*2ht 4as ni-e# It 2a/e an o11ort*nit0 (or a,, sorts o( interestin2 )is-*ssions99on +oo.s an) a*thors an) artists an) 1,a0s an) (i,ms# The a2en)a )i)n5t rea,,0 matter: it 4as <*ite eas0 to in/ent one at the ,ast moment# To)a0 e/er0+o)0 4as in a 2oo) tem1er: there ha)n5t +een an0 +a) ne4s (or a 4ee.' an) as the 1o,i-0 o( the ,atest Permanent Se-retar0 4as that the Ministr0 sho*,) not )o an0thin2 to attra-t attention' there 4as no reason to (ear a 1*r2e in the imme)iate (*t*re# The )e-ision' too' ease) e/er0+o)05s 4or.# An) there 4as <*ite a +reath o( the ,ar2er ,i(e in the matter o( %i,.inson# %i,.inson 4as a /er0 1o1*,ar no/e,ist 4ho 4ante) to so*n) a -,arion note to 4omen' an) he ha) as.e) 1ermission to ma.e a s1e-ia, st*)0 o( the A# T# S# No4 the mi,itar0 a*thorities re(*se) 1ermission99no+o)0 .ne4 4h0# S1e-*,ation -ontin*e) (or ten min*tes# S.ate sai) he tho*2ht %i,.inson 4as a +a) 4riter an) &in2 )isa2ree)99that ,e) to a 2enera, ,iterar0 )is-*ssion: "e4is (rom the Em1ire Di/ision' 4ho ha) (o*2ht at Ga,,i1o,i )*rin2 the ,ast 4ar' )o8e) *neasi,0# He 4o.e *1 4hen the0 2ot on to the Bone 1am1h,et# Bone ha) +een as.e) to 4rite a 1am1h,et a+o*t the British Em1ire: it 4as to +e )istri+*te)' (i(t0 tho*san) -o1ies o( it' (ree at 1*+,i- meetin2s# B*t no4 that it 4as in t01e' a,, sorts o( ta-t,ess 1hrases 4ere )is-o/ere) +0 the e31erts# In)ia o+;e-te) to a re(eren-e to Cana)ian )air0 her)s' an) A*stra,ia o+;e-te) to a 1hrase a+o*t Botan0 Ba0# The Cana)ian a*thorit0 4as -ertain that mention o( %o,(e 4o*,) anta2oni8e the Fren-h9Cana)ians' an) the Ne4 Eea,an) a*thorit0 (e,t that *n)*e em1hasis ha) +een ,ai) on the A*stra,ian (r*it9(arms# Mean4hi,e the 1*+,i- meetin2s ha) a,, +een he,)' so that there 4as no means o( )istri+*tin2 the 1am1h,et# Some+o)0 s*22este) that it mi2ht +e sent to Ameri-a (or the Ne4 Yor. %or,) Fair' +*t the Ameri-an Di/ision then )eman)e) -ertain -*ts in the re(eren-es to the %ar o( In)e1en)en-e' an) +0 the time those ha) +een ma)e the %or,) Fair ha) -,ose)# No4 Bone ha) 4ritten o+;e-tin2 to his o4n 1am1h,et' 4hi-h he sai) 4as *nre-o2ni8a+,e# 7%e -o*,) 2et some+o)0 e,se to si2n it'7 S.ate s*22este)99+*t that meant 1a0in2 another (ee' an) the Treas*r0' Hi,, sai)' 4o*,) ne/er san-tion that# 7"oo. here' S.ate'7 &in2 sai)' 70o*5re a ,iterar0 man# Yo* 4rite to Bone an) sort o( smooth thin2s o/er#7 "o4n)es -ame in h*rrie),0' sme,,in2 a ,itt,e o( 4ine# He sai)' 7Sorr0 to +e ,ate# Ha) to ,*n-h a man on +*siness# Seen the ne4s=7 7No#7 7Da0,i2ht rai)s a2ain# Fi(t0 Na8i 1,anes shot )o4n# The0 are t*rnin2 on the heat# Fi(teen o( o*rs ,ost#7 7%e m*st rea,,0 2et Bone5s 1am1h,et o*t'7 Hi,, sai)# S.ate s*))en,0' to his o4n s*r1rise' sai) sa/a2e,0' 7That5,, sho4 them'7 an) then sat )o4n in h*m+,e -o,,a1se as tho*2h he ha) +een -a*2ht o*t in trea-her0# 7%e,,'7 Hi,, sai)' 74e m*stn5t 2et ratt,e)' S.ate# Remem+er 4hat the Minister sai): It5s o*r )*t0 ;*st to -arr0 on o*r 4or. 4hate/er ha11ens#7 7Yes' I )i)n5t mean an0thin2#7 %itho*t rea-hin2 a )e-ision on the Bone 1am1h,et the0 1asse) on to the Meat Mar.etin2 "ea(,et# No+o)0 4as intereste) in this' so the matter 4as ,e(t in S.ate5s han)s to re1ort +a-.# 7Yo* ta,. to 5em' S.ate'7 &in2 sai)# 7Goo) i)ea# Yo* .no4 a+o*t these thin2s# Mi2ht as. Priest,e0'7 he /a2*e,0 a))e)' an) then (ro4ne) tho*2ht(*,,0 at that o,)9timer on the min*tes' 7The Pro+,em o( In)ia#7 7Nee) 4e rea,,0 )is-*ss it this 4ee.=7 he sai)# 7There5s no+o)0 here 4ho .no4s a+o*t In)ia# "et5s 2et in "a4ren-e ne3t 4ee.#7 7Goo) -ha1' "a4ren-e'7 "o4n)es sai)# 7%rote a na*2ht0 no/e, on-e -a,,e) Parson5s P,eas*re#7 7%e5,, -o9o1t him'7 &in2 sai)#

The Boo. Committee 4as o/er (or another 4ee.' an) sin-e the room 4o*,) +e em1t0 no4 *nti, mornin2' S.ate o1ene) the +i2 4in)o4s a2ainst the ni2ht5s +,ast# Far *1 in the 1a,e enormo*s s.0 ,itt,e 4hite ,ines' ,i.e the 1hos1hores-ent s1ore o( snai,s' sho4e) 4here men 4ere 2oin2 home a(ter 4or.# 1AFH

A,as' Poor Ma,in2 Poor ino((ensi/e ine((e-t*a, Ma,in2J I )on5t 4ant 0o* to smi,e at Ma,in2 an) his Bor+or02mi as the )o-tors a,4a0s smi,e) 4hen he -ons*,te) them' as the0 m*st ha/e smi,e) e/en a(ter the sa) -,ima3 o( Se1tem+er ?r)' 1AFH' 4hen his Bor+or02mi he,) *1 (or t4ent09(o*r (ata, ho*rs the ama,2amation o( the Sim-o3 an) H0the Ne4s1rint Com1anies# Sim-o35s interests ha) a,4a0s +een )earer to Ma,in2 than ,i(e: har)9 )ri/en' -ons-ientio*s' ha110 in his 4or.' he 4ante) no 1osition hi2her than their se-retar0' an) those t4ent09(o*r ho*rs ha11ene)99(or reasons it is *n4ise to 2o into here' (or the0 in/o,/e intri-a-ies in British In-ome Ta3 "a499to +e (ata, to the -om1an05s e3isten-e# A(ter that )a0 he )ro11e) a,to2ether o*t o( si2ht' an) I sha,, a,4a0s +e,ie/e he -re1t a4a0 to )ie o( a +ro.en heart in some 1ro/in-ia, 1rintin2 4or.s# A,as' 1oor Ma,in2J It 4as the )o-tors 4ho -a,,e) his -om1,aint Bor+or02mi: in En2,an) 4e *s*a,,0 -a,, it ;*st 7t*mm0 r*m+,es#7 I +e,ie/e it5s <*ite a harm,ess .in) o( in)i2estion' +*t in Ma,in25s -ase it too. a rather o)) (orm# His stoma-h' he *se) to -om1,ain' +,in.in2 sa),0 )o4n4ar)s thro*2h his semi-ir-*,ar rea)in2 2,asses' ha) 7an ear#7 It *se) to 1i-. *1 notes in an e3traor)inar0 4a0 an) 2i/e them o*t a2ain a(ter mea,s# I sha,, ne/er (or2et one em+arrassin2 tea at the Pi--a)i,,0 Hote, he,) in hono*r o( a 1art0 o( 1ro/in-ia, 1rinters: it 4as the 0ear +e(ore the 4ar' an) Ma,in2 ha) +een atten)in2 the S0m1hon0 Con# -erts at >*een5s Ha,, Che ne/er 4ent a2ainD# In the )istan-e a )an-e or-hestra ha) +een 1,a0in2 7The "am+eth %a,.7 Cho4 tire) one 2ot o( that t*ne in 1A?G 4ith its 4a22er0 an) (a,se +onhomie an) its 7ois7D: s*))en,0 in the ha110 si,en-e +et4een )an-es' as the 1rinters sat +a-. (rom a r*in o( toaste) tea9-a.e' there emer2e)99(aint as tho*2h (rom a )istant 1art o( the hote,' sa) an) 1,an2ent99the o1enin2 +ars o( a Brahms -on-erto# A S-ottish 1rinter' 4ho ha) an ear (or 2oo) m*si-' e3-,aime) 4ith )o*r re,ish' 7Ma 2oo)ness' ho4 that mon -an 1,a0#7 Then the m*si- sto11e) a+r*1t,0 an) an o)) s*s1i-ion ma)e me ,oo. at Ma,in2# He 4as re) as +eetroot# No+o)0 noti-e) +e-a*se the )an-e or-hestra +e2an a2ain to the S-otsman5s )is2*st 4ith 7Boom1s9a9Dais0'7 an) I thin. I 4as the on,0 one 4ho )ete-te) a -*rio*s (aint *n)ertone o( 7The "am+eth %a,.7 a11arent,0 -omin2 (rom the -hair 4here Ma,in2 sat# It 4as a(ter ten' 4hen the 1rinters ha) 1i,e) into ta3is an) )ri/en a4a0 to E*ston' that Ma,in2 to,) me a+o*t his stoma-h# 7It5s <*ite *na--o*nta+,e'7 he sai)' 7,i.e a 1arrot# It seems to 1i-. *1 thin2s at ran)om#7 He a))e) 4ith tears in his /oi-e' 7I -an5t en;o0 (oo) an0 more# I ne/er .no4 4hat5s 2oin2 to ha11en a(ter4ar)s# This a(ternoon 4asn5t the 4orst# Sometimes it5s <*ite ,o*)#7 He +roo)e) (or,orn,0# 7%hen I 4as a +o0 I ,i.e) ,istenin2 to German +an)s###7 7Ha/en5t 0o* seen a )o-tor=7 7The0 )on5t *n)erstan)# The0 sa0 it5s ;*st in)i2estion an) nothin2 to 4orr0 a+o*t# Nothin2 to 4orr0 a+o*tJ B*t then 4hen I5/e +een seein2 a )o-tor it5s a,4a0s ,ain <*iet#7 I noti-e) that he s1o.e o( his stoma-h as i( it 4ere a )eteste) anima,# He 2a8e) +,ea.,0 at his .n*-.,es an) sai)' 7No4 I5m a(rai) o( an0 ne4 noise# I ne/er .no4# It )oesn5t ta.e an0 noti-e o( some' +*t others seem994e,,' to (as-inate it# At a (irst hearin2# "ast 0ear 4hen the0 too. *1 Pi--a)i,,0 it 4as

the roa) )ri,,s# I *se) to 2et them a,, o/er a2ain a(ter )inner#7 I sai) rather st*1i),0' 7I s*11ose 0o*5/e trie) the *s*a, sa,ts'7 an) I remem+er99it 4as m0 ,ast si2ht o( him99his e31ression o( )es1air as tho*2h he ha) -ease) to e31e-t -om1rehension (rom an0 ,i/in2 so*,# It 4as m0 ,ast si2ht o( him +e-a*se the 4ar 1it-he) me o*t o( the 1rintin2 tra)e into a,, sorts o( o)) o--*1ations' an) it 4as on,0 at se-on)9han) that I hear) the a--o*nt o( the stran2e +oar) meetin2 4hi-h +ro.e 1oor Ma,in25s heart# %hat the 1a1ers -a,,e) the 7+,it89an)91ie-es .rie27 a2ainst Britain ha) +een 2oin2 on (or a+o*t a 4ee.: in "on)on 4e 4ere ;*st sett,in2 )o4n to air9rai) a,arms at the rate o( (i/e or si3 a )a0' +*t the ?r) o( Se1tem+er' the anni/ersar0 o( the 4ar' ha) so (ar +een re,ati/e,0 1ea-e(*,# There 4as a 2enera, (ee,in2' ho4e/er' that Hit,er mi2ht -e,e+rate the anni/ersar0 4ith a +i2 atta-.# It 4as there(ore in an atmos1here o( some tension that Sim-o3 an) H0the ha) their ;oint meetin2# It too. 1,a-e in the tra)itiona, 2r*++0 ,itt,e room a+o/e the Sim-o3 o((i-es in Fetter "ane: the ro*n) ta+,e )atin2 (rom the ori2ina, !osh*a Sim-o3' the stee, en2ra/in2 o( a 1rintin2 4or.s )ate) 1GI@' an) an irre,e/ant -o10 o( a Bi+,e 4hi-h ha) a,4a0s +een the on,0 +oo. in the +i2 2,ass +oo.-ase e3-e1t (or a /o,*me o( t01e (a-es# O,) Sir !osh*a Sim-o3 4as in the -hair: 0o* -an 1i-t*re his sno494hite hair an) the 1a,e 1or.9,i.e Non-on(ormist (eat*res# %est+0 H0the 4as there' an) ha,( a )o8en other )ire-tors 4ith narro4 -ann0 (a-es an) neat +,a-. -oats: the0 a,, ,oo.e) a ,itt,e straine)# I( the ne4 In-ome Ta3 re2*,ations 4ere to +e e/a)e)' the0 ha) to 4or. <*i-.,0# As (or Ma,in2' he -ro*-he) o/er his 1a)' ner/o*s,0 rea)0 to a)/ise an0+o)0 on an0thin2# There 4as one interr*1tion )*rin2 the rea)in2 o( the min*tes# %est+0 H0the' 4ho 4as an in/a,i)' -om1,aine) that a t01e4riter in the ne3t room 4as 2ettin2 on his ner/es# Ma,in2 +,*she) an) 4ent o*t: I thin. he m*st ha/e s4a,,o4e) a ta+,et +e-a*se the t01e4riter sto11e)# H0the 4as im1atient# 7H*rr0 *1'7 he sai)' 7h*rr0 *1# %e ha/en5t a,, ni2ht#7 B*t that 4as ;*st e3a-t,0 4hat the0 ha)# A(ter the min*tes ha) +een rea) Sir !osh*a +e2an e31,ainin2 e,a+orate,0 in a Yor.shire a--ent that their moti/es 4ere entire,0 1atrioti-: the0 ha)n5t an0 intention o( e/a)in2 ta3: the0 ;*st 4ante) to -ontri+*te to the 4are((ort )ri/e' e-onom0#### He sai)' 7The 1roo( o( the 1*))en5###7 an) at that moment the air9rai) sirens starte)# As I ha/e sai) a mass atta-. 4as e31e-te): it 4asn5t the time (or )e,a0: a )ea) man -o*,)n5t e/a)e in-ome ta3# The )ire-tors 2athere) *1 their 1a1ers an) +o,te) (or the +asement# A,, e3-e1t Ma,in2# Yo* see he .ne4 the tr*th# I thin. it ha) +een the re(eren-e to 1*))in2 4hi-h ha) ro*se) the s,ee1in2 anima,# O( -o*rse he sho*,) ha/e -on(esse)' +*t thin. (or a moment: 4o*,) 0o* ha/e ha) the -o*ra2e a(ter 4at-hin2 those e,)er,0 men 4ith 4hite s,i1s to their 4aist-oats 1e,t 4ith a horri(0in2 ,a-. o( )i2nit0 to sa(et0= I .no4 I sho*,) ha/e )one e3a-t,0 4hat Ma,in2 )i)' ha/e (o,,o4e) Sir !osh*a )o4n to the +asement in the )es1erate ho1e that (or on-e the stoma-h 4o*,) )o the ri2ht thin2 an) ma.e amen)s# B*t it )i)n5t# The ;oint +oar)s o( Sim-o3 an) H0the sta0e) in the +asement (or t4e,/e ho*rs' an) Ma,in2 sta0e) 4ith them' sa0in2 nothin2# Yo* see' (or some *na--o*nta+,e reason o( taste' 1oor Ma,in25s stoma-h ha) 1i-.e) *1 the note o( the %arnin2 on,0 too e((e-ti/e,0' +*t it ha) someho4 ne/er ta.en to the A,, C,ear# 1AFH

The B,*e Fi,m 7Other 1eo1,e en;o0 themse,/es'7 Mrs# Carter sai)# 7%e,,'7 her h*s+an) re1,ie)' 74e5/e seen997

7The re-,inin2 B*))ha' the emera,) B*))ha' the (,oatin2 mar.ets'7 Mrs# Carter sai)# 7%e ha/e )inner an) 2o home to +e)#7 7"ast ni2ht 4e 4ent to Che8 E/e####7 7I( 0o* 4eren5t 4ith me'7 Mrs# Carter sai)' 70o*5) (in)### 0o* .no4 4hat I mean99S1ots#7 It 4as tr*e' Carter tho*2ht' e0ein2 his 4i(e o/er the -o((ee -*1s: her s,a/e +an2,es -hin.e) in time 4ith her -o((ee s1oon: she ha) rea-he) an a2e 4hen the satis(ie) 4oman is at her most +ea*ti(*,' +*t the ,ines o( )is-ontent ha) (orme)# %hen he ,oo.e) at her ne-. he 4as remin)e) o( ho4 )i((i-*,t it 4as to *nstrin2 a t*r.e0# Is it m0 (a*,t' he 4on)ere)' or hers99or 4as it the (a*,t o( her +irth' some 2,an)*,ar )e(i-ien-0' some inherite) -hara-teristi-= It 4as sa) ho4 4hen one 4as 0o*n2' one so o(ten mistoo. the si2ns o( (ri2i)it0 (or a .in) o( )istin-tion# 7Yo* 1romise) 4e5) smo.e o1i*m'7 Mrs# Carter sai)# 7Not here' )ar,in2# In Sai2on# Here it5s 5not )one5 to smo.e#7 7Ho4 -on/entiona, 0o* are#7 7There5) +e on,0 the )irtiest o( -oo,ie 1,a-es# Yo*5) +e -ons1i-*o*s# The05) stare at 0o*#7 He 1,a0e) his 4innin2 -ar)# 7There5) +e -o-.roa-hes#7 7I sho*,) +e ta.en to 1,ent0 o( S1ots i( I 4asn5t 4ith a h*s+an)#7 He trie) ho1e(*,,0' 7The !a1anese stri1 teasers###7 +*t she ha) hear) a,, a+o*t them# 7 2,0 4omen in +rassires'7 she sai)# His irritation rose# He tho*2ht o( the mone0 he ha) s1ent to ta.e his 4i(e 4ith him an) to ease his -ons-ien-e99he ha) +een a4a0 too o(ten 4itho*t her99+*t there is no -om1an0 more -heer,ess than that o( a 4oman 4ho is not )esire)# He trie) to )rin. his -o((ee -a,m,0: he 4ante) to +ite the e)2e o( the -*1# 7Yo*5/e s1i,t 0o*r -o((ee'7 Mrs# Carter sai)# 7I5m sorr0#7 He 2ot *1 a+r*1t,0 an) sai)' 7A,, ri2ht# I5,, (i3 somethin2# Sta0 here#7 He ,eant a-ross the ta+,e# 7Yo*5) +etter not +e sho-.e)'7 he sai)# 7Yo*5/e as.e) (or it#7 7I )on5t thin. I5m *s*a,,0 the one 4ho is sho-.e)'7 Mrs# Carter sai) 4ith a thin smi,e# Carter ,e(t the hote, an) 4a,.e) *1 to4ar)s the Ne4 Roa)# A +o0 h*n2 at his si)e an) sai)' 7Yo*n2 2ir,=7 7I5/e 2ot a 4oman o( m0 o4n'7 Carter sai) 2,oomi,0# 7Bo0=7 7No' than.s#7 7Fren-h (i,ms=7 Carter 1a*se)# 7Ho4 m*-h=7 The0 stoo) an) ha22,e) a4hi,e at the -orner o( the )ra+ street# %hat 4ith the ta3i' the 2*i)e' the (i,ms' it 4as 2oin2 to -ost the +est 1art o( ei2ht 1o*n)s' +*t it 4as 4orth it' Carter tho*2ht' i( it -,ose) her mo*th (ore/er (rom )eman)in2 7S1ots#7 He 4ent +a-. to (et-h Mrs# Carter# The0 )ro/e a ,on2 4a0 an) -ame to a ha,t +0 a +ri)2e o/er a -ana,' a )in20 ,ane o/er-ast 4ith in)eterminate sme,,s# The 2*i)e sai)' 7Fo,,o4 me#7 Mrs# Carter 1*t a han) on Carter5s arm# 7Is it sa(e=7 she as.e)# 7Ho4 4o*,) I .no4=7 he sai)' sti((enin2 *n)er her han)# The0 4a,.e) a+o*t (i(t0 *n,i2hte) 0ar)s an) ha,te) +0 a +am+oo (en-e# The 2*i)e .no-.e) se/era, times# %hen the0 4ere a)mitte) it 4as to a tin0 earth9 (,oore) 0ar) an) a 4oo)en h*t# Somethin2991res*ma+,0 h*man994as h*m1e) in the )ar. *n)er a mos<*ito9net# The o4ner sho4e) them into a tin0 st*((0 room 4ith t4o har) -hairs an) a 1ortrait o( the &in2# The s-reen 4as a+o*t the si8e o( a (o,io /o,*me# The (irst (i,m 4as 1e-*,iar,0 *nattra-ti/e an) sho4e) the re;*/enation o( an e,)er,0 man at the han)s o( t4o +,on)e masse*ses# From the 4omen5s hair)ressin2 the (i,m m*st ha/e +een ma)e in the ,ate t4enties# Carter an) his 4i(e sat in m*t*a, em+arrassment as the (i,m 4hir,e) an) -,i-.e) to a sto1# 7Not a /er0 2oo) one'7 Carter sai)' as tho*2h he 4ere a -onnoisse*r# 7So that5s 4hat the0 -a,, a +,*e (i,m'7 Mrs# Carter sai)# 7 2,0 an) not e3-itin2#7

A se-on) (i,m starte)# There 4as /er0 ,itt,e stor0 in this# A 0o*n2 man 9one -o*,)n5t see his (a-e +e-a*se o( the 1erio) so(t hat 91i-.e) *1 a 2ir, in the street Cher -,o-he hat e3tin2*ishe) her ,i.e a meat9-o/erD an) a--om1anie) her to her room# The a-tors 4ere 0o*n2: there 4as some -harm an) e3-itement in the 1i-t*re# Carter tho*2ht' 4hen the 2ir, too. o(( her hat' I .no4 that (a-e' an) a memor0 that ha) +een +*rie) (or more than a <*arter o( a -ent*r0 mo/e)# A )o,, o/er a te,e1hone' a 1in9 *1 2ir, o( the 1erio) o/er the )o*+,e +e)# The 2ir, *n)resse)' (o,)in2 her -,othes /er0 neat,0: she ,eant o/er to a);*st the +e)' e31osin2 herse,( to the -amera5s e0e an) to the 0o*n2 man: he .e1t his hea) t*rne) (rom the -amera# A(ter4ar)s' she he,1e) him in t*rn to ta.e o(( his -,othes# It 4as on,0 then he remem+ere)99that 1arti-*,ar 1,a0(*,ness -on(irme) +0 the +irthmar. on the man5s sho*,)er# Mrs# Carter shi(te) on her -hair# 7I 4on)er ho4 the0 (in) the a-tors'7 she sai) hoarse,0# 7A 1rostit*te'7 he sai)# 7It5s a +it ra4' isn5t it= %o*,)n5t 0o* ,i.e to ,ea/e=7 he *r2e) her' 4aitin2 (or the man to t*rn his hea)# The 2ir, .ne,t on the +e) an) he,) the 0o*th aro*n) the 4aist99she -o*,)n5t ha/e +een more than t4ent0# No6 he ma)e a -a,-*,ation: t4ent09one# 7%e5,, sta0'7 Mrs# Carter sai)# 7%e5/e 1ai)#7 She ,ai) a )r0 hot han) on his .nee# 7I5m s*re 4e -o*,) (in) a +etter 1,a-e than this#7 7No#7 The 0o*n2 man ,a0 on his +a-. an) the 2ir, (or a moment ,e(t him# Brie(,0' as tho*2h +0 a--i)ent' he ,oo.e) at the -amera# Mrs# Carter5s han) shoo. on his .nee# 7Goo) Go)'7 she sai)' 7it5s 0o*#7 7It 4as me'7 Carter sai)' 7thirt0 0ears a2o#7 The 2ir, 4as -,im+in2 +a-. onto the +e)# 7It5s re/o,tin2'7 Mrs# Carter sai)# 7I )on5t remem+er it as re/o,tin2'7 Carter re1,ie)# 7I s*11ose 0o* 4ent an) 2,oate)' +oth o( 0o*#7 7No' I ne/er sa4 it#7 7%h0 )i) 0o* )o it= I -an5t ,oo. at 0o*# It5s shame(*,#7 7I as.e) 0o* to -ome a4a0#7 7Di) the0 1a0 0o*=7 7The0 1ai) her# Fi(t0 1o*n)s# She nee)e) the mone0 +a),0#7 7An) 0o* ha) 0o*r (*n (or nothin2=7 7Yes#7 7I5) ne/er ha/e marrie) 0o* i( I5) .no4n# Ne/er#7 7That 4as a ,on2 time a(ter4ar)s#7 7Yo* sti,, ha/en5t sai) 4h0# Ha/en5t 0o* an0 e3-*se=7 She sto11e)# He .ne4 she 4as 4at-hin2' ,eanin2 (or4ar)' -a*2ht *1 herse,( in the heat o( that -,ima3 more than a <*arter o( a -ent*r0 o,)# Carter sai)' 7It 4as the on,0 4a0 I -o*,) he,1 her# She5) ne/er a-te) in one +e(ore# She 4ante) a (rien)#7 7A (rien)'7 Mrs# Carter sai)# 7I ,o/e) her#7 7Yo* -o*,)n5t ,o/e a tart#7 7Oh 0es' 0o* -an# Ma.e no mista.e a+o*t that#7 7Yo* <*e*e) (or her' I s*11ose#7 7Yo* 1*t it too -r*)e,0'7 Carter sai)# 7%hat ha11ene) to her=7 7She )isa11eare)# The0 a,4a0s )isa11ear#7 The 2ir, ,eant o/er the 0o*n2 man5s +o)0 an) 1*t o*t the ,i2ht# It 4as the en) o( the (i,m# 7I ha/e ne4 ones -omin2 ne3t 4ee.'7 the Siamese sai)' +o4in2 )ee1,0# The0 (o,,o4e) their 2*i)e +a-. )o4n the )ar. ,ane to the ta3i# In the ta3i Mrs# Carter sai)' 7%hat 4as her name=7 7I )on5t remem+er#7 A ,ie 4as easiest# As the0 t*rne) into the Ne4 Roa) she +ro.e her +itter si,en-e a2ain# 7Ho4

-o*,) 0o* ha/e +ro*2ht 0o*rse,(###= It5s so )e2ra)in2# S*11ose someone 0o* .ne499 in +*siness99re-o2ni8e) 0o*#7 7Peo1,e )on5t ta,. a+o*t seein2 thin2s ,i.e that# An04a0' I 4asn5t in +*siness in those )a0s#7 7Di) it ne/er 4orr0 0o*=7 7I )on5t +e,ie/e I ha/e tho*2ht o( it on-e in thirt0 0ears#7 7Ho4 ,on2 )i) 0o* .no4 her=7 7T4e,/e months' 1erha1s#7 7She m*st ,oo. 1rett0 a4(*, +0 no4 i( she5s a,i/e# A(ter a,,' she 4as -ommon e/en then#7 7I tho*2ht she ,oo.e) ,o/e,0'7 Carter sai)# The0 4ent *1stairs in si,en-e# He 4ent strai2ht to the +athroom an) ,o-.e) the )oor# The mos<*itoes 2athere) aro*n) the ,am1 an) the 2reat ;ar o( 4ater# As he *n)resse) he -a*2ht 2,im1ses o( himse,( in the sma,, mirror6 thirt0 0ears ha) not +een .in): he (e,t his thi-.ness an) his mi)),e9a2e# He tho*2ht' I ho1e to Go) she5s )ea)# P,ease' Go)' he sai)' ,et her +e )ea)# %hen I 2o +a-. in there' the ins*,ts 4i,, start a2ain# B*t 4hen he ret*rne) Mrs# Carter 4as stan)in2 +0 the mirror# She ha) 1art,0 *n)resse)# Her thin +are ,e2s remin)e) him o( a heron 4aitin2 (or (ish# She -ame an) 1*t her arms ro*n) him: a s,a/e +an2,e ;o22,e) a2ainst his sho*,)er# She sai)' 7I5) (or2otten ho4 ni-e 0o* ,oo.e)#7 7I5m sorr0# One -han2es#7 7I )i)n5t mean that# I ,i.e 0o* as 0o* are#7 She 4as )r0 an) hot an) im1,a-a+,e in her )esire# 7Go on'7 she sai)' 72o on'7 an) then she s-reame) ,i.e an an2r0 an) h*rt +ir)# A(ter4ar)s she sai)' 7It5s 0ears sin-e that ha11ene)'7 an) -ontin*e) to ta,. (or 4hat seeme) a ,on2 ha,( ho*r e3-ite),0 at his si)e# Carter ,a0 in the )ar. si,ent' 4ith a (ee,in2 o( ,one,iness an) 2*i,t# It seeme) to him that he ha) +etra0e) that ni2ht the on,0 4oman he ,o/e)# 1A@F

S1e-ia, D*ties %i,,iam Ferraro' o( Ferraro K Smith' ,i/e) in a 2reat ho*se in Monta2* S<*are# One 4in2 4as o--*1ie) +0 his 4i(e' 4ho +e,ie/e) herse,( to +e an in/a,i) an) o+e0e) stri-t,0 the )i-tate that one sho*,) ,i/e e/er0 )a0 as i( it 4ere one5s ,ast# For this reason her 4in2 (or the ,ast ten 0ears ha) in/aria+,0 ho*se) some !es*it or Domini-an 1riest 4ith a taste (or 2oo) 4ine an) 4his.0 an) an emer2en-0 +e,, in his +e)room# Mr# Ferraro ,oo.e) a(ter his sa,/ation in more in)e1en)ent (ashion# He retaine) the (irm 2ras1 on 1ra-ti-a, a((airs that ha) ena+,e) his 2ran)(ather' 4ho ha) +een a (e,,o4 e3i,e 4ith Ma88ini' to (o*n) the 2reat +*siness o( Ferraro K Smith in a (orei2n ,an)# Go) has ma)e man in his ima2e' an) it 4as not *nreasona+,e (or Mr# Ferraro to ret*rn the -om1,iment an) to re2ar) Go) as the )ire-tor o( some s*1reme +*siness 4hi-h 0et )e1en)e) (or -ertain o( its o1erations on Ferraro K Smith# The stren2th o( a -hain is in its 4ea.est ,in.' an) Mr# Ferraro )i) not (or2et his res1onsi+i,it0# Be(ore ,ea/in2 (or his o((i-e at nine9thirt0 Mr# Ferraro as a matter o( -o*rtes0 4o*,) te,e1hone to his 4i(e in the other 4in2# 7Father De4es s1ea.in2'7 a /oi-e 4o*,) sa0# 7Ho4 is m0 4i(e=7 7She 1asse) a 2oo) ni2ht#7 The -on/ersation se,)om /arie)# There ha) +een a time 4hen Father De4es5

1re)e-essor ma)e an attem1t to +rin2 Mr# an) Mrs# Ferraro into a -,oser re,ationshi1' +*t he ha) )esiste) 4hen he rea,i8e) ho4 ho1e,ess his aim 4as' an) ho4 on the (e4 o--asions 4hen Mr# Ferraro )ine) 4ith them in the other 4in2 an in(erior -,aret 4as ser/e) at ta+,e an) no 4his.0 4as )r*n. +e(ore )inner# Mr# Ferraro' ha/in2 te,e1hone) (rom his +e)room' 4here he too. his +rea.(ast' 4o*,) 4a,. rather as Go) 4a,.e) in the Gar)en' thro*2h his ,i+rar0 ,ine) 4ith the -orre-t -,assi-s an) his )ra4in29room' on the 4a,,s o( 4hi-h h*n2 one o( the most e31ensi/e art -o,,e-tions in 1ri/ate han)s# %here one man 4o*,) treas*re a sin2,e De2as' Renoir' C8anne' Mr# Ferraro +o*2ht 4ho,esa,e99he ha) si3 Renoirs' (o*r De2as' (i/e C8annes# He ne/er tire) o( their 1resen-e6 the0 re1resente) a s*+stantia, sa/in2 in )eath )*ties# On this 1arti-*,ar Mon)a0 mornin2 it 4as a,so Ma0 the (irst# The sense o( s1rin2 ha) -ome 1*n-t*a,,0 to "on)on an) the s1arro4s 4ere nois0 in the )*st# Mr# Ferraro too 4as 1*n-t*a,' +*t *n,i.e the seasons he 4as as re,ia+,e as Green4i-h time# %ith his -on(i)entia, se-retar099a man -a,,e) Ho1.inson99he 4ent thro*2h the s-he)*,e (or the )a0# It 4as not /er0 onero*s' (or Mr# Ferraro ha) the rare <*a,it0 o( +ein2 a+,e to )e,e2ate res1onsi+i,it0# He )i) this the more rea)i,0 +e-a*se he 4as a--*stome) to ma.e *ne31e-te) -he-.s' an) 4oe +eti)e the em1,o0ee 4ho (ai,e) him# E/en his )o-tor ha) to s*+mit to a s*))en -o*nter9-he-. (rom a ri/a, -ons*,tant# 7I thin.'7 he sai) to Ho1.inson' 7this a(ternoon I 4i,, )ro1 in to Christie5s an) see ho4 Ma/eri-. is 2ettin2 on#7 C Ma/eri-. 4as em1,o0e) as his a2ent in the 1*r-hase o( 1i-t*res#D %hat +etter -o*,) +e )one on a (ine Ma0 a(ternoon than -he-. on Ma/eri-.= He a))e)' 7Sen) in Miss Sa*n)ers'7 an) )re4 (or4ar) a 1ersona, (i,e 4hi-h e/en Ho1.inson 4as not a,,o4e) to han),e# Miss Sa*n)ers mo*se) in# She 2a/e the im1ression o( mo/in2 -,ose to the 2ro*n)# She 4as a+o*t thirt0 0ears o,)' 4ith in)eterminate hair an) e0es o( a start,in2 -,ear +,*e 4hi-h 2a/e her other4ise anon0mo*s (a-e a resem+,an-e to a ho,0 stat*e# She 4as )es-ri+e) in the (irm5s +oo.s as 7assistant -on(i)entia, se-retar07 an) her )*ties 4ere 7s1e-ia,7 ones# E/en her <*a,i(i-ations 4ere s1e-ia,: she ha) +een hea) 2ir, at the Con/ent o( Saint "atit*)inaria' %o.in2' 4here she ha) 4on in three s*--essi/e 0ears the s1e-ia, 1ri8e (or 1iet099a ,itt,e tri1t0-h o( O*r "a)0 4ith a +a-.2ro*n) o( +,*e si,.' +o*n) in F,orentine ,eather an) s*11,ie) +0 B*rns Oates K %ash+o*rne# She a,so ha) a ,on2 re-or) o( *n1ai) ser/i-e as a Chi,) o( Mar0# 7Miss Sa*n)ers'7 Mr# Ferraro sai)' 7I (in) no a--o*nt here o( the in)*,2en-es to +e 2aine) in !*ne#7 7I ha/e it here' sir# I 4as ,ate home ,ast ni2ht' as the 1,enar0 in)*,2en-e at St# Ethe,)re)a5s entai,e) the Stations o( the Cross#7 She ,ai) a t01e) ,ist on Mr# Ferraro5s )es.: in the (irst -o,*mn the )ate' in the se-on) the -h*r-h or 1,a-e o( 1i,2rima2e 4here the in)*,2en-e 4as to +e 2aine)' an) in the thir) -o,*mn in re) in. the n*m+er o( )a0s sa/e) (rom the tem1ora, 1*nishments o( P*r2ator0# Mr# Ferraro rea) it -are(*,,0# 7I 2et the im1ression' Miss Sa*n)ers'7 he sai)' 7that 0o* are s1en)in2 too m*-h time on the ,o4er +ra-.ets# Si3t0 )a0s here' (i(t0 )a0s there# Are 0o* s*re 0o* are not 4astin2 0o*r time on these= One in)*,2en-e o( three h*n)re) )a0s 4i,, -om1ensate (or man0 s*-h# I noti-e) ;*st no4 that 0o*r estimate (or Ma0 is ,o4er than 0o*r A1ri, (i2*res' an) 0o*r estimate (or !*ne is near,0 )o4n to the Mar-h ,e/e,# Fi/e 1,enar0 in)*,2en-es an) 1@B@ )a0s99a /er0 2oo) A1ri, 4or.# I )on5t 4ant 0o* to s,a-.en o((#7 7A1ri, is a /er0 2oo) month (or in)*,2en-es' sir# There is Easter# In Ma0 4e -an )e1en) on,0 on the (a-t that it is O*r "a)05s month# !*ne is not /er0 (r*it(*,' e3-e1t at Cor1*s Christi# Yo* 4i,, noti-e a ,itt,e Po,ish -h*r-h in Cam+ri)2eshire###7 7As ,on2 as 0o* remem+er' Miss Sa*n)ers' that none o( *s is 2ettin2 0o*n2er# I 1*t a 2reat )ea, o( tr*st in 0o*' Miss Sa*n)ers# I( I 4ere ,ess o--*1ie) here' I -o*,) atten) to some o( these in)*,2en-es m0se,(# Yo* 1a0 2reat attention' I ho1e' to the -on)itions#7 7O( -o*rse I )o' Mr# Ferraro#7

7Yo* are a,4a0s -are(*, to +e in a State o( Gra-e=7 Miss Sa*n)ers ,o4ere) her e0es# 7That is not /er0 )i((i-*,t in m0 -ase' Mr# Ferraro#7 7%hat is 0o*r 1ro2ram to)a0=7 7Yo* ha/e it there' Mr# Ferraro#7 7O( -o*rse# St# Pra3te)5s' Canon %oo)# That is rather a ,on2 4a0 to 2o# Yo* ha/e to s1en) the 4ho,e a(ternoon on a mere si3t0 )a0s5 in)*,2en-e=7 7It 4as a,, I -o*,) (in) (or to)a0# O( -o*rse there are a,4a0s the 1,enar0 in)*,2en-es at the Cathe)ra,# B*t I .no4 ho4 0o* (ee, a+o*t not re1eatin2 )*rin2 the same month#7 7M0 on,0 1oint o( s*1erstition'7 Mr# Ferraro sai)# 7It has no +asis' o( -o*rse' in the tea-hin2 o( the Ch*r-h#7 7Yo* 4o*,)n5t ,i.e an o--asiona, re1etition (or a mem+er o( 0o*r (ami,0' Mr# Ferraro' 0o*r 4i(e=7 7%e are ta*2ht' Miss Sa*n)ers' to 1a0 (irst attention to o*r o4n so*,s# M0 4i(e sho*,) +e ,oo.in2 a(ter her o4n in)*,2en-es99she has an e3-e,,ent !es*it a)/iser# I em1,o0 0o* to ,oo. a(ter mine#7 7Yo* ha/e no o+;e-tion to Canon %oo)=7 7I( it is rea,,0 the +est 0o* -an )o# So ,on2 as it )oes not in/o,/e o/ertime#7 7Oh' no' Mr# Ferraro# A )e-a)e o( the Rosar0' that5s a,,#7 A(ter an ear,0 ,*n-h99a sim1,e one in a Cit0 -ho1ho*se 4hi-h -on-,*)e) 4ith some Sti,ton an) a 2,ass o( e3-e,,ent 1ort99Mr# Ferraro /isite) Christie5s# Ma/eri-. 4as satis(a-tori,0 on the s1ot an) Mr# Ferraro )i) not +other to 4ait (or the Bonnar) an) the Monet 4hi-h his a2ent ha) a)/ise) him to +*0# The )a0 remaine) 4arm an) s*nn0' +*t there 4ere -on(*se) so*n)s (rom the )ire-tion o( Tra(a,2ar S<*are 4hi-h remin)e) Mr# Ferraro that it 4as "a+o*r Da0# There 4as somethin2 ina11ro1riate to the s*n an) the ear,0 (,o4ers *n)er the 1ar. trees in these 1ro-essions o( men 4itho*t ties -arr0in2 )rear0 +anners -o/ere) 4ith +a) ,etterin2# A )esire -ame to Mr# Ferraro to ta.e a rea, ho,i)a0' an) he near,0 to,) his -ha*((e*r to )ri/e to Ri-hmon) Par.# B*t he a,4a0s 1re(erre)' i( it 4ere 1ossi+,e' to -om+ine +*siness 4ith 1,eas*re' an) it o--*rre) to him that i( he )ro/e o*t no4 to Canon %oo)' Miss Sa*n)ers sho*,) +e arri/in2 a+o*t the same time' a(ter her ,*n-h inter/a,' to start the a(ternoon5s 4or.# Canon %oo) 4as one o( those ne4 s*+*r+s +*i,t aro*n) an o,) estate# The estate 4as no4 a 1*+,i- 1ar.' the ho*se (ormer,0 (amo*s as the home o( a minor Minister 4ho ser/e) *n)er "or) North at the time o( the Ameri-an re+e,,ion 4as no4 a ,o-a, m*se*m' an) a street ha) +een +*i,t on the ,itt,e 4in)0 hi,,to1 on-e a h*n)re)9a-re (ie,): a Charrin2ton -oa, a2en-0' the 4in)o4 )resse) 4ith one ,ar2e n*22et in a meta,' a Home an) Co,onia, Stores' an O)eon -inema' a ,ar2e An2,i-an -h*r-h# Mr# Ferraro to,) his )ri/er to as. the 4a0 to the Roman Catho,i-h*r-h# 7There isn5t one here'7 the 1o,i-eman sai)# 7St# Pra3te)5s=7 7There5s no s*-h 1,a-e'7 the 1o,i-eman sai)# Mr# Ferraro' ,i.e a Bi+,i-a, -hara-ter' (e,t a ,oosenin2 o( the +o4e,s# 7St# Pra3te)5s' Canon %oo)#7 7Doesn5t e3ist' sir'7 the 1o,i-eman sai)# Mr# Ferraro )ro/e s,o4,0 +a-. to4ar)s the Cit0# This 4as the (irst time he ha) -he-.e) on Miss Sa*n)ers99three 1ri8es (or 1iet0 ha) 4on his tr*st# No4 on his home4ar) 4a0 he remem+ere) that Hit,er ha) +een e)*-ate) +0 the !es*its' an) 0et ho1e,ess,0 he ho1e)# In his o((i-e he *n,o-.e) the )ra4er an) too. o*t the s1e-ia, (i,e# Co*,) he ha/e mista.en Canon+*r0 (or Canon %oo)= B*t he ha) not +een mista.en' an) s*))en,0 a terri+,e )o*+t -ame to him ho4 o(ten in the ,ast three 0ears Miss Sa*n)ers ha) +etra0e) her tr*st# CIt 4as a(ter a se/ere atta-. o( 1ne*monia three 0ears a2o that he ha) en2a2e) her99the i)ea ha) -ome to him )*rin2 the ,on2 insomnias o( -on/a,es-en-e#D %as it 1ossi+,e that not one o( these in)*,2en-es ha) +een 2aine)= He -o*,)n5t +e,ie/e that# S*re,0 a (e4 o( that /ast tota, o( ?B'GA2 )a0s m*st

sti,, +e /a,i)# B*t on,0 Miss Sa*n)ers -o*,) te,, him ho4 man0# An) 4hat ha) she +een )oin2 4ith her o((i-e time99those ,on2 ho*rs o( 1i,2rima2e= She ha) on-e ta.en a 4ho,e 4ee.9en) at %a,sin2ham# He ran2 (or Mr# Ho1.inson' 4ho -o*,) not he,1 remar.in2 on the 4hiteness o( his em1,o0er5s (a-e# 7Are 0o* (ee,in2 <*ite 4e,,' Mr# Ferraro=7 7I ha/e ha) a se/ere sho-.# Can 0o* te,, me 4here Miss Sa*n)ers ,i/es=7 7She ,i/es 4ith an in/a,i) mother near %est+o*rne Gro/e#7 7The e3a-t a))ress' 1,ease#7 Mr# Ferraro )ro/e into the )rear0 4aste o( Ba0s4ater: 2reat (ami,0 ho*ses ha) +een -on/erte) into 1ri/ate hote,s or (ort*nate,0 +om+e) into -ar 1ar.s# In the terra-es +ehin) )*+io*s 2ir,s ,eant a2ainst the rai,in2s' an) a street +an) +,e4 harsh,0 ro*n) a -orner# Mr# Ferraro (o*n) the ho*se' +*t he -o*,) not +rin2 himse,( to rin2 the +e,,# He sat -ro*-he) in his Daim,er 4aitin2 (or somethin2 to ha11en# %as it the intensit0 o( his 2a8e that +ro*2ht Miss Sa*n)ers to an *11er 4in)o4' a -oin-i)en-e' or retri+*tion= Mr# Ferraro tho*2ht at (irst that it 4as the 4armth o( the )a0 that ha) -a*se) her to +e so ine((i-ient,0 -,othe)' as she s,i) the 4in)o4 a ,itt,e 4i)er o1en# B*t then an arm -ir-,e) her 4aist' a 0o*n2 man5s (a-e ,oo.e) )o4n into the street' a han) 1*,,e) a -*rtain a-ross 4ith the (ami,iarit0 o( ha+it# It +e-ame o+/io*s to Mr# Ferraro that not e/en the -on)itions (or an in)*,2en-e ha) +een 1ro1er,0 (*,(i,,e)# I( a (rien) -o*,) ha/e seen Mr# Ferraro that e/enin2 mo*ntin2 the ste1s o( Monta2* S<*are' he 4o*,) ha/e +een s*r1rise) at ho4 he ha) a2e)# It 4as a,most as tho*2h he ha) ass*me) )*rin2 the ,on2 a(ternoon those ?B'GA2 )a0s he ha) tho*2ht to ha/e sa/e) )*rin2 the ,ast three 0ears (rom P*r2ator0# The -*rtains 4ere )ra4n' the ,i2hts 4ere on' an) no )o*+t Father De4es 4as 1o*rin2 o*t the (irst o( his e/enin2 4his.ies in the other 4in2# Mr# Ferraro )i) not rin2 the +e,,' +*t ,et himse,( <*iet,0 in# The thi-. -ar1et s4a,,o4e) his (ootste1s ,i.e <*i-.san)# He s4it-he) on no ,i2hts: on,0 a re)9sha)e) ,am1 in ea-h room ha) +een ,it rea)0 (or his *se an) no4 2*i)e) his ste1s# The 1i-t*res in the )ra4in29room remin)e) him o( )eath )*ties: a 2reat De2as +ottom ,i.e an atomi- e31,osion m*shroome) a+o/e a +ath6 Mr# Ferraro 1asse) on into the ,i+rar0: the ,eather9+o*n) -,assi-s remin)e) him o( )ea) a*thors# He sat )o4n in a -hair an) a s,i2ht 1ain in his -hest remin)e) him o( his )o*+,e 1ne*monia# He 4as three 0ears nearer )eath than 4hen Miss Sa*n)ers 4as a11ointe) (irst# A(ter a ,on2 4hi,e Mr# Ferraro .notte) his (in2ers to2ether in the sha1e some 1eo1,e *se (or 1ra0er# %ith Mr# Ferraro it 4as an in)i-ation o( )e-ision# The 4orst 4as o/er: time ,en2thene) a2ain ahea) o( him# He tho*2ht' Tomorro4 I 4i,, set a+o*t 2ettin2 a rea,,0 re,ia+,e se-retar0# 1A@F

The Destr*-tors

1 It 4as on the e/e o( A*2*st Ban. Ho,i)a0 that the ,atest re-r*it +e-ame the ,ea)er o( the %orms,e0 Common Gan2# No one 4as s*r1rise) e3-e1t Mi.e' +*t Mi.e at the a2e o( nine 4as s*r1rise) +0 e/er0thin2# 7I( 0o* )on5t sh*t 0o*r mo*th'7 some+o)0 on-e

sai) to him' 70o*5,, 2et a (ro2 )o4n it#7 A(ter that Mi.e ha) .e1t his teeth ti2ht,0 -,am1e) e3-e1t 4hen the s*r1rise 4as too 2reat# The ne4 re-r*it ha) +een 4ith the 2an2 sin-e the +e2innin2 o( the s*mmer ho,i)a0s' an) there 4ere 1ossi+i,ities a+o*t his +roo)in2 si,en-e that a,, re-o2ni8e)# He ne/er 4aste) a 4or) e/en to te,, his name *nti, that 4as re<*ire) o( him +0 the r*,es# %hen he sai) 7Tre/or7 it 4as a statement o( (a-t' not as it 4o*,) ha/e +een 4ith the others a statement o( shame or )e(ian-e# Nor )i) an0one ,a*2h e3-e1t Mi.e' 4ho (in)in2 himse,( 4itho*t s*11ort an) meetin2 the )ar. 2a8e o( the ne4 -omer o1ene) his mo*th an) 4as <*iet a2ain# There 4as e/er0 reason 4h0 T#' as he 4as a(ter4ar)s re(erre) to' sho*,) ha/e +een an o+;e-t o( mo-.er099there 4as his name Can) the0 s*+stit*te) the initia, +e-a*se other4ise the0 ha) no e3-*se not to ,a*2h at itD' the (a-t that his (ather' a (ormer ar-hite-t an) 1resent -,er.' ha) 7-ome )o4n in the 4or,)7 an) that his mother -onsi)ere) herse,( +etter than the nei2h+o*rs# %hat +*t an o)) <*a,it0 o( )an2er' o( the *n1re)i-ta+,e' esta+,ishe) him in the 2an2 4itho*t an0 i2no+,e -eremon0 o( initiation= The 2an2 met e/er0 mornin2 in an im1rom1t* -ar1ar.' the site o( the ,ast +om+ o( the (irst +,it8# The ,ea)er' 4ho 4as .no4n as B,' -,aime) to ha/e hear) it (a,,' an) no one 4as 1re-ise eno*2h in his )ates to 1oint o*t that he 4o*,) ha/e +een one 0ear o,) an) (ast as,ee1 on the )o4n 1,at(orm o( %orms,e0 Common n)er2ro*n) Station# On one si)e o( the -ar91ar. ,eant the (irst o--*1ie) ho*se' n*m+er ?' o( the shattere) North4oo) Terra-e99,itera,,0 ,eant' (or it ha) s*((ere) (rom the +,ast o( the +om+ an) the si)e 4a,,s 4ere s*11orte) on 4oo)en str*ts# A sma,,er +om+ an) some in-en)iaries ha) (a,,en +e0on)' so that the ho*se st*-. *1 ,i.e a ;a22e) tooth an) -arrie) on the (*rther 4a,, re,i-s o( its nei2h+o*r' a )a)o' the remains o( a (ire1,a-e# T#' 4hose 4or)s 4ere a,most -on(ine) to /otin2 7Yes7 or 7No7 to the 1,an o( o1erations 1ro1ose) ea-h )a0 +0 B,' on-e start,e) the 4ho,e 2an2 +0 sa0in2 +roo)in2,0' 7%ren +*i,t that ho*se' (ather sa0s#7 7%ho5s %ren=7 7The man 4ho +*i,t St# Pa*,5s#7 7%ho -ares=7 B, sai)# 7It5s on,0 o,) Miser05s#7 O,) Miser0994hose rea, name 4as Thomas99ha) on-e +een a +*i,)er an) )e-orator# He ,i/e) a,one in the -ri11,e) ho*se' )oin2 (or himse,(: on-e a 4ee. 0o* -o*,) see him -omin2 +a-. a-ross the -ommon 4ith +rea) an) /e2eta+,es' an) on-e as the +o0s 1,a0e) in the -ar91ar. he 1*t his hea) o/er the smashe) 4a,, o( his 2ar)en an) ,oo.e) at them# 7Been to the ,oo'7 one o( the +o0s sai)' (or it 4as -ommon .no4,e)2e that sin-e the +om+s (e,, somethin2 ha) 2one 4ron2 4ith the 1i1es o( the ho*se an) O,) Miser0 4as too mean to s1en) mone0 on the 1ro1ert0# He -o*,) )o the re)e-oratin2 himse,( at -ost 1ri-e' +*t he ha) ne/er ,earnt 1,*m+in2# The ,oo 4as a 4oo)en she) at the +ottom o( the narro4 2ar)en 4ith a starsha1e) ho,e in the )oor: it ha) es-a1e) the +,ast 4hi-h ha) smashe) the ho*se ne3t )oor an) s*-.e) o*t the 4in)o49 (rames o( No #?# The ne3t time the 2an2 +e-ame a4are o( Mr# Thomas 4as more s*r1risin2# B,' Mi.e' an) a thin 0e,,o4 +o0' 4ho (or some reason 4as -a,,e) +0 his s*rname S*mmers' met him on the -ommon -omin2 +a-. (rom the Mr# Thomas sto11e) them# He sai) 2,*m,0' 7Yo* +e,on2 to the ,ot that 1,a0 in the -ar91ar.=7 Mi.e 4as a+o*t to ans4er 4hen B, sto11e) him# As the ,ea)er he ha) res1onsi+i,ities# 7S*11ose 4e are=7 he sai) am+i2*o*s,0# 7I 2ot some -ho-o,ates'7 Mr# Thomas sai)# 7Don5t ,i.e 5em m0se,(# Here 0o* are# Not eno*2h to 2o ro*n)' I )on5t s*11ose# There ne/er is'7 he a))e) 4ith som+re -on/i-tion# He han)e) o/er three 1a-.ets o( Smarties# The 2an2 4ere 1*88,e) an) 1ert*r+e) +0 this a-tion an) trie) to e31,ain it a4a0# 7Bet someone )ro11e) them an) he 1i-.e) 5em *1'7 some+o)0 s*22este)# 7Pin-he) 5em an) then 2ot in a +,ee)in2 (*n.'7 another tho*2ht a,o*)# 7It5s a +ri+e'7 S*mmers sai)# 7He 4ants *s to sto1 +o*n-in2 +a,,s on his 4a,,#7

7%e5,, sho4 him 4e )on5t ta.e +ri+es'7 B, sai)' an) the0 sa-ri(i-e) the 4ho,e mornin2 to the 2ame o( +o*n-in2 that on,0 Mi.e 4as 0o*n2 eno*2h to en;o0# There 4as no si2n (rom Mr# Thomas# Ne3t )a0 T# astonishe) them a,,# He 4as ,ate at the ren)e8/o*s' an) the /otin2 (or that )a05s e31,oit too. 1,a-e 4itho*t him# At B,a-.ie5s s*22estion the 2an2 4as to )is1erse in 1airs' ta.e +*ses at ran)om' an) see ho4 man0 (ree ri)es -o*,) +e snat-he) (rom *n4ar0 -on)*-tors Cthe o1eration 4as to +e -arrie) o*t in 1airs to a/oi) -heatin2D# The0 4ere )ra4in2 ,ots (or their -om1anions 4hen T# arri/e)# 7%here 0o* +een' T#=7 B, as.e)# 7Yo* -an5t /ote no4# Yo* .no4 the r*,es#7 7I5/e +een there'7 T# sai)# He ,oo.e) at the 2ro*n)' as tho*2h he ha) tho*2hts to hi)e# 7%here=7 7At O,) Miser05s#7 Mi.e5s mo*th o1ene) an) then h*rrie),0 -,ose) a2ain 4ith a -,i-.# He ha) remem+ere) the (ro2# 7At O,) Miser05s=7 B, sai)# There 4as nothin2 in the r*,es a2ainst it' +*t he ha) a sensation that T# 4as trea)in2 on )an2ero*s 2ro*n)# He as.e) ho1e(*,,0' 7Di) 0o* +rea. in=7 7No# I ran2 the +e,,#7 7An) 4hat )i) 0o* sa0=7 7I sai) I 4ante) to see his ho*se#7 7%hat )i) he )o=7 7He sho4e) it me#7 7Pin-h an0thin2=7 7No#7 7%hat )i) 0o* )o it (or then=7 The 2an2 ha) 2athere) ro*n): it 4as as tho*2h an im1rom1t* -o*rt 4ere a+o*t to (orm an) to tr0 some -ase o( )e/iation# T# sai)' 7It5s a +ea*ti(*, ho*se'7 an) sti,, 4at-hin2 the 2ro*n)' meetin2 no one5s e0es' he ,i-.e) his ,i1s (irst one 4a0' then the other# 7%hat )o 0o* mean' a +ea*ti(*, ho*se=7 B, as.e) 4ith s-orn# 7It5s 2ot a stair-ase t4o h*n)re) 0ears o,) ,i.e a -or.s-re4# Nothin2 ho,)s it *1#7 7%hat )o 0o* mean' nothin2 ho,)s it *1# Does it (,oat=7 7It5s to )o 4ith o11osite (or-es' O,) Miser0 sai)#7 7%hat e,se=7 7There5s 1ane,,in2#7 7"i.e in the B,*e Boar=7 7T4o h*n)re) 0ears o,)#7 7Is O,) Miser0 t4o h*n)re) 0ears o,)=7 Mi.e ,a*2he) s*))en,0 an) then 4as <*iet a2ain# The meetin2 4as in a serio*s moo)# For the (irst time sin-e T# ha) stro,,e) into the -ar91ar. on the (irst )a0 o( the ho,i)a0s his 1osition 4as in )an2er# It on,0 nee)e) a sin2,e *se o( his rea, name an) the 2an2 4o*,) +e at his hee,s# 7%hat )i) 0o* )o it (or=7 B, as.e)# He 4as ;*st' he ha) no ;ea,o*s0' he 4as an3io*s to retain T# in the 2an2 i( he -o*,)# It 4as the 4or) 7+ea*ti(*,7 that 4orrie) him99that +e,on2e) to a -,ass 4or,) that 0o* -o*,) sti,, see 1aro)ie) at the %orms,e0 Common Em1ire +0 a man 4earin2 a to1 hat an) a mono-,e' 4ith a ha49 ha4 a--ent# He 4as tem1te) to sa0' 7M0 )ear Tre/or o,) -ha1'7 an) *n,eash his he,, ho*n)s# 7I( 0o*5) +ro.en in'7 he sai) sa),099that in)ee) 4o*,) ha/e +een an e31,oit 4orth0 o( the 2an2# 7This 4as +etter'7 T# sai)# 7I (o*n) o*t thin2s#7 He -ontin*e) to stare at his (eet' not meetin2 an0+o)05s e0e' as tho*2h he 4ere a+sor+e) in some )ream he 4as *n4i,,in299or ashame)99to share# 7%hat thin2s=7 7O,) Miser05s 2oin2 to +e a4a0 a,, tomorro4 an) Ban. Ho,i)a0#7 B, sai) 4ith re,ie(' 7Yo* mean 4e -o*,) +rea. in=7

7An) 1in-h thin2s=7 some+o)0 as.e)# B, sai)' 7No+o)05s 2oin2 to 1in-h thin2s# Brea.in2 in99that5s 2oo) eno*2h' isn5t it= %e )on5t 4ant an0 -o*rt st*((#7 7I )on5t 4ant to 1in-h an0thin2'7 T# sai)# 7I5/e 2ot a +etter i)ea#7 7%hat is it=7 T# raise) e0es' as 2re0 an) )ist*r+e) as the )ra+ A*2*st )a0# 7%e5,, 1*,, it )o4n'7 he sai)# 7%e5,, )estro0 it#7 B, 2a/e a sin2,e hoot o( ,a*2hter an) then' ,i.e Mi.e' (e,, <*iet' )a*nte) +0 the serio*s im1,a-a+,e 2a8e# 7%hat5) the 1o,i-e +e )oin2 a,, the time=7 he sai)# 7The05) ne/er .no4# %e5) )o it (rom insi)e# I5/e (o*n) a 4a0 in#7 He sai) 4ith a sort o( intensit0' 7%e5) +e ,i.e 4orms' )on5t 0o* see' in an a11,e# %hen 4e -ame o*t a2ain there5) +e nothin2 there' no stair-ase' no 1ane,s' nothin2 +*t ;*st 4a,,s' an) then 4e5) ma.e the 4a,,s (a,, )o4n99someho4#7 7%e5) 2o to ;*2'7 B, sai)# 7%ho5s to 1ro/e= An) an04a0 4e 4o*,)n5t ha/e 1in-he) an0thin2#7 He a))e) 4itho*t the sma,,est (, o( 2,ee' 7There 4o*,)n5t +e an0thin2 to 1in-h a(ter 4e5) (inishe)#7 7I5/e ne/er hear) o( 2oin2 to 1rison (or +rea.in2 thin2s'7 S*mmers sai)# 7There 4o*,)n5t +e time'7 B, sai)# 7I5/e seen ho*se+rea.ers at 4or.#7 7There are t4e,/e o( *s'7 T# sai)# 7%e5) or2ani8e#7 7None o( *s .no4 ho4997 7I .no4'7 T# sai)# He ,oo.e) a-ross at B,' 7Ha/e 0o* 2ot a +etter 1,an=7 7To)a0'7 Mi.e sai) ta-t,ess,0' 74e5re 1in-hin2 (ree ri)es997 7Free ri)es'7 T# sai)# 7Yo* -an stan) )o4n' B,' i( 0o*5) rather####7 7The 2an25s 2ot to /ote#7 7P*t it *1 then#7 B, sai) *neasi,0' 7It5s 1ro1ose) that tomorro4 an) Mon)a0 4e )estro0 O,) Miser05s ho*se#7 7Here' here'7 sai) a (at +o0 -a,,e) !oe# 7%ho5s in (a/o*r=7 T# sai)' 7It5s -arrie)#7 7Ho4 )o 4e start=7 S*mmers as.e)# 7He5,, te,, 0o*'7 B, sai)# It 4as the en) o( his ,ea)ershi1# He 4ent a4a0 to the +a-. o( the -ar91ar. an) +e2an to .i-. a stone' )ri++,in2 it this 4a0 an) that# There 4as on,0 one o,) Morris in the 1ar.' (or (e4 -ars 4ere ,e(t there e3-e1t ,orries: 4itho*t an atten)ant there 4as no sa(et0# He too. a (,0in2 .i-. at the -ar an) s-ra1e) a ,itt,e 1aint o(( the rear m*)2*ar)# Be0on)' 1a0in2 no more attention to him than to a stran2er' the 2an2 ha) 2athere) ro*n) T#6 B, 4as )im,0 a4are o( the (i-.,eness o( (a/o*r# He tho*2ht o( 2oin2 home' o( ne/er ret*rnin2' o( ,ettin2 them a,, )is-o/er the ho,,o4ness o( T#5s ,ea)ershi1' +*t s*11ose a(ter a,, 4hat T# 1ro1ose) 4as 1ossi+,e99nothin2 ,i.e it ha) e/er +een )one +e(ore# The (ame o( the %orms,e0 Common -ar91ar. 2an2 4o*,) s*re,0 rea-h aro*n) "on)on# There 4o*,) +e hea),ines in the 1a1ers# E/en the 2ro4n9*1 2an2s 4ho ran the +ettin2 at the a,,9in 4rest,in2 an) the +arro49+o0s 4o*,) hear 4ith res1e-t o( ho4 O,) Miser05s ho*se ha) +een )estro0e)# Dri/en +0 the 1*re' sim1,e' an) a,tr*isti- am+ition o( (ame (or the 2an2' B, -ame +a-. to 4here T# stoo) in the sha)o4 o( Miser05s 4a,,# T# 4as 2i/in2 his or)ers 4ith )e-ision: it 4as as tho*2h this 1,an ha) +een 4ith him a,, his ,i(e' 1on)ere) thro*2h the seasons' no4 in his (i(teenth 0ear -r0sta,,i8e) 4ith the 1ain o( 1*+ert0# 7Yo*'7 he sai) to Mi.e' 7+rin2 some +i2 nai,s' the +i22est 0o* -an (in)' an) a hammer# An0one e,se 4ho -an +etter +rin2 a hammer an) a s-re4)ri/er# %e5,, nee) 1,ent0 o( them# Chise,s too# %e -an5t ha/e too man0 -hise,s# Can an0+o)0 +rin2 a sa4=7 7I -an'7 Mi.e sai)# 7Not a -hi,)5s sa4'7 T# sai)# 7A rea, sa4#7 B, rea,i8e) he ha) raise) his han) ,i.e an0 or)inar0 mem+er o( the

2an2# 7Ri2ht' 0o* +rin2 one' B, B*t no4 there5s a )i((i-*,t0# %e 4ant a ha-.sa4#7 7%hat5s a ha-.sa4=7 someone as.e)# 7Yo* -an 2et 5em at %oo,4orth5s'7 S*mmers sai)# The (at +o0 -a,,e) !oe sai) 2,oomi,0' 7I .ne4 it 4o*,) en) in a -o,,e-tion#7 7I5,, 2et one m0se,('7 T# sai)# 7I )on5t 4ant 0o*r mone0# B*t I -an5t +*0 a s,e)2e9hammer#7 B, sai)' 7The0 are 4or.in2 on n*m+er (i(teen# I .no4 4here the05,, ,ea/e their st*(( (or Ban. Ho,i)a0#7 7Then that5s a,,'7 T# sai)# 7%e meet here at nine shar1#7 7I5/e 2ot to 2o to -h*r-h'7 Mi.e sai)# 7Come o/er the 4a,, an) 4hist,e# %e5,, ,et 0o* in#7

2 On S*n)a0 mornin2 a,, 4ere 1*n-t*a, e3-e1t B,' e/en Mi.e# Mi.e ha) ha) a stro.e o( ,*-.# His mother (e,t i,,' his (ather 4as tire) a(ter Sat*r)a0 ni2ht' an) he 4as to,) to 2o to -h*r-h a,one 4ith man0 4arnin2s o( 4hat 4o*,) ha11en i( he stra0e)# B, ha) ha) )i((i-*,t0 in sm*22,in2 o*t the sa4' an) then in (in)in2 the s,e)2e9hammer at the +a-. o( n*m+er 1@# He a11roa-he) the ho*se (rom a ,ane at the rear o( the 2ar)en' (or (ear o( the 1o,i-eman5s +eat a,on2 the main roa)# The tire) e/er2reens .e1t o(( a storm0 s*n: another 4et Ban. Ho,i)a0 4as +ein2 1re1are) o/er the At,anti-' +e2innin2 in s4ir,s o( )*st *n)er the trees# B, -,im+e) the 4a,, into Miser05s 2ar)en# There 4as no si2n o( an0+o)0 an04here# The ,oo stoo) ,i.e a tom+ in a ne2,e-te) 2ra/e0ar)# The -*rtains 4ere )ra4n# The ho*se s,e1t# B, ,*m+ere) nearer 4ith the sa4 an) the s,e)2e9hammer# Perha1s a(ter a,, no+o)0 ha) t*rne) *1: the 1,an ha) +een a 4i,) in/ention: the0 ha) 4o.en 4iser# B*t 4hen he -ame -,ose to the +a-. )oor he -o*,) hear a -on(*sion o( so*n)' har),0 ,o*)er than a hi/e in s4arm: a -,i-.et09-,a-.' a +an2 +an2 +an2' a s-ra1in2' a -rea.in2' a s*))en 1ain(*, -ra-.# He tho*2ht' It5s tr*e' an) 4hist,e)# The0 o1ene) the +a-. )oor to him an) he -ame in# He ha) at on-e the im1ression o( or2ani8ation' /er0 )i((erent (rom the o,) ha11092o9,*-.0 4a0s *n)er his ,ea)ershi1# For a 4hi,e he 4an)ere) *1 an) )o4n stairs ,oo.in2 (or T# No+o)0 a))resse) him: he ha) a sense o( 2reat *r2en-0' an) a,rea)0 he -o*,) +e2in to see the 1,an# The interior o( the ho*se 4as +ein2 -are(*,,0 )emo,ishe) 4itho*t to*-hin2 the o*ter 4a,,s# S*mmers 4ith hammer an) -hise, 4as ri11in2 o*t the s.irtin2+oar)s in the 2ro*n) (,oor )inin29room: he ha) a,rea)0 smashe) the 1ane,s o( the )oor# In the same room !oe 4as hea/in2 *1 the 1ar<*et +,o-.s' e31osin2 the so(t 4oo) (,oor9+oar)s o/er the -e,,ar# Coi,s o( 4ire -ame o*t o( the )ama2e) s.irtin2 an) Mi.e sat ha11i,0 on the (,oor' -,i11in2 the 4ires# On the -*r/e) stairs t4o o( the 2an2 4ere 4or.in2 har) 4ith an ina)e<*ate -hi,)5s sa4 on the +anisters 94hen the0 sa4 B,a-.ie5s +i2 sa4 the0 si2na,,e) (or it 4or),ess,0# %hen he ne3t sa4 them a <*arter o( the +anisters ha) +een )ro11e) into the ha,,# He (o*n) T# at ,ast in the +athroom99he sat moo)i,0 in the ,east -are)(or room in the ho*se' ,istenin2 to the so*n)s -omin2 *1 (rom +e,o4# 7Yo*5/e rea,,0 )one it'7 B, sai) 4ith a4e# 7%hat5s 2oin2 to ha11en=7 7%e5/e on,0 ;*st +e2*n'7 T# sai)# He ,oo.e) at the s,e)2e9hammer an) 2a/e his instr*-tions# 7Yo* sta0 here an) +rea. the +ath an) the 4ash9+asin# Don5t +other a+o*t the 1i1es# The0 -ome ,ater#7 Mi.e a11eare) at the )oor# 7I5/e (inishe) the 4ire' T#'7 he sai)#

7Goo)# Yo*5/e ;*st 2ot to 2o 4an)erin2 ro*n) no4# The .it-hen5s in the +asement# Smash a,, the -hina an) 2,ass an) +ott,es 0o* -an ,a0 ho,) o(# Don5t t*rn on the ta1s994e )on5t 4ant a (,oo)990et# Then 2o into a,, the rooms an) t*rn o*t )ra4ers# I( the0 are ,o-.e) 2et one o( the others to +rea. them o1en# Tear *1 an0 1a1ers 0o* (in) an) smash a,, the ornaments# Better ta.e a -ar/in29 .ni(e 4ith 0o* (rom the .it-hen# The +e)room5s o11osite here# O1en the 1i,,o4s an) tear *1 the sheets# That5s eno*2h (or the moment# An) 0o*' B,' 4hen 0o*5/e (inishe) in here -ra-. the 1,aster in the 1assa2e *1 4ith 0o*r s,e)2e9hammer#7 7%hat are 0o* 2oin2 to )o=7 B, as.e)# 7I5m ,oo.in2 (or somethin2 s1e-ia,'7 T# sai)# It 4as near,0 ,*n-h9time +e(ore B, ha) (inishe) an) 4ent in sear-h o( T# Chaos ha) a)/an-e)# The .it-hen 4as a sham+,es o( +ro.en 2,ass an) -hina# The )inin29room 4as stri11e) o( 1ar<*et' the s.irtin2 4as *1' the )oor ha) +een ta.en o(( its hin2es' an) the )estro0ers ha) mo/e) *1 a (,oor# Strea.s o( ,i2ht -ame in thro*2h the -,ose) sh*tters 4here the0 4or.e) 4ith the serio*sness o( -reators99 an) )estr*-tion a(ter a,, is a (orm o( -reation# A .in) o( ima2ination ha) seen this ho*se as it ha) no4 +e-ome# Mi.e sai)' 7I5/e 2ot to 2o home (or )inner#7 7%ho e,se=7 T# as.e)' +*t a,, the others on one e3-*se or another ha) +ro*2ht 1ro/isions 4ith them# The0 s<*atte) in the r*ins o( the room an) s4a11e) *n4ante) san)4i-hes# Ha,( an ho*r (or ,*n-h an) the0 4ere at 4or. a2ain# B0 the time Mi.e ret*rne)' the0 4ere on the to1 (,oor' an) +0 si3 the s*1er(i-ia, )ama2e 4as -om1,ete)# The )oors 4ere a,, o((' a,, the s.irtin2s raise)' the (*rnit*re 1i,,a2e) an) ri11e) an) smashe) 9no one -o*,) ha/e s,e1t in the ho*se e3-e1t on a +e) o( +ro.en 1,aster# T# 2a/e his or)ers99ei2ht o5-,o-. ne3t mornin299an) to es-a1e noti-e the0 -,im+e) sin2,0 o/er the 2ar)en 4a,,' into the -ar91ar.# On,0 B, an) T# 4ere ,e(t6 the ,i2ht ha) near,0 2one' an) 4hen the0 to*-he) a s4it-h' nothin2 4or.e)99Mi.e ha) )one his ;o+ thoro*2h,0# 7Di) 0o* (in) an0thin2 s1e-ia,=7 B, as.e)# T# no))e)# 7Come o/er here'7 he sai)' 7an) ,oo.#7 O*t o( +oth 1o-.ets he )re4 +*n),es o( 1o*n) notes# 7O,) Miser05s sa/in2s'7 he sai)# 7 Mi.e ri11e) o*t the mattress' +*t he misse) them#7 7%hat are 0o* 2oin2 to )o= Share them=7 7%e aren5t thie/es'7 T# sai)# 7No+o)05s 2oin2 to stea, an0thin2 (rom this ho*se# I .e1t these (or 0o* an) me 9a -e,e+ration#7 He .ne,t )o4n on the (,oor an) -o*nte) them o*t99there 4ere se/ent0 in a,,# 7%e5,, +*rn them'7 he sai)' 7one +0 one'7 an) ta.in2 it in t*rns the0 he,) a note *14ar)s an) ,it the to1 -orner' so that the (,ame +*rnt s,o4,0 to4ar)s their (in2ers# The 2re0 ash (,oate) a+o/e them an) (e,, on their hea)s ,i.e a2e# 7I5) ,i.e to see O,) Miser05s (a-e 4hen 4e are thro*2h'7 T# sai)# 7Yo* hate him a ,ot=7 B, as.e)# 7O( -o*rse I )on5t hate him'7 T# sai)# 7There5) +e no (*n i( I hate) him#7 The ,ast +*rnin2 note i,,*minate) his +roo)in2 (a-e# 7A,, this hate an) ,o/e'7 he sai)' 7it5s so(t' it5s hooe0# There5s on,0 thin2s' B,'7 an) he ,oo.e) ro*n) the room -ro4)e) 4ith the *n(ami,iar sha)o4s o( ha,( thin2s' +ro.en thin2s' (ormer thin2s# 7I5,, ra-e 0o* home' B,'7 he sai)#

? Ne3t mornin2 the serio*s )estr*-tion starte)# T4o 4ere missin299Mi.e an) another +o0 4hose 1arents 4ere o(( to So*then) an) Bri2hton in s1ite o( the s,o4 4arm )ro1s that ha) +e2*n to (a,, an) the r*m+,e o( th*n)er in the est*ar0 ,i.e the

(irst 2*ns o( the o,) +,it8# 7%e5/e 2ot to h*rr0'7 T# sai)# S*mmers 4as resti/e# 7Ha/en5t 4e )one eno*2h=7 he sai)# 7I5/e +een 2i/en a +o+ (or s,ot ma-hines# This is ,i.e 4or.#7 7%e5/e har),0 starte)'7 T# sai)# 7%h0' there5s a,, the (,oors ,e(t' an) the stairs# %e ha/en5t ta.en o*t a sin2,e 4in)o4# Yo* /ote) ,i.e the others# %e are 2oin2 to )estro0 this ho*se# There 4on5t +e an0thin2 ,e(t 4hen 4e5/e (inishe)#7 The0 +e2an a2ain on the (irst (,oor 1i-.in2 *1 the to1 (,oor9+oar)s ne3t the o*ter 4a,,' ,ea/in2 the ;oists e31ose)# Then the0 sa4e) thro*2h the ;oists an) retreate) into the ha,,' as 4hat 4as ,e(t o( the (,oor hee,e) an) san.# The0 ha) ,earnt 4ith 1ra-tise' an) the se-on) (,oor -o,,a1se) more easi,0# B0 the e/enin2 an o)) e3hi,aration sei8e) them as the0 ,oo.e) )o4n the 2reat ho,,o4 o( the ho*se# The0 ran ris.s an) ma)e 4hen the0 tho*2ht o( the 4in)o4s it 4as too ,ate to rea-h them# 7Cor'7 !oe sai)' an) )ro11e) a 1enn0 )o4n into the )r0 r*++,e9 (i,,e) 4e,,# It -ra-.e) an) s1an amon2 the +ro.en 2,ass# 7%h0 )i) 4e start this=7 S*mmers as.e) 4ith astonishment6 T# 4as a,rea)0 on the 2ro*n)' )i22in2 at the r*++,e' -,earin2 a s1a-e a,on2 the o*ter 4a,,# 7T*rn on the ta1s'7 he sai)# 7It5s too )ar. (or an0one to see no4' an) in the mornin2 it 4on5t matter#7 The 4ater o/ertoo. them on the stairs an) (e,, thro*2h the (,oor,ess rooms# It 4as then the0 hear) Mi.e5s 4hist,e at the +a-.# 7Somethin25s 4ron2'7 B, sai)# The0 -o*,) hear his *r2ent +reathin2 as the0 *n,o-.e) the )oor# 7The +o2ies=7 S*mmers as.e)# 7O,) Miser0'7 Mi.e sai)# 7He5s on his 4a0#7 He 1*t his hea) +et4een his .nees an) ret-he)# 7Ran a,, the 4a0'7 he sai) 4ith 1ri)e# 7B*t 4h0=7 T# sai)# 7He to,) me###7 He 1roteste) 4ith the (*r0 o( the -hi,) he ha) ne/er +een' 7It isn5t (air#7 7He 4as )o4n at So*then)'7 Mi.e sai)' 7an) he 4as on the train -omin2 +a-.# Sai) it 4as too -o,) an) 4et#7 He 1a*se) an) 2a8e) at the 4ater# 7M0' 0o*5/e ha) a storm here# Is the roo( ,ea.in2=7 7Ho4 ,on2 4i,, he +e=7 7Fi/e min*tes# I 2a/e Ma the s,i1 an) ran#7 7%e +etter -,ear'7 S*mmers sai)# 74e5/e )one eno*2h' an04a0#7 7Oh' no' 4e ha/en5t# An0+o)0 -o*,) )o this997 7this7 4as the shattere) ho,,o4e) ho*se 4ith nothin2 ,e(t +*t the 4a,,s# Yet 4a,,s -o*,) +e 1reser/e)# Faa)es 4ere /a,*a+,e# The0 -o*,) +*i,) insi)e a2ain more +ea*ti(*,,0 than +e(ore# This -o*,) a2ain +e a home# He sai) an2ri,0' 7%e5/e 2ot to (inish# Don5t mo/e# "et me thin.#7 7There5s no time'7 a +o0 sai)# 7There5s 2ot to +e a 4a0'7 T# sai)# 7%e -o*,)n5t ha/e 2ot th*s (ar###7 7%e5/e )one a ,ot'7 B, sai)# 7No# No' 4e ha/en5t# Some+o)0 4at-h the (ront#7 7%e -an5t )o an0 more#7 7He ma0 -ome in at the +a-.#7 7%at-h the +a-. too#7 T# +e2an to 1,ea)# 7!*st 2i/e me a min*te an) I5,, (i3 it# I s4ear I5,, (i3 it#7 B*t his a*thorit0 ha) 2one 4ith his am+i2*it0# He 4as on,0 one o( the 2an2# 7P,ease'7 he sai)# 7P,ease'7 S*mmers mimi-.e) him' an) then s*))en,0 str*-. home 4ith the (ata, name# 7R*n a,on2 home' Tre/or#7 T# stoo) 4ith his +a-. to the r*++,e ,i.e a +o3er .no-.e) 2ro220 a2ainst the ro1es# He ha) no 4or)s as his )reams shoo. an) s,i)# Then B, a-te) +e(ore the 2an2 ha) time to ,a*2h' 1*shin2 S*mmers +a-.4ar)# 7I5,, 4at-h the (ront' T#'7 he sai)' an) -a*tio*s,0 he o1ene) the sh*tters o( the ha,,# The 2re0 4et -ommon stret-he) ahea)' an) the ,am1s 2,eame) in the 1*)),es# 7Someone5s -omin2' T# No' it5s not him# %hat5s 0o*r 1,an' T#=7 7Te,, Mi.e to 2o o*t to the ,oo an) hi)e -,ose +esi)e it# %hen he hears me 4hist,e he5s 2ot to -o*nt ten an) start to sho*t#7 7Sho*t 4hat=7 7Oh' 5He,1'5 an0thin2#7

7Yo* hear' Mi.e'7 B, sai)# He 4as the ,ea)er a2ain# He too. a <*i-. ,oo. +et4een the sh*tters# 7He5s -omin2' T#7 7>*i-.' Mi.e# The ,oo# Sta0 here' B,' a,, o( 0o* ti,, I 0e,,#7 7%here are 0o* 2oin2' T#=7 7Don5t 4orr0# I5,, see to this# I sai) I 4o*,)' )i)n5t I=7 O,) Miser0 -ame ,im1in2 o(( the -ommon# He ha) m*) on his shoes an) he sto11e) to s-ra1e them on the 1a/ement5s e)2e# He )i)n5t 4ant to soi, his ho*se' 4hi-h stoo) ;a22e) an) )ar. +et4een the +om+9sites' sa/e) so narro4,0' as he +e,ie/e)' (rom )estr*-tion# E/en the (an,i2ht ha) +een ,e(t *n+ro.en +0 the +om+5s +,ast# Some4here some+o)0 4hist,e)# O,) Miser0 ,oo.e) shar1,0 ro*n)# He )i)n5t tr*st 4hist,es# A -hi,) 4as sho*tin2: it seeme) to -ome (rom his o4n 2ar)en# Then a +o0 ran into the roa) (rom the -ar91ar.# 7Mr# Thomas'7 he -a,,e)' 7Mr# Thomas#7 7%hat is it=7 7I5m terri+,0 sorr0' Mr# Thomas# One o( *s 2ot ta.en short' an) 4e tho*2ht 0o* 4o*,)5t min)' an) no4 he -an5t 2et o*t#7 7%hat )o 0o* mean' +o0=7 7He5s 2ot st*-. in 0o*r ,oo#7 7He5) no +*siness99Ha/en5t I seen 0o* +e(ore=7 7Yo* sho4e) me 0o*r ho*se#7 7So I )i)# So I )i)# That )oesn5t 2i/e 0o* the ri2ht to997 7Do h*rr0' Mr# Thomas# He5,, s*((o-ate#7 7Nonsense# He -an5t s*((o-ate# %ait ti,, I 1*t m0 +a2 in#7 7I5,, -arr0 0o*r +a2#7 7Oh' no' 0o* )on5t# I -arr0 m0 o4n#7 7This 4a0' Mr# Thomas#7 7I -an5t 2et in the 2ar)en that 4a0# I5/e 2ot to 2o thro*2h the ho*se# 7B*t 0o* -an 2et in the 2ar)en this 4a0' Mr# Thomas# %e o(ten )o#7 7Yo* o(ten )o=7 He (o,,o4e) the +o0 4ith a s-an)a,i8e) (as-ination# 7%hen= %hat ri2ht###7 7Do 0o* see###= The 4a,,5s ,o4#7 7I5m not 2oin2 to -,im+ 4a,,s into m0 o4n 2ar)en# It5s a+s*r)#7 7This is ho4 4e )o it# One (oot here' one (oot there' an) o/er#7 The +o05s (a-e 1eere) )o4n' an arm shot o*t' an) Mr# Thomas (o*n) his +a2 ta.en an) )e1osite) on the other si)e o( the 4a,,# 7Gi/e me +a-. m0 +a2'7 Mr# Thomas sai)# From the ,oo a +o0 0e,,e) an) 0e,,e)# 7I5,, -a,, the 1o,i-e#7 7Yo*r +a25s a,, ri2ht' Mr# Thomas# "oo.# One (oot there# On 0o*r ri2ht# No4 ;*st a+o/e# To 0o*r ,e(t#7 Mr# Thomas -,im+e) o/er his o4n 2ar)en 4a,,# 7Here5s 0o*r +a2' Mr# Thomas#7 7I5,, ha/e the 4a,, +*i,t *1'7 Mr# Thomas sai)' 7I5,, not ha/e 0o* +o0s -omin2 o/er here' *sin2 m0 ,oo#7 He st*m+,e) on the 1ath' +*t the +o0 -a*2ht his e,+o4 an) s*11orte) him# 7Than. 0o*' than. 0o*' m0 +o0'7 he m*rm*re) a*tomati-a,,0# Some+o)0 sho*te) a2ain thro*2h the )ar.# 7I5m -omin2' I5m -omin2'7 Mr# Thomas -a,,e)# He sai) to the +o0 +esi)e him' 7I5m not *nreasona+,e# Been a +o0 m0se,(# As ,on2 as thin2s are )one re2*,ar# I )on5t min) 0o* 1,a0in2 ro*n) the 1,a-e Sat*r)a0 mornin2s# Sometimes I ,i.e -om1an0# On,0 it5s 2ot to +e re2*,ar# One o( 0o* as.s ,ea/e an) I sa0 Yes# Sometimes I5,, sa0 No# %on5t (ee, ,i.e it# An) 0o* -ome in at the (ront )oor an) o*t at the +a-.# No 2ar)en 4a,,s#7 7Do 2et him o*t' Mr# Thomas#7 7He 4on5t -ome to an0 harm in m0 ,oo'7 Mr# Thomas sai)' st*m+,in2 s,o4,0 )o4n the 2ar)en# 7Oh' m0 rhe*mati-s'7 he sai)# 7A,4a0s 2et 5em on Ban. Ho,i)a0# I5/e 2ot to 2o -are(*,# There5s ,oose stones here# Gi/e me 0o*r han)# Do 0o* .no4 4hat m0 horos-o1e sai) 0ester)a0= 5A+stain (rom an0 )ea,in2s in (irst ha,( o( 4ee.# Dan2er o( serio*s -rash#5 That mi2ht +e on this 1ath'7 Mr# Thomas sai)# 7The0 s1ea. in 1ara+,es an) )o*+,e meanin2s#7 He 1a*se) at the )oor o( the ,oo# 7%hat5s the matter in there=7 he -a,,e)# There 4as no re1,0# 7Perha1s he5s (ainte)'7 the +o0 sai)# 7Not in m0 ,oo# Here' 0o*' -ome o*t'7 Mr# Thomas sai)' an) 2i/in2 a 2reat

;er. at the )oor he near,0 (e,, on his +a-. 4hen it s4*n2 easi,0 o1en# A han) (irst s*11orte) him an) then 1*she) him har)# His hea) hit the o11osite 4a,, an) he sat hea/i,0 )o4n# His +a2 hit his (eet# A han) 4hi11e) the .e0 o*t o( the ,o-. an) the )oor s,amme)# 7"et me o*t'7 he -a,,e)' an) hear) the .e0 t*rn in the ,o-.# 7A serio*s -rash'7 he tho*2ht' an) (e,t )ither0 an) -on(*se) an) o,)# A /oi-e s1o.e to him so(t,0 thro*2h the star9sha1e) ho,e in the )oor# 7Don5t 4orr0' Mr# Thomas'7 it sai)' 74e 4on5t h*rt 0o*' not i( 0o* sta0 <*iet#7 Mr# Thomas 1*t his hea) +et4een his han)s an) 1on)ere)# He ha) noti-e) that there 4as on,0 one ,orr0 in the -ar91ar.' an) he (e,t -ertain that the )ri/er 4o*,) not -ome (or it +e(ore the mornin2# No+o)0 -o*,) hear him (rom the roa) in (ront' an) the ,ane at the +a-. 4as se,)om *se)# An0one 4ho 1asse) there 4o*,) +e h*rr0in2 home an) 4o*,) not 1a*se (or 4hat the0 4o*,) -ertain,0 ta.e to +e )r*n.en -ries# An) i( he )i) -a,, 7He,1'7 4ho' on a ,one,0 Ban. Ho,i)a0 e/enin2' 4o*,) ha/e the -o*ra2e to in/esti2ate= Mr# Thomas sat on the ,oo an) 1on)ere) 4ith the 4is)om o( a2e# A(ter a 4hi,e it seeme) to him that there 4ere so*n)s in the si,en-e99the0 4ere (aint an) -ame (rom the )ire-tion o( his ho*se# He stoo) *1 an) 1eere) thro*2h the /enti,ation9ho,e99+et4een the -ra-.s in one o( the sh*tters he sa4 a ,i2ht' not the ,i2ht o( a ,am1' +*t the 4a/erin2 ,i2ht that a -an),e mi2ht 2i/e# Then he tho*2ht he hear) the so*n) o( hammerin2 an) s-ra1in2 an) -hi11in2# He tho*2ht o( +*r2,ars991erha1s the0 ha) em1,o0e) the +o0 as a s-o*t' +*t 4h0 sho*,) +*r2,ars en 2a2e in 4hat so*n)e) more an) more ,i.e a stea,th0 (orm o( -ar1entr0= Mr# Thomas ,et o*t an e31erimenta, 0e,,' +*t no+o)0 ans4ere)# The noise -o*,) not e/en ha/e rea-he) his enemies#

F Mi.e ha) 2one home to +e)' +*t the rest sta0e)# The <*estion o( ,ea)ershi1 no ,on2er -on-erne) the 2an2# %ith nai,s' -hise,s' s-re4)ri/ers' an0thin2 that 4as shar1 an) 1enetratin2 the0 mo/e) aro*n) the inner 4a,,s 4orr0in2 at the mortar +et4een the +ri-.s# The0 starte) too hi2h' an) it 4as B, 4ho hit on the )am1 -o*rse an) rea,i8e) the 4or. -o*,) +e ha,/e) i( the0 4ea.ene) the ;oints imme)iate,0 a+o/e# It 4as a ,on2' tirin2' *nam*sin2 ;o+' +*t at ,ast it 4as (inishe)# The 2*tte) ho*se stoo) there +a,an-e) on a (e4 in-hes o( mortar +et4een the )am1 -o*rse an) the +ri-.s# There remaine) the most )an2ero*s tas. o( a,,' o*t in the o1en at the e)2e o( the +om+9site# S*mmers 4as sent to 4at-h the roa) (or 1assers9+0' an) Mr# Thomas' sittin2 on the ,oo' hear) -,ear,0 no4 the so*n) o( sa4in2# It no ,on2er -ame (rom his ho*se' an) that a ,itt,e reass*re) him# He (e,t ,ess -on-erne)# Perha1s the other noises too ha) no si2ni(i-an-e# A /oi-e s1o.e to him thro*2h the ho,e# 7Mr# Thomas#7 7"et me o*t'7 Mr# Thomas sai) stern,0# 7Here5s a +,'7 the /oi-e sai)' an) a ,on2 2re0 sa*sa2e 4as 4or.e) thro*2h the ho,e an) (e,, in s4athes o/er Mr# Thomas5s hea)# 7There5s nothin2 1ersona,'7 the /oi-e sai)# 7%e 4ant 0o* to +e -om(orta+,e toni2ht#7 7Toni2ht'7 Mr# Thomas re1eate) in-re)*,o*s,0# 7Cat-h'7 the /oi-e sai)# 7Penn0 +*ns994e5/e +*ttere) them' an) sa*sa2e9 ro,,s# %e )on5t 4ant 0o* to star/e' Mr# Thomas#7 Mr# Thomas 1,ea)e) )es1erate,0# 7A ;o.e5s a ;o.e' +o0# "et me o*t an) I 4on5t sa0 a thin2# I5/e 2ot rhe*mati-s# I 2ot to s,ee1 -om(orta+,e#7 7Yo* 4o*,)n5t +e -om(orta+,e' not in 0o*r ho*se' 0o* 4o*,)n5t# Not no4#7 7%hat )o 0o* mean' +o0=7 +*t the (ootste1s re-e)e)# There 4as on,0 the

si,en-e o( ni2ht: no so*n) o( sa4in2# Mr# Thomas trie) one more 0e,,' +*t he 4as )a*nte) an) re+*.e) +0 the si,en-e99a ,on2 4a0 o(( an o4, hoote) an) ma)e a4a0 a2ain on its m*((,e) (,i2ht thro*2h the so*n),ess 4or,)# At se/en ne3t mornin2 the )ri/er -ame to (et-h his ,orr0# He -,im+e) into the seat an) trie) to start the en2ine# He 4as /a2*e,0 a4are o( a /oi-e sho*tin2' +*t it )i)n5t -on-ern him# At ,ast the en2ine res1on)e) an) he +a-.e) the ,orr0 *nti, it to*-he) the 2reat 4oo)en shore that s*11orte) Mr# Thomas5s ho*se# That 4a0 he -o*,) )ri/e ri2ht o*t an) )o4n the street 4itho*t re/ersin2# The ,orr0 mo/e) (or4ar)' 4as momentari,0 -he-.e) as tho*2h somethin2 4ere 1*,,in2 it (rom +ehin)' an) then 4ent on to the so*n) o( a ,on2 r*m+,in2 -rash# The )ri/er 4as astonishe) to see +ri-.s +o*n-in2 ahea) o( him' 4hi,e stones hit the roo( o( his -a+# He 1*t on his %hen he -,im+e) o*t the 4ho,e ,an)s-a1e ha) s*))en,0 a,tere)# There 4as no ho*se +esi)e the -ar91ar.' on,0 a hi,, o( r*++,e# He 4ent ro*n) an) e3amine) the +a-. o( his -ar (or )ama2e' an) (o*n) a ro1e tie) there that 4as sti,, t4iste) at the other en) ro*n) 1art o( a 4oo)en str*t# The )ri/er a2ain +e-ame a4are o( some+o)0 sho*tin2# It -ame (rom the 4oo)en ere-tion 4hi-h 4as the nearest thin2 to a ho*se in that )eso,ation o( +ro.en +ri-.# The )ri/er -,im+e) the smashe) 4a,, an) *n,o-.e) the )oor# Mr# Thomas -ame o*t o( the ,oo# He 4as 4earin2 a 2re0 +, to 4hi-h (, o( 1astr0 a)here)# He 2a/e a so++in2 -r0# 7M0 ho*se'7 he sai)# 7%here5s m0 ho*se=7 7Sear-h me'7 the )ri/er sai)# His e0e ,it on the remains o( a +ath an) 4hat ha) on-e +een a )resser an) he +e2an to ,a*2h# There 4asn5t an0thin2 ,e(t an04here# 7Ho4 )are 0o* ,a*2h'7 Mr# Thomas sai)# 7It 4as m0 ho*se# M0 ho*se#7 7I5m sorr0'7 the )ri/er sai)' ma.in2 heroi- e((orts' +*t 4hen he remem+ere) the s*))en -he-. to his ,orr0' the -rash o( +ri-.s (a,,in2' he +e-ame -on/*,se) a2ain# One moment the ho*se ha) stoo) there 4ith s*-h )i2nit0 +et4een the +om+9 sites ,i.e a man in a to1 hat' an) then' +an2' -rash' there 4asn5t an0thin2 ,e(t99 not an0thin2# He sai)' 7I5m sorr0# I -an5t he,1 it' Mr# Thomas# There5s nothin2 1ersona,' +*t 0o* 2ot to a)mit it5s (*nn0#7