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Royal Mediterania

Pro.Name Garden Residence II


/ output 1600kVA 1450kVA 1420kW 1280kW 1415kW 1280kW

rating stand-by prime stand-by prime stand-by prime

(another voltage) V V V V V V

Arrangement No.; kVA kVA kW kW kW kW G4R22 24 vari 24 vari 26 vari 26 vari 27 vari 27 vari

X 5S-7PD
5P-7PD 6S-7PC 6P-7PC 6S-73PD 6P-73PD


generator MG-7PD MG-7PD MG-7PC MG-7PC MG-73PD MG-73PD

freq. / volt. 50Hz / 380V / 50Hz / 380V / 60Hz / 480V / 60Hz / 480V / 60Hz / 380V / 60Hz / 380V /

Amb. Temp. X STD max: 40 deg C min : 5 deg C Altitude X STD Less than 1000 m Humidity X STD Less than 85 % Start up Time STD Less than 40 sec X AC power source for Eng. Auxiliary machines (customer supply) --- Freq. X 50Hz x 380 V / 220V --- Volt. (3phase / 1phase Other Other Other Other 60Hz 480 V max m % Less than deg C min : deg C

15 sec

/ 277V


) Option Arrangement
P4R21-911, 941

ATTACHMENT (Recomendation) X STD Parts X Eng Manual X MGS Manual (OPTION)



Tool Parts Catalog Parts Catalog

Type ; Capacity ; Type ; Input Volt/Freq Output Current ;

X Battery

Air Cleaner

Paper Element
400Ah 220/50 15A other ( 277/60 other ( Ah) 220/60 A) other (

P4R21-701 P4RZ1-461 P4RZ1-462

Battery Charger

Wall Mounted / )

x L/O x J/W

Priming Pump Heater

Power * Pcs. ; Input Volt/Freq Power *Pcs. ; Input Volt / Fre Attenation ;

1.5 kW * 1pcs.

x x

P4R21-521 380/60 380/60 ( other ( other (

380/50 380/50

480/60 480/60 dB(A)


2kW * 2 pcs. ) dB)



X Exhaust
F/O Tank

Flexible Joint

Size ; Capacity ; Level Switch Input Volt/Freq Output Signal ;

500L 1000L 277/60 Specified 1500L 220/60 2000L with 4 contact Float Switch other ( with Glass tube level gage 220/50 STD


P4RZ1-561 / )
P4RZ1-411 07 -----P4RZ1-411 01,02 ------P4RZ1-411 06 P4R21-101 ---------------------

X Generator Space Heater X 2157 Expansion Unit X Parallel Operation X CCT X X X X X

RPR Remote Controll Setting Unit Anchor Bolt For Approval Drawing As Build Drawing Witness Test Supervisor

x X

X Digital

(Special Option) Circuit Breaker MCCB ACB

Running Type ; Setting Type ; Pole ; Action ;

Manual (MCCB Std) Floor standing 3 Pole + N Shunt Trip Over current

Stored(ACB Std) Box type (ACB Std)


Install on DG (MCCB Std) 4 Pole

Indication Switch Alarm Switch TT UnderVoltage IT

Ground/Earth Fault Relay

Distribution System ; TN-S (Std) TN-C

X Aux. Panel

Type ; Usage ;

Wall Mounted

X x

L/O Primiming Pump Gen. Space Heater Bearing RTD's

J/W Heater

Temperture Sensor for Generator Oversize Radiator for 50 degree C Remove STD Radiator & Fan Heat Exchanger & Expansion Tank W/O Heat Exchanger DGICS MII

Winding RTD's

P4R21-601 G4RB1 instead of G4R2

Condition ;

Condition ;
Type ;

Cooling Tower and the piping should be cutormer scope Heat Exchanger or Remote Radiator should be customer scope Single Operartion Parallel Operation Blank item will be out of our scope of supply.