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Volume XXXIII, Issue VII


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January 3, 2014.....
As 2014 kicks off, take a look at some of the key issues that could dominate the political landscape in the year ahead. - See page 22 for Legislative News.




See page 17 for details

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WHO WE ARE We are a non-profit organization of motorcycle enthusiasts from all walks of life. We lobby and educate the government and the general public to promote motorcycling in a safe and positive image. We endeavor to enlist the cooperation and participation of all organizations and individuals that share a similar interest in preserving our American tradition of FREEDOM. We promote motorcycle safety, training, & political awareness. We ARE NOT A CLUB OR A GANG. We fund our work through toy runs, poker runs, campouts, and other motorcycle activities. We are your neighbors & friends who work, pay taxes, and get involved with our community. We serve and support our country and believe in freedom. We use all legal means to protect our rights without infringing on the rights of others. OUR GOALS To become a powerful and viable political force in legislative matters concerning the motorcyclist. To promote the safe riding habits without infringing on individual freedoms. To motivate the bikers to write letters to their legislators before, during, and after the legislative session. To furnish our members with a newsletter to keep all bikers informed in regards to upcoming legislation.

Southwest Chapter Meeting Schedule This months Chapter Meeting February 2nd, 2014 10 a.m. at
Will be held on

Harley Davidson of Fort Myers

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ABATE of Florida, Inc. Southwest Chapter

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Hello Brothers and Sisters, Usually I try to be positive and have a good outlook but lately Im puzzled. There has been a slew of motorcycle deaths and tonight is no difference. As I sit to write this months message I am interrupted by a members call on yet another needless death of a biker. Edward Joy had been rear ended and driven into the back of a pickup truck on Pine Island Rd, dead on impact. Cant wait for Her excuse. On another note, Brother Chapter member Jerry Barnett has succumbed to his illness. After battling pneumonia and kidney shut down, Jerry passed on Monday morning, Jan 27th. As I was working with a client I got the call. As most of you who knew Jerry, there was a great loss today. Jerry had become the model member, Chaptered up when needed and was relentless bringing in new members, and, not to mention his charisma dealing with the

advertisers. I had met Jerry a couple years ago and knew instantly that he was a stand up guy with character. Always smiling and willing to lend a hand. Im going to miss him as if he was in my life forever. People like Jerry dont come around as often as we like. May you rest in peace Jerry Barnett, 1/27/2014. Well, this is the weather weve been waiting for and it looks like riding season and the weather will be plentiful for Southwest Floridians. We just rode over to Lake O for lunch and although cloudy, it was perfect for riding. Plans for weekly rides are coming up so, get those motors running and turnout on the highway. Our next event will be the annual Bears for Bears in May for Motorcycle Safety Month. Details will follow but it is planned for May 17th. Stay tuned. Also, Mark your calendars for July 26th, our next 5 Star event at Peace River Campground. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, let us know, Its YOUR Chapter. Stay healthy and ride safe,




Caloosahatchee President 2010-2013 State Delegate 2010-2013 Products 2009

Hello to all of the ABATE members of the SOUTHWEST CHAPTER OF ABATE of FLORIDA INCORPORATED, all ABATE members, and ALL BIKERS! Another month into the next year, YEEHAW and good riding to all! If you as a member do not let the Board of Directors (BOC) know what you want, or how you would like the Chapter to move forward, we will not be able to serve you. I sincerely ask every member to attend as many Chapter meetings as possible. Last Fort Myers bike night was a lot of fun, even though many of us got wet on the way homes, an old biker once said, If you dont get wet, you dont ride in Florida! I am sure he was speaking about motorcycles! I did notice a couple of drivers at bike night wearing flip-flops. Guess they do not like their feet too much. I cant seem to figure out where they put their redundant third boot gun and knife, Im sure I dont want to know either! So much for preaching.

ABATE is a political organization without any politicians to promote. WE promote you, and we promote motorcycle and citizens rights. Charities are great; however, you should remember two things- 1-ABATE is a political organization, and 2-charity starts at home. Take time to help anyone you can, it will be rewarded if in no other way than selfcontent; but please remember to stand up and be counted with us, the Southwest Chapter of ABATE of Florida, Inc. I was wondering where is the place you most like to ride to, What was (or is) the most fun local ride? Come to a meeting and let us know. I would like to put the photo of the bikers that have the heart to share their favorite things here in this part of the STATE, or within a half days ride. Every day, someone you may know, or have met, or hear about loses to a cage. Do not forget that they do not care about you, or yours, only other bikers DO! WATCH OUT FOR YOUR FRIENDS, AND BE SAFE WITH YOURSELF AS A DEFENSE! Sincerely, Biffle F. Davis, Vice-President

SERVING YOUR PERSONAL PRINTING NEEDS Personal Letterhead, Business Cards, Stamps, Posters SERVING YOUR COMPANY PRINTING NEEDS Direct Mail, Brochures, Presentation Folders, Newsletters, Post Cards, Continuous Forms, Catalogs


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DEAR FELLOW ABATE MEMBERS We are sitting here, looking at a flyer for an upcoming event. And, the first thing that catches your eye is ARE YOU READY TO PARTY?
As long as we can remember, bikers love to party. Some of the most famous and/or infamous are MASH BASH and Spooks & Scoots. How about some of your wedding receptions? Bike Nights? Daytona? Did you know that the greatest party to be thrown is yet to come? And, there is a continual party/rejoicing going on, that overshadows any party that we can produce? The Book of Revelation in the 19th Chapter tells us about a marriage supper that scholars say is where God will have a marriage between the Church (body of believers) and Jesus. It is further described in the Parable in Matthew Chapter 22. We think of the resources that bikers sometimes have to put together to make an event and/or party possible. Just think of Gods resources to put on a marriage party for His Son!

The Scriptures also tells us about the rejoicing in Heaven that goes on when one becomes a believer by taking Jesus into his/her heart as Lord and Savior. Thus, I tell you, there will be more joy in heaven over one (especially] wicked person who repents (changes his mind, abhorring his errors and misdeeds, and determines to enter upon a better course of life) than over ninety-nine righteous persons who have no need of repentance. Luke 15:7 AMP

So, are you really ready to party, with Jesus? Dont be left out
Please pray this prayer: "Dear God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the God of Jesus, my heavenly Father, I confess that I am a sinner and have been separated from You. I ask forgiveness of my sins. I confess with my mouth that your son Jesus is my savior and died for me. I believe in my heart that You raised Him from the dead. I receive Jesus into my heart and ask Him to become the center of my life. I ask, in the Name of Jesus. Amen." Blessings, Pastor Tom (Estero River ABATE Life Member and Southwest Chapter Chaplain) and Kathy (SW ABATE Life Member) or 239-267-8641

Our Caring Circle Please keep in your thoughts & prayers the following members and their loved ones.

Barnett Family Bob Von Bulow Family Keith Baker

Membership Report
Lynne Davis

Membership Trustee January 2014 New Members John Perrone Jake Wallace Dennis Lamb

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Christopher Rimscha Sarah Rimscha Gary Serrago Heidi Szolga

Renewals expire the last day of your month. Membership applications can be picked up at local motorcycle shops throughout Lee County and many offer discounts to ABATE Members (just show your card) and at our Tuesday Bike Night at The Joint in Cape Harbor from 6p-9p

Membership Is $20.00 per year or a life membership for $150.00. Membership includes a $4,000.00 accidental death or dismemberment policy, local discount with participating businesses and a VOICE to be counted as a member of a Motorcycle Rights Organization (MRO) to make roads safer and drivers accountable for their actions.





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We Welcome Marine Veterans, FMF Corpsmen And Active Duty Men and Women Marines If you love riding a motorcycle and want the Brotherhood/Sisterhood That you had in the Corps, then we are what you want!
For further information contact Rail Road at: 239-321-3298 Or visit our website at:

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Meeting 10am 9 Daylight Savings Begins 10 3







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Tuesday night Bike Night at the Joint in Cape Harbour 6-10pm Shirts, Membership, and Safety Items Always Available The Joint 5785 Cape Harbour Dr #108, Cape Coral, FL 33914

GENERAL MEETING @ Harley Davidson Ft Myers 1/5/2014 CALLED TO ORDER AT: 10:10am Anyone besides the Secretary taking notes? No. Please silence Cell phones.
Salute flag/Pledge & Prayer

Welcome Guests/New Members PRESIDENTS REPORT: WAYNE CERRA 1. We would like to thank Councilman Richard Leon for coming and speaking with us regard our 2nd Amendment Rights. If you would like to send the council and email you can do so at: 2. We had a great turn out for the Christmas Ride and the Adopt-A-Family Ride. Thank you to everyone that attended and help out with the run. 3.Update on Jerry Barnett, improving a litte but he is still in the hospital. So lets keep Jerry and his family in our prayers. VICE PRESIDENT: BIFFLE DAVIS 1. Just a reminder to every rider out there. Keep your eyes open when your out. Its season and not everyone is watching out for us. SECRETARYS REPORT: TRACY DAVIS 1. Motion to accept last months minutes as written in the newsletter made by Heidi Szolga and 2nd by Lynne Davis 2. If you have money to turn in for the Bike tickets please give to Wayne. Also we still have 10 books to sell. Please grab a book and sell. TREASURERS REPORT: JIMMIE DENNIS 1. Motion to accept last months report made by Heidi Szolga and 2nd by Lynne Davis SARGENT AT ARMS: JAIME GOLDBERG 1. They were no accidents on our Christmas Ride or our Adopt-A-Family ride. MEMBERSHIP REPORT: LYNNE DAVIS 1. 10 New members 0 Renewals ADVERTISING: JERRY BARNETT(Excused) 1. Lets keep supporting our advertisers. 2. Please help with new advertisers. NEWSLETTER & FLYERS: BARBARA BARDELL 1. Anyone who would like to submit an article please see me, we are open to member articles approved by the board. WEBSITE: TAYLOR ATM MUSBURGER 1. Please let Taylor or Wayne know if you see any

changes that need to be made. PR COMMUNICATION: GWYNNE HICKMAN 1. Thank you for getting the Media to come support our Christmas ride. SAFETY DIRECTOR: VIC PIORKOWSKI 1. We do have some upcoming classes and we need more Safety Instructors. Jan 8th @ NFM, Jan 10 @ Mariner, Jan 13th @ Mariner, Jan 14-15 @ Riverdale, Jan 17th @ CCH and Jan 21st and 27th @ Ft Myers High 2. Peace River & Estero Chapter would like our help to get Safety Instructors trained in there chapters. PRODUCTS: MOE MOSHER 1. We have our Christmas shirts on sale for $5 and our Chapter shirts are $20. LEGISLATIVE REPORT: KEN TEDDYBEAR MILLER 1. In the newsletter DELEGATE REPORT: BIFFLE DAVIS & VIC PIORKOWSKI 1. Tax Exemt Non Profit 501 C-4 & 501 C-3, we are working on that. 2. Regarding your insurance. Please fill out your card and send to Boots or put it with your will. 3. We are still fighting to see if we can get ur safety money back. 4. Let Scribe know who is Motorcycle friendly in your area. 5. If you should have any questions or concerns please email Emery Griffiths ROAD CAPTAIN: BRIAN PIERCY 1. Lunch Ride to Banana Joes in N Ft Myers at Marinatown on Hancock Bridge 2. They will be a dinner ride on Jan 15. 3. Jimmy Soppa our ride coordinator will be getting some rides put together for us. OLD BUSINESS 1. 1st meeting for our 5-Star Event at PRC for July 2729th will be around the 3rd week of January. This will be a 3 day camping and 1 day event. NEW BUSINESS 1. Saturday Jan 11th Thunder By The Bay GOOD OF THE ORDER 1. None TIME OF ADJOURNMENT: ______11:18am_______ Made by Gwynne Hickman and 2nd by Lynne Davis

The Southwest Chapter of ABATE of Florida, Inc. Regrets to inform our Chapter Members the loss of our Brother, Jerry Barnett, Advertising Trustee, Freedom Fighter, and Friend. A man who was supportive, had a kind word for everyone, and a great outlook on life. He touched many lives. A Musician, he enjoyed bluegrass music with his friends and bandmates of Southwind. May the Wind be at you back Brother on your journey Home. Your Southwest Chapter Family

LEGISLATIVE REPORT ~ FEB. 2014 Submitted by Ken TEDDYBEAR Miller

Good Morning Freedom Fighters:
From ABATE of Florida, Inc. Darrin Scribe Brooks Hi Everyone, THE CAPITAL, TALLAHASSEE, January 3, 2014 As 2014 kicks off, here's a look at some of the key issues that could dominate the political landscape in the year ahead. GOVERNOR VS. GOVERNOR FOR GOVERNOR: The most closely-watched race in Florida this year will be the battle between Gov. Rick Scott and his immediate predecessor, former Gov. Charlie Crist, for the state's top job. The psychodrama in the race adds a dimension to what would already be a tough contest for commander-in-chief of a critical swing state. Crist is a Republican-turned-independent-turnedDemocrat running against his old party, at times taking shots at policies he once supported while accusing the GOP of wandering too far to the right. Scott, meanwhile, has plans to spend up to $100 million to trash Crist and tout an economic record that he says has earned him a second term. Crist is also up against the troubled record of his new party, which hasn't won a gubernatorial election in Florida in 20 years. And he still has to fight off a primary challenge from former Senate Minority Leader Nan Rich, D-Weston. IT'S THE ECONOMY, STUPID: Providing a backdrop for the gubernatorial contest will be the state of the economy, which has continued to slowly emerge from the shadow of the recession. Already, Florida's unemployment rate shrank to 6.4 percent in November, down from 6.7 percent in October, according to the state Department of Economic Opportunity. That marks the lowest rate in Florida since July 2008 -- during Crist's tenure. Scott has already begun touting the fact that jobs lost under Crist have been replaced while he was in office. At the same time, the good economic news has provided additional tax revenue for Scott to use to boost spending on public education and to propose tax cuts -- two things he'll be certain to remind voters about in the fall, especially if things continue to improve as expected. FLORIDA, FLORIDA, FLORIDA: The nation's capital will also be focused on Florida. With Democrats heavy underdogs to retake control of the U.S. House, the biggest swing state in the country will be one of the places they look to cut into the GOP majority. Former Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink is already running in the special election to replace the late Republican Congressman C.W. Bill Young; her GOP opponent is yet to be decided. Gwen Graham, the daughter of former governor and U.S. Sen. Bill Graham, is mounting a Democratic campaign against incumbent GOP Congressman Steve Southerland in a Northwest Florida seat. Southwest Florida Congressman Trey Radel, also a Republican, was arrested for purchasing $250 of cocaine during an undercover sting in October in Washington, D.C. But Radel's district is heavily Republican, and his biggest threats might come from within the party. SENATE PRESIDENCY: There's no real drama in the race for control of the Legislature this year. Democrats are hoping instead to diminish the GOP's hefty majority in both chambers. The more intriguing fight might be in the Senate, where the presidency following the 2016 elections is still very much in play. On one side is Sen. Joe Negron, R-Stuart, a wonkish legislator who serves as the chamber's budget chief. On the other side is Sen. Jack Latvala, R-Clearwater, a gruff Senate veteran on his second stint in the chamber. Much of the battle could be decided during the primaries but general election contests could shape the fight as well. SEARCH FOR A LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR: Florida is nearing the end of its 10th month without a formal No. 2 for Scott since Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll resigned in March. Carroll co-owned a company that provided consulting services to St. Augustine-based Allied Veterans of the World while she was a member of the House, which became problematic when Allied Veterans became ensnared in a racketeering investigation. Carroll was never charged with a crime. Since then, Scott hasnt rushed to fill the position. The governor could wait until after the legislative session and then name a running mate who could strengthen his hand in the general election. Until then, Attorney General Pam Bondi would take over for Scott if he was unable to carry out his duties. PENSION PLANS: Weatherford is also expected to make another run at overhauling the pension plan for public workers. Ideas range from the speaker's proposal last year, which would require new employees to enter a 401(k)-style retirement plan, to offering a "cash balance" plan, which allows employees to take their pension either as a lump sum or as an annuity. An overhaul of state pensions died last year in the Senate, when a maverick group of Republicans teamed with Democrats to block Weatherford's plan. But Weatherford continues to send signs that he's not abandoning the issue. "The time for pension reform has come. RT if you agree!" Weatherford tweeted on Friday. VOTING PURGE: Secretary of State Ken Detzner's office is expected to soon begin forwarding the names of suspected non-citizens on the voter rolls to local elections officials. The state has been working to finalize a procedure for using a federal list to vet registered voters since 2012, when it first struck a deal with the Department of Homeland Security over

the use of the Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements, or SAVE, database. That would replace a process using a state database that ran into resistance from county elections chiefs because of problematic scrub lists. The renewed program could still face legal challenges from voting-rights organizations, who have argued that it amounts to an attempt to purge minority voters -- who tend to support Democratic candidates -- from the rolls. REDISTRICTING LAWSUITS: The legal fight is expected to continue over the districts that lawmakers approved in 2012 for Florida's congressional delegation and the state Senate, dragging it into a third year. Critics of the maps contend that they were drawn to aid Republicans and incumbents in violation of the anti-gerrymandering "Fair District" amendments that voters added to the constitution in 2010. The Florida Supreme Court has ruled that the state Senate maps can be the subject of a civil lawsuit, despite receiving preliminary approval from the high court in 2012. And Supreme Court decided that lawmakers can be forced to testify about the redistricting process even though legislators generally enjoy a privilege shielding them from speaking in court about their official duties. SPEED LIMIT BILL PASSES FIRST COMMITTEE STOP: A bill that could increase speed limits on some Florida roads got rolling Thursday. The measure (SB 392) was easily approved by the Senate Transportation Committee on a 6-1 vote. The proposal -- by Sens. Jeff Brandes, R-St. Petersburg, and Jeff Clemens, D-Lake Worth -- would allow 75 mph speed limits on limited-access highways, along with a boost in speeds on other roads. The measure would direct the state Department of Transportation to determine the safe minimum and maximum speed limits on all divided highways that have least four lanes. Supporters of the bill say it's safe and that many drivers are already going faster than the current top rate of 70 mph. But critics say it could lead to more accidents. "The highways of Florida are not the German Autobahn," said Sen. Arthenia Joyner, D-Tampa, the only lawmaker on the panel to vote against the bill. The legislation still has to pass the Community Affairs and Appropriations committees before pulling onto the Senate floor. For now, there's no House companion to merge with the Senate's bill. PROPOSAL WOULD REVAMP TERM LIMITS: A House Republican on Wednesday filed a proposed constitutional amendment that would allow state lawmakers to serve 12 consecutive years in office, extending the current eight-year limits. The proposal, HJR 613 by Rep. Keith Perry, RGainesville, also would create six-year terms for senators and four-year terms for House members. Currently, the Senate has four-year terms, and the House has two-year terms. Florida voters in 1992 approved a constitutional amendment that created eight-year term limits for lawmakers.

Past proposals to change the term limits have died in the Legislature. MOVE TO STOP NEW RED LIGHT CAMERAS GETS GREEN LIGHT: New red light cameras would no longer be allowed under a wide-ranging transportation proposal that received the go-ahead Thursday from a House subcommittee. But a roadblock may be ahead for the measure, which was approved in a 10-3 vote by the Transportation & Highway Safety Subcommittee. Besides no longer allowing municipalities and counties to install red light cameras at currently unmonitored intersections after July 1, the proposal (THSS 1401) offered by Rep. Frank Artiles, R-Miami, would reduce the penalty for red light violators caught on camera from $158 to $83. Local governments also would only be allowed to impose a $25 surcharge on tickets to fund the existing systems. We are not removing the cameras that are already there," Artiles said. "If its a safety issue what we're doing is basically saying the local governments are not profiteering from it." However, the proposal is expected to face a more staunch debate at its next stop --- the Transportation & Economic Development Appropriations Subcommittee --- where the chairman Rep. Ed Hooper, R-Clearwater, on Thursday expressed his support for red light cameras. Hooper said the cameras are a safety measure imposed by local governments. "Should it get agendaed there will be a discussion from every interested party," Hooper said in regard to the bill's pending appearance before his subcommittee. "There are some camera companies that should want to do that, some government representatives that will want to do that. I assure the members of this committee that debate will occur before any additional vote on this bill takes place." More than 100 jurisdictions across the state use traffic-light cameras that collectively have generated more than $100 million a year through tickets. The state Department of Transportation in June directed local agencies to add at least 0.4 seconds to the yellow intervals on traffic lights. Research had found that yellow lights were set a half-a-second shorter than the recommended interval, which could result in a doubling of the number of tickets. BUDGET CHAIRMAN PROMISES LARGE CUT TO VEHICLE FEES: An unpopular 2009 vehicle-registration fee hike will be rolled back, the Senate's budget chairman promised Thursday. The size of the reduction is still a couple of months from being settled, as lawmakers and Gov. Rick Scott have proposed different bottom-line numbers. But Appropriations Chairman Joe Negron, a Stuart Republican who is spearheading the issue in the Senate, assured his colleagues that the final total will be big. "What we can promise people is that the fee decrease will be large and something that they'll feel," Negron told members of the Transportation, Tourism, and Economic Development Appropriations Subcommittee. The panel unanimously supported the proposal (SB which D156), EXPIRES 8/13 is

projected to collectively save motorists $185 million during the upcoming budget year, growing to $236.7 million the following year. The reductions would translate to about $12 per vehicle registration fee, or half the 2009 increase. Scott, who was at a Brandon Honda dealership on Wednesday as he continues to promote his proposal to roll back the 2009 hike by $400 million, called the committee vote Thursday an "important first step." "Were committed to undoing the 54 percent tax increase that families experienced in 2009, so we can give more back to families," Scott said in a prepared statement. Scott, who is up for re-election in November, has said his proposal will be part of a $500 million tax-and-fee-cut package for the upcoming legislative session. After the committee meeting, Negron said the cut amount will ultimately depend on updated revenue projections from state economists after the legislative session begins in March. FROM American Motorcyclist Association New black box legislation does not go far enough to protect motorcyclists' privacy rights: Protect My Privacy On Jan. 14th U.S. Sens. John Hoeven (R.-N.D.) and Amy Klobuchar (D.-Minn.) introduced S.1925, the Driver Privacy Act. The bill would codify that information collected by an event data recorder commonly referred to as a black box would be the legal property of the owner or lessee of a passenger motor vehicle. However, as currently written, S.1925 only provides privacy protections to vehicles that are specifically mentioned in CFR 49, section 563. This section does not include any reference to motorcycles! As a result, the privacy protections offered to passenger motor vehicles would not extend to motorcyclists. In fact, all information collected from motorcyclists would remain unprotected. To send a prewritten message to your senators, follow this link "Protect My Privacy", then fill out the form at the bottom of the page and click "submit". The American Motorcyclist Association supports clarifying who owns the data collected in black boxes currently only 14 states have laws relating to ownership of data in an event data recorder. This issue needs to be resolved because, as Sen. Hoeven said on the floor of the U.S. Senate: There are more than 45 different data points that are in fact recorded right now. Again, the manufacturer can change this add to it. There are no limitations or restrictions or guidelines or requirements on what manufacturers can have the event data recorder do. While event data recorders are not currently required

for motorcycles, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration already requires all passenger cars, multipurpose passenger vehicles, trucks, and buses to be equipped with a black box. The AMA believes it is only a matter of time before this mandate extends to motorcycles. The AMA fully supports extending the provisions in S.1925 to motorcyclists, in much the same manner that the U.S. House of Representatives H.R. 2414, the Black Box Privacy Protection Act, would. The AMA fully supports the bipartisan House bill. The AMA submitted comments to Sens. Hoeven and Klobuchar. You can view the AMA's comments online. If you are not yet an AMA member, please join the AMA to help us fight efforts to restrict your right to ride. More members means more clout against our opponents, and your support will help us fight for your riding rights on the road, trail, racetrack, and in the halls of government. To join, go to Please Follow the AMA on Twitter @AMA_Rights and like us on facebook.

ICYMI: Federal lawmaker requests information on checkpoints

On Jan. 9, U.S. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) sent a letter to U.S. Dept. of Transportation Sec. Anthony Foxx requesting information regarding a checkpoint program administered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. As reported by news media, the NHTSA checkpoint program pays private contractors that use state and local law enforcement to conduct checkpoint programs and collect blood samples or mouth swabs from drivers. Sensenbrenner is leading the fight against motorcycle-only checkpoints and is the sponsor of H.R. 1861, Stop Motorcycle Checkpoint Funding Act.

Bipartisan motorcycle only checkpoint bill to be introduced in the U.S. Senate

Within the coming weeks, supporters of the motorcycle lifestyle in the U.S. Senate will introduce a bipartisan bill to ban federal funding for motorcycle only checkpoints. The Senate bill will prevent the Secretary of Transportation from issuing grants intended to support the creation of checkpoints for an operator of a motorcycle or a passenger on a motorcycle. Currently, only New Hampshire, Illinois, California, Missouri and Virginia have restrictions on motorcycle only checkpoints. This has allowed other states to continue to employ this discriminatory and ineffective practice, especially during rallies and other large motorcycle events, such as Rolling Thunder in Washington, D.C. and the Daytona Bike Week in Daytona, Florida.This will be the Senate version of H.R. 1861, the Stop Motorcycle Checkpoint




From the Motorcycle Riders Foundation Washington, D.C. January 9, 2014 Washington Update Welcome back. This week was the official kick off of the 113th Congress 2nd session. What that means is that we are at the halfway point on all federal legislation. We keep all co-sponsors of any of the legislation currently pending. Here is a quick rundown of our most important legislation. H.R. 1861, Stop Motorcycle Checkpoint Funding Act, Introduced May 5th, 2013. [41 cosponsors] H.R. 875, a bill to conduct a scientific study of the effects of mid level ethanol blends on gasoline engines. Introduced February 27th, 2013, passed out of Committee April 11th, 2013 by a vote of 18-17. [22 cosponsors] H.R. 2414, the Black Box Privacy Protections Act. Introduced June 18th, 2013. [13 cosponsors] We still have work to do in 2014. Passing legislation through both chambers these days is all but impossible. Anything drafted by the House is DOA in the Senate and vice versa. So much so that even legislation that should be universally embraced by both parties, such as veterans issues, has become a tool for partisan gain. One of the worst examples came during the memorials on the Senate floor for the four former U.S. Senators that had passed in 2013. Sitting Senators from both sides of the aisle gave inappropriate remarks blaming the other party for something they did or did not do. Considering that we are also in full campaign mode always adds a splash of gas to the fire. As I gaze into my crystal ball and conjure up predictions for the future, I see very little of anything meaningful getting done the rest of this Congress. There is a chance that the Highway Bill will get started, but judging from highway bills past, we should expect an unhealthy amount of extensions before getting to an actual bill.

MRF helps New York City Motorcyclists avoid EPA stamp law

In a sweeping piece of legislation addressed by the New York City Council last month, there was a small provision that would have allowed NYC police to issue fines to motorcycles not displaying the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) exhaust stamp. This stamp is currently required by the EPA on all new motorcycles certifying that the level of sound coming out of the tailpipe meets the Federal limit of 80 decibels according to the Federal Noise Control Act of 1972. Should the stamp not be easily visible, and most of the time they are not, the NYPD would be able to issue noise violations for a motorcycle that was not even running. This was not the first time this has been proposed by the NYC Council. A similar provision was put forth a few

years back at which time the Motorcycle Riders Foundation was very involved with having the proposal shelved. It was explained to the MRF that this is a last ditch effort by the outgoing NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg to force a massive piece of air quality legislation. Counsel at NYC Department of Environmental Protection informed the MRF about the language. The MRF mobilized with the politically active bikers of NYC to have a presence at the Council meeting. NYC Councilman and motorcyclist Peter Vallone, joined the bikers. At that time Vallone was the chair of the Public Safety Committee and backed up what the other motorcyclists were saying. The MRF source with the Department of Environmental Protection told the MRF that this language was absolutely Mayoral and in no way a part of the normal council business Bloomberg has since stepped down. Black Box Bill The United States Senate is addressing privacy concerns surrounding data event recorders in automobiles. Event Data Recorders (EDRs), commonly known as black boxes are almost standard equipment in all new cars and trucks. They record everything the vehicle is doing, or not doing at the time of a collision or other on road mishap. The boxes can record everything from speed and vehicle angle, to seat-belt use. U.S. Senators John Hoeven (R-ND) and Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) have introduced legislation, S.1925, to make the data recorder the sole property of the vehicle owner. Anyone else would need a subpoena to access the data. The data would also be available should the vehicle owner consent to data retrieval or for traffic safety research. Technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace and that poses new risks to personal privacy and new concerns for the public, Hoeven said. While EDRs can serve a useful function by helping to make cars and streets safer, access to the data should be treated as personal except under very specific circumstances. Our bill makes clear what those circumstances are and helps to ensure that government and other entities respect the Fourth Amendment rights of Americans. The Senate legislation is similar to the bill currently being worked on by the U.S. House of Representatives, H.R. 2414. The Motorcycle Riders Foundation supports both pieces of legislation and encourages you to contact your elected officials in the House and Senate and ask them to cosponsor these important bills.

EPA Proposed Ethanol Rule Comment Period

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is considering altering the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) to lower the amount of ethanol produced in 2014.

The proposed drop in ethanol production is a result of the Obama administration acknowledging that the biofuel law, RFS, is not working as well as expected. The proposal would require almost three billion gallons less be sold at market in 2014. The Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) Vice President of Government Relations and Public Affairs, Jeff Hennie, testified at a hearing held by the EPA on this proposed rule in December 2013. The higher blends, such as E15, have not been tested on motorcycles, and the extent of the damage is just beginning to be realized by those who have used the blend. Of particular concern to motorcyclists is that many manufactures are voiding warranties in cases where E15 is used in the motorcycle and causing damage. Demand for the higher blends of ethanol, such as E15, a blend of 15 percent ethanol to 85 percent traditional fuel, has been lower than expected. This shrinking of the marketplace has the EPA rethinking the future of biofuels. The EPA is requesting comments on the proposal to drop the amount of ethanol produced in the U.S. in 2014. You can add your thoughts to the proposal by visit-

ing and searching for Docket ID No. EPA-HQ-OAR-2013-0479. The deadline for comments is January 28th, 2014. The MRF encourages you to let the EPA know how you feel about lowering the amount of ethanol to be produced. Link:!docketDetail;D=EPAHQ-OAR-2013-0479 Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you! -- Pericles (430 B.C.) See you in the wind, TEDDYBEAR



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