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INTI INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY ACADEMIC CALENDER (Degree/Degree Transfer/Diploma/Foundation-17 weeks) JANUARY 2014 SESSION 13 January 2014 to 9 May 2014

WEEK DATE 7-Jan 8-11 Jan 6-Jan 9-Jan 10-Jan 13-Jan 14-Jan 1 15-Jan DAY Tue Wed-Sat Mon Thu Fri Mon Tue Wed i) 16-Jan Thu ii) i) ii) i) ii) EVENTS Accommodation check-in date for new students OLE! Programme for new students (Orientation) Enrolment for Jan 2014 session commences ( Continue Students) Enrolment for Jan 2014 session commences ( New Students) Last day for refund of fees for withdrawal cases Regular classes begin for Jan 2014 Session First day for dropping courses with 100% fee credit The Prophet Muhammad's Birthday (University Holiday) Yang di-Pertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan's Birthday (University Holiday) Replacement for Public Holiday (University Holiday) Starting date for ADD/DROP fee of RM10 per course (AUP ONLY) Deans to put up notice to remind students that the closing date to apply for exemption of MPU subjects is Wednesday (Jan 22, 2014)

iii) Last day for dropping courses with 100% fee credit 17-Jan 20-23 Jan 20-Jan 23-Jan 2 24-Jan Fri Fri Mon-Thu Mon Thu i) ii) i) ii) Thaipusam (University Holiday) Resit / Make-up exams Starting date for late enrolment fee of RM300 First day for dropping courses with 50% fee credit Free TCM Consultation & Treatment Day (MPH) Last day for dropping courses without "W" in the transcript and with 50% fee credit (AUP ONLY) Last day for ADD/ DROP of subjects for all students (AUP ONLY) Starting date for dropping courses with 0% fee credit Chinese New Year (University Holiday) Mid Term Break Class Representative Meeting Self Development Series (Counselling Centre) 4-Mar 8 5-Mar 12-Mar 9 10 11 12 & 13 14 & 15 14-Mar 19-Mar 28-Mar 2-Apr 14-Apr 26-Apr 28-30-Apr 16 & 17 1-May 2-9 May 12-23 May 18 Onwards 1 13-May 22-May 26-May Tue Wed Wed Fri Wed Fri Wed Mon Sat Mon-Wed Thu Fri-Fri Mon-Fri Tue Thu Mon i) ii) i) ii) i) ii) University Portfolio Review Committee Self Development Series (Counselling Centre) ACADEMIC COMMITTEE Certificate Presentation and Academic Awards Ceremony First draft of exams timetable Final examination ( LEP subject) Self Development Series (Counselling Centre) Final version of exams timetable Self Development Series (Counselling Centre) Academic Staff Last day for dropping courses (before noon) with "W" in the transcript MPU & MPW examinations Study Break Labour Day (University Holiday) Final Examination Semester Break Wesak Day (Univesity Holiday) Enrolment for May 2014 session commences Regular classes begin for May 2014 session

iii) Last day for dropping courses with 50% fee credit 27-Jan 3&4 31 Jan-1 Feb 29 Jan-4 Feb 5-7 12-Feb Mon Fri-Sat Wed-Tue Wed

Information given is intended as a guide only and is subject to change. Students are advised to check for finalised dates for exams-related matters and NOT to book bus/flight tickets home until the final versions of the exams timetables are released. OAR/Academic Calendar (Degree/Degree Transfer/Diploma/Foundation-17 weeks)- JAN2014