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30th January, 2014

Monday 3rd February, Monday 17th February Saturday 22nd February Friday 7th March Parents Association Meeting after assembly School Council Tootgarook Market Curriculum Day

A warm welcome to all students, parents and staff as we begin the 2014 academic year. What a fabulous start we have had so far. Our 234 students have all settled into their 11 classes beautifully and its great to observe such a positive orientation to our learning programs so early in the year. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new staff member Merryn Staley (Year 4/5). This week I will be entering hospital to have knee surgery. In my absence Paul King will be Acting Principal and Zoe Grayson will take on the Physical Education role.

member of council is elected for a two year period and the prime role of Council is to help shape the policy direction of the school . As well as attending monthly School Council meetings, members also work on one of our designated sub committees. I would like to now notify parents & teachers that our School Council election process needs to be completed by the end of March. Parents can be nominated or self-nominate for a council position. I will provide the timeline and positions available in the next couple of newsletters.


A quick reminder that we require parents assisting at school to have undertaken a Working with Children Check, particularly if assisting in classrooms and on excursions. Please note that these forms are available from any Australia Post office if you are wishing to apply for a check.

Pelican Learning Centre (PLC) Outdoor Area

Over the holiday period we continued the work to upgrade our facilities. The major works included the shade structures of the PLC area. The completed work has provided 2 usable work areas in most weather conditions and shaded the internal classrooms. The structure is modern and I have received positive comments from parents this week. At the end of last year CCTV cameras were placed around the school. Over the holidays we had one small window cracked and minimal graffiti around the school. I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank the supportive parents who contributed significantly to keeping an eye on the school during the holidays, we are so fortunate to have this type of support from parents at our school!


Curriculum Days for 2014 Friday 7th March Friday 6th June Monday 3rd November


Another way that parents can become involved in the school is to become a School Councillor. Each


At the start of each year we require parents to sign a Local Excursion note. The Internet Agreement and Photo Permission forms signed by parents last year will be carried over to this year however if circumstances have changed and you do not wish your child to be photographed for the newsletter or newspaper or you do not wish your child to go on the Internet please let the office know in writing. The Local Excursion note will be sent home next week please sign and return asap. The Prep children and new students will bring home all three notices to be returned asap.

December market: Michelle George. Simone Royle, Darren Walker,, Jenine Gorton, Gary Barrett, Mandy Bos. January market: Michelle George, Simone Royle, Darren Walker, Jenine Gorton, Gary Barrett, Mandy Bos, Nicole Hee, Irene Barnes, Colin Moorhouse, Sylvia Williams, Michael Giarrusso, Adele Read, Sandra Code, Paula + Mikayla Davies, Christine and Isak Young, Wendy Sharrock, Leanne + Samantha McLeod, Lisa Bateman, Fran Lazner Our next market will be Saturday February 22nd. Again this year each grade will be rostered on to one market each month. A roster will be published in the newsletter next week. A note will go home to each student in the grade prior to their allocated market please endeavour to assist at your childs allocated market as funds raised benefits all students. ============================ BOOKLISTS- the cost of the 2014 Booklist was $170 per student as well as receiving stationery items the cost also included bulk materials purchased by the school for classroom use including: art materials for the Art Program, Library books, classroom take home readers, computer support materials, Music software and class sets, Life Education incursion, Mathletics and Reading Eggs Materials.

Any notices sent home on ORANGE paper need to be signed and returned to school as soon as possible. This applies to all notices where parent permission is required.

Lunch Orders will

commence next week and are available each day from The Milk Bar in Rosebud. Orders must be written on a brown paper bag - a separate order for each child. Orders need to be at the school office by 9.15am.

As a SunSmart school, it is school policy that our students wear their broad brimmed hats during first term as a protection against the rays of the sun. We would appreciate your support with this important life skill and ensure that your child brings their sun hat to school each day.

Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA)

Any parents who are eligible and hold a current (as of 28/01/2014) Health Care or Pension Card please call at the office and fill in an EMA form. Please bring your health care card with you to enable us to photocopy it. No applications will be accepted after Friday 21/02/2014.

Our Preps of 2014 have settled in well with the school routine and are enjoying learning something new each day!!

ROAD SAFETY As parents are aware we

have areas around the school designated for parking and non parking.

Kiss & Go

There are new innovative signs to display the school parking zones, aimed at improving Road Safety around our school.

Kiss & Go:

Replaces the traditional 2 minute pick up and drop off zones, the line marking is painted red to match the sign. The idea is not to get out of the car, but have your children on the kerbside of the car, kiss them let them out and move on freeing up the space for others.

Wait A While:
This zone is new and you will notice the orange line marking matches the sign. There is just enough time to walk in to school and back, if you need to collect your preppy. There is a 10 minute limit so you might want to walk briskly.

Stop & Chat:

Replaces the traditional all day parking and has green line marking painted to match the sign. This is where you can park if you are helping out in the classroom or meeting your friends for a walk. Remember our children expect us to keep them safe, so we should not risk their lives just getting them to and from school. Please be aware there are a number of children riding bikes to school and also parents walking their children to school in the morning and afternoons so please adhere to the School Zone of 40 mph. The shires parking officers will be in the area enforcing these signs are adhered to. If you have any questions or need any more info please ask in the front office for a pamphlet that shows the layout and explains the workings, or you can contact the shire care of the details below. Traffic & Road Safety Team Private Bag 1000 Besgrove Street ROSEBUD 3939 Phone: 03 5950 1030 Fax: 03 5950 1254 Email:

Running Club and breakfast club will commence in the coming weeks Volunteers needed for both running club and breakfast club see Paul King if you are able to assist. PA Meeting will be Monday 3rd February after assembly in the Staff room. All welcome including toddlers.