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TORTS AND DAMAGES (SET 2 Cases) (1) AMADORA vs. CA Facts: Pabling Da !n s"!t class#ate Al $e%! A#a%!

$a in t"e a&%it!$i&# ! C!legi! %e San '!se. (e )as c!nvicte% ! "!#ici%e t"$& $ec*less i#+$&%ence. Al $e%!,s +a$ents ile% a civil acti!n t! $ec!ve$ %a#ages against CS'- its $ect!$- t"e "ig" sc"!!l +$inci+al- t"e %ean ! b!.s- an% t"e +".sics teac"e$t!get"e$ )it" Pabling an% t)! !t"e$ st&%ents. T"e CF/ !&n% t"e sc"!!l ! icials liable !$ %a#ages. T"e CA- "!)eve$- $eve$se% t"e CF/ %ecisi!n beca&se: 1) A$t2101 )as n!t a++licable since CS' )as n!t a sc"!!l ! a$ts an% t$a%es2 2) t"e st&%ents )e$e n!t in t"e c&st!%. ! t"e sc"!!l at t"e ti#e ! t"e inci%ent since t"e se#este$ "a% al$ea%. en%e%2 3) t"e$e )as n! clea$ i%enti icati!n ! t"e g&n2 an% 4) t"e %e en%ants "a% e5e$cise% t"e necessa$. %iligence in +$eventing t"e in6&$.. /n t"is +etiti!n !$ ce$ti!$a$i- +etiti!ne$s c!nten% t"at Al $e%! )ent t! sc"!!l t! inis" "is +".sics e5+e$i#ent as a +$e$e7&isite !$ g$a%&ati!n2 "ence- "e )as &n%e$ t"e c&st!%. ! t"e +$ivate $es+!n%ents. T"e +$ivate $es+!n%ents- !n t"e !t"e$ "an%- c!nten% t"at Al $e%! )ent t! sc"!!l t! s&b#it "is +".sics e5+e$i#ent2 "ence"e )as n! l!nge$ &n%e$ t"ei$ c&st!%. since t"e se#este$ "a% al$ea%. en%e%. /ss&e: 1) 8"et"e$ A$t 2101 a++lies t! establis"#ents )"ic" a$e tec"nicall. n!t sc"!!ls ! a$ts an% t$a%es. 8"et"e$ +$ivate $es+!n%ents a$e liable !$ %a#ages &n%e$ A$t 2101.

$es+!nsibilit. ! t"e sc"!!l c!ntin&es. T"e teac"e$:in:c"a$ge is liable !$ "is st&%ents, t!$ts as "e is %esignate% t! e5e$cise s&+e$visi!n !ve$ t"e#. M!$e!ve$- t"e teac"e$ is liable $ega$%less ! t"e st&%ent,s age. /n t"is case- n!ne ! t"e +$ivate $es+!n%ents )e$e "el% liable. T"e $ect!$- %ean ! b!.s- an% "ig" sc"!!l +$inci+al cann!t be "el% liable beca&se t"e. )e$e n!t teac"e$s:in:c"a$ge. T"e +".sics teac"e$ )as n!t negligent. T"e sc"!!l cann!t be "el% %i$ectl. liable since A$t 2101 !nl. s+ea*s ! teac"e$ !$ "ea% ! t"e sc"!!l ! a$ts an% t$a%es. PET/T/ON DEN/ED. PART/A= D/SSENT (Melenci!:(e$$e$a) Rest$ictive #eaning given t! ;teac"e$< as ;teac"e$:in:c"a$ge< c!nt$avenes t"e c!nce+t ! s&bstit&te +a$ental a&t"!$it.. Sc"!!l #a. be "el% liable as an e#+l!.e$ !$ %a#ages ca&se% b. t"ei$ e#+l!.ees &n%e$ A$t 2101.



(el%: 1) 9ES A$t 2101 a++lies t! all sc"!!ls- aca%e#ic as )ell as n!n: aca%e#ic. Teac"e$s- in gene$al- s"all be liable !$ t"e acts ! t"ei$ st&%ents e5ce+t )"e$e t"e sc"!!l is tec"nical in nat&$e- in )"ic" case it is t"e "ea% t"e$e! )"! s"all be ans)e$able. F!ll!)ing t"e cann!n ! $e%%en%! sing&la sing&lis- ;teac"e$s< s"!&l% a++l. t! t"e )!$%s ;+&+ils an% st&%ents< an% ;"ea%s ! establis"#ents ! a$ts an% t$a%es< t! t"e )!$% ;a++$entices.< 2) NO T"e sa#e vigilance is e5+ecte% $!# t"e teac"e$ !ve$ "is st&%ents- $ega$%less ! t"e nat&$e ! t"e sc"!!l )"e$e "e is teac"ing. T"e in6&$. s&b6ect ! liabilit. is ca&se% b. t"e st&%ent an% n!t b. t"e sc"!!l !$ an. ! its +e$s!nnel an% e7&i+#ent. /t #a. be in licte% b. an. st&%ent $ega$%less ! t"e sc"!!l )"e$e "e is $egiste$e%. T"e st&%ent is &n%e$ t"e c&st!%. ! sc"!!l a&t"!$ities as l!ng as "e is &n%e$ t"e c!nt$!l an% in l&ence ! t"e sc"!!l an% )it"in its +$e#ises- )"et"e$ t"e se#este$ "as al$ea%. beg&n !$ "as al$ea%. en%e%. As l!ng as it can be s"!)n t"at t"e st&%ent is in t"e sc"!!l in t"e +&$s&it ! a legiti#ate st&%ent !b6ective- in t"e e5e$cise ! a legiti#ate st&%ent $ig"tan% even in t"e en6!.#ent ! a legiti#ate st&%ent +$ivilege- t"e

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