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The Assembly of Eloah

Thisiseternallife:thattheymayknowyou,theonlytrueGod,andtheoneyouhavesent -JesusChrist.Jn.17:3

Who orWhat is Eloah?



There is some confusion around the term Eloah that needs to e cleared up. This paper is an attempt to reveal the true meaning of the term Eloah.

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The Assem ly of !loah The Word There is no a%reement amon% scholars re%ardin% the etymolo%y of the $ord to Eloah. 0ost $o'ld a%ree that the tr'e ori%in is 'nkno$n. 1t is %enerally belie(ed that Eloah is the sin%'lar term for the 7ebre$ $ord Elohim. 1t is related totheAramaictermElahhandtheArabic 1lahmeanin%,a%od-. Eloah8 97: 4;;8 is translated in the <.= as %od 55 times and %od)s " time. 1t is not 'sed (ery often in scri&t're. 1t a&&earsto be anancient term to refer to Aeho(ah b't $as later dro&&ed 'ntil &ost exilic times $hen there $as a desire to ret'rntomoreancientfo'ndations. The term is 'sed only 53 times in the entire biblical text. 7o$e(er8 in the books of :aniel and EEra8 $hich $ere $ritten in Aramaic8 the term ,elahh-8 97: 4G38 related to the 7ebre$ ,eloahis 'sed ninety4fi(e times. /e $ill examine this term in %reater detail f'rtheralon%inthisst'dy. Who Is Eloah? is 1t is ar%'ed by some that the term ,eloah- refers only to &a%an %ods. 1t is asserted by others that it is a name of the OneTr'eFod.1tiss'%%estedbystill others that it is sim&ly a title. A caref'l examination of scri&t're re(eals$ho and $hatthis,Eloah-is. The first occ'rrence of the term ,eloahisfo'ndin:e'teronomy;G2"5.
:e' ;G2"5 E9= HB't .esh'r'n %re$ fat8 and kickedI yo' %re$ fat8 sto't8 and sleekI then he forsook Fod @EloahB $ho made him and scoffedattheRockofhissal(ation.

"ho or "hat is !loah# Eloah ,made- .esh'r'n. This statement is (ery tellin%. /e can %lean some hel&f'l information from this scri&t're hel&'sascertain$hothis,Eloah-is.
"Thes 42"34"5 6or the ord 7imself $ill descend from hea(en $ith a sho't8 $ith the (oiceofthearchan%el8and$iththetr'm&et

1n Psalms $e see another named as a creatorofmen.

Psa >?243445 E9= 7o$ lon%8 O OR: @Ae ho(ahBC /ill yo' hide yo'rself fore(erC 7o$ lon% $ill yo'r $rath b'rn like fireC45 Remember ho$ short my time isD 6or $hat (anity yo' ha(e created all the children of manD

7ere $e see Ae ho(ah as the creator of men. 1s this a contradictory statementC /ho is Ae ho(ahC Psalms ">2;" ans$ers the+'estion&rettyclearly.
Psa ">2;" E9= 6or $ho is Fod @EloahB8 b't the OR: @Ae ho(ahBC And $ho is a rock8 exce&to'rFod@ElohimBC44

There is a lot %oin% on in this (erse. /e ha(e Eloah8 Ae ho(ah and Elohim bein% e+'ated to the same bein%. Are these contradictionsC /e kno$ that Ae ho(ah notthea'thorofconf'sion.
"Co "42;; E9= 6or Fod is not a Fod of conf'sion b't of &eace. As in all the ch'rches ofthesaints8

And $e kno$ that all scri&t're is for o'r admonitionand'nderstandin%.

GTi ;2"34"5 1T= All 9cri&t're is Fod4 breathed and &rofitable for doctrine8 for re&roof8 for correction8 for instr'ction in ri%hteo'sness8"5 sothatthemanofFodmay be &erfected8 bein% f'lly f'rnished for e(ery %ood$ork.

$a%e 1

"ho or "hat is !loah# Either the abo(e t$o thin%s are tr'e or $ecandiscardthe entire bible.TheBible isthe$ordofAe ho(ahanditistr'th.
.oh "52"5 E9= 9anctify them in the tr'thI yo'r$ordistr'th.

The Assem ly of !loah

&eo&le %o8 that they may hold a feast to me inthe$ilderness.JH Exo "32"G E9= H1 ha(e heard the %r'mblin% of the &eo&le of 1srael. 9ay to them8 JAt t$ili%ht yo' shall eat meat8 and in the mornin% yo' shall be filled $ith bread. Then yo' shallkno$ that 1 am the OR: @Ae ho(ahB yo'rFod@ElohimB.JH EEr 52" E9= *o$ the &ro&hets8 7a%%ai and Kechariah the son of 1ddo8 &ro&hesied to the .e$s $ho $ere in .'dah and .er'salem8 in the name of the Fod @ElahhB of 1srael $ho $aso(erthem. Psa ""425 E9= Tremble8 O earth8 at the &resence of the ord @Ae ho(ahB8 at the &resenceoftheFod@EloahBof.acob8

/ho is this Ae ho(ah $ho is e+'ated $ith EloahC The bein% is named 385G> times inscri&t're. Aeho(ahisaname.
Fen 42G3 E9= To 9eth also a son $as born8 and he called his name Enosh. At that time &eo&le be%an to call '&on the name of the OR:. Exo ;2";4"5 E9= Then 0oses said to Fod @ElohimB8 H1f 1 come to the &eo&le of 1srael and say to them8 JThe Fod @ElohimB of yo'r fathers has sent me to yo'8J and they ask me8 J/hat is his nameCJ $hat shall 1 say to themCH"4 Fod @ElohimB said to 0oses8 H1 A0 /7O 1 A0.H And he said8 H9ay this to the &eo&le of 1srael8 J1 A0 has sent me to yo'.JH "5 Fod @ElohimB also said to 0oses8 H9ay this to the &eo&le of 1srael8 JThe OR: @Ae ho(ahB8 the Fod @ElohimB of yo'r fathers8 the Fod @ElohimB of Abraham8 the Fod @ElohimB of 1saac8 and the Fod @ElohimB of .acob8 has sent me to yo'.J This is my name fore(er8 and th's 1 am to be remembered thro'%ho't all%enerations. Exo 32G4; E9= Fod@Ae ho(ahB s&oke to 0oses and said to him8 H1 am the OR: @Ae ho(ahB.; 1a&&eared to Abraham8 to 1saac8 and to .acob8 as Fod Almi%hty @El 9haddayB8 b't by my name the OR: @Ae ho(ahB 1 did not make myselfkno$ntothem.


:e' 42;? E9= kno$ thereforetoday8 and lay it to yo'r heart8 that the OR: @Ae ho(ahB is Fod @ElohimB in hea(en abo(e and on the earthbeneathIthereisnoother. EEr 52"" E9= And this $as their re&ly to 's2 J/e are the ser(ants of the Fod @ElahhB of hea(en and earth8 and $e are reb'ildin% the ho'sethat$asb'iltmanyyearsa%o8$hicha %reatkin%of1sraelb'iltandfinished. .obGG2"GE9=H1snotFod@EloahBhi%hinthe hea(ensC 9ee the hi%hest stars8 ho$ lofty theyareD


1sa 4!2G> E9= 7a(e yo' not kno$nC 7a(e yo' not heardC The OR: @Ae ho(ahB is the e(erlastin% Fod @ElohimB8 the Creator of the ends of the earth. 7e does not faint or %ro$

/ho is Ae ho(ah and ho$ does 7e relate toEloahandElahhC 7eistheFodof1srael.

Exo52"E9=After$ard0osesandAaron$ent and said to Pharaoh8 HTh's says the OR: @Ae ho(ahB8theFod@ElohimBof1srael8J etmy

$earyIhis'nderstandin%is'nsearchable. .er "!2"! E9= B't the OR: @Ae ho(ahB is the tr'e Fod @ElohimBI he is the li(in% Fod @ElohimB and the e(erlastin% <in%. At his $rath the earth +'akes8 and the nations cannotend'rehisindi%nation.


$a%e &

The Assem ly of !loah

*eh ?23 E9= HAo' are the OR: @Ae ho(ahB8 yo' alone. Ao' ha(e made hea(en8 the hea(en of hea(ens8 $ith all their host8 the earth and all that is on it8 the seas and all thatisinthemIandyo'&reser(eallofthemI andthehostofhea(en$orshi&syo'. .ob 42"5E9= JCanmortalman be in theri%ht before Fod @EloahBC Can a man be &'re beforehis0akerC Psa ?523 E9= Oh come8 let 's $orshi& and bo$ do$nI let 's kneel before the OR: @Ae ho(ahB8o'r0akerD 1sa 452""4"G E9= Th's says the OR: @Ae ho(ahB8 the 7oly One of 1srael8 and the one $ho formed him2 HAsk me of thin%s to comeI $ill yo' command me concernin% my childrenandthe$orkofmyhandsC"G 1made the earth and created man on itI it $as my hands that stretched o't the hea(ens8 and 1 commandedalltheirhost.

"ho or "hat is !loah#

Exo G42"G E9= The OR: @Ae ho(ahB said to 0oses8 HCome '& to me on the mo'ntain and $ait there8 that 1 may %i(e yo' the tablets of stone8 $ith the la$ and the commandment8 $hich1ha(e$rittenfortheirinstr'ction.H EEr 52"4 E9= 6or yo' are sent by the kin% and his se(en co'nselors to make in+'iries abo't .'dah and .er'salem accordin% to the a$ of yo'r Fod @ElahhB8 $hich is in yo'r hand8 *eh ?2"34"5 E9= HB't they and o'r fathers acted &res'm&t'o'sly and stiffened their neck and did not obey yo'r commandments. "5 They ref'sed to obey and $ere not mindf'l of the $onders that yo' &erformed amon% them8 b't they stiffened their neck and a&&ointed a leader to ret'rn to their sla(ery in E%y&t. B't yo' are a Fod @EloahB ready to for%i(e8 %racio's and mercif'l8 slo$ to an%er and abo'ndin% in steadfast lo(e8 and did not forsakethem.


Pro ;!25 E9= E(ery $ord of Fod @EloahB &ro(es tr'eI he is a shield to those $ho take ref'%einhim. G9a GG2G44 E9= 7e said8 HThe OR: @Ae ho(ahB ismy rockandmy fortress and my deli(erer8; my Fod @ElohimB8 my rock8 in $hom 1 take ref'%e8 my shield8 and the horn of my sal(ation8 my stron%hold and my ref'%e8 my sa(iorI yo' sa(e me from (iolence.4 1 call '&on the OR: @Ae ho(ahB8 $ho is $orthy to be &raised8 and 1 am sa(ed frommyenemies. Psa >42>4"! E9= O OR: @Ae ho(ahB Fod @ElohimB of hosts8 hear my &rayerI %i(e ear8 OFod @ElohimB of .acobD 9elah? Behold o'r shield8 O Fod @ElohimBI look on the face of yo'r anointedD"! 6or a day in yo'r co'rts is better than a tho'sand else$here. 1 $o'ld rather be a doorkee&er in the ho'se of my Fod @ElohimB than d$ell in the tents of $ickedness.


Fen 4"2?4"3 E9= Then the chief c'&bearer said to Pharaoh8 H1 remember my offenses today."! /hen Pharaoh $as an%ry $ith his ser(ants and &'t me and the chief baker in c'stody in the ho'se of the ca&tain of the %'ard8"" $e dreamed on the same ni%ht8 he and 18 each ha(in% a dream $ith its o$n inter&retation."G A yo'n% 7ebre$ $as there $ith's8aser(antoftheca&tainofthe%'ard. /hen$etold him8 heinter&reted o'r dreams to 's8 %i(in% an inter&retation to each man accordin% to his dream. ";And as he inter&reted to 's8 so it came abo't. 1 $as restored to my office8 and the baker $as han%ed.H"4 Then Pharaoh sent and called .ose&h8 and they +'ickly bro'%ht him o't of the &it. And $hen he had sha(ed himself and chan%ed his clothes8 he came in before Pharaoh."5 And Pharaoh said to .ose&h8 H1 ha(e had a dream8 and there is no one $ho can inter&ret it. 1 ha(e heard it said of yo' that $hen yo' hear a dream yo' can inter&ret it.H"3 .ose&h ans$ered Pharaoh8 H1t isnotinmeIFod@ElohimB$ill%i(ePharaoha fa(orableans$er.H

7e%a(e'sthe a$.

$a%e 3

"ho or "hat is !loah#

:an G2G> E9= b't there is a Fod @ElahhB in hea(en $ho re(eals mysteries8 and he has made kno$n to <in% *eb'chadneEEar $hat $ill be in the latter days. Ao'r dream and the (isions of yo'r head as yo' lay in bed are these2

The Assem ly of !loah

Pro >2";4"3 E9= The fear of the OR: @Ae ho(ahB is hatred of e(il. Pride and arro%ance and the $ay of e(il and &er(erted s&eech 1 hate."4 1 ha(e co'nsel and so'nd $isdomI1ha(einsi%htI1ha(estren%th."5 By me kin%s rei%n8 and r'lers decree $hat is L'stI"3 by me &rinces r'le8 and nobles8 all $ho%o(ernL'stly. :an 52G3E9=This istheinter&retationof the matter2 0E*E8 Fod @ElahhB has n'mbered the days of yo'r kin%dom and bro'%ht it to anendI :an 52? 1T= 1 $as lookin% 'ntil the thrones $ere cast do$n8 and the Ancient of :ays sat8 $hoserobe$as$hiteassno$andthehairof 7is head like &'re $ool. 7is throne $as like flamesoffire8its$heelslikeb'rnin%fire.

7e is the kin% of kin%s and the lord of lords.

:e' "!2"5 E9= 6or the OR: @Ae ho(ahB yo'r Fod @ElohimB is Fod @ElohimB of %ods @ElohimBand ord @AdonB of lords @AdonB8 the %reat8themi%hty8andthea$esomeFod@ElB8 $hoisnot&artialandtakesnobribe. Psa ";32"4; E9= Fi(e thanks to the OR: @Ae ho(ahB8 for he is %ood8 for his steadfast lo(e end'res fore(er.G Fi(e thanks to the Fod @ElohimB of %ods @ElohimB8 for his steadfast lo(e end'res fore(er.; Fi(e thanks to the ord @AdonB of lords@AdonB8 for his steadfastlo(eend'resfore(erI :anG245E9= Thekin%ans$eredandsaidto :aniel8 HTr'ly8 yo'r Fod @ElahhB is Fod @ElahhB of %ods @ElahhB and ord @0areB of kin%s8 and a re(ealer of mysteries8 for yo' ha(ebeenabletore(ealthismystery.H



:e' 52G54G3 E9= *o$ therefore $hy sho'ld $e dieC 6or this %reat fire $ill cons'me 's. 1f $e hear the (oice of the OR: @Ae ho(ahB o'r Fod @ElohimB any more8 $e shall die.G3 6or $ho is there of all flesh8 that has heard the (oice of the li(in% Fod @ElohimB s&eakin% o't of the midst of fire as $e ha(e8 and has still li(edC Psa >42G E9= 0y so'l lon%s8 yes8 faints for the co'rts of the OR: @Ae ho(ahBI my heart andfleshsin%forLoytotheli(in%Fod@ElB. :an 32G3E9=1 makea decree8that inallmy royaldominion&eo&learetotrembleandfear beforetheFod@ElahhB of:aniel8forheisthe li(in% Fod @ElahhB8 end'rin% fore(erI his kin%dom shall ne(er be destroyed8 and his dominionshallbetotheend.

Fen"42GGE9= B'tAbramsaidtothekin%of 9odom8 H1 ha(e lifted my hand to the OR: @Ae ho(ahB8 Fod @ElB0ost 7i%h @ElyonB8 Possessorofhea(enandearth8 Psa 52"5 E9= 1 $ill %i(e to the OR: @Ae ho(ahB the thanks d'e to his ri%hteo'sness8 and 1 $ill sin% &raise to the name of the OR: @Ae ho(ahB8 the 0ost 7i%h @ElyonB. :an ;2G3 E9= Then *eb'chadneEEar came


7is ho'se $as and shall be in 9olomon b'ilt the first tem&le in .er'salem.

near to the door of the b'rnin% fiery f'rnaceI he declared8 H9hadrach8 0eshach8 and Abedne%o8 ser(ants of the 0ost 7i%h Fod @ElahhB8 come o't8 and come hereDH Then 9hadrach8 0eshach8 and Abedne%o came o't fromthefire.

"<i ;2" E9= 9olomon made a marria%e alliance $ith Pharaoh kin% of E%y&t. 7e took PharaohJs da'%hter and bro'%ht her into the city of :a(id 'ntil he had finished b'ildin%his


o$n ho'se and the ho'se of the OR: @Ae ho(ahBandthe$allaro''salem.

$a%e '

The Assem ly of !loah

"ho or "hat is !loah#

"<i ?2"5 E9= And this is the acco'nt of the forced labor that <in% 9olomon drafted to b'ild the ho'se of the OR: @Ae ho(ahB and his o$n ho'se and the 0illo and the $all of .er'salemand7aEorand0e%iddoandFeEer

1t $as destroyed by *eb'chadneEEar in 5>3BCd'eto.'dah)sdisobedience.

G<iG;2G5E9= Andthe OR:@Ae ho(ahB said8 H1$illremo(e.'dahalsoo'tofmysi%ht8as1 ha(e remo(ed 1srael8 and 1 $ill cast off this city that 1 ha(e chosen8 .er'salem8 and the ho'se of $hich 1 said8 0y name shall be there.H G<i G52>4? E9= 1n the fifth month8 on the se(enth day of the month44that $as the nineteenthyearof<in%*eb'chadneEEar8kin% of Babylon44*eb'Earadan8 the ca&tain of the body%'ard8 a ser(ant of the kin% of Babylon8 came to .er'salem. ? And he b'rned the ho'se of the OR: @Ae ho(ahB and the kin%Js ho'se and all the ho'ses of .er'salemI e(ery %reatho'seheb'rneddo$n.

'nderstoodthereadin%.? And*ehemiah8$ho $as the %o(ernor8 and EEra the &riest and scribe8 and the e(ites $hota'%htthe &eo&le said to all the &eo&le8 HThis day is holy to the OR: @Ae ho(ahByo'r Fod @ElohimBI do not mo'rn or $ee&.H 6or all the &eo&le $e&t as they heard the $ords of the a$. "! Then he said to them8 HFo yo'r $ay. Eat the fat and drinks$eet$ineandsend&ortionstoanyone $ho has nothin%ready8 for this day is holyto o'r ord. And do not be %rie(ed8 for the Loy ofthe OR:@Aeho(ahBisyo'rstren%th.H

The tem&le $as destroyed a%ain in 5! A:8 the (ery day it $as b'rned in 5>b BC8 by the Roman %eneral Tit's $ho later became Ceasar. 1t $ill be reb'ilt in the f't're and the entire &lanet $ill $orshi&there.
Kec "2"3 E9= Therefore8 th's says the OR: @Ae ho(ahB8 1 ha(e ret'rned to .er'salem $ith mercyI my ho'se shall be b'ilt in it8 declares the OR: @Ae ho(ahB of hosts8 and the meas'rin% line shall be stretched o't o(er .er'salem. Kec "42"34G" E9= Then e(eryone $ho s'r(i(es of all the nations that ha(e come a%ainst .er'salem shall %o '& year after year to $orshi& the <in%8 the OR: @Ae ho(ahB of hosts8 and to kee& the 6east of Booths."5 And if any of the families of the earth do not %o '& to .er'salem to $orshi& the <in%8 the OR:@Ae ho(ahBofhosts8there$illbenorain on them."> And if the family of E%y&t does not %o '& and &resent themsel(es8 then on them there shall be no rainI there shall be the &la%'e $ith $hich the OR: @Ae ho(ahB afflicts the nations that do not %o '& to kee& the 6east of Booths. "? This shall be the &'nishment to E%y&t and the &'nishment to all the nations that do not %o '& to kee& the 6east of Booths.G! And on that day there shall be inscribed on the bells of the horses8 H7olytothe OR:.HAndthe&otsintheho'se of the OR: shall be as the bo$ls before the altar. G" And e(ery &ot in .er'salem and .'dah shall be holy to the OR: @Ae ho(ahB of

1t$asreb'iltaro'nd5;>BCbyEEraand *ehemiah.

EEr "2G E9= HTh's says Cyr's kin% of Persia2 The OR: @Ae ho(ahB8 the Fod @ElohimB of hea(en8 has%i(enmeallthekin%doms of the earth8 and he has char%ed me to b'ild him a ho''salem8$hichisin.'dah. EEr "25 E9= Then rose '& the heads of the fathersJ ho'ses of .'dah and BenLamin8 and the &riests and the e(ites8 e(eryone $hose s&irit Fod @ElohimB had stirred to %o '& to reb'ild the ho'se of the OR: @Ae ho(ahB that'salem. EEr 42G4 E9= Then the $ork on the ho'se of Fod@ElahhB'salem sto&&ed8and it ceased 'ntilthe second year of the rei%n of :ari'skin%ofPersia. *eh >2>4"! E9= They read from the book8 from the a$ of Fod @ElohimB8 clearly8 and they %a(e the sense8 so that the &eo&le

$a%e (

"ho or "hat is !loah#

hosts8 so that all$ho sacrifice may come and take of them and boil the meat of the sacrificeinthem.Andthereshallnolon%erbe atrader in the ho'se of the OR: @Ae ho(ahB ofhostsonthatday.

The Assem ly of !loah

Redeemer8 the OR: @Ae ho(ahB of hosts2 H1 am the first and 1 am the lastI besides me there is no %od @ElohimB.5 /ho is like meC et him &roclaim it. et him declareandset it before me8 since 1 a&&ointed an ancient &eo&le. et them declare $hat is to come8 and $hat $ill ha&&en.> 6ear not8 nor be afraidI ha(e 1 not told yo' from of old and declared itC And yo' are my $itnessesD 1s there a Fod @EloahB besides meC There is no RockI1kno$notany.H


*eh ?25 E9= Ao' are the OR: @Ae ho(ahB8 the Fod @ElohimB $ho chose Abram and bro'%ht him o't of Mr of the Chaldeans and %a(ehimthenameAbrahamN *eh ?2"5 E9=Theyref'sedto obeyand $ere not mindf'l of the $onders that yo' &erformed amon% them8 b't they stiffened their neckanda&&ointeda leadertoret'rnto their sla(ery in E%y&t. B't yo' are a Fod @EloahB ready to for%i(e8 %racio's and mercif'l8 slo$ to an%er and abo'ndin% in steadfastlo(e8anddidnotforsakethem. .ob4!2"44E9= Andthe OR:@Ae ho(ahBsaid to .ob2G H9hall a fa'ltfinder contend $ith the Almi%hty@9haddayBC7e$hoar%'es$ithFod @EloahB8 let him ans$er it.H ; Then .ob ans$ered the OR: @Ae ho(ahB and said24 HBehold8 1 am of small acco'ntI $hat shall 1 ans$eryo'C1laymyhandonmymo'th. Psa ">2;" E9= 6or $ho is Fod @EloahB8 b't the OR: @Ae ho(ahBC And $ho is a rock8 exce&to'rFod@ElohimBC44 1sa 442"4> E9= HB't no$ hear8 O .acob my ser(ant8 1srael $hom 1 ha(e chosenDG Th's saysthe OR:@Ae ho(ahB$homadeyo'8$ho formedyo'fromthe$omband$illhel&yo'2 6ear not8 O .acob my ser(ant8 .esh'r'n $hom 1 ha(e chosen.; 6or 1 $ill &o'r $ater on the thirsty land8 and streams on the dry %ro'ndI 1 $ill &o'r my 9&irit '&on yo'r offs&rin%8 and my blessin% on yo'r descendants.4 They shall s&rin% '& amon% the %rass like $illo$s by flo$in% streams.5 This one $ill say8 J1 am the OR:Js @Ae ho(ah)sB8J another $ill call on the name of .acob8 and another $ill $rite on his hand8 JThe OR:Js @Ae ho(ah)sB8J and name himself bythe name of 1srael.H3 Th's says the OR: @Ae ho(ahB8 the <in% of 1srael and his

The terms Elohim8 Eloah and Elahh are 'sedofbein%sotherthanthe6ather

Fen;"2;!E9=Andno$yo'ha(e %onea$ay beca'se yo' lon%ed %reatly for yo'r fatherJs ho'se8 b't $hy did yo' steal my %ods @ElohimBCH

1n this (erse aban calls his false idols hiselohim.

:e' ;G2"5 1T= They sacrificed to demons $ho $ere not Fod @EloahB8 to %ods @ElohimB $hom they did not kno$8 ne$ ones $ho came lately. Ao'r fathers had not dreaded them.

7ere a%ain the term Elohim is 'sed of %ods the &eo&le of .er'salem did not kno$. Eloah is 'sed of the One and Only Elof1srael.
Psa ?5254? E9= All $orshi&ers of ima%es are &'t to shame8 $ho make their boast in $orthless idolsI $orshi& him8 all yo' %ods @ElohimBD> Kion hears and is %lad8 and the da'%hters of .'dah reLoice8 beca'se of yo'r L'd%ments8 O OR: @Ae ho(ahB.? 6or yo'8 O OR: @Ae ho(ahB8 are most hi%h o(er all the earthI yo' are exalted far abo(e all %ods @ElohimB.

Elohim is a%ain 'sed as a term for the false %ods and they are instr'cted to $orshi&EloahD

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The Assem ly of !loah

GCh ;G2"5 E9= *o$8 therefore8 do not let 7eEekiah decei(e yo' or mislead yo' in this fashion8 and do not belie(e him8 for no %od @EloahB of any nation or kin%dom has been able to deli(er his &eo&le from my hand or from the hand of my fathers. 7o$ m'ch less $ill yo'r Fod @ElohimB deli(er yo' o't of my handDJH

"ho or "hat is !loah# Basedonthescri&t'ral'seofthesetitles itisa&&arentthatinsomecasestheyare 'sed to refer to bein%s other than the OneTr'eFod$hetherrealorima%ined. 1tis7isnamethatsets7ima&art. Conclusion There is one Fod and 7is name is Aeho(ah. 7e has many titles of $hich Eloah8 Elahh8 Elohim8 El Elyon are b't a fe$. The terms Eloah8 Elahh and Elohim are 'sed of false %ods. They are %eneric terms L'st as %od is a %eneric term. The term many 'se for Ae ho(ah can be forfalse%odsas$ell. 1tisim&ortantfor'stokno$8inthisday and a%e of many %ods8 to $hich %od $e refer. /e sho'ld be clear in o'r comm'nication as to $hich %od $e are disc'ssin% b't $e also need to s&eak in termsothers can'nderstand L'st as Pa'l did.
Act "52GG4;" E9= 9o Pa'l8 standin% in the midstoftheAreo&a%'s8said2H0enofAthens8 1&ercei(e that in e(ery $ay yo' are (ery reli%io's. G; 6or as 1 &assed alon% and obser(ed the obLects of yo'r $orshi&8 1 fo'nd also an altar $ith this inscri&tion8 JTo the 'nkno$n%od.J/hatthereforeyo'$orshi&as 'nkno$n8 this 1 &roclaim to yo'.G4 The Fod $ho made the $orld and e(erythin% in it8 bein% ord of hea(enand earth8 does not li(e in tem&les made by man8G5 nor is he ser(ed by h'man hands8 as tho'%h he needed anythin%8 since he himself %i(es to all mankind life and breath and e(erythin%. G3And he made from one mane(ery nation of mankind to li(e on all the face of the earth8 ha(in% determined allotted &eriods and the bo'ndaries of their d$ellin% &lace8G5 that they sho'ld seek Fod8 in the ho&e that they

7ere *eb'chadneEEar 'ses the term EloahtodeclarethatnoEloahor%odcan sa(efromhishand.

:an;2"5E9=*o$ if yo'areready$henyo' hear the so'nd of the horn8 &i&e8 lyre8 tri%on8 har&8ba%&i&e8ande(erykindofm'sic8tofall do$n and $orshi& the ima%e that 1 ha(e made8 $ell and %ood. B't if yo' do not $orshi&8 yo' shall immediately be cast into a


b'rnin% fiery f'rnace. And $ho is the %od @ElahhB $ho $ill deli(er yo' o't of my handsCH

The term Elahh is 'sed here to make a &ointC /ho is the Elahh that $ill sa(e yo'C This is not necessarily 'sed of a false %od b't of a %od 'nkno$n to *eb'chadneEEar.
:an ;2G5 E9= 7e ans$ered and said8 HB't 1 see fo'r men 'nbo'nd8 $alkin% in the midst of the fire8 and they are not h'rtI and the a&&earance of the fo'rth is like a son of the %ods@ElahhB.H

The term here is 'sed of the an%el $ho act'ally$astobecometheonlybornson ofElahh.

:an 42> E9= At last :aniel came in before me44he $ho $as named BelteshaEEar after the name of my %od @ElahhB8 and in $hom is the s&irit of the holy %ods @ElahhB44and 1 told himthedream8sayin%8

7ere the term Elahh is 'sed of a Babylonian%od.

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"ho or "hat is !loah#

mi%htfeeltheir$ayto$ardhimandfindhim. Aet heisact'allynotfar fromeachoneof 's8 G> forHJ1nhim$eli(eandmo(eandha(eo'r bein%JI as e(en some of yo'r o$n &oets ha(e said8 HJ6or $e are indeed his offs&rin%.JG? Bein% then FodJs offs&rin%8 $e o'%ht not to think that the di(ine bein% is like %old or sil(er or stone8 an ima%e formed by the art and ima%ination of man. ;! The times of i%norance Fod o(erlooked8 b't no$ he commands all &eo&le e(ery$here to re&ent8 ;" beca'sehehasfixedadayon$hichhe$ill L'd%e the $orld in ri%hteo'sness by a man $hom he has a&&ointedI and of this he has %i(enass'rancetoallbyraisin%himfromthe dead.H

The Assem ly of !loah

1t isn)t $ron% to 'se the terms %od8 Eloah8 Elahh or Elohim b't $e sho'ld +'alify$hoitisto$hich$erefer.1nthis $ay $e $ill not only be 'nderstood by those $ho may not kno$ the name Aeho(ahb't$e$illmakeitclearthat$e arereferrin%totheonlytr'eFod. 0ay Ae ho(ah8 The Elahh of hea(en and earth8 the Eloah that has so $onderf'lly made 's8 the Elohim of Abraham8 1saac and .acob8 contin'e to bless 's $ith an 'nderstandin% of $ho 7e is and $hat $e sho'ldbedoin%to&lease7im. Amen

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